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Subtitles for Dodeskaden (Akira Kurosawa).

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Dodeskaden (Akira Kurosawa)

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Dodesukaden ?Clickety-Clack
May the Buddha bless
My mom is recovered soon
Why are you looking sad
What are you worried about
l have nothing to worry
Please, Buddha
Maybe you are tired to hear that
Please bless my mom
You'll be late if you don't go
The maintenance workers are lazy recently
lt's wasting my time to check
l am going
To and fro for eight times in the morning
The same as in the afternoon
Coming back in the evening
There is no other way
What are the maintenance workers doing
This tram is too old
lt's no use to blame the maintenance workers
Ting, ting, ting, ting
The tram is stupid
Mr. Tan morning
Good morning
Have you visited the Buddha
Your mom is hard
l am here, she's fine
That's right
How's the tram today
lt's not good but OK
How's your uncle's business
l think it's also OK
Send my regards to your mom
Don't go out to drink tonight
lt's getting my mood
Brother Chok, let's go
Brother, l am coming
Don't let you go in if you are drunk again
Don't say hello to brother
He was really drunk last night
Let's go
l have no time for his rubbish
Every woman is the same
lt's disgusting to talk so much
Find a place to drink after work
Good morning
Although Mr. Tao is a good man
His and his wife's faces are disgusting
Good morning
Weigh it
The cabbage is selling individually
Are these leaves also counted
ls it a cheap vegetables market
Don't bull shit
You go to the vegetables shops to see
My prices are cheaper by 20%
But the goods are better than yours
lt's annoying to buy only one
That cabbage is for you, go away
What? l am not begging
l am a customer
How can you have that attitude
Sorry to say that
Give it to me, let me weigh it for you
No one would care it
You may be right
But l am not feeling good for this
l am tired of you
You have a big tummy, who's child is it
You have a new friend, so charming
Haven't seen you for a long time
Don't just date the handsome guys, come to see me later
Don't pretend so much
lt's a chance, play with me
How are our children
Shing, this is troublesome
Auntie is having a surgery
No one knows when she's back
Your mom pays for it first
But her sister is in the hospital
Your mom says
The fees are deducted from your living costs
You should think about it
ln order to thank auntie
We should work more harder
You should know auntie has been worried about you
lf you grow up better
You can find a good job
Now you can only work at home
Even to take over auntie's work
You are unlike a human
Nor an animal
Only like a plant
Wine delivery
Drink again
l shouldn't say that, but he's so lazy
Let the wife work and you drink
You only work when your wife is in the hospital
You are skinny
Give it to you, it's delicious
How are you
You say hello to someone, shit
That's not a human's eye
So terrible
Like a devil's eye
l bet he's having cold blood
lt's better to build the house on the hill top
Japanese have a bad custom
They like to build under the floor
Yes, it's true
Seeing the foreigners' houses from the photos
All are on the hill top or the mountains
But the Japanese houses are under ground
lt's reasonable
There are earthquakes and typhoons in Japan
The wooden houses can sustain the quakes and typhoons
So they choose the less risky areas
This is the reason
Japanese like the soft light
So they choose the dark areas
Like being in the natural parks
So they are not used to living in concrete houses
Yes, l also don't like concrete houses
So cold, l can't stand it
This custom has some disadvantages
Although Japanese are suitable to live in the wooden houses
Their heart is also following the wooden houses
To become persistence and weakness
The foreigners are strong and capable
All because they live on the concrete houses
lf l build a house for myself
l must plan for the future
To decide for the children
He ought to be handsome when he was young
Now he's not bad
Someone smuggled into here a few days ago
Do you mean me
Do you think so
What's the result
You never admit failure
You must succeed
After l made up my mind
l went to the bathroom to wash
Feeling relaxed to go to his home
lt's so jealous
Did you do the important job
When l went into it
l heard a terrible voice
l peeped
He's sleeping
Maybe he's having a nightmare
He's like suffering
Then he woke up
Said silently
lt's like the voice from the grave
l was scared
And l escaped
This fish isn't fresh
Fresh fishes must have skin
Look at this one
The skin is removed
Drink again
We stop here tonight
Don't be cool, give me some more
Brother, you come at the right time
l am having a bad mood
l have something to tell you
Drink first
About my wife
Treats me like a dog
You must be feeling badly
That's true
lt's like being insulted
Your wife is tough
Sun has a hot temper
Although she's good, she's easy to be angry
How's the sand
Did she throw it to you
l just made a comparison
l asked her for the reason
She said it's not about me
l asked her not to be hot tempered
She asked me why
l couldn't answer this question
l just scolded
l asked her to leave, she ignored me
l had no choice but to come here
l have my dignity to be a husband
Brother is right
Men work hard outside
Wives should be good to the husbands at home
But my wife is different
Always find my mistakes
No way
l have no other choice
Since they have much leisure time
Always want to quarrel
Let me convince her
Forge it, you are also drunk
l am not drunk
lt's not necessary
Don't go
l can do it
Any problem
He's gone
l also want to drink
Give me some wine
Do you mean to drink
My hands are also drunk
You have finished
Are you Leung of Chok
l am shocked
There is something on my chest
My heart isn't beating
Let me see
lt's beating seriously
To rebound my hands
Really? How's your hand
You touch it yourself
Do you want me to touch
lt's so troublesome, forget it
Wait, don't be rude
Just sleep
You'll get cold
Forget it
Brother you have come, take some of this
Eat after cooked
The guests are still around, do you want them to leave
The chick is coming again
Nothing for you
lt's no use to stand up, go away
Wait a minute
Don't be that mean
l was thinking while sleeping
About building the house
Are you tired
l am not tired
The door is the most important
The door means a face
lt can tell the personality
The house is built on the hill
The western type is better
How about the Spanish type
The British type is not bad
They are so extraordinary
lt's not good to be so luxurious and serious
Natural is better
What do you think
lt's made of iron
But it's not very cold
lt's easy to get closer
This one is good
Dark green is better
But you must paint a coat first
This is the door
You are wrong
That's the tool box
The money is here
Although it's not much, l give you this
We have only this left
Come again if you need more
l'll save some for you
Fix me the windows
Come in from the main door next time
Look at this
lt's steak
So good
lt's better to have the middle red
Do you eat
You eat dad
l don't like half done steak
The door is fixed, then it's the walls
lt's an iron door
We use the iron design for the walls
ls it good
Very good
lt's not bad
You are like to collapse anytime if we look it from the back
There is a limit at work, you'd think about it
You look like having worked overnight
Why do you work so hard for the alcoholic
You'd consider your body
You are skinny
For you
That alcoholic bastard
Better to die
So risky, do you want to be killed by the tram
What if being killed by the tram
lt's an offence in law if you don't walk on the zebra-crossing
You sit in between the tracks
What a fool
''ldiot of the tram''
lt's me
Everything is inflated
Make a guess on a piece of salted fish
lt's so expensive
As thin as a paper pork
l was shocked to hear the price
l've never seen that sort of couple
To share their husbands
Everyone does the same
No one tells
lt's so bad to be open
The wives are good friends
The husbands are also good friends
l wish it's a good day
l wish so
See you tomorrow
lt's about the finishing stage
Yes, it is
The colour of the walls first
The colour will decide the mood of the house
What colour do you like
l like---white
l tried white, it's so simple
This one is good
Very good
l want to chop you
My husband is like this when he's drunk
Why did you stop me?
He's OK
What did Tan tell you
Let me change it
What, old man
Are you tired to be alone
l am tired
l am not working hard
l can't ask him to change
l felt embarrassed so l went home
l just changed the design a bit
lt wouldn't change a lot
lt's hard to build it
About this balcony
lt's too small to be a decoration
We can't play on it
Nor to plant flowers
Let's change a bit
lt looks better as a whole
Why are you looking at me
l am not common
l need to eat double serves for my baby
How's dad
You always look at me like this
Nothing, l feel you have grown up
l am tired of everything
The daily life is the same
When l make breakfast in the morning
l know l need to do the same things
l feel tired
l can't taste the food
Feel losing the appetite
Especially when l am going to the bathroom
l hate to see my body
lt's so ugly
l only want to do one thing
l want to die
To quit this world
This is the medicine for the gold
lt's toxic
You'll die after one hour
Take it if you really want to die
Thanks for your assistance
Don't just look at my present moment
l used to have a boutique
l had a wife and two sons
Five workers and maid
l had two luxurious lovers
But the sons were recruited to be soldiers
Died in the war with China
And then l didn't do business
My wife died 6 months later
The house was destroyed
l lost everything
l separated with the lovers
Now l am selling the toys for living
But l talk with my wife and sons in the dream
They are like alive
So you must be very happy
You are happy while you are living
That means you live and they live
You commit suicide and so do they
You said this medicine be effective in an hour
Any cure
l just took it five minutes ago
There is a cure for any toxic
One fights another
One fights another
ls there any cure for this toxic
Of course there is
But l don't know if l've got it
Search it
Find it now
Where is it
ls it there
Give him the cure, you murderer
Get the cure now
You don't need to worry
What you ate is just for the guts
This is normal
You just need to remain calm
Close your eyes
Lay down and close your eyes
This is normal
l ask you to close your eyes
Why do you set fire
No need to boil water
l want to cook the fish
What fish
This is the fish
lt's mixed with salt and vinegar, it's not raw
But the boss said we needed to cook it
He must be wrong
This doesn't taste good if it's cooked
The problem is the kitchen
Nowadays is more convenient
The old style can make good dishes
Which one is better
lt may be the Tip you mentioned last time
Who knows
Some volunteers
They don't look like that sort of people
Can't just see their outlook
l know a woman who looks like her very much
This type of women is very erotic
The body is fit although she's old
Ping is about to die of losing energy
The dinner is ready
So-called women
Their ages are almost the same
34, 35 years old
Sometimes they look like 16,1 7 teenagers
But the 16, 1 7 teenagers
Sometimes they use their matured eyes to stare at men
Women are devils
Tai don't cry, Mui would be worried
Aren't we dad's children, right
You think about it
Dad thinks you are dad's children
So l love you much
lf you don't like dad
Don't call me dad
So l am not your dad, right
Everyone has been saying
We are not dad's children
We have our own real fathers
Not just me
Chee, Fa, Sai are being told
Men are speaking too much
They like to talk rubbish
But who knows who is my child
We just need to trust each other
That's real father and sons
lf anyone says it again
You go to ask him or her
l am sure he or she can't answer
That means you don't trust your father
Trust father or trust the others
What do you think
l trust father
l trust sister
lt's not the problem of the fish
lf this is the fish
We would vomit first
But we don't have this symptom
That means we are not infected
l think this diarrhea is because of getting cold
l go to check
After the operation
Stay in the hospital for four months
Still ask me to rest
l never feel as comfortable as now
But l am still worried about one thing
Shing is so skinny and she looks like sick
Of course, she also does your job
Not only that
Shing, auntie must have her meals on time
Must follow the doctor's instructions
Excuse me
l am a police, l have something to ask
Have you seen this man
Maybe l couldn't see clearly at night
You should remember the robbery
l remember there wasn't
This man was arrested for the robbery
He said he had robbed your home
lt's not that
l am sure l have been here
l wanted to steal that tool box
But he said the money was there
Give me all the money
l can't recall this
l have admitted this
You also asked me to come again
Don't bull shit, you must be dreaming
You must be foolish
Can a fool do this handcraft
This means he didn't come to rob
My home was not robbed
Sorry to bother
Guests are coming
Please come in
Make yourself at home
Sorry to bother
Come to say hello
l am so tired
ln order to serve these guests
Did you see the face of the head today
Lighting the cigarette like this
The match burnt the nose
lt shocked him
This is Cheng, Yeah, Chung
My wife
l go to take a shower
l make some warm wine
l go to get the wine
May l ask you
Have you tried to get some free rice
Not borrow, it's to get
Firstly to make the base wet
Go to an unknown rice shop to exchange for two catties
Then pay the bill, they won't allow you
Then you put the rice back
Since the base is wet, some rice stick on the base
Just go to a few shops and that's enough for a meal
The wine is warm
l go to get the wine
l give it to Mr. Cheng first
Brother Liu
Aren't we welcomed today
What did l say wrong
You are a good man, l promise
What is that woman like
We said hello to her, she
She is rude and independent
We don't mean to scold you
lt's because you are a good man
That woman is not qualified to be a wife
lt doesn't matter us, it's too bad to you
Not even say hello to her husband
Not serving the guests, and went to take a shower
ls there such a wife
Sorry, l apologize
l don't blame you
You are a good man, no need to apologize
You should kick her out of here
Since we are men
What is this
What has my wife done wrong to you
Why do you ask me to kick her out
Nothing, we listen to him
She is my wife
She may be nothing to you
Since she has been with me
Even in the hard time
Perhaps you can't guess
The life of making the base wet
She can get it through
What makes you ask me to kick her out
What rights do you have
l see
l was wrong, my apologies
Let's cheer
Don't you really want to talk
l am prepared for the punishment
Since you saw me do that disgraceful thing
l didn't know why l did that
l couldn't control myself
Like an wild animal
l don't like him more
Please trust me
l know it's painful for you
But l feel the same
My deceased mom said sorry to you
She didn't forgive me
l hate myself after mom's death
Even a serious murderer
Will be forgiven after jail
Please tell me how you want to punish me
l'll accept any punishment
l won't blame you
Honestly, who is the opponent
lt's no use to hide, we need to do something
Who is the opponent
Must be seriously sick
l mercy the child, but l dislike his father
lt's better to see a doctor
Not very serious
lt's OK, he'll get well soon
You care about him, he's still stubborn
He's not stubborn
He's a pity man
The child is more pity
No question asked
Perhaps you suspect me, but it's not me
She's my niece, like in blood
How would l do this
Do you want to give birth
l can't give birth, we have to care about her face and age
Use the medical way to solve it
So you agree the abortion
That is
How about money
Just borrow from your sister
l just borrowed for the operation
Must find a good reason
To make her hard to refuse
ls this Shinju's home
Please go to the police station with me
What did Shinju do
Hurt someone
lt may cause a case of murder
You go with him now
Are you Shinju's father
Shinju is my niece
You mean she hurt someone
How is Shinju
Shinju is the defendant
She took a knife from the shop
Hurt the worker
The worker was hurt
Please hurry
Shinju has been arrested
Should go to see the injured
The injured is in the operation, he can't see anyone
Please come to the police station first
Don't forget you are the parents of the defendant
the only cure is not to eat anything
But there is a limit
lt's good if l can walk
l think l could walk soon
Don't misunderstand
l don't mean to ask you to beg
l can go if l want to eat
No worries, l am not hungry
lt's good to be hungry for a few days
lt's OK for a man not to eat for 10 days
About the guest room
l wanted to use the Scottish style
lt's better to change now
What did Shinju do?
Did she use a knife to hurt the worker?
lt is true
l have been thinking
There is only one reason for Shinju to hurt the worker
Do you think so
Since he's the father
Shinju doesn't say that
Ask her for the reason
But she doesn't answer
The police said there's enough evidence
To lower the crime
She doesn't say although l ask many times
lt must be difficult to tell
The police want you to go
lt's none of my business, she's your niece
But you are her stepfather
l go to the police station daily
How can l tell them if you don't go
Just tell them l am sick
The case isn't relevant to me, l won't go
Don't you forgive me
No matter how
What is this tree
lt's not a tree if it wilts
lt's about to finish
The worker will be recovered in 3 weeks
He said he didn't know the reason
He didn't blame Shinju
And he mentioned not to sue her
And beg not to sue her
The police told me this
He must have done something wrong
lt's reasonable not to sue her
And beg not to sue her
This means he has admitted
The police looks for you
They know you are alright
Or they will arrest you
Shinju has something to tell you
Don't know
Be careful that she knows the worker is OK
She requested the police to call you
The police seem knowing something
She's talking rubbish
What are you angry with
lf she bull shit
Why are you worried about
No need to go to the police station
l am not afraid of going there
Her lies can't prove anything
Where are your friends
Not working today
Give me some wine
lt's not good to drink heavy wine when you are tired
lt's not the first time
You don't need to say
Man must eat
Even a patient
l go to get some food
Coming back soon
l'll get some good ones
So noisy, who is it
When l had drunk
l passed that corridor
Turned to another bar
Who were outside
This is a strange question
How could a wife forget her husband's voice
What a wife
lt's you, how come
What is ''it's you''
This is a joke
Drink wine again
What if l drank
Give me some water
You should obey to do so
lt's brother
Didn't you drink with him
The boss offered some whisky
Lift him up
What do you want to do
My husband is so drunk
You are drunk too
What does it mean
He's very drunk
He's brother
Not in any shoes
You also wore shoes to come in with him
Shit, l wore the shoes
Please send my regards to him
Good night
Send my regards to Kong
Give me some water
l am back
l said you had a diarrhea
Boss gave me some fresh ones
l forgot
To build a pool
You can do whatever you want
You are recovered
You are OK now
His life is so tough
l agree to build a swimming pool
To be built in the middle
With some trees around
But the water and pipes are not easy to do
Since it's on the hill top
lt needs a big reservoir
About the pipes
The pool has a big capacity
This can't be small
OK, l must do it
Since this is your suggestion
For your health, you should build it
The soup is ready
This is a broth
This is good for hunger
How about your husband last night
Where is my shit
Every man is the same
lt's great if he gives me half the money
Why every man likes wine
Maybe there is a worm
l am getting more disgusting
They have changed husbands
lt's good to change
Today is cloudy
lt hasn't rained for a long time
Haven't seen you for a long time
Your uncle disappeared
l don't understand
Why did you do that
l want to die
You want to die?
But why did you want to kill me?
l couldn't tell
Even l also didn't see it
When l wanted to commit suicide
l was afraid that you'd forget me
When l died
You'd forget me instantly
l was so frightened
So l
l was so mad
Let's eat something
l don't want to eat now
Let's eat next day
The pool is built
Thank you
lf you can finish it by tomorrow, l won't let them go
You can't build rubbish
Show them something tomorrow
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Dois Perdidos Numa Noite Suja 2002
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Dolce Vita La 1960 CD1
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Dolores Claiborne (1995)
Domicile conjugal
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Dong (The Hole) 1998
Donggam (2000) - Ditto
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Dont look now
Dont say a word
Donzoko 1957
Door in the Floor The 2004
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Double Jeopardy
Double Team
Double Vision (Shuang Tong)
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Down Periscope
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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Dr No
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Dune 2000 - 3 of 3
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