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Subtitles for Donggam (2000) - Ditto.

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Donggam (2000) - Ditto

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Sky Kim
Ji Tae Yu
Yong Woo Park Ji Won Ha
Min Joo Kim Chul Jin Shin

Directed by Jung Kwon Kim
(Returning Student)
Soeun! Yes?
Is Sunmi hospitalized? Yes, just been there
Is she alright?
She broke her leg
She has to stay there for 2 weeks
Must have been some bicycle trick
How did you find out so soon?
Well... I was on the back seat
Is everything OK?
4 minutes 58 seconds!
Wait, wait a minute, a new record!
A Women's touch beat the men's superiority!
Hey, just a moment something's wrong...
A transistor is missing
How am I supposed to assemble the damn thing?
Who gave me this?
Common, give it up. Accept it!
No excuses. Take it like a man!
You loose and game's over
Drinks' on you
...this is all I have
Gotta run!
Common, wait!
Excuse me...
Oh! Donghee... ls that you?
Yes, I've returned
I see...
What's this?
Yeah, it's my hobby
You're a HAM? Surprising...
I like it
I see... OK then, see you later
By the way
...thanks for letters you sent while I was in the Army
You've sent so many
Bye now
I just wanted to take a look
I'm sorry
Do you smell alcohol on my breath? Yes, a little...
It's all because of that piece of junk
I also had to pay for the drinks
It's old and broken
Can't even find the parts
Take it!
When it's besides you
you'll have many drinking days
Thank you. Donghee!
Oh! Soeun
You're really into it
Is it yours?
What? That!
Yes Is it yours?
It's mine, alright? What?
Yeah, sure... Yes, it's mine
It's lots fun Really?
Goodbye Bye
You alright?
Hey, take it easy!
Might hurt yourself waving
What's so great about him talking to you?
So weird
Couldn't breathe and blood gushing to my head
When he calls my name Soeun... Soeun...
My name sounds so pretty
Soeun... Soeun...
I'll get another bed here You're sicker than me
You have no idea...
When he looks at me he looks at my eyes
Left and right
One at a time He could look elsewhere but...
...always the same
Left eye and right eye
Then where do you look?
Me? Don't remember
Anyway feel like my heart might burst...
and every muscle in my body twitches
Is this love?
I know how you feel but I don't think that's love
You've felt it before?
It felt like my heart would burst...
...and every muscle in my body twitched
You came to me when I fell and said
Sunmi, you alright?
You were looking at my eyes one at a time
Then... Oh my God! I must be in love with you
Sungsu Bridge is now open to the public
President Park participated in the opening ceremony...
...and discussed the environmental effects
There'll be a lunar eclipse tonight Should we watch?
Sunmi's in the hospital?
Calling CQ, CQ, CQ. This is DS1 AVO
Delta Sierra One Alpha Victor Oscar Anyone copy?
Calling CQ, CQ, CQ. This is DS1 AVO
Delta Sierra One Alpha Victor Oscar Anyone copy?
Calling CQ, CQ, CQ. This is DS1 AVO
Delta Sierra One Alpha Victor Oscar Anyone copy?
Hello? What did you say?
Oh, Sunmi! You scared me
No, I was just doing something
Where are you?
Right, in the hospital
What? You're crazy to come out
What's so great about the eclipse?
Tomorrow? OK, I'll stop by
Are you busy today? Not really
You want to see a play?
A play?
I'm not really into plays but a friend of mine directed it
He'd kill me if I didn't show up
So he just wants me to show my face...
but I didn't want to go alone
So if you like plays... Yes, I like them!
What is the title?
Well... it was too long to remember
Let's find out when we get there
Anyway, 7 o'clock, OK? Yes
OK, then...
Oh! Donghee!
I forgot. I have an engagement
Oh, yeah?
What can you do? It's my fault anyway
Asking for a date at the last minute doesn't work
I guess last minute thing only works with Rugby
OK, I'm leaving then Yeah...
What's with the long face? What's wrong?
Nothing... Do your parents know you're going out?
Don't worry I'll tell them you talk me into it
Where do you wanna go with that broken leg?
Remember my friend Miyoon? Her boyfriend directed a play
I promised her I would go
Play? What's the title?
Title? Let me see... I forgot
Too long to remember anyway
Our Life has so many turns so let's leave when there's applause
You came!
And? My friend, Sunmi
How do you do? Hi...
Have a seat
You'd better go now Are you gonna be alright?
Yes. Need a little exercise Was nice meeting you
Are you sure? You'd have to go up stairs?
Don't worry. Bye
Let's go
Do you go right to sleep?
Not right away. Wash my face, read...
What about HAM radio? What? Yes, sometimes
You have to teach me someday Sorry?
Sure, someday...
Thanks for responding I'll introduce this OP
QTH is Kangnamku Chungdamdong
Attending Shilla University
My name is JEE as Jesus IN as inandout. JEE, IN
Signal 59 receiving you loud and clear
Turning it over to you. DS1 AVO
Contacted! Are you a novice?
What I mean is... Have you ever tried this before?
I see... understandable...
But once you get used to it it's easier than chatting
I'm Jee In. How do you do?
Hi, Mr. Ahm Jeein my name's Yoon, Soeun
Not Ahm Jeein, Jee, In IN is my first name
Oh, I'm sorry Have you been doing this a long time?
Only few Years
You'll get used to it It's more fun than you think
I have to learn. Would you teach me?
Of course!
I've got a book for the beginners I'll let you borrow it
I go to Shilla University Are you a student?
Oh! I go to the same school!
Wow! What a coincidence!
How come you didn't join HAM club?
What? Oh, I just- - -
I see, trying it all by yourself, huh?
Interesting. I'll give you the book at school tomorrow
Sorry, I must be rushing you No, it's not that...
I really appreciate it OK, then
Where should we meet?
How about the Clock Tower? In front of the main building
The one they are building? Pardon?
OK. We'll meet at
See you then I'll give the final call
Thank you
Down with the dictatorship!
Hey! What the hell are you doing?
Am I standing in front of the main building?
What are you talking about?
Is that the main building behind me? Of course!
This is the Clock Tower, right?
Are you mad? Of course, it is!
OK. Then, go
One more thing Is this Shilla University?
You were actually waiting for me weren't you?
You wanted to get my sympathy by looking like that...
...and become like a hero in a movie
Yeah, I was actually waiting for you
I came to this school to meet you and the purpose of my birth is you
My family motto is Love Hyunji
I have your name tattooed on my back. Satisfied?
But I think it's odd to wait for a stranger for 2 hours in the rain?
I've never seen her So I wait for her
Frankly, I wouldn't wait for you Understand?
Go home and get some rest I'm going
Home? You don't have to know
Why not? It's none of your business
Hey, leave me the umbrella
How come you didn't show up?
Well, I could understand
If you are not in college It's not a big deal to be in college
You don't have to have a complex
I could understand if you're not very good looking
When you saw a good looking guy like me didn't have guts to face me
What are you talking about?
I was waiting for you for over hours getting dust all over me
You mean, dust in the rain?
Rain? What rain?
What are you talking about? It's bright and sunny
Are you sure you're in Korea? Not Japan or China?
Wait a minute!
45a. Can't you hear the sound?
It's been raining for days Are you saying I'm crazy?
Stop pulling my leg and turn off the shower!
What the f...!
Calling CQ, CQ, CQ... This is DS1 AVO
Delta Sierra One Alpha Victor Oscar Anyone copy?
That's bullshit!
Even soldiers don't fight if they're not fed
And you did what with disconnected HAM radio?
It doesn't make sense, right?
Then something's wrong with the radio?
No, something's wrong with you!
What's up?
He's gone mad I think he's been struck by lightning
Then he should be back to normal
He was a strange one You're right
Right, I wish I was struck by lightning
What are you doing?
Fixing something
Why do you need both of you to fix it?
Sir, why don't you take her? She's bothering me
Why are you bothering him?
Go home It's not the place for a girl
Is this a boys' dorm or something?
Hyunji, my friend. Get lost!
Frankly, I can't even find a hole because of you!
Isn't that a simple machine? You just talk and listen
I've been waiting for you I just got home
I see, got home late Why did you wait for me?
I don't think we have anything to talk about
Well... I just wanna apologize... I was rude
Guess it's raining still?
Not today
So, What grade are you in?
A junior
Oh, you're older... I'm a sophomore
Wait! Then should I call you older sister?
No, you don't have to do that I don't want a little brother like you
We should be same age since I went to school year early
Came to school in
Oh, I see
What Year did you say? Yes? Why?
I thought I heard it wrong
Did you hear it right this time?
No, I heard it wrong again Just a minute, you mean...
...when you say 77 does it means year 1977?
We usually say 77 short for 19
If you're joking, it's not funny
What I mean is you sound so sincere
How do you do that?
We are same age and go to same school...
...but I came to school in
Short for 19
So, you came in 1999 and now
attend school in the Year 2000?
Last time I checked.
If they're right, you're talking to me after the end of the world
What year is this?
What? What the hell's wrong?
I'm going. Are you going?
So... You were flirting with someone old?
You pervert. Or maybe she is
She entered school in But she's still in school
I don't think she's neither kidding nor crazy
Hey, that's simple
She got into school in 1977 and she's a junior
Yeah, she had some time off maybe for 20 years?
Maybe she was in the Army for long time...
...or got married had babies
Why are you here? Your bus doesn't stop here
It's too late for the bus We'll take a cab
I'll drop you off
Oh, Soeun
Have a seat here
What are your plans after graduation?
Such serious subject over lunch
Well... maybe office worker? Or...
A politician? A congressman?
I'm interested in politics but you never know
Who knows? I may just play around before the world ends?
It won't end What?
You know they say the world will end in 1999
But it won't
How do you know?
Well, isn't it a happy thought anyhow?
I see...
Don't you like this? I'll eat it
No wonder I couldn't find you
Who'd think you'd be in the library?
What do you want?
A letter from your parents in America
What are you doing with my letter?
You never open your mailbox You should thank me
By the way, how do I check out books? I've never done it
I knew it. Wait here
What's the procedure for checking out books?
Fill out the form and I need student I.D.
Student I.D.? No one carries that
How about a driver's license?
Don't you have a class?
We have same classes
When you don't have one I don't have one
Stop annoying me
Annoying? Bastard!
I'm not a humanist. I don't have time to annoy assholes like you
Here. Read it
Damn it. Why are you telling me to read my letter?
You read it I'm sure it's nothing
Do you really want me to read it?
Oh my god! What?
What a handwriting!
She write like a young person Meticulous and pretty
Just read it. Ask me if you run into a difficult word
So complicated. So many things happened in October, 1979
So complicated The house, weather, Dad
Anyway, she wants you to write often
PS. You didn't forget mom's birthday?
What's date today?
Today? 5th, why?
Forgot to send her present!
Hey, are you making fun of me?
Wear it when you get better
You'll get better quicker to wear it
Thanks, my friend
I should have gotten you a short skirt
So you won't ride a bicycle
Leaving so soon?
Sorry. Let's celebrate when you get better
You're really blinded by love aren't you?
Go, fly to your love I'm flying
Sorry to make you wait
You didn't have to come out so quick
It's OK. Lets go OK
Oh, Lord!
I was saying...
In Year 2000, do you think people still talk at night?
As long as there's night people will still talk at night
It's late. I have to go
Are your parents strict?
No, but I have to jump over the wall if too late
How can a wall come between us?
It was a line form the movie we saw
Oh, I see...
Have to go Gotta make it before the curfew
Your face... tiny
Calling CQ, CQ, CQ...
Yes, you're in 1979 and I'm in 2000
And one of us is being very silly
Or one of us is seriously crazy
Let me ask you one thing
Do you recall anything on the news from yesterday?
I don't even know why we're talking in the first place
But sure... Youngsam Kim was expelled from the National Assembly
Student demonstrations are everywhere
Do you have a 1979 archive or something?
No. Nothing
Does it say that the expelled person would be a president. 14 years later?
What the hell are you talking about?
Soeun, listen
In this world, there are so many unexplainable incidents
Those always... come on TV
I thought they were made up
If you're keep talking nonsense let's stop
I know it must be nonsense to you So we couldn't go on
But listen carefully!
You're a junior in 1979 and...
I'm a sophomore and my calendar says it's Year 2000
It's your news for tomorrow
Pusan will be placed under martial law
At school, a completion ceremony for the clock tower will be held
But it'll be postponed The Dean will have a heart attack
Ah... you must respect the Dean
But don't worry. He'll be back next month for the ceremony
Oh, yeah? Don't you have any other news?
Like a mermaid found in the river or an earthquake in Seoul
How about death of the President?
The President will die on the 26th of this month
But no mermaid nor an earthquake
OK, I'm not asking you to believe me We'll talk tomorrow
Sure. Let's stop It's the Curfew time already
The Curfew...
The completion ceremony for the clock tower will be postponed...
Hey, you responded right away In a hurry?
Who are you? What's going on?
It's simple. I live in 20
I can find information about 1979 just like that
Does that mean you believe that I live in 1979?
I have no choice
Then it's my turn to believe
You probably have no choice
What's up?
Waiting for you Are you free this afternoon?
Gee, I've got something
Would it finish late?
Anything wrong?
No, I just...
I don't mean to refuse a surprising date offer
It's OK.
Going home?
No, I have to stop by the hospital
Oh, the broken leg! She's funny
Yes, she's nice and pretty
Gotta go
OK Bye
Let's go
So a guy from the Year 2000 is making a pass at you?
No, I don't think he's a bad guy
See? You're already falling for him
Falling for what?
You're already falling for someone whom you've never met
He must be a conartist Call the police
He's trying to get soft side of you... lying about Year 2000
Let's get him arrested
Sunmi... Yeah
He does live in Year 2000
I understand
I know when you love someone
you don't want to meet another person
So let him be
Why am I still in cast?
We should set some rules
Don't know how we're communicating but...
I could give you a fortune beyond your imagination...
...but that's morally wrong
A fortune?
Related to personal wealth
For example, I could tell you real estate information
Or I could tell you what stock to buy and strike rich
I agree. Shouldn't do that
But I'm from the past and you're in the future
So I'm more curious
Naive curiosity
How's the future world?
I guess compare to 1979 it's very convenient
Subways are everywhere under the city
What about the Unification?
Llsung Kim is dead but no Unification yet
Gosh, he dies too
We can travel to Mt. Kumkang in the north though
Wow, must be exiting!
Is it beautiful? Worth living in the world?
As always, the world is good place to be in
Of course, there is pollution and population problems
So some people reminisce about what it used to be like
Really? Um... I wonder what they reminisce about...
I wish I could see the Year 2000
I wish I can show you
This world is full of things you were imagining...
I mean, you couldn't imagine became reality
In that world
...if you really love someone is there a way to make him love me?
I don't think it will ever be invented
Oh, are you in love?
Oops! No!
It's OK. I'm from a different world anyway
I don't know the definition of love
but I can guess it
He... looks at my eyes each one at a time
He... What am I saying?
I only say to this to my diary
I can be your diary for a while A talking diary
Have you someone you love?
Yes, I do
How much did you drink? I can smell your alcohol from last night
Not last night This morning. Hangoverchaser!
Hey, get closer!
Be quiet and keep a straight face
I can't keep a straight face when I'm with him
Don't open your mouth. It stinks
So are you still talking to that woman from 1979?
Why ask? You don't even believe me
I believe you
You're communicating with someone from 1979 every night
You're interested in her
But you can't do shit... because she's from another time
I believe that
What the hell are you saying? And watch your language
You start cursing when you get jealous
Did you say jealous?
Do you think I feel jealous about that crazy women...
...and the show you're putting on?
I think...
You... You're too happy
Nothing to worry about
So you're looking for something different
Please, don't include me in it!
Looking for Donghee?
Not really...
He got hurt during demonstration What?
He's in the hospital behind school He just checked in
I see...
Oh, Soeun!
Do I look that bad?
I don't know I had a bad luck or not coordinated
I'm the only one who fell
Got a pen?
Sign it. So it will get better quicker
Gotto go. I'll stop to see Sunmi on the way
Right! She's in here, too Down stairs
The president will be changed this month anyway
Thank you I hope you're right
I inscribed my name on him
Interesting, you mean like a tattoo?
Sort of. It's weird to think has my name on him
I feel like I own him
An arm is swinging with my name He's walking swinging me
Sorry? It's similar to my parents' story
That's what my Mom wrote when she met Dad
Your Mom?
Oh! My parents went to the same university as us
Let me see... Enter the school in 1
Why didn't I think of that? They're going to school with you!
Oh my god! Who are they? I'd know them!
My Mom's Sunmi Hur, and my Dad's name is Donghee Jee
Do you know them?
Of course, We're same major...
Do you know them well?
Not really, just...
You say your father's name was Donghee?
Yes, you know him? They were famous couple
Yes, of course...
Wow... I can't believe this!
They look very good together
Wow... how's my mother? What's her nickname?
Is this a fad?
Who is it?
What the hell?!
Visiting my friend
Something wrong? Jesus!
Are you drunk?
What am I, an alcoholic?
No, it can't be It's all lie
How can he be in 2000? Does that make sense?
I'm gonna turn that crook over to the police
What an accident! Hur Sunmi
Are you sure that's true? I'm positive!
It can't be Hyunji You sure it wasn't someone else?
I thought I was dying. That's a very famous bar
Are you sure it was Hyunji? Did you see her?
Not too close but... You're full of it
Her clothes and make up were exactly the same
She must be in need of money
Are we talking about Hyunji working at the bar?
You knew that? You guys didn't know?
See? I told you
She works there because she likes to drink
You are very quiet today...
It's one of those days
Have you met my parents?
They look so good together
I wish everything looked so good
How's your boy friend?
I was thinking maybe...
We're not destine to be with each other
Not everything's destine for each other
You say a destination before you leave not when you get there
Finally, I'm out!
You scared me Don't ever do that
Soeun, what's wrong? Aren't you happy that I'm back?
I'm all better
I don't feel like fooling around
Want some?
Going to my parents' country house
To get something
Have you been drinking?
Stupid! Am I an alcoholic?
When do you come back? Be careful
It's a good luck charm Soeun
How do you feel?
Can I keep this as a souvenir?
What brings you here?
I just wanted to see you
I heard you left from school early
So I was worried
Don't worry Everything's fine
Wanna take a walk?
Can you grab my arm?
Can you do it?
Do you have a boyfriend?
If anybody sees us they'll think we're lovers
Are you here to say that?
Sort of...
If we are lovers, they'd know even if we're not holding hands
People are in mourning for the death of President Park...
who passed away at 7:50pm on the 26th
House Representative Choi has taken over the Presidency...
...and the Defense Minister...
Going to school?
Honey? Honey!
It's OK. There won't be a war or anything
Everything will be fine
Soeun! Soeun!
Everything you said became true Dictatorship will be over
I'm sure you didn't foresee the future
but everything you said become reality
Did you find out?
Hey, hold your horses... Did you find out?
She is no longer here
Passed away? Dead? Is she sick?
She was transferred to Chonan University 2 years ago
What? She is an English professor
Was she ill? I saw her picture and was beautiful
She still single
So she transferred voluntarily?
Yes, we didn't want to let her go but she had personal reasons
Same year I came to school
If she were to choose my father...
...and married him what would happen to me?
That can't happen
Because world is one
we live in the dimension that is parallel to the time
There can't be another dimension with same organism
This can't be proven by science...
What the hell am I saying?
Anyway I don't believe in any of this
Your agony is an interesting S/F melodrama
But I'm not really interested That's it. No more!
I don't believe in that machine
...either without electricity
communicating with a woman from the past!
What' this? Is this an alarm, also?
This is Soeun
I was searching for you but couldn't connect
I traveled for few days
I'm sorry
I broke up with him
He wasn't right for me
As you told me, I wanted to find out if he was my destination or not
But I didn't think it was right
So I let go of him from my heart
And I walked for a long time
Walked every corner of the school
They say people live with the scent
And they scatter the scent everywhere
When the scent is gone, they die
But some people still have the scent after death
And some people pass on the scent to others
Then it can spread everywhere
I know his scent
I'd recognize it with my eyes closed
Him and I. We definitely live with a same emotion
Same sorrow, same joy
We'd keep same scent and live forever
The feeling that I have in 19
I'm sure you will be able to feel it in 20
You think it's right after all these years?
I just wanna say I'm sorry
If not, just want to see her face If she's all right
I wish she'd look happy
If she looks sad or depressed what am I going to do?
I couldn't stand it
Professor Yoon here? She's in class. Room 1
Soeun. I saw you today
You looked so beautiful and happy
You seemed to be doing well
When you pass me by...
I could feel your scent you talked about
I don't think it's working anymore
This radio...
It's a bad thing!
Hey, hey... What are you doing this late?
You guys again?
Nothing... Fixing something...
Is that the way to fix it?
Trying to destroy it?
Won't be easy
Go home That's how time passes
No one will believe what we've been through for last several months. Right
He's right That's how time passes
There's nothing we can do to change what is meant to be
You want to grab my arm?
Why all of a sudden?
Do it! You're embarrassing me
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