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Doing Hard Time CD1

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Put your hands up!
Get against the fence. Against the fence.
Not my boy.
Not my boy!
Help me, someone!
Why don't you tell me what happened, son?
Okay. I mean, that's cute.
- You don't mind if I smoke, do you? - It's your house, man.
No doubt.
Why did you shoot the boy?
I didn't shoot nobody, man.
Come on, Curtis.
A drug deal gone bad. Tempers get out of hand.
Guns get fired.
One of you accidentally shot the kid. The question is, which one?
Why don't you figure out which one, then?
Now you hang tight. I'll go do that.
I don't know. Looks light, feels light.
Got you both on drug charges.
But there's a bigger picture here.
Now, we'll drop the possession. Just tell me who shot the kid.
What kid? Somebody shot a kid?
Well, you see right there...
that tells me it wasn't you.
But that leaves only one other person.
If I was you, I'd be looking to get out in front of this thing.
You ain't me.
You're fucked, you know that? You're cute and you're funny.
You're a comedian.
Welcome back, homey.
Who you talking to?
I ain't your fucking homey, homes.
Now you listen, because I know the streets.
Honor? I know all about it.
I know you ain't no fucking snitch.
But Razor tried to take your dope and kill you.
Where is the honor in that?
The way I see it...
you don't owe him nothing, Curtis.
Let me get this straight.
You want me to write down on this piece of paper...
that Razor tried to rob me for a bird...
we got into a gunfight, and he shot the kid, right?
Your own words.
Let's see now: possession.
One with a gun will get you two.
Complicity to murder.
I mean, I just want to get this right so ain't no confusion.
Take your time.
I hear you. You hear it...
Yeah, I'll get you a lawyer. You want a lawyer?
You want to beat me down, don't you?
What I want to do, and what is legal...
are two different things.
Get out of here.
Have the members of the jury reached a verdict?
- We have, Your Honor. - Will the defendants please rise?
On the charge of possession of a controlled substance...
with the intent to sell, what say you?
We find the defendants guilty as charged.
On the charge of murder in the second degree, what say you?
We find the defendants not guilty.
The defendants are remanded to the State of California immediately.
Let's go!
Come in here! Step it up! Step lively!
On the line! Let's go! Face front!
Face front! Let's go! Welcome to paradise, ladies.
Let's go! Face me! Turn and face me!
Get in here! On the line!
My name is Capt. Pierce, and I like it.
So don't call me Pierce...
Cap, Hey you, Chief, or anything else.
- Understand? - Yes, Capt. Pierce.
Casaway Correctional Facility has rules...
like the society you came from.
Unlike the society you came from, there are no legal loopholes or shortcuts.
So if you break them, you will be held accountable.
This place runs on a ticket system.
Tickets add time to your sentence.
The more tickets, the more time.
You keep your nose clean, do your job, keep a positive attitude...
and you won't see any tickets.
Do the opposite, and you will grow old and die in here.
Here you go.
Can I get you something to drink?
No, I meant...
Never mind.
So how long are you going to do this, Michael?
Do what?
Not go to work, drink all day, sit around and feel sorry for yourself.
- I wasn't Chase's mother, but I loved... - That's right!
His mother died.
You can't possibly know what I feel.
Then have your son murdered...
and the men responsible get five years.
Eligible for parole in two...
because the jury couldn't determine who was responsible.
I won't stop it. You have got to move on.
You know what?
Maybe you ought to move on.
I'm Linda Shepard.
You'll call me Miss Shepard or ma'am. I'm your counselor.
I see here you're responsible for the death of a 7-year-old.
That wasn't me.
- It wasn't you? - Didn't I say it wasn't me?
Let's talk about what you were convicted of then.
Possession of a controlled substance with the intent to sell. Was that you?
No, they got the wrong guy.
So you are a political prisoner, like Tony Montana, then?
You and the rest of the convicts in here?
You're a real cold piece of work, Miss Shepard.
A sexy woman like yourself in here with all these Mandingo warriors.
Okay, we're done.
The wet dreams you be having at night, you could fill a river.
Get out.
What's up with that, Rock?
- What's your man tell you? - Are you getting out any time?
- Looking good, Lt. Lodge. - Keep it orderly, Ron.
All right, this one here.
And you got a name?
- They call me Clever. - So how's that working for you?
- How's what working for me? - Being clever.
Because that's what I am.
I'm Durty, bro. Durty Curt from Detroit.
Your mother name you that?
What you in for, Durty Curt from Detroit?
I'm innocent, man.
Yeah, right. Me, too.
I got caught in a love triangle.
I was messing around with this married man...
one of my Latin students.
His wife caught me teaching him a few new moves, and she goes off on me...
and I smacked that bitch.
He goes bananas, talking about don't hit the mother of his children...
and starts beating on me like I'm one of his vatos.
Suddenly there was this knife in my hand, and he kept falling on it...
over and over...
and over and over again.
Let's get one thing straight, Clever. I ain't one of your dance students.
And you're not looking to learn any new moves, right?
Why does every straight man think that every gay man wants to fuck him?
You're not my type.
Even if you were...
I don't shit where I live.
- Are we clear? - As ice-cold vodka, my nigger.
That's for us. You're on kitchen detail.
Hey, man, what you got? A new friend?
Dirty Curt from Detroit. Dane and Kool.
They say niggers from Detroit is hard.
- True that. - Well, we hard, too.
Any nigger take a dick in his ass, keep a smile on his face...
is not to be fucked with. You understand?
- I hear you talking, big man. - And that's real talk.
All right, boys and girls. Cut the chatter and let's go to work.
Your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice message system.
I love you.
How you feeling?
Golden, glowing, flowing like a champ.
What does that mean?
- That's how I kiss you when you're not here. - But I'm right here.
Michael, you got a pimple.
- What are you doing? - Come on, I'm saving your life.
It's a pimple.
You love me?
You want me to confirm that I love you...
because I wouldn't let you bust a pimple on my face?
I want you to confirm that you love me because I'm pregnant.
Oh, my God. I'm in love with the greatest woman on the planet.
She's having my baby?
Life is beautiful. You're beautiful.
I love you.
That's Monarch and his woods.
They're like some pseudo Aryan nation, but you ain't got to worry about them.
They're the minority up in here.
That's your man Razor, the cat who took you off the street.
How do you know?
From County to State to Federal Pen, motherfuckers come and go daily.
And they do talk. Faster than the Internet.
You must know I'll have to bust Razor's ass before this is all over, right?
Odds are four-to-one you lose.
And how the fuck you figure?
He's down with Gutter and Mathematic.
Nothing happens in here without them sanctioning it first.
The motherfuckers setting odds on this don't know shit.
I set the odds.
I run the book for the whole tier, and I ain't been wrong in five years.
- That's 'cause you don't know Durty. - But I know Gutter and Mathematic.
Gutter don't talk unless he's using his fist.
And Mathematic, his name says it all.
A calculating, cold-blooded killer.
You may be dirty, but them niggers...
are grimy.
If they so grimy, how they got you on the books?
They get 20%.
But to answer your question, they'd have to fight me to take it away.
And odds are they'd win.
But there's a possibility that I could win, too.
Now imagine that.
You get your ass kicked by a faggot...
where would that put them on the food chain in this piece?
How's the coaching going, man?
Not bad. We got a couple of promising Olympic contenders.
There you go. Must have been pretty disappointing...
not to be able to compete when you got out.
Yeah, but I can't say I'm not happy coaching.
- Can I ask you a personal question? - Sure.
How do you survive it?
- Survive what? - Prison.
- You got to destroy the light. - What light?
You gotta flip the cool light off, and turn the mean one on.
You gotta not give a fuck if you live or die.
Where nothing means nothing.
The cool light off.
The mean light on.
One more time.
Have any of you little girls seen Jimmy the Runt?
Little girls?
5% refers to the belief...
that only 5% of all people knows and teaches the truth.
And 10% conspires to hide it.
No, that ain't the truth.
The truth is black people were the original people on this planet.
Just look at civilization. We're the mother and father to that.
What happened was a scientist came along...
and created the white man from the black man...
and in turn, tricked the black man into slavery.
- I don't believe that. - That's what happened.
I'm a Christian man.
I mean, I believe in Jesus. I don't think that's what it was.
It is. And y'all need to just marinate on that a little bit while I go take this piss.
He don't get it.
You got to learn your daily mathematics. That's the truth.
Your move.
I'm Durty, man. Durty Curt from Detroit.
Good for Detroit. We're playing a game here.
I'm talking to you or this fat bastard over here?
- Look, motherfucker... - It's cool. He can speak to me.
So anyway, your man, Raymond Carver, Razor?
- We got a little problem, man. - No, you don't.
We had some business in the street, all right?
The nigger reneged and tried to rob me. I know he mentioned it.
I don't know what you're talking about, Durty, or whatever your name is.
Somebody cheat you out of something...
file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.
I come to politic some business, and you're sitting here playing games?
No, you came to see if I'd flip if you touched Razor.
Razor's a punk bitch, no argument.
But he work for me.
And he'll keep on working for me without drama until I say otherwise.
There's your answer.
You got a problem with that, you got a real problem, son.
No, ain't no problem. No problem at all, bro.
What, did I miss something?
What the fuck you do that for?
That's to let you know, the end you kick back to me just went up 10%.
You gonna move, nigger?
You take care of me, I take care of you, all right?
I don't want the nigger in my house.
Nigger, I know you laying up in my shit with my bitch.
Put that on Razor.
Your man Durty ain't gonna see the week out.
There's a $50 cash limit, Smalls.
You want to do more, it's got to be in trade.
Not for Mathematic.
He says you take all he bet. You got a problem with that, go see him.
- It's all good in the hood. - Cool.
Put me down for $20 on Razor, also.
- Cash or trade? - Trade.
You got any money on your books?
$200. Why?
I'm going to give you a list.
When you go to the prison store, you'll use that $200 to buy what's on that list.
What the fuck am I gonna do that for?
- Don't watch. - I'm not, Clever.
I can't go when you watch.
It's what your insurance policy costs, and I'm the broker.
Everybody's betting against you.
If you make it through the week, I clean up.
That's good for self, but what's in it for me?
You get to live, plus 10%. And if you don't...
it won't fucking matter.
Make a deal with Pierce, and it's on.
You want something, Craig?
Clever say you're the man to talk to.
Clever talk a lot of shit. Don't mean it's all true.
If a man's got a problem with an inmate and wants to resolve it, what he do?
According to your file, you promoted concerts, right?
You want a stadium to hold a concert, how do you get it?
I rent it.
- How much, man? - $10,000.
$5,000, up front. $5,000, after.
Damn, you got to pay to play? Way of the world.
Why should in here be any different, right?
Are you aware you were straddling two lanes back there, sir?
I was?
Have you been drinking, sir?
Step out of the car, sir.
Don't move, motherfucker!
This is what it takes?
Get down! Get your ass down!
This shit ain't right, Curtis. Your daughter has needs.
I got needs, and your responsibilities ain't being met.
Rayvon, didn't I tell you I was going to take care of it?
For Christ's sake, I'm locked the fuck up.
And whose fault is that? It damn sure ain't mine.
And don't try to act like you ain't got no money.
- Mommy, can I have a soda? - Yeah, baby.
- Here you go. Give Mommy a kiss. - Thank you.
When did you ever hear me say I ain't got no money?
I said Amber would take care of you after the concert.
That's what I'm talking about.
How you gonna let that off-brand bitch run shit?
That's why your stupid ass is sitting where you sitting.
What does Amber got to do with me being locked up?
You hang out with stupid white bitches, you start doing stupid-ass shit, that's how.
You gonna make me smack the shit out of you.
I wish you would.
Then they can just add some more time to the time you already got.
Let me spend the last couple minutes I got left with my daughter.
All right. Go on, baby.
That's your daddy, an example of what not to grow up and be.
- Raise your arms. - I'm here to see Capt. Pierce.
- You here to see Curtis Craig? - Yes, sir.
I need to have a word with you, ma'am. I got this, Lodge.
Raise your arms.
And your mama been calling, talking about she want to see Tori.
- Take her to see her, then. - She got a car. Why can't she come see her?
Like I got extra gas and money to be driving to her place.
- You know what? - What?
Take the picture, man.
I got to go. My time is up. Coming to see me next week?
I don't know. I'll think about it. Come on, baby.
Come here, y'all are coming back.
All right.
- Rayvon. - Hey, Amber.
- What the fuck is she doing here? - How am I supposed to see my daughter?
Tell her to buy a digital camera and send the pictures.
Don't even start with your shit, all right?
Nigger get locked up and everybody got a little extra lip on their ass.
Let me tell you something. I won't be in here forever, remember that.
So what's up? You saw the man on your way in?
- Just like you said. - You gave it to him, right?
Yeah, but that $5,000 will cut into the radio spots we're to buy.
Let me worry about that. You make sure that money get in the bank.
- Give him the other half after the concert. - Okay.
Me and you been through a lot together.
I mean, nigger been there for you.
When you had nowhere to go, who took you in?
- You did. - I did, so act like it.
What the fuck is going on? Hey, cops!
What the fuck!
You beat him long enough, he's gonna confess to being you.
- He already confessed. - What?
That was for Teal.
Busted his kneecaps. He'll be lucky to ever walk again.
Fucked me up.
Fine. Have fun.
Where's your fucking loyalty, Wade?
When Durty Curt hit the yard tomorrow...
I want you to shove that shiv up his punk ass.
Yeah, for sure. I got that. No doubt.
Gutter, Mathematic, Capt. Pierce wants to see you.
Soon as we done in here.
That wasn't no goddamn request.
Get a move on.
You trying to rob me, nigger? Gonna fucking kill me?
No way I'm going for this!
You die, motherfucker.
You die, bitch.
I can't hear you.
Your bro Mathematic bet on the wrong man.
Game over.
We're trying to figure out what happened here.
If you saw anything that might help us clear this up...
it might take some time off your sentence.
Aren't you just the Angie Dickinson reincarnated.
Alas, my dear, we live in a world ruined by senseless brutality...
fueled by cowboy politics and violent music videos.
Yet we wonder why life still smells like poo-poo.
What is that supposed to mean?
I didn't see shit, I don't know shit, and I don't give a shit.
Get the hell out.
- So, where were you? - You know where I was at.
Refresh my memory.
I was in here talking with you about some bullshit.
So you didn't do it?
Did you?
I walked in and there he was, you know?
- No, I don't know. Why don't you tell me? - The nigger was dead.
There was blood all over the place. Looked like a fucking butcher shop.
- That's when I called the guards. - Then you didn't do it?
I got nothing against niggers.
I think everybody should own at least one.
But to answer your question, no.
You and Raymond Carver had a beef, right?
I ain't had no love for the man, if that's what you mean.
- Where were you? - In my cell.
- You sure about that? - Ask Clever. He'll tell you.
Thank you.
You in prison, I'm not.
There was a concert last night. Sold out.
The promoter probably made a nice piece of change.
You know that.
Give it up, Smalls.
You should've known better than to bet against Clever.
That's right.
Aren't you missing something?
Fat ass.
Shit's coming together like butt cheeks.
I made a gang of loot, your man is gone, and you got away with it.
- Now, that's ice. - Old Razor had it coming to him.
You would know that if you spent a day in the street.
No doubt.
But Mathematic might feel the same about you.
- We took him good. - I don't give a fuck what them niggers think.
I done gave the man the other $5,000. Amber's gonna bring that paper today.
I give Pierce that loot, and after that it's gonna be all good.
I hear you talking.
I'm just trying to figure out how low a chick's self-esteem have to be...
- To date a nigger locked up. - She ain't no soccer mom.
But in case you haven't noticed, there's a shortage on good men.
But couldn't she date the mailman...
the guy that washes her car, packs her groceries?
- They ain't no good men, Clever. - They good enough to be free.
Look, I ain't shitting on your game...
but does a broad really think she can find a good man in jail?
He's locked up.
There's something ain't good about him.
All right, girls, let's break it up.
Craig, you got a visitor.
What the fuck you doing here?
Didn't your punk ass tell me to come visit you?
You get the fuck up out of here with that bullshit.
Why? 'Cause your white girl coming to see you?
You ain't got nothing to say now?
I got news for you. She ain't coming.
- Rayvon, what is you talking about? - I want talk about Amber.
You know, your blue-eyed wonder, the one you let run shit?
Well, she ran the fuck off with your money.
You told me to meet her after the concert to get some money for Tori...
- And the bitch was gone. - She probably went to the store.
Okay, not only was she gone...
but your apartment was empty and all your furniture was gone.
The landlord said that bitch moved out.
They say it's better to be pissed off than pissed on.
Well, I'm pissed off. So you're getting pissed on.
What's going on?
Ain't nothing going on.
You know that chocolate milk run right through a nigger.
- Just came here to take care of business. - Did you take care of it?
- What? - Your business.
Lt. Lodge, please escort these gentlemen back to their cells.
- All right, you heard the man. Move out! - Let's go.
- Quickly! - Keep your eyes front and move!
- Your package didn't come. - Fucking cracker bitch double-crossed me.
Took my paper, fled.
So what that make me now, the walking dead?
Won't be the first time a woman done crossed a man, did a man wrong.
Most of the brothers up in here because of a woman.
- So you understand my situation? - I understand you got a problem.
So I'll keep on having this problem until I come with the rest of your money?
I'm not as corrupt as you might want to believe.
You and Razor were gonna get at each other one way or the other.
I just got paid in the process. I got a new hearing aid.
That's all good for you, but where that leave me?
I'm not gonna make nothing happen, if that's what you be thinking.
So in other words, I'm on my own?
That's my man.
You think that little move with your man was clever?
What's wrong with you?
Think because you got a new boyfriend you can take my money?
I run you. You do what I say!
I'll pimp your faggot ass...
have motherfuckers gang-rape you till your asshole bleed red.
You got me, you fucking queer?
This is Eddie Mathematic, motherfucker. And I own you, bitch!
Flip this motherfucker over.
- Come on. - Let's fuck his ass.
I can't believe I broke my heel. Jesus.
- You'll call me "Miss Shepard" or "ma'am." - Yes, ma'am.
Close the door.
Are you aware Curtis Craig is incarcerated here?
No, ma'am.
I wasn't aware...
that Curtis Craig and Raymond Carver were in prison here.
Well, Raymond Carver isn't. He's dead.
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