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Subtitles for Dolce Vita La 1960 CD2.

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Dolce Vita La 1960 CD2

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Beautiful, it's like a poet's phrase.
, Do they sleep with you? , They'd like to.
At times the little one slips into our bed.
He takes her mother's finger and squeezes it.
You can't imagine how sweet it is
to fall asleep with a child next to you.
Have you known Steiner for a long time?
Yes, but we've not seen each other often.
One day you'll have a house like this.
We get on well together, don't we?
, Let me come here more often. , Anytime.
What is it, Marcello?
I should change environment, many things.
Your house is a refuge.
Your wife, the children, your books, your extraordinary friends...
I'm wasting time. I won't manage anything anymore.
Once I had ambitions... but maybe I'm losing everything.
Safety is not being locked up in one's home.
I'm too serious to be a dabbler but not enough to be a professional.
A more miserable life is better, believe me,
than an existence protected by a perfectly organized society.
I'm your friend but I can't give you any advice.
I can have you meet an editor who can give you a decent job.
It's better than writing for those papers...
, Do you want to think about it? We'll discuss it later., Yes.
Sometimes at night...
this darkness, this silence weighs on me.
Peace frightens me. I'm afraid of peace.
It looks like an appearance hiding hell.
I think of what my children will see tomorrow.
They say the world will be beautiful.
How? A phone call can announce the end of the world!
One should live beyond emotions, in the harmony of art works...
in the enchanted order...
We should learn to love each other so much
to live outside of time, detached...
I can't spend my life calling you up!
I want to work in peace! I don't know!
Shut off that music, please!
No, I won't tell you where I am! Go to hell! Crazy madwoman!
Be quiet, please!
, This is broken. , Get another one.
, Are you eating here? , No, yes... I don't know.
The food is good, you know?
, Is it difficult to type? , Do you want to be a typist?
, I'd like to. , You're pretty, you know?
Pretty, you're exaggerating!
, You know you're pretty! , Okay.
This one's broken too!
You're not Roman. Where are you from?
, I'm from Umbria, near Perugia. , Why did you come here?
Father works in Anzio, that's why I'm here.
After Christmas I'm going to Rome.
, Who is he? Your brother? , He's my helper.
They treat you well here!
Yes... but I don't like it much.
I can't wait to go home.
I saw a car with Perugia license plates and I felt homesick.
, Let's see your profile. , Why? But why?
You look like a little angel from an Umbrian church.
, They've already told you, huh? , No., Why are you laughing?
No reason...
, Are you engaged? , Engaged!
, You're not writing anymore? , No.
, Can I turn the music back on? , Yes, sure.
Which dish?
What do you want?
, Marcello, your father is here! , My father?
, He's over there. , Come on, don't joke around!
He's eating over there. He's been waiting two hours for you.
Didn't he say he was his father?
, Marcello, he is there! , Where? , Next to the black man.
Father. Father!
Marcello! Finally!
I arrived this morning. I looked for you everywhere.
A friend of yours told me to wait here.
Yes, the paparazzo!
I always work. I only go home to sleep.
, Why are you in Rome? , To solicit that operation at the Ministry.
You look well.
You look well too. And mother?
She gave me a letter for you.
She's well, but always worrying, you know her.
And with age these things increase. There it is.
, Poor mother..., You could write more often, and even come!
, You haven't been home for a long time! , I know, but...
, She said hello., Yes. , Is she an actress?
She'd like to be! An actress!
, Father, do you want a gin, fizz? , "Gin fritz"? No, beer is fine.
, What a bustle! Is it always like this? , Yes.
In our town, it's dead at this hour!
, Are you well here? Have you adjusted? , Yes.
Is your work fruitful?
If one is good, journalism can be fruitful.
, I know everyone and can get around., Really?
, I have a car, an apartment... , By the way...
Who's the woman that answers the phone?
You're an adult. Just don't do anything foolish.
Marriage is something serious.
Someone that lives with you... what can she be?
You spoke with the cleaning woman!
, You finally found him! , Yes, thanks.
, You've already met my father... , Sure!
He said to wait for you here.
Are you a photo reporter? Interesting work. Artistic!
, Do you work with my son? , Unfortunately, yes!
The prince has disappeared. I'm going to take a look.
, Maybe you're busy... , No, don't worry., Appointments...
, There's work here too. , Really?
Important people come here...
, My paper is up there. , I see.
Well, you sit here.
, Shall we go to the cinema? , I always go to the cinema at home.
I'll leave you alone now. You're young...
We don't have a thing to do!
What can we do, according to you?
There are night clubs at this hour.
A friend of mine told me about a place.
A cabaret... the Cha... Cha...
The Cha Cha Cha!
, The Cha Cha, right! , Want to go?
, Out of curiosity, while I'm here. , Paparazzo!
Invite your friend too.
, No, I'm paying here! , No, dad, please...
Antonio, come here!
, Come on, let's go with my father! , What? , Let's go!
Paparazzo, what about the prince?!
I see. We all pay together here!
Paparazzo, hurry up! Get in! Let's go!
Let's go to the Cha Cha Cha.
Nothing has changed. It's like it was.
, You were here in 1922? , No, I was in Turin.
I've been here for a couple of years.
, Would you like something to drink? , Sure!
, Do you want a whisky? , Yes! , Fine!
, Three glasses of whisky, please. , Which brand? , Black & White.
It's like a cemetery in here!
She's beautiful! Long legs!
, What? , He said she has long legs.
Have you ever been to Paris? I went there a couple of times.
Once in a cabaret like this one there was a beautiful girl...
she had long legs like that one.
She stripped and once naked we discovered she was a he!
, Do you have a father? , Yes, I do.
He must be young. What does he do?
Nothing, a drifter. He lives off my mother.
He sings, whistles... He'd like to go to the cinema but has no money.
Paparazzo! Look who is here!
, Look who is here! , He's something!
I'm still waiting for the picture in your paper!
You're just beautiful!
, What's her name? , Fanny. , You know her well?
, Sure he does! , She's French. , Nice! So she's French!
How can you go out with him?
, He's my father. She doesn't believe it., No?
, Really? , Sure.
, Great! , She works here but she's a nice girl.
I don't doubt it.
, Shall we invite her to the table? , Why not?
, Let's order some champagne! , An orange juice will be fine!
, No, champagne is fine! , Let's order the best champagne!
I am a connoisseur...
I sold champagne to half of Italy!
In the meanwhile, have your whisky.
, Good! , Yes, it's good.
, Here's the champagne! , Great!
And the waitress! What more do you want?
Fanny. Don't bother.
I'm not saying hello to you... you neither!
Great son! Nice job!
Send him back to his home town!
, You're not his father., Sure! , You're too young!
Let's forget about age.
"Don't awaken desperate sorrow because my heart would suffer!"
Boredom ages us.
I travelled a lot for business: I felt like a lion!
Even now when I travel I'm like a young man,
but at home it's as though I were 80!
What are you doing? You open up the Coke.
I'll take care of the champagne!
Be quiet. Look!
It's so beautiful. It always makes me cry.
Yes, it makes me cry!
Your champagne.
To your beautiful legs which I greatly admire! Cheers!
Good, pour another drop.
First I toasted to your legs...
Now we must toast...
I wasn't going to say anything scandalous!
, Father is funnier than you are! , Come on! , Much funnier!
Don't be silly, Miss!
I'll teach you a difficult game. Pay attention.
Put a coin on your forehead
and make it fall without touching your nose.
, It's very easy! , Want to try?
Let's take a coin and put it on your forehead.
Let's see.
, Wait. , Sure.
Now I'll tell you a joke... a nice joke.
A woman sends her husband to the market
to buy three shirts, six handkerchiefs and...
what is that woman's thing called?
Along the road the man drinks some wine and forgets everything.
When he returns home his wife says:
"Well, did you buy everything?".
"Of course", he answers and takes out his handkerchief.
, "The handkerchiefs?" , "Here they are!"
"One, two, three, four, five, six."
"Where are the shirts?", she asks. "Here they are! One, two".
"And where is the bra?"
"Wait, I bought it... Here it is!"
, But you don't need one! , Father! , She's so beautiful!
It ended up in the champagne! Let's order another bottle!
This is a waltz!
, Miss, may I have this dance? , Sure! , I'm ready.
What's wrong? I can dance alright.
When I was a boy... paparazzo!
When I was a boy my father was never at home.
He'd stay away one week, 20 days. He never came back.
How my mother cried!
I don't know him.
But I'm glad to see him again.
, He's fun, huh? , Yes, very.
, Make him have a good time tonight. , Yes, but...
, This isn't the way you dance this. , I like it better like this!
Really? Then let's dance!
, What extraordinary eyes! , Really?
, What do you mean by this? , It's a sign of my admiration.
, You're like your son... , Like my son? , Yes!
It's the same blood.
Father, come with me!
Marcello, follow me!
You're really going to her place to eat spaghetti?
Yes, spaghetti Bolognese! Go away! Here I am!
Listen father, everything alright?
Fine! Leave me alone!
, Be quiet! , You'll wake everybody up!
Don't run!
My father is still a good looking man, huh?
Gloria, wake up!
You choose the longest way! Oh, my foot!
Why did you choose that way!
, You're not getting out? , No, I'm not coming., Why?!
I'm tired.
, Paparazzo, you take father home. , Come on!
Tell him I had to go by the printing place
and to call me in the morning.
Come on...
I don't feel like it. I want to take a walk.
I've been waiting for you for over half an hour!
, Marcello, your father is sick! , What?
Maybe he drank too much.
I was going to the pharmacy. He wants these drops.
Paparazzo, run to the pharmacy and get these!
, What? , Hurry!
, What floor? , Third.
Which door?
Don't scream. It's a respectable building!
, Turn off the light. , Yes.
, Where's the light? , Over there.
My friend went to the pharmacy. He'll be right back!
Maybe I drank too much.
Of course, it's nothing.
You want a glass of water?
No, it'll pass...
, What happened? , I don't know. He got sick.
What a fright! Marcello is here now.
, Can I go there? , No, he said to wait here.
What neighbourhood is this?
Italia neighbourhood.
I've never heard of it. Is it far?
When I came to Rome, I went to a pension in Piazza Fiume.
, What time is it? , Almost 4 a.m.
There's a train at 5.30 a.m.
I'll take that one... yes, I can make it.
Come to my place. You can rest up.
No. I'd rather leave. I'll be home at 10 a. m...
, Oh, my watch. , Leave later., No.
I feel a lot better.
Please stay until tomorrow, father.
If you don't want to stay at my house maybe you'd prefer a hotel.
I'll skip work tomorrow and we can stay together.
We can talk a bit...
We never see each other.
I have to leave.
Here's the taxi!
, Marcello, the taxi is here. , Which taxi?
I called it. Where's my hat?
We can send the taxi away. Please, get down.
, Don't leave. , I want to leave... go home.
, Good evening, Miss. , Goodbye and lots of luck.
Well, son, I'm happy to have seen you.
Don't accompany me. I prefer going alone, please.
I don't intend to be cuckold!
, What's going on? , I don't know. I'll find out.
, Come back here, tuberculosis! , Mother gives you money!
, Nicole! , Marcellino! , How are you?
, Where are you going? , To my fiancee's castle.
, Will you take me? , Sure!
Paparazzo was looking for you.
I don't take fashion pictures anymore.
, Nicolina! , There they are!
Nicolina, here we are!
Is there room for the two of us?
, In the other car. , Fine., Bye!
Is there room for two unhappy creatures?
, Unfortunately not. , Oh, my God!
, Can my friend come too? , I know your friends!
Follow us!
Let's hope, so we go to bed soon.
Only the Old Folks must be left.
Our parties are famous for being great funerals.
, Is your brother hunting? , Irene, take this dog!
Where are we going?
, What town is this? , Bassano di Sutri.
Why are you crying? Where are you from?
Beautiful night to all of you!
Where are you going with that? Careful not to overturn it!
, Hi, Clemente. , Tullio, look what I brought you!
Big slut!
Who told you to come here?
It was a touching ceremony.
The population bringing flowers to the tomb of their loved one.
Excuse me. I don't know you. I'm the youngest son.
The least important, of course.
You want to know someone of the family?
, Hey, grandmother! , Don't bother. , Grandmother!
, I'd like you to meet Mr... , Rubini, I'm pleased to meet you.
She's pretending to sleep, not to speak.
Let's continue the genealogical tree.
Father, meet someone who looks like he's working.
Really? How are you?
, What a nice looking young man! , Are you a journalist?
I'd like a nanny to take me to bed. Do you want to do it, Jane?
, Will you be my nanny tonight? , No!
These dogs stink!
They have a beautiful odour!
This is the historic Irene... This year's debutante!
Thanks, I already know who he is.
I'd like to dance.
, Which of the two was making advances? , Me, of course!
You want to see your name in the papers, huh?
, Why don't we leave? , Go where?
My ex, husband was a journalist. His news was always exaggerated.
I realized it at the end of the honeymoon.
It's better to have exaggerated news than no news at all.
That's my husband's opinion too.
Often people demand these exaggerations.
I could give you some news that isn't too exaggerated.
I know this perfume!
Where did they find you?
, I'm fine, just drunk. Did you know Jane? , No.
, She's an American painter who lives in Rome., Really?
Everyone invites her for the dirty things she says.
She's lots of fun.
Those are the Montalbanos.
Federica the wolf: she milks the youngsters.
The Confalonieris: they own half of Calabria.
Little Eleonora: 80,000 acres, two attempted suicides.
The Sanseverinos: castle in Tuscany.
That's Don Giulio and Nicole, his Swedish friend.
She'll become a princess, just wait and see.
Don't make that face. Do you think we're any better?
At least they do certain things with elegance.
, Who lives in that villa in the park? , Nobody. It's empty.
It's the loveliest, as far as style.
I'm empty too, you know?
Who are these women?
Great, grandmothers, great, great, grandmothers...
They all have the same eyes, did you notice?
I thought of you often, you know? I don't understand you.
I don't either.
It doesn't matter.
If it's something serious, I don't want to hear it.
How is your friend?
, Are you afraid of serious talks? , No!
You don't know how to talk seriously, right?
Where are you taking me?
This is the room for serious talks.
, Sit down. , What are we doing?
Where are you going?
Marcello, do you hear me?
Did you ever feel me so close?
Where are you?
, Do you hear me? , Yes. , Where are you talking from?
From very far...
It's as if I didn't exist anymore.
I'm still here. Don't move.
Would you marry me?
, And you? , Yes, I'm in love with you.
Since when?
Listen, you know what this noise is?
I don't know.
Now guess...
, A kiss? , For you.
So, will you marry me? Are you afraid to answer?
Why this question? Are you drunk?
A little...
I love you, Marcello.
I'd like to be your wife, be faithful.
I'd like everything: to be your wife and have fun like a prostitute.
Tonight I feel like I love you a lot.
, Is it true? , Yes, it's true.
I don't know if you're playing, but it doesn't matter.
I love you. I only want to be with you.
Then you'd hate me.
Why should I hate you?
Because one must have one thing or another.
It's too late to choose. I've never wanted to make a choice.
I'm a prostitute, you know it. It's hopeless, I'll always be.
And I don't want to be anything else!
No, it's not true. You're an extraordinary girl.
Your courage, sincerity...
Really, I need you.
Your desperation gives me strength. You'd be a marvellous companion.
I could tell you everything.
Maddalena, do you hear me? Answer me!
Enough playing. Come back. I want to talk.
, Let's go catch ghosts. , Where is Maddalena?
Once in 1922 I spent a night in a castle like this.
In my brother, in, law's castle we saw a little girl with a candle.
, She wasn't a little girl... , Nor was it a candle!
Are you kidding?
Listen to the silence!
, A light! , It's a reflection of the candles!
You have no fantasy!
Think of the hunchback the farmers tell about.
, Isn't there electricity here? , Watch out for bats!
Bats! They're my favourite!
Watch out, the Honourable is out to get you!
The door is closed. Where is the key?
It must be on the floor. Give me some light.
I can't find it.
It's not here. Let's go back.
, Here's the key! , Give it to me., Great!
Who has found it? Nicolina?
, When was the last time you came here? , About two years ago.
I wanted it to be a garconniere but father didn't.
What's your next article? An article on corrupted aristocracy?
You're not that interesting, you know?
, Who accompanied Maddalena here? , Maddalena who?
It must be full of mice, bats and cockroaches.
, And now even sluts! , Thank you.
, When did they build this house? , Five centuries ago.
Five centuries ago!
, Any Popes in the family? , Two Popes.
, Countess Cristina! , If you are scared, use me!
Two Popes!
Come, I'll lead the way. This way.
We are sweeping the floor with our gowns.
I feel that I could love you.
You're an incredible mirage!
You look like you stepped out of a painting.
Such a disaster!
This place is falling apart!
Giulio, everything's crumbling here!
You're always in Rome and don't care for things!
, What should I do, father? , This place will be yours some day.
, I'm your forefather! , Don't be silly! Get lost!
If you see a ghost, throw yourself into my arms.
Eugenio, stop it! Try to be serious!
Is your aunt a medium?
Her husband left her because he always found some ghost in bed.
And yet I've met you some place before.
Maybe in some office... I work.
, Do you work? , Yes.
Who do you want to communicate with?
, Eugenio, don't be silly! , It's her fault!
, It's not true! , Cristina!
Who are you?
, Who do you want to talk to? , I feel something...
, Countess, contact! Don't laugh! , I'm not laughing!
Have you got a message for us? Answer, please.
What is that light down there?
Don't be frightened. It's a tractor.
, Call Sister Edvige! , Who is she?
It's a nun that walks around carrying her head on a dish.
Don't be stupid!
Is it still you? Leave me alone!
Go away, please!
Ask if it's the same person as the other time.
She's drunk!
Blow out the candles!
Blow them out!
Who are you?
Who do you want to communicate with?
With Giulio! Giulio, there's a message for you!
That slut is in love with you!
Giulio, you can't escape my love!
, Enough, turn on the lights! , We're joking!
Irene, come here!
Who are you, poor soul?
Why are you crying?
Why are you crying?
Wait, I'll make some light.
No, not here!
No. What are you doing? Crazy! You're crazy, love!
It's the first time I've seen the dawn.
Marcello, have you already met my son?
I'm pleased to meet you.
Shall we go eat some spaghetti?
Eggs at 45 lira? Forget it! We'll buy them in Capranica!
Are you still about?
, Good morning. , Good morning.
, Did you sleep well, mother? , Do you feel like a youngster?
We were at the old villa.
Is the crazy Francesca there too?
, Who is she? , It's the princess mother!
Why do you treat me this way?
Not even a dog gets treated like this!
, If you loved me a bit... you'd understand some things., Sure.
, You don't love anyone. , Don't scream!
, You don't know what loving means! , But you do, don't you?
You've got a hard, empty heart!
You only care about women, but not love.
You've been saying it for four hours. Stop!
I want to go home!
Some men are happy to be loved and don't look for other women!
You're the only one like this! What a disaster!
My disaster is having met you!
I can't stand having you around anymore!
Go away! Forever!
, Don't be silly! Come here! , No. Leave me alone! Let me live!
, Come on, you idiot, get in! , No!
You're such a...
Get in.
What do you want from me?
You're a miserable worm!
You'll end up alone like a dog!
You'll see!
Who'll stay with you if I leave you?
Who could ever love you like I do?
I can't waste my life loving you.
You say I'm crazy, that I live outside of reality.
But you're off the road!
You've found the most important thing in life.
You have a woman that loves you who'd give her life for you!
You ruin everything.
You're always restless, unhappy.
When two people love each other, nothing else counts.
What are you afraid of?
Of you, of your selfishness, of your miserable ideals.
You offer me a miserable life.
You only talk of cooking and bed!
If I accepted, I'd end up like a worm!
I don't believe in your maternal love.
I don't want it! I don't need it!
This isn't love, it's degradation!
I can't live like this!
I don't want to be with you anymore!
, Get out! , No!
You're disgusting! I feel sorry for you!
And you make me sick. Get out!
No! I'm staying here with you!
, You're not! Get out! , No!
, Get out of the car., No! , Get out of the car. It's over!
, It's over. Get lost! , Hoodlum! , Get lost!
You're a hoodlum! A bastard!
Damned you!
Get picked up by a truck driver!
You can't pass! Please, get in.
Let him pass!
, A monstrosity! , What happened?
He killed his children then committed suicide!
Marcello let me in!
I'll give your paper the pictures!
Let me in!
, I'm a friend. I must get in. , Just a moment.
There's a young man saying he's Steiner's friend.
Let him in.
Come in.
Distance between the floor and the bullet's hole: 1,5 m.
Distance between the left wall and the bullet's hole: 4 m.
The wife doesn't know anything. She'll be back at 1 p.m.
He called a neighbour begging her to meet his wife.
Distance between the back wall and the bullet's hole: 5 m.
Let's listen again. Rewind.
You are a true primitive, as primitive as a gothic spire.
You're so tall you can't hear any voices up there!
If you could see my real height... I'm not taller than this.
A friend of the family's?
I was a friend of Steiner's.
, Since when? , Did you see him lately?
No... we didn't see each other often.
I don't know anything.
Anything at all.
, 3.10 meters. , 3.10 meters.
Was there something strange in his life?
, Financial problems? , I don't think so.
Had he ever talked of suicide?
, I don't know. , Please stay at our disposal.
Get the gun.
He had a morbid passion for his family.
He used a revolver which was found near his body.
He was found on an armchair near the fireplace.
, I'm ready. , I'll examine them later., Fine.
, Can we cover him? , Yes.
You can go in the children's room. It's over there.
I must go to the bus and meet his wife.
I'll take someone from the building. I don't know her.
, I'll come. , Thank you.
, Let's go right away. , All right.
If someone looks for me, I'll be in the office.
Guys, some comprehension!
You tell them, they're exaggerating!
, Maybe he was just afraid. , Who? Steiner?
, Had he been threatened? , Not in the way you mean.
Maybe he was afraid of himself, of us all!
That's her.
, Please, come with me. , Yes.
Did you think I was an actress?
What do you want?
, Stop it! Get lost! , What's the matter with you?
Good morning, Marcello. What's the matter?
I must speak with you a moment.
, Did something happen? , Follow us, please., Why?
, A tragedy... , What happened? , Don't be scared.
, The children! , Follow us, please. Get lost!
What happened? Marcello, tell me!
You'll see them later. They're just hurt.
I promise you... Stop!
, What do you mean hurt? Tell me! , Get lost!
Go with the car. Break open the gate!
To Nadia's health and her freedom!
To the annulment of her marriage!
To the annulment of her husband and everything!
Thanks to everyone!
Divorce brings me back to my old friends filled with desire.
, Is it like being a virgin again? , It's a marvellous sensation.
One must be married first to appreciate it.
Be quiet! I'm confessing Lucia.
Put on "Jingle Bells"!
To make love privately is insulting!
Here they are!
You make fun of him because he wants to be an actor.
Who invited them?
They'll kill these before Christmas!
Weren't you a writer?
I left journalism and literature. I work in the publicity field!
To survive, one writes anything!
Listen: "He has a Greek profile,
but he resembles a great modern actor, Paul Newman".
Marcello, you're a worm!
What wouldn't you do for an interview.
, You want me to write for you? , You'd ruin my career!
For 300,000 lira what would you write about me?
, That you're Marlon Brando. , And for 400,000?
, John Barrymore., And a million? , First give me the million.
You don't understand a thing!
What kind of joke is this?
I saw you trip him!
You're a shithead! You invited us.
Now we're leaving. Great party you'll have!
What boring people!
Let's make the party girl have a good time!
Right! Do a strip, tease.
You don't look right with an intellectual chest!
I can do a great strip, tease!
No, we've all seen you naked!
I didn't see you. I propose the panther do it!
, Caterina, please. , No, she's too professional!
I go back to eat some chicken.
, The party girl should do it. , With pleasure!
If you do it, I swear I'll stop smoking!
Put on "Patricia". I'll turn off the lights.
, Put on "Patricia". , Great, put on "Patricia".
Nadia's strip, tease baptizes her new life!
, I'll set the example. , Idiotic example!
, That's why I'm doing it! , Nadia, your mink stole!
He's full of money. Listen to me!
I can't remember.
What did the lady say?
She asked you if you like me.
That's mine, Nadia!
It's a great bargain!
It's a beautiful car, you'll see!
Help me!
Stop, can't you see you're not entertaining anyone?
Already bothering? I'm having a good time!
You're not going to go through with it!
No? You'll see!
You shouldn't have taken off your bra first.
It's the second to the last item!
Good, congratulations!
Put on the mink stole and then slip it off.
I don't understand, excuse me.
She's serious!
Ruggero! Ruggero, are you serious?
You're no sport! You don't deserve her!
Take the fur off!
This is it. Let's see!
How did her husband let her divorce him?
, She's beautiful, isn't she? , She's beautiful! Sexy!
Riccardo is coming!
The host is here!
, Son of a bitch! , Hi, Riccardo!
What do I care about her annulment!
I don't want publicity!
On the phone you said we could come. Kiss me.
, Who's the idiot that broke the glass? , Hi, Riccardo.
I must leave tomorrow morning.
Everybody out in half an hour!
, I met her in Spoleto. , Did you call that person?
No, I didn't. Guys, out in half an hour!
Who cares if you're leaving. We're not moving from here.
We're all friends, you can't send us out.
Intellectual, amuse us! I'll raise your salary.
Nadia's strip, tease didn't warm up the atmosphere.
Come on, invent something!
I have 2,000 ideas!
I could keep you a week without getting bored but you must obey.
We'll do what you want.
First of all, let's close the curtains.
Let's remain in this intimacy.
I propose that the American dancer makes love with someone.
I bet you never made love with a man all to yourself.
, What does he want? , He's drunk.
, Happy about the strip, tease? , What's the time?
It's a duty towards a foreigner, a tourist duty!
I'll choose for you.
Tito will give you the delicacies!
You worry about the music!
, Tito, take off your shirt. , Come on!
See? I made a great choice. Let her become a woman!
At the same time, the lawyer who lives on his memories...
All means are accepted.
We're leaving. Thanks for the beautiful evening.
Nobody will leave, stay till dawn!
You, half impotent as an artist and as a man,
when I turn off the light be brave and get hustling!
This evening... you'll couple with Mariuccio.
Then Lisa, who paints only to make love to her models...
Now you've really bored us! What are you trying to do?
You want me to kick you out? Who invited you here?
Now you'll have a good time!
We'll all stay inside here. Someone could come!
This joke is new!
And you...
you're dying to make love with me because you can't find anyone else.
You release your tension by singing lousy songs...
I pity you!
Not even in Neapolitan dramas! No!
You're a bastard!
Ask the lady for forgiveness!
I wanted to thank all my friends
for the beautiful career they made me have!
, I wanted to thank... , Who did you want to thank?
Nice chubby mountain farm girl!
, I'll bet you're from my parts. , Where are you from?
Let's show these impotents...
how strong you are.
You came here to try your luck, didn't you?
But I'm so unlucky...
What's the matter? Are you sick? Wake up!
Start turning off the lights.
, What about these guarantees? , I'm not signing anything!
, I'm working in a movie. , You're broke.
, I said I'm not signing anything! , The case has been postponed!
What's this music?
Why are you laughing? Who turned off the lights?
, Will you accompany me? , No, I'm not going to Rome.
Everybody out!
Darling, don't worry. This will help you.
I made a pool at the bottom of the stairs.
That girl needs air. She's sick.
, Stand up! , I'm sick!
, Let's pretend you're a nice chicken! , No.
, I bet you're from Fano. , What are you doing?
I don't care if you don't write that article.
What lies you tell in Rome!
I'm not finished with you. Come here. Raise your head!
, Do you want to dance? , Yes.
These are really man jokes!
, Let's go to the painter! , He moved.
, He went to Riccione with his wife. , Let's hitch, hike.
, I want to be alone. I'm sad tonight., Me too...
, How do I look? , You look like a slut!
, You were mean to Odette. , I left her the apartment!
My tummy hurts!
It's daytime!
I thought it was 2 a.m. My watch has stopped. What's the time?
, It's 5.15 a. m! , I must be at the hearing at 9 a.m.
, Can you drive me to Rome? , I'm not going to Rome.
It was a nice party, but now it's over!
Where are my shoes?
, Have a nice trip, Riccardo! , I'm sorry, but I couldn't...
, Beautiful Nadia. , Let's go.
, Bye, I'll call you up tomorrow. , No, wait for my call.
, Bye, Nadia. , Bye.
, Good luck to both of you! , Thank you!
And now it's the lawyer's turn!
, Great ending! , Why don't you do a strip, tease?
, What's down there? , Where?
Oh, nature!
Dawn always makes me so emotional!
I looked so good with make up. I feel sticky now!
But who cares? I want to retire.
But more and more come out.
If two retire, ten more appear!
In 1965 everyone will be depraved!
You'll see how disgusting!
Stand back!
It's a fortune worth a million.
Guys, it's a monster!
Oh, my God!
, But it's alive! , He died three days ago.
, Is it a male or a female? , What is it looking at?
Why don't we buy it?
, Where does it come from? , Maybe it comes from Australia!
Australia? Why?
Poor thing!
It insists on looking!
I don't understand. I can't hear!
I can't hear you.
, Let's go! , I'm coming.
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