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A motorcycle?
No , a small motorcycle . . . a moped .
A moped .
No , postman .
Darling !
You were very moving , the princess insists on seeing you .
What a pleasure it is to see you !
What a show!
We hadn't seen her since San Francisco . lt was beautiful .
She is sublime .
There's Nadia .
What the hell is she doing?
No wait, something's wrong !
See you !
Okay, bye !
Oh , excuse me !
You didn't see a thing , little shit.
Police .
Scram !
Don't move !
Watch out!
Quick, let's go !
Miss, your carton please ! Your carton .
What about my carton?
Come on . . .
ls it okay? Can l get dressed now?
l'm sorry.
ls it the Opera?
No , it's my butt.
Don't worry, l don't work there .
Do you like jazz?
Obviously! Or l'd be stealing some mambo .
Too bad l only like disco music. . . the classics don't do it for me .
l'm not a classic, l'm a lyric. That's an overture .
Hurry up, because l'm about to close .
Don't worry. Do you mind if we talk?
Yes l do , why?
- Was that you in the pictures? - No , it was a crocodile !
What's your trick?
Here , look. . .
Not too dumb.
Of course , it's only a cottage industry.
And for the collections, you arrange an air lift?
- l have something else . - What is it?
Well , you !
So , you steal a lot?
- lt's not for me , it's to give away. - To whom?
You're really not the curious type , are you?
lt's to give to a guy, who's in his cool period .
Who is he?
A mongrel , a rasta . . .
Hey, don't walk so fast!
A guy who dreams of stopping the waves!
Deep inside , you're a lyric!
Anyhow, one of them invited me for dinner tonight.
She split this morning . . .
l n the middle of the street, but we got her! We had no choice !
Anyway, she'll be quiet now.
Yes. lt's under way, yes, no tracks.
l don't like cars.
Tell me Mortier, did you identify this girl?
Yes. Nadia Kalonsky. . .
. . . a former prostitute who disappeared a few months ago .
The funny thing is, we had something on her.
Do you have a file?
The investigation on the international drug trade and prostitution ring .
Ah , yes. Your famous Antillean network.
- Chief l nspector, l know you doubt. . . - l don't doubt anything , Mortier.
You've never produced a single valid witness!
They're always dead .
Paula , why were you at the railroad station . . .
. . . at the time of the murder? Were you taking the train?
lt wasn't a coincidence . He called me , we had an appointment.
He wanted me to meet her.
- Who is this guy? - He's one of my informers.
He's a bum .
You'd better agree .
He's on parole . . .
. . . and the judge found him a job at a carnival lottery in Barbes.
lt's really great for his social rehabilitation !
This Nadia Thinginsky. . .
. . . according to your statement. . .
. . .was supposedly killed because she was about to talk?
She hinted that she knew who the leader of the Antillean network was.
So , she knew the Antillais?
No , that's the point. The Antillais wouldn't be the real boss.
- She had some revelations to make . - What revelations?
She couldn't tell me much . She was hiding when she called .
Why? Was she being watched?
All l know is that she woke me up last night. She seemed hounded .
She asked me to pick her up at the station to protect her.
To protect her, you !
We used to be together, a long time ago .
So , why did you contact us, the police?
- What? - Why did you call the police?!
Because it's too big for me . Nadia is something from the past.
lt's the past. l know nothing . l called you right away.
Why did you prevent me from intervening?
l didn't prevent anything ! l wanted to see . . . l didn't know.
Well , we saw. . . but we don't know anything .
What was the gentleman accused of?
l ndecent exposure on the street. To a minor.
Check it out. . . As usual .
You have nice witnesses.
Pathetic. . .
Not so ! You're pathetic! l know your cop tricks.
You've heard the cassette , but you want me to talk as well .
l know nothing .
l got you the cassette , l'll say nothing else !
The cassette?
You found a cassette?
Krantz, you never told me about this.
l had nothing to tell you .
l told you l was going to make you meet Nadia .
There's Nadia .
No wait, something's wrong .
She told me she recorded everything . . .
. . . and that there was enough to sink the guy.
Don't move !
From the cafe where we sat, we couldn't see . We were too far.
The cassette is in the postman's satchel .
We must find it.
And three .
That's it?
They said they would increase my pension . . .
. . . because they're widening the street.
Those are stories, grandma .
Widening arteries have never caused an increase in pension .
Good-bye .
So , am l a coloratura or a lyric?
- Tell me , what am l? - Rather dramatic.
You had said lyric!
No , dramatic is just as well .
lt's even better.
The decor is rather gloomy.
You think so?
Here , we're into disaster. . . luxurious disaster.
And this one? What is it?
The lady has taste .
lt's a Rolls Royce . . .
. . . Corniche !
lt happened in Monaco , at the casino , against a palm tree .
Yes. . . We are not much indeed !
You wouldn't think a Rolls Royce could have an accident.
He had one like that when he picked me up hitch-hiking .
l didn't hesitate , l climbed right in .
Well , if my lady would like to follow me now.
Not bad , your loft!
- You like it? - Yes!
The previous owner was great.
- Do you want something to drink? - Sure .
lt may not be cold , but it makes bubbles.
l can't drink from the can , do you have a straw?
A straw?
- You know, a bent straw? - Bent straw?
Bent, very chic!
lt looks like Raquel !
Actually, l'm not surprised . . .
. . .the former landlord had a car crash , with these paintings!
Son of a gun ! Not bad , Saint Jules.
Here , that's all l have . Bent.
That's what you call bent?
Well , yes, bent. That's the most bent thing l have .
- What's wrong? - lt stinks of gasoline .
lt's a radiator hose .
Then , of course , it's normal .
ls this your magra?
Nagra . . . N . . . !
How does it work?
What are you doing? No , don't touch .
This is sacred !
No , you can't touch this.
You're really picky. l'm not going to eat your Nagra !
Well , this is Swiss and it's very precise .
Tanagra . You sure look Swiss.
lt's her?
ls it her, Cynthia Hawkins?
She's so beautiful !
Do you think so?
Yes, very beautiful .
Are you in love , Jules?
Of course not. l'm not in love .
- Yes, you're in love . - No , l'm not.
Here , wait, you'll see .
Listen to her. Put this on .
What are you doing with my watch?
But. . . my Skelton !
Don't cry, baby. l have a much better one for you .
Just great for a little toad like you .
lt's a Rolex!
Yeah , my first steal .
Do you have any idea what this is worth?
Thank you , Jules.
lt's The Wally by Catalani .
lt takes place in the mountains. A woman . . . she wants to die .
She is broken-hearted and she sings.
She says, ''l want to go away, far away. . .
. . .where the clouds are golden , where the snow is white . . .
. . .you may never see me again , ever again .''
lt's tragic.
And at the end , she throws herself down an avalanche corridor.
Such pathos! Super!
Listen , it's about to begin .
The orphans, the unemployed , the refugees, the unhappy in love . . .
Luck is a fickle mistress. Beware !
Not on the ace of spades, it's bad luck.
Grab her mane . . . a gift for the winner. . .
. . . my regards to the loser.
Try your luck while the wheel is turning !
Yes, madam , it turns. . .
You see !
A win for the young lady.
You see , l told you . Come on , let's go .
lt's Beethoven . We already have him on the mantle .
Come on , l said !
l don't like Beethoven .
How cool ! She has such a voice !
Can you lend it to me?
- Yes, but you must give it back. - l swear.
Do you know what time it is?
You do this to me again and l drop you off on the road .
With your Vietcong !
Look, don't yell at me ! l had a terrible trip.
Wait. Don't move .
The Wally, Act one . . .
Cynthia Hawkins.
How did you get it? She never recorded anything .
Who stole the diva 's dress?
Good evening .
lt's a nice job to be a postman .
Well , it all depends.
You get to bring the love letters.
Yes, and also the tickets.
l don't care , l don't have a car.
Everyone in my family works for the post office .
My brother in law, Mark, a tall guy. You know him?
Maybe . You know, there's a lot of us.
Do you like this light?
lf you knew how much it cost! And l got it wholesale .
lt creates a nice ambiance .
Well , that's not all there is.
l don't know you , but you're cute . You'll have to come see me again .
lt's hot.
Aren't you a little nuts?
Yes, l am .
Nothing was stolen? Your equipment?
l don't think so .
You should have seen the slaughter! l couldn't stay there .
Jules, are you thick or what?
l'm telling you , it's the cops. lt's obvious.
lf not, why did the two guys this afternoon . . .
. . . come and take the addresses of all the postmen with mopeds?
These guys are nuts.
But why?
Anyway, l don't get it. l'm bushed .
Congrats to the postmen , they're really solid .
What do you expect, it's not the Aeropostale .
They broke all his things. He's cracking up.
- lt's banging in my ribs. - What is?
His helmet! l'm not used to sleeping with a guy in a helmet.
lt could save him , in case of an earthquake .
Go ahead and laugh , the guy on TV said it the other day.
What's that mattress brand that lets you sleep without bugging the other?
Look, l promise , they came about five minutes ago .
They are fascists, believe me .
And they looked really vicious.
All right, call me back, okay?
What do they want?
These two guys, what do they want?
You , old buddy. They came back.
Two inspectors.
You must have done something wrong again .
Ayatollah , come here and eat.
Come on .
You don't want to? Fine .
Can you lend me some dough?
Yeah .
And can you lend me your Malagutti?
l can't keep my moped . Did you hear me?
Okay for the dough , but not the Malagutti , shit!
- l'm still breaking it in . - Breaking it in?
You don't know what it means to break it in?
- Fine , break it in . - Yes, l will .
lt's just a little cube , filled with horsepower.
lt's quite a machine . lt requires a special touch , so easy!
lt's not a postman's slug . lt's a racer!
Listen to the music, you drive it by ear!
Speaking of which , why don't you turn it down?
Don't worry! l'll sway to the music.
Be careful .
Good-bye , Mermoz. And thanks for the money.
- What are you doing? - l forgot my gloves.
Okay, so long !
Oh ! The gas. . .
A little tall , but not bad . . . she's pretty.
Look at this! lt could use some cleaning . lt looks neglected .
Excuse me , but the cleaning has already been taken care of.
An awl in Nadia's back, an awl in Krantz's back.
He's looking for the same thing we are .
- But he's a day ahead . - Maybe he's a day awl .
Very funny. Except that we don't know who he'll kill next.
Anyway, this place is uncommon .
Who are you?
- Flowers, Madam . - Put them down . . .
. . . over there .
- Did Nicole give you something? - No . . .
- . . . l have something to give to you . - To give to me?
l recognize you .
The moped .
You're the postman?
l apologize .
Do you take me for the Beatles?
l'm no disco singer.
l had it pressed for you !
Do you know what we do with people like you?
Do you have any idea?
l'm going to call the hotel detective and have you thrown out.
That's all you deserve !
Please ! Please !
l could have pressed charges. You are lucky.
But. . . you . . .
Do you steal the dresses of all singers?
So , l'm the lucky one !
l have a fan?
l heard you in Bordeaux. And last year. . .
. . . l went to Munich specially for the concert.
You made the trip for me?
Yes, on the moped .
On the moped .
l'm late for my press conference . Will you excuse me , please?
From Paris to Munich on a moped?
- You're pulling my leg . - No .
You even sang some Wagner. The Wesendonc Lieder.
You wore a blue dress with pearls.
A little girl threw a bouquet of red roses.
There were 1 8 curtain calls, and you refused to sing .
You refused .
Nobody stole my dress that night. Don't you like blue . . .
. . . Mr. Postman , stealer of dresses?
lt sounds like a melody from Satie .
What's your name , Mr. Postman?
Jules is old for a young man . l thought the French were modern .
My father was old-fashioned .
l'm kidding .
Jules fits you so poorly that it fits you well .
Madam , it's no secret that you've always refused to record .
The quality of recordings today is close to perfection .
- What don't you like about them? - l sing because l love to sing .
Alone , l can't.
l need the public.
The concert is an exceptional moment. . .
. . .for the artist, for the listener.
lt's a unique moment.
So , you're against the commerce of art.
No , commerce should adapt to art. . .
. . . and not art adapt to commerce .
What does Mr. Weinstadt, your impresario , think of it?
Ask him yourself.
What do you think of secret recordings?
lt's a theft, a rape . l despise them .
People say that you are a diva . Do you feel that you are one . . .
. . . and if so , do you have whims?
You know, that little postman has a date with her later.
But she has a party, and there's no guarantee that she'll come .
- She's a diva . - A diva !
Then again , she may come .
l'll change records. Help me .
l'll play the other side .
lt has to be at the right temperature .
The bagette .
The knife . . .
. . . not too thin . . .
. . . but not too thick.
The inside . . .
. . .fresh . . .
. . . not too much .
lt's an artform .
We , the French , are envied throughout the world for this.
You spread .
Some people get high on aircraft glue , or soap. . . complicated things. . .
This is my satori .
Zen in the art of toast!
Look! You can look.
There's no more knife , bread , butter. . . only a repeated gesture . . .
. . . a movement. . .
. . . space . . .
. . . emptiness.
Thank you .
- You do know that it's expensive . - Caviar?
No , not the caviar. The caviar is a gift from Elba .
No , your recording ! One , there aren't any in the stores. . .
. . . and two , the concert the other night was the best.
l do this because l dig it. For the pleasure .
The pleasure .
The pleasure . . . But there is no innocent pleasure . . .
Well , that's what l say.
You should see the tapes at Jules' . Tell him how many you have .
Tell him !
How many l had.
How many you had?
Somebody destroyed everything .
Last night after you left, l went out for a ride . . .
. . .when l came back, everything was destroyed .
That's crazy!
Was anything stolen?
No , the equipment wasn't touched .
All the tapes were pulled out.
l think it was the cops.
You're paranoid . The cops!
- How do you know it's the cops? - l don't know.
When l was in Saint-Lazare yesterday. . .
. . .the cops arrested a girl right in front of me .
One almost hit me . But something looked bizarre , it didn't fit.
The cops. . .
l saw the guy's card .
This isn't the post office . . . You saw the card .
Something happened in Saint-Lazare yesterday.
But they didn't arrest the girl .
She was bumped off.
l don't like parking lots.
We're closing shop. Did you clean up?
Everything is blocked . . .
. . .the relays are closed , nothing leaves.
The last girls were sent tonight. We warned those who are working .
But we're stuck with a kilo of heroine .
- Dump it down your sink. - lt's going to cost a bundle .
You're risking your head !
We leave nothing and nobody behind .
We have the postman's file . . .
. . .the photos, the neighborhood investigation , the vehicle plates.
My brigade marches forward . l'm holding the reins, but. . .
. . .they march alone .
So we have to move fast. . . and be very tidy.
We searched his studio . There's no need to go there now.
Two inspectors are watching it. l don't believe he'll come back.
But there's only one thing .
Someone is looking for him . . .
. . . and this l can't control .
We have to find him . He's too dangerous.
Nadia's been eliminated . lt's only a cassette .
Shut your face !
Your face , Antillais, is what the postman saw!
l want this cassette at all cost. As soon as possible . . .
. . . before my cops, before anyone else .
Don't forget that if l go down , you go down with me .
Fast. . .
. . . and tidy.
Tell me , my poor man . . .
. . . don't you think l'm starting to look like an old woman?
No . . . like a Spanish woman . . .
. . . an old Spanish woman .
You know, l have to go .
Diva .
Your tape , are you taking it back or not?
l prefer that you keep it if you don't mind .
As you wish . So , you want to leave?
Here , Alien .
Don't get pulled over by the cops!
N'Doula . . . Jules.
Hi .
She's the queen of Africa .
She's the queen of the night.
l went to the great jewelers. l bought everything .
Almost! Look. . .
How about that.
Go ahead , no , no , it's for you , go ahead .
Thank you , Jules.
- Thank you . Good-bye , N'Doula . - So long you two !
lt's a magic bird .
We would like to talk to you about Cynthia Hawkins' recording .
l'm listening .
We believe there exists a recording . . .
. . . of an excellent quality, of Ms. Hawkins' last concert.
You think so?
This recording , how should l say it. . . is of interest to us. . .
. . .to own exclusively, of course .
Don't you think it's a little early to talk business?
We'll call you back.
The patience of the buffalo is great. . .
. . . but so is his strength !
Abyssus abyssum invocat!
What is abyssus abyssum?
lt means the abyss calls the abyss.
Yes, l assure you , it would be wonderful .
She is beautiful , proud , sensuous.
She's a woman !
Jules, the jam .
Do you think that l could have all of these qualities?
Well , yes. At least, it's the part.
Don't apologize . You were talking about the Tosca , not me .
lf you did not exist, Jules. . .
. . . one should not invent you .
Why not?
Because you know music too well .
l mean , the opera .
But l like music.
l know. We both like it.
And now, speaking of music, l must work.
You want me to leave?
lt's funny, but l think l'll enjoy your presence while l'm working .
Could l take a bath?
Excuse me?
While you're singing .
Go ahead . Go ahead .
Nobody has ever heard me rehearse .
l won't tell anyone .
Hello? Yes, he's here .
Jules, it's for you .
Nobody knows l'm here .
Who is this?
We stopped by your place last night.
- l suggest you ask Mrs. Hawkins. . . - l don't understand .
- . . .what she thinks of record pirates. - lt's a mistake .
We want the tape and we will get it.
Jules, do you like it hot?
Are you all right?
Bad news?
No . . . scalding .
Mr. Weinstadt, please .
ls something wrong , Jules?
l'm fine .
No news, but two inspectors. . .
. . . are watching his place 'round the clock.
This Nadia . . . she's a whore .
A whore who wants freedom . . . who wants to take off.
She invents a story so that we cover her. . .
. . . but she gets caught.
So they want to set an example . . .
. . . and they stab her.
As for your Antillais, he's a common pimp who leaned too hard .
What about Krantz? An awl for him too , same weapon .
Same reason ! Set as an example for the rest.
l don't believe in this international prostitution ring .
The crime empire ! Always the folklore , with this Antillais. . .
. . . covering for a mysterious and high-placed individual .
ls it amusing , Mortier?
The kid is on the run .
- lt's normal for his age . - His place was searched .
A theft, that's all it was. Did you see the equipment we found?
Someone took
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