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Subtitles for Do The Right Thing CD2.

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Do The Right Thing CD2

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I'm beat?
Daddy, you know, I've been thinking?
Maybe we should sell this place?
Get out while we're still ahead??
and alive?
You really thinkyou know what's best for us, Pino?
I mean, couldn't we sell this
and open up a new one in our own neighborhood?
There's too many pizzerias already there?
Maybe we could try something different?
What am I going to do?
That's all I know?
I been here 25 years? Where am I going?
I'm sick of niggers?
It's like I come to work??
it's "Planet of the Apes?"
I don't like being around them?
They're animals?
Whyyou got so much anger in you?
Why? I'll tell you why?
My friends-- They laugh at me?
They laugh right in my face?
They tell me, "Go to Bed-Stuy?
Go feed the moulies?"
Doyour friends put money in your pocket, Pino?
Food on your table?
They payyour rent, a roof overyour head?
They're not your friends?
Iftheywere your friends,
theywouldn't laugh atyou?
Pop, what can I say?
I don't want to be here?
They don't want us here?
We should stay in our own neighborhood,
in Bensonhurst,
and niggers in theirs?
I never had no trouble with these people?
I sat in this window??
all I see is little kids get old?
And I seen the old people get older?
Yeah, sure, some of them don't like us,
but most of them do?
I mean, for chrissake, Pino, they grew up on my food?
On my food?
I'm very proud ofthat?
You may think it's funny,
but I'm very proud ofthat?
Look, what I'm trying to say, son, is, uh??
Sal's Famous Pizzeria is here to stay?
I'm sorry?
I'm your father, and I loveyou?
I'm sorry, but??
but that's the way it is?
Hey, S-S-Sal?
Hey, S-S-Sal?
How you doing?
These are $2?00?
Get out?
Get the fuck out ofhere, man!
Get the fuck out ofhere!
Come on? Get out ofhere?
Get the fuck out ofhere!
Every day it's the same shit?
Hey, leave that boy alone!
Get a fucking job? Why don'tyou get a fucking job?
Go to fucking work!
Get out? Get out!
See what I'm saying?
Leave that boy alone? You know he ain't right!
Get a fucking job, man!
I'm sick ofthis shit?
You get a job!
I got a job?
Bring your ass here, punk!
I ain't going over there?
I ain't got no reason to go over there?
Fuckyou! Get the fuck out ofhere!
Go inside? Go inside?
Smiley, here? Here? Smiley, here?
Here's a couple of dollars?
Come on? Come on? Here?
Fuckin' asshole!
Hey, Willie, take it easy?
He didn't mean nothin'?
[ Door Slams ]
This is what I'm talking about?
Let's go,Jade!
Da Mayor, we need your leadership?
Doctor, what areyou talking about?
I'm organizing a boycott ofSal's Famous?
Shit? Keep walking, Doctor?
I don't want to hear none ofyour damn black foolishness?
Damn? No juice?
No, man, no?
Hell, no, goddamn it?
Sal ain't never done nothin' toyou before?
Whatyou ought to boycott is that barber
that fucked upyour head?
Come out here fuckin' with Sweet DickWillie?
Get the fuck away?
Would you sign a petition to boycott Sal's Famous Pizzeria?
I ain't boycottin' jack,
string-cheese head motherfucker?
I'm going for a slice now?
I was raised on Sal's pizza?
Whatyou talkin' about?
You crazy, man?
Good as them motherfuckin' pizzas is?
Black Panther eat pizza, we eat pizza?
I'll do it withoutyour help?
That's 75 cents?
Thanks, honey?
Sal, we're going to boycott your fat pasta ass?
You're going-- You're going to boycott me?
You haven't got the balls to boycott me?
He's going to boycott me? Are you kidding?
Here-- Here's your boycott?
Up your ass? You're going to boycott?
Where you going? Where you going?
I'm talking toyou, Pino!
I'm right here?
Go inside? I can take care of myself?
Take it easy, OK?
No? Go inside? Here's your boycott!
Messed up myJordans with muck?
Get this thing straightened out, man?
White guy/black man?
I can't believe this crap?
Ah, yourJordans are dogged?
Oh, man, you, too? Stop?
Yeah, me, too?
Hangin' out with baby sis?
We're not hangin' out?
She's escortin' me back to Sal's?
I'm just goin' to get a slice?
You can't? Not today?
I'm organizing a boycott ofSal's Famous?
What did he do?
You know them pictures he got on the wall offame?
Notice somethin' about them?
No, Buggin' Out, I haven't?
You're wasting my time?
Leave that shit alone?
You really should? I'm gone?
I'll seeyou there?
Buggin' Out, howyou been?
Every single one of them pictures is somebody Italian?
Wewant black people?
Did you ask Sal?
Yeah, I asked him?
Wewant nobody in there,
nobody spending good money in Sal's,
until we get black pictures on the wall?
What good will that do?
Ifyou tried hard,
you could direct your energies more usefully?
You got to be down? You ain't?
I'm down, but I'm down for something positive in the community?
Areyou down for that?
Jade, I still loveyou anyway?
Yeah, I still loveyou, too, Buggin' Out?
You're pushing it, Mookie?
You're really pushing it?
I don't pay good money
to haveyou jerk me around?
Keep it up, you'll be in the street
with your other homeboys?
About time, Pop?
Howyou doin',Jade?
Whereyou been?
Just working hard? Keeping busy?
How's business?
Business is great?
We were wondering when you'd stop by?
How's Mookie doing?
He's, uh?? Mookie is??
He's great? A good kid?
Hey, Pop? Stop lying?
He's kidding?
I know?
What'll it be?
Regular slice?
No, I'm going to makeyou something special,
ifyou don't mind?
No, that'll be great?
OK? What doyou want to drink?
Cream soda?
Used to be root beer?
Tell me ifI'm wrong?
I want a change ofpace?
Vito, clean the table forJade?
All right, Pop?
Come here,Jade? Sit here?
# Fight thepower#
[Music Slows]
# Fight the power #
# Fight the power #
# Fight the pow... ##
20 "D" Energizers?
20 "C" Energizers?
"D?" Not "C?" "D?"
"C" Energizers?
" D," motherfucker? " D!!"
Learn to speak English first, all right? "D!"
How manyyou say?
20, motherfucker? 20?
[ Speaking Korean ]
Motherfucker, you, you all right, man?
Just give me the motherfuckin' batteries?
20 "D" fuckin' batteries?
Hey, yo? Yo, wait?
What's the date on them?
What's the date on them?
The date! The fuckin' date!
Can you fuckin' speak English? The date!
The date?
Whatyou talkin' about--Marcha?
1 991 ?
Oh, March? That's March, motherfucker,
Yo, man, you sure that's 20?
No? No? Take them out? Count them again?
Count the shits again, man?
May I helpyou?
I want some flowers?
The whole thing?
The whole thing?
It's very expensive?
I know? I'll pay?
I thoughtyou might like these?
I guess not?
There is nothing
like the smell offresh flowers?
Don'tyou agree, Mother Sister?
All you can smell is the garbage?
Smell overpowers everything,
especially the soft, sweet smell offlowers?
You don't mind, I'll sit right here,
catch a breeze or two, then be on myway?
Thank the Lord, the sun is going down?
It is hot as blazes?
Well, guess I'll be on myway?
[ Boom Box Blares ]
Oh, goddamn, man!
Cut that shit down!
A person go deaf or something?
Man, I don't know how he does it?
Oh, man! Goddamn?
That is shit?
ML, come here?
Come hold this fucker, baby?
Hold what, sucker?
You know what I'm talkin' about?
That's OK?
At least my moms didn't name me??
Sweet DickWillie?
I told you about that mama shit?
Nobody talkin' aboutyour moms?
I ain't say nobody? I said you!
Just squash that shit?
I didn't mean it like that?
You did, too?
I justwanted to know
who named you Sweet DickWillie?
Man, it's just a name?
Goddamn? Shit?
How'd you get the name ML?
ML stands for ML?
Now that's some stupid shit?
Hear me? That's some stupid shit?
'Cause everybody know
why they call me Sweet DickWillie?
You Negroes kill me?
Always holding on to??
always talking aboutyour dicks?
It's too hot to fuck?
Man, you out your fuckin' mind?
It ain't never too hot
or never too cold for fuckin'?
I had my best piece ofwoman
on a humid day?
Over in the projects?
Close to yourwoman?
Get out!
Oh, Lord, have mercy?
I better not see her naked on payday?
Piraguero! Everybody out!
The icee, icee man is here?
Hey hey! Looking good?
Here we are?
Look at these beautiful people?
The icee man is here?
I want coconut?
Give me lemon?
Tell me whatyou need?
Thereyou go, my love?
That's your color? That's your flavor?
I want more syrup on mine?
He's always drinking, man?
[ Ice Cream Truck Music Chimes ]
Hey, hey!
Where's everybody going?
Ice cream!
Ice cream!
Doctor, don'tyou know no better
than to run out in front of a car?
You trying to kill yourself?
Come on? Let's get up?
You gonna be all right?
You gonna be all right, my boy?
You gonna be just fine?
Eddie, what's wrong?
Mayor knocked me down?
You ought to be shamed ofyourself?
Ha ha? That boy's just scared to death?
What happened--
I was walking, minding my business?
I seen your son about to get hit by the car,
so I dashed out?
I knocked him down
to keep us both from getting hit?
I saved two lives today-- his and mine?
Eddie, is that the truth?
Eddie, you hear me talking to you?
I'm talking toyou, boy?
He gonna be fine, miss?
Mommy, Mommy!
I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
Get upstairs now!
Your father gonna wear outyour behind?
Miss, you didn't have to hityour boy like that?
He's already scared to death?
I appreciateyou helping my Eddie,
but I'll have nobody question how I raise him?
You're right, miss?
You're right?
I don't want to sound like a jerk,
but can I say something,Jade?
Yeah, Sal?
You got the biggest eyes I've ever seen?
Theyjump out ofyour head?
I feel embarrassed even saying that?
Thanks, Sal?
Don't even mention it?
It was delicious?
I got to talk toyou?
I got to talk toyou?
Come on? Let's go?
Jade, don't forget to come back soon, OK?
Hey, Mookie? Take it easy?
You're going to bust her arm?
I don't wantyou in Sal's no more?
Mookie, what? Stop tripping?
Read my lips? Don't see Sal?
What areyou worked up about?
The way Sal looks atyou?
- He's being nice? - Nice?
- He's completely innocent? - Innocent?
You heard me?
Sal just wants to hide the salami?
You're really crude, Mookie?
Do not come in Sal's anymore?
You are not welcome?
You got a lot of nerve?
I'll tell you one last time?
Stop playing big brother to me?
I'm a grown woman!
You can't payyour rent, and you're lecturing me?
That makes no sense?
Oh, it doesn't, huh?
You got $250 a week?
I'm getting paid?
In a while, I'll be making a move?
Yeah, when?
Don't worry?
When, Mookie?
Don't worry about it?
Don't come here no more?
We're not talking about that?
I'm tired ofsupporting a grown woman, OK?
I'm tired ofsupporting a grown man, OK?
When areyou going to pack up and go?
Don't come in Sal's no more?
And no more pizza, either?
I don't care ifyou fire me
this exact fucking moment?
Ifyou're saying
what I'm thinking you're saying,
you better not say it?
You hear this?
Do me a favor? LeaveJade alone?
You know, Mookie, not for nothin',
but ifyou were just a little taller,
I'd kickyour ass forwhatyou're thinking?
As a matter offact,
I should kickyour ass on principle alone?
Here? You got a delivery?
This the right address?
What is this??
Yeah? It's the right address?
That's the right address?
I wrote it myself?
Sometimes you make mistakes,
and I deliver fucking pizzas
to the wrong fucking address?
I don't make mistakes?
You don't make mistakes?
Hurry back, OK?
Don't get lost? We're still open?
Make a pizza, huh?
Mr? Mayor?
I saw whatyou did?
That was foolish but brave?
That child owes you his life?
Wasn't trying to be a hero?
I just seen what was happening,
and I reacted-- didn't even think?
Probablywouldn't have done it
ifI had thought?
Da Mayor's getting old?
Ain't run like that in years?
Went from first to home on a bunt single?
Scored the winning run?
Two outs? Bottom of the ninth?
August 1, 1 939? Snow Hill, Alabama?
Mud Cat Bones was the pitcher?
He hated my guts?
He come down offthat mound,
and I took off
like white lightning up a black snake's ass?
Maybe I, uh??
Maybe I ought to be a hero more often?
Maybeyou shouldn't?
Don't get happy?
This changes nothing between you and me?
You did a good thing?
Mother Sisterjust thanks you?
I want to thankyou?
You're welcome?
Delivery from Sal's Famous Pizzeria?
Is it hot?
I've never delivered a cold pizza?
Come here?
You thinkyou're slick, Tina?
How else could I getyou up here?
I haven't seen you all week?
I'm working? Making money?
You forgot the ice cream again?
I forgot?
Your memory's getting ridiculous?
I got things on my mind?
I reallywanted some ice cream?
I'll run out and get some?
No, no? That's out? You won't come back?
I can't be staying long?
How long?
Long enough to do the nasty?
Come on, Mookie? That's out?
First of all, it's too hot?
Ifyou think I'll letyou get some,
putyour clothes on and leave,
and I won't seeyou again,
you're bugging?
I'll seeyou tomorrow?
Yeah, right?
So no nasty, huh?
Something else?
Trust me?
Last time I trusted you, we got a son?
Remember him?
His name's Hector?
You saying I'm a bad father?
On the strength?
Let me talk toyou?
What? What?
Over here?
Tina, takeyour clothes off?
I already told you
it's too fucking hot to make love?
It's too fucking hot?
Why are you always cursing?
I don't fucking curse that much?
What the hell you mean?
All you do is curse?
Anyway, no rawness is jumping offtonight?
All right? That's it?
No rawness?
No? No rawness?
Why's it always like that
when you come over?
It's not always like that?
It's always-- What areyou doing?
I'm not cursing?
Mookie? Come on?
I mean it? I'm not playing?
I'm not playing?
Don't be so anxious?
That's right? Take it off?
You're sweating?
Of course I'm sweating?
It's only 1 00 degrees in here?
Look, freeze? Don't move?
I'll be right back?
What doyou mean you'll be right back?
Where areyou going?
I'll be right back?
Whyyou got me standing on the bed?
Whereyou going?
How's my son, Hector?
Honey, doyou hear that?
He wants to know howyou are doing?
And he has the straight face of asking about it?
Good for nothing?
Que se la pasa por la calle---
English! English!
I want my son speaking English?
Get out of my kitchen?
Bad enough his name's Hector?
Get out of my kitchen?
I don't want to hear anything?
Out, I said?
Yes, children?
This is the cool-out corner?
We're slowing it down
for all the lovers in the house?
I'll be giving you all the helpyou need?
Musically, that is?
This shit is cold?
Supposed to be cold? It's an ice cube?
Later foryour shit?
You don't got a forehead?
You got a eight-head?
Mookie, you're full of shit?
You got one of them Sade foreheads?
Goddamn? Big-ass forehead?
I need an iceberg??
rather than this ice cube?
Thank God for lips?
Thank God for the neck?
Thank God for kneecaps?
Thank God for elbows?
Thank God for thighs?
Thank God for the right nipple?
Thank God for the left nipple?
Feels good?
Ah? You likes? You likes?
You likes?
I got to be going?
You better come back?
I'll be back tonight?
You better, 'cause I'll kickyour ass?
Oops? I got to be back then?
All right?
All right?
All right?
Get out ofhere?
I got to go?
I'm not leaving yet?
Get out ofhere?
All right? Later?
Just out of curiosity,
how long you sticking around here?
You mean tonight?
I mean the neighborhood?
I figure about 50 years?
'Cause I'm going into real estate?
I'll put up a high-rise in the neighborhood?
Yeah? Lot ofpeople want to move here?
Why not?
You want a condominium?
A couple ofstraws, Mr? Trump?
Trump's Pizza?
I heard ofthat?
That's Trump's Plaza?
Get out ofhere?
Take care, Salvatore?
Pino, take the soft drinks from the back
and load up here?
OK, Pop?
You want me to deliver faster,
I need a rocket?? something?
I can't be running?
The cheese lands on one side?
Mookie, I didn't say nothing?
You must have a guilty conscience?
I'm not guilty ofanything?
You're guilty ofsomething?
Otherwiseyou wouldn't be saying that?
Come on, Sal?
Wherewe going?
Oh, shit?
Vito, give me a hand?
Come on?
What the fuck's the matter?
Vito, I wantyou to listen to me?
I'm your brother?
I smackyou around once in a while,
but I'm still?? your brother?
So what, Pino?
So fucking what?
I loveyou, man?
I'm listening? I'm listening?
I wantyou to listen?
Jesus Christ, Pino?
I said I'm listening?
Vito, black??white? No?
No, no, no? No?
What the hell you talking about?
Areyou listening to me?
Stop busting my balls?
I said I'm listening?
Mookie's not to be trusted?
I trust him, Pino?
They can't be trusted?
First timeyou turn your back??
Boom? Aah!
The spear in the back?
How doyou know this?
How doyou know, man?
I know? I read?
I never seen you read nothing
in your fucking life?
Read your history?
It's historical?
He, them?? They're not to be trusted?
What do you want me to do?
Be on fucking guard?
Mookie has Pop conned,
so we got to look out for him?
You don't know whatyou're saying?
That's exactlywhat I'm saying?
[ Sal ] Vito! Pino! Let's go!
We'll be right there, Pop?
One minute?
You better listen to what I say?
I'll ripyou? I'll fuckyou up?
You know something, Pino?
You don't know everything you thinkyou know?
You thinkyou know, butyou don't know?
Mookie, he listens to me? You don't, man?
You fucking don't?
You'll fucking stab me in the back, man?
[Rap Music Blares ]
Buggin', what's up?
Howyou been, man?
Living large, bro?
Yo, that the only tapeyou gots?
You don't like Public Enemy, man?
The shit's dope?
I'm down, butyou don't be playing nothing else?
I don't like nothing else?
Yo, check this? You know Sal?
Yeah, I know that motherfucker?
I've been trying to organize a boycott
ofSal's Famous?
I almost had to bust him in the head today?
Gonna tell me-- Tell me, Radio Raheem--
to turn down my box and shit, man,
and didn't even say "please!"
Who the fuck he think he is, Don Corleone?
He make much money off us black people,
and all he got on the wall is Italians--
Sylvester Stallone, okey-doke-lookin' motherfuckers?
On the strength?
We shouldn't buy one slice,
spend one penny in there
till he put folks of color on that wall?
That's what I'm saying!
You got my back?
Your back is got?
My bro?
My bro?
Yo, Smiley? Come here, man?
Whatyou listening to?
M-M-M-Malcolm, huh?
Cut offthat rap music!
I'm in here trying to get me some motherfucking--
I'll fuckyou up quick!
Two times!
Th-Th-Th-Three t-times!
Sal, start counting my money tonight
'cause I gots to get paid?
Come on, Vito? Come on?
This is terrific?
I mean we had a great, great day?
You know something?
There's nothing like a family
in business working together?
I'm going to rename the place?
I'm going to call it
Sal and Sons' Famous Pizzeria?
Why not?
You guys are going to take it over someday, right?
And, Mookie??
Mookie, I want to tell you
that there's always going to be a place foryou
right here at Sal's Famous Pizzeria
becauseyou've always been like a son to me?
Sal! Can we get some pizza?
We're closed!
Shut up!
You shut up!
Shut the fuck up, man!
All right, let them in?
They love my pizza?
Four slices, and I'm gone?
Sal, we're trying to go home!
Shut up!
You're a delivery boy, bitch!
Man, you don't know shit!
Shut the fuck up!
Sityour black ass down!
Shut up! Fuckyou!
Yo, Sal? Four slices, man, regular?
To go, all right?
Whyyou gotta curse?
Looking good?
Looking real good, man?
Come on? Move it, man!
# Fight the power #
# Fight the power #
# Fight the power #
# We got to fight the powers that be #
# Elvis was a hero to most#
# But he never meant shit to me #
# Ya see straight out racist the sucka... ##
I told you about that noise!
What about them pictures?
What the fuck, are you deaf?
No! Are you? Fuckyou!
We want some black people
on that motherfucking wall offame now!
We're trying to go fucking home!
We've been here all day!
Turn that jungle music off!? This ain't Africa!
Why it got to be about jungle music?
Why it got to be about Africa?
It's about them fucking pictures!
It's about turning that shit off
and getting out of my place!
Radio Raheem!
And fuckyou, too!
Kick ass, Sal! Get in there, Pino!
This is music!
My music!
Fuckyour music!
Well, turn it off, then!
Get the fuck out ofhere! We're closed!
We're closing you guinea bastards for good!
For good, motherfucker!
Until you get some black people
on that motherfucking wall offame!
You're gonna fucking close me?
You're goddamn right!
You black cocksucker!
I'll fucking tear your fucking nigger ass!
Oh, we're niggers now?
We niggers now? Fuck them up!
You fucking white trash!
I'll fuckyou up!
Sal, put the fucking bat down!
Come on, you fucking guinea trash!
Open the motherfucking counter!
You black cocksucker!
You nigger motherfucker!
[Music Stops ]
I just killed your fucking radio?
My music!
You motherfucking--
Get offhim!
Get offhim!
Get the fuck offhim!
Get offhim! Get off!?
You fucked up my eye!
Ahmad, stop! Please, stop it!
Stop it!
You fucked with my box, man!
Stop it!
Get the fuck up!
I'll kickyour ass some more!
Come on!
Somebody got it at Sal's, brother!
Break it up!
Hey! Hey!
Break it up!
Break it up!
You're gonna kill him!
- Stop it! - Break it up!
Stop it!
Stop! Break it up!
You're gonna kill him!
Let me at 'em?
Let me at 'em!
Get the fuck out of the way, man!
Move it!
Get off!?
Let me through!
Get the big guy!
Let me through!
Get off me!
I'll kill you, you motherfucker!
Just take him off me!
Get away!
What are you doing? Sal!
Get the fuck off me!
Get off of me!
You're taking me to jail, huh?
You're not taking Vito or Pino or Sal out!
Get the fuck off me!
Get his other arm!
Get his other arm!
Take him down! Take him down!
Just take him down, man!
Let him go, goddamn it!
You're killing him!
Give it up, asshole!
Aah! Aah!
Just take him down!
Come on!
Let him go!
Stop it, goddamn it!
Stop it!
Get his arm!
Gary, that's enough!
Shut up?
Gary, that's enough, man!
[ Chokes ]
Gary, that's enough!
Shut the fuck up!
Radio Raheem!
Radio Raheem!
Radio Raheem!
Radio Raheem!
Get up! You ain't dead!
Get up, asshole!
Qit faking it!
Get up, asshole!
Get the fuck up!
Let's get him out ofhere?
Goddamn it! I'm a black man!
You can't kill us all!
You can't fucking kill us all, goddamn it!
Let's get him out ofhere!
Come on!
Get him to the car?
Get him to the car? Let's go?
Back off, assholes!
You pig-fucking murderers!
You can't kill us all, man!
You can't fucking kill us all!
Back off!?
Back off!? Back off!?
Everybody, back off!?
Get back!
Fucking bastards!
Shut up, man?
Fuck off, you fucking--
Damn it!
I told you to shut up!
Back off!?
Back off!?
[ Sobbing ]
Mookie, they killed him?
They killed Radio Raheem!
It's murder?
They did it again, just like Michael Stewart?
Murder! Eleanor Bumpers! Murder!
Damn, man! It ain't safe
in our own fucking neighborhood!
Neverwas? Neverwill be?
We ain't gonna stand for this shit no more, Sal?
Ain't gonna stand for no fucking police, punk!
It's as plain as day?
They didn't have to kill the boy?
[ Smiley Sobbing ]
You do whatyou gotta do?
Fuck that, man!
Listen, listen, listen? Good people, please?
Let's all go home?
Somebody's gonna get hurt?
Yeah? You, boy!
Ifwe don't stop this now,
we gonna do something we're gonna regret
for the rest of our lives?
Sal had nothing to do with what the cops did?
One of the police was black!
Leave him alone?
We'll getyou and them three stooges, Sal?
Go on, Mr? Sal?
You see how they had him in a choke hold?
I knew that choke hold would kill him!
You might have saved him!
A fucking radio!
He died because ofa fucking radio!
He wanted pictures on the wall, and he died!
Whatyou got to say, Sal?
Your son called the cops!
Get the fuck out ofhere, man!
Somebody's getting hurt!
Fuck that, man!
Whoo! Whoo!
Whoo! Whoo!
Whoo! Whoo!
What are they doing?
What are they doing?
Sal, come on? Come on, quick?
Get them out of there!
That's my place!
That's my fucking place!
Fucking niggers?
Radio! Radio!
Radio! Radio!
Burn it down! Burn it down!
Radio! Radio!
Radio! Radio!
Radio! Radio!
Radio! Radio!
Radio! Radio!
Come on? Let's clean house?
Shit? Come on?
I no white? I no white!
It's your turn, sucker!
I no white! I no white!
I no white! I'm black!
I black!
Me black!
Whereyou black at?
Me black!
I'm black!
You, me-- same!
We same?
Me black!
Open your eyes, motherfucker!
ML, leave the Korean alone, man?
He's all right?
Yeah? He's all right?
He's black?
[Sirens Blaring]
Oh, fuckyou, man!
Howard Beach! Howard Beach!
Howard Beach! Howard Beach!
Howard Beach! Howard Beach!
Howard Beach! Howard Beach!
Howard Beach! Howard Beach!
Howard Beach! Howard Beach!
Howard Beach! Howard Beach!
Howard Beach! Howard Beach!
Howard Beach! Howard Beach!
Howard Beach! Howard Beach!
Howard Beach! Howard Beach!
Howard Beach! Howard Beach!
Howard Beach! Howard Beach!
Howard Beach! Howard Beach!
Howard Beach! Howard Beach!
People, please disperse!
Please disperse!
Howard Beach! Howard Beach!
Howard Beach! Howard Beach!
Howard Beach! Howard Beach!
We're giving you one more warning
to please go home!
This is our home!
OK, you've had yourwarning!
Hose that black sucker down!
Aah! Aah!
Aah! Aah!
Get off of me!
Well, come on! Come on!
Come on, asshole? Come on!
Come on? Move it?
Motherfucker, come on!
What you think this is, Birmingham?
Fucking Alabama?
Yo, where's Bull Connor?
Son ofa bitch!
Oh, no!
Oh, no!
Oh, no!
# Fight the power #
- # Fight the power # - # Fight the power #
# Fight the power #
- # Fight the power # - # Fight the power #
# Fight the power #
- # Fight the power # - # Fight the power #
# Fight the power #
- # Fight the power # - # Fight the power #
# Fight the power #
# Fight the power #
#We got to fight the powers that be #
- # Fight the power # - # Fight the power #
# Fight the power #
- # Fight the power # - # Fight the power #
# Fight the power #
# Fight the power #
# Fight the power #
- # Fight the power # - # Fight the power #
#We got to fight the powers that be ##
My people, my people??
What can I say?
Saywhat I can?
I saw it, but I didn't believe it?
I didn't believe it, what I saw?
Are we going to live together?
Together are we going to live?
This is your Mister Seņor Love Daddy
talking toyou from We-Love radio,
1 08 FM on your dial,
and that's the triple truth, Ruth?
Today's weather?
Wake up!
My money? Shit!
Where are you going?
To get my money?
Don't try that shit, OK?
You're going to run out,
and I won't see your ass for anotherweek?
It's not like that?
You don't give a fucking shit about me,
and you don't give a shit aboutyour son?
I care aboutyou and my son?
Why don'tyou be a man?
I am a man?
Then act like a man?
Why don'tyou be a fucking man, Mookie?
I'm so tired ofyour shit?
Why do we have to go over this again?
Becauseyou don't fucking listen, Mookie!
Ifyou listen to me,
I wouldn't have to repeat myself
like a fucking radio!
What kind of motheryou are
using fucking language like that?
What kind of mother am I?
Your ass isn't even here!
Get anothervocabulary, right?
Get a fucking life?
Yeah? Look??
I'll be back?
Don't leave, Mookie? Don't leave?
I'm tired ofthis shit?
You walk out that door, that's it?
All right?
I have to get my money from Sal? I'll be back?
Your shit's to the curb, and I'm tired ofit?
You need to step off
with your stupid-ass self?
You need to get a fucking life, Mookie,
because the oneyou got is not working!
I ain't going to deal with this shit no more!
Shit? Fucking ass, stupid ass,
fucking pendejo.
Shit? Fuck? Fucking shit?
Good morning?
Is it a good morning?
Yes, indeed?
You almost gotyourself killed last night?
I've done that before?
Where did you sleep?
I didn't?
I hope the block is still standing?
We're still standing?
What doyou want?
I want my money? I want to get paid?
You don't work here no more?
I want my money?
Your money couldn't begin to pay
for the windowyou broke?
Motherfuck a window? Radio Raheem is dead?
I know he's dead? I was here, remember?
He's dead because ofhis buddy?
That cocksucker started this shit?
He's responsible for that kid's death?
He wanted to close me,
and you stood there like a fuck
and watched them burn me down!
I also watched the cops murder Radio Raheem?
You'll get it all from the insurance anyway, Sal?
What the fuck's wrong with you?
This ain't about money?
I could give a fuck about money?
You see this place?
I built this fucking place!
With my bare fucking hands!
Every light socket, every piece oftile?
Me! With these fucking hands!
You know what that means?
It means pay me my motherfucking money?
That's what it means, Sal?
OK, Mookie?
How much do I oweyou?
My salary is 250? 250 a week?
1 ??
that's 2??
that's 3??
that's 4??
and that's 5?
You got $500? You're a rich fucking man?
Are you happy? You happy?
He's got 500 fucking dollars!
He's a big man!
He's a rich fucking man!
He's never going to have any more trouble!
Not Mookie!
He's fucking rich!
Who the fuckyou yelling at?
You're wealthy, Mookie?
You're a real fucking Rockefeller?
You gotyour fucking pay? Now leave me alone?
Sal, my salary's 250 a week, all right?
I oweyou 50 bucks?
Keep it?
You keep it?
You keep it?
You keep it?
No, you keep it?
You keep it?
I don't believe this shit?
Believe it?
Areyou sick?
I'm hot as a motherfucker? I'm all right, though?
Well, they say it's even going to get hotter today?
What areyou going to do with yourself?
Make that money? Get paid?
Sal, I got to go see my son
ifit's all right with you?
Hey, Mook. It's the Mook man.
I seeyou walking. Go home toyour kid.
Now the news and weather.
Our mayor has commissioned a blue-ribbon panel--
"to get to the bottom
oflast night's disturbance.
The City ofNew York
will not let property be destroyed by anyone. "
His Honor plans to visit our block today.
He should hook up with our own Da Mayor,
buy him a beer.
Your Love Daddy says register to vote.
The election is coming up.
There 's no end in sight from this heat wave,
so today, the cash money word is chill.
That's right. C-h-i-l-l.
When you hear "chill, " call in at 555-L OVE,
andyou'll win cash money, honey.
This is Mister Seņor Love Daddy
coming atyou from what's last on your dial
but first in your hearts,
and that's the quintessential truth, Ruth.
The next record goes out to Radio Raheem.
We love you, brother.
# From the heart ofBed-Stuy #
# W-e-L -o-v-e ##
# I was looki ng through a wi ndow at my I ife today #
# And for the first time #
# I saw things in a different way #
# I n the middle of my mind #
# It was there all the time #
# Never explain love #
# It's not like anything you've ever done #
# Ifit is there, it's yours to keep #
# And the boundaries, they grow deep #
# Never explain love #
# Let the experience take overyou #
# And when you do #
# Never explain love #
# I was looking for an answer #
# And I was searching for a sign #
#To try and understand this relationship of mine #
# But I didn't need to go far #
# I was reading it all wrong #
# Never explain love #
# It's not like anything you've ever done #
# Ifit is there, it's yours to keep #
# And the boundaries, they grow deep #
# Never explain love #
# Let the experience take overyou #
# And when you do #
# Never explain love #
# Before I knew #
# I almost knew it all #
#Who needs to be rational #
#When love isn't practical #
# Oh, I knew this was inside #
# And it's so wrong #
# It's so right #
#Whoa-oh-ho ahh #
# Never explain love #
# It's not like anything you've ever done #
# Ifit is there, it's yours to keep #
# And the boundaries, they grow deep #
# Never explain love #
# Let the experience take overyou #
# And when you do #
# Never explain love #
# Never explain love #
# It's not like anything you've ever done #
# If it is there, it's yours to keep #
# And the boundaries, they grow deep #
# Never explain love #
# Let the experience take overyou #
# Forwhen you do #
#Yeah, yeah #
# Never explain love #
# Never explain love ##
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