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Subtitles for Do The Right Thing CD1.

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Do The Right Thing CD1

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[Saxophone Plays "Lift EveryVoice And Sing" ]
[ Rap Music Plays ]
# Come on, now, get down #
# Come on, now, get down #
# 1989 #
#The number, another summer #
# Get down #
# Sound of the funky drummer #
# Music hittin' your heart #
# 'Cause I know you got soul #
# Brothers and sisters #
# Hey, listen ifyou're missin' y'all #
# Swingin' while I'm singin' #
#Givin' whatyou're gettin' #
# Knowin' what I'm knowin' #
#While the black band's sweatin' #
# In the rhythm rhymes rollin' #
#Got to give us whatwewant #
# Ugh #
#Got to give us whatwe need #
# Hey #
# Our freedom of speech is freedom or death #
#We got to fight the powers that be #
# Fight the power #
# Fight the power #
# Fight the power #
# Fight the power #
# Fight the power #
# Fight the power #
# Fight the power #
#We got to fight the powers that be #
# As the rhythm's designed to bounce what counts #
# Is that the rhyme's designed to fill your mind #
# Now thatyou've realized the pride's arrived #
#We've got to pump the stuff that makeyou tough #
# From the heart it's a start #
# A work of art to revolutionize #
# Make a change, nothin's strange #
# People, people we are the same #
# No, we're not the same #
# 'Cause we don't know the game #
#What we need is awareness #
#We can't get careless #
#You saywhat is this? #
# My beloved, let's get down to business #
# Mental self-defense offitness #
# Bum rush the show #
#You got to go forwhatyou know #
#To make everybody see #
# In order to fight the powers that be #
# Fight the power #
# Fight the power #
# Fight the power #
# Fight the power #
# Fight the power #
# Fight the power #
# Fight the power #
#We got to fight the powers that be #
# Come on, get down #
# Come on, get down #
# Come on, come on, come on #
# Come on, get down #
# Come on, get down #
# Come on, get down #
# Come on, come on, come on #
# Fight the power #
# Fight the power #
# Fight the power #
# Fight the power #
# Fight the power #
# Fight the power #
#We got to fight the powers that be #
# Elvis was a hero to most #
# But he never meant shit to me #
#Ya see, straight out racist #
#The sucka was simple and plain #
# Motherfuck him and John Wayne #
# 'Cause I'm black and I'm proud, I'm ready #
# I'm hyped, plus I'm amped #
# Most ofmy heroes don't appear on no stamp #
#Sample a look backyou look#
# And find nothin' but rednecks #
# For 400 years ifyou check#
# Don't worry, be happy #
#Was a number one jam #
# Damn ifI say it, you can slap me right here #
# Get it #
# Let's get this party started right #
# Right on #
# Come on #
#What we got to say #
# Power to the people, no delay #
# Make everybody see #
# In order to fight the powers that be #
# Fight the power #
# Fight the power #
# Fight the power #
# Fight the power #
#We got to fight the powers that be ##
[ Ring ]
Wake up?
Wake up, wake up, wake up?
Upya wake, upya wake, upya wake?
This is Mister Señor Love Daddy?
Yourvoice of choice?
The world's only 1 2-hour strong man on the air,
Here on We-Love radio, 1 08 FM?
The last on your dial, but first in your hearts,
and that's the truth, Ruth?
Here I am? Am I here?
Ya know it? Itya know?
This is Mister Señor Love Daddy
doing the nasty toya ears, ya ears to the nasty?
I's only play da platters dat matter
the matters dey platter,
and that's the truth, Ruth?
From the heart of Bed-Stuy,
you're listening to We-Love radio?
Doing the ying and the yang, the hip and the hop,
the stupid fresh thing, the flippity-flop?
I have today's forecast foryou?
Hot! Sss!
The color for today is black?
That's right, black?
So absorb these rays and save that heat forwinter?
So wear that black and be involved?
Also today's temperature is rising over 1 00 degrees?
So that's aJheri-curl alert.
That's right,Jheri-curl alert.
Ifyou have one, stay inside,
oryou'll have a permanent plastic helmet.
All right, we're going to say hello to Mister and Missus,
that's Mister and Missus.
Happy birthday to Big Red
and Miss Annie Mae, 1 00 today.
Stay out ofthis heat,
andyou might live that long.
There's a water shortage,
so keep those showers to one minute.
Two, ifyou're with a friend.
Get on out there.
Dam n! Whoo!
I t is hot!
Get that pink slip.
So get up, get out!
That's what I'm talking about.
We don't want to see anybody lose theirjob
'cause nobody got no money as it is.
All right. Now we're going to talk about it.
We're going to rock 'n ' roll...
Good m-m-morni ng?
M-M-My name is Smiley?
This is M-M-M-M-Malcolm??
And this is M-M-M-M-Martin K-K-King?
th-they are d-d-dead??
but w-we still h-h-have to f-f-f-fight
a-against ap-apartheid?
1 0, 1 5, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 1 00?
20, 40, 60, shit!
20, 40, 60, 80?? Wait, that's 300?
300, 350, 450?? cash dollar bills?
Mookie? Why areyou always bothering me when I'm sleeping--
Wake up, wake up?
Stop breathing down my neck?
Why should I wake up?
It's going to be hot,Jade?
Saturday's the only day I get to sleep late?
Stop, Mookie? That's not funny?
Leave me alone when I'm sleeping?
You don't love Brother Mookie anymore?
I loves you,Jade?
I'll get a lock and keepyour ass out ofhere?
Why don'tyou go to work, man, and leave me alone?
Later, got to get paid?
Yeah, brush your teeth?
I brushed my teeth?
Your breath stinks?
It's your upper lip?
What's up, Sal? Howyou doin' there, boy?
Man, I got to get me a Cadillac like that?
I'm getting a car just like that?
Oh, it's hot?
Sonny, how's the vegetables, huh?
Good morning, Sal? Vito? Pino?
Pop, you talk to that air-condition guy?
I been calling him all week?
He won't come around unless he has a police escort?
Pino, get a broom and sweep up front?
[ Yawns ]
Vito, get a broom and sweep up front?
Sweep up the front?
Get a broom and sweep out front!
See? Every time you tell Pino what to do,
he tells me what to do?
He's brain-dead, Pop, foryears?
Both ofyou, shut up?
Tell Pino!
Am I talking to myself?
I didn't want to come anyway?
I hate this friggin' place?
I detest it like a sickness?
You, you detest this place like a sickness?
That's like really hate, you know?
That's hate?
I didn't say that?
Oh, you didn't say that?
I just heard it? Am I going crazy?
Did I just hear that, Vito?
I mean, doyou think you can do better?
No, I didn't think so?
This is a respectable business,
and there's nothing wrong with that?
I mean, ifthere's something wrong with that, tell me?
Is there something wrong with that?
There's nothing wrong? OK?
Do me a favor? Get a broom and sweep up?
Tell Vito?
What areyou -- deaf? Pop asked you?
I'm going to kill somebody today?
I can't believe it?
That you like her?
I don't like her?
Hell no?
Hi, Mookie?
Hey, Mook?
Mornin', Mookie?
Morning, Miss Mother Sister?
Mookie, don't work too hard today?
It's going to be hot as the devil?
I don't wantyou falling out, you hear me?
I hearyou, Mother Sister?
All right?
I'll be watching you, son?
Mother Sister always watches?
You're late again?
You live up the block, what?
Your Cadillac broke?
Hello, Sal, Vito?
Yo, Mook? What up?
Just coolin'?
Just coolin'? You're still late?
Relax, Pino? Take it easy?
You'll live longer?
Take the broom? The front needs sweeping?
Wait? You sweep? I bet Sal asked you first anyway?
That's right?
Vito, sti cazzi.
Fuck that? I get paid for delivering pizzas?
You're paid to do what we say?
What we say? Did you hear Sal?
Sal didn't say nothing?
Who's working forwho?
Come on in, Mayor?
Morning, gentlemen?
Pino, Mookie, Vito, Sal?
How are you?
Ooh-whee? It's going to be a scorcher today?
That's for sure?
Need any work done here?
Daddy, perchè tu dai questo azupep soldi per niente affatto.
Why don't you leave him alone?
He's a good man? Leave him alone?
Choose your weapon, Mayor?
You dropped something, Mayor?
You are going to have the cleanest sidewalk in Brooklyn?
Clean as the Board of Health? Ha-ha!
All right, Mayor?
Pop, I don't believe this shit?
You running welfare or something?
Every dayyou give this azupep a dollar?
What's azupep?.
Areyou Italian?
The Mayor ain't no azupep.
You give this azupep a dollar for sweeping our sidewalk?
What's Mookie for, huh?
He don't even work?
I work harder, and I'm your son?
Let's see you carry six large pies up six flights,
no elevator either and shit?
Shut up, you two?
Yeah, Pop?
Why don'tyou shut up, too, Vito?
We're going to talk?
Says who?
Says who?
Says me?
What did I just say?
Don't start that "Mookie don't work" shit?
Yo, Ahmad!
I coulda done that?
Man, shut up? Yo, Ahmad!
Shit? Look, stop?
Punchy, you want to do any more screaming,
be my guest?
Yo, who's yelling my name?
Well, Punchy told me to?
Punchy told me to?
Don't listen to this knothead?
It'll getyou in trouble?
Heard that, Punchy?
Yo, Ella? Ella?
You got a brain? Use it?
[Rap Music Blares ]
Peace, y'all?
Peace, Radio Raheem?
Peace, man?
You the man? I'm just visiting?
It's yourworld, G?
For real,
in a big motherfuckin' way?
That boy's livin' very large?
Even walks in stereo?
Yo, P.E?'s in full effect??
Radio Raheem like a motherfucker?
Radio Raheem? Blastin' that big box?
Cold rockin' the scene?
Where's the Miller High Life?
Where is the Miller High Life?
No more High Life?
You lookwhatwe have?
No more High Life?
What kind ofa joint is this?
How come no more High Life?
Look, doctor, this ain't Korea or China
orwhereveryou're from?
You get some Miller High Life in this fuckin' joint?
You buy another beer?
Da Mayor??
don't drink this Lite shit?
Tastes like cold pot liquor?
All right, all right? Butyou're askin' a lot
to make a man change his beer? A lot, doctor?
Hey! You old drunk!
What did I tell you
about drinkin' in front of my stoop?
Move on? You're blockin' myview?
You are ugly enough?
Don't stare at me?
The evil eye doesn't work on me?
Mother Sister, you been talkin' about me for 1 8 years?
What I ever done toyou?
You a drunk fool?
Besides that?
The Mayor don't bother nobody,
and nobody don't bother the Mayor but you?
The Mayorjust tend to his own business?
I love everybody?
I even love you?
Hold your tongue?
You don't have that much love?
One dayyou gonna be nice to me?
We may both be dead and buried,
but you gonna be nice?
At least civil?
I told you, I'm not going to baby-sit foryou,
and that's it!
What areyou talking about?
Yesterdayyou said you would?
Now today you're changing your mind?
No, I'm not changing--
¿Ay, Mommy, que muchojota?
Get off of me, please!
I do everything foryou?
You can't do shit for me!
Yo tengo el derecho de salirte.
Right, right? You know it's not like that, Mommy?
I can do everything foryou,
but you won't do shit for me?
Stop it!
That lady makes me sick!
Your father makes me sick, too?
Everybody makes me sick?
Your father ain't no real father?
He's a bum?
Chump change, to-the-curb,
pulling no major pub, bum!
Fuck Mike Tyson!
I rememberwhen he mugged that woman on Lexington?
I remember that shit?
You're going to tell him?
I'll tell him? Fuck MikeTyson!
To his face?
You goddamn right!
He'll knock your goddamn ass off?
You talk shit now?
I'll drop him like a bad habit?
IfTyson dream aboutwhippin' my ass,
he betterwake up and apologize?
Well, gentlemen, theway I see it,
ifthis hotweather continues,
it's going to melt the polar caps
and thewholewideworld?
And all those parts that ain'twater already
will surely be flooded?
You dumb ass, simple motherfucker!
Whereyou read that shit, eh?
The polar caps?
Don't worry about it?
When it happens, and I'm in my boat
and you black asses are drowning,
don't call for me to throwyou no rope,
no lifesaver, or no nothing?
You 30 cent away from a quarter?
How the fuck you gonna get a boat?
Here, boy?
Don't worry about it?
Goddamn right? Look at you?
You're raggedy as a roach,
eat the holes out of doughnuts?
Raggedy motherfucker! Don't worry about it?
I'm in good shape?
I will be?
I'll be back on my feet soon enough?
Look, raggedy-ass shoes!
So run over, you gotta lay down to put 'em on?
So, ML, ML, ML, tell me?
When is all this goddamn ice supposed to melt?
[ Vito ] Hello? Sal's Pizza?
Meatball hero, eggplant parmesan?
You got it?
Yeah, we deliver? Of course, we deliver?
All right? Where is that?
You going to pay now or on layaway?
How much?
You been coming here three times a day?
What areyou, a retard?
It's $1 ?50?
Put some cheese on that motherfucker?
Extra cheese is $2?00?
Yeah, $2?00?
Hey, forget that shit?
Damn, Sal, you're cheap, man?
Yo, Mook!
Mookie! How come ain't no brothers
up on the wall?
Man, ask Sal, all right?
Hey, Sal, how come ain't no brothers there?
You want brothers on the wall?
Getyour own place?
You can putyour brothers and uncles, nieces and nephews,
your stepfather, stepmother, whoeveryou want?
But this is my pizzeria?
American-Italians on the wall only?
Take it easy, Pop?
And you, hey, don't start with me today?
Yeah, that might be fine, Sal,
butyou own this?
Rarely do I see
any American-Italians eating in here?
All I see is black folks?
Since we spend much money here,
we do have some say?
You lookin' for trouble?
Areyou a troublemaker, is that whatyou are?
Yeah, I'm a troublemaker?
I'm making trouble?
You're a ball-breaker?
You're always coming in here
looking for trouble, aren'tyou?
Suppose I busted your head? How would you??
Mookie, you want to get your friend out ofhere?
What, you gonna kick me out now?
I'm not? You're kicking yourself out?
We want some brothers up on the wall--
You know, Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela,
Michael Jordan! Tomorrow!
Mookie, get him out?
I'm trying! Takeyour slice?
I knowyou paid for it?
All right, you're kicking me out?
Beat me on the head and kick me out?
I paid for my--
Look, boycott Sal's! Boycott Sal's?
I got your boycott swinging?
Boycott Sal's?
Yo, what you laughin' at?
Mookie, I paid for my slice?
I spend much money in there!
What areyou trying to do?
I want brothers on the wall?
You're fucking my shit up?
It's between me and Sal?
You're fucking me up?
I ain't trying to fuckyou up? I'm sorry?
You're sorry?
In a week, it'll be squashed?
A week?
A week?
Yeah? Yeah?
All right?
Stay black!
This guy's your friend, right?
If I'm wrong, tell me?
He's my friend?
Ifhe don't behave,
I don't want him here anymore?
I can't do nothing?
Talk brother talk to him?
People are free to do whatever the hell theywant?
Free? What the hell areyou talking about?
Free? There's no free here?
I'm the boss?
No freedom? I'm the boss?
You want freedom? There, that's free?
Take that order out? He's got an order?
Let's go? Come on! Get to work!
You're standing here doing nothing?
You're afraid of the goddamn oven?
Hit the oven!
Is this the address?
Is that the address?
Is that what he just asked me?
Come here, doctor?
Mayor, I got to go? I'm working?
Come here, doctor?
This is the Mayor talking?
All right? All right?
Always do the right thing?
That's it?
That's it?
I got it? I'm gone?
Howyou doin', Smiley?
2--2 d-d-dollars?
The other one?
2--2 d-d-dollars?
The other one, Smiley?
1 --1 d-dollar?
That one? Tonight, when I get paid?
When-- When you get p-p??
Bye, M-Mookie?
Seen your brother this morning?
Yeah, on his way to work, I hope?
This might take a little bit oftime, MotherSister?
I got nowhere to go?
We haven't had a good sit-down for a long while?
Tender-headed runs in my family?
Areyou tender-headed?
Yeah? Me, too?
I don't fool with it?
That's why onlyyou can touch it?
I'm sorry? The comb got caught?
Be gentle, child? Mother Sister's old?
Yes, Mother Sister?
I didn't knowyou had such beautiful hair?
There's a lotyou don't know?
I'm not stopping? I'm on myway?
Mother Sister, why areyou so cruel to the Mayor?
It isn't right?
I ain't studying no Mayor?
He reminds me of my least favorite peoples--
my tenant and my ex-husband?
Goddamn! Bless his soul?
# Ooh yeah #
# All right #
#You can't stand it #
# I knowyou can't stand it #
#You can't stand it #
# I knowyou can't stand it #
#You can't stand it #
# I knowyou can't stand it #
#You can't stand it #
# I knowyou can't stand it #
#You can't stand the heat #
#You can't stand the heat #
¡Salud! ¡Salud!
[ Speaking Spanish ]
# Is the weather #
# I know the times is just screwin' upyour mind #
# But we must stick together #
# No work foryou for miles around #
#The family's on the verge ofbreakin' down #
#The rent is due #
#The landlord makin' threats #
#The pressure's buildin' up #
#The moreyou sweat #
# I knowyou can't stand it #
#You can't stand it #
# I knowyou can't stand it #
#You can't stand it #
# I knowyou can't stand it #
#You can't stand it #
# I knowyou can't stand it #
#You can't stand it #
#You can't stand the heat #
#You can't stand the heat #
#You're burning?? ##
What areyou doing?
Ahmad, put me down!
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey?
It's Radio? Radio, man?
Hey, what's up, Radio?
Don't! Stop!
[ Honk Honk]
Hey, yo! Don't be fucking with the water now?
Oh, man, go ahead? You got it!
There's going to be a lot offucking trouble
ifthis car gets wet?
Ain't nobody fucking around, man?
Why don'tyou just go ahead?
This is an antique here, hotshot?
Man, go ahead! It's what?
Hey, man, I'm-- I'm serious, man!
All right? OK, you won't get wet?
Make sure I don't?
Go ahead! Go ahead! Drive the car!
All right, I'm driving it?
Get out! Get out, motherfucker!
Fuckyou back!
Turn the fucking water?
Those son of a bitches!
They got me fucking soaked!
Wait a minute? Hold it!
I want an arrest made now!
Right now!
What's the matter? Calm down?
Sir, tell us what happened?
Two black kids soaked me with the fire hydrant?
They ruined my car! It's an antique!
They got me soaked!
So where are they?
Brilliant fucking question!
They ran away!
What do you think?
Do you wish to file a complaint, sir?
Yeah? I want 'em locked under the fucking jail?
I'm going to turn offthe water?
Whereyou going? Where's he going?
Did you catch their names?
Officer, what the fuck areyou doing?
Just calm down?
Did you catch their names?
Fuckyou, their names!
Moe and Joe!
Moe and Joe what, sir?
Moe and Joe what? Moe and Joe what?
Moe and Joe Black? How's that?
They're brothers, sir?
Brothers? Yeah, they're fucking brothers?
This hydrant better not come back on again,
or there's going to be hell to pay!
Come answer to me, goddamn it!
Ask him? He knows?
He witnessed the whole fucking thing!
Tell him what happened?
Let us do the questioning, sir?
Fucking bullshit?
Know anything about this?
Who were the punks?
Doctors, those that'll tell don't know,
and those that know won't tell?
What the fuck is that, voodoo shit?
Hey, the Mayor don't know nothin', all right?
Hey! He's leaving?
Keep this hydrant off?
Go swim at Coney Island?
I'm talking toyou!
He's leaving? What about me?
I suggestyou get toyour car
before these people strip it clean?
Have a nice day, sir?
He left there about a halfhour ago?
No, no problem? Thankyou?
Mookie left--
Where the hell you been?
I got a business to run?
Run it then, OK?
That's for the station?
Love Daddy?
Yeah? Love Daddy?
Hey, Pop, I'm going to go with Mookie, OK?
Yeah? You make sure Mookie don't jerk around?
Wait up, Mook!
You ain't going anywhere?
Howyou doing?
Vito, I know Pino's your brother and shit,
butyou should kick his ass
the next time he touches you?
The next time he hits you, fuck him up!
Whoa! Whoa! Yo, hey, Mook?
I appreciate this concern,
but I don't think it's any ofyour business, Mook?
Yeah, butyou need to kick his ass?
Smiley, not now?
IfI had a brother like him,
we'd fight all the time?
Mook, you don't got a brother like him?
Smiley, get out ofhere!
Ifyou did, you wouldn't know what to do with him?
He's my brother?
I'm not going to hit him?
I got a sister?
You never clocked your sister?
Does she bug you?
You don't hit girls likeyou hit guys?
Just fuckyour brother up once,
it'll be overwith?
We'll be out ofthis fucking conversation?
It might do some good?
Yes, all right? A lot of good?
Let's give-- Love Daddy!
Peoples, my stomach's been grumbling,
but help has arrived?
My main man Mookie has saved the day!
Straight from Sal's Famous Pizzeria up the block?
Step up to the mike, Mookie?
Come on? Come on! Don't be shy?
Mmm, this smells good?
Go ahead? This is your Love Daddy talking,
Starvin' like Marvin?
Say something?
All right, Love Daddy?
I'd like to dedicate this record
with all my heart and soul?? to Tina?
All right! Let me put this song on
while I go to work
on this chicken parmigiana hero
with extra cheese and extra s-sauce?
[Salsa Music Plays ]
Salsa. Musica latina.
El sonido de mi pais,
el pais mas bello, Puerto Rico.
Chill, man?
Shut up? I 'm trying to read?
Have some fucking respect, huh?
[ Rap Music Plays ]
Not so loud!
I want to listen to my salsa music!
Chill! Chill! Chill!
You thinkyou got it like that, bro? ¿Chocolate?
[ Laughter]
Let's go, motherfucker!
Turn it up, Stevie!
Blow it away! Blow it!
Yeah, blow it away!
Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!
Turn up the bongos!
Oh, yeah!
Yo, Steve! Put it up loud?
Yeah, man!
You got it, bro?
¡Hey, pendejo!
¿Quépasa, la neta?
Come on, Steve, man?
Rafael, suba el volumen.
You're dead, choco-man?
He's a punk anyway, man?
Yo! Hey? ¡Pendejo!
Hey, ¡pendejo! What's up?
He's a sucker, man? A punk?
He's a sucker, man?
See last night's game?
Uh-huh? I saw it?
Best pitcher in the game--
Dwight Gooden?
I knewyou'd bring that up?
Who's better?
Roger Clemens?
Clemens sucks? He can't carry Dwight's jock?
Dwight's best in the game?
Dwight's best in the game?
What's up, Buggin' Out?
You the man?
No, you the man?
No, you the man?
No, you the man?
No, you the man?
I'm a struggling black
trying to keep my dick hard in a cruel world?
What's with the white boy?
Don't start no shit?
Vito's down? Vito's down, all right?
Yeah, right?
Vito's down?
You almost knocked me down?
The word is "excuse me?"
Excuse me? I'm sorry?
You stepped on my brand-new white AirJordans?
That's all you can say?
You're serious?
Yeah! I'll fuck your prick two times!
Two times!
Who told you to be in my neighborhood?
I own this brownstone?
Who told you to buy a brownstone in my neighborhood?
What do you want to live
in a black neighborhood for, anyway?
I understand this is a free country?
A man can live wherever he wants?
Free country? I should fuckyou up for saying that?
Yo, man? YourJordans are fucked up!
Might as well throw them shits out? They're broke?
They looked good before he messed them up?
He was even talking aboutyour mama--
Shit, you used to be so fine!
How much they cost?
$1 00!
$1 08 with tax?
You're lucky I got a loving heart?
Next time, cross the street quick?
I'm out ofhere?
Break his feet!
You should buy me another pair!
Black Panther'd whip his ass!
You're lucky I'm a righteous black man!
Otherwiseyou'd be in serious trouble! Serious!
Let's fuck him up?
Move back to Massachusetts!
I was born in Brooklyn?
- No! - Oh! - Man!
Get outta here!
I should send Vito with you all the time?
Yeah? No more 90-minute deliveries
Around the corner?
I work hard like everybody else here, OK?
You know that's true, Pino?
Vito, come here?
Come here?
What's going on between you two?
You boyfriend and girlfriend?
What did we just talk about?
What did we just talk about?
What you talking about?
Smack him?
Any smacking around here, I'll do?
You going to listen to him tell you to smack me,
your older brother?
Rememberwhoyou are?
Your name is Vito Frangone,
not Vito Muhammad?
I'd love foryou to stay out of my business?
Stop putting these thoughts into my brother's head, OK?
Look, I don't play that Muhammad shit, all right?
What Muhammad shit?
Look?? don't fuck me, all right?
Oh, man?
Fuck, man?
I hate this place? I hate this place?
What a waste?
What a waste?
As I was saying
before we were so rudely interrupted
by New York City's finest--
What was you saying?
The motherfucker wasn't saying shit?
Yeah? Look at that?
Look at what?
It's a goddamn shame?
What's a goddamn shame?
Sweet DickWillie?
That's my name?
Do I have to spell it out?
Make it plain?
OK, but listen up?
I'm going to break it down?
Let it be broke?
Can you dig it?
It's dug?
Look at those Korean motherfuckers across the street?
Bet they haven't been offthe boat a year
before they opened their own place?
Right? It's been about a year?
A motherfuckin' year off the motherfuckin' boat,
and they got a business in our neighborhood?
A good business,
occupying a building that had been boarded up
for longer than I care to remember,
and I've been here a long time?
Yeah, a long time?
Hear, boy?
Now, for the life of me??
you know, I can't figure this out?
Either them Korean motherfuckers are geniuses??
oryou black asses are just plain dumb?
It's got to be because we're black?
Ain't no other explanation?
You know it's true?
They're always keeping the black man to about shit!
Oh, oh! You motherfuckers hold that shit down?
I'm tired ofthat old excuse, that shit?
I swear, man,
I will be one happy fool
when we open our own business
right here in our neighborhood?
I swear to God,
I'll be first to spend what little money I got?
You motherfuckers are always talking
that old Keith Sweat shit--
"I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna do that?"
You ain't gonna do nothing?
You're gonna sit on this corner?
When you going to getyour business?
Just like I thought?
You ain't going to do a goddamn thing?
But I'm going to go give them Koreans
more ofmy money?
Out ofmyway?
It's Millertime, motherfuckers?
Old Moosehead fuckers telling mewhat to do?
Coconut, you got nerve?
You got offthe boat, too? Leave me alone?
Kung Fu, give me one of them damn beers?
No more free beer?
No more free beer?
Don't push me, baby?
No more free beer?
Don't start no shit?
Mr? Sweet DickWillie?
Right? That's my name?
It's a motherfuckin' shame?
Man, ain't that a bitch?
Here, Doctor? What's your name?
How old areyou?
1 0?
What makes Sammy run?
My name is Eddie?
What makes Sammy run?
My name is Eddie Lovell?
Relax? I wantyou to go to the store for me?
What'll it cost?
How would I know?
What am I buying?
Eddie, you're too smart foryour own britches?
How much doyou want
to go to the store for the man?
50 cents?
You got a deal?
I wantyou to get me a quart ofbeer?
Miller High Life?
Say it's foryour bedridden, old granddad?
Now, go? Go?
What is wrong with him?
He ain't got no money for nobody?
Look at this here, man?
Cut this shit out?
What makes you the Mayor ofthis block?
Shit, he's self-appointed?
Leave the man alone?
Shut up!
Look, you all leave me the hell alone?
I ain't going out like that, man?
You walk around this block likeyou own it?
For real?
You're so old, you're like a fossil?
You're a bum? You're an old drunk zero?
Now what doyou got to say?
Whatyou know about me?
Can't even pee straight, nary a one ofyou?
Whatyou know about anything?
Unless you--
Unless you done stood in the door??
and listened toyour five hungry children
crying for bread,
and you can't do anything about it?
Yourwoman standing there--
You can't even look her in the eye?
Unless you done that,
you don't know my pain, my hurt, my feelings?
You don't know shit!
Don't call me bum?
Don't call me a drunk?
You don't got the sense God give a billy goat!
Don't call me nothing!
It's disrespectful?
Your mamas and papas raised you better?
I hopeyou finished your little soliloquy
'cause I been peeing straight foryears?
Understand what I'm saying?
And you're right?
I wouldn't stand around
listening to my children go hungry?
I'd be getting a job,
anything to feed them?
You're right? I don't want to knowyour pain?
I don't care?
You did this toyourself?
Every day I seeyou walk
up and down this block, inebriated?
Never sober, but that's what D-A stands for--
Da Mayor -- drunk ass?
Come on!
This man's getting me mad!
He don't get no respect!
You'll never get respect here, boy!
I respect those who respect themselves!
Come on, man!
Tina, I know it's been four days?
I'm a working man?
I work, too, and I seem to make time?
What do you want me to do, huh?
Spend some time with me and Hector!
I wantyou to try and make this relationship work?
If not, I'd rather not be bothered with your ass?
Mookie, you're too, too tired?
OK, all right, damn?
I'll be over sometime today?
You always say later!
Laterwhen I get offwork?
Bring some ice cream? I'm burning up?
Mookie, doyou love me?
Do I loveyou?
Mookie, get offthe phone!
Be offin a second, all right, Sal?
Do I loveyou?
I dedicated a record
on Love Daddy's show to you?
So what?
How's anybody going to call in, Mookie?
All right!
One time? You probablywasted??
Ifthat ain't love, you're crazy?
Areyou deaf orwhat?
Pino, I'm talking on the phone?
I think I see that?
Tina, I got to go?
Yeah, Pino's an asshole?
Seeyou later today?
Everybody happy?
[ Ring ]
Sal's Famous?
Yeah? Yeah, hold it?
OK, two large anchovy and pepperoni?
OK?Just hold on one second?
See, Daddy? Mookie's fucking talking on the phone,
people are trying to call in orders?
He's making us lose business?
20 minutes?
How come niggers are so stupid?
Ifyou see a nigger, kick his ass?
Fuckyou? Stay offthe phone?
Hey, Mookie? Forget about it?
Can I talk toyou for a second?
Who's your favorite basketball player?
Magic Johnson?
Who's your favorite movie star?
Eddie Murphy?
Who's your favorite rock star?
You're a Prince freak?
Boss? Bruce?
All you talk about is nigger this and nigger that?
Your favorite people are niggers?
It's different? Magic, Eddie, Prince??
are not niggers?
I mean, they're not black,
I mean-- Let me explain myself?
They're-- They're not really black?
I mean, they're black, but not really?
They're more than black? It's different?
It's different?
Yeah? To me, it's different?
Deep down you wish you were black?
Get the fuck out ofhere?
Go ahead, laugh?
Your hair's kinkier than mine?
What does that mean?
And you know what they say about dark Italians?
You know, I been listening?? and reading--
You been reading now?
I read?
I've been reading aboutyour leaders?
Reverend Al "Mister 'Do" Sharpton?
Jesse "Keep hope alive"??
That's fucked up?
"Keep hope alive?"
That's fucked? Don't talk about Jesse?
And even the other guy, what's his name?
Faraman, Fairakan--
Minister Farakhan?
Right? Sorry?
Minister Farakhan?
Anyway, Minister Farakhan always talks about the so-called day??
when the black man will rise?
What does he say?
"We will one day rule the earth
as we did in our glorious past"?
That's right?
What past? What did I miss?
We started civilization?
Man, keep dreaming, man?
Then you woke up!
Pino, fuckyou?
Fuckyour fucking pizza,
and fuck Frank Sinatra?
Yeah? Well, fuckyou, too, and fuck Michael Jackson?
You dago, wop, guinea,
garlic-breath, pizza-slinging,
spaghetti-bending, Vic Damone, Perry Como,
Luciano Pavarotti, solo mio,
nonsinging motherfucker?
You gold-teeth, gold-chain-wearing,
fried-chicken and biscuit-eating monkey,
ape, baboon, big thigh, fast-running,
high-jumping, spear-chucking,
360-degree basketball-dunking,
tit, soon, spade, moulan, yan?
Takeyourfucking pizza piece
and go the fuck back to Africa?
You little slanty-eyed, me-no-speaky-American,
own every fruit and vegetable stand in New York,
bullshit, Reverend Sun Yung Moon,
Summer Olympic '88,
Korean kick-boxing, son-of-a-bitch?
You Goya bean-eating, 1 5-in-a-car,
30-in-an-apartment, pointy shoes, red-wearing,
menudo, mira-mira, Puerto Rican cocksucker?
Yeah, you!
It's cheap?
I got good price foryou,
Mayor Kochie, "How I'm doing?"
Chocolate-egg-cream drinking,
bagel-and-lox, B'nai B'rith,Jew asshole?
Yo! Hold up! Time out!
Time out!
Y'all, take a chill!
Ya need to cool that shit out!
And that's the double truth, Ruth!
Sal, can you do me a favor?
That depends, Mookie?
Can you pay me now?
I can't do that?
Sal, just this once?
Can'tyou do me a solid, man?
Not till tonight when we close?
Sal, I want to get paid now?
You knowyou get paid tonight when we close?
We're still open, OK?
IfI payyou now, you won't show tonight?
That's a bet?
Yeah, that's a bet?
I'm going to remember that?
You got to do whatyou got to do?
I'll remember that?
I wantyou to?
Please do me a favor, hey, Mook? Remember that?
Come on, Sal?
I can't?
Radio Raheem!
What's happening?
It's yourworld?
Whereyou headed to?
I'm going to get a slice?
You going to Sal's?
I'll checkyou back there?
On the rebound?
You bet?
All right?
Oh, shit!
Let me check it out?
That's the hype!
Newest latest?
Let me tell you the story of right hand/left hand?
It's a tale of good and evil?
It was with this hand that Cain iced his brother?
These five fingers,
they go straight to the soul of man?
The right hand--
the hand oflove?
The story oflife is this??
One hand is always fighting the other hand,
and the left hand is kicking much ass?
I mean, it looks like the right hand-- love-- is finished?
But hold on? Stop the presses?
The right hand's coming back?
He got the left hand on the ropes now?
That's right? Yeah? Ooh!
It's a devastating right, and hate is hurt?
Down! Ooh! Ooh!
Left hand, hate, K?O?'d by love?
If I love you, I love you?
But if I hate you??
There it is-- love and hate?
I love you, brother?
Radio Raheem, checkyou later?
# Fight the power #
# Fight the power #
# Fight the power #
# Fight the power #
# We've got to fight the powers that be #
Two slices?
No service till you turn that shit off!?
Two slices?
Turn it off!?
Mr? Radio Raheem??
I can't even hear myself think!
You are disturbing me!
You are disturbing my customers!
# Fight the power #
# Fight the power #
# Fight the power--##
[ Click]
Two slices?
You come into Sal's??
There's no music?
No rap, no music, no music, no music?
Yo, put some extra mozzarella
on that motherfuckin' shit?
Extra cheese is $2?00?
[ Doorbell Rings ]
Pizza delivery!
All right? Later?
Mousie, what's up?
Watch out? Move!
People are in the same shit!
What's up, buddy? Howyou livin', man?
Here come Mookie? Mookie!
Give me some ofthat!
Get a job?
Don't need no job?
Get a job, man?
Shut up!
Where are the females?
You don't do nothin' with them anyway?
Hey, I've got it like that?
All right? Hereyou go?
Stop bothering me?
Th-Th-Thankyou, b-b-b-black man?
All right? Leave me alone?
Mookie, how come you're not at Sal's?
I'm working?
What's this-- Another ofyour patented two-hour lunch breaks?
I wanted to come home and take a quick shower?
Sal's going to be mad?
Sometimes I thinkyou're more concerned about him than me,
and I'm your brother?
That's real smart? Sal pays you?
That's whyyou should work?
I work? Slavery's over?
My name ain't Kunta Kinte?
I just don't wantyou to lose the one job
you've kept over a month?
I'm carrying you as it is?
I'll always get paid?
Yeah? You always get paid?
What about your responsibilities?
Why don'tyou take better care ofthose?
What responsibilities?
What areyou, deaf?
You know what I'm talking about?
Take care ofyour responsibilities, all right?
Whoyou yelling at, anyway?
I'm yelling atyou?
I'm going to take care ofthis shower?
I'm your big brother? Don't beyelling at me?
You're a bum?
Don't call me no bum?
IfI want to shower in the middle of the day,
it's OK? Fuck Sal?
We love roll call, y'all?
Boogie Down Productions, Rob Base, Dana Dane??
Marley Marl, Olatunji,
Chuck D., Ray Charles,
EPMD, EU, Alberta Hunter,
Run DMC, Stetsasonic,
Sugar Bear,John Coltrane,
Big Daddy Kane,
Salt 'n ' Pepa, Luther Vandross,
McCoy Tyner, Biz Markie,
New Edition, Otis Redding, Anita Baker,
Thelonious Monk, Marcus Miller,
Branford Marsalis, James Brown, Wayne Shorter,
Tracy Chapman, Miles Davis,
Force MD's, Oliver Nelson,
Fred Wesley, Maceo,
JanetJackson, Louis Armstrong,
Duke Ellington, JimmyJam,
Terry Lewis, George Clinton,
Count Basie, Mtume,
Stevie Wonder, Bobby McFerrin,
Dexter Gordon, Sam Cooke,
Parliament Funkadelic,
AlJarreau, Teddy Pendergrass,
Joe Williams, Wynton Marsalis,
Phyllis Hyman, Sade,
Sarah Vaughn, Roland Kirk,
Keith Sweat, Kool Moe D,
Prince, Ella Fitzgerald,
Diana Reeves,
Aretha Franklin,
Bob Marley, Bessie Smith,
Whitney Houston, Dionne Warwick,
Steel Pulse, Little Richard,
Mahalia Jackson, Jackie Wilson,
Cannonball and Nat Adderly,
Marvin Gaye, Charles Mingus,
and Mary Lou Williams.
We want to thank you all for making our lives
just a little brighter here on We-Love radio.
I t's hot as a motherfucker?
Fan me with your ears?
Stop playin'!
Leave it alone?
Why don't he leave me alone?
Shut up?
It's too hot for that?
That's why I asked you?
We don't have money for anything?
We don't have money for anything?
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