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Subtitles for Dirty Tiger Crazy Frog 1978.

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Dirty Tiger Crazy Frog 1978

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Three, four
We haven't open yet, who are you looking for
Fourteen, fifteen, sixteen
Seventeen, eighteen, nineteen
Twenty, twenty one
Twenty two
Twenty three
Twenty four, twenty five
Twenty six, twenty seven
Twenty eight
Twenty nine
There's no need to work so hard
It's unlocked
"Dirty Tiger", you still recognize me?
I'm "Chicken", me and my brother "Turkey" were
Called the Supreme
And we were undefeated
Then where is "Turkey"?
You've killed him
What else can you do without your brother?
Now, I've got two more blood brothers
Best friends
Brother, we'll do everything for you
Bull shit, tell me
Which one of you has a family?
Then I may spare him
Let's me try
What else you got?
A lot, go
Come, boy
Go man
Now, what else?
Yes, one last trick
What happen?
Chicken, you still know
How to escape, good
Tiger, someone is looking for you
I'm busy
Someone comes to give you money
Yes, come down
Her husband has escaped
She asks for your help
Yes, Mr.Tiger
Please help me
I always like to help others
But I'm afraid that mistress won't let me go
I've told her your conditions
Yes, I'll repay your debts to the
Brothel and the casino
If you succeed
I'll give you 20 taels of gold
Your husband worth's so much? That old guy...
What old guy? He's just 28
Then sorry, I can't help you
Even if I got him back
He'll escape again
Look at your face
Every young man
Will always run away from you
But I like to help the helpless
How does he look like?
All loss
Stake... stake
2, 5, 6, is 1 3, odd
Again... stake... Let's go...
It was Odd just now, stake on Odd
Double 3, 6, 1 2 is Even
She has pickpocket my wallet
Damn it, you just stay here
All day long
You always try your best
To deceive me
Are you mistaking?
No, no
Come back home with me
That'll be easy enough, leave the wallet
Yes, he said that you've stolen his wallet
What? I've stolen his wallet?
I'm looking for my husband, it's him
It's good for you, commit it
What so good to me?
You dare to accuse my wife of theft?
Whose wallet is this? It's yours
Baby, you should know what to do
Wait, which one of you start first
You go first Why?
Double-heaven Supreme
No more stake now
The pone's decision, go
What's your front cards? Cut both sides
Good fan job
Head punch
One brace by another
Right hand job Left hand job
Middle trench
Around the world
Where's my honey?
"lnvincible Armour"?
Come on
You live here alone? Yes
Just wait a moment
Why? Waiting for some spectators
No, take it easy, you undress first
Undress, but not your trousers
Not my trousers, then what will I do here
Don't worry, take out the money
Then undress
What's this?
"lnvincible Armour"
Their knives couldn't hurt you...
All because of this invincible armour
It must be priceless
Of course, it's valve cannot be estimated
Come on, don't talk so much
It's so hard, no fun at all
Take off the armour
No, I can't take it off
Alright, if you insist
No way
Your fat body plus the armour
Will crush me to death
If you insist, then go
It's hot
Very hot, I'm sweating
Very hot
Alright, I'll taken it off
I've taken it off
Come on, hurry
Don't touch, it's dangerous
Dangerous to you, not me
Honey, this is the best job
You've ever done
Do you know? This armour
Has been disappeared for a long time
With this, I'm invincible now
So what
People will still look down on us
The situation will change
Then despise us now
And they'll praise us to tomorrow
Once you've been a pimp
Always a pimp
Don't talk so much, let's celebrate
Damn it, you want to be praised
Praised your ass
Why? It looks like me
It's your alright
Who are you?
Your wife sends me to catch you
My wife?
Where's she? Left hand side
Left, right, left
At my left
I'll buy you a drink someday
No, I mean she's coming from my left
Furthermore, she has told me something about you
What did she say?
Move a few steps forward
That's too much
Retreat one step
Alright now? Yes
What are you doing?
What are you trying to do?
What has my wife told you?
She said you're stupid with all the fats in your body
Let me down...
This shows you're very stupid
I just don't understand that
How can your body worth 20 taels of gold
What? You are not after my armour
Who wants your ragged armour?
Not this one, the "lnvincible Armour"
"lnvincible Armour"
What are you say? Invincible Armour
"lnvincible Armour"? Where's it?
It is snatched by others
Who has snatched it?
You think I'll be so stupid to tell you
It is because of the armour
You married your wife
Yes, I've chased her for 9 years
Before our marriage
You've started to chase her at 1 2? Yes
I matured earlier than the others
Boy, that's tough
It's tough, during the 17 years
I've to face her everyday
When I open the eyes always her
I've stolen the armour from her finally
But it's taken away by others
Let's co-operate
To find the armour
Let me go first Yes
No way
After I've received the 20 taels of gold
You want to die
Thanks old lady
Stand up
Put your hands on your head
Where's armour?
It has been snatched by others
What? Snatched by others?
Bad news, father
I've lost it
It's a present from Popo
The ultimate child of Marco Polo
I am so sorry
What are you going to do now?
I was wrong, please kill me
It won't be so easy
No, I want you to stay
With me all the time
That's worse than death
Your punishment
Is not to sleep with me tonight
Good, please prolong my punishment what?
You dirty guy
I'm here to rescue you
Let's share our future profit
By 3:7, alright?
Think about it
It's better to stay here
What's wrong about here?
To face the old lady every day
Twist your left hand twice
Then the fight thrice
Take if out, then put it back, right
Why doesn't it work?
Who has slapped you? You
The one before? I did
You don't seem to be stupid
Tiger, please say it again
Think it yourself
Twist your left hand twice
Then the right hand
My dear, I won't do it again
Don't be frightened, stand up
You dirty guy
You don't afraid of this?
I'll only afraid if my wife holds it
But not you
Frog, you're a traitor
Just forget about it, you...
We've agreed to find the "lnvincible Armour"
That's what you think, not me
Well, have you worked it out?
What? Let's go and find the Armour
You've broken your words...
You dirty guy
Those are yours
What for?
These are given by your wife
Let's share our profit by 3:7, take it
Coming... together with a kid
Two makes it a double
Remember, we'll share the armour equally
Alright, be careful
He's fierce even without the armour
His Kung-fu is very powerful
Nothing's more fierce than this
What's it?
This is the "Smiling Poison"
People will get killed
With a smile when they've taken it
Are you sure you'll make it?
What do the people call me?
"3 tricks" kid
Yes, I always kill people
Within 3 tricks
Which 3 tricks are you going to use?
For him 2 will be enough
The first one, make him hold this bow
No, my tea isn't poisoned, try it
See, nothing
Try it
The second trick he'll die with a sweet smile
If these two tricks don't work
I'll let his right hand hold the bowl
The left hand hold my hand
And the third trick
Shortly, you're very smart
Or how can I be your partner
He... he's poisoned the tea
The tea is poisoned
No, how can my tea be poisoned
Taste it
You'll like it
I'll try it if you don't trust me
Tiger, let me get him
You still want to run
Why do you want to poison us?
I... I just want to get the "lnvincible Armour"
Why do you want to get it?
You got many enemies?
No, I take it for sale
Who'll buy it?
"Coffin King" and the "Bandit Brothers"
The "Bandit Brothers"? Those two beasts
You take this armour just for money
Do something for me
I'll give you money
Good, if for money
What you want him to do?
Find out where is the "Multi-hand chick"
And inform me in the "Rumour Town"
Alright? Yes
This will be yours if you find her
Tiger, what shall we do now?
Since so many people like the armour
Let's reproduce more for sales
Then we'll earn a lot of money
Yes, we'll be alright with my brain your muscles
That's right
But there're two guys
We better watch out
Which two?
The "Bandit Brothers"? They're very fierce
The elder one is called the "Panther"
The younger brother is the "Smiling Tiger"
They're all fierce guys
But the most fierce one
Is their father?
The "White-brow Monk"
His "Crab-fist style" has never been
Defeated before
Even you and I can't beat him
Never try, never know
Don't worry, with my clever brain
I'll think out a trick to beat him
You're smart Of course
Only a stupid fool with say
That he's clever
Me the clever "Panther"
Have never been fooled before
The bitch have not yet arrived
You see anything?
No, not even a trace
Boss, she's just in front of you
Take it
I've seen it myself
It's good that you've come on time
What's it?
A pigeon
Have you brought along the armour?
Have you brought with you the money?
Money? Don't you know?
I rob to earn my livings
I won't have to catch you if I've money
Search her Yes...
Boss, go, it's good for you
You know me better
Why don't you hold her hands?
Boss, we... Shut up
Panther, I won't be so stupid
As to take the armour with me
If you want it
Get the money ready, release the pigeon and come to me
I'm leaving now
Leaving? It won't be so easy
Come out, my husband
Husband? Who... which one...
Go to bring out the high-price horse
A long-distant horse or a short-distant one
A short-distant one, it's not for the Derby
He's "Coffin King", the richest guy
Of the Rumour Town
Put it on Why?
Can't you see, it's too big for me
Not suitable for me
Master, please sit
What's the best food here?
It's the Rumour Chicken and Big mouth-duck
Sir, which one would you prefer?
This one
Who are you?
Oh, the guy with knives
What you want? Money or life
Neither, I just want your armour
How can you take my armour?
Because I've these cutlass and knives
My armour is invincible
Your rusty swords
Won't scare me a bit?
The "lnvincible Armour"
Yes, this is the "lnvincible Armour"
You take it off or not? No
If you don't, I'll kill you
Take it easy man
This isn't a real cutlass
Don't cut me so hard, it still hurts
He really can't be hurt
A real knives
What are you doing, it's a real knives
It's real Of course it's real
He's gone
All set
The "lnvincible Armour"
If I got it, I'll scare of no body
You guys, how long have you been living on me?
Speak, you "Dig Mouth"
Six years, master
During the 6 years, besides killing people
You guys've done nothing
Master, if we don't go killing
How can your coffin business be so good?
Yes, or you won't be so rich
Shut up
The "lnvincible Armour" is at the fat guys place
I don't care whether you'll cheat, steal or rob
But you take it back, I'll reward you
Yes, sir
Hello there, gentlemen
The fat guy is in Miss Hung's room
Chicken shit, we two will take care of him
Just wait here It won't be long
We'll be back soon
Really so quick?
What's happened?
The wrong room
Not this one
I meant Miss Heung
Hey, be careful, he has the "lnvincible Armour"
We will defeat even we have more men
It's alright, we'll enter the room secretly
You guys hold his hands and feet
And I'll give his head a blow
That's all
Hey man, there're 4 hands and 4 legs inside
Which one of them shall we hold it down?
Play it safe, hold all of them
"Tiger", please come and help me
It's not my business
Where is "Tiger"?
He's gone out with a wrapper
"Coffin King", it's only 5,000 dollars
Don't be so sad
5,000 dollars
From how many corpses
Can I earn it back?
So what?
It'll be alright that you're still alive
May be it will save your life someday
With this armour
I've got the information
Tell me
I can't find the "Multi-hand chick"
But I know that she has left something
To "Panther"
What's it?
You know what you should do?
The pigeon
The "Old Pigeon communication trick"
You left me at the brothel
And went to earn money
You also have a share in it
What you mean
I've saved your life again
Boss the armour is at the fat guy's place
The Panther
One Eyed Panther
Fatty, hand me the armour
The "lnvincible Armour"
Take it down What?
Wise guy? Skin him
Fatty, come to help me
It's not my business
So, the armour is at your place
Skin him
Skin him
The "Multi-hand Chick" has left a pigeon
For Panther
Release the pigeon if you want to find her
Beat... thank you
You fool, the armour has been sold to "Coffin King"
"Coffin King"
I don't know whether I got you wrong or you said it wrong
Nothing wrong
Listen, leave the armour
And leave the town
Also, except the coffin
You'll take nothing
I've to finish one deal first
What deal?
How much money have you got here?
Four hundred dollars
It's just enough for six coffins
Prepare the ceremony for the six of them
Ah-wong, do you understand? Yes
Let me handle him
Chair... hurry...
Isn't this armour fierce? Yes
I'll cut you into pieces
Please come and cut me
Are you dead?
Yes... I will surely die
Ah-wong, leave a coffin for me
I'm dying, dead
The Rumour Town is all yours now
Having both fortune and fame
There's still the "lnvincible Armour"
Release the pigeon
I've to see the chick
What's it?
A dead frog
Where shall we meet the "Multi-hand Chick"
The "Summer-village lnn"
Someone may shoot it down
Let's not worry
The false armour has made us a fortune
It's very inconvenient to carry this
Maybe we can hide it here
You trust me?
You may return to steal it later
You blind fled me
And lead me a way
Then I'll blind fold you
And lead you to walk
Good, your return needs my instruction
And mine needs yours, good idea
You better carry me on your back
They all said you're a wise guy
But to me, I think you're quite fair
My principal is
I'll be fair to my friends
But, as to my enemies
I'll be a wise guy
Oh sure, damn right
It's my turn, tighten it
Lift up your left leg Why?
You'll know it later
Follow me
No carrying is needed
Hurry up
Take a nap
Thanks, take it easy...
Waiter, have you seen a single eyed person?
Single-eyed? No
You can't pierce in?
Your rusty cutlass can't do me any harm
I don't understand
Isn't your armour taken by others?
That's a false one
This is the real one, your fool
Where are you doing? To follow her
No, I'll do it myself
I've done a good show
Someone will come and buy the armour
You stay here wait for the transaction
Then is the one I've a false one?
What I got here is better
It suits your purpose
See what I mean, come on
I am here
You do it all yourself, you're very smart
Please call again
Tell me, what's so good to rule Rumour Town
There are plenty of advantages
Then who's the most tough guy here
It's the Panther, after he has killed Coffin King
He has occupied his place, he's big shot now
So it's that beast again
Take me some wine, it'll give me courage
After then, I'll go to skin him
To make a v
Hurry, yes...
You don't have to find
You dare to take over my town
You're more fierce than us
I won't be here if I'm afraid of your Cutlass
It's impossible, I've sharpened it
The "lnvincible Armour"
You still want to work for me
Yes, boss
Then kill him Yes
Boss, he's got the lnvincible Armour
You fool
What... what's it?
We better go home and ask for help
Well? You want to fight or talk
I can't stand it, no...
Fat guy, don't go away
I'll show you some muscles
I've never dream of to be a ruler
Master, someone outside
Want to see you
Who's he? He's call Tiger
Who are you looking for? Who? Go away...
What do you want?
Don't be so nervous, I want nothing
You want to play smart again
No, our co-operation is just fine
I've got some good news for you
What good news?
You know there's a new brothel in town
It has two beauties
The fat one and the skinny one
Both gorgeous, do you know?
I don't know
Which one would you choose?
I want
Both! Good
Let's go, come on... go...
A moment please
I've to settle something
Tiger, don't play any tricks
I haven't put that armour on
You've hidden it up?
How can I go to such places?
With it
You've learnt smart now
Just improved a little
Please sit
What would you like to eat?
Two Chop-chop rice, Chop-chop rice
Chop-chop rice? What's it?
Two frog's meat rice
Frog, there's a pretty girl over there
I just tell you to watch, now making faces
No, your...
You've started it, I'll say a few good words for you
Captain, my cousin has gone crazy
He just gets crazy when he sees pretty girls
See, please excuse him
I'll go and teach him a lesson
Bad news, he's a wise guy
He thinks he's a big shot here
Then I'll go to take away his wife
Don't be too emotional
Your fat body will scare him
Let me talk to him
If I fail, I'll leave
Then you'll go, if I retreat
Beat him harder
If I retreat
Just be more fierce to him
He's really hopeless
He said he wants to take away your wife
If I retreat, you must be more fierce
What's the style now?
Death style...
You fat guy dare to hide the armour
I'll search your house all over
Ridiculous, speak, where's the fat guy?
Speak I don't know
You don't know?
Tell me, where is the fat guy?
"White-brow Monk"?
Father, that fat guy has gone
Then we'll wait for him here
Fatty, how's the chicken taste?
I'll beat you, you put me into jail
Really? Yes
They're waiting for your return at home
It's bad, the armour is still in my room
In your room? Why can't I find it?
You wise guy
You want to fight
Or get the armour?
I... I want...
I... I'll fight you
After I've got the armour
Good kid, come with me
Who's he?
Father of the bandits, White-brow Monk
Is he very fierce?
Yes, but not now
Only when he is awake
Where is the armour?
In the hole on the wall behind
Why are you so stupid? What?
Why do you find such a place?
How can I know he'll sleep in this room?
Remove it
Don't wake up that old guy, understand?
Shit, bit trouble
What are you doing?
Your life is more important, run
The lnvincible Armour
Although my body isn't invincible
I've got this armour
Nobody can't hurt me
Stop... Iet's talk it over
Brother, what's it?
I come for the revenge Revenge?
Everyone comes to revenge
Have you lost badly?
Don't worry, we haven't opened yet
You haven't, but I have
How dare?
You know who's the boss here?
I know, the Panther
You wish...
Boss, he...
You damned frog, kill him Yes
Boss, he...
Don't be scared, he has no armour, go
That's annoying, show him some real things
It's your turn now, one-eyed cat
Very careless
You're finished
Please sit Thanks
Bull dog face
I beat him go crazy
Dirty Tiger
Smiling Tiger
Two tigers can't exist together
That's why I come here to find you
There are two roads open to you
The first road leads you to the hell
The second road
Give you fortune, you work for us
I've two roads for you too
One is to knock your head at the wall
The other one is to hang yourself
You're really funny
If I'm as funny as you
I'll be a clown like you
Turtle... father...
Read it out Yes
White-brow Monk is... s
Is... is what? Read it out
A turtle, son of a bitch
What so funny? Want to die?
It's written down here
No explanations, read it out
He won't dare to find us
He just don't have the gut, Chicken
Who said so? I said so
Ouch! Father
Where are they?
At Mt. Turtle
Tiger, Crab
Tiger-crab, go men
A stone on the crab
What are you doing? Stone on crab?
He's tied up now
No stone is needed
No armour, just the money
Let's share it by 3:7
3:7? Who'll get 3 and who'll get 7?
Of course I'll get 7
We're agreed before
Really? I haven't agreed
Don't argue
It's difficult for the Tiger and the Frog
To stay together anyway
We'll have a duel, if you win you'll have the money
I win, I'll take the money
I know that you'll surely suggest this
I've got one too
You've learnt it
I've learnt nothing but all your dirty tricks
You're really a smart Frog
Just the same
Only the beginning
Hit the frog's ass
Hit the tiger head
That's fine Of course
You lost
No, I've hit myself
Watch me
You think you're smart? But just a fool
You're finished
Who's finished Me?
You want to rob?
One you give for the charity Don't take it back
The charity?
Fat guy, come here
You look quite familiar
Your Mom is my sworn Mom
I'm your sworn brother
Really? My Mom has a sworn son
Your memory is bad
Move, go
He's my sworn brother, I'm his...
Everything has gone now I still got this
What's it?
If you want them, just close your eyes
Put your hands inside and take it
I find nothing Keep going
What are you doing?
What are you trying to do now?
Simple, I'll take you back to your wife
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