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Doing Hard Time CD2

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we certainly are.
And you will be transferred, the first opening we get, at another facility.
Look, I have a son of my own.
So I understand your pain, I do.
If there is anything you need, let me know. I'll see what I can do to help.
There's one thing, ma'am.
When I was in County, I got into art.
Ceramics and that sort of thing.
- And you'd like to continue it here? - Yes.
- I'll see what I can do. - Thank you.
Jesus, what the fuck, man!
I'm straight, man.
On what planet?
It's Mathematic and Gutter.
Figured out Clever helped you get to Razor, didn't like the loss.
So they took the book.
They're probably coming after you next.
They came after me first.
I'd be laying right here next to him or worse if Pierce hadn't come through.
So Pierce has got your back?
Amber ain't never come through with the paper.
So if it's gonna happen, it's gonna have to happen, right?
You guys have to leave now.
What's up?
You waiting for me to do something?
- Ask you to dance? - You tell me.
Look, man, I got this appeal going for me, and I don't need nobody fucking it up.
So don't start no shit, won't be no shit.
Toure Smalls.
- Folks call me Smalls. - Right, Smalls.
Can you tell me what this says? I got a reading disability.
- What kind? - The type where I can't read.
What are the glasses for?
- Makes me look smart. - Right.
All right, let me see.
It says your appeal's been filed...
and a judge is reviewing it.
- That's it? - Yeah.
I just got married before I caught this case. Locked up six months later.
I wouldn't be up in here if I had a real lawyer.
Punk-ass public defenders.
Anybody knows anything with the word "public" in it ain't worth shit:
public bathrooms, public schools, public housing.
You know who becomes public defenders?
Motherfuckers who get D's and F's in law school.
I had a better chance of getting that bald, black brother on The Practice.
And he ain't even a real lawyer.
Eddie Mathematic want to see you.
- Who? - Eddie Mathematic, he's the man.
Nothing go down up in here without him touching it.
So he want to see me. Why? I win a contest or something?
Shit, you're like a celebrity. Killed a cop.
Look, I did not kill anybody.
You tried. That's good enough for him.
Come on.
All right, just be cool, all right? Don't speak until he talks to you, it's cool.
Hey, what's up, y'all?
This the guy? The one that had the thing with the cop?
- This is the guy. - C., watch out.
Have a seat, brother.
- I'm Mathematic. How you? - Michael.
We good people.
I wanted to meet you, make sure you settled in right.
Nothing personal...
but if I wanted to meet good people, I wouldn't be in here.
You want to make your time in here easy? Get with us.
We'll get you a hustle, anything you need.
I'd be your daddy. You'd be one of my sons.
Make your six months feel like a vacation.
- Your son? - Yeah.
I don't know, man.
What do you mean, "I don't know"?
I get with you, and all of a sudden...
my six months turn into a lifetime subscription.
So what do you think?
You think you gonna just waltz up in here...
do Durty Curt, and waltz out when your bid is up?
Ain't gonna happen.
We got plans for Durty, and it ain't nothing nice.
Well, you know what they say: If you want to hear God laugh...
tell him what you got planned.
God don't run this motherfucker. I do.
Let me think about it.
I'll get back to you.
Your boy don't understand the rules in here.
Let me talk to him, all right? He ain't quite figured it all out yet.
All right, you go handle that.
- Antonio, I'm so glad you could make it. - I came here as soon as I could.
I was just making David a snack. Got some taquitos. Are you hungry?
No, I'm good.
- Can I see him? - Sure, give me a minute.
You can come on back.
Here, I'll take your jacket. He's looking forward to seeing you.
Hey, Wade. Sit down, man.
Check this out.
I couldn't watch cartoons when I was kid because we couldn't afford a TV.
- I love them cartoons. - You don't mind me smoking?
I'm sorry, but this location must remain secret.
Dave, how you doing?
You know me, Wade. I'm doing good, man.
I'm a grown man and I got diapers.
That way, when I shit in my pants, my wife can change me.
Takes a lot of love and loyalty for a woman to do that.
Especially for a man who can't even fuck her no more, you know what I'm saying?
She's strong, though. She's a hell of a woman.
Did you stop seeing your psychiatrist?
This is my psychiatrist.
Every day I take her out, I put her in my mouth.
You know why I don't pull the trigger?
'Cause I'd rather use it on the motherfucker who put me in this chair.
- Man, you can't talk like that. - What am I supposed to say?
I read the Bible, bro.
You know what Matthew says in Chapter 5, Verse 38?
"An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth." Mano para mano.
That guy took my life, Wade.
He deserves a bullet between his eyes. You and I both know that.
- Let me take the gun. - Get the fuck out of here!
All right.
All right, inside.
Goodnight, cocksuckers.
What up, man?
You Curtis Craig?
They call me Durty Curt. Durty Curt from Detroit.
- Who are you? - Michael. People call me Mike.
So what up, Mike? You want something?
This guy, Razor, somebody did him in here.
Yeah, I might've heard a little something about that.
It just reminded me of when my son was murdered.
You got kids?
- Yeah, man. A daughter. - So you know what I'm talking about.
- Somebody shot my son. - Look, it wasn't me, all right?
Nobody said it was.
Don't play with me, son. I'm who you think I am, you heard?
I'm telling you right now, I ain't killed your son.
But if by chance I did have something to do with it, I'm sorry.
- Lf there was something I could do... - Shoot yourself in the eye!
Then you'll know exactly what my son experienced...
- Right before he died. - So it's like that?
Would make us about even.
But I didn't kill your son. My nigger, don't make me kill you.
Is there a problem?
No, Officer, no problem.
No, everything's great.
So, listen, I talked to my people.
And if that bitch shows one hair of her pale ass on the street...
she's over with.
- You'd do that for me? - I ain't doing this shit for you.
I'm doing it for Tori. We need that money.
Thanks, anyway.
I know we ain't been kicking it the way you thought we ought to...
but I'll change all that when I get out of here.
- Okay, what you want? - Why I gotta want something?
'Cause you always start with that "I'm gonna change" shit...
when you want something. Then when I do it...
your ass ain't nowhere to be found, changed or otherwise.
All right, fuck it then. I ain't gonna try to play you.
- You too bright for that. - I know that's right.
This is the deal. I need you to see this man outside.
He gonna give you a package to bring up in here...
Hold up, you want me to smuggle drugs up in here?
Say it louder. The guard ain't hear you.
- What the fuck for? - 'Cause if you don't, I'm a dead man.
And a live baby daddy in jail is better than no daddy at all.
You know what? This is some crazy shit.
You got the white girl running shit when everything is going cool.
But when shit gets fucked up, you want to run to the sister.
"Hold me down, watch my back." Risk going to jail?
But through all the bullshit you put me through...
I still got faith in your black ass.
So you gonna do it then?
Yeah. Fuck me, man.
Hell, nigger, whose dick you suck to get all this shit here?
I asked Miss Shepard.
What the hell did you say?
We have a bond, all right?
Speaking of bonds, Mathematic want to know what you gonna do.
- What did you say? - I told him you were thinking about it.
- I'm not. - Yeah, but he don't know that.
How long before you think he figures out you're jerking him off?
Man, my appeal goes through, it won't even matter.
It'll be somebody else's problem.
- And if it doesn't? - We'll deal with it when we get to it.
But in the meantime between time, can you read this letter?
Mitchell, you've got a visitor.
Mathematic, I need to holler at you, man.
What went down between me and Razor, that's between us.
I know he was making you money...
so I got a connect gonna bring some product up in here.
So 50% of the profit is yours, if it'll make things right between us.
You take the castle with your knight, man.
I'm trying to make some peace up in here. You heard me?
Nigger, is you crazy? Dead men don't talk.
All right, motherfucker.
Remember though, to kick some ass, you got to bring some.
Bitch me, you nigger.
How you doing?
You're asking me how I'm doing?
You're one of the smartest brothers I know.
I made a mistake. I'm doing my bit.
You don't end up in a place like this by accident.
- You brought the boots I wanted? - Yeah.
Robin's been asking about you.
- She wants to come to see you. - Not an option.
What you mean, that's not an option? The woman loves you.
I'm sorry she feels that way, okay?
And it must hurt like hell, but I can't love her.
My wife won't allow it.
Let him by.
You're gonna kick down 25% of your profit if we take out Mathematics.
What, you scared? I'll give you 35%.
We ain't scared, man.
There's nothing we enjoy more than killing niggers.
So what's up, man? We got a deal or what?
Why should I risk one of my guys...
when all I gotta do is just kick back and watch you niggers kill each other off?
No risk to us.
That shit's better than watching cable.
What the fuck you doing in here, man?
I know the game, nigger. Down one, drown one. Courtesy flush.
it's too small in here to let it float, anyway.
Welcome back, my nigger.
Welcome home, boy.
- You think you can help me out here? - I'm busy.
I got a real problem, Mike, all right?
Now that Clever's out, Mathematic put me on the book.
He doesn't know you can't read?
I don't know what we owe or who owes what.
Look, I got your back. I been watching your back, right?
- All I ask is that you help me out with this. - Let me see that.
They're shitting you, you see?
That's the first thing the police tell you: You have the right to remain silent.
That is the first thing a nigger give up. See, we can't hold nothing back.
The only thing white folks say is, "Can I call my lawyer?"
End of conversation.
Unless you a celebrity.
They treat them motherfuckers totally different.
They call them up like, "Hi, this is the Chief of Police.
"I know you're busy, I've seen your motion pictures...
"but if it's not too much trouble can you stop by the station...
"say on Tuesday, so we can arrest your motherfucking ass?"
Yeah, and then they be arrogant with their shit. They like:
"Does it have to be Tuesday?"
See, Snoop Dogg, he ain't gonna get that call.
They gonna have helicopters, SWAT unit kicking his door in...
while he on the toilet trying to take a shit...
and put him in the car before he can wipe his ass.
If you could fuck anybody, who would you fuck?
Man, I got 10 years. So, yeah, I'm prison-gay.
But it ain't about the sex. It's about the power.
And the look on that fool's face when you running up in him.
Yeah, we know all that. Now, who would you fuck?
Mike Tyson.
Take his manhood, and I'm the champ.
All right, what about you, Clever?
- POTUS. - Who?
- POTUS? - The President of the United States.
Figure he been fucking the shit out of America...
it only seems appropriate he gets a taste of his own medicine.
Grudge fuck.
You got to tame the beast before you make him a house pet.
All right, ladies, you've had your fun. The party's over.
- All right, we'll see you. - Come on.
Please put your seats in their full and upright position...
because tomorrow, it's gonna get ugly.
Two of them chocolate milks.
What's up?
Been waiting to hear back.
- He's in. - Is that a fact?
He helped me with the books last night. Ain't that right, Mike?
That's cool. You help Smalls with the books.
But I think you need a hustle of your own.
Getting kind of cozy with that Counselor Shepard.
Got you a bunch of art supplies and shit.
I'm thinking, we see what else she could get for you.
Yeah. That's a good idea, Mathematic.
Nigger, shut the fuck up. I'm talking to this man.
I want you to get a cell phone.
$50 dollars a call.
Clear $500 to $600 a day. $20,000 a month.
You make a third.
You are fucking dreaming. Wake up.
Who the fuck do you think you talking to?
This nigger? Nigger, that's my nigger.
If I want him to, he'll break your little fucking pretty ass up.
You think you can tell me no? I run this motherfucker. I tell...
We've just lost cabin pressure.
A faggot killed you, motherfucker!
We've got a situation here!
Stay down, motherfucker, god damn it!
Revenge don't mean shit...
unless the motherfucker you're doing knows it's you.
All available guards to the cafeteria!
Stay down!
Fuck off, man. Get the fuck off of me!
Fucking motherfuckers, man! Suck my dick, bitch!
Fuck you, bitch!
Fuck all of y'all, man!
Once upon a time, long ago...
there was a bird. A big black bird from Detroit.
And one day, he went soaring through the sky.
He tried to land on this telephone wire.
But when he came down for his landing...
he kind of missed a step and he fell off.
He lost his balance.
Why did he fall, Daddy?
- He lost his balance, baby. - Why?
I don't know. Happens to everybody.
Like when you was first starting to walk...
when you first learned how to ride a bike, you had to find your balance, remember?
I get it. Like when Mama talks about you.
She says you can't balance us with the streets.
- She said that? - That's what Mama said.
What is it? Come on.
Okay, relax. I'm gonna give you a hint. What do you want to be when you grow up?
- Okay, give it to him, Daddy. - All right.
Here we go.
Just what I wanted!
- Do you like it? - Let me get y'all.
Look through here. Put it to your eye. There you go.
- All right, did you press... - Lights, camera, action!
Bounce. Someone's good.
Takes out a defender.
Going up. Jumps!
It's in! Yeah!
Crowd going apeshit!
Women throwing themselves at him. What's up, baby? See you at the bar?
- Yeah, to the ticker-tape parade. - Fine black nigger.
Comes off the podium.
He walks into the sunset.
And he's met by two police officers...
who arrest him for cheating on his wife.
For fucking a white woman.
What've we got here?
One, two...
- There's three there. - Three kilos.
You know this puts you in the business of distribution, Chris?
I got a problem. I'm trying to see if I get help...
I'm trying to talk, then you can talk.
If you can convince me that you're just a consumer...
you'll do seven months, tops.
That's what I'm trying to tell you. I'm a consumer.
I love the shit. I'll do whatever you guys want me to do.
I don't like cops, sorry. I'm nervous. You can fuck me if you want, dude.
It's been three weeks and we've interviewed everyone...
including our own people.
About 80% said they don't know what happened.
20% said Clever, Mathematic, and Gutter did it.
Convenient how all the cons responsible are dead.
- Which means nobody catches a case. - Yeah.
Not to mention, the cons that informed on the dead...
want all the prison details and the stuff that we promised them.
- Same shit, different bowl. - Yeah.
What do you want to do about Mitchell and Craig?
We can't keep them in segregation if we can't charge them.
- Return them to general population. - All right.
What you doing tonight?
Well, if I can get a babysitter, I'm gonna meet with this mortgage guy...
and talk about getting a second on my condo. What about you?
My ex got a plumbing problem she wants me to take a look at.
A little sex with the ex. Good for you.
I don't give a fuck what he said.
Don't ever bring me back a book that's short!
I want it to ring out loud and clear for this motherfucker!
Smalls don't be taking no shit!
- Hey, Mike, what's up? They let you out? - Yeah, just now.
What the fuck y'all still doing in here? Get the fuck out!
Hurry up, man.
They took all your shit, man.
Doesn't matter anymore.
What was that all about?
I had Shepard read this to me.
They denied your appeal.
But with Mathematic gone, I got the gambling, I got the dope.
I got the whole barnyard, man.
I got room up in here if you want some of this action.
You think my position changed 'cause it's you?
You ain't no different than any nigger up in this piece.
You've committed blood crimes without prejudice or remorse.
Once you've lost everything, you're free to do anything, nigger.
Yeah, that philosophical shit is all cool.
But what this shit is really about, is revenge.
This from a man who can't read or write.
Well, some things ain't written on paper.
But I do know, for every number one...
there's a number two waiting to make his move.
And that's how you get back at Durty Curt from Detroit.
- Are you here to see Michael Mitchell? - Yes, ma'am.
I need to have a word with you, ma'am.
- You saw the man outside? - Yeah, I brought it, but...
- I know, I was in segregation. - No shit.
You know you could've called me.
Rayvon, I was in segregation.
So? Would it have killed you to make one damn phone call?
And I wasted a whole tank of gas coming all the way up here.
- The word "segregation" means "solitary." - What?
Don't worry about it. Forget it, all right?
I'm sorry. It's my bad. I should've called.
So what's up? You got that?
Yeah, it's at the house. You want me to bring it tomorrow?
But you told me to...
I know what I told you to do, but I'm sorry. It's for your own good.
See, this is one of your tricks.
You're saying it's for my own good, but it's...
Come on, Rayvon. Just stop, all right? Please, just stop.
I know I can't blame you, honey.
Ain't like I been the most trustworthy motherfucker on the planet.
But this right here is about our daughter.
Think about what's gonna happen to her...
if you get caught bringing that shit up in here.
What I did, I did. I'm in here.
But I'll be damned if I'm gonna take you down the hole with me.
I need you to go to my mom's house and get some insurance papers.
In case some shit go down in here, you and Tori will be all right.
Hey, baby, ain't nothing gonna happen to you.
You are a strong black man.
- You know I love you, Rayvon. - I love you, too.
- How you doing? - That's my question, isn't it?
How I'm doing isn't really much of a question.
It is to me.
- Did you see the lady? - Yeah.
But it doesn't matter. I'm just glad you called.
Armand told me you wanted to see me.
- Don't think I don't love you, all right? - I know you love me.
I can feel it in my heart.
The problem is that you can't stop loving your wife and your son.
I'm a good woman, but I can't compete with the memory of them.
You shouldn't have to.
- Are you seeing someone? - Yeah, I guess. I mean...
- He's a good man and he loves me, but... - But what?
He can't compete with the memory of you.
They say time heals all wounds. I know it's a cliché.
But it's gotta come from somewhere.
Look, in time, you'll forget about me.
Tell me something, Michael.
How come time hasn't healed your wounds?
I gotta go.
It's time to get up.
What the fuck, man.
- Chow line's not for another hour... - Get your sorry ass up!
You be where I tell you to be and when I tell you to be there.
- Capt. Pierce know about this, ma'am? - Capt. Pierce is off.
Don't make me get ugly up in here. Get your ass up!
Come on, you can move faster than that.
I gotta tie my shoe.
Get your ass in there.
Turn around.
- I didn't kill your son. - Turn around.
Whatever you got to do, just do it, 'cause I ain't helping you.
Turn the fuck around!
What the fuck you want, man?
Come on.
It's over, man. Come on, Mike.
This is for Officer Teal.
Mike. Hold on, man.
- Why? - I don't know. Hold on.
Hold on, please.
There's nothing left to do.
I forgive you.
Hold on, Mike.
Guards! Somebody help me!
I need help!
You know, life is funny, Mike.
This happens, that happens.
All of a sudden, you find yourself in this life you never thought you'd have, you know?
You never planned for it.
Shit is just there.
And the life you thought you'd have...
that shit seems so far out of grasp, you'd do anything to get it.
But my word to God, man, I wish none of this never happened.
Call me crazy...
but it's like you're where you want to be.
And I'm where I need to be.
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