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Subtitles for Dolce Vita La 1960 CD1.

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Dolce Vita La 1960 CD1

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Leondina, what's the matter?
Look, it's Jesus! Where are they going?
Where are you taking the statue?
, What? , Where are you taking it?
They're taking it to the Pope!
He wants the phone number! No!
Hey, you, come here, please.
What did they eat at table N 16?
The prince ate snails.
, What wine? , Soave.
, No, Valpolicella! Hi, Marcello! , Hi.
Snails and Valpolicella. Let me take a picture.
It's not possible!
Why do you pay him? I give out information!
Manager, stop that photographer!
, Give me the film! , Oh, come on!
A light.
, Listen, honey, come here. , Me?
, I'm talking to you., What's the matter? , I must talk to you.
Good evening, how are you?
, Sit down. , There's no chair.
, Squat down! , Sorry.
, Naughty! , Why?
You're naughty.
And I'll break your little face!
Just a little publicity.
You got her into trouble with her husband.
Do I worry about your being cuckold?
, You're not a journalist. , Great journalism!
, Shut up! Be careful! , You'll kill me!
, Has he arrived? , Not yet.
Tell him he's an idiot! Whisky!
This place is unbearable!
Good evening, Maddalena. Alone? Want to dance?
Want to drink some Vodka?
No. Everything's wrong tonight. I'm leaving.
, Can I accompany you? , I don't know...
, Your friends. , Marcello, where are you going?
, Miss Maddalena! , Leave me alone tonight!
Welcome back! More beautiful than a star!
Always the same song. They never change?
Paparazzo, stop it! You're a public figure!
Marcello, where are you going?
I'd like to live in a new city.
I like Rome very much.
It's a jungle where one can hide well.
I'd like to hide too, but I can't.
, What'll we do? , Take a ride.
, I'm fed up with Rome! I'd like an island., If you buy one.
I considered the possibility. Would I really go there?
Your problem is you have too much money.
Your problem is you don't have enough.
Meanwhile here we are, the two of us.
That's not a problem. We're among the few people to be unhappy.
, What did you do here? , Nothing.
You're so rich, if you fall, you'll land standing up.
, You think so? , Sure.
I can't even stand up!
I need an enthusiastic push.
When I make love there's tension.
, Only love gives me strength. , Long live love!
Annamaria, look here!
That car looks like an apartment!
, Are you Liliana? , I'm not Liliana.
, And who are you? , Good evening.
, Good evening. , Who are you talking to?
Who's there?
Liliana went to Milan.
, Are you coming with us? , Me?
Yes... you, come with us.
She says if I go with her. Should I?
Let's take a ride with this girl.
What do you want to do?
Nothing. I'll take her home. You know her?
No. I don't think so.
I'm going to eat. I'll see you there.
Turn off the lights, fanatic!
Get paid. They're richer than Onassis.
, Are you coming? , If you take me home, I'd appreciate it.
, Are you coming? , Nope.
But I live far.
, Sit on the back. , Thanks.
, Are you okay there? , Yes. , Bye! , Bye, Annamaria.
, Where do you live? , At Cessati Spiriti.
, Is that your car? , Yes.
, Did you buy it for her? , Her father.
All my father gave me were beatings!
, Do you know my father? , You introduced him to me.
Where do your parents live?
, In Cesena. , Is there the sea? , No.
Well, how is it going?
So, so...
Things didn't go well tonight?
A truffle gave me 1,000 lira and cigarettes.
, Was he young or old? , I didn't look at him in the face!
, Would you go with a woman like this one? , No.
Why? She's not worse than many others.
, You don't go with women like this? , Yes, sometimes.
Listen, Gregory Peck... I'd like to know something. What'll we do?
, We'll take you home, okay? , Yes.
, Why? What did you think? , Me, nothing!
We'll wake everyone up. Turn off the radio!
, We'll leave immediately. , Is someone home?
, What's she saying? , If someone is home.
, No, my cousin is in Velletri. , Will you offer us some coffee?
Gladly. I make good coffee.
Don't expect a palace!
I'll lead the way.
The coffee.
Watch out for the stairs. The other evening a man...
Darn! It's flooded again!
Wait a moment.
"The engineer!" He should have been a grave, digger!
That'll be the day! I've been absolving all the devil's sins!
I'll take you to the bedroom.
It's flooded here too. I'll make some coffee.
Some recommendation is needed.
, I made a request two years ago but..., Don't worry.
I make some coffee, okay?
Would you close the door?
You want to make love here?
I'll leave your coffee here.
You didn't agree before? Are you crazy?
They did everything! I hope they give me 2,000 lira!
2,000? I set the price!
, Are they husband and wife? , Oh, come on!
Here. Many thanks. Must I back up?
No. Turn right at the end. Can I give you a little kiss?
, Thanks. Come back when you want! , Bye.
Slow down with that car!
Oh, my God!
Emma! Emma! Emma, answer, what happened?
What did you do? Crazy fool!
It's nothing. Keep calm! I'll take you to the hospital.
Why are you so crazy?
You want to ruin me, huh?
One day I'll just let you die!
Emma... stop it now.
Emma, darling...
My love... Emma...
Hurry up!
Did you bring that woman that poisoned herself?
Giannelli, don't write anything, please.
I'll get involved with the police.
What happened? What is her name?
I can't tell you. Leave me alone.
, You can come in. , Thanks.
, Emma! , Don't tire her. She must rest.
In two hours you can take her back home.
Go to the brigadier for the report. It's obligatory.
Emma, why did you do it? Why?
The brigadier is waiting for you.
I'll be right back.
Wait, he'll be right in.
, Sister, can I use the phone? , Sure.
, You can't stay here! , I just want to take a picture!
Take your glasses off.
The producer Toto Scalise has just arrived.
He's signed up the star for a great picture.
Is it the Swedish woman?
I'd better not see her, otherwise I'll kill my wife!
Long live Sweden!
The beautiful Swedish actress tastes a typical Italian product,
which is as colourful and joyful as our country.
Hi, Marcello, great piece of meat, huh?
Toto Scalise is leading the star through the customs...
, Did you have a good trip? , Yes, thank you.
What a confusion!
, Come on Marcello, pass him! , Stop it!
I want to take a picture! Pass him!
Is it true you always bathe in ice?
Which Italian historical figure would you like to play?
Do you like bearded men?
What do you think about Italian actresses?
Do you think Italian Neorealism is dead or alive?
Do you believe in friendship among peoples?
I couldn't call you before. Thanks.
I'm working, dear. Did you take your medicine?
, Are you alone with her? , There are at least 50 people!
, Swear on your mother's life! , Yes, I swear on my mother.
Beautiful if you like American beauty.
She's like a big doll!
I'll come there and rip your eyes out!
Marcello, why don't you come here immediately?
, I can't! , I want to make love.
, Pardon me? , I want to make love!
Where shall we take her?
First to St. Peter's, then to the Quirinale.
Here's our Robert!
, Marcello? , What! Are you going out today?
No, I'll wait for you all day at home.
What would you like to eat? Something light. You want ravioli?
I've got everything. I'll just go down for vegetables.
Then we'll go to the movies. Whatever you want.
Marcello, do you love me?
Don't leave her alone!
Wait, I take one more picture!
She never stops a minute!
I finished the film. I'll be right back.
, Where did she go? , She's an elevator!
Sylvia, you know you're everything?
You're the first woman of creation.
You're mother, sister, lover, friend,
an angel, a devil, the earth, the home.
That's what you are: the home!
Why did you come here?
Go back to America, please. What will I do now?
Our Robert is even a painter. Bravo!
I must see you! I must talk to you at all costs!
, Who's that idiot? , Frankie Stout, a divine actor!
, Will you excuse me a moment? , Go, honey, go!
He's dancing with the lady!
Hi, darling.
He's a good dancer, very good!
Banana flambe, huh?
, The lady's shoes. , I'll take them, thank you.
, I found them... , That's fine, thank you.
Excuse me... one moment.
, What do you want? , Some rock music!
Good! Bravo! Divine!
Thank you, madam. You're divine!
Thank you, sir!
Marcello, open the champagne!
I don't know. I'll bring her back immediately.
Give me the shoes. I'll be right back.
, Why did she get upset? , Stay here. I'll take care of it.
, Here she is! , Sylvia! , Sylvia!
, Sylvia, the shoes! , Marcello, what happened?
Nothing happened. Go away!
Marcello, wait!
Great idea, Marcello!
Paparazzo, get out of the car!
Incredible scoop. I'll give you 50 percent.
I don't give a damn about the 50 percent. Get out!
Get lost!
Marcello, tell me where you're going!
Hurry. Let's follow them!
We lost them.
Yes... no... of course!
It's full of holes there!
We'd better leave.
Sergio will be back on the 12th. I'm his mother.
, Do you have the studio key? , No, he takes it with him.
I'm his mother. Was it for work?
Yes, for work...
I'll call on the 12th. It doesn't matter.
Excuse me, madam. Goodnight.
, Excuse me, isn't she the American actress? , Yes.
, How beautiful! , Goodnight.
I can't bring you home. The madwoman wouldn't understand.
Un, der, stand?
Wait. I've got an idea!
, Miss, a phone call for you. , Hello?
Marcello! Sure you don't have the wrong number?
Can I come with someone?
Someone? Who?
, You're not alone? , I'm playing cards with my father.
, Your father's there? , Tell me...
What do you want?
Nothing. I'll call you soon. Goodnight.
Sylvia, what are you doing?
Where can I find milk at this hour?
Sylvia! Where are you going with that cat?
Come here. Stop!
Come on!
I'll go get the milk. Wait in the car.
I'm going... go!
Excuse me, where can I buy some milk?
It doesn't matter...
Yes, I'm coming too...
I'm coming too!
Yes, you're right. I'm making a mistake.
We're making a mistake!
Sylvia, who are you?
Turn him...
And to think he did Tarzan.
Put him back.
I'll take this one from the mirror.
I'll take one while you're photographing him.
Here's Marcello!
Hey, wake up!
, Do me a favour. Leave! , But I've got to work!
This will end up in a fight!
Follow her, Mr. Robert!
It's not over yet.
Marcello, hit him too, no?
Marcello, raise your head a bit!
Mr. Robert, where are you going? Marcello, what happened?
Marcello! It's done. Now what do I do?
Put the horse on the table, and her on the ground.
, I'll be right back., Are you coming out with me tonight?
I thought I saw you enter. How are you? What are you doing here?
And you? I'm happy to see you again.
I'm at home here.
Father Franz found this book for me.
It's an old Sanskrit grammar book.
How long! How's your book?
It's going. I finished gathering the material.
I thought I'd let you read it. And you?
I liked your recent article very much.
, No. , Why? It was fine.
It was vivid, passionate... the best of you.
A quality you insist on hiding.
I don't think I know how to write.
Why don't you come some evening to see me?
, Can you stay another five minutes? , Sure.
, Father, can I come up with a friend? , Yes. Come on!
, Are you sure? , Come on!
As you see, these priests don't fear the devil.
They even let me play the organ.
Don't be too noisy.
Don't worry. You'll hear some jazz at the most.
If it's jazz, I like it.
Sorry, I won't do it again.
You want to try, Marcello?
We're not used to hearing it. Anymore.
Mysterious voice. It seems to come from inside the earth.
, What song? , You choose?
Where is it? At the end of a wall?
Hey, paparazzo!
They told me at the 47th kilometre.
, I don't want an egg at this hour! , Eat it.
, No! , Eat it!
, Chew slowly! , Yes.
We should've come yesterday. It'll be full of photographers.
, Do you have some coffee? , Marcello needs it!
I don't want a banana!
, I don't want it! , Eat it!
, Chew slowly! , Yes!
, The Madonna's children? , Yes!
, Where is the miracle tree? , Over there!
Stay here. There's too much confusion.
Norman! Stay here! Norman!
Where are the children?
Locked up in the carabineers' headquarters.
Take me with you. I'll tell you about the Communists.
, Where is the miracle tree? , Over there.
Damned them! Damned them!
Free those creatures. It's an abuse!
, Where? , This way!
, Where are the children? , I don't know.
, Where is the marshal? , Who knows.
What about the 500 lira that you received by that journalist?
Can I go home, brigadier?
I'll feel shaky the rest of my life!
Yes, I understand...
Look over there.
The grandfather's here too!
, What are the children's names? , Dario..., Pardon me?
, Dario and Maria. , Dario and Maria. Great!
Good, cry!
It's a miracle. The Madonna remembers everyone!
, Do I look good like this? , You're perfect!
, The cigar? , Sing first.
, Then it's not a miracle? , I don't believe it.
The Lord can do it anywhere, but they are very rare events.
Those youngsters aren't honest.
Who sees the Madonna doesn't speculate on her!
Miracles are born out of silence not in this confusion!
, Who did you see next to the tree? , The Madonna.
, Who saw her first? , I did! , I did!
, Simultaneously! , No, he saw her first!
They are my nephews.
The Madonna looked at us and smiled. Her feet didn't touch the ground.
Did she tell you she was the Madonna?
They don't want to believe it!
Could it really have been the Madonna?
It doesn't matter.
What do you mean? Why do you say that?
Yes, it doesn't matter.
Your Italy is filled with supernatural forces.
Everyone feels their influence.
He who looks for God, finds him where he wants.
Did you come for a miracle too?
No, I'm with my fiancee. He's a journalist.
All these people frighten me.
You stay here. And don't laugh!
I made a mistake. Get down!
Let's try the children's scene!
The children are smaller. Can you see me?
Come on! Hurry up!
Hurry up!
, Here's my fiancee. , Fine., I'll be right back.
Ready? Go!
Speak up! Why don't you pray?
It's 7 p.m. We'll meet in 2 hours.
Thank you. See you this evening.
Holy Madonna, make this creature get well.
I ask you with all my soul!
Don't worry. The Madonna hears us. She's good!
A large crowd has gathered in this area.
Many are believers, many are curious.
Among the curious, journalists, photo reporters
from papers all over the world.
There is an innumerable number of cars piled up.
The weather is nice after so much rain.
The two children are still held by the police.
We await further word from Rome.
We're interviewing the children's uncle.
The first time they saw... the miracle?
They first saw the Madonna on March 15 of... next year.
, You mean this year. , This year.
Permission from Rome arrived. The children are coming!
, Really? , Yes, they are coming. , The children are coming!
, Stay here... I'll be right back. , Where are you going?
, I'm going up there. , I'm coming too.
No, stay here with the lady.
Stay here.
Marcello, get down!
I just came up!
I'm coming up too.
Marcello, why did you change so much?
Why don't you love me anymore?
Holy Madonna, if only he married me,
I'd come here on foot every day to thank you.
I'm not asking you that.
I'd like him to be mine as he was once.
Here they are!
Here they are! As soon as they arrive, take shots.
Wait for my sign!
Hi, darling, how are you? Focus on them and then on the crowd.
My wife is there too.
Sometimes she makes me so upset, and sometimes...
Calm down... keep calm.
One at a time.
, It's raining. , It's dangerous.
Water makes lights have short circuits. Shut everything off!
We took shelter in the bus because it started to rain again.
The Madonna is over there!
The children are getting up.
They're running in the opposite direction.
They cry out that they see the Madonna.
The wild crowd is following them.
They're headed to another area!
There she is!
They'll catch pneumonia!
She said if you don't build a church here she won't come anymore.
She said if you don't build a church here she won't come anymore.
Good night. Go home!
Leave me!
, Paparazzo, stop it! , That's a nice shot!
Leave me! It's impossible to be like you!
You're worse than hyenas! You don't respect anyone! Slimes!
Good evening, I'm Steiner's wife. We were waiting for you.
Good evening, Marcello. How are you?
Good. What a lovely home!
This is Emma. I've been wanting to meet you.
, Thanks for coming. , I'll be right back., Come here!
, Hi, Anna, how are you? , Did you finish your book?
, This is Margherita. You know her paintings? , Of course.
You didn't even come to my exhibition!
She's an admirer of your writings but she doesn't speak Italian.
, She said you're very decorative. , She's right.
I think I know you well.
When you understand that you love Marcello more than he does...
you'll be happy.
The only real woman is the oriental one.
Where was Eve? In the Garden of Eden!
Where was the Garden of Eden? In the orient!
, There is love there! , Why did you marry me?
I made a big mistake!
Mysterious, motherly, both lover and daughter.
She huddles at your feet like a tiger in love.
Why doesn't he stay in the Orient?
, Will you introduce Emma to me? , Of course.
What a lovely face! Don't lose hold of that guy!
I'm saying it in his interests, naturally...
The Oriental submits both her spirit and her flesh.
May I introduce Marcello and his fiancee?
I'm pleased to meet you. I agree with your concept on women.
The Oriental woman can teach us much!
She's remained close to nature,
the nature she conquered after centuries of civilization.
What use is civilization to you?
You can't make love anymore!
Speak for yourself!
, Would you like something to drink? , Yes, please.
I envy you: I've read all your stories.
I'd like to travel too, meet women of all races.
I'd like to have children of all colours: red, yellow...
, Like a bouquet of country flowers. , You can't say anything else!
You must have incredible memories.
Memories? Above all, I have projects!
, What a magnificent creature! Are you his fiancee? , Yes.
Are you from the South?
What an extraordinary person!
He's written many important books
and has maintained a childish candour.
I wonder where he finds so much optimism.
I always watch him with stupor.
At times maybe I envy him.
I see that you have a beautiful Morandi.
Yes, he's my favourite painter.
The objects are flooded with light
and yet painted with detachment, precision, rigour...
It's an art where nothing is coincidental.
Steiner said that you have two loves,
and you don't know which one to choose.
Journalism or literature. Look out for prisons!
Stay free, available, like me.
Never get married. Never choose.
Even in love, it's better to be chosen.
I read your poetry. I like it. It's strong, precise.
It doesn't look like a woman's writing.
What do you know about women?
It's the art I prefer.
A clear, crystal art that doesn't lie and tempt.
I work at a job I don't like now, but I'm thinking about tomorrow.
Let's not forget to live today!
I think if a person lives intensively in fullness of spirit
he gets younger every year!
, You're a prophet tonight! , An alcoholic prophet!
Friends, you think too much about the future.
But you seem so different. What do you do?
What do you like to do most?
I don't know. And you?
I like the three big evasions: drinking, smoking, and going to bed.
, Such wisdom! , You never understood me.
You are a true primitive, as primitive as a gothic spire.
You're so tall you can't hear any voices up there!
If you could see my real height... I'm not taller than this.
As primitive as a gothic spire.
You're so tall you can't hear any voices up there!
If you could see my real height... I'm not taller than this.
It's an old recording. I'll shut it off.
Why, can't we hear it?
I don't want to bore you.
They're nature sounds he's recorded.
, Play them again, please. , No., Please.
If they don't interest you, why did you record them?
I thought they were beautiful. Do you really want to hear them?
, I already know how interesting they are., As you wish.
That's exactly the way they sound.
This is a forest.
What are you doing here?
, Why did you get out of bed? , You'll get a cold!
Your storm woke him up.
, Did you want one more kiss? , Dad, you've got a huge head!
A huge head?! Everyone knows now!
Such lovely children!
, Such intelligent eyes! , Yes, it's true.
When one says something that catches his interest
first he thinks about it, seriously, then he laughs cheerfully.
If you give him a flower, first he looks at it,
then laughs because he understands that it's beautiful.
The way you smile when you listen to music.
Now back to sleep! Then I'll come say goodnight.
, Say goodnight to everyone. , Goodnight.
The girl is different. She likes combinations of words.
A new phrase enchants her.
At times she invents them. I noted some of them.
For example: "Who is the sun's mother?".
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