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Subtitles for Domicile conjugal.

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Domicile conjugal

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2 lbs. of tangerines please
There, Mademoiselle
No... it's Madame!
This magazine, please
That poster of Nureyev...
may l have it?
- Help yourself|- Lovely...
- How much?|- Two francs
Thank you...
No... it's Madame!
You go ahead, l'm slow
l'm late! l forgot the red
You're dyeing them red?
We did that at school:
We'd stick a flower in ink...
it'd turn black or blue
lt was so messy we'd get hell!
They're turning red now
They're going to ban those products
l heard it on TV
What the hell for?
because of water pollution!
Shaving cream, too
From now on, only electric razors!
Look how red they are!
That was quick!
My immersion-heater...
Funny!|There's one that stays white...
Yes... and l don't know why
How's the artist?
Damn it, Ginette!
l pay you to work for me!
Know what l did?
Bought new pajamas
But l only kept the top
What do you say to that?
Not a thing!
You want an engraved invitation?
The flowers are here...
The blue are now red!
No... vice-versa!
lt's an old story. l said...
''Mme Fournier, be nice...''
''My radio doesn't bother anyone''
She says: ''So, sue me!''|After all, l pay big taxes, right?
She just makes buttonholes!
l should have sued her then...
10 years ago !
lf l had it to do over...
They turned red!
You should go into business|for yourself
Hurry up!
l'll call her... hang on!
Oh, hello... Could you tell my wife|her mother's calling?
Hello mama...
l can't hear...
The garbage cans!
l'm sure we're free
Need anything?
Right... at 8:30!|See you tonight
We're invited to dinner at 8:15
l'll close up right away
l'll get you yet!
Give me a hand, please
Coming, dear!|l'm coming...
l'm almost ready!
You can set your clock by him
He's an opera singer:|always exits on cue!
You're neighbors, aren't you?
Same floor, next door
He's always right on time...
and always mad at his wife!
She's like your flowers...
A little red here,|a little blue there...
Look over there!
Christine, would you get the wine?
The personnel wanted to work!
Antoine, come help me
Go ahead...
That bottle, please
The Senator had a Mercedes...|a foreign car: bad politics!
So he got a Citroën|l got the Mercedes!
l can sell it
Striglias...|often confused with oubiglias
From my neighbor... Plates?
l thought you brought them...
for Mother's Day
Mother's Day?|l'm sorry, mama, l forgot!
Mother's Day is a Nazi invention...
Yes... during the war...
l put in aspirin
Aspirin in the water?
That's nonsense.|You should cut the stems
l do that too...
about 1/2 inch
Out of the water?
That's useless, too...
You have to cut them in the water,|so that...
no air gets in
The water goes straight up|to the flower
Your Japanese expert said that?
They know all about flowers
Floral art...
What about me?|Don't l get any soup?
l spoke to the Senator...
He might invest in your idea:
A self-service flower stand
l'm not interested anymore
l thought it over...
Too much spoilage...
Except near a cemetery;|you could sell wreaths...
l've got a new interest...
A process to obtain Absolute Red
Too bad. The Senator loves flowers
he says you'll get a phone soon
Then pupils can call me directly!
You got the message? Marianne...
She came.|Her dentist cancelled
The little virtuoso...|who plays better than you?
Don't exaggerate!
She is gifted, but...|her mother forgets to pay and...
You won't ask? l will!
You're in the courtyard
l'll grab her coming out,|and ask her!
l've got an idea!
lf she forgets, let her go
Just close the door.|Then play a tune so Antoine knows!
Play what?
- ''River Kwai?''|- No, not that!
''Mademoiselle from Armentieres?''
Something livelier
''Autumn Leaves?''
Too slow!
''The Jewel Song?''
What's that?
''The Marseillaise!''
Of course!|''The Marseillaise?''
lt's just right!
Oh, no! Can't be done...
You can't play it...|Not on a violin!
Why not?
Because:|''You can't fiddle around...''
''with a national anthem!''
Everyone knows that...
l'll get the light
Something's creepy about him
Doesn't Mme. Martin|know who he is?
No! He sublets. ln 3 months...
he's had no visits, no mail!
Didn't you notice his hairy hands...
with forked fingers...
and sharp nails|that come out at night...
and grab at women's legs!
at women's legs!
Damn! l forgot the light
Don't look!
l'm reading
l think naked men are ugly!
How do women stand it?|Naked men are repulsive!
- Not all men...|- Yes, all men!
Except one!
That's true...
All... except one!
Who's the pin-up?
Nureyev.|A great dancer... and handsome
My poor breasts!
l can't breast-feed a child
Me neither!|Let him feed himself!
Let's see...
Let me see your breasts!|What's wrong with them?
Hey, they don't match!
You're crazy!
One's bigger than the other
lt's not true
lt is true!
Then it's normal!|Not at all...
lf they had names they'd be...
Laurel... and Hardy!
Or maybe: Don Quixote...
and the little one: Sancho Panza
lt's not funny!
A warm bed at night...
Get up! My pupil's coming
6 sheep, 5 sheep, 4 sheep, 3...
2... 1... zero sheep!
Hello Marianne
l'll call my wife
lt's your pupil...
l'll leave you now...
Did you practice?
Your scales and ''sostenuto''?
About an hour a day
Shall we start right in?
Think about your attacks,|and you tone
Anybody here?
Excuse me,|could you tell me...
- How are you?|- Same as always
What're you doing?
Coloring flowers
Your own business?
No... l work for a florist
Look like hard work
They say it takes|a lazy man to work hard
Yes, l live here...|Hear that violin?
My wife...|She gives lessons
Ah, a musician
You always did like music...
and nice bourgeois girls!
l never looked at it that way
For me,|it's not just the girl...
lt's her family: father, mother...
l enjoy parents...|when they're not my own!
That your truck out front?
Can't park there
l gave you a ticket. Want two?
Sure, Dad, make it a pair!
l'm supposed to fix a TV set|You know a... Desdoigts?
M. Desbois... up there
That's funny...
Maybe he's gone out
l'd be surprised...|He hasn't, for 25 years
Sort of voluntary confinement
Says he won't go out till|Marshal who is...
Marshal Juin?
No, the one who ran France|during the war
Marshal Pétain!
Won't go out till Marshal Pétain...|is buried in Verdun!
Where is he?
The TV repairman is here
About time! Hurry up!
Take it easy!
How's Josianne?
Didn't you marry her?
No. She quit work to marry...|an astronaut!
''Big pay and always away!''
She lives on Avenue Foch!
She's got it made!
He married her|because he knocked her up
l think she let herself...
because... yeah, you get me?
Excuse me... be right back!
You're getting good!
Thanks to Mme. Doinel...
l can never tell whether|it's my wife or Marianne playing
Soon you'll give the lessons...
and my wife will pay you!
Oh, l forgot to pay your wife!
lt doesn't matter...
Yes, yes!|l forgot last time too!
No hurry...
Two lessons
Well, thank you... goodbye...
Hello... What's that?
A library staircase
You got 30 francs?
What are you doing?
Why up there?
To get used to heights
l got panicky at my last concert...
looking into the orchestra pit
l was really just dizzy...
so l'm practicing
What are you doing!
l'm thinking...
l'll bet!.. Let me get down
Close your eyes
Oh, no! l know you!
Nothing's further from my mind...
l won't touch you!
Scout's honor!
You were never a boy scout!
You bet l wasn't!
Close your eyes!
Eyes closed?
Now open them
What's that?
A library staircase.|l've always wanted one
We don't have a library!
Have to begin somewhere...
l have a surprise for you...
The Senator came through!|We've got our telephone!
Not bad...
l told Lucien|you'd write the Senator
Before l thank him... does it work?
What do l dial to find out the time?
Odéon 84-00
Cochin Hospital?
Sorry, wrong number!
l got a hospital!
Dial the hospital|and see what you get
How's the letter?
Almost finished
Can l read it?
''Thanks for getting us,|in one week...''
''what others wait years for!''
You can't send that!
lt's true, isn't it?
He's Lucien's customer...|You can't do that!
l can't?.. Then you write him!
l will!|You're a selfish monster!
Everybody has to help you!
l didn't ask for anything
l didn't want the damn telephone!
Why?|Because friends might call us?
What if we're bored?
l don't know what boredom is!
l know some people get bored...
but l don't know what it means!
There's always something to do...
cut the pages of a book...
do crossword puzzles, take notes...|always something to do!
l'd like a 30-hour day...|because l'm never bored!
l wish l were 60...
l'd only need 5 hours sleep!
l'm going to the toilet!
Going to school?|Aren't you on strike?
You're an early bird...
- lt's cold...|- Want a set of keys?
Anyway, they're right here
Give me a hand...
Get a move on, Marcel!
No more noise?
They're plastic...
On wheels?
No!|The new management got them...
they're noiseless!
You look nervous
l'm testing a product l invented
lf it works,|l get Absolute Red...
lf not, l read the want ads!
l studied our horoscope.|Very favorable!
Big things ahead for you and me
l used too much...
What do you think?
Read the want ads!
lmportant new|American hydraulic company...
seeks dynamic|young man speaking English...
"Dear sir:|l wish to recommend..."
"the son of an old friend."
"Former Scout leader|and a loyal Frenchman...
"he is completely fluent in..."
the language of Shakespeare."
"His dynamism should be useful|to your firm."
Could you give this letter to the|director?
You can come in now
Just a minute
The applicant is here
- Say hello first|- Hello! Now hurry up
Monsieur Max, please
- My little cream puff!|- Down, boy!
Monsieur Max?.. He's here
Watch out! l love cream puffs!
lf l had breasts|l'd fondle them all day
A very nice letter...
You speak...
You speak English well?
A little...
You read it better than you speak it
The problem...
for our employees here...
is transportation.|You have a car?
You can't start at the top,|of course
l'll put you on the scale-models
We've made a model of a harbor...
with the port installations
You'll maneuver the boats...
Like the job?
You'll see: my employees...
are so happy here...
they hate to stay home on Sundays!
That is the port...
based on future plans
At present, the harbor silts up
So we've built a dike|from there to there
Otherwise, it's accurate to scale
Your job will be...
to run the boats by remote control
Push a button and away they go!
Like the job?
''You'll see: my employees...''
''are so happy here...''
''they hate to stay home Sundays!''
He says that to all the new ones!
lmagine writing that|in a newspaper!
Listen: it's about...
the Common Market, in Brussels
''Afterwards, in their rooms...''
''each delegate found...''
''a sensuous call-girl awaiting him!''
lt's true!
lmagine... in Le Monde!
''each delegate found...''
''a sensuous call-girl awaiting him!''
lt's not true!
Read it yourself
''each delegate found a sumptuous...''
''collation awaiting him!''
You liar!
Lights out
Got you, huh?
Got to tell you something tomorrow
Why not now?
You couldn't sleep
l bought some
A new brand
Damn! There's a guy l know
Owes me money.|He'll be embarrassed...
l owe you 30 francs, right?
You lend me 20 more...
you get the 50 back all at once
Well, so long...
Where's your violin?
lt's not a lesson
Where you going?
Do you always tell me where you go?
See you tonight
Dressmaker - Gynecologist|Notary public
"Watch out for the contraction..."
"Short breaths...|Keep going! Keep going!"
"Very good, very good..."
"go on! Go on..."
"Stay relaxed... very good,|very good..."
"Go on, go on, go on!"
l have something for you
Looks like Mme Doinel...
got stung by a mosquito
That was no mosquito!
Look! The strangler!
Looks mean...
l'm coming, dear!
lt's soon, isn't it?
You're so lucky!
M. Doinel?.. Not here
Don't hang up!
The hospital?
l'll give him the message
A girl or a boy?
Call Antoine!
lt's a boy!
Antoine... congratulations!
lt's a lovely little boy
He's under the sign of Aquarius
He's in the arms of Morpheus!
Dine with us?
l'll stay with Christine
Go on... she's waiting
Not even one flower!
He came as soon as they called!
He had no time!
Let's get them the extra room
Knock out the wall...|it'll be perfect
Hold his head up!
What a terrific child!
Of course, l knew he would be...
He'll be the writer l wanted to be
Victor Hugo or nothing!
What Napoléon did with the sword...
you'll do with the pen!
He smiled at me, before...
Babies only smile after 3 weeks!
He smiled at me!
A photographer's here|to take pictures
l'm too tired now
But l'm not too tired!
Send him in...
l'd like to be alone now
You can eat with my parents
l turned them down to stay with you
l can tell you a story,
or we can listen to the radio...
Go away!
See you tomorrow
Tonight, l didn't...
want to leave you by yourself
l waited for the child by myself!
Good news: l'm a father!
lt's a boy
- Happy?|- And how!
l owe you 50 frs, right?
Lend me 50 more?|l'll pay you 100...
in a lump sum...
- You must be real happy!|- And how!
ls Jean there?
May l speak to Jean?
Tell him|Antoine Doinel is a father...
Tell him l have a little boy...
Don't forget...
You have to register his birth...
We ought to decide...
l prefer Ghislain
lt's pretentious:
''Little Lord Fauntleroy''
Got a better idea?
l like Alphonse...
Makes him sound like a peasant
l have an uncle Ghislain...
Mother: Christine Darbon Doinel...
The baby's name?
How'd it go?
lt's a boy
How'd it go?
Difficult, at first...
but she's fine now
Give me a hand
l'm glad it's a boy
- Still by yourself?|- For another week...
You must be lonely up there,|in bed...
at night, alone...
No, no... l'm fine!
ls he cute?
All pink, with tiny hands...
His eyes're open
Who's he look like?
Watch out for him:|lot of kidnappings lately!
The strangler...
We call him that, too
Don't stare!
Right...|Drinks on the house!
On the house?
A real ''blessed event!''
Everybody... even you!
There, it's done!
Have to be in shape!
- Like it, Sylvana?|- Extraordinary!
That'll be our room
No street noise...
l can wave from my window
The baby's room'll be there
So you like it?
l have to get dinner ready
l saw you!
You go for her, eh?
Sylvana, that's who!
You go for her!
A nice buxom ltalian...
sexy mouth!
You bastard...
Remember our first kiss?
l was petrified!
What?.. You did it all!
You're mistaken...
l remember very well...
We were in a taxi
lt stopped. l leaned over...
to give you a little goodnight kiss
l saw your lips part
l said to myself...
This is it!
You're out of your mind!
l liked it,|but you took the initiative...
That's your story!
You grabbed me... and l let you
lt wasn't that way at all!
Here's exactly how you were...
Your head thrown back...
eyes closed,|lips slightly open...
like this...
You'd thought about it
About us kissing, one day
All girls think about that
They do, eh?
So you admit it!
l'll take Ghislain now
He didn't cry once
Good.|l can work at home again soon
You have some mail
lt's a certificate
You named him Alphonse?
Antoine did it!
He won't get away with it!
He knew l didn't want that name!
l'd lay her badly|but l'd lay her gladly!
Alphonse'll be a great writer
Know what l'm going to do?
Educate him myself...
at home.|Alphonse'll only learn...
important things!
We'll see...
Come, Ghislain...
Pretty little bottom...
Alphonse?|Just like his mother!
Watch papa...
He's going to the bathroom...
lt's an arctic expedition!
A flashlight...
A book...
Uncut pages, so...
a knife!
Now what?
A newspaper!
- You forgot to go shopping|- For what?
l left you a list
l didn't see any list
There's nothing to eat!
l wrote it all down for you
Get Mme Martin...
to baby-sit. We'll go out
She's not home
Nothing at all?
Only baby-food
Yummy! Let's eat that
lf he wakes up...
You know Alphonse never wakes up!
We'll buy more tomorrow
Tonight, we eat!
Theater Tonight,|live from Marienbad
Look... The Strangler!
Did you know he was on TV?
No. ls he a singer?
He does imitations!
You kept an old picture of me...
Not bad, eh?
Last year...
was it in Carlsbad... or Marienbad?
Once again l walk through|the drawing rooms...
the long corridors...
luxurious, lugubrious...
l am not an apparition
l am a woman, which is...
just the opposite!
You say l"m exceptional...
You"re right, l am!
He saw you last night!
Why didn't you tell us...
you were a comedian!
Need some help, Doinel?
Remember me?
l brought you something
Come in
You noticed?
l saw it fall in the water
Why didn't you say anything?
Because the man said|the model was fragile
l was sorry about the bracelet
But l didn't want to bother you
l thought you'd want it
Mlle Maki, my roommate
Won't you sit down?
l'm sorry, l have to go...
We were just having tea...
l'm already late...
l'll show you out
We never see you any more
You like working for the Americans?
Yes. lt gives me time to think
l'm writing a novel
No kidding!
My wife doesn't know.|l write at night
A novelist? Like Baudelaire...
He started with flowers, too
He didn't write novels
What about ''Flowers of Evil?''
That's poetry
l know more about him than you
l just read an article
You know he was a priest's son?
His father was an ordained priest
Then he worked for a family:
as a tutor...
Open the door
What's your novel about?
Life in general... my youth...
From the particular|to the general...
Oh? Well, we'll have to read it
l get an autographed copy, right?
''For Césarin''
What's the title?
Haven't found one yet
lt shouldn't be hard...
Any trumpets in your novel?
Any drums?
Then call it:|''Neither Trumpets nor Drums!''
Not bad, eh?
What do you want?
We're closed...
What are you looking for?
A fight!
This is a little place...|no action...
We cater to old folks and children
You don't want to fight them, right?
lf you want a fight,|there's a café...
at the corner. You'll get...
what you're looking for!
What's that?
''Japanese Women?''
l need it for my work
Let's see...
You look good in glasses
l don't like them
l've finished
l know why you like glasses...
She wore them
Your first girl
No she didn't
l thought she did
She made you suffer...
She had me doing in circles!
What a nightmare!
Then, one night, it was all over
At 8 PM, l loved her...
By 9 PM, l couldn't stand her
l was cured!
She said the wrong thing...
And l can't even remember what
lt was a relief
lf l ask something, will you do it?
lt depends...
Quibbling already!
Will you do it?
Ask me!
Put your glasses on again?
- Am l too early?|- Not at all...
What shall we do tonight?
l thought we'd go to a movie
l haven't picked one out yet,|though...
l thought|we might have dinner here...
That'd be fine
We could go to a movie after
l'll be right back
My friend is so sorry.|Her mother is sick...
so she can't stay
l hope it's not too serious
Her mother is very sick!
She has to leave right away
Did you just get home?
We worked late
Look at the time!
l had to eat, didn't l?
He tiptoes in...
but l'm awake!
3 AM! l want an explanation...
Know what he says?
''l had to eat, didn't l!''
"Kyoko loves Antoine"
"Come when you can, but can soon"
"She says goodnight|and thinks of Antoine"
This just came
Who's it for?
l don't know
Must be for you
No one would send me flowers here
Must be for Nicole
l don't know...
Oh, maybe...
For you?..|You must be dreaming!
For me, maybe?
lt's hard to read...
written very small...
lt's for Doinel!
- What floor?|- Ground floor
Was someone with you?
No, no one...
What's that?
Can l see Alphonse, please?
He's in there
Look at what he brought
l know about them...
They were for you... l lost them...
then l thought|it would look silly...
l'm delighted!
Have you forgotten we're going out?
l haven't forgotten... l can't
We're all night...|testing, tonight...
And what's this?
Nose?.. ''Hana''
''Hana''... not bad
You answer the phone|with ''Machi machi''
What does that mean?
No... it's ''Mochi mochi''
lt means ''Hello''
Then if you say ''Hello, hello''...
it's four ''mochis?''
No, just two!
This is nice, isn't it?
lf l commit suicide with someone...
l'd like it to be you
Her name is Kyoko, she loves you"
lf she were just another woman...
but she's not.|She's another world...
You see what l mean?
What's that?
A lesson...
At this hour?
What's that: your violin?
l'm going.|l'll get Alphonse tomorrow
Listen, l'll sleep in the chair...
you can have the bed
Not in the same room!
All right!
Not in the same room!
What a mess!
You left without|waking me this morning!
Mind if l kiss Alphonse?
We had to talk...
We'll always have time to talk!
Besides, l was late for work
Your parents are coming|for dinner... and to see the baby
Didn't you say no?
How could l?
You're out of your mind!
l haven't told mother...
Call them! Call it off!
lt's too late
They've left by now
They'll understand...
when they see all this!
You're disgusting!
What'll my mother think?
Help me!
My manuscript!
A lot you care!
We invited ourselves
Here, take this...
Let's see Alphonse
What's that?
A duck for Alphonse
- Anything wrong?|- l'm fine...
l'm fine!
The duck isn't for you!
You see,|l just read a novel called:
''The Mischievous Duck''
lt's about a judge|who falls in love...
with a duck, like this...
his son's toy!
Couldn't happen to Antoine
He loves people, not things...
though he's very partial to yellow!
Just look at him!
He's cute!
He's grown...
Look at the duck!
Come to mama...
He wants to walk... watch!
He's too young!
He is not amused!
l'll call you
Sorry about tonight... l was tired
We all were...
Don't catch cold
Help me with the mattress
Must we do this?
lf l sleep next to you...
the world won't end!
l'm not like you!
l hate what is vague... elusive...
l like what is clear!
Don't come near me...|don't touch me!
That's the way you want it!
All right!
l don't know what l'm going to do
You're living alone?
More or less...
Doesn't it bother you?
l don't mind solitude
When l'm alone...
at night... l'm afraid
l'd marry a streetlight|if it could talk!
Oh, it's you...
Antoine came yesterday, so...
Believe me, he'll come back
l don't think so
l handled it badly
lnstead of smoothing it over...
l panicked and made it worse
lt takes patience.|All men are children
l thought you loved her?
Very much!
At first l couldn't get over|her good manners
So polite!|Funny, yet touching...
Then it got on my nerves!
''Thank you for this...''
''Thank you for that...''
''Thanks one and all!''
l called her ''Peggy Proper''
Peggy,|because of her British reserve....
Proper, because she was!
Know what l mean?
l was a virgin...|l'm not proud of it!
l dated as much as l wanted
But l was scared and ignorant...
lmagine: a virgin at 20!
l was a living anachronism!
l had false ideas about life, too...
But it is fascinating!
No, the truth is...
that life is disgusting!
You should see her smoke!
She doesn't know how
Like an awkward little girl...
acting grown up!
He's really funny
And l'm never bored, with him
Those colds of his!
At first, when he'd sniffle...
l wanted to say:|''Blow your nose!''
Now, when he doesn't sniffle...
l think he's sick!
My husband!
Was Alphonse good?
Fine!|He smiles and blows kisses...
You noticed...
Did you see his tooth?
A little tooth!
l packed your summer clothes
l'll get them another time
Hook me up. l'm late...
He's playing with a program, okay?
No! He'll tear it
l went to the ballet...
What's written on it?
Nureyev's autograph...
We went backstage afterwards
That's so provincial!
Bothering a guy|who's danced for 2 hours!
Now don't start that!
l'm ready to baby-sit
Am l too early? l can come back...
Not at all!
To baby-sit
A taxi, please: 17 rue Descazes
Six minutes?... Thank you
l'm going out...
But you can stay with Alphonse...
l'll walk you down
Goodnight... Be good
Watch TV if you like
Take care of him
Here, this is yours
l gave it to you
lt's yours!
Remember how you used to say:
''Take your keys in case we fight?''
You're in a good mood
Coming here, you think...
''She's going to yell at me again!''
- Admit it!|- lt's not so!
- You mustn't...|- Oh? l thought...
l just thought...
Let me go!
l was just helping...
l don't need help!
You're a pain!
A real pain!
All you know is what you want!
A kiss when you want it!
Solitude when you want it!
l'm not ''yours to command!''
Not any more!
Shut up!
l'm sorry...
l understand...
Oh, l know that line:
''l'm too rotten...''
''for a girl like you!''
l'd never pull that
You have... 100 times!
Put it in your novel!
Well, the truth is...
it's all l think about
That's why l'm so fouled up
Once it's done,|we'll get along better
Don't send me a copy,|l won't read it
You're getting even|with your parents...
washing dirty linen in public
l'm not smart but l know this!
Writing to settle old scores...
isn't art!
l've wondered about that
That's what's bothering me
Do what you must|but leave me alone
l've never had much pride, so...
l can say this: l still love you
But l'd rather not see you
You can see the baby,|but l won't be home
The taxi's coming...
Where's that cab?
They said 6 minutes...
Anyway, l hope you're happy
l don't think about it
lt can't work.|We hardly talk now
You can always smile
That's all we do!
By evening, l have lock-jaw...
from smiling!
Restaurants are hell!|Between courses...
l'm expected to make small talk
l can't even eat!|lt's awful...
She thinks l've gone away for 3 days
l pity you!
Where you going?
l don't know...
Can l drop you off?
No, l'm okay...
Just a minute
Do you want me to stay with you?
Want to go to a movie?
No, l'll just go for a walk
You're sweet...
Kiss me...
You are my sister,|my daughter, my mother...
l'd hoped to be your wife...
Wait for me here...
No, no...|l'll be right back!
Don't you like any of them?
l didn't know it was like this...
lt's very simple:
You look and choose... then...
Follow me...
lt's slow, right now
We used to be busy till the 23rd
Now, everyone's broke by the 15th
The Administration!
When l saw them on TV,|l knew we'd had it!
Not interested in politics?
A little...
Anyway, l agree with you:
They're all bums
Some bums|cost us more than others
''lf you don't follow politics...''
''politics will get you in the end!''
The end of the month,|the ends to an end...
the end of a film...|l hate all endings!
What's that?
l said...|you are especially beautiful
Walking in your sleep?
Glad to see you...
Nothing like a good house...
to complete a happy home!
- l owe you 100, right?|- Me?.. No!
Where are you?
ln a restaurant
- And?|- And nothing...
Nothing special...|l just wanted to talk to you
Anything wrong?
lt's just that...|l'm with someone
Mademoiselle Butterfly?
l can't take it!|She never talks...
she just keeps smiling!
She expects me to amuse her...
to tell her jokes...
l've had it!
Tonight, l'm not even trying...
Don't be mean
lt was good talking to you
Did you make your call?
You should have started
- Finished?|- What's next?
- Some cheese?|- No thanks...
l have another call to make
Excuse me
lt's me again
Still eating?
Yes.|lt's deadly... as l expected
ls the food good?
Rumpsteak?.. ln silence!
Each minute counts triple
Feels like l've been here all day!
Try to talk to her
l'm too bored to try!
l just want to beat it!..
And she's ordering cheese!
But if she orders dessert...|l'll kill myself!
That one's very good
Excuse me...|another phone call...
Our coffee?
Not yet. After dessert...
Bring the check with the coffee
At the same time!
lt's me again
She just doesn't understand!
Now it's a soufflé... 20 minutes!
Are you there?
l"m here...
Say something
l'm listening
You know...
l'm listening
l can"t say it now...
l"d like to kiss you
Me too...
Me too...
ls that true?
lt's true
Say ''Papi''...
Go back inside
l'm coming!
l'm very late...
Thank you...
Now they're really in love!
Processed by C.M.C. - Paris
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