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Subtitles for Dokument Fanny och Alexander CD2.

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Dokument Fanny och Alexander CD2

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Dancing in a ring! How fun!
-And Putte. -Shall I be here?
And Lydia & Carl.
Oscar after Carl, and then Vega.
Then Esther & Alma.
Then Emilie after Alva. And Alida.
Then Siri, Lisen and Jacobi.
Everybody in their places? Come here.
-Alot of twists and turns at the end. -It's the hardest position.
Here's the hard part. You go over here.
Suddenly you take her here. The others move on.
Push her against the wall, and say...
Would Maj like to visit me later in my room?
Continue here. She will free herself this way.
That's correct. And then in here again.
And you force your way in here. Yes, that's good!
Camera & Crew Is Supposed To Follow The Colonel Through A Door.
It Looks Less Hazardous Than It Actually Is.
My Condolenses.
With the deepest upmost respect allow me to kiss your hand.
I offer my complete support.
-Thank you. That's good. -Shall I remain here?
He kisses her hand like this.
Then he puts the hand back like so, and then stands like this.
Looking at her.
Like this. All stiff and serious.
..while gazing compassionately at the widow.
You understand?
-It's not that hard. -No it isn't.
The Dolls
-Where did you get all the dolls? -There was a Puppet Theater once.
In the beginning of the 18:th century. We found them packed in boxes.
It was packed in boxes for the Stockholm World Expo in 1907.
-This? -Nobody owns them?
There were more than 300 exhibitions. And the director kept on going.
He rented a place on Biblioteksgatan (Library Street).
Most likely the old RODA KVARN. Back then it was "OLYMPIABIOGRAFEN"
He worked two more years, and had 18 premieres.
Then he couldn't afford it.
You can have some milk too.
-Who owns them then? -They belong to the government.
Drottningholm's Theater Museum.
Let's move the bench 8 inches more towards the wall.
And Mattsson will follow. 8 inches I told you!
I had just quit, but then I did a film-
-in which I was smoking, and that made me start again.
But I've been off it now for five years. Hopefully for good.
-Mom and Dad smoke alot. -And you don't like it?
Therefor it's better to blame the mirrors, because people are laughing.
And it's more economical.
Like this, and you go...
-Yes, above all economical. -Right.
And then: "Look closely"
And go over like this.
Hold the hand down, and then.. You see?
And follow the hand like that.
And then turn it.
Sven Nykvist Uses Minimal Lighting With High Precision.
This is darker.
Light will be here. And it's not too much.
It's a bit too dark.
Light that now.
-Cover it completely? -Yes.
-Do you want that half as well? -Yes, you're right.
Now it's wrong. Use it to shield off a bit here.
We Think He's Unique. The Rest Of The World Think So Too.
If you talk too much, the mystique might disappears.
Put a light up here and direct it towards the mummy and the boy.
But now it hits here as well? That's fine.
We Rehearse The Discreet Camera Movements-
-That Follow Alexander & Ismael.
Like that, Yes. That's good, Jenny.
-It's not me that... -It's not me talking.
-It's you. -And then put... Correct.
-Cover his face. -Now don't hesitate.
-He sleeps heavily. -One moment.
Cover his face.
-Like that. -Now don't hesitate.
-He sleeps heavily. -And we'll follow the hands.
-Plagued by nightmares. -Wait, Let's see. Like that. Yes.
Stand still!
The hands near the lower edge, and the eyebrows near the upper edge.
And then the mouth.
-And then you say... -He sleeps heavily, has a nightmare.
Maybe that's good.
Like that.
The doors shall be opened. Give me your hands, Alexander.
Like that, Yes. Hands up, please.
It's the safest... The doors shall be opened.
Hands higher, please!
When the hands are up, do a tilt like this.
One moment!
Keep the hands near the lower edge.
Wait a moment. I know what you're thinking of.
A big grey-haired man. He is blue-eyed.
One more time. It's this camera movement...
Now I had my toes in the way.
We have to time it better.
Ready, Sven? Just the last bit once more.
Stand up.
-And... -You're carrying thoughts of a dead man.
Just look into one of his eyes. His left.
The camera eye so to speak. Look into that one.
-You're carrying thoughts of a dead man. Wait!
I know whom.
A big grey-haired man. He is blue-eyed.
Clear, blue eyes and a friendly face.
Now he's dreaming; he kneels in front of an altar...
By the altar hangs the crucified prophet.
In his dream he stands up and shouts:
"My god, my god - Why have you abandoned me?"
Nobody answers him. Not as much as a laughter.
-Don't talk like that. -It's not me talking.
It's you.
-Now don't hesitate. -Look scared, AIexander!
Like that, Yes. And let her close your eyes.
You don't shut them. Yes, That's it.
Now don't hesitate.
He sleeps heavily, plagued by nightmares.
With your hands, Alexander. It's not really necessary.
But it's safer.
The doors shall be opened, a shout will be heard from the house.
-I don't want to. -It's too late.
I know what you wish for.
A boy like you with a hate that never ends!
Your skinny torso could explode.
Don't be afraid, AIexander. Just don't hesitate.
Therefor I hold you in my arms. There's only one way to go.
And I'll follow you. My life expires and I enter your body...
Don't be afraid. I'm the angel that protects you.
It's five in the morning. The sun has just risen.
The doors open... No, Wait. First there's a scream.
A horrendeous scream that cut through the room.
An unrecognizable, fire-ridden silhouette runs through the house.
I don't want to. Let me go!
Thank you!
Now you feared the camera. I could see it in your acting.
Apart from that it was very nice.
Take a brake. Go drink some, and do a touch up on the make-up.
The Concentration Is Total And We Don't Let Anything Disturb Us.
I know of whom you're thinking of.
A big grey-haired man. He is blue-eyed.
He's increasingly scared.
Right now he is dreaming. He kneels in front of an altar.
By the altar hangs the crucified prophet.
In his dream he stands up and shouts:
"My god, my god - Why have you abandoned me?"
Nobody answers him. Not as much as a laughter.
-Don't talk like that. -It's not me talking.
It's you.
Allan Edwall Practises The Role Of The Ghost In Hamlet.
It's Hard To Portray A "Bad Actor"
Listen up, if you love your precious father.
-Oh my god! -His bestial deed. Murder!
-You avenge! -Mord?
Yes, Murder!
And murder is gruesome by itself, but this is worse!
-Worst..! -And the most cruel!
-And the most gruesome! -Speak up!
-A natural slip-up. -Wonderful, very good!
A tad more theatrical. And more energetic.
More hysterical.
Like this. You understand?
Give it all you got. Murder!
Everything you've got, Mattson.
It happened, in an instant the leprosy struck!
Like Lazarus, with wounds and boils, 'round my smooth body!
That's how I became-
-at once crowned queen and then dethroned...
And cast away in the midst of my blossoming sins.
With communion, confessional, and salvation-
-then sent to my destiny!
With my guilty conscience and all my sins on my mind.
Awful, Extremely awful!
If you have a heart, It would never cope.
-A couple of small things. -Let's do it once more.
When you do this movement..
Sit here.
In an instant. Almost a second after.
Not like that, but like this! Do you understand?
Letting the blood of sins just like pouring vinegar in milk.
And then you do like this.
-This button will kill me. -You can remove it.
Gunnar Bjornstrand Sings: "The Jester's Song"
Arne Carlsson's Camera Followed Him All Day.
You'll See A Great Actor, And His Battle Against His Own Fear,-
-His Failing Instrument, And His Disease.
Gunnar Bjornstrand Has Approved Of These Takes To Be Shown.
-We must do like this. -Climb the ladder.
I'll do it like this.
That's a hugh pillow. Do we need one? No, the other way.
-Facing the audience? -Yes.
-You're and old actor, you see. -That's fine.
Don't let this one scare you. Can you make it on top of it?
Is that alright? You don't need a pillow, do you?
Maybe a thin one. It's pretty rough.
Begin like this.
-Shall we try to do a take? -Is the candle lit?
No, will be soon. Can someone please light it?
-The rain maker? -He's in place.
Thank you!
-A strong scene. -Once more!
Thank you!
-Thank you! -That was good.
-Did that work? -Yes.
Maybe one small detail...
When you raise the umbrella, you tremble.
-Yes, it's hard. -Please try holding it with both hands.
-I can do that. -Let's see it!
Wait! That's good! Maybe more to the side?
So that you don't cover the face.
That works excellent. That looks even funnier too.
Thank you!
Please move a little to the right! Left, I mean.
Once more!
That's good!
Please light the candle again.
You held it... You couldn't see the candle.
It's difficult with a candle glued to your head.
-I need more practise. -Never mind.
Let's try one more take.
Thank you!
I think that was good.
-That's it then. -They aren't there anymore.
No more. Went away many years ago.
-I sat like this. -I'll remove this.
The scarf is visible.
-Is this in frame, Sven? -No, It's not.
-Can we practise first? -What?
-Can we try once first? -Do you want that? Or with film?
-No, we do it your way. -If you want to we'll do it.
-I don't think we need to. -No.
Ok. Let's try it.
-You want to rehearse the verse? -No. Oh, well, maybe the first line.
That's right, Yes.
Like that, and then you take the umbrella over the candle.
One moment! Quiet! Camera!
Thank you! Perfect! Masterful!
-You can come out here. -Yes, Thanks.
-Turn off the rain! -Too much clatter.
Wait a moment.
-Do you want to sit here? -Doesn't matter.
Do you think the ramp will show? Then we have to raise them.
Light the candle.
Hold the umbrella just like on the previous verse.
Like that, Yes.
-And then down? -Yes.
Like that. Raise it! Camera!
Stop, Gunnar! Umbrella has to come down.
Once more! Quiet!
When you begin to sing, place the umbrella on your shoulder.
Thank you!
-How was that? -Fine!
We can do it once more. Raise the umbrella.
Very good, Gunnar! Once more.
-Thanks! Very nice. -Thank you.
-Have you practised? -No.
Remove the candle. And put it out.
Now I'm in the way again.
So, attach it to my head again?
It was perfect.
It's stuck, right? It won't fall off while he sings?
Perhaps a little bit more to the side.
The microphone is visible.
Stop! Don't sing until he finishes the last note.
Once again then!
And the microphone is very close so you can do it low-key.
Never mind the candle on your head.
Quiet! Camera!
-Do you see the microphone, Sven? -No.
You forgot the candle!
More rain please.
More intense!
-Imagine there's an audience. -Yes, I do.
Thank you. Stop! Remove the candle at once.
Otherwise it was good. Let's try it.
A little more rain.
That's good.
Very nice, Gunnar.
Please begin!
Thank you!
Very nice.
Oscar's Funeral Was Filmed On A Very Cold Day.
There were 500 Extras And An Unpresidented Number Of Actors.
-Britt Inger NiIsson? -Bus no. 6.
Stand still!
The Director Had The Flu And Was Having A Severe Fever.
But With Careful Planning Some Co-Workers Took Over.
Let's do this. And a closer shot.
-Perfect. How about you, Sven? -It was perfect.
-It's 11. -I know.
Explain to the actors that we'll do safety copies and new versions.
We go up close on a few shots. That's why we do more takes.
-I will. -Thank you.
Friday 12/2 1982 The 100:th Day
We begin with a flash!
-Did you see that? -And then you run!
-A Thunderstorm. -It is close by.
-What if it strikes the church? -God will punish you for such thoughts.
If god punishes Alexander for such minor things, he's a jerk.
Turn around this way! No, that's too much.
-No, that was the intention. -I like the flute. Keep that up!
And then you go. "Schh"
He plays the flute.
And then you turn towards her, and then sit down, both of you.
If we really concentrate hard enough, and wish him dead, he will die.
But we have to start at the same time. One, two, three - Die you pig!
When they say that, the second flash has to come.
You say: "one, two, three" Then he'll go first with: "Die you pig"
-Yeah, like we did earlier. -Correct, Yes.
The second take was good.
-You see him praying. Then you do it too. -Yeah, I was about to.
And sit straight. Both of you.
One, two, three -Die you pig
-He's still playing. -We have to try it again.
Look at her when you say that.
One, two, three -Die you pig
And look up. And you go...
Is it my turn?
Now it disappeared.
-Maybe he's dead. -Maybe he died?
Maybe he died?
Me and my sister did just like that.
-I recognize this. -Did you laugh as well?
No, we were serious. Once more!
Fanny! "Do you hear that? He's playing flute"
-Yes, but you can say whatever you want. -Yes, but maybe: "Did you hear that?"
-And: "Maybe he died" -In the end, yes.
Quiet! Once more!
A giant flash! Begin!
Did you see that?
-What if... -Wait! And listen !
-He's still playing. -Correct.
There will be sound of thunder, but we'll put that in later.
"If we concentrate really hard.." Sit straight!
If we concentrate really hard and wish him dead, he will die.
-One, two, three: Die, you.. -And you, close your eyes!
That's right! Shut them with a grin.
Like you sat on the toilet taking a dump.
But don't do it here! "If we concentrate really hard"
If we concentrate really hard and wish him dead, he will die.
And then the grin!
One, two, three: Die, you pig
He still plays.
Let's try one more time. One, two, three...
-Die, you pig! -Thank you!
I know you'll concentate later. Let's do a take!
Did you see that?
-A thunderstorm! -And just close by.
-Hope it hits the damned church. -What if god'll punish you?
If god'll punish me for such a small thing like that, he is nothing more than a jerk.
Schh! Do you hear that?
-If we concentrate... -A bit quicker, please!
Did you see that?
-A thunderstorm! -And just close by.
-Hope it hits the damned church. -What if god'll punish you?
If god'll punish me for such a small thing like that, he is nothing more than a jerk.
Schh! Do you hear that?
If we concentrate really hard and wish him dead, he will die.
But we have to do it together. One, two, three: Die, you pig
-He's still playing the flute! -We'll try one more time.
One, two, three: Die, you pig
-Now it stopped. -Perhaps he died?
Thank you!
I Sensed Something Was Bound To Go Wrong. The Stuntman That Doubled For-
-The Burning Woman Had Prepared Carefully.
Good. Like that. Perfect! Thanks!
-13 seconds, right? -Yes.
-Is 13 seconds alright? -Yes, it is.
Who'll wait for who? We can start this scene now.
We can do the fire-proof treatment. Is the lighting ok?
Sven isn't completely ready yet.
Eventhough There Was Careful Planning, He Received Severe Napalm Burns
When Reality Shatters My Work I Feel A Strong Urge To Quit For Good,-
After Seven Months Of Hard Work We Finally Reached The Last Day.
We Were Both Surprised And Sentimental.
Look down the bottom when you're drinking.
Then give her the bowl back.
Thank you!
-Was that alright? -Yes.
It Was Almost A Sad Feeling.
Everybody has to smoke!
Dear friends! We don't say "Good Bye" -It's too depressing.
See you all at the party, we'll all have fun!
Cheers! 421 00:52:23,900 --> 00:52.26,900 Subtitling: iNSPiRE tm
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