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Dog Nail Clipper

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Soldiers, this is a great moment.
Not even two years have passed since the barbarians, superior in force -
attacked our small and peace-loving nation.
We fought with our lives -
but a dear part of our fatherland was ceded to the cruel oppressor.
Now we will take back what is ours, pay them back.
We will repel the eastern curse forever -
and cherish western civilisation.
We will strike unmercifully, we will win.
Our duty is to protect our honour as Finnish soldiers.
Be brave. God will march by our side in this battle.
Keep the coffee warm for me.
Don't be so sad. We'll be back soon.
No reason why you shouldn't get married now, if you want to.
Finland has paid one third of the war reparations to Russia.
That Karelian trip of yours was an expensive one.
Damn, I wish one day I could enjoy the taste of real coffee and tobacco again.
Whose pooch is that? Take him outside.
Take him outside now.
He'll piss on the floor and who knows what else.
Oh my, look at your hands. How can they be like that?
Those are some hands. They must hurt an awful lot.
Okay, that's enough. Settle down.
Grab that chisel and start working on that groove.
I have a real fine dog, you know.
You have a dog? What is his name? - Sakke.
It's a female dog but Sakke is her name.
Females are best for hunting.
I wonder how she knows when we are about to go hunting.
A couple of days before the season she eats her stomach full -
then she stops eating altogether. She hunts better on a light stomach.
I wonder how she knows.
She is a good gundog, too.
She has such an original and deceiving bark.
Even the birds have no idea that a hunter is near and about to shoot.
She is a fine watch dog, too.
She can hear and sense everything in the woods.
She can sniff out an elk in the east or men working by the river.
She can smell what kind of lunch you have in your backpack.
She'll know what type of liquor you are carrying by the rattle of the bottle.
She sure is special.
She'll guard my sleigh if I tie it by the shop in the village.
She will even fight a pack of wolves.
If I ever break my leg, or have a stroke, she'll drag me to the village.
Or she will run to the neighbour's to fetch a doctor -
before she comes to save me from the swamp.
And if I die before her, well -
she will howl at my grave and starve herself there.
She will never leave me. Never.
This is Ville Kuosmanen's famous Sakke.
She has such pretty eyes.
I always prefer dog's eyes to a woman's.
I wish I had a dog.
What would you do with a dog? You don't even have a home.
How in the world would you take care of a dog?
People treat a vagabond's dog badly.
He would be my best friend.
I would talk to him and scratch him behind the ear.
I would give him treats.
He would never leave me.
But Sakke has one fault. - What is it?
She has spurs right above her back paws.
This is how they grow.
They get tangled in the twigs in the woods and bleed.
They bleed terribly.
In the worst case I would have to shoot her. - You can't shoot a dog.
I mean I guess you can.
Where is your house?
It's in Kainuu, it's called Kaislaniemi. Why?
I could go and clip her nails. - You?
Well, yes. I will write you credentials. - Credentials.
How about going to bed?
What are you doing here?
Who are you?
I don't know. Who am I?
Can you tell me who I am?
Are you drunk?
No. I just can't remember who I might be.
Do you have a wallet?
It looks like your name is Mertsi Arhippa Vepsäläinen.
Born September 16.
Thank you very much.
You may wait for the train here as long as you behave yourself.
Stand clear from the train!
Good morning. - Hello.
Have you seen Mertsi?
Is he missing?
I should tell the social welfare office that he has left again.
He has hardly any money and his clothes aren't warm enough.
Why didn't he like it here? - Who knows.
He is harmless, though. I am sure we will find him somewhere.
He is silly indeed.
May I see your tickets, please.
Next stop is Poltimo, then Maaselkä.
I want to buy a drink. Doesn't anybody have anything to drink?
Let's go and have a chat.
Could you give me a piece of bread? I am hungry.
Mertsi. Do you remember me? - No, I don't.
Sit down. Please make room for him.
Here. Eat up.
Thank you very much.
How have you been?
Where are you going?
I am going to a logging site. - Where?
To a logging site. - To work as a logger?
Eat, here is meat and milk.
Sit down, everything is okay. Let's wipe the snow off.
We're off!
His skis!
His skis!
Where are you going?
To Pohjoislahti.
I'll pay for both of us.
Thank you.
I suppose you didn't have skis with you.
I know the foreman at the logging site. We'll get on fine with him.
We fought the Germans in the Lapland, that's where he got shot in the leg.
He is a good man even though he is from Ypäjä.
Thank you.
Now we left your skis.
You can borrow my skis, I don't need them that much anymore.
Keep them as long as you need. - Thank you very much.
Wait, I fell!
How can one be so tired?
Here are some socks. - Thank you very much.
Thank you.
Let's make ourselves comfortable.
This stove is almost cold.
Do you have anything to drink?
Do you have coffee substitute? - We have home-brewed beer.
I'll have two.
O dear Finland, hear our sacred oath No violence shall ever touch you
With our blood we shall protect you Fear not, your sons are on their guard
Stop singing that song! It's not one for a workers' place.
Times have changed, we have different songs now.
What song would be good? - Do you have to sing all the time?
You came eventually. - Hello.
I had to, I was running out of money. - What took you so long?
I did some logging in my own land. - To the company in Kajaani?
To Ahlström. One hundred cubic metres. - One hundred. That's a pretty stack.
What are you looking for?
Do you have logging work? - Yes, indeed we do.
We always need strong loggers.
Are you familiar with this work? - No, I am not.
Then it's not okay.
He was shot in the head. He may not be fit for logging but he wants to work.
Couldn't you find something for him to make a living?
So you want to be his guarantor?
Okay, he can help the waterman to repair the road.
Mertsi, let's go eat.
Two meals, please.
You'll pay me back later then.
I'd like to know where my new waterman is.
Here I am.
I just wanted to tell you that we will leave half past midnight.
I'll come wake you up.
You bring the water pump and come to the horse stable then.
Wear warm clothes. Even Heavenly Father has goose bumps in this weather.
Mertsi, wake up. - Is it time already?
No, not yet.
Even a Russian devil won't do without an extra pair of pants.
I'll get another pair when I go home. You keep these.
Are you sure?
Let's get some sleep.
Wake up. Pay check is calling. - The Russians are coming!
There are neither Russians nor Germans. Let's get to work. Fetch the water pump.
The water pump.
What is that? - A pump.
That's right. I can see that it's a pump.
Are you making fun of me?
You think you are going to freeze the road by sprinkling with that?
We need the big pump that is made of board. Get that.
This isn't a job for unfit men.
Good morning. - Morning.
Mertsi had a magic night, didn't you?
Were you cold? - Yes.
You'll get used to it. You have to move more.
There you go.
Watch out!
Did you tie it already?
Tell your horses to do it.
I do think that my horse would learn better than you.
Light up the stove, will you. - I don't have matches.
You don't have matches. What kind of a logger are you?
I thought I'd ask you, since it never happened to me -
if it hurt when the bullet hit your forehead.
I have a good card, you don't have anything. - Let's see.
Here is the mail.
Let's share that.
I refuse to take that. I have a different opinion on women.
My wife works hard at home and is a good person.
She has given me such sweet children.
There is not enough happiness for everyone in this world.
Some idiots drive it away simply because they are stupid.
Happiness is a rare delicacy. You better enjoy it in silence.
Am I not talking sense here?
Vepsäläinen, come to my office, please.
Sit down. - Thank you very much.
This logging work doesn't really suit you, does it? - No, it doesn't.
You want a smoke?
You should learn something lighter, an indoor job.
But since you are here try to stick it out for a couple of days.
We'll find you something easier then.
Then you can start branding the logs.
I know Ville Kuosmanen. - Oh, Ville.
Do you have a dog? - I did but I don't right now.
Do you know where Kaislaniemi is?
You ski first to the lake and then follow the shoreline to the right.
That's quite a way.
Do you have aspirin? I think I am getting a headache.
Mertsi, come here and we'll have a chat.
Let's drink some blueberry juice.
Thank you very much.
My wife made it.
I have a wife and three kids, the fourth one is on the way.
I should build a bigger house for us. The one we have is draughty, too.
I would build a house if I could find cheap nails.
You may not believe it but I think of home many times a day.
I know nothing sweeter in this world than the bright eyes of my children.
How small their fingers are.
Such tiny feet.
I am glad I can take care of my family and make a living for them.
Guess whose tracks I saw by the brook?
A rabbit?
Or a fox?
A thick wad of money. A pine marten.
I could chase it for two days and still make a profit.
It has a valuable fur, worth a couple of months' pay.
It's illegal of course but I am sure nobody will find out.
If a man doesn't come to the barracks at night the others will go and look for him.
Tonight I won't come to the site.
You should lie to the others that I went to Ristijärvi to buy butter.
To buy butter? - Exactly.
I'll say that.
A wad of money. - That is how it waddles when it moves.
This weather isn't good for skiing.
No, it isn't.
Where are the company's stacks? I have this.
All these are.
Thank you very much.
Are you spitting out food?
He was a good doctor, he told me what I must be careful with.
He said I could live in an institution for the rest of my life.
But I don't want to, I prefer working.
And the doctor said that in an emergency I should contact him.
I don't think I will, it was so painful for many years.
I never ever want to go there again.
What the hell are you doing here? Men are not allowed in the kitchen.
He hasn't bothered me. - I don't care. Get out or I will give you a beating.
Take it easy. He was on his way to see me.
Come to the office, please.
What are you making?
What are you doing at the barracks at this time of the day? - I got sick.
So that job wasn't suitable, either. I am going to have to think.
You have a fine guarantor in Eetvi Manninen.
This world holds together when we have a few good men and women.
Eetvi is one of them. He'll help anybody if needed.
He would carry the wounded to safety in the war.
He does his share as well as he can.
Are there a lot of pine martens here?
I haven't seen any tracks. Isn't it protected?
Eetvi went to buy butter in Ristijärvi.
Thank you for telling me.
I will go to Kaislaniemi to buy butter also.
I see.
Who am I?
Who am I? Here we have a man who doesn't remember anything.
I remember. What was his name, he was from eastern Karelia.
I met him at Juntusranta logging site. He was shot in the head.
He couldn't remember anything and confused his wife for her sister.
Then one day in a thunder storm he recovered completely.
Could somebody tell me what my name is?
You are Mertsi Vepsäläinen from Suolahti. You father was a soldier from Aunus.
Your two brothers died in the war. Your mother died of grief after that.
You were shot in the head in 1941. Do you remember?
I met some reindeer owners in Lapland. They have a good sense of direction.
It's no surprise, they have lived in the wild their whole lives.
In the fjelds places can look so alike.
The Lapps still have an idea of where they are.
They seldom worry about their exact location, though.
They don't go around with a map and a compass in their hand.
If they can live that way, don't you worry about remembering your name.
I am sure you'll remember it when you really have to.
Just choose a name, any name you like. Kusti, for example.
Not Kusti!
I shot this in the morning in a hollow pine tree.
I have to take this home to dry it properly.
I'll be back on Saturday. You will stay here until then, won't you?
What are you barking at?
Sakke, sit down. I said sit.
Is this Kaislaniemi? - Yes, this is.
Is this Ville Kuosmanen's house? - That's right.
I worked with Ville, my name is Mertsi Vepsäläinen.
Letter of recommendation. This is indeed my husband's hand-writing.
This is Mertsi Vepsäläinen... Give him food.
He is a dog nail clipper. He can clip Sakke's spurs.
Love, Ville.
Are you the war cripple? - Yes, I am.
Sakke's spurs are indeed too long.
She just hurt them and cried out loud because of them.
It would be nice if you managed to clip her nails.
We'll get on just fine.
Where did you fight in the war? - Somewhere.
Ville was in the fortification corps but he was too old...
Can I give her a treat? - Go ahead.
Sakke, come and taste this, it's good.
Funny how she lets you scratch her. She isn't fond of strangers usually.
Did she bite you?
Yes, she did.
Don't let it drip on the rug.
This isn't the first cut in this house. Ville has hurt his arms and legs before.
I should have iodine here. Oh no, it's empty. Here then.
She's never bitten anyone, just snapped at men now and then.
Luckily you don't have big veins there. She really did bite you, didn't she.
Taimi! Set the table, start heating the sauna.
Hello Ville.
So this is where you came, you silly.
What happened to your hand?
Sakke snapped at him.
I tried to clip her nails. - And got yourself bitten.
Son, you need to think and plan before you wrestle with animals.
A clumsy man will just hurt himself.
And you got yourself bitten.
You could have tied a leash around her nozzle.
Why didn't you wait for me, we could have clipped her nails together.
How would we have known that you were coming?
It takes a special person to clip Sakke's nails. It can't be just anybody.
You are quite a man to come here to take care of my dog.
I should give you a medal of bravery.
You certainly have some guts.
It was so big, so beautiful...
Son, look. I bought this at the market. I was a little tipsy -
and the salesgirl happened to be so pretty.
Now that you have money... This would look good on you.
That would fit me nicely.
War service certificate. I was in the fortifications corps.
We moved enormous rocks in a line to stop the Russians.
Kaislaniemi, farm number...
The borderline is in the thicket.
Somebody could build a house there and have a cow or two.
Here is the watch, see. A fine American watch.
It was Crookedhead Moilanen who...
This watch doesn't take long to strike an hour.
This has two different chokes -
one for long-range, one for close-up shots.
It is not only about how the barrel works...
This is a sixteen-calibre. We'll use this number three shot...
Ville, stop!
These blades are so crappy. This is the third blade I have broken this week.
Tighten it. If it's loose you will just snap it in the cold.
Where did you hurt your hand? - Ville Kuosmanen's Sakke bit me.
How did that happen? You went and touched his bone, didn't you.
Shut the hell up!
It looks bad. Blood poisoning.
We'll have to get to a doctor fast.
How is it going? - Did you manage to sell the fur?
I did and I got good money from it.
You do so well in everything and I can't do anything.
I have my share of worries and sorrows in this world.
You'll cheer up when we get you well again.
I am such a wreck.
Don't go anywhere. Wait here.
Good evening. - Hello. How are you?
My friend is sick, he needs a hospital. - Can he sit up?
Yes he can. He must sit inside, he has fever.
Did you hurt your hand with an axe?
No, it was a peeling knife.
How much do I owe you? - This isn't a bus.
So you drive people around for free? - Yes, I do.
Hello. I have seen you before, haven't I. - Hello.
Has the dog of the world bitten Mertsi again? Let's get you well.
You just go with these girls.
I think the man upstairs has made you a guardian angel for him.
This is the second time you bring him here.
If you take care of somebody you should do it till the end, right?
That's the way it should be.
Hello, Mertsi.
How have you been?
What are they flying a flag for?
It's poet Runeberg's Day.
My wife sent you this. I imagine you would appreciate some good food.
Here is butter. And juice.
Some lamb.
Here is bread.
This is from Ville Kuosmanen.
He was very sorry for what his dog did to you.
He sent his regards.
Let me help.
I wonder what I should think about this.
Translation by Aretta Vähälä and David Robertson
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