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Do Raaste

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Dear brother, you will be happy to know that. . .
. . . in the final year of Engineering, B. E. , . . .
. . . l have passed with first rank.
This is the result of your blessings more than my hard work.
l'm thousands of miles away, but all of you're before my eyes.
You are sitting on the bed in your room.
And mother will be sitting opposite you.
ln her lap is a girl who is losing her milk teeth.
How did uncle know that l am losing my teeth?
- And next to you trying to read the letter is. . . - Raju!
And Satyen must be sitting in his usual place studying. . .
. . .with a view of the whole of Mumbai city.
l am not at all worried about Satyen.
One more person must be standing at the window. . .
. . .and listening to this letter carefully.
How did he know l am listening to his letter?
He really is an astrologer.
What can l write about you?
You are not only my brother, you are my father, my God. . .
You've done a lot for me. l wonder how l'll ever repay you.
Whatever l am today, is because of you. 'Fool.'
l only regret. . .
. . .that you are not with us to share our happiness with us.
Your mother expired in your childhood. . .
. . .forget mother's love, l could not even give you father's love.
Don't say that father. You have given me everything.
What have l? A step-mother. 2 step-brothers.
And a step-sister?
Father, l swear that. . .
. . .whom you are calling step are dear to me more than life.
- And they always will be. - Bless you Navindu.
May everyone have a son like you.
Father, may God give me strength. . .
. . .that l am able to keep the promise l made you all my life.
- Greetings! - Come child.
Since Biju's result came out, you stopped working.
You are listening to old songs and dreaming new dreams.
Yes, my father's dreams were in this song.
And now, l feel that maybe they have come true.
Why won't they? You work all day long.
You work our at nights. But it'll all stop when Biju comes.
- Yes. - Yes. Mother won't sew clothes.
Sister-in-law won't go in the kitchen. Servants will work here.
And l will close down my garage and rest.
Congratulations Navindu.
l am very happy to hear about Biju.
- Take a seat. - Lalaji. . . - Yes?
l am happy because my brother is coming back.
But you're happy because you will get. . .
. . . both, the actual amount and the interest.
What are you saying! l am happy because. . .
. . .that one brother mortgaged the house and took a loan. . .
. . .and the other is coming to repay that loan.
Lalaji, your business will go on like this.
Because the third brother is also planning to go abroad.
Come Mr. Sattin. Pick up the chit and decide on our fate.
- What's this? - lt's a bad habit to ask questions all the time.
Okay, l won't ask, but tell me what is this?
- First pick a chit. - Yes, go on.
Hurry up.
- Get some water. - What happened?
This had to happen one day.
He is number 8 to be sacrificed.
And he has seen 7 others getting sacrificed.
- But what's it? - There's a new girl in college.
- Not a girl, she is trouble. - She's a bomb.
Will you tell me who she is?
Why are you taking the long cut? Go from here.
O Lord!
Come back alive.
Beautiful, will you come for a movie with me?
Strange! She is in the first year and she has such guts?
lf you have the guts then why don't you go ahead?
- l'll mark you down as the next one. - Listen. - What?
l challenge you that l will lure her within 24 hours.
- What kind of challenge? - To lure you.
- But how do you know? - We have a common friend.
When l tell him, 'Rustam, you are so nice.'
He reveals everything.
- What's his name? - Satyan Prasad Gupta.
- What does he look like? - He shaves once in a week.
And changes his clothes after 4 days.
ln the lecture room from half past 9 to half past 1 .
From half past 1 to 6 in the evening in the library.
And from 6 to half past 6 in the common room.
ls he fat or slim.
- Somewhere in the middle. - ls he tall or short?
But he is not what he seems to be.
Be careful. Such a man is very dangerous.
Just let him come.
Miss. Reena, not only me but no dictionary in the world. . .
. . .don't have words to describe your beauty.
'Your enticing eyes, your rosy cheeks. . .'
- '. . .these beautiful tresses, this. . . - Go on.
How can l? These yellow eyes, these hanging cheeks. . .
. . .these black lips, this belly is making me forget the formula.
Forget him, just concentrate on the formula.
- Tell me fast. - First be friends with the girl.
- Then. . . - Then praise her.
- Then . . . - Tell her you have never seen such eyes.
- Then. . . - Then she will lower her eyes and feel shy. - Shy!
- That is great. - Then what?
Then flatter her some more. Say, her lips are like rose petals.
- And seeing this lips l feel like. . . - Say it!
- Then what will the girl do? - Then she will be lured.
- How is that? - All beautiful girls're in love with themselves.
When a boy flatters her in the right way. . .
. . .she falls in love with him.
You arrange for a picnic, then see what l will do.
''These beautiful tresses, these enticing eyes''
''Seeing them, makes everyone live''
''lf these eyes lower with shyness''
''Everything will end there''
''Stay quiet, no one tell her this story. . .''
''. . .that seeing her, makes everyone live''
''These tresses are so glorious''
''They make your heart suffer''
''They will make everyone crazy, no one tell her. . .''
''. . .that, seeing her, makes everyone live''
- Can l have your company? - You said what l wanted to.
Or else how could l have said. . .
. . .that you are very nice.
l am inconsequential.
You ask me that. You look into my eyes and see.
- That. . . - Enough Reena. l cannot take this anymore.
- What has happened Reena? - Even l am surprised.
- You are? - Yes. - When will you meet me again?
- Whenever you say. - Where?
Wherever you say. By the way, l go to the swimming pool everyday.
- Really? Can l come today? - Yes. No, come tomorrow.
l mean, l was going to. . .
You all keep quiet. You go inside.
Come on go inside.
Hey mister, where are you going?
Actually when l came here, there was an office plate. . .
. . . l am telling the truth, it's not a lie.
l am lying and you are telling the truth? Scoundrel!
Do l look like a scoundrel to you?!
Then why were you looking at the girls?
l am warning you that you cannot escape. Understood?
l will crush your bones to powder!
He will die! l said leave him!
He will die! You will be arrested by the police.
He is gone! He has come out! Leave him!
l will myself come. l don't know to swim.
The police will arrest me.
Someone come here!
Pal, formula no. 1 drowned in the pool.
Formula 1 drowned, wait and see what magic formula no. 2 does.
Can't you see where you are going?
That is what l was going to ask you.
Even after having such big eyes, can't you see where you're going?
ln whose thoughts were you lost in?
- Get lost! - Now l will go with you only madam.
There is a hotel nearby and you even get beer over there.
Look mister, it is bad manners to talk to girls like that.
l am sorry sir, l made a mistake. No.
Forgive me, you were troubled. . .
Swear on God, all of us never thought. . .
. . .that a slap can cause such an boom.
She is not a girl, she is like a power house.
lf you touch her, she will electrify you.
Even we will laugh.
You are laughing a lot. Come here.
Come here.
What happened? Come on, solve the problem.
- First make her move. - Why?
Yes sir, please move her. l am an only son of my parents.
What if l get an electric shock?
- What is this nonsense? - Sorry sir, lt's not my fault.
She herself has put on a placard on her back. Look for yourself.
This is a doll for Guddi.
Now it's Sattin's turn. Here is a cardigan for you.
l have got it from Bond street in London.
This is great Brother Biju.
lt will be helpful when you want to impress the college girls.
And Geeta, here is a Sari for you.
Hurry up, wear it and show me.
No brother, l will wear this sari on your wedding.
Brother did you see, when l had gone she was so small. . .
. . . now she talks so much?
That's right.
A girl for you and a boy for her.
We will have to look for them together.
All that will go on, but first have your dinner.
- l've got your favorite dish made. - What about the other one?
- Even that is ready. - Really? Come on then. Let's go.
Come on, you come along too.
- This is actual tea. - Did you like it? - Very much.
Biju, l did not understand one thing.
- What? - How did you get a job abroad?
Sister-in-law, the company l work for. . .
. . . has branches all over the world.
l was after it since an year.
You were after her since an year!
Oh, so he is the one.
For whom my sister left London, left her studies. . .
. . .and now in some days will leave the house too.
He seems nice. What is he like?
He is very sweet. He doesn't talk much.
- Why? - Because even if he talked. . .
. . .you wouldn't have let him.
Brat! Get lost from here.
Father, look at this photograph.
- Whose photograph is it? - My would be brother-in-law.
- My sister has good choice. - He seems nice from the photograph.
What do you come to know from a photograph?
ln a photograph, even you seem nice.
Why do you criticize me. . .
. . .first look at yourself.
lt is much better than yours.
lt is not a black patch like yours.
Till l got married even, l was rosy.
As soon as l saw your face. . .
. . . l lost my color then and it hasn't come back till now.
lt was me that survived after seeing a face like yours. . .
. . . if it was someone else, she would have run away long ago.
- Understood? - Listen, all my life l have done what you wanted.
Listen to me once. Let me go to their place.
ln 2 1 years, this is the first proposal.
At least let one girl go from this house.
- l will go to their place with Reena. - Okay.
Reena, go with him. And when he speaks in the wrong place. . .
. . . make him shut up.
l am doomed!
- Who is it? - Open the door.
- First tell me who is it? - ls Mr. Gupta home?
- There is no one in this house. - Then who are you?
Consider that even l am not there.
- Go on, please leave. - Strange people.
- You? - You! - What are you doing here?
- l live here. - You live here?
Then where does Navinduprasad Gupta live?
He also stays here. He is my elder brother.
Father, come. This is the house.
l'm doomed! This is between us, why involve you your father?
- Father, come. - You are strange!
College is college, this's home. l mean why create this problem?
- Keep away. - Can't this be settled in the college?
- Open the door. - The door? - Yes.
Door? Okay l will open it.
- l am damned! - Tell Mr. Gupta Lala Alopiprasad is here.
- Disappear from here. - What are you thinking about?
We have come to meet your brother.
But brother is not home.
Even if he was, it wouldn't have been any use meeting him.
But this is between us, we will settle the matter.
- lt will be settled? - Yes, and it is a very small matter.
Small matter? lt may be a small matter for you. . .
. . . but for us it is very important.
What are you saying? Kids make mischief, it is their job. . .
. . .and elders should forgive them.
lf not kids then who will make mischief. l am doomed!
- Come on, let's go. - Okay. - Just a minute father.
We have, now we will go after we talk about it.
lf not Mr. Gupta, his mother must be home.
Mother. Yes, we will meet the mother.
Mother? Yes, mother is home.
But she's kept a fast of silence. She can't talk to anyone.
Sattin, what nonsense are you talking?
Talking with. . . Sister-in-law, come.
- Guest's have come, but they are leaving. - No, we're coming.
You are welcome!
- You. . . - We had come to meet Mr. Gupta.
He is not in, so l thought l will meet his mother.
- Can l come? - Please come. - Come child.
- Take a seat. - Yes, thank you.
- Mother. - Yes? - Guests have come.
Greetings. l am Alopiprasad. And she is my daughter Reena.
Take a seat. Get some tea.
- l will just get it. - Don't take the trouble.
We had come. . . How do l say it?
My elder daughter Neela has just returned from abroad.
l heard the your son Bijuprasad there itself.
l troubled her when we were in college. . .
. . . but now she has brought her father here to complain about me.
l understand now, you'll have to face the consequences.
Oh God! l'm trapped. Please rescue me, sister-in-law. . .
. . . l'll be indebted to you forever.
- Satyen! - Oh no!
Mother! l'm saying the truth, l haven't done anything.
lt's not true, she is blaming me unnecessarily.
- What are you saying? - Don't believe her.
- What? - l meant, your daughter.
She is lying. Whatever she said is not true.
Mister! Whatever she said seems to be true.
He is my younger son, Satyen.
Pleased to meet you.
ls your elder son, Biju Prasad also like him?
How can l praise him, myself? He is a step above him.
- What!? ls he worse than him? - Oh God!
We take your leave.
Please have a cup of tea before you leave.
Strange! How can you leave without having tea?
Your behaviour is strange. Thanks a lot!
We are from the girl's side. . .
. . . how can we have tea at the groom's house?
Alright! Greetings!
Satyen, see them off!
l don't want you to leave though.
Why do you take the trouble? We can go on our own.
Bye! Greetings to you!
You!? ls there anything left?
Yes! Manners means good behaviour.
Couldn't you even thank me? Had l complained about you, then?
Then Dhanno would have definitely died.
Listen! Why did you pose as though. . .
. . . we're meeting for the first time?
- Do l have to say it? - How will l know then?
l heard that you are very smart.
Whatever you explained to me, is it right?
- What do you think? - l thought we had compromised.
- ls that all? - Our friendship will continue.
- Only friendship? - lt may change to something else.
What will it change to? Tell me.
To love, perhaps.
What else do you want to know?
l want to know if it's a dream.
l'm not able to see anything absolutely.
Aren't you able to see the scenery and the dark clouds?
Everything is before us.
l find everything silent.
What are you able to see then?
Someone's eyes and his love for me in it.
Someone's eyes? Are they my eyes?
Aren't you able to see anything other than me?
''What's the matter, l'm unable to see anything''
''The kohl in your eyes has darkened the place. . .
. . . during the day''
''What could the matter be? Our eyes have met?''
''We are bonded by love''
''Call me not daily, people will taunt me''
''You made excuses, last night''
''You were not supposed to come today''
''There's a proclamation that you've come''
''l've boycotted the world to be in your company''
The cuckoo sings from the branch of the tree''
''The rain could probably mean something''
''The formation of clouds could teach us a lesson''
''What could the clouds and the rain mean?''
''Your shawl wavered and brought rain''
''Please let me go as it is getting late''
''There was a time when you wouldn't wake up''
''And now it's the time when you refuse to sleep''
''Your face glows, what could be the reason for it?''
''Whatever l dreaded of has happened''
You are going to marry without my consent, isn't it?
But remember one thing, you dominate over your husband. . .
. . . from the very first day.
Or else you too will lead an unhappy life like me.
lt seems she is not happy after having married me.
Though l was married at an young age, l never enjoyed life.
You're right, you gave birth to your daughters. . .
. . . after you grew old, isn't it?
l've conducted innumerable marriages of your relatives.
l would advise you to get separated soon after marriage.
Or else you'll have to get your husband's relatives married.
That's impossible, his relatives are very dear to him.
Don't worry, l'll find a solution to this problem.
lt's very easy for me.
You've been doing this to me for the past 2 1 years.
Stop it! Don't interfere in all the matters.
- All l have is my leg. - Preserve it.
We can't make a clever move in his presence.
You come along with me.
Go Neela! Like mother, like daughter.
They should be held as per our customs.
- How will the marriage be? - Like all other marriages.
l wish the bride could come in a palanquin.
The bride comes in a car these days.
And uncle will ride a horse, isn't it?
You may make your uncle a scapegoat.
Where will the guests be accommodated?
Everyone hosts a reception, we too will host one.
- We'll host it a Taj Hotel. - First ask the bride. . .
. . . and groom their preference.
- That's right. - ln my opinion all this is a waste.
- What's a waste? - The marriage hall. . .
. . . the musical band, etc.
The conventional marriage is old fashioned.
These wasteful expenditures have ruined our country.
Economical marriages are in fashion these days.
What type of marriage do you prefer?
l prefer a civil marriage.
The bride and the groom sign a register. . .
. . . in the presence of 2 witnesses. . .
. . . and they are declared married.
lt's the cheapest and the best type of marriage.
Neela, you must be getting late. Mother l'll escort her home.
Raju! You go indoors.
This girl isn't fit to be my daughter-in-law.
- Why do you say so? - lt's not right to. . .
. . . ridicule marriages and to discuss about one's own marriage.
She must be trying to save us of expenditure.
But doesn't she care for customs and the society?
She is a modern and educated girl.
Moreover she is a foreign return.
She will adjust as soon as she enters our home.
Don't worry, l guarantee you.
Sign here.
You are man and wife now. Congratulations!
- Congratulations! - Same to you.
- Will the kids sleep here? - So, what's wrong?
- What!? Are you mad? - l'm perfectly alright.
l'm not excited as you are.
Please send them downstairs.
The one who needs privacy may send them away.
Come on kids, it's time to go to bed.
- Let's go to sleep. - Not here, go downstairs.
We will sleep besides you.
We used to sleep besides you even earlier.
- That's right, but. . . - Why do you stammer, uncle?
l agree that you slept besides me earlier, but now. . .
But now your aunt is here too, isn't it?
So what? l'll sleep besides aunty.
- What!? - And l'll sleep besides you.
No uncle, Guddi is wrong.
She will sleep besides aunty and l'll sleep besides you.
- But you'll sleep right here, isn't it? - Of course!
- Where should l place this? - Keep it there. . .
. . . for the time-being. l'll arrange it later.
Be careful.
lt's an expensive thing, take care. You move l'll set it.
Where should we arrange the chairs, madam?
You are so foolish.
l told you to take away the old furniture, isn't it?
Why do you ask me again and again then?
The old furniture may appear to be bad. . .
. . . in the midst of the new furniture.
But it is your father-in-law's chair.
lt is very dear to Navindu.
No one other than him sits on that chair.
Then let that chair be kept in his room.
He need not take the trouble to come here and sit on it. . .
. . . nor will anyone use this precious chair.
You dare not remove that photo. Get away.
Pardon me, sister-in-law. That fool was removing father's photo.
l asked him to do so.
lnspite of knowing that it is father's photo?
He is your father-in-law, isn't it?
ln my opinion, it's out of fashion. . .
. . . to hang our ancestors photos.
Your views are commendable.
The photos may be out of fashion today. . .
. . . and perhaps even our ancestors. . .
. . . may be out of fashion in future.
l thought you probably study in college.
Not probably, l do study in college.
But they don't teach us in college, to remove. . .
. . . our ancestors photo and hang photos of animals instead.
lf you knew what modern art is, you'd appreciate these pictures.
You may appreciate the modern art which. . .
. . . makes us forget even our ancestors.
- What's the matter? - Sister-in-law doesn't want. . .
. . . father's photo to be hung in the Drawing room.
That's right. ln my opinion, father's photo. . .
. . . would look good if hung in my room.
- What's your opinion? - Brother!
You have done the right thing.
You have changed the appearance of the hall, it looks good.
- How do l look? - Lovely!
- What about my dress? - Horrible!
- Why? - There should be a difference. . .
. . . between men's clothes and women's clothes.
When you girls wear these clothes and come to college. . .
. . . boys are attracted towards you.
That's the reason there is a rise in the number of failures.
Okay, my lord, tell me, what type of clothes should l wear?
You are an lndian so you should wear a simple Sari.
Who is it?
What's this?
You ridiculed me even when l wore a 'Salwar Kamiz'
And you ridicule me even now though l've worn a Sari.
Your simplicity has won my heart.
Do you call this a simple Sari?
Of course! My mother and my ancestors too wore such Saris.
They must have worn such Saris indeed.
But they wouldn't have decked up as you have.
Look Reena, let me study and don't bore me. Go away.
What sort of a joke is this?
This is my last warning to you, go away from here.
What are you up to?
- This reflection. . . - Reflection?
What are you reflecting?
You dare not reflect anything, understand.
What sort of a joke is this?
''The vermilion will shine and the bangles will jingle''
''They will disturb your sleep''
''The kohl will intoxicate you and. . .
. . . the flowers will spread fragrance.
''No matter you lose your temper''
''l agree you have gone crazy''
''You've been tortured''
''Where can l hide the shine in my forehead?''
''This shine which enters your threshold''
''May change the course of your life''
''My bangles claim that. . .
. . . there is no control over youth''
''Though the world may oppose, yet my anklets will jingle''
''And so will this charming woman dance''
''No matter if the roof cracks down''
''l've fallen in love with you''
''But l'm not your slave''
l'll play a mischief, no matter. . .
. . . if anyone is hurt''
''And so will l tease''
''No matter if the friendship breaks''
''The day you'll come to my house with a proposal''
''l'll refuse to marry you''
''No matter if you have to return empty-handed''
Stop it! l've warned you many times not to touch these things.
- lt may get spoilt. - Raju suggested. . .
. . . that we play the radio.
Do you know to play the radio? Why did you ask her to do so?
- Does it work? - You talk like an elderly person.
Hasn't anyone taught you not to touch others things. . .
. . . without their permission?
- Get out of here. - Pardon me, but. . .
. . . these kids only know that. . .
. . . everything in this house is common.
They never knew that you are the sole owner of these things.
Well said! Why didn't you tell them that. . .
. . . this radiogram is expensive and delicate too?
lt may get spoilt if it is not handled properly.
lt was my fault, l was busy making a sketch so l forgot.
l won't repeat this mistake.
l'll teach them to operate the radio.
You!? You don't even know that a sofa is meant. . .
. . . for sitting and not for lying.
That's right, a sofa is meant for sitting.
Especially this sofa which belongs to you.
l never expected Satyen to misbehave to such an extent.
But what's the matter?
l warned the kids not to tamper with the radio.
And Satyen lost his temper.
- But why should he get angry? - Ask Satyen about it.
What's my fault if my father is a rich man?
Doesn't he have the right to give anything to his daughter?
- Why not? - Then why did Satyen insult me?
Why did he abuse my father in my presence?
What's the need for him to abuse your father?
You should question Satyen.
Alright, come with me.
- Yes brother! - Who kept the furniture in my room?
- l kept them there. - Why?
They were expensive furniture, if they were kept in the hall. . .
. . . the kids would damage them.
Moreover modern furniture are meant for modern people.
Then hear some sensible thing.
That furniture was a gift from a rich father to your rich wife.
ls my wife not related to you?
lf she was related to me, she wouldn't claim. . .
. . . that the furniture belonged to her. . .
. . . and that no one could use it without her permission.
There's a limit to lie. When did l say that?
Rich girls have a poor memory.
They forget things instantly.
Did you see his style of speaking?
This is your style.
l hate this misbehaviour.
Neela is your elder, she has every right to scold you.
- You should apologise to her. - l'm willing to apologise. . .
. . . if it's my fault.
What's the matter, Satyen?
The kids were tampering with the furniture. . .
. . . so Neela stopped them. He got furious. . .
. . . and shifted all the furniture to our room.
And now he argues with her instead of apologising to her.
Are you ashamed of apologising to your sister-in-law?
lt's not the question of apologising. . .
. . . but a woman who considers herself superior. . .
. . . isn't fit to be a married woman.
Don't cross your limits.
- Apologise to her. - She should apologise to me.
- She has insulted me. - l am not concerned about that.
All l know is that you should apologise to Neela.
You pardon her to please her.
You are pampering her too much and it's not good.
l don't have to learn from you what's right and wrong.
But her arrogance is intolerable.
You rascal!
Why don't you apologise to her?
Are you saying that when you know it's not my fault?
Guilty or innocent, you are younger to her.
lt's not wrong to apologise to your elder person.
Apologise to Neela.
Forgive me, sister-in-law.
Forgive me, mother, l slapped Satyen for the first time today.
There's no peace in this house from the time Neela came here.
Whatever it is, she is a member of our family now.
But that doesn't mean we should ignore all her mistakes.
We should curb her or else she will ruin us.
- What? - Can't we live separately?
- What do you mean? - l mean, everyone. . .
. . . separate from their family after marriage.
You too buy a flat where. . .
. . . none other than the two of us will live.
We have privacy even in this house.
No, but our house is after all our own.
Just imagine, we have no freedom here.
Anybody can enter our room freely.
l fear even to change clothes.
Why don't you shut the door then?
l don't like to do that.
- What will they think? - Forget these trivial things.
These things aren't meant to be discussed at night.
You avoid these issues always.
- Which issue? - Of shifting to a new flat.
Alright, l'll do as you please. Happy?
- Who? - lt's me.
May l come in?
- Who is it? - Now you don't even recognize me?
Come, Mr. Kaliram. Have a seat.
Of course l will sit.
l thought it been many days since l have reminded you.
l remember everything.
What is the use of just remembering?
Now Biju is also married.
And if God wishes, he will also have a child in few days.
May God bless you.
You gave me blessings.
Now when will you give my money?
l don't want to go to the court for petty matters.
Why are to talking of going to the court? That's very regretful.
Then tell me by when can l expect it?
Just wait for two minutes. l'll be right back.
Come in, brother.
Today is the 3rd, Biju.
Didn't you get your salary?
He got the salary. But l thought that it would be better . . .
. . . if l kept his salary with me.
Yes, that's very good.
The wife holds the first right on husband's earnings.
Our daily expenses is around Rs. 300.
Besides that if you need money, you can take from me.
Yes. Why not?
l will have to ask you.
l regret that l cannot give you the money this month.
- What? - But l promise that l will surely make . . .
. . . some arrangement next month.
Look, l want my money, and not your promise.
lf l don't get my installment next month, see what l'll do.
l'm coming.
- ls this Neela's house? - No.
Then whose house is this?
The name of the owner is Navindu Prasad Gupta.
Do you know where Neela lives?
She lives here itself.
- Then who are you? - A man.
We can see that. But what are you doing here.
l am standing here talking to you.
But who are you?
You can assume l am a servant.
Then go and tell Neela that he guest have arrived.
Please welcome.
Sit down.
Can l get some snacks for you?
Be quick.
The picture was so beauty. And l liked the photograph so much.
Didn't you like it?
l couldn't see the picture. l had so many guests at home.
l was ready to go. l got so angry.
- Have you prepared all these things? - Didn't you like it?
lt's very nice.
- Have some more. - Since when have you been cooking?
Since around 1 5-20 years.
lf the tea is ready, send it.
- Where did you work before this? - What?
ln whose house did you work earlier?
l've been working in this house from the beginning.
Geeta has called you.
Now may l ask you one question?
- You? - Where did you work before this?
Why are you staring like that?
What friends you have! They have the manners to talk.
Who are you to talk her manners?
Madam, just being modern is not enough.
lt is also important to know how to talk when you are a guest.
Satyen, don't forget that they are my friends.
That's why l'm just talking.
Listen, your friends have not right . . .
. . . to treat my sister-in-law like a cook . . .
. . . and my sister like a servant.
Tell them to get out of here.
You invited us to your house and got us insulted.
You have treated us well!
lf we have lacked anywhere, shall l fulfill it?
lf they leave, even l will go with them?
- The door is open. - Let's go.
Just watch, l'll teach them a lesson.
There's one more trouble.
Did you say anything to me?
l am not mad like you.
l confront one enemy at a time.
What? Am l your enemy?
l was talking about the pawns.
ls it Biju? Neela's mother speaking. Come here soon.
Yes, immediately.
Neela, you will not get this opportunity again.
Take advantage of Satyen's mistake.
And get rid of that family.
Looks like this is a bad year for Navindu.
lt is not good for you to interfere in Neela's family.
You keep quiet. l have told you several times.
Don't interfere in the family matters.
l am not talking about our family.
l was talking about Navindu's family.
You just pay attention to chess.
l will show you such a way that you will thank me.
Come with me.
Forget it, sister. Why do you stretch petty matters?
The family lives on her husband's earnings.
He drove her out along with the guest.
And you are saying that it is a petty matter?
lt must be sister's fault too.
Even sister is looking for chance to harass them.
Don't defend them.
l will find a solution to teach them a lesson. Come with me.
Tell me also how should l teach you a lesson.
Daughter-in-law, what is Navindu doing?
He is busy in his accounts.
Biju, you've returned now?
We were waiting for you for dinner since so long.
Come, sit.
Come, let's have dinner.
Leave alone food, l shouldn't even drink water from this house.
No, you shouldn't talk like that.
l know you are offended by Satyen's words.
l apologize for that.
Neela, you are responsible for whatever happened today.
Why didn't you introduce Madhavi and Geeta to your friends?
Forget it, mother. lt's no use stretch the matter.
When l have no complains, why do you feel offended?
Neela, calm down.
Such petty matters do happen in a family.
Don't show this sympathy. You caused the misunderstanding . . .
. . . and you yourself are trying to solve it?
Neela, think before you talk.
Madhavi is the elder daughter-in-law of this family.
And as if l am nothing to this family?!
No, Neela. Even you are the daughter-in-law of this family.
No! Only the one who dance on the mother-in-law's tunes . . .
. . . can be the daughter-in-law of this family.
l am educated and the daughter of a rich man.
l have a respect in the society.
That's why all the family member's are jealous of me.
They hate me.
Neela, we don't hate you, but your bitter words.
Just think. Did you ever make Geeta sit close to you?
Did you ever talk sweetly with Satyen?
Did you ever embrace the children with love?
You say that no one respected you in this house.
Did you ever give the respect to me or Madhavi . . .
. . . which you were supposed to give?
Those who give other's respect deserve respect.
And not those who disrespect others.
- Keep quiet, Neela. - Why should l?
l am not one of those women who endure every injustice silently.
l am the daughter-in-law of this family, not a servant.
l have the same right on this house as Madhavi.
lf you had qualities like Madhavi . . .
. . . then this would never happen.
What special qualities does she have?
Let me know.
Agreeing to whatever you say, trying to please you.
To serve you. That's it?
Control your tongue. At least have some respect for elders.
When the elders don't have any love and sympathy . . .
. . for the young, why will the young respect the elders?
People say that a mother-in-law is like a mother.
But l say that every mother-in-law . . .
. . . is the daughter-in-law's enemy.
She is always after her life.
Neela, stop this nonsense.
Your talks have become intolerable.
You have insulted everyone in this house.
Me, my wife and children, my brother and sister.
But l was silent.
But today you insulted my mother.
And l cannot tolerate this at any cost.
Come forward, and apologize to mother by touch her feet.
l haven't made any mistake to apologize.
You have made a very serious mistake.
This has never happen in this house before.
- Apologize to mother. - No, never.
The true human is the one who realizes his mistake.
And there's only one penance for your mistake.
Touch mother's feet and apologize to her. Or else . . .
- What? - You can't stay in this house.
Forget it, brother. The matter will become worse.
You don't interfere.
Biju, make Neela understand.
Tell her to apologize to mother.
l don't think it is necessary.
What did you say?
Whatever Neela said is true.
And speaking the true is not a crime.
You are defending Neela?
l am her husband. All the family member can go against her.
Not me.
Biju, after all . . . .
Biju, then listen to my decision too.
Either you both apologize to mother.
Or else leave this house forever.
- You are saying this? - Yes, l'm saying this.
The one who insulted mother can't stay in this house . . .
. . . even for a minute. Not matter if he is my brother.
- Think over. - l have.
lf you consider Neela greater than your mother, . . .
. . . then even you can leave along with her. Get lost.
Have some curd.
lt is said that one who eats curd before leaving. . .
. . . will surely return some day.
Have it for my sake.
Good bye, Sister-in-law.
Forgive me, mother.
l did not fulfill the promise give to father.
No, son. You did not lack in your efforts.
The way you supported them, . . .
. . . people don't even support their children like that.
- Did you call for me? - Please be seated.
Take this.
- What is this? - Notice and one month's salary.
You will get the provident fund later.
What are you saying, manager?
l have served this company for 22 years.
The company is going through a bad phase.
Even some more people are being dismissed.
l'm helpless.
What happened?
Nothing. l felt a little dizzy.
- Are you feeling alright? - Yes.
What's the matter, son? You seem tensed.
Nothing, mother. l have a headache since morning.
Won't you have a headache if you work day and night?
Take off the coat. l'll get tea for you.
How many times have l told you to take care of your health.
Navindu, you are sitting at home.
Should l be out of the house everyday?
You should be there.
- Where? - ln Biju's house.
- Why? - Don't you know?
Biju has got a promotion. He has become a successful man.
- Really? - Yes. The general manager of the company.
But who told you?
Biju's driver's friend told me.
lt's such a good news.
l feel as if l am promoted.
Who gets such a high post as such a young age.
No one gets.
Today there's a grand feast in his house.
What are we doing here? Let's go there.
We must definitely go there.
- Let's go, mother. - No.
What are you saying?
Did he invite you?
Do family members need invitation?
Just think. Today he has got a promotion.
He might not be aware of anything.
But he should have invited the one with whose support . . .
. . . he reached to this position.
Mother is right.
A person does not go to God's abode without invitation.
You are a strange man. You keep changing opinions.
Just think. lf l don't go there to congratulate him, . . .
. . . what will Biju think? What will people think?
You may not come if you wish. l'm going.
He is a strange man.
Khan, follow him.
Today Navindu is also not feeling well.
Don't worry, mother. l'm going.
Everything will be fine.
- Hey, where are you going? - l want to meet your master.
Sir can't meet you today.
l just want to talk to him for a minute.
What a strange man! l told you he can't meet you today?
- What's the matter, John? - He wants to meet sir.
Where have you come from?
- Excuse me. - What is it?
- Do you work here? - Yes, l am his personal attendant.
Will you do me a small favour?
- What is it? - Tell your boss Navindu has come to meet him.
There's a grand party going on in the house.
- Boss can't meet you today. - Please try.
lt will be a great favour.
Please sit here. l will tell boss when l come back.
Hey, now you sat on the chair?
You don't know me. Your boss knows me very well.
All those who come to ask for something know my boss.
Come on, get out.
You idiot! What are you saying?
- Who are you? - l will thrash you so badly . . .
. . . that no one will recognize you.
Khan, why have you come here?
What could l do? l've been watching this since very long.
- What kind of a man are you? - And what kind of man are you?
First you drive a person out of the house.
Then you ask his name. Which custom is this?
But who are you?
And your boss's grandfather.
And he is your boss's father.
Go and tell him that his grandpa and father have come.
Madam, excuse me.
- What's the matter - Just a minute.
There are two men outside. They say that . . .
. . . they are boss's father and brother.
- What nonsense are you talking? - l'm telling the truth.
There they are.
John, ask them to come tomorrow.
Madam has asked you to come tomorrow.
Tell her that we have just come to congratulation him.
Will l serve my boss or you?
You fool! You talking too much again?
Talk slowly. Why are you yelling?
Get lost!
Madam, they said they have come to give good wishes.
Alright. Tell them their good wishes are conveyed.
Madam said that good wishes are conveyed.
You may go.
- Where are you going? - l can't see you being insulted.
l will go and bring that fool at your feet.
No, Khan. What is the use of quarreling for a petty matter?
We'll come tomorrow.
Let's go.
The party is incomplete without you.
Did you see?
Such affluent people have begun to come to Biju.
She might surely be a princess.
That's okay. But why didn't you call him when he came out?
lf l had called him, he would surely come to me.
He would touch my feet and embrace me.
Then you should have called him.
Would it be right to call out to him in front of so many people?
- Why? - Wouldn't he feel embarrassed?
Wouldn't people poke fun at him?
You are still. . .
What kind of a man are you?
Let's go.
Have tea.
lt's hot.
- Did you meet your brother? - Yes, mother.
Sit down, Khan.
- What did Biju say? - What would he say?
He touched my feet the moment he saw me.
And l embrace him.
And he treated us so well.
- An l right, Khan? - Yes.
l was afraid that he would refuse to recognize you.
How could that happen?
He dragged me inside despite of refusing to him.
And he introduced me to everyone there.
Many affluent people had come there.
- Am l right, Khan? - Yes, a big lies . . . .
l mean he introduced us to many affluent people.
What else did he say?
He was very angry to see me alone.
He said that,''Do family members need invitation?''
l over ate out of happiness.
- Right, Khan? - Yes.
We ate so much that we won't feel hungry for 4 days.
Didn't he send anything for the children?
Why not? He send sweets, cakes, pastries and . . .
And 'katori'.
Yes, 'katories', 'samosas' and many other things.
- Where are all the things? - Here itself.
Didn't l give the basket to you in the bus?
ln the bus? We walked. . . .
- l left the basket in the bus. - Where is it?
You left it in the bus? You are too much, Khan.
Was that a thing to forget? You are too much.
- l'll go and get it. - Go fast or children will be angry.
Strange man!
See you, mother.
Madhavi, l think there's something fishy.
l'll see.
l'm your life partner. Will you hide it from me?
What shall l tell you?
Perhaps you won't be able to tolerate.
For God sake tell me what is the matter.
l lost my job.
That's it? Such a small thing?
l wondered what was so serious.
What are you saying, Madhavi?
Losing a job is not a simple matter.
Just think. How will we manage now?
How did we manage so many years?
Remember, when father had expired, . . .
. . . you had so many responsibilities.
Satyen, Biju, Geeta, all of them were small.
Now there's nothing to worry. They are young now.
That's alright.
But l am not more young.
l am tired.
Tell me the truth. Had Biju not left the house, . . .
. . . would you lose courage like this?
Wouldn't you work until you had strength?
That's alright. But . . .
- But . . . . - l know.
l know.
Now you are tired.
lt's right. You were the only bread earner for so many years.
And you had to support all of us.
And let me carry this burden for sometime.
l have many things to overcome in my life.
But you did not let me suffer.
And l won't let it happen even now.
But mother shouldn't know about this.
- l am very ashamed. - Why?
l know that my sister is responsible for . . .
. . . whatever happened in your house.
l don't understand what to do.
Are you so tensed because Biju left the house?
No, Reena.
Brother lost his job.
All problems don't come together.
He will get another job.
Brother can't get another job at this age.
His eyesight has also become weak.
And it is wrong to make him work at this age.
l wish to leave studies and take up a job.
But l don't want to let brother work.
Your education can give him more support.
You will be able to help him more.
l don't have time for studies, Reena.
After Biju left the house, Kali will insist for his money.
And mother will not be able to bear the shock.
Everything can be fine. . .
. . . if you get a good job.
l won't let you quit studies.
Mother, l had told Navindu earlier.
That he should think before taking a loan.
Who knew circumstances would change like this?
Geeta has become quite young.
You wanted to say something?
l wanted to say that anyway you don't have anything.
But Biju is quite well-to-do.
- So how can that help? - Of course it can.
You have mortgaged this house.
And this house will be divided between you three brothers.
As per the law, l can demand the money from the three of you.
Or any one of you.
- ls that possible? - Why not?
lt has being happening since years.
Biju has money. He can repay the loan.
And after all you had take the loan for him.
Mr. Kali is right.
- Let him demand the money from Biju. - No, mother.
Then what will you do?
l will do whatever l can.
l will sell myself if the need arises.
Selling off yourself won't help me get my money.
l have made you understand in a friendly way.
Now l will have to take the help of law.
Don't talk like that.
Now this will happen.
l give you one week's time.
lf you don't arranged for the money within this time, . . .
. . . then this house will be auctioned.
What happened, mother?
What's the matter? Why did you remember us today?
You are not worth being remembered.
Then why have you come to my house?
l would never have stepped here.
Sister-in-law forcibly sent me.
To abuse me.
You're not even worthy of my abuses.
l've just come to tell that mother is not well.
Oh! So you can also see?
Much sharp and much clear than before.
Wish your heart was as clear as your eyesight.
Those who have an evil heart find everything evil.
Even l want to say the same. Good that you said it.
l'll leave. Tell brother about it.
Don't you want money for mother's treatment?
The thing which mother wants, perhaps l won't get it here.
What is that thing?
Love. . . and duties of a daughter-in-law.
''The two colours of life. . . and two different ways.''
''The two faces of life.''
''These are the two different ways.''
''One should be careful before taking any step. . .''
''. . . it should be explained to every man.''
''One route leads to a temple. .''
''One leads to the place of vices.''
''One should not lose his way. .''
''. . . or should not get way layed.''
- Here take this. - Your bangles?
lts worthless in front of our mother's life.
''Some people live life for . . .''
''. . . for other people's sake.''
''. . .and some people. . . make the loved ones suffer.''
''One gives happiness and the other, troubles and sorrow.''
- Has brother come? - No. . .
. . . he has gone with madam to the club.
But he had given an envelope for you.
What is there in it?
What is it?
He has sent some money.
Possibly for mother's treatment.
Give it back. . . and tell him . . .
. . . the mother needs her son, and not the money.
Greetings sir.
Mother. . . its amazing!
- What happened? - lf a man's deeds are good. . .
. . . God helps them always.
But, what is the matter?
l received a money order of Rs 500.
But, who has sent it? Where has it come from?
l don't know. . . . . . who has sent it
But at the moment the person is an angel for us.
Angel. . . . !
l have understood, just call for Khan.
What is the need to call for Khan mother?
You called for me and l'm here.
But mother, l swear, today your face is glowing.
Will your sweet talks make me recover?
What did l do mother?
Why did you send a money order of Rs 500?
What money order?
Why did you send the money?
Money? What money?
No mother l haven't sent any money.
You call me your mother, and are lying to me?
Swear on me. . . that you did not send the money.
Please mother l cannot do that.
You have sent the money. . . l know you have.
l have been staying here as your neighbour since 1 2 years.
But, l have yet told you about myself. . .
When l was 1 0 years old, my mother died. . .
My father remarried, and my stepmother was very cruel.
She used to lock me inside a room. . .
. . . she used to keep me hungry for days, and beat me.
And out of desperation l ran away from my country.
And l wandered here and there, finally came here. . .
. . and l saw you mother. . .
You are a stepmother to Navindu. . .
But, you have loved him so much.
l too have desire in my heart, that if God gives me money. . .
. . . then l'll go back to my country. . .
. . . and serve my mother and attend to her. . .
. . . that she should embrace me and say that. . .
. . . ''Gul Khan. . . you are my real son.''
This has all happened because of you.
But, what have l done?
Why did you send the money to them?
So what wrong have l done? With sickness in the house. . .
. . . there was a need for money every moment.
Then why did they return us the money?
Because of your sister-in-law's bloated ego. . .
lf she had treated your mother with your money. . .
. . . then wouldn't it be a loss of face for her?
That is why she returned the money.
Why don't you understand. . .
. . . this is your Navindu's idea.
As his tongue is sweet, so is his heart filled with poison.
They want to malign your name.
And demean you in front of the people.
- But how? - By showing it to the world. . .
. . . that despite their poverty and joblessness. . .
. . . he is looking after his step mother. . .
. . . step brother and his step sister.
And you have disowned all your near ones. . .
. . . and forgotten all about your duties.
Just see who is here to see you.
So after all you found time to see your mother.
Mother Biju has come to take you with him.
Navindu, you have looked after me the entire life. . .
Can you not look after me for a few more days?
Don't say this mother. . . You will be looked after. . .
. . . much better at Biju's place, with good medicines. . .
. . .and competent doctors will treat you.
You will recover very fast mother.
No son. . .
Better than the life l'll get at Biju's place is. . .
. . . death that l'll get in your arms.
l'll not go there.
Mother why do you hate me so much?
What have l done? Just that l separated?
- And that too. . - No Biju not all that.
But what you did with your Godly brother. . .
. . . for that l can never forgive you even after my death
Enough mother. . . Let it be.
Enough brother Navindu. . .
The fire is already ignited. . .
. . . no use throwing water over it.
The person who so full of poison and bitterness. . .
. . . he cannot be my son.
l gave birth to you.
But the truth is that. l feel ashamed to call you my son.
Go away from here. Get out of my sight!
Please don't mind what mother just said. . .
Because of the sickness she has become so weak that. . .
. . . she cannot tolerate simple things against her wishes.
But that does not mean that. . .
. . . a mother cannot even tolerate her son.
lts just a question of a few days, let her recover. . .
. . . l'll get her myself over to your house.
Then you can keep her with you as much as you want.
Will you like it if mother stays with me in my house?
- What do you mean? - l know that. . .
. . . who has instigated mother against me.
You did, who created a immense hatred in her heart?
- You did. - Biju!
What are you saying and to whom?
- Just think and talk. - l know what l'm talking.
lts a sin to even think such a thing about brother
A brother who devoted his entire life for all of us. . .
. . . if not anything at least don't implicate him falsely.
l'm telling the truth.
Don't l have any right over mother?
Can l not do anything for my mother?
Just search your own conscious. . .
. . . what have you done for mother till today?
As soon as you got a wife you forgot us all?
Why do you repeatedly taunt me for having got a wife?
l got married and did not commit any sin.
When a person commits a sin, only he gets punished. . .
. . . but when he gets married, the whole family is affected.
Whether it is for good or for bad.
lf my marriage has had such a bad effect on this house
Then the member's of the family too are responsible for this.
You are trying to cover up your weakness.
Let it be. . . Biju is not in his senses at the moment.
Yes l'm not in my senses.
lf l was, then why would l at all come here!
Biju! ! before l lose my cool. . .
. . . lts better if you leave! !
l'm leaving. . . but you all remember. . .
. . . that one day you will regret!
Oh God. . . please have mercy almighty.
Navindu's father, you have come here?
- Mother! - Have you come to take me?
- l'll just come. - Mother.
- What is it mother? - Satyen. . .
Not Satyen. . . l'm Navindu.
Remember that Navindu always snatched. . .
. . . his children's share of morsel and gave it to us.
He has lost his job.
My Navindu is very self respecting. . .
. . . he will keep his children hungry. . .
But never beg to anyone.
Promise me Satyen. . .
. . . that you will look after his children.
Satyen. . . promise me.
Mother. . . l promise you.
l promise you mother.
Navindu, you too are so unfortunate.
Father never left you with any money. . .
. . . and you could not get anything from mother too.
Navindu. . . come near me.
Don't get scared. . . see l'm your new mother.
l will love you very much. . .
Will you love me too? Navindu!
Why did you come back from school so soon?
Mother. . . the teacher sent us back.
- Why? - We were insulted today.
- Why? - You did not pay the fees.
The headmaster has called you.
Here is the letter and they gave us leave.
- lts fours months fee. - Hence they sent us home.
- Bring the money tomorrow. - Or else don't come to school.
l'll send the money tomorrow go inside.
Don't forget mother, or else it'll be bad.
l searched you all over, l went home you were not there.
Not even in the college, why are you alone here?
- l was just thinking. - What?
Just that you should not be meeting me.
- But why? - Because our paths differ.
l know till the bad days are not over.
Day after tomorrow is my birthday.
You will come there and say it in front of all. . .
. . . that l'm yours.
Only yours.
''An autumn plant never blooms.''
''l'm not destined to get your love my friend.''
''l never know when l might . . .''
''. . . revert back on my words in love.''
''l may fall in my own eyes. . .''
''. . . with my sorrow and tears
''Honestly l don't know what l'll do''
''Each day l have a new desire in my heart.''
''Each day l wait for a new face of life''
''My heart is not waiting for any kind of happiness.''
''How can a poor man fall in love with a rich one.''
''So many youths have disunited from their lovers.''
''No one has guaranty on their destiny.''
- Have you come? - The shop keeper has refused.
To give any more credit, saying we haven't repayed.
He says that do you think its your father's shop?
How dare that shopkeeper say so. . .
. . . has he started with fowl language, selling groceries?
l'll just deal with him.
No Satyen. . . debtor can raise their voice.
- Just stay cool. - We take credit, not alms.
He give a thing worth 1 0 p and writes 25 in his account.
This is what is helplessness.
lf the times are bad, every thing has to be tolerated.
Just stay cool. . . just see. . .
Everything will be alright.
Promise me Satyen.
The way Navindu. . .
. . . brought you , Geeta and Biju up. . .
. . . the same way you will take care of his children.
Oh will you read all these books today?
The studies are over Shankar. l have brought these books. . .
. . . you please sell them.
Wait stop!
What is all this?
Fruits and vegetables.
- Will you buy some? - Very well. . .
. . . elder brother is a General Manager. . .
. . . and the younger brother sells vegetables on the streets.
What to do madam, elder brother is Godly. . .
. . . then the younger brother is a devil.
Driver take me home.
Biju. . come sit here.
- How are you? - Till now l'm fine.
But now what is inevitable shall happen.
- What is the matter? - Matter is very small.
lf a General Manager's brother. . .
. . . starts vending fruits and vegetables on the streets. . .
. . . then of course matter is too small.
l'll gain status. . . prestige. . .
Anyway. . . Satyen did not give it a thought. . .
Satyen gets a lot of thoughts but before anything. . .
. . . living life is very important.
And to live, one needs to earn.
But that doesn't mean you can make money . . .
. . . doing anything demeaning.
Money earned in an honest manner is never demeaning.
Have you ever given a thought to my respect?
When my office people will come to know . . . .
. . . that my brother sells vegetable on the street . . . .
. . . what opinion will people have about me?
Pardon me, but even l have become selfish like you.
l don't understand.
lf you have to work, why don't you take up a job?
You get paid after 30 days if you take up a job.
But over here, we need money every day and night.
lf that was the case, why didn't you ask me for money?
lf l had to ask for money l could ask anyone.
Why should l beg before a shameless brother?
l have said this before, and am saying it again.
l'm taking Satyen and Geeta with me.
l'll take their responsibility.
Sure, if they want to. . .
- Brother! - You two decide among yourselves.
Brother, hear my decision.
Geeta, Biju has come to take us.
We will have to go and live with them.
l have only two brothers. And l am having with them.
Did you hear that?
l thought people become proud after turning rich.
But today l see, even the poor are arrogant.
That is all the poor have which people like you can never snatch
''Everybody takes pride in his wife''
''However she may be, for her husband, she is a beauty!''
''One who's wife is dark, tells people . . . .''
''. . . even Laila was dark, everyone knows that''
''Everybody takes pride. . .''
''One who's wife is fat, tells people . . .''
''. . . that she belongs to a well to do family''
''And is away from all sorrow''
''Everybody takes pride. . . .''
''One who's wife is short, tells people . . .''
''. . . she comes from a renowned family, though she is short''
''Everybody takes pride. . .''
Father, take this money, it's Rs. 1 5
Money? Where did you get money from?
- We found them on the street. - You're lying?
He is telling the truth.
Both of you are lying.
Tell me honestly where you got the money from.
We wanted money for our fees.
We saw people singing and making money.
So even we thought of singing and making money.
People liked our song and we managed to collect Rs. 1 5.
That means you begged.
Wonder what has happened to this family.
You should not do such things. You should not beg.
Don't ever do this again.
Take, give this money to your mother.
She will distribute it among the poor.
- l want to help you. - But l don't want money.
We already have taken so many loans.
l am not giving you a loan. l am doing business.
l will take something in return.
What do you want?
lf you like, our friendship can change into a relationship.
- Relationship? - Yes, l have money and you have a girl.
l don't understand.
l mean. . . .Geeta.
Mr. Kali, Geeta is old enough to be your granddaughter.
Why do you see my age?
By God's grace, l am still fit and fine.
You scoundrel! You cheap man!
Get out of my house!
l am going, but this humiliation of mine will cost you dear!
- Get lost! - l'm going.
Mr. Kali, go to that man who you have loaned money to.
What nonsense is this!
When l go to him, he pushes me out of the house.
And when l come to you, you ask me to go to him.
Don't forget that your house is under mortgage with me.
l can sell the house and recover my money whenever l want.
Then do it. Auction the house and recover your money.
Why have you come to me?
Just so that you don't blame me . . .
. . . that they were rendered homeless because of me.
That is what l want! That they become homeless.
That they are left penniless. That they beg on streets.
The brother who's caused a rift between a son and his parents. . .
. . . that's the fate he should suffer!
Now rest assured that their house will get auctioned.
''ln which the entire family lives together''
Khan uncle, where are they taking all our furniture?
All the furniture is old, we'll get new furniture made.
So what? Even our house is old.
We'll renovate the house too.
But where will we stay?
With me, in my house.
But your house is very small.
So what if the house is small, my heart is very big.
My cycle! Leave my cycle!
Hey! Get out of the way!
No, if you take away my cycle, what will l ride?
l told you, get out of the way.
Hey you! lf you touch the child, l'll break your bones!
- Leave his cycle! - Who are you?
Whoever l may be, just put the cycle down.
This house and everything in it now belongs to Kali, Mr. Khan.
This house and all the things in it will be auctioned.
The money recovered from its sale . . .
. . . . will be used to repay Kali's loan.
Put the cycle in the truck.
Not at all! You can take the cycle only over my dead body!
What are you doing! They'll call the police.
Let even the army come in, but the cycle will not go.
Khan! Let them do their job.
We cannot fight the law.
But what law is this?
They can take away your things.
Why are they taking a child's cycle?
lf the father is a culprit, . . .
. . . even his children have to suffer the consequences.
Please take away everything. Take the child's toy too.
Let the truck go.
Brother, sister-in-law, children, come inside.
- What is the matter, uncle? - Come inside.
Sister-in-law, get up. Come, brother.
Oh! l made a mistake.
There is a picture of Allah . . .
. . . where l have arranged for your prayers.
ls that okay?
No Khan, what can be better than that.
You want to marry me, don't you?
That's been my dream since a very long time.
Your dream can come true.
Bless you for that.
Tell me, when will you marry me?
You will have to promise me something first.
Just a promise? l can even give you my life.
Return my elder brother his house and l'll marry you.
That's all? Come Geeta, sit here.
lt's your house. Sit down.
God, help me! You are so beautiful.
l am dreaming of making you my wife since years.
We'll get married tomorrow itself.
- You'll marry me, won't you? - Yes.
But first return our house papers.
Why just papers? That house, this house, . . .
. . . everything belongs to you. Even l belong to you.
And since we are getting married tomorrow, why not today. . . . .
What are you doing! Leave me! Help!
You scoundrel! Don't you feel ashamed to molest a poor girl?
How could you dare do this!
Why are you after our family?
Leave him, brother.
Think of the devil now, because you'll die now and go to him. . .
. . . and not return back to this world.
Brother, leave him.
Don't become a murderer. Let him go.
Brother, you have my promise!
Get up!
Look, you animal!
The girl you wanted to molest is saving your life.
Touch her feet and apologise to her.
This is a question of our family honour.
Please save the house from being auctioned.
Even if that derelict house holds nothing . . .
. . . within its four walls, it holds our ancestors honour.
You are saying this today, when you have been rendered homeless.
But when you were in that house . . .
. . . why didn't you think about this then?
How would you?
You were the mistress of that house until yesterday.
l was just a servant in that house . . .
. . . . and even today, my position is the same.
Alright then, you can be the servant of some other house too.
Don't be so tough, Neela.
Even you have a house. What if you had faced the same plight?
Mind your tongue!
How can you stand in my house and talk evil about it?
Please forgive me.
What l said wasn't right. l'm not in my senses.
Please help me and l will go away from here.
- l beg. . . . - Sister-in-law!
What are you doing!
Your pious hands are not meant to touch this evil woman's feet.
Satyen! What are you saying!
l am right!
A woman who has no love in her heart is like a barren land.
Your decency is praiseworthy, Biju.
Until yesterday, mother was embarrassed to call you her son.
Today, l am ashamed to call you my brother.
Please stay quiet, brother.
That is what l have done until now.
But l cannot stay quiet any more.
Just because they are rich now . . .
. . . they have forgotten their brother . . . .
. . . who took care of them like a father.
Made them capable of living a good life.
What are you trying to say?
You know it very well.
Brother stayed hungry.
He made his own children go hungry.
Sister-in-law always had tears in her eyes.
All this, only to give you a good future.
She never cared for anything . . . .
. . . just so that you get a good education.
Brother mortgaged the house, took a loan . . . .
. . . but didn't buy food with that money for his house.
Only so that you don't go hungry.
He never bought a second pair of clothes . . .
. . . only so that you can wear this expensive suit.
Enough. Don't say any more.
l still have a lot to say.
Today, when brother has grown old . . .
. . . and cannot work hard, you left him?
So that he dies a dog's death?
- Shame on you! - Stop your nonsense!
This is not nonsense, it's the truth. The bitter truth!
Satyen! You are fighting with your own brother . . .
. . . for the sake of your step brother?
l don't care who's my step brother and who's my real brother.
l only know that one can get women like you any time.
Keep quiet, Satyen!
But it's very rare to get such a good . . . .
. . . brother and sister-in-law like them.
Keep quiet Satyen, for my sake!
Let's go, sister-in-law.
The house in which the husbands are henpecked . . . .
. . . it is a sin to stay in that house even for a minute.
You called me henpecked! Don't you feel ashamed!
Let's go.
This way. l'll teach this rogue a lesson and come.
You call me a rogue!
lf you were a real man, you wouldn't attack me from behind.
That's like a man!
Open the door, Satyen!
Don't you feel ashamed to hit your elder brother?
Open the door, Satyen!
Satyen, open the door!
Stop it, Satyen!
Hello! Dr.Verma? l am Neela speaking.
Please come immediately.
Go out, please.
Doctor, will my brother survive?
His condition is serious.
He may need to be operated.
The decision will be taken only after the surgeon arrives.
He'll come soon now.
l am Dr. Mathur calling from Nanavati hospital.
l want to report a case.
lt is very serious. The people who brought him in are here.
Yes. . . . . .yes.
Listen. Come here.
The matter has turned serious.
l think we should call a lawyer before the police arrives
- Doctor, is the operation over? - Not yet.
- l wanted to take his statement. - You cannot take it right now.
How is his condition now?
He's been taken to the operation theatre.
That means the case is serious.
What should we do in this situation?
What is the legal position?
That depends on Satyen.
lf Satyen survives and gives a statement that you hit him . . .
. . . you will be accused under section 325.
Under which, you will be behind bars for 5-6 months.
- And if. . . . - And if what, lawyer?
And if he dies, you'll be accused under section 307.
Then you'll be punished for 5-7 years.
That means our life is in Satyen's hands.
Then our being spared is impossible.
Satyen will ensure we are jailed.
Lawyer, please save us.
l am sorry inspector, my client says no stranger can stay here.
l will give any statement that has to be given.
But not here, in court.
As you wish.
- How is Satyen? - He's still unconscious.
He may need to be operated upon.
God knows what will happen.
When our fate itself has turned away, who can we blame?
But how did matters reach so far despite your presence?
What could l do? Satyen locked me inside a room.
And these two were fighting outside.
l kept banging the door, but no one bothered.
Beating so much, and like this!
Satyen is hot headed, but even an enemy doesn't attack like this.
l had so many hopes. l did so much for Biju.
He should get a good education and become successful.
That he become famous and earn respect.
He made all my efforts of years go to dust in a moment.
How hard l tried to keep the family honour.
But this brother of mine defeated me.
Sister-in-law, how is Satyen?
Everything is in God's hands.
We are unfortunate.
We only have to see how fortunate you are now.
You stupid fellow! What problem have you put yourself in!
You still care about me?!
What to do? How can l stop doing what l have been doing . . .
. . . . for so many years?
l am not worthy of your love, brother.
l am foolish.
l did everything l should not have done.
Yet you are not angry with me?
Why don't you beat me? Why don't you shun me?
Why don't you thrash me?
lf your own teeth cut your tongue, . . .
. . . you don't knock off your teeth.
Madhavi, Biju has realised his mistake.
ls the police here for you?
- You haven't given any statement, have you? - No.
Excuse me, are you here in connection with this case?
- You are. . .? - l am Navindu Prasad Gupta.
The one who has been hurt is my younger brother.
Actually, he is my step brother.
Our house is ancestral.
He wanted a share in it. l didn't like that idea.
We got into a fight.
l got angry and hit something heavy on his head.
No! That's not true! lt's all a lie!
What do you mean?
Why are you stopping him . . .
. . . if brother is taking the blame on himself?
What are you thinking?
You mean l should let brother go to jail . . .
- . . . and we go scott free? - This is our chance.
Our everyday problem will be over.
One is ready to die, and another is ready to go to jail.
Take advantage of their foolishness.
Kill two birds with one stone.
You shameless, base woman!
Biju, what behavior is this?
Don't interfere, brother. This woman is a bitch.
Shut-up! Whatever she is, she is your wife.
l have realised my mistake today.
l have come to my senses.
She is not a woman, but a witch.
She caused a rift between brothers.
Biju, one who harps about the past is foolish.
Brother, you did so much for me.
l have no words for it.
l only know, that l'll never be able to repay your favours. . .
. . . all my life.
Calm down.
But not any more.
- lnspector, l hit Satyen. - Biju, keep quiet! For my sake!
You all are fortunate. The wound was superficial.
- And the operation? - lt was not required.
- Where is he? - lnside.
- Can we meet him? - Of course! Come.
l'm sorry, but until l take the statement of the patient . . .
. . . . none of them can meet him.
Please come out.
Oh God! What if Satyen says something untoward?
Don't worry Madhavi, Satyen may be hot headed . . . .
. . . . but he is our brother after all.
l'm sorry to bother you, but how did you hurt yourself?
l want to know who hit you.
You are mistaken, inspector.
No one hit me.
- Then that wound? - That. . . .
l was getting down the stairs. l slipped and fell down.
Are you telling the truth, Mr.Satyen?
Didn't l say, that Satyen may be hot headed . . .
. . . but he is our brother after all.
Brother, please forgive me.
l have only been selfish until now.
Now l want to be like you.
Please accept me into your fold.
Get up, dear.
''A lovely, beautiful bungalow''
''ln which the entire family lives together''
''A golden bungalow''
''ln which the entire family lives together''
Father, wish you were here to see this.
Everyone is united in this family today.
''The dot will shine, the bangles will tinkle''
''Let your sleep get disturbed''
''The kohl will tease, the flowers will spread fragrance''
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