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Dogs Of War The 1981

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Come on! Get the lead out!
Run the fuckers over!
Come on, Jamie!
Come on! Get up!
Get up!
This plane is for members of the provisional government only.
Which of your men do I kill to make room for mine?
Get in! Get in!
Straight ahead.
Everybody look straight ahead.
Stop it!
This man's dead! Get him out!
He's alive, you pimp!
Everybody comes with me goes home.
Let's go.
Let's see this thing fly!
What name have you given to your child?
Richard Patrick Miller.
And what do you ask of God's Church for your child?
If your faith makes you ready to accept this responsibility...
renew now the vows of your own baptism.
Reject sin.
Profess faith in Jesus Christ.
This is the faith of the Church...
This is the faith in which this child...
is about to be baptized.
Do you reject Satan?
- I do. - I do.
And all his works?
- I do. - Yes, I do.
And all his empty promises?
- I do. - I do.
Let me hear from you.
I want to know how the kid's doing.
Where he goes to school. All that.
When Richard deserted in Vietnam...
I wish you'd had him arrested...
instead of bringing him back and covering for him.
He was yours after that.
He wanted you to be the baby's godfather...
so you are.
Don't come around anymore, please.
Come on, Jamie!
No mail.
What is this, Watergate again?
Don't give me that Watergate stuff.
- Look at you. - What's the matter with me?
I was good enough for you when you married me.
I can't stand looking at you.
No wonder I haven't got any money to...
I work 14 hours a day...
Do dogs get too fat?
Now, we also heard of a woman in Los Angeles...
who will write a song for your dog.
You send her a picture of your pet...
along with a biography and $75...
and she'll send you a cassette...
a musical portrait of your pooch.
You got any money?
What's it to you?
You can al ways be a beggar when you grow up.
No, I don't know him.
How'd you get up here?
The corporate interests I represent...
contemplate investing several hundred million dollars...
in the development of certain resources in Zangaro.
- Where? - West Africa.
Do you read the papers, Mr. Shannon?
The president, Olu Kimba, is frequently on the front page.
Yeah. Go on.
Before money is invested in Zangaro...
we have to know a lot more...
about the stability of Kimba's regime.
Is a coup d'état imminent...
or even possible?
We have to know.
You can get that information through an embassy.
Who the hell do you think has diplomatic relations...
with a maniac like Kimba?
I don't know.
Mr. Shannon, the world is running short of commodities.
One day, we'll go to war over rice.
The job pays $10,000.
Half tomorrow, the rest when I get back.
It's only a reconnaissance.
- Did you steal this? - No.
- You sure? - I don't steal.
- You got 35 to 100. - That's good.
What do you know about bird-watching?
Ornithology. Don't stand right under them.
- How long you'll be gone? - A week.
Watch yourself, Jamie.
- Red on red? - Pull it out.
I'm not back in a month to two years...
you and Drew come get me.
You bet. He was in here last week.
He wanted me to go bear-hunting with him...
in Canada with a bow and arrow.
Seemed like a damn messy way to be killed to me.
- He go? - I don't know.
He told me about the baptism. That's damn fine.
You'll be a hell of a godfather.
I'll see you.
You got a godfather?
Going in with such a conspicuous cover...
is unnecessarily risky.
I need a reason to be there with a camera.
Go as a tourist.
Don't worry about it.
What the hell is a tourist doing in Zangaro?
- I've no idea. - Right.
A reconnaissance is no good if you don't come back.
I al ways come back.
PI ease sit up and fasten your seat belt.
Thank you.
Keith Brown, yes.
What business do you have in Zangaro?
I work for a nature magazine.
I take pictures of birds.
Pictures of birds.
In there.
Attention, please.
Here is an important announcement.
Visitors to Zangaro are warned...
that there is a curfew in the city of Clarence...
between 6 p.m. And 6 a.m.
Do you have a drinking problem, Mr. Brown?
I thought there might be a problem with the water.
There is.
Your pockets, please.
Spanish. French.
This is Military Order number 602.
Long live President Kimba.
Airport tax.
What's that for, sport?
Importation tax.
Wel come to Zangaro.
Can I give you a lift into town, my son?
Yes. Thank you.
Is this your first trip to Zangaro?
Wel come to Clarence.
Thanks again.
Good-bye. God bless.
Hello. My name is Keith Brown.
I cabled you about a room.
We've received no cable, Mr. Brown.
I sent it last week.
The telegraph system is somewhat irregular.
How long do you wish to stay with us?
Four or five days.
You got something quiet, maybe in the back?
Foreigners are restricted to the second floor.
Whatever you got with its own shower.
Your passport, please.
Do you need that?
It will be returned to you when you leave.
You will have... room 12.
Mr. Brown, your jeep is outside.
In my jungle, you'd be just another asshole.
Keep turning on the boy.
Keep shooting.
Listen, we've got permission...
Watch the jeep!
Take it easy. Everything's all right.
This way. Ken, keep it on the boy.
Good evening, Mr. Brown. Did you get many pictures?
That guy you sent me this morning isn't working out.
I didn't send him.
We can't make a film about your bloody country...
from the hotel lobby, for Christ's sake!
Thank you very kindly.
Lousy bastards.
Jeez. That kid, eh?
Aw, bastards.
Leave it, for Christ's sake.
We'll be out of here by the end of the week.
How about a beer? Beer, Alan?
Having some trouble, Mr. North?
Just a fundamental difference...
about the value of human life, Mr. Dexter.
Nothing that need concern you.
Stupid question, but any messages for me?
The wireless is still out.
Is it expected in soon?
Mr. North, this is Mr. Keith Brown, an American.
That shouldn't be too much of a language barrier.
Shall we give it a try? Beer?
What about the Russians?
There were a couple of mining engineers...
in here a few months ago, doing some kind of survey.
The Russians must have got onto it...
and sent these two down.
They haven't been able to get a government permit.
Poor bastards are losing their minds.
Put on your party smile.
Good evening.
President Kimba.
Mr. Keith Brown. American naturalist.
How you doing?
President Kimba shares your interest in our wildlife...
especially our native birds.
Very kind.
Here's to you.
Due to his many responsibilities...
President Kimba doesn't have the time...
to research the scientific names...
of some of our rare species.
Busy, busy, busy.
No. One for my father.
So kind.
It would please the president enormously...
if you could give him a scientific name...
for the great crested grebe.
Maybe some other time.
Just for you.
Podiceps cristatus. Right?
And the storm petrel?
there's more... Pelagius.
And what about the bubbling cisticola?
The esmaralda troglodytes.
And there's my absolute favorite...
and yours... Nectarina famosa.
Here's to them, God bless them.
Public drunkenness is a crime in Zangaro.
Who's that guy?
Woody Woodpecker?
Good evening, Miss Dexter.
Mr. Brown...
I'm Gabrielle Dexter.
My father suggested I show you around Clarence tomorrow.
Sounds good.
Meet me in the lobby at 8:00.
That's the only sight worth seeing in this bloody town.
It's friendly, too.
I wouldn't know. It doesn't talk to me.
One for the road?
No, thanks. I'll see you tomorrow.
Around here...
even the birds know better than to be out at night.
What do you know about birds?
Well, I'm no expert... either.
What did you guys do to get in trouble today?
A bunch of soldiers were hauling off a young kid.
He was scared out of his wits.
Finally, he managed to pull himself free.
One of the bastards drove a bayonet through his throat.
We were right there with the camera.
We got it.
Then they ripped the film out of the camera...
and herded us back here.
I'm surprised Kimba I ets you people in here.
I'll be more surprised if he lets us out.
How'd he get the job?
Well, after they won independence...
there were three candidates for the presidency...
General Kimba...
a Colonel Bobi...
and a physician, a moderate called Dr. Okoye.
Okoye wanted to maintain links with the mother country...
while our two gallant freedom fighters...
ranted about neocolonialism, et cetera.
Kimba got elected.
Don't ask me why he won over Bobi.
From what I've heard, nothing to choose between them.
A week after Kimba took office...
he forced Bobi into exile and threw Dr. Okoye in prison.
Any opposition left?
You don't oppose Kimba. That's treason.
For that, he has your entire family murdered.
Nobody really knows what's going on here.
You'd think whatever his name is...
would come in here and kick him out.
He's no threat to any other country.
He's content to stay within his borders...
and slaughter his own.
I mean slaughter.
Can't you smell it?
Trouble is...
there's so much of it everywhere else in the world...
nobody wants to know.
Right. You're a quiet one.
Bird-watching's a quiet business.
How would you know?
You're not CIA, are you?
You're hardly KGB.
Thanks for the drink.
You are, aren't you? You're fucking CIA.
This is President Kimba's official residence.
It belonged to the British governor in colonial times.
You live in a place like that, I'll bet you stay home a lot.
The president no longer lives here.
God spoke to him in a dream.
He told him he should live among his warriors.
Where is that, the jungle?
He lives at the garrison.
In 1937, the colonial government...
erected new ministerial offices.
It was the first electricity in Zangaro.
A year later, the Grand Pavilion was built.
At the spring assemblies...
as many as a thousand people would dance inside.
The chandeliers were shipped from Europe.
You got a passport?
Why do you ask?
I can't believe you stay here.
This is not America, Mr. Brown.
What I do is never governed by choice...
only by circumstance.
That's not true.
Is Kimba Christian?
He's head of our church.
I saw a couple of nuns and a priest when I got here.
How do they feel about that?
They went away, but they're coming back now.
There were some difficulties.
I'll bet.
But now that President Kimba's name...
is included in the Lord's Prayer...
there are no more problems.
Is that where he lives?
Details regarding the garrison are not available to anyone.
Stand there.
Say "Cheese" for the scrapbook.
The scrapbook?
It's where you keep your memories.
And what's in yours?
Not too much.
Mr. Brown, what are you really doing here?
I told you. I'm studying birds.
Birds are smart. They migrate.
They know when things are gonna change...
and they fly away.
Why don't we have dinner?
I'm late. Excuse me.
Whoa! Wait a minute!
Mr. Brown.
Mr. Brown, can you hear me?
Mr. Brown, what are you doing in Clarence?
Just tell me, what are you doing in Clarence?
You are a naturalist, are you not?
Why did you take this picture of the garrison?
She's pretty...
isn't she?
Mr. Brown...
I am a doctor.
I was told to clean your wounds.
You are being deported. Released.
One of the guards said...
an Englishman has been here all day...
trying to talk with you, interview you.
He also filed a formal protest with the Swiss consul.
You have a friend, Mr. Brown.
You a prisoner?
Over four years.
What'd you do?
Bad judgment.
I was a candidate for president.
Dr. Okoye.
How would you know that?
The English... man...
my friend.
How long have I been here?
Since yesterday.
Why did they do this?
Possibly for being in the wrong company.
The guard said you were with Gabrielle Dexter.
She's one of Kimba's mistresses.
She... It was her?
She's beautiful...
not treacherous.
Beauty is a currency.
Unfortunately, here in Zangaro...
it only has value in the presidential palace.
Have some of these. Painkillers.
They'll help you.
Mr. Brown, can you tell us why you were arrested?
What were conditions like inside the prison?
Were you able to see any other prisoners?
Mr. Brown...
they say Dr. Okoye is, in fact, dead.
Can you confirm that?
Mr. Brown...
you can't leave Zangaro without your passport, asshole.
No fractures, but I don't understand...
why the hell you didn't see the doctor in Paris.
Still got blood in the urine?
Four, five, six.
Six healthy concussions in the last three years.
Two crushed disks, two temporal fractures...
one major pneumothorax, perforated stomach...
a hundred bouts with unheard-of tropical diseases...
a shitload of arm and leg fractures...
dyscrasia, dysentery, dyspepsia, dysuria...
Anything starting with "D" I didn't get?
Yeah... dead.
Henry, you've got to get some new jokes.
I don't know what you got planned for your old age...
or who you figure on spending it with...
but I suggest you get at it.
You've taken a lot of years off the back end of your life.
Why didn't you call me as soon as you got back?
I was busy. You got the money?
No, no. Don't take your coat off!
There, that's for you.
What does it mean? Can Kimba be replaced?
Just read the report.
Is there any chance of a coup?
No, not now.
He don't trust his own army.
Rations the bullets.
He's crazy, see?
So, unless there's some guerrilla army building up...
outside Zangaro I don't know about, forget it.
The people I represent won't do business with a madman.
He's obviously got to go.
What'd you say?
Could a well-trained...
well-equipped mercenary force succeed?
- Succeed? At what? - Replacing Kimba.
What'd you find over there? Oil? Diamonds?
Could it succeed?
Sure. Why not?
How long would it take you...
to get an operation like that off the ground?
Not me. You bought a recon.
You got it. I'm paid.
I'm done. Let's go!
You're paid, Shannon, but you're not finished.
What would you want to get back what they took from you?
Would $100,000 cure cold feet?
You got me mixed up with somebody else.
Hello. Operator.
I'd like to make a person-to-person.
Name, please.
Jessie Shannon.
Jessie Shannon. Area code, please.
Area code 3-0-1.
Who shall I say is calling?
Just say Jessie.
Will you hold on, please?
Wait a minute.
Don't tell me to hold on. You hold on.
Your move.
God damn it!
I'll get it, Dad. Sit down.
Hard to keep my bluffer's composure...
with the damn phone ringing.
Saved by the bell? It's up to you.
Jessie, it's me.
Where are you?
The Bayview Motel... Hotel.
It's a couple of blocks from where the Starlight was.
The Starlight burned down.
Yeah, I know.
That was two years ago.
Jamie? You OK?
What are you doing here?
I want to see you...
could you come down here?
I don't want to run into your father.
Give me half an hour.
Pair of jacks.
Three jacks, pair of 9s.
Jessie? Everything OK?
Yeah, sure.
Daddy, I'm going out for a while.
Could you get us some more ice first?
Yeah, sure.
I'm out.
I'll stop playing poker when Carlos is off.
You shouldn't be doing this.
Don't be silly. Go on and play your hand.
Who called?
What did he want?
- He wants to see me. - You think that's wise?
We were married, for Christ's sake.
If he wants to see me, I want to see him.
He's the same, Jessie.
I know it. He hasn't changed.
He's the same irresponsible bastard you divorced!
I didn't divorce him. You did!
- Did I scare you? - Yes.
It's cold.
- Is that you? - Yeah.
You got skinny.
You got on dark glasses.
How come?
I didn't want you to see that...
You were crying?
They do a great job.
What do you want to do?
You got time?
Yeah. Some.
- Let's eat. - OK.
I love you, Jessie. That's what I'm here about.
I want to move. West.
Colorado, maybe Montana.
I never been there, but it's clean, it's open.
I want to get a regular job. Buy a house.
What do you say?
It's all the stuff we used to talk about.
I got the money to get us started.
When were you thinking about going?
I want to go right now.
I want to go yesterday.
- You haven't changed. - No.
Still the considerate planner.
What do you say?
Why don't we keep it simple tonight?
The way the tax situation is out there...
the land costs you practically nothing.
You put a house on it and stay there.
This guy tells me you can put a trailer on the land.
The government doesn't know the difference.
They don't care.
You mad or what?
You haven't asked about my father.
Yes, I did.
I asked you to go away with me.
If you'd said yes, I'd know he was dead.
It wasn't his fault.
- Was it mine? - As much as anybody's.
Oh, please. I didn't move out.
You didn't try very hard to stop me.
Don't tell me that. I didn't move out! You did.
It's what you do, Jamie. You fight wars.
Not your wars, not our wars. Anybody's wars.
You get paid to kill people, get your ass blown off.
You would be great in Colorado, out west.
You could be a hired gun, play cowboy.
We're talking about your father.
He didn't want you married to anybody, did he?
He needs somebody he can depend on.
Most drunks do.
It's so easy for you.
You come back after two and a half years.
You don't know what's going on in my life.
You just expect me to drop everything and follow you!
Wait a minute.
Come with me, Jessie.
By the time he gets around to dying...
there won't be a dance left in you.
Good-bye, Jamie.
It's a bad time for me, Jamie.
My sister's marriage busted up...
so she and the kids move in with me.
You know she don't work.
Leave her some money.
It's not the point. She don't do well on her own.
This is getting nowhere.
I'll miss you.
You'll make the next one.
You bet your ass.
I just gotta get her and the kids off my back.
Sturgis wants to know if his car will be ready by 5:00.
Forget it. Get Derek. Where is he?
I got his number.
And Michel. Call Paris. Tell them to meet us...
at the Great Eastern Hotel, Tuesday.
You believe that shit Terry gave you?
What do you care? It's his story.
That candy ass is scared of getting greased.
I got a better story with Miranda being pregnant.
You want to stay home, too?
Watching her get fat is gonna be nauseating.
I wouldn't waste any time getting our money in the bank.
Putting it all together in 40 days...
will be tough enough.
Right. Don't forget the insurance.
It's 100,000. Each of us, yes.
Over here, it's Mrs... You got a pencil?
Drew Blakeley. L-e-y.
5-5-2 East 7-4...
I'll give you the name...
of the European beneficiaries later.
For me?
Hey, you, what's your name?
Express leaving Platform 13...
will stop at Rugby, Leicester, Loughborough...
Nottingham, and Sheffield.
Jamie, Michel's here.
Don't go by this. Takes longer to go from here.
That'll give you a better idea of what I'm talking about.
These are good. You didn't take them.
No. They were a gift.
Michel, you want a beer? Derek?
What is this, coffee or tea? It's terrible.
He al ways home?
He will be. Zangaro has an independence day coming up.
How long do we hold it?
As long as it takes to fly...
the new president in from the border.
Who is it going to be?
- Nixon. - That's not funny, Drew.
Come on, Jamie.
Punch up your brief and try a few jokes.
I spoke to Jinja.
He'll train as many Zangaran exiles as he can.
They won't be worth a shit.
Jinja's OK. They'll be ready.
They'll fight.
What do we do with Kimba?
Just give him over to the new government.
He gets loose, forget it.
I'm hungry. Anybody want a pizza?
I'll have a cheese roll.
I'd like a treacle pudding.
A what?
With a lot of sour sauce...
Split a pepperoni with me.
Anybody want to know how we're doing this?
There's no way we'll do it without him sticking us up.
That's the way it's gotta be. He's the best.
There's no delis in London. I walked 15 blocks.
What do you want, room service?
- Who's got the bullets? - Hackett, in London.
- He's still in business? - Far as I know.
Tough part's gonna be the freighter.
It's gotta be clean, registered.
It won't be a bargain basement.
- We've only got 40 days. - Thirty-eight.
Three-five launchers, detonators, grenades.
- Baker still in Paris? - He was in Malaga.
He sold some shitty rifles to a bunch of Croatians.
They cut a piece of his stomach out.
Ought to be real honest these days.
Nine-millimeter quad.
Baker as well.
He's got good contacts in Yugoslavia.
Who fixes the end users?
I see Benny Lambert in Paris tomorrow.
What's it gonna be?
M-16s, Armalites, Uzis, AK-47s?
You want I should call Boucher?
We should let Derek call him.
I cut his fucking throat once.
All clear on what we gotta get done?
Leave messages for me here if you have to.
Give me names, dates...
I'll see to it the money gets paid.
And run hard deals.
These guys put up a million dollars.
Let's make sure there's change. We ought to keep it.
Everybody goes home.
I can get you an end user's certificate.
My contact returns from Belgrade the beginning of next week.
- How much? - 15,000.
Pounds, francs, dollars?
- Pounds. - Francs.
- Dollars. - 10,000.
Benny, we're in a hurry. Eat later.
I honestly do not know what I can get.
The demand for munitions is staggering right now.
There could be delays.
We are short on time.
We are short on merchandise.
Nine-millimeter quad.
Three weeks' delivery in Valencia.
- And? - That's all I need from you.
$1,500... 1,000 rounds...
20% surcharge for an end user.
You can do better than that.
10% for export license, customs clearance.
If you're trying to stick us, I can go down the street.
Shall we try again?
Do it that way, but I have to be sure...
the money will be in his account tomorrow.
I assure you it will be.
I'll have several more transactions for you...
over the next couple of weeks.
Be our pleasure.
Thank you, Nigel.
Good afternoon, sir.
Hey, Keith!
Keith Brown!
Message for Mr. Brown from General Kimba.
I'll be damned. How are you?
I'm fair to lousy.
You seem to have improved considerably.
- I'm OK. - Good.
Was the film any use to you?
- Yeah. - Good. Good.
Glad to be of help.
I don't suppose you'd have...
Can I buy you a drink?
What a good idea. I thought you'd never ask.
So... what's your name, Mr. Brown?
Shannon... James.
That's an improvement on the other one.
What are you doing in London?
I've got to see some people.
What's the message?
- Message? - Kimba.
"Come back, all is forgiven."
Did you get to see him?
After your ruckus with the soldiers...
one of their lot washed up in the canal with a broken neck.
You wouldn't know anything about that?
Kimba's paranoia took a jump after that.
He wouldn't see anyone, including me.
There were nine executions the next day.
Four of them were women.
I didn't get that piece, either.
I was being escorted to the airport at the time.
I got thrown out of the country, thank you very much.
Dexter's daughter OK?
Funny you should mention her.
The day I was leaving, she actually talked to me.
She asked me what I knew about you.
Pathetically little, I had to confess.
Did you get your film on the air?
Last week.
How'd you make out?
"Behind these very walls, just a few feet from me...
"resides Africa's most brutal dictator.
"It is rumored...
"There are conflicting reports...
"High-ranking sources who have asked not to be named...
"say, 'Who knows'..."
Five million viewers switched over to the Miss World contest.
That's too bad.
When are you going back?
You gonna ask a lot of questions I can't answer?
I stuck out my neck for you, for Christ's sake.
You owe me a little more than a drink.
You ought to watch your step.
What I do is none of your business.
That's a matter of opinion.
Is there a number I can reach you?
You'll get in trouble.
I'm not in town long.
Fancy that.
- It was good to see you. - Likewise.
- Can I suggest something? - Fire away.
Which shells do you use? That's very good.
You put the right mix in this thing...
and its killing potential is fantastic.
Your operation is an assault, I suspect.
The XM 18 is effective up to 400 meters.
If you load it in a well-thought-out sequence...
it's devastating.
For instance, first you use two rounds flares...
then a couple gas, improvise with the rest...
fragmentation, grenades...
tactical, antitank, antipersonnel...
It's what we in the business call a mixed-fruit pudding.
What would you say is the rate of fire?
Eighteen rounds in five seconds.
It's the ultimate in killing technology.
It's light, accurate, and mobile.
Ever been in combat yourself?
I'm a Canadian.
12, 18, 26 for the Uzis and the XM 18s.
You got a ship?
Not yet. I'll get the name to you when I do.
Fine. Total, including my percentage...
31,5. Let's make it 32.
31,5. Here's 15.
You get another 10...
when I see the stuff crated and ready to go.
The balance...
when the ship sails.
It's not a question of where she's been, mister.
She's a great ship.
Haifa, Gibraltar...
Tangiers, Dakar, Monrovia, you name it.
- Single hold? - Aye, twin hatches.
We need you and your crew.
My crew's choosy, mister.
Double for your crew and 10,000 for yourself.
I'll need to talk to them.
We haven't got time for a ballot.
I count the votes, mister.
What is your cargo?
It's not peanuts for Monrovia.
Peanuts is rats, mister.
Every kind of cargo's got its own kind of trouble.
What is your cargo?
Just trouble.
The ship heads for Toulon tonight.
I'll call Michel, tell him to get on the road.
Hackett's hardware's in Valencia.
I gotta get something to eat.
I got a meeting.
Endean's introducing me to Zangaro's next president.
Whoop-de-doo. Pack your White House manners.
Do me a favor.
There's a guy named North following me.
He's OK, but he's a reporter.
- Oh, Jesus. - Don't hurt him.
Don't kill him, but discourage him.
If he finds out what we're up to...
he'll have it on the 6:00 news.
I'm with the Boy Scouts of America.
I'm sorry, I don't...
Look out!
Go on! Jump the wall!
Jump! You idiot!
Come on, move it! You're going with me.
Move it! Taxi!
Come on! This man needs a doctor!
When Zangaro was fighting for independence...
he was as much a national hero as Kimba.
We fought in the bush together.
Then when he makes himself president...
his first official business was to put a price on my head.
When he left the country, some soldiers went with him.
We've been together a long time now.
Excellent fighters.
Very loyal.
I have selected the best of them for you.
There'll be twenty-four waiting in Freetown.
They're very good.
They'll die for Zangaro.
Be more help to me if they fight.
If there is one who doesn't, I'll take his head...
and mount it on the palace gates.
You and your brother...
have the same easy way of doing business.
Olu Kimba did not do business.
So now, Sekou Bobi will be president.
He wants to be God...
I want to be rich.
Shannon, why don't you brief us on your strike plan?
You coming along?
There's nothing you need to know about.
The colonel's due at the garrison...
at 0500 hours on the 25th.
That's 5 a.m. You're a minute late...
I give the whole thing back to Kimba.
You're working for me, Shannon.
You could fire me.
If anything comes up, I'll be in touch.
Mr. Shannon, when I am president...
it would be to your advantage to be my friend.
Mr. Endean could tell you what a generous friend I am.
I got all the friends I can handle right now.
Forget about your soldiers.
I got my own. Just don't be late.
Don't worry.
He's expendable.
To the hotel.
I wanted to waste the bastard...
but I figured you had to talk to him.
Just so we understand each other, you're dead.
Give me straight answers, and I'll keep it painless.
Go fuck yourself.
Oh, no!
No. No!
Who's paying you?
Who's paying you?
Same as pays you.
What'd he have you doing?
Keeping track of your whole operation.
He tell you to kill North?
He was a journalist.
He'd have blown it for you.
Did Endean tell you to kill him?
I make my own decisions.
So the bloody fool said, "Don't bother to wrap it.
"I'll eat it on the way home."
The measure of a man is in his appetites.
The more you consume, the more you are.
Do you measure ladies in the same way?
No. Ladies are not measured. They are judged.
Oh, very good.
Maybe one of you ladies would like...
to come to my palace in Zangaro, huh?
How many bedrooms do you have?
Caroline and I had thought we'd like to visit your country.
I'll get it downstairs.
Maybe you both can come?
With your appetites, you'd need us both.
Yes, good evening, sir.
It's a very bad connection.
He's already signed all the agreements.
All the papers will be dated once he's in power.
Hello? Can you hear me?
Manson Industries...
will have the exclusive mineral and mining rights...
for all Zangaro.
No, he's no idea what's at stake.
I promise.
I don't believe he can even spell "Platinum."
Things are going very well, sir.
Valencia. On the 18th.
Subject to technical difficulties.
It can happen.
But you got to be there.
Want a drink?
You don't need to worry about me, mister.
But I do.
Look, Shannon, if something goes wrong...
I lose my license.
I don't care about any of this.
I want that stuff on board tomorrow.
What is it?
It hasn't left Madrid yet.
We made a deal.
It's too risky now.
If they check your end user certificate...
you're finished.
Cancel the order.
Want to give me my money back?
Make the call.
Sir, that's one of my seamen.
Want to see your papers.
Why do you need eight men in such a small ship?
Seamen's card?
I left it with my buddy's gear aboard ship.
He's an employee of the company.
Missed his ship in Brindisi.
He's coming with us to Malta and going on to Telakia.
That last port.
Last place anybody will check the hold.
You did good back there.
Whose war are you gonna fight?
Squad, attention!
Do you think these geezers can fight?
Strictly bush league.
Never seen anything newer than bolt-action Enfields.
I hope they don't blow the bottom out of this tub...
when you give them the Uzis.
Reporting, Captain.
Let's go.
All right. Pay attention!
We'll fire a few rounds, show you how they pull.
Now, they tend to pull up and to the right.
I'll give you an example.
Squad, attention!
Stand easy.
We'll be on the beach at 0400.
Sentries are spotted for you, so be quick.
Once the firefight starts, we got only 15 minutes.
If it goes over that...
I don't want to even think about it.
- How long to the bridge? - About 10 minutes.
If none of you have worked with hired soldiers before...
we handle tactics. That's all.
We give you support fire, bring up the rear...
but it's your fight. You gotta do it.
You gotta be alive to get paid.
- Everybody understand? - Yes.
Kimba! Kick his ass!
Hold here...
north of the border for two hours.
Then you start southeast toward the coast.
End up right there at 0330.
- No patrol boats? - I said that.
After you drop us, stay there till we get back.
If they start tearing us up...
it's the only place we got to run to.
I'll be there.
If you're not, hope to hell I got killed.
Send it.
- Right on schedule. - Let's go to work.
Let's go.
Move it. Pick it up.
You didn't tell them we were coming?
Derek, get over there. CI ose it.
One CQ.
- Two CQ. - Three CQ.
Four CQ.
Let's check them.
Get! Get! Get!
What the hell happened to support fire...
and bringing up the rear?
Ready? Come on!
The Ministry of Works...
will have to start clearing up tomorrow.
Shannon's got him in the main building.
You're late!
What the hell's going on? Who's that?
Colonel Bobi, you are under arrest.
President Okoye.
I am president.
You're nobody.
Shannon, get him out of here.
This whole country's bought and paid for.
You have to buy it all over again.
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