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- Hey kids! Anybody home? - Yes. Ma
- No man around? - Yes. Me... us
Maybe someone a little older?
- Greetings. - Yes?
I'm Parab. From village Chimago. I walked here
Please sit
Sister-in-law, some jiggery. We have a guest
Don't ask for any tea, mind
What are your names?
- Kaddoo - Why a pumpkin?
His parents were fed up by the time he was born
What brings you to Bakuri?
There is a youth here. Vasant Mandre. Know him?
Everybody knows everybody here. Vasant is a bosom pal
- A decent sort? - Why?
A marriage proposal for my sister
- But he's not getting married - He is. That's how I'm here
- My sister's hardly twenty - Then why the big rush?
Times are bad. I'm off to Bombay to find work
Rather then starve here... - Starve there!
Thousands leave daily. Are they all mad?
Phulwanti is my last responsibility
Marriage. The ultimate cure
What does your friend do for a living?
We're all daily wagers. Money when we work
But he's quite well-off. A few cows. No women to nag.
- Just Vasant and his Pa - His father wants him settled
- Well, he's ailing - Oh? What's the problem?
Old age... come...
Tell your brother to hurry home if you pass the well
This small patch of land is ours... barren
Nothing grows here
Except these wretched wild flowers.
No wonder. There's no water here
Don't let my elder brother hear you
He's convinced there's water down below
He's been digging these past twelve years
Oh! So that's your brother? We've heard of him...
- in Chimago. They call him... - I know. "Potty Parsha"
But he's not mad. Just obsessed
Brother Parshu...
- So... found any work? - No
Despite knocking about the whole day?
You've been digging for 12 years. You struck water?
Cheeky fellow!
- Anyway, sister-in-law says... - I know. Nag, nag, nag.
Vasant, your guest from Chimago
- Greetings. I had no idea - I am no Minister, am I?
- Where is your father? - Inside
- I'll leave - Wait, have some tea
No, I'm in a hurry
Father, our visitor is here
Welcome, so sit down
You must be tired. Here...
- For you - You shouldn't have...
- Yes, Soma? - I've come.
You had asked me to call after five days
Any work for me?
Sorry, Soma. 8 chaps are doing the work of 4, as it is
Try next week
Next week
Look, radish. For your lunch
Soma, take some radish home
Hey, didn't wait for me?
What are you doing? Don't.
The rascals have just polished off their share
What's a share sister-in-law?
- Look! Here Pa - I'll tell on you, I will
Quiet! Yap! Yap! Yap!
The minute I set foot in the room!
When else do they talk to you?
Can you spare time from your precious well?
- Don't mention the well. - Why not? All make fun of you
Forget it, sister-in-law
I've suffered for years
- That well is my... my... - Co-wife!
Even the kids know your dialogues by heart
But it has no effect on you
Lucky this co-wife is barren! Or there would have been...
...another brood to match this one
Brother, I've decided.
I'll leave for Bombay.
What for?
- There is no work here - But there is in Bombay?
Thousands go to Bombay everyday. They can't all be mad
Do you know the lot of those who've left?
- They've made money - Be selling their souls!
One must sell it somewhere. Bombay might be a good deal
Let him try his luck. Your world is just your well
When do you leave, Uncle? - I want to come too!
Hold on! I must make arrangements first
And besides, Uncle Vasant is getting married
He finally agreed?
Getting ready for the wedding Dajiba?
Don't forget to invite me!
The whole village is invited. My only son's getting married!
Will there be a proper band?
Yes, indeed. The works. I'll shake up our village
I plan to have fancy lights too!
Enough, Pa. You could light a lamp for 5 years...
...for the amount you'll blow up in one day
No outsider need know if our hut is dark or lit up
That's our private affair. But a wedding is public
I shall not be called an old miser
Don't you want to live on in the village?
I do. On my terms
Your terms? You're still a child
Then, why get me married?
Who says you need brains to get married?
But where is the money?
- Not from the girl's folk, I hope - No, son. A loan. Ten thousand
- Did you mortgage the hut? - Who'd risk this old shanty?
But... why?
To hold our head high in the village
We will bow under the weight of the debt
My daughter-in-law will enter our hut. Laxmi, Goddess of wealth
God knows if Laxmi will come or go...
- What's wrong? - Young blood...
- Have you seen Amit? - What is it?
Didn't Ma send you for flour?
I hear your daughter-in-law is beautiful?
Very beautiful
Are there no pretty girls in Bakuri?
I know of only one. But she's much too young
A girl from the same village keeps running off to mother
I must get myself a pair of spectacles
What for? You can't even read or write!
Not letters, maybe, but I can read my rice grains!
And I'll be able to see my new daughter-in-law!
Even this river is just a trickle
It's cooled you off, anyway
What is it?
What'll become of me when you go off to Bombay?
Look, who's talking! You'll forget me once you are married
Jokes apart! Why suddenly Bombay?
I got worried
What would become of me once you got married?
Actually, I can't bear the tension at home any more
How long can I be a burden on my brother and his wife?
Thought I'd try my luck in Bombay city
- A pair of spectacles? - What number?
I seem to be the first now!
No good - Dajiba, try these
Wait... Amit, the slate...
I can read now!
Can you see far off things? Through the glasses
Well, Sharmila. Let's have a look at you
Look... look. The groom has arrived
Announcing the gifts to the couple
Bhiku Janpuri... As. 2 Nana Bhangre... As. 5
Sitabai Bhuiphod, an empty envelope!
Parshuram Sarpat, steel tumbler etc. Etc.
"Dearest one, you promised so"
"Keep your word of long ago"
"Take me to Bombay, City of lights"
"I am a blushing bride, dear. Always by your side here"
"Newly wedded am I, wish to see the world"
"Let's get set in a jumbo jet"
"And fly away to the Promised land"
"Show me the golden sands"
"Down the city Promenades smart"
"We'll drive up in a two-horse cart"
"The latest Disco Queen I'll be"
"Let the film stars envy me"
"We'll stay in a ritzy five-star place"
"Separate rooms. So mind your ways"
"Let's liven up. Our days and nights"
"Take me to Bombay, City of lights"
So this is your pad. Shelter for the night
Good. The new recruit has arrived
We have just arrived
All are friends from the same village
Some have left the village years ago
Won't you step in?
There's a hook on the wall for each one
Hang whatever you like
This nail is yours
Hang the bag for now
Put the jackfruit down, chum
Share and share alike. - That's the system here
Is this the fruit to tackle alone?
It's huge. It should suffice - There are 40 chaps here
Luckily they are never here at one time
Already House Full
This is your nook. You can sleep peacefully here
For 8 hours only. Till the next shift guy comes
Hey, a knife somebody
- What a small knife! - Here's a big one
You are lucky to get room on arrival
Yes. Shelar died
He spent six months in a T. B hospital
His lungs were full of cotton fluff
He slogged in a mill for 40 years
When do I start work?
Patience! You have to meet the jobber first
Then six months of training before you think of earning
You have to dole out As 300 for a pass
As 300?
Nothing free here. How much have you brought?
Twenty rupees
You'll have to take a loan. At least a 1000
A loan? 1000?
What did you expect? To earn from tomorrow?
Bombay is a tough nut to crack
Stop hassling the poor guy
Let's introduce you. Forget the sleeping partners
Chhotu- not working yet
Tukaram. Likes his nip
Ganu. His bark's worse than his bite
He is Shankar. You have met him
Tatya. The senior most
Maruti. A born gambler
You'll not sleep in the shed, Pa - Think you can bully me, eh?
Now you are married. Go boss over your wife
But you are all alone here. - Alone?
What about these milkmaids?
Your cough worsens. But you won't quit smoking
I'll die of smoking. Let me sleep
Don't worry about me, son
My father slept here when I got married
It's a family tradition. Go now.
Pa is coughing
He's always coughing. Keeps the thieves away
No sign of earning and already in debt
The loan is to get you started
No mill hand can survive here without taking a loan
Now return 300 to him - What?
Don't you want a learner's pass? - I wangled it somehow
They never take less than 500 - But Dada is our man
Right! Start work from Monday. - Let's send a money order
Stop! Only one for you
One extra won't be a burden - One? There are ten extras
What can I do? There's just no work
I can take only one
You go. Don't sit idle in front of your bride
What will you do? - What do you think?
Here you are I was heading for your house
To give a money order to your wife
Your brother's sent a 100 rupees from Bombay
God bless you
But your brother must have just landed
That's Bombay the magic city
Rains pennies. That's why everyone heads there
You can write I hope?
Want me to sign in English?
Don't you have any change?
Will two fifties do?
- What are you up to pet? - Studying
Aunt to the well and dig your father out
He must be hungry
- Shall I take my lunch along? - Do as you are told
- What is it? - Ma wants you. Lunch ready
Why didn't you bring it? It's nice here
You can join us
Good. Bury your wife and kids in your damned pit
You'll find no peace till then, this a well or a grave?
Why do you shout?
The whole village laughs at this idiot. Dig. Dig. Dig
Now he's started sleeping here
I could handle another woman. But this well?
Listen, I can only sleep here while it's dry
Once it fills up with water... Right dear?
Water? Only sweat flows here
If you don't stop this nonsense, I'll go straight to Mother
Stop. Wife... Dearest... Kaddoo's Ma...
Oh! Co-wife of the well...
God strike me dead if you don't stop
Now turn around. God strike me
Look Soma's sent 50 rupees from Bombay
Don't you go deaf?
A time comes when we hear nothing
Why is everything so still here?
These are the "sick machines"
Sick? They seem dead to me
A real graveyard
The Government took over after the big strike
But they don't run full capacity
With automation a guy mans 16 instead of 4 machines
Idle machines gather dust
Idle men. Idle machines
Rest in peace
Don't be shy. We all look after you
Till you start earning
I live off others till then?
Not "others". Your own
You'll do the same for a new guy
- There's a fair tomorrow - So?
- So? Aren't we going? - Costs money
Any idea how much was spent on your wedding?
Was it mine alone?
Here... take a puff
Come on. There's no one around
No. Bidies are foul
On the contrary they're great. They never say "no"...Here...
Keep it to yourself
Right then. No bidi. No fair
Bombayites are no more pious than the rest
These deities on the wall are to prevent peeing...
by the roadside. Not that it always works
Off scoundrels! Thieving in broad daylight
My nephews are this age. How I miss them
Everyone here lives on memories
Alone, in the middle of a crowd
Each chap here has left
...something behind
To live thus at the peak of youth
One has to find outlets for pent up energy
- You'd better do the same pal - To help forget...
- What do I do today Anna? - You rest today
There is no work
Don't do this to me Anna
Can I go on creating jobs?
I'd call you myself if I had work
Shall I push off then?
Uncle, see our new clothes - What's the great occasion?
Uncle's sent money from Bombay
He seems to be doing well. Sent us 50 rupees
Ma, this shirt's too tight. I can't breath if I button up
- Keep the top open. There - All clothes are of my size
- Ma, they are always his size. - So you can all take turns dear
Ma, my short won't stay up
Better than running around naked. Hides your little toodloo
No work for you either?
Where's Parsha?
Where else? The Lord of the well's in his court
- I'll go there - Better go back to your wife
How can I?
They're opening a bidi factory nearby. Takes women
I'm planning to send Sharmila there. Why don't you...
No wife of mine goes to work
- Home so early? - Missed you
Get away. Pa's expected
Eat a hot lunch, now you're home
Not now
- Give me a bidi too - No
- Just a puff? - I said "no". Are you addicted?
How come you're home son?
His will perhaps. This was bound to happen one day
I hear there's a new bidi factory
No! I stay home and send her to work? Never
What now? Patil's man had come to collect
So pay him. Why tell me?
Did you consult me when taking the loan?
- It was for your wedding - No. For your "honour"
You lit up your hut to impress the village
Enough. Don't vet your anger on your Pa
Let him speak, my dear. It's true enough
We spend so much on weddings, nothing's left for the funerals
No use repenting now... you won't change with the Times
I've no energy son. . I can't keep up
Your cough gets worse. Yet, I can't do a thing
Well, take the cows from the shed
A fine sight that will be in front of all
Don't hang your head in the market square mind
Soma, a letter for you. From your nephew
- Soma is now getting used to work - Yes. Like a professional worker
Your nephew writes well
Respected Uncle...
Received the fifty rupees you sent
Ma stitched one pair of shirt and shorts between us
Next time send ready-made clothes of my size
Sharmila's joined a bidi factory nearby
No water in our well yet. Pa says it's a matter of days
Uncle Vasant took Dajiba to town doctor
He has some English disease
You must be living in great style in Bombay
Your name?
Have you worked before? - Yes
- How many bidis do you make? - 1000 a day
- Hey you two. Come here - Not fair, we're first
Quiet! Name?
Hansa P Sarpat from Bakuri
Oh! There's a new girl from Bakuri
My daughter... she will not be coming
I've come in her place - I see... And you?
Nice name. From? - She's from Bakuri too
Doesn't Madam Phulwanti speak?
Ever rolled bidis before?
- I have! I have! - Silence... Any experience?
Never mind. You'll gain it, by and by
Willing to learn, eh?
Good... Will you walk five kilometers everyday?
Be on time, or you lose money
There are rewards for working well
Don't cry... I'm not going for good...
I'll be back... To live in Bakuri with you
But before that I must earn. Be worthy
I can't bear to see you work
You should like a queen
Think I can live without you?
As soon as I can, I'll call you to Bombay
Show you the city
I don't want to remember you crying
- At last you are here! - The black one...
See how men and machines move in rhythm
A frightening scene
No worry, as long as man knows he's the Boss
But does the machine know that?
How can you work for 8 hours in this din?
- Doesn't the noise unhinge you? - What noise?
"My village river the milky way"
"To Krishna's flute the milkmaids sway"
"I said goodbye to paradise. To join the other rat pack guys"
"In a web to die... a wretched fly"
"Filth, grime 'n slime hold sway young heads go untimely grey"
"All for sale here. A dime your pride dear"
"Well lad, not bad"
"The village maiden's eyes are red"
"No more tears left to shed"
"Fathers leave without a trace"
"His children soon forget his face"
"So what? That's our lot"
"Hold your breath ungrateful ones"
"You bite the hand that feeds you crumbs"
"Why stay on? Please be gone"
"Unwelcome guests, sticky pests"
"Leave. Good riddance. Do your penance"
"Go right back. The whole rat pack"
- "Enough. Enough. - It's getting tough"
"The pangs of hunger brought me here"
"A weird place that taught me fear"
"With sweat, blood, body, mind, I paid the city back in kind"
"So there we are. Here we stay. Three cheers for Bom - Bombay"
Oh God... We'll get a cut again
Wait - Hurry up
Late again... you like losing money?
Have a heart Munshi. We ran all the way
Phulwanti's cheeks are all flushed. Well just this once
From tomorrow you must be on the dot
Yes sir. Before the siren
And what about Phulwanti? Will she be on time?
Wow! Your learner's pass and my pay on the same day
- Anything left? - Plenty. We'll have a great time
No. I've vowed not to over-spend
I made no such vow. I'll spend. Okay?
If you blow money like this how will you return the loan?
Let creditors worry. You only get your first pay once
Want some rice? - Yes
Abdul... one more rice plate, well sprayed
A little curry sprinkled on the rice. No extra charge
You've become a pucca Bombayite
Better learn the ways of the city
You plan to spend your life in
You plan to spend your life here?
Who knows?
They say this is a city of no return
Heard of the lion's den?
Footprints only leading on? Never out?
I will escape this den
In 2-3 years. That's it
What does Bombay offer? Dirt, squalor, disease, crowds.
A place to sleep just for 8 hours
You can't even roll over
Another jerk turns up after 8 hours to claim your spot
You even sleep in shifts
Work your ass off
Keep adding to your debts
Fill your lungs with fluff
Land up in some general hospital with T.B.
Die a lonely death. Away from friends and family
And they'll envy your dead body
Stop it. We're supposed to be celebrating
We'll celebrate in our village Soma
Our roots are in the soil. We'll suffocate here
Think of some way to return
Ok... Ok... But it's difficult on an empty belly
What now?
Just realized that when I get my first pay...
I'll have to treat you too
So is this one
This will do...
How can this go on Madam?
You must take interest in your work
How can we pay for hollow bidies?
I couldn't get your medicine even today
Had to buy wheat
I've made some tea. Warm it up and have it
Bring me some too
What's this? I'd asked for tea
Just have it
Hey, lights off
There is still time
He just sits and stares at the post-card in his lap
Writing the Aamayana?
Lay off. He's writing to his wife. Not like you
I've forgotten the name of my wife
Drunk again
What's bothering you?
How does one write to an illiterate wife?
Who'll read out the letter to her?
Write "all is fine". She'll read between the lines
Why are you so glum? - No one's wife is around
He's a newly wed
Why not call her to Bombay?
And keep her here in this hell hole?
Listen. Sonavne has his own room in a chawl
He's a bachelor. Loans his room to his friends
Ask him. He won't refuse
Call her over
She's working at the bidiworks
So? On daily wages
The old man is all alone
Anyway Dajiba lives on bidies. He'll go to our home for food
And what will I feed her here? Coal dust?
Hurry. Anna will come
Pa's home
Smells good
- How come you are home early? - To eat with the kids
And "Madam Well" let you go?
See? If I come late, I get scolded
I come early, I get ragged. What do I do?
- Why not sulk like Kaddoo? - Don't eat your dinner
So you can polish off my share?
Flowers? What's up?
My children brought them for me. Their Father never does
Four grown kids and you still want to be wooed?
Anyway, they look fantastic in your hair
Er... all kids to sleep outside. - Me too?
You too... Amit will tell you a story
Finish soon. I'll make the beds
When will you eat Ma?
Don't worry about her. Finish your own meal
Hurry up. Your work goes on and on
Patience. Let me finish. Smoke your bidi till then
Hang the bidi... come soon
Hey... are you asleep?
Wake up... I've come
Wake up... I've come
Tomorrow... not now
You go to sleep too. I'm tired
Akki a new member for you
From our village. You remember Parsha Sarpat?
- You mean the one who... - Yes! The same
- You his brother? Does he still... - Yes. He still digs
Soma eats here from tomorrow - No.
No more members. I've no one to help me
Daughter-in-law has gone to her Mother's
The bitch had to go just now. I feed 60 as it is
I can't handle more. We'll see when she gets back
Don't be stubborn akki. Get some help to tide over
Is there anyone who can help out for two weeks?
Call your wife from the village
You know, I'm a bachelor boy. Do I marry for your sake?
Jokes apart. You just have to feed friend Soma
Stubborn man. Right then. From tomorrow
- Look... A letter... From Bombay! - So?
- Read it. Please - I'm busy
Ask Jitu when he's back from school
What? Have a boy read my letter? ...Please
My dear wife...
Come. Come right in
Yours for a week. No palace, mind you
Grander than a palace for us
The tap... it flows... at 4 a.m.
For a full 20 minutes. Keep your trunk there
The stove, if you want to make tea
The bed is sturdy.
The room... yours... for a week
- I'll never forget this Sonavne - I'll remind you, if you do
Forgot my bag
- Which floor? - Right up
- The 7th floor? - Yes
Down again - Village bumpkins
Hope you haven't eaten? I've brought something
Why bring things everyday?
I wouldn't have to, if you came home
But you won't listen
- Nice? - Good. Very good
So you've learnt to cook
Now we must get you married
I learnt to cook to help Ma
Not to slog in some strange kitchen
We'll see when the time comes
And when will that be?
When Pa strikes water
- You've drenched my sari - Take it off
What are you up to? Don't dawdle
I have an early morning shift tomorrow
- So? - So, let me sleep early. Okay?
Oh, I keep you awake. Do I?
Don't sulk dear. It takes a half hour to makeup
Why waste time?
Who the hell... at this hour? - Open the door
- Yes? Who is it? - It's us. Who else?
No name?
- Yes? - Is this Ganpat Sonavne's room?
Where is he? Why didn't he turn up at the Depot?
- You are? - His own sister. From Kolhapur
Hey you. Don't gape. Get in
No. I won't sleep here
40 men all around me? Never - There's no other go
There must be some way out
We can sleep on the footpath
That's ridiculous!
- How can it be? - Never happened before
If we allow it today, it'll be a routine
- Just listen - This is an emergency
- A man maybe. But a woman here? - A woman? Call her
Pull the drunkard down - Go and say "no"
A wretched lot you
You'll let your sister sleep on the roads?
Light's off
Don't be depressed. There was no other go
I can't face another night in this city
Come back to Bakuri soon. I'll be waiting
Sister-in-law. Oh...
Take this to my house
Tell them not to worry about me
I'll be sending money soon
Come, the bus has gone
I'll not let this city off so easily
I vow to make money
Then return to my village - Why not? Come
My size
A letter from Uncle
Sent a few goodies for you kids. Don't squabble
The shirt's for Jitu. Amit and Kaddoo can wear it later
itíll be in shreds by then I've sent a smart plastic hat
It is for brother Parsha who toils in the sun
You are back quite early
Could have stayed on some more time
Yes, but Pa was all alone here
Though you looked after him well
I'll join you from tomorrow for the factory
You'll go, won't you? - Yes
Where would our gruel come from? From the well?
What are you doing? - What is it?
- What are you up to? - You know only too well
Keep on like this, and you'll land up for sure
But not in Bakuri. Some place else
It's no laughing matter. You're no longer a free bird
But a married man. Responsible
That's why I'm slogging. Earning
I've decided
To return as soon as I save a little
I'll collect like-minded youths
Not all have come here
We'll start a co-operative there
Listen to me pal... return
You are slowly turning into a machine here
A machine part really
Sooner or later, just like these idle machines...
You'll become useless
You'll suffocate here
We have to escape from this cave
If we have to slog, why here?
We'll return and farm there, in Bakuri
Say what you will, I have become welded to the machines here
Well, we'll never see eye to eye
From now on, I will never pester you to return home
Nor will you force me to stay on here
Morning Dajiba. What brings you here?
I want a letter written
Certainly. You know, I charge 50 paise
The address... write blessings and all that
Dear son Vasant etc etc
The news from here is
The news is...
- Want to ask for money? - No
Your health?
I'm fit as a fiddle. In better shape than you
Write... Return at once. Leave Bombay urgently
Consider this a telegram
What's this Dajiba?
Vasant must have just settled down there
I'm paying you to write. Not to give advice
The advice is for free...
Return urgently... next
Actually the thing is...
Yes? The thing is?
And why should I tell you?
- I can't make out a thing - Perhaps Pa is ill...
Doesn't seem so
Maybe he doesn't want to say so Or perhaps Phulwanti...
But she's just left... maybe...
Dajiba just forgot to complete the letter
He doesn't write himself
Let's not get carried away. Make a trip anyway
I wanted to save up first
Why not do a rekky? Round up your friends there
Get the advice of elders. Go for a week or so
Anyway, you've no choice. You are to go at once
Hi. When did you arrive?
Right now. Listen, I want to meet the whole gang
- We'll drop by this evening - Make it tomorrow
Aunty. Forgotten me? - You, back? Just as well son
Uncle send anything?
I came in a rush child
- Where is your Ma? - At the bidiworks
Along with Aunty Phulwanti - Where's brother Parsha?
Father is working these days at the farm
A holiday for the well? - He digs in the evening
- But how have you come? - Father sent for me
All's well at home I hope - Yes
You're alright, I hope
You gave me a scare. What's the fuss about?
Relax. You've come a long way. I'll fetch water
I'll get it - Rest a bit
Pa, there seems to...
- Right. Now tell me. - Plenty of time for that
Won't you have a wash?
Your medicine. They say it's excellent for coughs
She seems to be doing well at the factory
You? How come you didn't tell us?
I'd have stayed back if I'd known
I'll make some tea
Won't you eat? - I'd sooner gobble you up
Oh good. "kheer" today
Madam Phulwanti
Anything for a poor hungry fellow?
Oho! Evening. Just arrived?
Well, well. Carry on... I was passing by
Dajiba, your ration for 3 days
Don't smoke all at one go
Well. I'll be off
Water... Hey, I've struck water
Everybody... look... water
Kaddoo's Ma... Uncle's shouting in the well
Says he's found water
- What? - Says he's found water
I knew it. He's finally gone mad
You've come? Come down
Hey, don't just stand and stare
Parshuram Sarpats well
Hey not yet. Sarpanch start
Friends, we have witnessed a miracle...
of human determination in Bakuri village
This miracle was brought about by our friend
For twelve long years...
...he dug
We always had faith in his conviction
He has proved us right
This is the print of his labour
In recognition of his glorious achievement...
we've rigged up this small signboard
Parsha, a speech
What can I say? I can only dig
There seems to be some mistake here
The sign should read "Potty Parsha's well"
Who dare call you Potty now?
Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth has visited you
Friends. Laxmi will not be my guest alone
I mean to share the water with all
With everyone.
We will install a pump here
And... draw up a... er... a scheme to benefit all
Mother well. Our ordeal was long
But you finally blessed us, O' Mother
Pa, "Co-wife" has become "Mother"
Back already? Thought you'd take 10 days at least
So, did you meet the gang? Fix anything?
Yes... I've come back
Well, I'm rot blind
I'm back... for good
I plan to stay here for keeps. - What's that?
You were right Soma. Once a chap comes here, he belongs
This city has me under a spell too
This can't be. You're not one change
Even if I say so myself?
You're the one who brainwashed me
Villages are empty shells. This is where our future lies
You were so right, Soma. Bakuri bored me in 2 days
What are you saying?
Your wife and your father are in Bakuri
So? Millions leave their families behind
I'm just one more
You're really strange! I thought you'd be thrilled
We'll work together Soma, shoulder to shoulder
My license is due soon
We'll work, earn, eat, drink, live - Wait
I'm going back
Back to Bakuri for good. Look
Parsha struck water
See this, this mark. Mud from our well
I know. There was a celebration
I could not go
You were the one to dream of co-operative schemes
Just think. We can farm now in Bakuri
We can transform our village.
Our roots are in Bakuri pal...
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