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Subtitles for Dont Bother to Knock.

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Dont Bother to Knock

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We guests who live here deserve a little consideration too.
- Certainly. - These conventions taking over!
I'm very sorry.
This hotel is getting rundown. The food isn't what it was 10 years ago.
Are you?
Thursdays, I like to see a smile. Expecting a fellow, aren't you?
- You tell me. - Oh, sure.
Bringing in a flight from Miami.
- Nashville. - Chicago.
He ought to be in the city, if he had a tail wind.
He had a tail wind.
- Ever been wrong, Joe? - What do you mean? Did you two fight?
- No, no fight. - Well, can I ask what, then?
- I've just been thinking. - Thinking?
That's serious.
I'm afraid so. I wrote him a letter.
- I invited him not to see me anymore. - I thought he was something special.
He is. I like almost everything about him.
Except what?
Except me, I guess.
I like New York in June How about you?
I like a Gershwin tune How about you?
I love a fireside When a storm is due
I like potato chips Moonlight, motor trips
How about you?
I'm mad about good books Can't get my fill
And Tyrone Power's looks Give me a thrill
Holding hands in the movie show When all the lights are low
May not be new
But I like it How about you?
I like New York in June How about you?
I like a Gershwin tune How about you?
I love a fireside When a storm is due
I like potato chips Moonlight, motortrips
Oh, how about you?
EDDIE: Hello, Pat. PAT: Hi, Eddie.
Nell. What's the smile about?
- You seem different in those clothes. - I'm different all the time. Hop in.
- You didn't have trouble finding it? - No. I took the bus.
I heard them talking in the elevator: "Somebody to look after the girl."
"There must be a service," she said. I said, "How about my niece?"
- Did you say I had no experience? - What's the point? Then they worry.
You're an old humbug, Eddie. How high do we go?
What? Oh, yeah. Eight.
- How old is she? - 6 or 7. She's a good kid.
- You won't have any trouble, will you? - No, I don't think so. Why should I?
- Oh, you shouldn't. I only asked. - I'm grateful. And I've wanted a job.
A lot of kids stay here. We could make it a regular thing. Do you want that?
I suppose so.
- Didn't we pass eight? - Oh, of course, yeah.
You mustn't worry about me, Eddie. I like being in a hotel.
- To the zoo? - In Central Park.
- To the subway? - To Coney Island.
- To the automatic? - No, the Automat.
Where they have food that you put in a nickel and it comes out like music?
- Right. - Lf she's a good girl tonight.
BUNNY: Don't worry. I will be.
This place is such a mess.
- Yes? EDDIE: It's Eddie. We're here.
PETER: Coming.
I thought these trays went out with near beer.
Hello, Eddie. Good evening, Miss...
- Nell Forbes. - How do you do, Miss Forbes?
- She'd love it if you'd call her Nell. - Oh, yes.
- All right, Nell. - Nice of you to come on short notice.
- It's nothing. I'm happy to do it. - She found it just like that.
- Then you're not a New Yorker? - No. I've been here for a few weeks.
- I'm Bunny. - This is Nell. She'll be with you.
- She'll read you a story, won't you? - Of course. Maybe I'll make one up.
That's nice, but I like the one in the book.
That's Bunny's room. After you've put her to bed, you can stay in here.
Oh, sure, or you can play the radio if you want to.
Or the bar here. It's this notch. Number five.
There isn't anything to read.
- We could have magazines sent up. - Please don't bother.
RUTH: See if Nell likes candy.
Oh, no. No, thank you. I... I never eat candy.
- Not me. No, thanks. - All right, Bunny. One piece.
Thanks, Mommy.
- That's a beautiful dress. - Thank you.
- You'll have a beautiful evening. - Nell will be fine. Bunny too.
I can stop by later.
Forget it. Bunny'll be asleep in a jiffy. We're right downstairs.
In the ballroom. My husband's getting an award.
For his editorials. I forget, not everybody reads them.
The car is here on eight. Would you like to go?
- Well, is there anything else? - Mothers are such worry-buttons.
- You've thought of everything. - Good night, honey bun.
Make a good speech, Daddy.
Mow 'em down!
And I'll drop up about 11:00 just to say hello. Bye.
You're gonna like your dinner. It's fillet. The chef told me.
You been here as long as I have, you take an interest.
Lipstick tissue? Sometimes they forget to leave them in the rooms.
- Well, thank you. - That's a $5 idea. Oh, excuse me.
- Sorry, sir. - I just got here.
Sorry I kept you waiting.
- You check in a while ago? - That's right.
Everything going all right?
- Everything's fine. - Yes, sir.
- Good evening, Mrs. McMurdock. - Good evening. Come, boy.
Come on, baby. Come here this instant!
- Come, boy. - Here, Rover! Here, Rover!
I've let him become too intelligent.
- What's his name? - Rio.
Rio, come here.
Takes a certain tone of voice.
L YN: Oh I'm a rollin' stone Just a-rollin' on and on
I'm a rollin' stone That's just been here and gone
Wouldn't trade the moon Or the stars in June
For a home on a streetcar line
'Cause a house and fence Doesn't make much sense
When the whole wide world is mine
Oh I'm a rollin' stone Just a-rollin' on and on
I'm a rollin' stone That's just been here and gone
Gotta move on
Here and gone
Summer journeys to Niagara And to other places
Aggravate all our cares
We'll save our fares
I've a cozy little flat in What is known as old Manhattan
We'll settle down Right here in town
We'll have Manhattan The Bronx and Staten Island too
It's lovely going through The zoo
NELL: "The prince went to the witch to release his bride.
The old lady merely pointed to the 100 nightingales.
How was the prince to find her? The birds were all singing, all but one.
He dashed to this cage and touched it.
And behold, the cage and the nightingale disappeared.
A lovely girl stood in their place.
And she clasped him around the neck and she was as beautiful as ever."
- You didn't read very long. - It wasn't a very long story.
But it has a happy ending. I think that's nice, don't you?
It's all right. Will you read me another?
I would. But I think your mother would rather you went to sleep.
- Are you tattooed? - No. Are you?
Not now. But I'm gonna be when I grow up. I can turn out my own light.
- Of course you can. - But I'm not sleepy.
When the light's off, the sandman'll come and pour sand on your eyelids.
- Not sand. Cookie crumbs. - Good night, Bunny.
I'm hot.
There. That'll let in some air.
Could I have my elephant, please?
Now, you turn off the light, Bunny.
- Good night. - Good night.
L YN: A short vacation On Inspiration Point will spin
And in the station house We'll end
The city's bustle cannot destroy
The dreams of a girl...
... and boy
We'll turn Manhattan Into an Isle of Joy
- Hi. - Hello.
When are you on again?
Whenever I feel like it. When anyone feels like it.
I liked that last song. You give your singing character. That's what I like.
Straight from the shoulder. Like your letters.
- I asked you not to come. - I'm cynical about letters.
- I read them and tear them up. - I meant it.
- Drink, mister? - Rye and soda.
- You wanted to call if off. - That's right.
I've got a very bright idea. Let's call it back on again.
The man doesn't understand. I'm not having anymore.
- Mix it? - Yeah.
- I thought we were good together. - We were lovely together.
Then why stop? I'd like to know why.
After the last time, after you left, I took a long look at you...
...and I decided, so far, no good.
What's been wrong with it?
Nothing much. It's what was going to be wrong with it.
Call it the old blank wall. The future without a future.
You know, I met a girl right here at this bar, six months and a week ago.
I asked her to sing a song. It gave me gooseflesh and notions.
- "Look," I said... - Excuse me.
I said, "I believe in a drink, a kiss, and a laugh now and then."
I can hear her saying it now: "Fine, I like to laugh."
I still like to laugh. But not at myself.
I don't want it anymore. Life's too long...
I'll send you a valentine. What do you want?
Hearts and flowers? Forever and ever? Love?
Don't be afraid. It's not a dirty word.
- Photograph of you and Miss Lesley? - No.
You can have them on match covers or a souvenir postcard.
- Go away. - They're in sepia.
Will you just go away?
"Beware of a high forehead," my mother said.
I just don't like being sold something I don't want.
Take the picture. Don't mind him.
Yeah. He's like my husband. He's mean but he don't mean it.
- I'll bring it shortly. The picture. - Swell.
Pardon me. I have to sing a love song.
Another rye, please.
- Are you married? - Sure. Who's not?
Do you and your wife fight? Argue all the time?
Some of the time she sleeps.
Seventy-eight percent of the pilots in Skyway Airlines are married.
Get married, become a statistic.
Yeah. Stay single and you wind up talking to bartenders.
There's a lull in my life
It's just a void, an empty space
When you are not in my embrace
L YN: There's a lull in my life...
I'll bring it shortly, sir.
The lull in my life
What am I supposed to do?
Fly back to Chicago. Find yourself another bar, find another girl.
Or find a wedding ring? Marriage isn't the answer to everything.
- Who was talking about marriage? - Weren't you?
That's all you thought I had on my mind. You're wrong.
- I wouldn't want to marry you. - Why not?
Because of the way you are.
They're all finished. We got a new process, develops them right away.
There's the postcard, folder, matches, handkerchief and ashtray.
$1 per each. Except the ashtray. He's $2.
I'll take one per each.
Oh, thanks. Thanks a lot! He's a doll! See you.
- Little Miss Larceny. - She's a nice kid, Jed.
Reminds me of a chicken thief.
- I wish you'd judge without being glib. - I bought her pictures. Why get angry?
I'm not angry. I'm just furious.
There's the reason I wouldn't marry you.
- That's the reason. - What?
That camera girl. Any person. The way you treat people. The way you think.
All you can focus on is the cold outside of things.
Not any causes or whys or wherefores.
You're sweet and fun. And you're hard. You lack something I ask for in a man.
- And what's that? - An understanding heart.
- Are you through? - Good and through.
- Let's make this the end. - I'll go along with that.
Yes, go along!
- Eight, sir? - Yeah.
I hope the liquor was satisfactory, sir.
- Do you double as manager here? - I've been here 14 years.
- You're lucky to have a steady job. - Oh, it has its ups and downs, sir.
Most people laugh at that one, sir.
- Good night, sir. - Good night.
L YN: How blue the night
How long the day
How blue the night
With you away
How strange it seems
Just living in dreams
And left in the moon glow
But where did the moon go?
The stars on high
That used to burn
Are standing by
For your return
L YN: I'll be so blue
Oh, how I'll long for you
You say we're through
Still I belong to you
How strange it seems
Just living in dreams
I'm left in the moon glow
But where did the moon go?
How bright are the stars tonight?
I need your arms tonight
Until those arms
Are holding me tight
How blue...
OPERATOR: Number, please? - Room 809, please.
NELL: Hello. - Hello, are you the girl in 809?
- Why, yes, who is...? - I'm the guy in 821, across the court.
Can I ask you a question?
Why, I don't know. I suppose so. Are you sure you want me?
Yeah, you're the one I want, all right.
You doing anything you couldn't be doing better with me?
- I'll have to hang up. - You can't get hurt on a phone.
- Who are you? - The man across the way.
- A lonely soul. - You sound peculiar.
I'm not peculiar, I'm just frustrated. And I got a bottle of rye.
And as I was saying, what are you doing?
- What's your name? - Billy.
- Oh. - What's the matter? Don't you like it?
- I was just daydreaming. - Say, I got a big idea.
I'll come over, and we'll spin a few stories. How about it?
There's somebody at the door. I'm gonna hang up now.
OPERATOR: Your call, sir? May I have your call, please?
It's me, Nell. Eddie.
Oh, that's no way, Nell.
That's no way!
They're too big.
I only had an impulse, Eddie. I'm sorry.
But it fits. Practically.
I came up for a minute to see how you are, and look.
- I just put on a drop. - You want these folks to pay you?
I wanted to see how they'd look on me.
Sure. Sure.
- The little girl go to sleep okay? - She'll be quiet.
- Guess where I put it? - What?
The perfume.
Behind my ears.
It's called "Liaison."
Well, you better wash it off you.
- I will. - Get those things off!
All right.
You could have kimonos, and rings, and toilet water with Italian names.
A handsome girl like you.
- No, I can't! I can't! - Give yourself a little time.
They're married. That's what you have to be.
Sure, I know. You're still mooning about that guy.
Well, guys get killed. That's the way you gotta look at it.
But there's others. There's fellows all over New York.
You mean, maybe there's somebody like him?
Why not? Another fellow could pop up anytime. A real nice fellow.
Maybe tomorrow or next week.
- Did you leave the elevator open? - Yeah.
- Hadn't you better get back? - Yeah. Get out of those things, Nell.
- Right away, Eddie. - I'm off soon. I'll bring you a Coke.
- No. Never mind. I don't like Cokes. - No trouble. And please...
...don't get into any more mischief.
- Yes? JED: Does that mean come on over?
- Yes, if you like. - Two minutes.
Just a minute.
Be right there.
- Be neighborly. Ask me in. - All right.
Did you ever take two strikes and hit a home run?
What do you mean?
You can never really tell on the phone.
You might've been droopy-looking.
You like the way I look?
I like.
- That's quite an aroma. - I must've spilled some perfume.
- Got some glasses? - I'll get some.
Oh, thank you.
- A lot or a little? - Either way. Doesn't really matter.
- Something wrong? - No, nothing.
Mind if I sit down?
- That's a pretty negligee. - I got it in Paris.
- Staying long? - Where?
- New York. - No. I'll only be here a few days.
- I'm going to South America. - Well, now, that's funny. So am I.
You came over to flirt, didn't you?
Well, I guess that was the general idea.
As long as you're not grouchy about it.
Oh, I'm never grouchy.
- Ruth? Your name? - No, it's Nell.
First initial is R.
That's my sister's suitcase. She's out.
How are you going?
- To South America. - Oh. By sea.
Are you really going? How?
By turtle. I own a big turtle, I'm gonna ride on his back.
Some day I will. I'll go and drink a lot of coffee.
I'm going to talk to all the parrots.
Maybe we'll go together, Billy.
I ran out of girls like you when I was 14.
And the name is Jed, not Billy.
What's his name? And where's my hat?
They belong to my sister's husband.
He's out of town. I'm staying here with her.
All right, I'm sorry. Sometimes I'm cynical.
I just focus on the simple facts.
- I like you. - Thanks.
- I'll probably dream about you. - Don't be rash.
What do you do in life? Your occupation.
Are you a salesman or a businessman?
You couldn't be a businessman. You're too young.
- I fly a fat cat to Chicago. - No, I'm serious.
So am I. A fat cat is a 60-passenger airplane.
- You're a pilot. - That's right.
Anything strange about that?
Yes, that's strange.
- Did you fly a bomber during the war? - Who didn't?
You came home and lost step. You didn't have plans.
I thought of becoming a financier, but...
You didn't have a profession. You said, "Why not keep on flying?"
Yeah, something like that.
"There's money in cargo to the islands."
- You crashed in the water! - I've cracked up sometimes.
In the ocean in '46 on the way to Hawaii.
- But you weren't killed, only lost! - Wait. It was in Lake Michigan...
- You were rescued! You came back! - Why get so excited about it?
- I'm Bunny. Who are you? - This is getting real clubby.
- You go back now. Go back. - Who are you?
The electrician. I came to fix a fuse.
The light's been on all the time. I can see under the door.
- She yours? - No, she doesn't belong to me.
This isn't your room. Go to sleep!
- I won't! - Take it easy, kid.
You're a gang. You came to steal Mother's things.
Stop that! She's not supposed to be in here.
- That's my mother's dress! - What?
Little girls aren't to be up at this hour.
You can't make me. You're only supposed to be minding me.
- Well, roll me over! So that's it. - Please!
Ignore them and they stop.
- You're working here? - It's just for tonight.
Sure, you're an heiress. Tomorrow you'll ride through your estate.
- She made you say that. - No...
...but I better leave before twins pop out of the closet.
It's only a little after 9. They won't be home till late.
You're a gal with a lot of variations.
- Lf you go, none of it can be true. - None of what?
I don't know what you're talking about.
None of anything.
I haven't had earrings on for three years.
All through school, I never had a dress to wear.
If I liked a boy, my folks would whip me.
When I went away from them, I didn't cry.
A month ago, I came here on a bus from Oregon.
At night we'd pass those big trucks with lights all over them... Christmas trees.
And then I was here.
I'd walk down the street, look in the beautiful stores.
Eddie calls it "window-wishing."
Then I got this job tonight, and this was hanging up.
And the earrings.
I couldn't help it. I was gonna put them back.
I've never been in a hotel before.
Here, take this.
I'm sorry I made fun of you.
Things will be better. They even up, bad breaks, good breaks.
- Eddie says that too. - Eddie?
My uncle. I live with him. He runs the elevator here.
Nervous little guy?
- Yeah. He's nice sometimes. - Sometimes?
Other times he's like my folks. He makes me remember them.
He doesn't have any respect what people really want.
I know what I mean.
You mean he hasn't got an understanding heart.
Yes, that's it exactly. He's not the way you are at all.
Female race is always cheesing up my life.
- Girls love you. - I'm king of the wild horses.
Honest, I like you.
- Listen. You ought to quiet her. - She'll stop.
- She won't. - What are you doing?
A drink of water. They say kids always like a drink of water.
Bunny? Come on in, Bunny. Come on, don't be scared.
It's all right, I won't hurt you. Come on.
That's it.
That's swell.
- You scared me too. - You're not the electrician?
No, I was joking. I'm a friend of Nell's.
Would you like a drink of water?
Would you want me to read you another story?
If you're frightened, that's silly. Maybe she'd like some music.
How's that?
See? You don't have to cry if you don't want to.
Oh, no.
I'm hot and sticky.
Come here. We'll let some air blow on you.
You'll be cool so you can sleep.
- I'm not sleepy. - Yes, you are.
I wanna see the people.
Look, there's a man. What's he doing?
Reading a paper.
Down there, there's a man and a woman.
- You won't cry anymore, will you? - What are they doing?
I don't know.
- There's a man up there too. - Don't be an old snoop.
Noisiest place I've ever known!
- I wasn't gonna fall. - Sure, I know.
- I'm sorry I scared you again. - You didn't.
Are you ready to go to bed yet?
Yes, ma'am.
- You better tuck her in. - All right. You won't go yet?
Go ahead, tuck her in.
If anything dreadful's going on, it's our duty to do something.
Don't be a peeping pansy. Leave them alone.
You should call the house detective.
He couldn't detect a monk in a convent.
Heaven only knows what's going on across the way.
MAN ON RADIO: There's always a drink or a laugh in the Round-up Room.
Lyn Lesley, our popular singer, is with us every night until 10.
Then we present the Rounders and their easy-listening music.
Why not come down and join us? Right now...
It's wicked to come between people.
- Do you have a doll at home? - Yes. Josephine.
What if it cried and pestered and spied on you?
You'd wanna get rid of it, wouldn't you?
You'd have to!
You turn over and go to sleep. Don't utter one sound.
And we'll all live happily ever after, you and Josephine and me.
- Is that a bargain? - Yes, ma'am.
- To the power of the press. - Shorter and funnier editorials.
ALL: All I know is what I read in the papers!
Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy yourselves while you can.
The speechmaking's going to begin in 10 minutes.
- You have no reason to leave. - I want to.
- She'll be quiet. - I have to be someplace by 10.
- I'll go with you. - That won't work.
Let's dance. Take me down to that bar.
You're supposed to be here with that kid.
- Stay. She won't bother you. - I can't figure you out.
You're silk on one side, sandpaper on the other.
- I'll be any way you want me to be. - Why is it so important?
Because I belong with you.
I'm just a guy from across the court.
Didn't you ever have the feeling that...
...if you let somebody go you'd be lost... wouldn't find anybody to take their place?
I had that feeling earlier tonight. That's why I've got to go.
I knew you were the very best. Even before you came over here.
Every time you looked at me I wanted to kiss you. Like now.
I did it with a razor. My father's.
You did that to yourself?
- When Philip was given up for lost. - Your husband?
I was in another hotel room once.
The night before he flew out over the ocean the last time.
He said we'd be married when he came back.
I flew with him once in awhile.
So you see why I wanna stay? It's so pretty here.
EDDIE: It's me, Nell. It's Eddie. - No, Eddie! Please.
- Not now, Eddie. EDDIE: I brought a Coke.
What's the matter?
- Lf he found a stranger... - So?
He wouldn't believe me. He'd punish me and he might even...
- Just for a minute. - Hurry it up.
EDDIE: It's me, Nell. It's Eddie.
- Open up, Nell. - All right, Eddie.
I'm off now, I can wait around till they...
What're you trying to prove? You smell like a cooch dancer.
Wait in the lobby. It'll look funny if you're here...
Not so funny as them finding you in her clothes.
I forgot, Eddie. I just forgot.
The operator tells me you been on the phone.
Are you acting that way again?
I've been an elevator jockey for 14 years.
- Ain't that enough trouble? - Eddie?
I tried to set you straight.
Would you like some glasses for those Cokes? I'll rinse these out.
- How much longer? - Shh!
How much longer?
I told you I don't want any.
- Then why the two glasses? - All right.
- You left the water running. - Leave it.
The handle came off the faucet.
- I'll call somebody. - No, I'll do it later.
- I wish you'd leave me alone. - Why so restless?
- You're ticking like a clock. - Just go on home.
I'm all right. I can find the bus.
- I thought you were getting better. - Please!
Now I wonder about everything.
- Ring the room and see how Bunny is. - What?
The phone's around the corner.
Don't worry. Bunny can take care of herself.
- Go on, honey. - I want to. Be back in a minute.
I can be regular. But first take that thing off. Yes, in the closet.
- Lf I do, then will you go? - I might.
You gotta calm down more. Seemed okay until tonight.
I was glad we told them to send you to New York, glad to sign the papers.
- There, it's off. - And that.
Them too.
Take off the other one.
Look like you looked when I brought you up.
- Stop it, all of you! - You're not cured.
- Don't say that! - Put that down!
- You want me committed, like my folks! - Talk sense!
They didn't send you to that institution. The doctors did.
You want to keep Philip and me apart.
We're never alone for five minutes.
You call it a sin to be with a man even to go to a picture show.
- I have to sneak out. - Wait a minute.
Nobody's going to come between Philip and me!
- You got a man in there! - Eddie!
Hello? Yes, Mrs. Jones. Bunny's asleep.
- Good. What's that noise I hear? - It's a fire engine.
- I don't hear it here. - We're on the other side.
Oh, yes, I guess that's it.
- You go ahead, have a good time. - We are.
- Goodbye. - Bye.
- I beg your pardon. - It's all right.
- I'm going to see about this. - Probably a nightmare.
Take it easy. Just hold tight. That's it.
Get my bearings...
- I think I better get a doctor. - Don't do that, please.
I just got the wind knocked out of me.
You're wrong. You almost got the brains bashed out of you.
It's all a mistake. It'll be all right.
Take it easy. Guess you'll be all right.
- You wanna sit up now? - Yeah, please.
Please, leave us alone. I'll be here.
I'll take care of the kid until her folks get back.
All right, take care of yourself.
- I begged him not to interfere. - You're entitled to your own kinks...
- He insulted me. - No reason for murder.
- You're going? - Yes. You're uncle's alive.
- I have another date right now. - Everybody interferes.
Maybe you won't come back. It's dangerous.
What could I say? What could I tell anybody? What would become of me?
We'll talk about this another time.
But tonight I've got a problem of my own to settle.
WOMAN: Two floors above ours. MAN: It's not our business.
WOMAN: It's going to be the manager's business.
- Open it. - Please, sir, my job.
- Lf you make a fuss... - I won't.
If she sees me or you, she'll complain.
- I'm in a hurry. - Please, don't make me lose my job.
- All right. - Thank you, sir.
Before I call the manager, I'll ask if you can explain.
- Explain? - What is going on in these rooms?
- Miss, we heard the child crying... - And screaming.
- Who are you? - Someone who'll call downstairs.
NELL: What do you mean? WOMAN: All that crying.
MAN: Do you have a young child inside? WOMAN: Is she yours?
Bunny? Bunny, you asleep?
WOMAN: Where are her parents? NELL: They're out. I don't know.
WOMAN: Didn't they leave a number? NELL: No.
MAN: That's strange. WOMAN: We need to look into this.
MAN: We saw the girl at the window.
NELL: I told you everything. WOMAN: We'd like to come in.
NELL: I've told you again and again.
MAN: Why don't you let us speak to the child?
NELL: Speak to her? You're strangers.
- We'll call the authorities. - No, don't. I told you, she's asleep.
- I knew there was a man! - Don't let him leave!
WOMAN: That was the child's room. - He mustn't get away.
- Explain at once. - Who is that man?
- He came in here before. - You mean he forced his way in?
- Yes, that's why I couldn't explain. - He threatened you?
So the child screamed.
- Now it's over. He's gone. - No, perhaps he can be caught.
Give me the house detective. Now aren't you glad you came with me?
- Oughtn't you look at her? - She'd cry if she wasn't all right.
Yes, it certainly is important.
It's over.
WOMAN: Is this the house detective? It's about time.
It's all your fault.
WOMAN: There was a man. He's trying to get away right now. He broke in!
You chased him away. We had a bargain.
WOMAN: I'm trying... - You devil.
- He wore a dark suit. MAN: He had on a bright red necktie.
Do you recall if he was good-looking? Miss, was he good-looking?
Yes. He was very good-looking.
- He was handsome, all right. - That's a good lead.
- Trouble? - Ah yes, there's bad news tonight.
- Good night, Joe. - Good night.
JED: Lyn?
- Wait a minute. - What is it?
- I wanna talk to you. - We talked before.
We wrangled before.
Let's give ourselves a chance to make some sense.
- I'll buy you a drink. - I'm not thirsty.
- Then buy me one. - No, I won't.
- I'll buy you both one. - No, thanks, not for me.
- What's the matter with you? - Nothing.
You wanna hear a story?
- Anything serious? - A girl I met.
A girl?
When I left you before, I went upstairs to my room...
OPERATOR 1: Hello, McKinley Hotel. OPERATOR 2: What goes, Pat?
Mrs. Ballew found a man under the bed.
You'll catch him. He'll be passing by here any minute.
- Hey, you ain't smiling. - You better take a look.
- Oh, been listening in again? - Oh, no.
- I just think you better. - All right, for you.
Did he try to kiss you?
Emma! Young lady, is there anything we can get for you?
I don't want you to ask me any more questions.
- We better go. - Unless you'd...
- For once, be quiet! We're leaving. - Yes, I want you to leave me.
There's something I have to do by myself.
- Don't you ever speak that way to me... - Be quiet!
- What is it? - That noise. I thought of Bunny.
Who's the softy? If you're nervous, why not run up now instead of later?
Hurry back so you don't miss my gabble.
Yep, but she was kind of pathetic.
Real steady one minute, and all mixed up the next.
You don't believe me.
Doesn't sound like you to care whether she was mixed up.
Why'd you leave her?
Because, comes a time in the affairs of man when he's had too many.
What are you staring at?
You. I never heard you talk like that before.
Where are you?
Where are you?
Strange signals from the 8th floor.
If only you'd given me a bit longer. We would've been married.
You never wanted me to have him.
You wouldn't let me wear the pretty things.
Jimmy, find Pat. Find him!
We were in 809, little girl was in 807.
Eddie was in the closet. These people were at the door.
- Then what? - Then I went into the kid's room.
Her toy elephant was on the floor and she was...
- What's the matter? - The little girl.
She was on the wrong bed, and she didn't move.
I've got to go back. Wait for me.
Come, boy, come here. Oh, please, give him a few moments longer.
Oh, Rio!
You sent those people around.
You devil!
Pat, it's 809. I think something's happened.
You all right?
- Let's help you out. - What have they done to you?
- Oh, Mommy, that lady! - I know, dear.
We've never seen anybody like her.
- I tried to get out. What happened? - Plenty. You better sit down.
Sir, it wasn't all my fault. They said she was practically cured.
JED: What do you mean? She was in an institution?
EDDIE: Three years, in Oregon.
They said to bring her east to a new place. She seemed fine...
...until tonight. Before she hit me, she talked weird.
About Philip, a guy of hers, as if he were alive.
PAT: Take it down. Tell Mulvey to call the station.
- We thought if she... - Eddie, what works? Hold it...
- Not him, Pat. It's my niece. - She's gone!
- I do look terrible. - Something happen, lady?
My dress is torn. I'll have to get a new one.
- You won't know me in it. - Do you need some help, lady?
You tell them I didn't mean it.
MAN: Boy!
Put boys on every floor, and get a man up on the roof.
- Tell them to be careful, Pat. - She's violent, so go easy.
Rochelle? Give me the bell captain.
I can't find her anywhere. Maybe she went down the stairway.
You spotted her in the lobby?
Watch her close. She's a maniac. She may be a killer. Yeah.
Tell them to move around her... You, you've got some explaining to do.
I'll be up here for a few minutes. Keep things quiet down there.
Don't do that. You don't wanna do that.
How do you know my name?
Jed told me.
- Jed? Who's he? - You were with him before. Upstairs.
- No, that was somebody else. - Why don't you...?
Somebody entirely else.
- I didn't think you'd ever come back. - Give me that, Nell.
Give it to me.
They said you were buried at sea. I don't want to harm anybody.
I know.
What are you staring at? This isn't a midway.
Get back to your business. Leave us alone, please!
MAN 1: All right, Jack. JACK: Folks, clear out, please.
Let's sit down now.
I must make you understand.
The man you think I am died in the Pacific.
I was never in the Pacific. I never flew to Hawaii.
- In '46. - In '46 I was in England.
I stayed there for a year after the war.
Remember him, Nell? Remember Philip?
- Yeah. - What did he look like? Think back.
He had brown eyes...
...and shiny black hair.
I'm Jed, Nell. Jed.
People's names...
This is my girl. I'm in love with her.
- You're not Philip. You never were. - No.
Philip has black hair.
COP: Is she the one? - Just a minute.
Philip's dead, Nell.
Do you know that now?
Do you know it?
Will you come with me, miss?
- You're going to a hospital. - No!
No, here in New York. We're gonna help you.
People who love each other...
Jed, you care what happens to that girl, don't you?
She didn't want to hurt the kid.
She didn't want to hurt anybody.
You do care.
Come on, I'd like to buy you that drink now.
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