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Donnie Brasco

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You're not making sense. You're not saying things that mean anything.
It's not even a debate. It's a better automobile!
It's not even a debate. It's a better automobile!
A Lincoln is not better than a Cadillac.
A Lincoln is better. It's a better automobile.
Forget about it. Cadillac got more acceleration.
It's got more power.
It's got better handling.
It's got more legroom.
- It's got more power. - You just said that.
- Bingo. - You just said, " More power."
- You're repeating yourself. - I said that?
- You're getting senile. - He's got me fucking aggravated.
Mercedes got it all over both of them.
A Lincoln's like driving a fucking water bed.
- A Mercedes. - It's a good car.
- Who's that over there? - Who?
The guy by the bar with the mustache.
That's Don the Jeweler.
-Jilly brought him around. -Jilly Four-Eyes?
Not Jilly Four-Eyes. Jilly from Queens.
- You think he's a wise guy? - No, he's a connected guy.
Connected? If I had a thing to lay off...
- He could lay it off? - You got something?
- That ain't the question. - You got something to lay off?
I'm just saying if I had a thing, he could lay off.
All that money you owe downtown...
You'd have to lay off a Brinks truck.
- Sonny's in love. - I think Lefty's in love.
I'll see you.
Were you asleep?
- Are you okay, honey? - I'm okay.
Go back to sleep. I'll call you tomorrow.
That's good, babe.
I'm sorry. I got to go back to sleep. I'm so tired.
- All right. - All right.
Put the phone on your pillow.
I wanna listen to you breathe.
You Don the Jeweler?
There. That's some beautiful thing.
- Why don't you give it to your wife? - How am I gonna give it to my wife?
- I ain't married. - Got a girlfriend?
- I got a girlfriend. - So marry her.
You for real?
I'm asking you to middle a diamond for me here.
All I want from my end is 8,000.
And I'm saying to you...
Give it to somebody that don't know better because that's a fugazy.
All right?
That's a fugazy? How do you know?
- You looked at it for two seconds. - These are fake.
I know what a fugazy is.
Hey, pal...
You want to see something?
I'll show you something.
There you go. Nice stone. That's a beautiful thing.
But it's not my thing. What about this?
Try and sell it. Be a dunsky. Give it a shot.
You're calling me a dunsky?
You know who I am?
Left, have a spritzer.
You want to embarrass yourself with this thing?
Embarrass myself? My family, my children...
My mother can hold her head up in any neighborhood in this city.
In all the five boroughs, I'm known. Forget about it.
I'm known all over the fucking world.
Anybody ask anybody about Lefty...
from Mulberry Street.
- You're pissing up the wrong tree. - I didn't mean no disrespect.
- It's a misunderstanding. - Where you going?
Sit down there.
You're gonna walk out on me?
You don't walk out on me. I walk out on you.
- You got a car? - I got a car.
Let's get your car. Come on.
- Put the window up. I'll catch a draft. - I'm getting cancer over here.
- You'll be all right. - Where we going?
You a cop? Don't ask so many questions.
I earn the money I'm earning, I can't tell a fucking zircon?
- There's good money in it? - What?
-Jewels? - Thank you.
If you know what youíre doing, there is.
Let's go to 23rd and 8th to find out if you know what youíre doing.
You owe me eight grand.
Hold on. Wait. I gave you the diamond.
Who's this guy?
- He says it's a fugazy. - What's a fugazy?
- Your diamond's a fugazy. - What is a fugazy?
- You know. - Donít you tell me what I know.
- You know what you did. - One of you has to be wrong.
That's a Tiffany diamond.
Left, that is my wife's fucking diamond ring.
- It's a fugazy. - What is your problem?
- Come on. - Eight thousand dollars.
Let me talk to this guy for a second.
Go have a drink. Let me talk to the guy.
Come on.
I got a black belt. If you fuck--
This guy will kill you. You understand?
We have two minutes to figure a way out of this.
- I'm sorry. - You're sorry? Shut the fuck up.
- Sorry wonít do it. - I don't want to die.
- Yeah? What kind of car do you drive? - A Porsche.
Give me the keys.
All right.
- Whose car is it now? - It's Lefty's.
Lefty's stuff. All right. Good.
That's for the drinks, pal.
Why'd you pay for that drink, Don? A wise guy never pays for a drink.
- I didn't know that. - Always on the arm.
All right.
You scared that guy though.
That cracks me up.
I got 26 hits under my belt, and he's scared of you. Fuck.
- Pull over. I've gotta do something. - Right here?
All right.
Give me a hand with this. Pull this out.
- You're taking the whole thing apart. - There ain't nothing under the dash.
I didn't hear a thing.
There it is.
- I can go up the back. - What are you doing down there?
-Just feeling around here. - You think I got a wire in my car?
- Fuck! - You think I'm fucking stupid?
- Did I say you got a wire? - Say it to my face!
I think you owe me an apology.
Ain't the question. I lost a screwdriver here.
- You lost what? - The screwdriver fell down there.
You lost a screwdriver in my fucking stereo?
You'll find it again. It's down there.
- So you like the DeVille? - Forget about it.
- I got the Fleetwood Brougham. - Is that right? With the velour?
Forget about it.
Areyou married?
- I got a girl in California. - That's good.
She should stay in California.
Keep your eye off your balls.
- You're right. - I'm always right.
A wise guy's always right. Even when he's wrong, he's right.
All the way up the line: connected guy to wise guy...
to skipper to boss.
- I know that. - You know? What do you know?
It's kind of like the army, a chain of command.
The army? It ain't nothing like the army.
The army is some guy you don't know...
sending you out to kill some other guy you don't know.
- You wanna check in with me tomorrow? - All right.
I don't know how the fuck you knew that ring was a fugazy.
- I'll see you tomorrow. - So long.
Don the Jeweler is a good earner. He ain't a leech.
He keeps to himself. He's a jewel guy.
- Where's he from, Jilly? - Florida.
But where in Florida? The beach?
No, not the beach.
I don't know.
Wherever the fuck the Dodgers have spring training.
- He's a stand-up guy? - I knew him. I didn't fuck him.
Come here!
What do you say,Jilly? How areyou?
My friend Lefty's asking about you. Don't embarrass me.
I wouldn't do that to you. You know that.
If you do, one of us is gonna whack you out.
- That's not good. - All right.
Go back to your bath.
- Take care, kid. - Good to see you.
When I introduce you...
I'm gonna say, "This is a friend of mine."
That means you're a connected guy.
If I said instead, "This is a friend of ours,"
that would mean you're a made guy.
" Friend of mine." " Friend of ours."
- What do I call you? - Keep your mouth shut about me.
Don't say--
You got a couple of fazools?
I got some things I gotta take care of.
What do you want? A hundred?
What areyou doing?
Wise guy don't carry his money in a wallet.
Wise guy carries money in a roll. Like this.
Beaner on the outside. Like that. Come on.
That mustache--
You gotta get rid of that mustache. That's against the rules.
And get a pair of pants.
This ain't a fucking rodeo. Dress like I dress.
This is my family.
- More, even, than my own family. - Is that right?
- I don't got a family. - You don't?
I'm an orphan. I grew up in an orphanage.
Ain't the question. Even if you had a family.
If this is your family, then this is your family.
You know what I'm saying?
I'm freezing my balls off.
Why do we stand outside all day in the cold?
- Gotta show the flag. - The flag of Antarctica.
- What's going on? - Lefty, what do you say?
- This is Donnie, a friend of mine. - How you doing?
The good news is my dick is now a Popsicle.
- Hi, Sonny. - Sonny, how you doing?
Sonny Red.
- Who's this guy? - This is Donnie, a friend of mine.
Just stand there and look dangerous, friend.
He does look dangerous, don't he?
You gonna make this week's vig? I hope so.
I don't wanna come looking for you. You hear me?
Come on, Bruno.
I just shit in my pants.
It's the boss, Donnie.
Joseph, the Bureau wants your autograph.
- What's that you want me to sign? - Forget about it.
- Forget about it is right. - Listen.
They want you to shave the mustache. Regulations.
How do they even know about it? Did you rat me out?
I didn't rat you out.
- Show-and-tell. - Nice.
- What? - He wants me to shave.
Who? Ruggiero?
Regulations. Here.
You know something?
I got him. I got my hooks in the guy.
Cloaked by the high grasses of the African savanna...
the stalking cheetah moves stealthily towards his prey.
- How you doing? - You're here for my dad?
- I'm Donnie. - Tommy. How areyou?
- Good. - Merry Christmas. Come on in.
Benny's watching TV. You met Tommy?
We met. Thank you.
Separated from the herd, the gazelle senses danger.
- Donnie's here. - Too late.
The cheetah springs.
Benny loves animals.
- You see that? - I'll be in the kitchen.
- Hunter and hunted. - Look at that.
Predator and prey. The endless cycle of nature repeated.
I brought this by for you. It's a little Christmas present.
Wait a minute. Here.
I'm sorry, Left, but I'm in a little bit of a rush here.
- Merry Christmas. - Thank you.
That's really nice of you.
Wow. Look at this.
Very generous of you, Donnie. Thank you. Good boy.
- Happy holidays. - Where you going?
I thought you was an orphan.
- What areyou gonna do? - I don't want to spoil your day.
Come on.
No man of mine is gonna be alone on Christmas. Come on in here.
You think I cook like them goombahs in Brooklyn?
All they know is manicotti. A hundred years, they'll be manicotti.
You never ate coq au vin?
Here we are.
Can of collagen, can of tomatoes.
- Punch of salt. - " Punch"?
- Punch or pinch? - Punch.
Not pinch.
- Did I say, "pinch" ? - You said, "punch."
Sometimes you don't make no fucking sense.
- You got all this? - I can't cook special like Benny.
Shut up, Annette. Forget about it.
Wherever you go, the best cooks are men.
On Mars, the best cooks are gonna be men. That's a fact.
Wait till you taste this coq au vin.
It's gonna melt in your mouth like Holy Communion.
What the fuck is that?
Annette, get that.
- Thank you. - Sure.
- Thanks, Annette. - Sure.
She's a good woman.
One broad, that's enough for anyone.
Pop, I'm going out for a couple hours.
Merry Christmas. Donnie, take care.
You too. Take it easy.
My own fucking son's a junkie. Can you believe it?
What can you do?
- Give him a smack once in awhile. - I got bruises on my hands.
You don't know my worries. I can't do right by Annette.
I ain't got three bucks.
I put a bet on a horse, that horse don't do what it's supposed to do...
Like everything else in my life.
I got cancer of the prick.
My ex-wife lives in this building. Can you believe it? I run into her.
I need three spritzers afterward to calm down.
What areyou talking about, "cancer of the prick"?
It's cancer of the prick.
You didn't know that? I'm in the medical books for that.
I got this boat too, this Bertram.
Fifty-footer with twin Chryslers. I had to get rid of it.
The money I owe Sonny Red. The vig alone is $3,000.
- Who's that guy with him? - Bruno, that's his son.
- I'd like to put a dent in his head. - You don't do that.
- You don't touch him. - I know. I wish I could.
You wish?
A guy like you doesn't touch a made guy.
You know what I did yesterday?
I went in front of all the skippers...
that cocksucker Sonny Red, all of them.
I went on the record with you. You know what that means?
- I think I do. - You ain't got no fucking idea.
Nobody can touch you now. I'm your man.
Jesus Christ couldn't touch you, because I represent you.
So keep your nose clean...
be a good earner, follow the rules...
and, who knows, maybe one day when they open the books...
you get straightened out.
Become a wise guy, a made guy.
Come on. Lift your glass.
I'd die with you, Donnie. Anything happens, I'm responsible.
- All right? - All right.
All right.
- Thanks a lot. That was excellent. - Could you spot me a couple, please?
I'll get it back to you. You got it here.
Here you go.
I'll get back to you on this. Call me tomorrow.
All right.
- Look what the reindeer dragged in. - Merry Christmas.
I was working. Nothing I could do.
- Who works Christmas Day, Joe? - I do.
Where's the kids?
They couldn't wait anymore.
That's nice.
Christmas, they can't wait up for their father.
- Is that your way of apologizing? - You know I'm sorry.
I don't need to know. The girls need to know.
Be sure to introduce yourself. They might think youíre a salesman.
- If you knew what I was doing today-- - I don't know...
because you don't tell me.
It's for your own protection.
As if any of this is for me.
You're getting the checks, right?
- I'm getting the checks. - Good. Don't say it like it's nothing.
- It's not a husband. - A lot of women would disagree.
Is that what you do with all your time?
- Conduct polls with all your women? - I won't dignify that.
Seven days a week, I'm out there busting my ass...
- and this is the shit I come home to. - You said it would be three months.
- It's going on two years - How do you find anything?
- You got cereal on three shelves. - Shit.
You got cereal over here. Put stuff away.
- It's my job. Quit my job? - What about my job?
Christmas Day you don't show up so Mommy puts on the Santa suit.
Mommy hangs the lights. Mommy carves the roast.
Just leave it alone.
It would be easier if you tell me what goes on.
- What do you do? - Please leave me alone.
Terry and Kerry are at my mother's. Why donít you pick them up?
Where's Sherry?
- Sherry is with her boyfriend. - What?
She's at her boyfriend's.
- Since when does she have a boyfriend? - She's 1 2,Joe.
- I didn't okay this, Maggie. - You can't drop from the sky...
- Like God and bark orders! - I am the husband and father!
- I put food on that table! - Undercover husband!
What do I get for Christmas? Empty fucking house!
I'm here.
I wanted to be alone with you.
Oh, God.
What happened to your mustache?
- The Bureau made me shave it off. - They did?
It was the only thing I liked about this job.
- Sherry's got a boyfriend? - She does.
Nice kid. He's so nice.
He's on the wrestling team.
I'll bet he's on the wrestling team.
Kerry's doing the catechism. So sweet.
And they're swimming.
Coach says he's never seen nothing like it.
There's a meet Saturday.
What am I gonna do? We'll see.
You know I wouldn't do this to you if I didn't think you could handle it.
I'm not worried about me.
Come here.
All right, what's going on, kids?
Am I getting the silent treatment?
I'll make a bet with you.
I'll bet you $20...
that you can't get through this meal without saying three words.
- All right? - You lose.
What did she say?
You didn't see the paper? How come you didn't see the paper?
Every morning you're reading the paper. What were you reading this morning?
Look at this. Oh, fuck.
Can you believe this? The boss gets whacked.
The fucking boss.
You never hear from the boss until he gets whacked...
- then your life gets turned around. - Tell me where we're going.
- I got sent for. - What does that mean?
What do you think it means?
You don't want to go, I'll turn around.
Areyou gonna take a left off the bridge?
- Not here, after the bridge. - I gotta go. You get sent for, you go.
Sonny sent for me.
I'm sick with this--
- You got sent for by Sonny Red? - Did I say Sonny Red?
Not Sonny Red. Sonny Black.
What areyou doing? Put the fuck--
You wanna kill me with that draft?
Sonny Black is your friend. What's the big deal?
Right. What friend?
Ain't the question, friend.
The whole time Sonny Black's in the can...
he's got a family, he's got a mistress.
He's got a mistress for the mistress.
I watched out for all of them.
I was the only one. Nobody else gave a fuck.
200 fazools, week in, week out.
Why are you worried then?
Sometimes I think, in that orphanage, they dropped you on your head.
- Explain it to me. - I know how a hit gets set up.
You think I don't know that?
How many times I been on the other end of that phone? Twenty-six times.
You just got done saying you and Sonny Black are friends--
Donnie, I got sent for.
In our thing, you get sent for, you go in alive, you come out dead...
and it's your best friend that does it.
Anything should happen to me...
make sure Annette gets the car.
Love on the rocks Ain't no surprise
- Spritzer, Left? - Later, maybe.
Look at this hand. This ain't a hand.
This is a fucking deformed Creature from the Black Lagoon's claw...
I got here.
- You throwing that down? - I don't know.
- Paulie, that ain't gin. - Ain't no fucking surprise neither.
- It's gin. - You got two sevens.
I had three sevens.
Nicky, I know I had three sevens. Don't start this shit now.
You know you had three sevens? You don't have three sevens.
I had three sevens.
From now on, I'll deal out the cards, you say "gin" whenever you feel like it.
That fucking boots. Two hundred in action, and we got five?
- We're taking a beating this week. - Let's go for a ride.
I got a new car.
- Can you believe the ride on this car? - That was something about the boss.
- We all gotta go sometime. - I got a date in Jersey tonight.
- Which broad is this? - The one from the calendar.
Miss Pennzoil Air Filter of 1 978.
- Why's he looking in the mirror? - What are you doing, Left?
What's it look like I'm doing? I'm checking my lipstick.
What are we doing here, Sonny? We glomming something or what?
- You, wait in the car. - What?
Watch the car.
Fuck! Shit!
I think I shit in my pants. What is this?
He's supposed to go to a animal trainer somewhere.
- Fuck him. - Left, I think he likes you.
- Either that or heís just hungry. - What's he got to do with me?
- Sonny, what is this? - It's for you.
- For me? - I know how you feel about animals.
It's a gift from me.
It's for me.
I got the power. Now you're under me.
- What do you mean? - Sonny got upped.
You got upped?
Rusty's running everything from the can.
Sonny Red's got Little Italy.
- I got Brooklyn. - That's why you sent for me?
Did you think you was gonna get whacked?
Lefty thought he was gonna get whacked.
Congratulations. Come here.
Good stuff.
Sonny Black they make skipper. I ain't a mutt.
Thirty years busting my hump. For what? A lion.
I'm like the invisible man in this thing.
Five hours ago, you thought you was gonna get whacked.
- Did I say I was gonna get whacked? - Not in so many words.
I don't understand you. How many words does it take?
You're right. I misunderstood.
Thirty years I'm earning.
Any work to be done, call Lefty.
I never complained.
Twenty-six guys I clipped.
Do I get upped? No, they pass me by.
Sonny Black gets upped. I don't get fucking upped.
Sonny was probably in on whacking the boss.
Of course he was.
Whacking the boss.
Another think I get left out of.
But let me tell you what.
Look at that.
I wish I had that boat again, that Bertram.
I'd get in my car with a net, I'd drive down to the pier...
I'd get on that boat, and I'd go.
East, west, north, south, nobody ever find me.
Look at this thing. It's a fucking insult.
You're full of sweet surprise and happiness
You fill my hot desire
Andover again
Keep that goodness coming
Let's go! Come on!
Let's go!
Come on!
I gave it to him!
- Come on, Sonny! -Jesus, no, Sonny! Please!
All right.
Sonny, come here.
Good seeing you.
Bobby, give Sonny a good table and a bottle of your best on me.
Get him a tailor too.
- What do you say, Kurt? - How's it going?
This is Dean Blanford from Washington.
Call me Donnie. I don't want to get confused.
I know what you mean, pal. Sometimes you get so busy--
- Even I forget my own name. - Is that so? Is it hard to cash checks?
You said that part already. What's next?
Now that the operation is beginning to bear fruit...
headquarters transferred me up here to Sin City.
What for? You wanna keep an eye on me?
To make sure you receive the proper support.
And to make sure, in all the hubbub, there are no missed opportunities.
" Missed opportunities"? Like what?
We have an agent in Miami goes by the name of Richie Gazzo.
His operation is potentially very sweet.
Problem is it's languishing right now and needs jump-starting.
The Bureau would like you to go down there...
and see if you could interest your mob friends.
- If you vouch for Richie Gazzo-- - I won't vouch for nobody I don't know.
I was hoping we'd get off on the right foot.
What's the big deal? You just vouch for the guy. Sit in the sun for a week.
- I vouch for him, I could wind up dead. - So could he.
You're not the only one risking your life.
Oh, boy. Well, I'll let you know.
I'll get back to you.
He'll let us know?
- Good evening. How many? - Five.
My wife says Japanese is very in. She read about it in Parade. Very big.
Have seat. Take off shoes. Please.
- What kind of food is this? - It's fish.
- Please, take off shoes. - Are you kidding?
Take off your pants. What the fuck is that?
- Itís Japanese tradition. - Is that right?
- I ain't doing it. - I'm afraid it's necessary.
I ain't taking my fucking shoes off.
- What? - When in Rome--
Who won the fucking war?
What war?
We did. Do you want to fight it again?
- Take off your shoes. - I ain't gonna do it.
- Take your shoes off. - I ain't taking my shoes off.
I want to eat sometime tonight.
Take off your shoes or I'll chop off your feet.
Do you want me to take orders from a fucking Jap?
I grew up in an orphanage because my old man was killed in Okinawa.
You think I'm taking my shoes off for this prick?
I ain't doing it.
Listen, my friend's not gonna take his shoes off, Mr. Moto.
Neither are the rest of us. So give us a table before I smack you.
You must take off your shoes.
- You fuck. - Get him down!
- You like shoes? - Let me get in there.
Slant-eyed motherfucker!
- Come on. Let's go. - Son of a bitch!
- Watch him! - Stupid fuck!
Kick the shit out of him, Donnie! Kick him!
Get those fucking gooks!
Donít you move, you fuck.
Cigars. Up the block they sell for $50 a box. We could sell them for 25.
You give a few of those to a broad, she'll do anything you want.
Should give three quaaludes to Brenda. Maybe she'd cook.
I doubt it.
I got a guy that's got this load of Sergio Valentis.
A dime on the vig.
- What do you got on the street? - Hundred grand.
That should be 250 by the end of the year.
I can get these real cheap, and I got a guy who can move them.
- Will you fucking stop that? - How else am I supposed to open this?
Open sesame!
- A score's a score. - I got 1 00 pairs.
Sonny Red's got a million dollars a month with his trucks in Jersey.
What do I get? Steak knives and parking meters.
We ought to hijack an oil tanker. There's a lot of money in oil.
I know a guy in Florida. He says it's wide-open down there.
- Where in Florida? - Florida. The beach.
The whole economy's moving down there. They call it the Sun Belt.
The economy has to be good for us to make any money.
You don't think they got their own wise guys in Florida?
Florida and Arizona because of the energy crisis.
I heard a whole conversation on the Long John Neville Show.
Here you got 3,000 wise guys all chasing the same nickel.
You're from Florida, Donnie?
Lot of parking meters down in Florida.
You guys think this is funny? I'm the skipper now.
I gotta answer!
Fifty grand a month I kick up to Rusty. Every month!
One day, I'm gonna die.
I'm gonna be here in the same room with all these same fucking guys...
talking about the same fucking scams...
that never amount to nothing!
That's how I'll know I've been sent to fucking hell.
Joe, give these humps another drink. It's all they're good for.
I tell you right now, we better start earning or somebody's gonna get clipped.
Why did you inject that with Florida?
- I didn't inject nothing. - You injected that.
I know you. You don't say nothing unless there's a reason.
- I was making conversation. - Mr. Smart Conversation...
you tell me what happens if Sonny Black decides to go to Florida?
Who said he's going to Florida?
Donnie, don't think you could pull the wool over my eyes.
I see you siding up to Sonny Black.
With my eyes, I'm looking at you. You're doing it. Come on.
I ain't siding up to Sonny Black.
He goes to Florida, you're responsible...
and I'm responsible because I represent you.
Left, come on. I was just bullshitting around.
You think you can trust Sonny Black. You can't trust Sonny Black.
Sonny Black is one big, fat, fucking...
- snake in the-- - Snake in the grass.
You can't say that now. Sonny Black is a skipper.
You don't open your mouth about him.
Lefty, this fucking guy, Richie, calls me up, he says...
"I'm getting hassled by a couple of half-assed wise guys."
He's looking for a partner to give him a little peace of mind.
- He's got this nightclub there. - A nightclub?
Got a singles bar near the beach.
I got two grenades in my house.
I'd blow up all Mulberry Street before I'd give you up.
I don't know what I would do if you did something wrong.
Come on!
Come on, Four!
- Shit. - That was in!
Don't push me!
- Shit! He lives! - What the fuck are you--
Jesus Christ.
- Where is this guy? - I don't know.
- Is that him? - Yeah, that's him.
Don, you brought the cavalry.
- Richie Gazzo. - How you doing?
Oops! I'm late!
You guys got a chance to work on your suntans out here.
King's Court, where every man is a king.
Wait until you get a load of the banquet room. You'll plotz.
Ask him why this place is such a dump.
He wants to know why it's such a dump, Richie.
I had to shut the doors.
These bums had their hands in my pockets.
200 bucks for this, 300 bucks for that--
I got a wife that does that.
Ask him to leave, Donnie.
- Step outside, take a look at the car. - Sure. Great.
What kind of a man has a malvole? He won't provide for his own wife.
- I'm telling you this guy's all right. - You vouch for him?
When I knew him before, he was all right.
I'm making an introduction. You have to make the decision about the joint.
This would be something, you know?
We had my own lounge down here, me and you.
- You know? - What about Sonny?
Imagine Sonny Black operating down here. The way he is?
Come on. Sonny Black belongs in Brooklyn.
I guess if everything worked out...
we could send a few fazools up there.
Thirty years I'm busting my hump.
What do I got?
Even a dog gets a warm piece of the sidewalk.
I ought to show something for what I did.
This ain't New York down here.
New York with the politics, all the old beefs and the grudges.
Down here, a guy like me could sit down with the boss.
You know what I'm saying?
Get out from under, be a free agent again.
I'm telling you, nothing but right.
Lefty wants to ask Santo Trafficante for permission to operate down here.
- You have to give me a boat. - We can't afford that.
- What kind of a boat? - I don't know. Like a 70-footer.
- I want to take him out for the day. - You're talking $6,000 a day.
Santo Trafficante is the boss of Florida.
-Did you know he sits on the Commission? -I knew that.
- Good. - It's up to an 80-foot boat.
We just picked up Lefty on a wiretap talking to one of Trafficante's guys.
A few things to go over to make a loan-sharking indictment.
This is important!
Ninety-footer, actually.
I came here and vouched for this guy.
I'm gonna take Trafficante out in a rubber ducky?
- We'll have to wash your mouth out. - Does Sally Paint glass...
- report to Nicky or Nicky Cigars? - Nicky Glasses.
As I was saying, we've got to fold Sonny into the RICO--
I need a boat for this fucking sit-down!
I'm a Mormon, mister. Now clean it up!
I think you got a malfunction on your tape recorder.
I'm not getting anything here.
I'm worried. He's getting strung out.
We can get what we want. Fuck him.
There it is.
Just moving behind, nice and slow.
Count it, my friend. Go ahead.
It's all there. No bullshit.
We're bueno?
Pleasure doing business with you, caballeros.
O, Columbia the gem of the ocean
The home of the brave and the free
- Fuck. - Fuck!
Mommy, I need some help.
- It's too tight. - Here, sweetie.
- I'm in Florida. - Why are you in Florida?
I don't know. I'm hunting for turtles.
What do you think I'm doing in Florida? I'm working.
It's 12 degrees here. Excuse me, you're wearing this coat!
Young lady, you are wearing this coat.
- Bitch. - What did you call me?
Is everything all right?
Would it matter if I said no?
- I guess not. - So don't ask me. Come on, stand up.
"John Wayne dead. Nation mourns."
How can John Wayne die?
Fucking Indians got him.
Old-fashioned family man. Ruled with an iron hand. Look at that.
Let me talk to Kerry about her Communion.
Oh, my God,Joe. She doesn't want to do it.
What do you mean? She ain't got no choice.
- You are wearing this coat! - Put her on the phone.
I don't know when I can call again. Does she know not to bite the wafer?
I don't know. She's acting out or something.
- I'll be back next week. - Thank you.
I promise I'll get back for her Communion.
- Yours doesn't look any better. - Don't start in with your sister.
- I have to go. - What?
I love you. Shit.
Was that Richie on the phone?
What did Sonny say?
- You told Sonny about the club? - I thought you did.
-Just shut up about it. Call Richie. - All right.
Big guy like Santo Trafficante, he's been around...
since the Moustache Petes.
You have to respect the man.
- You get that boat yet? - I'm working on it.
Don't tell me no. You have to get that boat.
I reached out already. His man says, " Lefty, he loves boats."
I told him 1 00-foot boat. I'm on the clothesline now.
I'm working on it.
- Don't disappoint me again, please. - Since when did I disappoint you?
Forget about it. What's this?
Look at that. Same thing we call each other.
Friend of mine, friend of ours. Good.
But there's the double meaning. You get it?
Know what I mean? A boss appreciates a thing like that.
- Like the irony of it. - Yeah, irony.
Forget about it. You put a beaner inside here...
then he knows these are men of men.
You see, if I work out the strategy right...
you gotta hold up your end now.
- You know? - I know.
How much is this? Donnie, you got something on you?
- What are you doing there? - How about five dollars?
- You're doing an amazing job. - What?
- I mean, we all think so. - Absolutely.
For crying out loud. Fuck.
- Can I ask you something? - What?
What's " Forget about it"? What is that?
" Forget about it" is like...
if you agree with someone.
Like, " Raquel Welch is one great piece of ass." " Forget about it."
But then, if you disagree, like, "A Lincoln is better than a Cadillac"?
But then if something is the greatest thing in the world, like...
"Those peppers! Forget about it!" You know?
It's also like saying, "Go to hell."
Like, " Paulie, you got a one-inch pecker."
And Paulie says, " Forget about it."
Sometimes it just means forget about it.
All right. Thank you very much. I got it.
Let me tell you something. I don't get this boat for Lefty--
- Forget about it? - Fucking forget about it.
You know that sting operation? What do you call it--
Where the agents dress up like Arabs and try to bribe congressmen?
- They got a boat down here. - What?
That's right. It's Abscam.
Are you trying to get me killed with that fucking suit...
that purple fucking car?
Don't say the word "plotz." You understand?
Get in the back.
Wait a minute. I'll be there.
Mr. Trafficante, this is Lefty, a friend of ours.
I don't know what to say. To me, this is a great moment in my life.
It's like meeting Mickey Mantle.
That's the boat I arranged for you.
It's got everything. Got a full bar, any kind of music you want.
You wanna make a telephone-- It's got telephones.
- Any questions, you ask me. - Where's Sonny Black?
Everybody out. Come on, baby.
- It's beautiful! - What did I tell you?
You brought the family. Hey, Paul, what do you know?
- What do you say, Paulie? - Where's Gilligan?
That's what I call a boat.
Sure you can operate here. You gotta show a little respect.
I don't even wanna look at you.
- You know where the bow is? - What did I do now?
You stabbed the wrong guy in the back.
What are you talking about? You think I said something to Sonny?
Go to the bow. I'm staying in the stern.
Go to the bow. Stay there.
I'm so disgusted with you, you know that?
- You just said it. -Just so you know.
- How you doing? - That Trafficante is something else.
- Is that right? Is he a good old guy? - Forget about it.
That motherfucker had this all to himself for 50 years...
and it's still a cow town.
This could be like Vegas down here.
Forget about Sonny Red and his trucks in Jersey.
This is all I want: Florida.
Tell you something. Sonny Red is freezing his nuts off right now.
That's for sure.
All I need is the start-up money from Rusty...
and then we all get rich.
Are we heading back to New York soon?
Not you. I want you to represent me down here.
I want you to be my man in Florida.
Get that club going. You know, Kings Court.
You didn't think I knew about that, did you?
I'll send the lion down here with you.
Keep that big pussy in the parking lot.
Yeah. You know, Sonny, I really appreciate the offer and everything...
but I have a lot of things going on in New York.
- I'd like to keep them going. - Lefty's a dynamite guy.
He looked after me when I was in the can.
That's something I don't forget...
something I will never, ever forget.
He's a stand-up guy. He really cares about you too.
I know he does.
The problem is that you think he's helping you...
but he's hurting you.
He gets those two or three wines in him.
You know what I'm saying?
I don't want to step on nobody's toes.
- If it wasn't for Left, l-- - That's it. Look.
You belong to me now.
That's it.
Mr. Trafficante's leaving.
- You believe that? -Jesus Christ, they're killing me.
- Come here. - Santo, this is Donnie.
- He's a friend of ours. - Hi, Donnie. Nice to meet you.
- This is Johnny. - How you doing?
- Give my best to Joe. - I will.
Snowed in. Can you believe that?
Right. His daughter's First Communion, and he's stuck at an airport.
That's for his own protection. I'll see you later.
- I hate flying. - I know you do. Be safe.
Oh, sweetheart.
Your father is so proud of you.
I'm going upstairs.
Goddamn it,Joe.
The number you have dialed has been changed.
The new number is unpublished at the subscriber's request.
Get us checked in over there.
- Stick around. I'm getting a paper. - All right.
Jesus, Joe, that's U.S. Attorney Holtman.
The guy on the right. What are we going to do?
Shut the fuck up. I'll take care of it.
Anything goes wrong down there...
you have their people call your people in New York, understand?
I don't want to come down here and iron anything out.
You got your plane tickets?
- Remember me? Southern District-- - What kind of fucking shit--
-What are you doing? -Fucking grabbed my cock. What the fuck!
Shut up. He's working. Keep your mouth shut.
Fucking degenerate bastard. What a sick fuck. Grabbed my cock.
I want that club up and running. I don't care how long it takes. Understand?
Here comes a fucking cop. Get the hell outta here.
Have a safe trip. You have the tickets and everything?
Get on the phone. Get me on the next flight back. Understand?
Don't call me Joe again. I'll cut your fucking throat. Understand?
You piece of shit.
- Daddy? - Hi, baby.
- Who made you? - God made me.
- Why did God make you? - God made me to show His goodness:
to make me happy with Him in heaven.
- Where is God? - God is everywhere.
Sweet dreams, angel.
I want a divorce.
He comes home at all hours without announcing where he's been...
for the last three months.
You know what he does? He rearranges the cabinets.
He remakes the bed. He vacuums the entire house.
Do you know another man that vacuums? It's abnormal.
Changing the phone number and not telling your husband is pretty normal.
- I don't exist, you don't exist. - So now I know how it feels.
Now I know how you feel.
I'll tell you something. It felt good.
Now I do know how it feels to be so in control.
Now I know how it feels to be strong.
- You love control, don't you? - My God.
Just listen. Otherwise you just play out the old pathology.
You were saying Joe leaves.
Yes, he leaves.
He leaves me with the house and the kids...
and the bills, but not a husband.
I want my husband.
What do you think you're running from?
I ain't running from nothing.
You hear yourself? The man I married was a college man.
Being the distancer forces Maggie into the role of the pursuer.
This gives you a feeling of power.
Simultaneously, you resent Maggie for fulfilling her intimacy needs--
I'm an undercover agent for the FBl, Doctor.
You and your Mafia faggots can go screw each other.
- I'm not doing it anymore. - I hope you can help her out.
Obviously, she's very sick. You can see that.
Obviously, I'm the sick one.
- You. - Now...
Monday, Wednesday and Friday are Joe's intimacy days.
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are Maggie's.
Now, on your day, you make an intimacy request.
" Rub my back" or...
"I have a problem with the kids. Could you help me out?"
You sit around in your safe, little, fucking house...
with your safe, little, fucking station wagon...
and your safe, little friends.
You dream up the next hundred-dollar head fuck.
- "Will you rub my back?" What a fazool. - You're an animal.
-Just get in the fucking car. - Do you know that?
You know what my intimacy request is for that guy?
It's very intimate.
He can take the bill he's sending me and shove it up his ass.
You know why we went to him?
I was hoping he could find one good reason for me not to leave you.
I don't have one anymore.
What? You gonna leave me?
You gonna leave me, Maggie? You don't leave me.
- What's the matter? - Where are you?
I'm in New York. I had to come back. Why?
- It's Tommy. - What happened?
Can you give your sister some vegetables, honey? Thank you.
Not with your fingers, sweetie. What else do you need?
We did fractions today in class, you know?
Did you? Fractions?
- I got a 95 on my test. - Of course you did.
- What's going on? - Donnie, what are you doing here?
You belong in Florida.
I checked in with Annette and she said something--
- You called her from Florida? - I was here. I had some things to do.
You gotta go back. Come on.
What happened to him? Will he be all right?
Do I know?
They got 1 2 diplomas on the wall, and they can't tell you a thing.
Forget about it. Tommy gets out of this Bellevue...
he'll go right back to fucking up.
What did he do? Did he overdose?
That ain't the question.
A plastic pipe in his mouth.
About five million tubes. They have a machine breathing for him.
Where's the doctor? You want me to talk to him?
You gonna break his legs?
Do you want me to do something? I'm here.
I want you to go back down to Florida.
You belong to Sonny now. Believe me.
I came to be with you.
- You're my man. I'm here for you. - I don't want you here!
You and Tommy is both peas in a pod. You don't listen.
You got your own ideas.
You do what you wanna do up on your high horses. Everything's a joke.
- Get back to Florida. Get on a plane. - I ain't going.
- Forget about it. - Go on!
I'm staying. You wanna kick the shit outta me?
I'm gonna be right here. All right?
Twenty-eight years.
You can read it on his birth certificate.
Bellevue Hospital. Now he's back, in there.
I'm out here, worried to my fucking death.
He's asleep in there, same as 28 years ago.
With the same expression. He's made no progress.
He ain't got no respect.
He's my son.
His heart stopped.
Like a watch.
That's what the doctor said. Just like a watch.
They had to wind it back up.
Who knows? Maybe next time...
they can't.
He'll be all right.
It'll be all right.
I love you, Donnie.
All right!
How you doing, Nicky?
Look at this place. It's unbelievable.
- Beautiful. - Feel lucky tonight.
Opening night.
This place is a goddamn palace, for Christ's sake.
Terrific, Sonny. I love it.
How you doing? Having fun?
Let's try another one. Again.
I like it.
I like it big time.
Okay, Donnie, this is the take.
- Put this bag someplace safe. - All right.
Chicken taco.
Just turn real slow.
Is there a problem?
- What's your name, boy? - Donnie Brasco. What's yours?
- Why are all you New York Guineas here? - Your missus invited us.
Gentlemen, we're running a charity event here. We have a permit.
You have a permit for the lion?
Break it up!
You fucking pig!
I guess you didn't ever think of paying these guys off, did you?
Where am I gonna get money to bribe cops? Nobody authorized that.
You know how fucking embarrassed I am?
The old man's people down here.
I have to be in my house a year with the shades drawn.
Where's that bag?
They got it. They got everything.
That's Rusty's money.
- Sonny, I'm sorry. - Shut up!
Sit down. Shut the fuck up.
I gotta go back to New York like this.
Make this right with Rusty.
Face that cock sucker Sonny Red.
You know, I gotta say something.
Usually, the cops are so fucking dumb...
it takes them three months to get wind something's going on.
Then they gotta get a warrant and do their whatever with pictures--
- Surveillance. - They gotta surveillance.
Three months taking pictures. All this time.
How do these cops know so much?
- We just opened the fucking doors. - What are you saying?
There's gotta be a snitch here.
All right, so there's a snitch. We find him.
We cut his prick off.
Leave it in his mouth. Leave him on the street.
- Did you bust it up good? - We busted it up.
He's out of business. You understand?
I'm listening.
That punk is finished down here. That's it.
That's great. I can't believe it.
Look, I'll talk to you later.
- Give me some of that cheese. - They busted up the club.
- Take this taste out of my mouth. - There you go.
Now he has to answer for what happened.
- You gonna send for him? - He sits down with us...
it's done.
- The whole fucking crew. - I'll dust off the guns.
Napkins and tablecloths, 500 scoot.
"500 scoot"? Down in Florida, it's 500 an hour.
You like it down there so much, why don't you go buy some oranges?
- What do you have, Bullfrog? - Dime on the vig.
I'm doing the best I can, Sonny.
- What do you have, Nicky? - I got a guy boosted 30 tickets...
- to Chaka Khan at the Garden. - What about Florida?
I thought we weren't supposed to talk about Florida.
- You never got nothing going on? - Nothing ever panned out for me.
I couldn't catch a break.
What did I just say?
Paulie, I got a truck load of razor blades.
What am I gonna do with razor blades?
You know how many razor blades fit in a truck?
I got a guy who works in the warehouse...
has the art collection of the Shah of Iran.
A sit-down where?
That was Sonny Red's guy. Wants to have a sit-down in Little Italy.
I got sent for.
Come on.
Paulie, we'll take your car.
That cocksucker Sonny Red is gonna rub my nose in Florida...
- because of a fucking rat! - Forget about it.
You ride up front.
You know what to do when you find that rat, Left?
Maybe I found him already.
Where we headed, Sonny? Little Italy?
Our guy says they got a stop to make first. You know what I mean?
Let's go.
Where you going? Wait in the car.
Come on. We still gotta get downtown.
- How long will this take? - I got them in my laundry room.
- The .22s? - Bruno said you want the 9 millimeter.
Meanwhile, where the fuck is he?
In bed with some broad with more hair on her lip than he's got on his head.
- He's your kid. - Don't remind me.
You think that's funny?
- I don't think that's so funny. - All right.
- You don't want to listen. - That's not funny.
- A son should respect his father. - You think that's funny?
Shit. The bulb is out. Watch your step, guys.
Big fucking surprise from a fucking spider.
- Nothing like Sonny Black's surprise. - You can say that again.
Put one right here. He'll never know what hit him.
- Goddamn right. - I'll blow his brains right there.
Come on! Get him off!.
- Get him off of me! - Take my arm. Take my hand.
Jesus Christ.
Paulie, go get Donnie.
What's going on?
- Is everything all right? - What?
Get out.
Get down there.
The meek want to inherit the Earth, they'll have to get in fucking line!
Look what I found.
Them or us.
- You got Big Trin. - I'll get a hernia.
Shut the fuck up. Donnie will help you.
Come on, Donnie. Help me filet this fat fuck.
All right, come on. We got work to do.
There was a rat in Florida.
- Nicky wasn't a rat. - You don't mention his name, all right?
That's what we said. We don't mention his name.
Tell yourself whatever you have to, Left.
I'm not telling myself. You was down there.
- You have eyes. - After 20 years, you whack him...
just like that over a lounge?
- That's beautiful. - The man held out on a coke deal.
What does one thing got to do with the other?
He could have got whacked out just for that, for your information.
- There wasn't a rat in Florida. - There was a rat.
- Richie fucked up paying off the cops. - What do you mean?
That's why the club got busted. Richie didn't pay off the cops.
Nicky didn't have anything to do with it.
You don't mention his name. That's the rules.
- Fuck the rules. - That's the rules, Donnie.
- Say his name. - Come on.
Come on. Nicky.
Say " Nicky."
You can't say his name because you know I'm right. Say it!
Say his name!
Nicky was a rat because Sonny Black says he was a rat.
Who the fuck am l?
Who am l?
I'm a spoke on a wheel.
And so was he and so are you.
Quit riding the brake.
- Oh, God. - Everything's okay, Maggie.
If everything's okay, what are you doing here?
Mind if we come inside, Mrs. Pistone?
I'm not sure. That depends.
Standard procedure is that he checks in with us every day.
- Maybe he misses a day or two, but-- - It was three weeks ago.
I want you to tell me where my husband is.
- I demand that you tell me! - We can't because we don't know.
If he gets in touch with you, you have to talk sense into him.
Mrs. Pistone, please help us.
You want me to help you?
You want me to help the FBI that used my husband and sucked him dry?
You don't care whether he's dead or alive, do you?
You want him to follow procedure.
Follow procedure so you can cover your asses.
There is a war going on in the Mafia family where Joe is undercover.
Three leaders of a rival faction have been murdered.
He's right in the line of fire because he's one of them.
Who he's with and who he's close to-- They're all the top dogs now.
- It's not a problem we anticipated. - We have got to pull him out.
You have got to talk to him. He'll listen to you.
You think so?
He was here a week ago.
He snuck into the house after I was asleep.
He didn't even wake me up, didn't even say hello to me.
He came to get his sport coat.
Let's take a walk. Come on.
What are we doing?
We're gonna walk and talk. We got too many eyes around here.
Here it is. Sonny Red's kid, Bruno, has disappeared.
As long as he's on the loose, ain't none of us safe.
- Right? - You got no idea where the guy is?
He's got a nickel-a-day coke habit. He'll turn up somewhere.
Anyway, we got the contract.
Now, this thing gets done right...
when the books open up, I'm proposing you for membership.
You know what that means?
- It means I can't fuck it up. - You read my mind.
- You can't fuck it up. - I won't fuck it up.
You'll be a made guy, Donnie.
All right.
Come on. Let's go back inside!
I'm freezing here!
You know that boat you used to have?
The boat? What about it?
How much is a boat like that? What doyou think?
You could get a sports fisherman for maybe 300 used.
Why are you asking me about boats?
- I was just curious. - You're curious about boats?
It's ten degrees out here. I'm freezing.
You're asking me about boats after what we just said?
- You losing your marbles on me? - I'm all right.
Don't ask questions like that. That's crazy.
You hit this cocksucker and leave him in the street. Come on.
- What's going on? - Nothing. Go back to bed.
I'm looking for something. I'll be right in.
That won't work anymore.
- Where is it? - There's $300,000 in that bag.
- How do you know? - I counted it.
You counted it?
- It's none of your business. - Stop it.
It's in my house. Who would believe it wasn't my business?
I want that fucking bag.
FBI men do not walk around with $300,000 in a bag.
-Joe, you could go to jail for this. - Fuck! Nobody's going to jail.
Did you think about your children for a second?
- You don't know what you're saying. - I don't?
- The bag belongs to somebody else. - Does it? Who?
-Just some fucked-up guy. - A fucked-up guy needs $300,000?
That's right. Where's the goddamn bag? Shit!
You're becoming like them.
You know how I make it through my days?
I pretend I'm a widow with medals and scrapbooks...
and memories.
I pretend you're dead. That's how my life makes sense to me.
Go away. Stay away.
Why do you hate me when I love you so much?
You think I hate you?
I don't hate you.
This job is eating me alive.
I can't breathe anymore.
If I come out, this guy Lefty dies.
They'll kill him because he vouched for me, because he stood up for me.
I live with that every day.
That's the same thing as if I put the bullet in his head myself.
I spent all these years trying to be the good guy in the white hat.
For what?
For nothing.
I'm not becoming like them. I am them.
- Where you been? - Look...
- I gotta see you. - You're right.
- We found Sonny Red's kid. - Bruno?
- He's on a boat on Staten Island. - I'll pick you up.
We don't have time. You meet me there.
Bruno's here. He's down the end of the pier.
We'll wait here while he has his drink.
Let him get a little sleepy.
- I'm getting a little sleepy myself. - How's his boat?
Forget about it. One thing I know is boats.
I'd like to pop him, throw him in the water, take the fucking boat.
You said a couple of times how if you had that Bertram again...
you'd drive down to the pier with Annette and just go.
Remember you said that? North, south, east, west, nobody 'd ever find you.
That was before. Don't remind me about that now.
- I'm just saying-- - I don't want to think about that.
Did you mean it?
Am I Rockefeller? I'm gonna go buy a boat?
- I'm saying, what if? - What if.
I got a couple jewel things going on the side there.
Maybe I could get the money for you.
-You'll find money for me to get a boat? -Maybe.
That would be real generous.
What if I could hand you a bagful ofmoney right now?
You know what I'm saying?
You could leave this life. You said it yourself, Left.
You don't move up. Every day you're looking over your shoulder.
- Listen to me. - No more bullshit.
- Get out of this life, Left. - I'm gonna show you something.
- What? - I want you to look at it carefully.
Then I want you to think very carefully...
about what you say to me.
That's a federal boat.
- I don't think that's the same boat-- - That's the same boat.
It's got the name on it. The Left Hand. Like my name.
That's that Abscam boat.
You think I knew that was a federal boat? You think I'm a fucking rat?
How many times I have you into my own house?
- Twice a week, at least. Why? - There it is.
I cook for you.
If I had any money, I'd give you--
I never had any money, but if ever I had...
a hundred bucks in my pocket, I'd give you fifty.
- You did. - If you're a rat--
If you're a rat, then I'm the biggest mutt in the history of the Mafia.
Even if this thing is a federal boat, Left...
they scam all the others.
They didn't scam us. You know what I'm saying?
We went. We had a great party. We walked away from it.
How do you know that we walked away from it?
We're sitting here, right?
They tried to outsmart us, but we out smarted them. We beat the agents.
You gotta believe me.
Let's go do this work.
Get this over with.
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