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Once we saw them as gods|these soaring spirits of the sea.
How else to explain their|boundless grace and energy,
the way they inspire our joy.
Today, dolphins seem|like part of the family.
They enchant us with their|willingness to please and perform.
But the dolphin ' s true home... the sea
is an alien world and here|a different side emerges.
Cunning, powerful and relentless,|dolphins are consummate predators.
They are social creatures that|communicate and cooperate
for danger can strike from anywhere.
The quest for prey, the quest for mates,|nothing comes easy out here.
For the ocean is as unforgiving|as it is boundless.
Join us as we explore the world|of dolphins in the wild.
In the salt marshes of south|carolina is a rich ocean estuary
a nursery for fish and shellfish
and a lure for all kinds|of predators.
Every day as|the tide ebbs,
the broad mud banks|become exposed.
It is then an extraordinary|event occurs.
Seabirds vie for|a front row position.
They have an intense|interest in what is to come.
The predators regroup|for another coordinated attack.
These are bottlenose dolphins|among the most inventive
and intelligent|hunters in the sea.
Here they locate schools of|small fish in the turbid channels.
Then in a stunning maneuver,
they rush up the mudflats
creating a bow wave|that drives the fish ashore.
Using their excellent|above-water vision,
they snatch up the fish|stranded on the banks.
How dolphins locate|the schools of fish
and coordinate their|attack is not entirely known
they may use either audible|or visual signals
for some reason
the dolphins always rush up|the banks on their right side
over time|the teeth on that side will
actually be worn down from|chewing as much mud as fish
occasionally|they will work themselves
completely out of the water
being stranded up|here could be fatal
as they shimmy up the mud|banks it's almost as
if they're evolving into|the land creatures they once were
some fifty million years ago
the ancestors|of these air-breathing
mammals ventured|into the seas
to follow dolphins|in the wild is to discover
one of the most remarkable|adaptations in the natural world
they use their intelligence|to survive
changing or inventing strategies|to suit their environment
spinner dolphins leap in what|appears to a display of exuberance
in fact,
they may be signaling|others to join them,
or coordinating|movements of the pod...
a kind of long|distance communication.
At close range,
dolphins "speak" through|clicks and whistles.
These signals can|mean anything from
"food's over here" to "watch out!|There's danger!"
They also communicate|through touching.
Dolphins are notoriously affectionate|and extremely sensuous.
When dolphins mate,
they swim in rhythm|with the female on top.
Sex is as frequent|as it is casual.
It's not always|for reproduction
often it's a social tool
used to strengthen|and maintain bonds
whether old or young
male or female - all dolphins|engage in caressing and petting
but beneath this veneer|of harmony
lies a darker side...|marked by conflict and violence
surprisingly the|beloved bottlenose we know
as "flipper" may be the|most aggressive dolphin species
in the bahamas
two male bottlenose harass|a male spotted dolphin
at first the interaction|seems harmless enough
but it quickly escalates
the bottlenose take|turns assaulting
the spotted perhaps|to assert their dominance
next they turn on a spotted|dolphin half their size
it's only a calf
bottlenose are among the|very few wild creatures
that will kill for reasons|other than hunger
swimming in formation
a group of adult spotteds|rush in to intercede
in the flurry of threats
the calf escapes|to the surface
bottlenose are even|more prone to clashing
with members|of their own species
these males in the|bahamas bear many scars
including those|from fierce battles
a first sign of impending|trouble is "jaw clapping"
a clear audible threat
when fights break out
they're marked|by head ramming
and blows from|powerful flukes
many dolphins have|evolved their own
sometimes brutal
aspects of society
shark bay|in western australia
where vast sea|grass beds support
a large community|of bottlenose dolphins
here an international|team of scientists
investigates|dolphin aggression
the waters of shark|bay are in the throes
of what appears|to be a gang fight
groups of males are observed|chasing down other males
it can go on for hours|and cover miles of territory
the battles are over females
part of an extremely complex social|system only now being unraveled
by dr. Richard connor from the|university of massachusetts
he's spent his professional life|studying dolphins in the wild
and his work has changed|our image of the dolphin
i think in the 1960's|the myth was generated
that dolphins were|all sweetness and light
and almost incapable|of aggression
at least that was|the public perception
carried on a large|part until today
dolphins are capable of|a lot of aggression
they can be quite nasty|depending on the circumstance
they are complex
intelligent social mammals|and that carries
with it a range of behaviors from|the nice to the not so nice
just like in our own species
and like our own species
dolphins are|highly individualistic
to study their relationships
connor needs to clearly|recognize individuals
he does this by their|unique fin markings
he's studied them in|shark bay since 1982
and he knows over|three hundred dolphins by name
and minnie right there|between them.
And here comes bad ghost|and poltergeist.
There ' s wow resting at the surface.|There ' s myrtle, there ' s hobo.
Www and horton?|Beautiful, look at that! All together.
Connor is|especially intrigued
by relationships|between the males
to him, it's like cracking|the code of a secret society
they follow a|mature male with
a jagged dorsal fin|named "bottom hook"
he's usually observed swimming|with another male called "pointer"
they're almost inseparable forming|what connor calls an alliance
some of these alliances last|for a dozen years or more
today a female is seen|swimming between them
as if she's being herded
in fact, she is|their captive
they guard her night and day
very rarely do you see the female|off to the side from the males
they like to keep her|between them
that basically eliminates|avenues of escape for her
we've seen them keep females|for over a month at a time
bottomhook and pointer|are vigilant
their strategy is to keep her|from mating with other males
to limit the female's|choice to themselves
we've often seen|the males use alot of
aggression to keep|the female with them.
Even so, it's likely that the|female wants to mate
with these males as well as|other males in the bay
the males are trying|to sequester
the female simply|to increase the chance
that they will be|the father of the offspring
eventually, the hungry males|must break formation to feed
pointer races|off to chase a fish
it's a risky move|because in the
confusion the female|may try to escape
one male will be close to|the female for a while
the other will be off|foraging catching fish
and then they'll switch.
And the one that was|off chasing fish
will come back and|stay close to the female
now here pointer is rushing|back towards her now
as pointer resumes|guard duty
he warns the female|with a popping sound
it means: "stay close"
for other male|alliances are prowling
the bay in search of|females to capture
and they'll kidnap|them from rivals
but not without help
connor found that|different alliances
will join forces|to kidnap females
or to defend against attacks
some of these groups|have joined together
to form a nearly|invincible super-alliance
it consists of|fourteen males
and their captive females
unique in the animal kingdom
connor calls them the|"wow crowd"
we suspect from|what we can see
the "wow crowd" seems|to dominate
interactions in this area
probably by being|in such a large group
they are able to|defeat other alliances
but we suspect that the way|they're always changing partners
is required to maintain|friendly bonds within the group
they have to|take turns cooperating
with each other|to sort of keep things
on a friendly basis|between all the alliances
maintaining relations|in such a large
group is a|delicate proposition
but the pay-off is clear
like a fierce tribe
the "wow crowd" dominates|other alliances
and can aggressively pursue|its goal of capturing females
it's easy to lose sight of the|females' role in all this
in fact, she is|the motivating force behind
much of this|machiavellian male behavior
the females of|most dolphin species
have a mating strategy|of their own
and it calls for multiple|sexual partners
so in spite of the|males' best efforts to
restrict the females' choice
it's not entirely successful
this spotted dolphin|female in the bahamas
mates with a number of|eager males
any one of these partners may end|up being the father of her calf
in a surprising way
this strategy may protect|her future offspring
a female dolphin will usually|give birth to a single calf
after a year|long pregnancy
it'll be a few years before this one|becomes spotted like its mother
after giving birth|the female is unreceptive
during the calf's first|few years
she will spurn the advances|of courting males
but young males can be|dangerously persistent
adult male dolphins may do|more than simply harass females
they are strongly suspected of|killing dolphin calves
a possible strategy for making|the female receptive again
this time|the mother fights them off
in shark bay, a female, nicky|cruises the shallows with her calf
she's being herded by|bottomhook and pointer
like most female dolphins|she's mated with a number of partners
so the scientists are not sure|who the father of the calf is
but then neither|are bottomhook and pointer
and in their uncertainty,|the calf is spared
finding food is the|mother's top priority
and here in shark|bay she's discovered
some surprising resources
there's something|enchanting about
coming in contact|with dolphins in the wild
the activity is|carefully monitored to
avoid potential harm|to dolphins or to humans
please, please don't reach|out to her head, please
that's nicky;|she will bite you
trust me
she hasn't bitten|anybody since yesterday...
if you're lucky|enough to be called out
just step out
hold the fish by the tail
not the dolphin...
place right down into|the dolphins mouths
please do not be tempted|to touch during the feeding
that's when we can|have accidents
this kind of|interaction between humans
and wild dolphins|occurs in very few places
for some, it's a|healing experience
for others a kind of mystical,|new age encounter
but to the hungry dolphins it's|mostly about getting a fish
if there's a lesson here|for the calf it's that
a dolphin must always|be inventive in finding food
for out in the wild|it's no easy task
calves are dependent on their mothers|for some three to six years
during this period
the young dolphin must learn|how to fend for itself
like humans, dolphins are not|born with the skills to survive
the learning process may start|through simple mimicry
the calf will imitate|its mother's every pose
posture and action
if she stands with her|tail in the sand
the calf will follow suit
even though it may not have|an inkling of why she's doing so
dolphins are opportunistic feeders
and the young must learn|many extremely difficult
and creative|hunting techniques
the mother is using|sound in a way
the calf may not be|capable of just yet
the buzzing sound is a series|of rapid fire clicks
part of a sophisticated sensory|system called echolocation
the sound signals|penetrate the sands
then echo back, giving a clear|indication of what lies below
it's like x-ray vision
capable of seeing through|almost any porous medium
dolphin calves can create|sounds shortly after birth
mostly whistles|used for communication
the clicks required for echolocation|may take months to develop
like most intelligent|predators
dolphins learn to hunt|by making a game out of it
this trunkfish is|not part of their diet
but for the young dolphins
it's a target to practice on
it takes an adult to|demonstrate proper form
calves often wander away|from their mothers
sometimes up to half a mile
though it can be dangerous
taking risks is an|important part of learning
these young dolphins|may not very adept
but at least they're|catching fish on their own
the mortality rate for|young dolphins is very high
in shark bay
fifty percent don't|survive their first year
much depends on how|quickly the calf
can master new skills|for survival
a mother leads her calf on|strenuous runs in the shallows
the calf can|barely keep up
this is basic training|for a difficult
and dangerous|fishing strategy
it's a skill passed on from|generation to generation
the techniques that|dolphin calves learn
are often unique|to where they live
the steep cliffs of cape peron|block the prevailing winds
creating calm|clear waters along the beach.
Shallows can be dangerous|places for dolphins
strandings are not|uncommon and here
they can easily be|cornered by predators
but the shallow water|is a hunting
ground for a small|group of specialists
here they practice|a fishing technique
other dolphins find|too risky
the shallows would seem to|favor the smaller creature
but the dolphin has mastered|the art of hydroplaning
skimming through|mere inches of water
sometimes breathing air|has its advantages
the sea eagle
who's watched the chase|with intense interest
times his|swoop perfectly
of the four to five hundred|dolphins in shark bay
only a handful of females|have mastered this technique
often dolphins play with|their catch before eating it
just offshore a dolphin tosses|a snake eel about like a ragdoll
the others approach the tossed|prey with great interest
but they will not touch it|observing some kind of protocol
scientists have speculated|it's a way of confirming
trust or simply avoiding|a costly conflict
when calves catch their tiny fish|they too make a great show of it
by five or six years old
young dolphins no longer|need their mother's guidance
they will be part|of a hunting culture that will
forever be as|challenging as it is perilous
dolphins have|adapted to an alien world
that is hostile|to air-breathing mammals
in the dark of night
dolphins need to|know what's out there
using their echolocation
dolphins can detect the size
shape- even the|density of an object
but it's only|good for a hundred yards
or so and is|highly directional
detecting nothing|from behind
it's so accurate|they can clearly
distinguish between|different species of fish
even in daylight|visibility is limited underwater
but using sonar can|be risky because the
tell-tale clicks may reveal|your presence to predators
so dolphins rely more on|their excellent hearing
the best defense is to stay together|keep silent - and listen
success in hunting is knowing|when to use your sonar
and when to turn it off
with its own|sonar turned off
a killer whale moves silently|through alaskan waters - listening
it can hear the|slightest splashing
the very breathing|of distant prey
a group of dall's porpoises|just up ahead
these are among the fastest|small cetaceans
so quick and agile they can|elude most predators
they travel these icy waters|in groups of two to ten
but for this small herd there's|little safety in numbers
as quietly as possible
the killer whales|are closing in
the slightest sound would|betray their presence
the porpoises|detect something
but it may be too late
the killers are capable of|speeds up to thirty miles per hour
the porpoise zig-zags|for its life
killer whales are masters at|cutting off the path of retreat
this one dives below|a harbor porpoise
like sharks|killer whales don't always
finish off their prey|right away
they'll often let|the victim struggle until
it's energy is spent|or it simply bleeds to death
other members of the pod|move in on a
dall's porpoise that's|been hit
it still has some life|left and
tries to make it|to calmer inshore waters
the males- like lions tend to|leave the hunting to the females
now they join|in for the kill
soon the restless|seas are resonating
with the eerie calls|of the killers
and the chilling sounds of|teeth crushing bone
the porpoise had the|unhappy fate to be pursued
by hunters with sensory|capabilities as good as its own
for killer whales|are dolphins
they are the largest|member of the family and
the only dolphins that|habitually hunt their cousins
still, they're the most|sociable of all dolphins
living in highly stable|family groups
most of the males never leave|the group they are born in
some will even teach|the calves how to hunt
this unfortunate|harbor seal is about
to become a living|training tool
the killer whales circle the prey|as if toying with it
in fact
they may be demonstrating|to their young how to
cut off a prey's retreat|or how to confuse it
more important the|calves will learn how to
coordinate their efforts|with others in the pod
older males have been observed|allowing calves to feed
before they themselves|begin to eat
the young will grow into|the ocean's top predators
like killer whales, pilot whales|are misnamed and are true dolphins
the second largest|of the family
they can weigh up|to four tons
pilot whales dive to|depths of a half mile
in search of octopus|and squid
these pygmy killer|whales may be every
bit as fierce as|their namesakes
and like their bigger|cousins, they're
believed to kill|marine mammals
but pygmy killers are very rare|and seldom observed in the wild
there are over thirty|species of dolphins
and we know very little|about most of them
the northern right whale dolphin|is a gregarious
creature often found|swimming with other species
like white-sided dolphins.
Dolphins come in a|variety of sizes and shapes
what distinguishes|them as a family are anatomical
features like the shape|of the jaws and teeth
dolphins are designed|for the hunt
this fifty ton monster|is a grazer not a hunter
and it's a true whale
southern right whales|are filter feeders
straining enormous quantities|of water for tiny crustaceans
the windswept shores of|patagonia in argentina
once a year
right whales migrate|to breed in the warm
shallow waters
here they are greeted|by dusky dolphins
unlike their big|lumbering cousins
duskys are small|fast, and agile
in the summer months
they leave the safety of coastal|waters to hunt miles offshore
in deep waters, locating
pursuing and catching prey|is exceptionally difficult
but duskys have developed|some extraordinary tactics
in the morning, small|search parties set out
probing with their sonar
there may be twenty to thirty|groups patrolling these waters
each pod separated|by a mile or two
the leaps give them a vantage|point for sighting prey
seabirds have gathered up ahead|a sign they've found something
this time of year southern|anchovies are here in vast numbers
for the penguins|it's a feast
it's up to the dolphins|to bring some
order to all this and|they quickly do
the dolphin's strategy is to|circle the school
and drive it into an|ever tightening ball
they guard the outside|perimeter by blowing bubbles
which frightens the fish
this takes advantage of|the fishes' natural defense
to huddle together|when attacked
as the fish ball|gets tighter
the duskys take turns|grabbing mouthfuls
of fish then retreat|to guard the perimeter
soon the ball is|clustered so tightly
the fishes' escape|response breaks down
now it's simply a|matter of the
dolphins' nipping food|off the edges
as the feeding progresses
the dolphin calves|are nowhere to be seen
for others drawn|to the feast might prefer
young dolphin to|a mouthful of anchovies
mothers bring their calves|to a sort of nursery
away from the chaos|of the feeding area
for the rest of the group
the feeding's over|and it's time to celebrate
the event is marked by|exhilarating acrobatic displays
dolphin groups that|usually travel
apart now come together|to socialize
in the world of dolphins|that means
frequent sex with a variety|of partners
the males- swimming upside down|follow the females
they synchronize their|movement with hers
all for a brief moment|of coupling
physical contact among|these groups of
dolphins strengthens|communal bonds
for cooperative hunters
these bonds are essential
the duskys are about|to face a challenge
that calls for teamwork|on monumental scale
sixty feet below the|surface, a monstrous swirl
of life undulates like a|strange super organism
it's a mass of anchovies over|a hundred feet in diameter
for these duskys
it's the mother iode
circling the fish|with violent splashes
the duskys corral|them closer together
a team of dolphins|works below the school
herding it towards|the surface
they must keep the|enormous mass together
if it splits into|smaller schools
they'll be hard to control
finally, they succeed|in herding the
great ball of fish to|the surface
it serves as a wall,|closing off one avenue of escape
now sea lions are drawn|to the scene
the dolphins struggle to|keep the school together
but the sea lions are|not team players
they plunge into the|mass of fish to feed
the school is simply too large|for the dolphins to control
now the leaps serve|a different purpose
high and acrobatic|they're calls for help
from miles away,|other duskys rush to the feeding site
they porpoise high in the air to|keep sight of the action ahead
by the time they|reach the school
there's a feeding|frenzy going on
chaos reigns and the ball|is in danger of splitting apart
the new arrivals|get right to work
and quickly coordinate their|efforts with the other duskys
now there are enough dolphins|to guard
the perimeter while|they take turns feeding
finally all the dolphins'|hard work pays off
the fish have been|packed together
so long they've consumed|too much oxygen
there's little chance the|ball will split apart
for the dolphins who can now|feed at will this hunt is over
to ancient mariners
the dolphins' mastery of|the ocean world seemed magical
they were cast as heroes|in myth and legend
today we look for glimpses|of ourselves in dolphins
and we find them|in their conflicts
yes - but also in the ways|they communicate and cooperate
their sheer inventiveness.
But there's no need|to romanticize or humanize
dolphins to respect|them for what they are
strong and intelligent hunters|in a wilderness called the sea
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