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Subtitles for Donzoko 1957.

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Donzoko 1957

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From Maxim Gorki's "The Lower Depths"
Photographed by Ichio Yamasaki
Artwork by Yoshiro Muraki
Sound by Fumio Yanoguchi
Lighting by Shigeru Mori
Music by Masaru Sato
Assistant Director Mimachi Nonagase
Executive Producer Hiroshi Nasu
Bokusen Hidari Atsushi Watanaba
Kichiji Ueda Yu Fujiki, Fujita-yama
Same as a junkyard!
Believe me... I'll never get married again.
Not even to the rich man next door.
You are a liar. You want to marry the police runner.
You could die from wanting him.
You and your daydreams! I just woke you up.
I'm not bothering you.
Not again! Dreams won't do you good.
You're not better than a whore.
Dreams are for innocent maidens.
Women are liars. They lie to themselves.
Shut up. Look at yourself!
Your wife is sick.
So you are sex-hungry.
Shame, dog!
No day breaks without a row. Please! Don't shout.
You're whispering again.
It's the same way every day. Can't you be quiet at least when I die?
Noise won't stop you from dying.
How could you put up with such a rascal?
Let me alone.
You've been patient too long.
You feel any better?
Let's go before someone else takes our place.
Do you want a sweet?
You're kind. But food's no use when you're dying.
Take it.
It's good for your cough.
I usually sell them, but not this one.
Let's go, My Lord.
Who knocked me out last night?
I don't appreciate being beaten.
You deserved it. You cheated at cards.
So that was it!
Watch out! You'll go to hell someday.
I live in hell already.
Come down and clean the room.
"My Lord" is on duty.
I'm busy.
I'm going out with Otaki.
You're supposed to clean the room today.
Why should I?
Ask the young lady there.
You've got a nerve!
They're very heavy today.
"My Lord"? My eye!
So it's up to me again.
I don't want it. Eat it.
Why don't you eat it?
What good would that do? You're a working man. You need food.
But you're not going to die.
I haven't got long to live.
Go on! Eat it up!
I mustn't breathe in dust.
The doctor told me. Alcohol has poisoned me.
You can't even talk straight.
You'll be finished in six months.
Don't be foolish. You listen to me.
Sake has poisoned me. That's all.
That's why I mustn't breathe in dust and can't sweep the floor.
"Sake is nectar that must not be imbibed to excess."
There are many more. "A honeyed tongue with a heart of stone."
What does that mean?
I don't know.
I'm sick of listening to you people talk.
You say the same stories, day in, day out.
That's why I like this fancy talk.
Kabuki drama is full of talk like that.
Why don't you clean the room?
Shut up. I'm thinking.
I can't remember
There are many things you can't remember. I used to be quite a scholar.
That's nothing.
You must be born, not made, to be somebody.
An actor I used to know couldn't count past ten.
But when it came to acting, he was second to none.
The house rocked with applause.
So... you must be born to it to be somebody.
Give me five coppers.
And I'll believe you were the actor who made the theatre rock.
Give me 5 copper coins.
Don't shout. I know you haven't got a penny.
Please! Help me! I can't breathe.
Open the door.
No! It's cold enough in here already!
But she needs air.
She needs many other things.
I'll go out and gather wood chips.
What happened to that grasping landlord and his wife?
I wish they were dead.
How are you? Getting any better?
I can't breathe.
Shall I take you outside?
There must be a sunny spot by now.
I'm as ill as you are.
You make a fine couple... a pair of love birds.
Out of my way! This is a grand exit before the final curtain.
Still quarreling?
I mean, you are a hard worker.
Didn't you see my wife?
You're taking up a lot of space for only 30 pence a month.
If you go on using the ground floor...
I want at least 10 pence more.
Kill me first.
Killing you wouldn't bring me a penny.
I hope you enjoy a long, happy life.
I left your wife basking in the sun.
You've done me a good turn.
Your kindness will be rewarded one day.
In the next world.
I'd rather have it in this world.
Cancel half my debt.
You're joking.
Kindness is something you can't buy.
Kindness is one thing, debt is another.
Don't mix them up.
You old miser!
Everyone tries to do me down.
Even the devil.
I'm flattered.
As the landlord, I'm like a father to you.
You're all my children.
The devil's children?
Is Sutekichi in?
Look for yourself.
I'm here.
May I come in?
He's in for a big surprise.
What do you mean?
Open the door!
What do you want?
Did you bring the money?
What money?
I want 3 ryo for yesterday's loot.
I mean the coral hairpin and the other trinkets.
You promised 5 ryo
You paid two. What about the other three?
Everybody knows I'm a thief, and you're a fence.
Wonderful! End of Act One.
What did he want?
He was looking for his wife.
Why don't you kill him?
And go to jail?
You don't have to.
Be sensible... and marry his wife. Then you'd be our landlord.
How convenient!
Then you wouldn't have to pay the rent.
He interrupted a wonderful dream.
It was a sweet dream.
I was fishing. What do you think I caught?
A big snapper!
As good as any dream.
I almost had my hands on it when...
Are you talking about Osugi?
But the woman is his already.
I don't want anything to do with that woman.
It's freezing.
Why didn't you bring your wife in? She'll freeze to death.
Okayo took her to the kitchen.
What if they find out?
Don't worry. She'll be back in no time.
Sutekichi, give me 5 copper coins.
Only five? You're insulting him.
You don't mind giving us a piece of silver, do you?
I'd better give up before you ask for a ryo.
How nice!
We can't do without thieves.
They make money, but they don't work for it.
If sweat and toil would help, I'd willingly work.
But I know differently.
Actor! Let's have a drink.
A drink is always welcome.
How is your wife?
You persevere. But I don't think you'll get anywhere.
What should I do then?
Then I'd starve.
No one is starving here.
I'm a craftsman. I'm not like those idlers.
Do you think I'll ever get out of this dump?
I'll get out... even if I have to crawl.
Wait till my wife dies...
I've only been here six months, but it seems like six years.
You talk as if you were better than me. Well, you're not!
Hello, Okayo!
Who is he? A new man?
Happy to know you, gentlemen.
He'll stay until spring.
Where shall I sleep?
Any place is paradise to an old man if it's warm.
He's a bit peculiar.
But better than you.
Tinker -- be kind to your wife. She's only a few days to live.
She's in the kitchen. Bring her back.
I have a surprise for you.
It's tortoise-shell.
I don't want it. You know why.
What's the matter with her?
She turned me down.
She knows what she's doing.
She's wrong.
I'm just sorry for her.
Leave her alone.
This is no place for her. No good will come of it.
You're in love with her. Watch your step.
Don't let Osugi find out.
Okayo is her sister, but Osugi would kill her.
Just wait and see.
Stop it, old man.
Don't you like hymns?
It's your voice.
I thought I had a good voice.
Very funny!
Did Otaki treat you to a drink, My Lord?
I can't expect such luck every day.
You want a drink?
Then, crawl and beg for it.
Get on all fours.
You used to be a samurai.
I want to see how well a samurai can play a dog.
I'll do it.
That's not funny.
Why didn't you try it when I was a real samurai?
You're absolutely right.
He's just one of us now.
But, were you really a samurai lord?
I saw a few samurai lords myself...
But none so crestfallen and downcast as you.
I used to live in state.
I was under the direct command of the Governor-General.
I didn't have to raise a finger for anything.
When I took a bath, a servant washed my back.
You wretched woman!
You talk differently when you're begging for money.
You've had your ups and downs.
There's nothing to be ashamed of.
How dare you!
You'll be punished.
You'd like to kill me? Then where's your sword?
I was only joking. I have no sword.
That was once a sword.
Piling insult on injury!
Come! I'll offer you sake.
Old man... you're quite a character yourself.
I'm as innocent as a baby.
You went wild again.
I had to.
I was just released from the lock-up.
They told me to stay away.
I won't.
Another crazy young man!
Grill me, burn me, cook me alive, I don't care.
Here comes the landlady.
You here again!
I told you to stay away.
You've been telling lies behind my back.
You'll be thrown out.
Don't let him come in again.
I'm not a guard.
You talk like a paying guest. Well, you're not.
How much do you owe me?
I don't remember.
Let me refresh your memory.
Who are you?
A traveler.
Are you going to stay?
You must pay in advance.
I'll send it later.
I'll take this as security.
He isn't in.
Who asked for him?
But you were looking in his room.
I wanted to see if it was clean.
I can't afford to leave it dirty.
Keep your place tidy or you'll have to get out.
If we leave, you will starve.
Beggars would pay rent more regularly than you do.
Shame on you!
You're like a frightened rabbit. Go on. Sweep the floor.
Didn't you see my sister, Tatsu?
She brought the old man here.
Was he here when she came?
Sutekichi? He was here.
But he didn't even talk to Okayo.
What if he did?
Clean the room at once. Do you hear?
Old witch!
Is she always so touchy?
She should be with her husband.
Is he her husband?
She came to see her lover. He wasn't here, so she got hysterical.
Tell me, Osen...
Why does she pick on her young sister?
Because people say Sutekichi is making love to Okayo instead of Osugi
That's true, isn't it?
Will you clean the room?
Certainly not! I'm going out for a drink.
To cry over your dream lover?
You see, she has to get drunk and cry once in a while.
You'd better tell me all about it instead of crying.
It will make you feel better.
Are you making fun of me like the rest?
Oh, the way people live here!..
All right, I will sweep the room.
I don't remember seeing you.
Of course you don't - we've never met.
But this is my territory. I know everyone here.
I'm afraid your territory is somewhat narrower than the whole world.
It is small all right, but it's full of troublesome people.
Where is the broom?
Listen. Unokichi got drunk again last night.
He was lying on his back in the street and shouting wildly.
People gathered around. I had to put him in the lock-up.
What happened to Sutekichi?
Well... I heard many things about him.
Don't keep anything from a police runner.
Why should I?
You know what people are saying...
About Sutekichi and Osugi...
And about what I did or did not do about it.
I'm just her uncle, not her father. What she does is her affair.
Why don't you marry Otaki?
Don't pretend innocence. We know all about you.
It's a shame no one looks after her. She is so weak.
Where do you sleep?
You are very kind.
You shouldn't go out in the cold alone.
I didn't go out. I was thrown out.
Osugi is killing Okayo! Stop her!
Poor Okayo!
And they're sisters!
It's just they are too healthy. They always get enough to eat.
You are a nice old man... very nice.
I'm like a pebble in the river...
Washed down from the mountain, polished smooth all over.
My man beats me for no reason - it's a dog's life.
Now, now... it isn't really as bad as that.
Do you think it isn't bad enough? I've never had a decent meal.
What have I done?
You must have gone through quite an ordeal.
It's about time you gave up gambling.
Let's try again.
Old man... will things be as hard as this in the next world?
Certainly not. You will breathe a lot easier.
Be patient.
You cheated. I saw it.
I saw it with my own eyes.
What's it matter? You've lost nothing.
Anyone would think you'd lost a fortune.
You cheated!
Why shouldn't he?
It's not decent.
I've never heard of the word.
Calm down Tsugaru. Try to understand them.
They simply can't afford to be decent.
He cheated. And I don't like it.
You should be more careful, My Lord.
I'm ashamed of myself.
You were born clumsy, that's all.
You've lost again.
I've made 105 pence.
The five is my share.
...which is hardly enough to get me across the Styx.
Let's have some sake.
Aren't you coming with us, old man?
I want to see you get drunk.
My face gets red.
I'll do some wonderful recitation from a Kabuki drama.
It will make you forget everything.
Let's go, Actor.
Go ahead. I'll join you soon.
Listen. Here's a sample.
I can't remember.
I had good memory...
That was before alcohol poisoned my system.
Now look at me. I'm finished.
Whenever I delivered my favorite lines, they cheered wildly.
You wouldn't understand, but it was... gorgeous!
I can't remember... not a word of it.
My favorite lines!
That is awful.
You shouldn't have forgotten what you loved.
The things you love are the things you live for.
Things you live for... I've drowned them in sake. I'm finished.
You mustn't lose courage.
Try to get well.
There is a place where they cure sick men like you...
It's free of charge.
Why don't you go there?
Where is it?
It's a temple. I don't remember the name...
I'll remember soon enough.
First, make up your mind to get well.
Don't drink too much.
Imagine! When you get well, you can start all over again.
All over again?
That's a nice thought.
But... Do you think I can do it? I'm weak.
Of course you can!
If you set your heart on it, you can do anything.
You're a peculiar old man.
Will you stay here and talk with me?
What is it?
Your husband is suffering, too.
The man who stole my wife... he was a wonderful chess player.
Please talk to me... about anything at all.
I'm afraid... lonely and afraid.
You feel like that when death is near.
Don't be afraid of anything.
Everything will be all right.
Yes, everything will be all right when you're dead.
No more pain...
You can enjoy your rest in blessed peace.
I can? Are you sure?
Why should I lie to you?
When you're dead, you will go to the celestial paradise of Buddha.
Buddha will bless you and show you mercy...
How can you be so sure?
Because it is true, Chief Officer.
Well, I'm not exactly a chief yet.
Here we go! Checkmate!
Can I rest in peace? No more pain? I hope it is true.
Believe me it is.
Don't worry about anything. Wait till you are taken to heaven.
But suppose...
Suppose I got well again?..
What for? To suffer again?
No matter how painful... I still want to live.
Just a little longer...
Just a little.
If there's no sorrow in the next world...
I might put up with it a little longer down here.
Of course there's no sorrow in the next world...
Maybe you're right...
Maybe you're not.
Who is that?
You don't have to shout.
Leave her in peace.
She is dying.
Let her die in peace.
All right, I won't disturb her.
You're quite a character.
Your story is full of fascinating lies. Go on.
Tell us more lies.
Is the tinker's wife really dying?
I'll miss her cough.
Address me more politely.
How is Okayo? Still sick?
Why do you ask?
Please! Tell me!
Is she hurt badly?
What if she is?
What is Okayo to you anyway?
Stop teasing me, or you'll never see Okayo again.
You thief!
Yes, I'm a thief. But this is one thief you can't touch.
I'll arrest you...
In good time.
You won't get away either.
I'll tell everything to the judge.
The judge will ask me like this...
"Who encouraged you to steal?"
"It was my landlord and his wife, Your Honor."
"Who disposed of the goods?"
"My landlord and his wife, Your Honor."
Who would believe such lies?
They will, because it is true. I'll take you in, too.
I didn't do you any harm.
Nor any good either.
If he didn't do any good, he must have done harm.
You stay out of this. Sutekichi and I are old friends.
Oh, the way those people live!
Be reasonable. He will tell Osugi.
You were reckless. There'll be trouble.
Take an old man's advice. You'd better get out if here quickly.
Go anywhere you like. It couldn't be worse.
Go to the Kansai district... or maybe far into the north if you like.
You're a smooth liar.
You say paradise is everywhere except here. I don't believe it.
Go and find out for yourself.
You hate lies, but they are not always evil...
Nor is truth always good.
Think twice before truth puts your head in the hangman's noose.
You talk in riddles. It confuses me.
Tell me! Does paradise really exist?
Answer me!
It does to those who want it.
Here she comes. Don't get me mixed up in this.
Please leave her alone.
Is she still alive?
I want to talk to Sutekichi.
You don't want me here?
Come here.
What's the matter?
Are you angry?
I don't want to listen to you.
You don't want me, is that it?
That's right.
All right, I'll listen. What is it?
Must I tell?
Must I beg for your love?
I thank you for being honest with me.
You said you didn't want me.
Were you pretending?
Did you forget how I look?
You are beautiful.
But I've never really loved you.
Not even after...
I have nothing more to say. Go away.
Is there someone else?
What if there is? Will you let me marry her?
It depends.
So there is someone!
You insulted me. You told me you loved me, yet...
All right - you don't love me anymore.
Let's leave it like that. Let's forget everything.
Not so fast.
When you held me in your arms, I was hoping that someday...
Some day you'd get me out of all this.
I wanted you to take me away from my husband and my uncle.
Take you away? You're strong enough to take care of yourself.
No woman is strong enough.
She needs a man.
Let's strike a bargain.
What bargain?
You're head over heels in love with Okayo, I know.
So that's why you attacked her! You cold-blooded...
Calm down. Listen to me carefully.
If you love her so much, you can have her.
But you must save me, too. Save me from my husband.
You've planned it nicely. With your husband in his coffin...
And me in jail, you could do anything you want.
Why should you be in jail?
You have a way with policemen.
This is for her sake.
She won't live long staying with me.
It isn't easy for me either.
Okayo is a constant reminder of my defeat.
Don't you see?
You cold-blooded devil!
Calm down! I'm just being honest with you.
My man has been preying on me for years now.
And he has had his eye on Okayo, too.
Why should you be sorry for such a man?
It's no crime to get rid of vermin.
Very persuasive!
It's so simple. I don't know what's stopping you.
That's enough! Go away!
Think it over.
What's the matter with you? Slinking along like an alley cat!
Are you alone? Just the two of you?
You slut!
I'm sorry.
Get out!
Get out yourself!
You'd better go.
I don't take orders from you.
Who's there?
I thought you went out.
But it's very cold outside. I am an old man.
So you heard.
I did. I have ears to hear.
But you are a very lucky man.
Don't you think I yawned at the proper moment?
It was close, wasn't it?
If I hadn't yawned, you might have strangled him to death.
I might have.
You see... It takes so little to kill a man.
You're speaking from experience.
Listen, young man...
It's all because of women. Women are the trouble.
I used to know many women...
As many as the hairs I lost.
Take my advice. Stay away from that woman.
You know how weak her husband is.
Does she need your help to kill him?
Let me finish. I've seen more of the world than you.
If there's a girl you love, just go away and take her with you.
Why do you care so much about me?
I have a sick woman to look after.
Is she dead?
Yes. At last.
Where is her husband?
Out drinking.
I must tell him.
I'll go with you. I don't want to stay with a dead woman.
Old man! Now I remember!
Listen carefully.
The moon is high in the cloudy sky.
Spring is everywhere in the air.
Like a stray bird I wandered.
The soft breeze cool on my cheeks.
Alone I wended my way homeward.
When suddenly, beside the river.
I found a purse, no:.. a fortune!
Now I know my luck will never end.
Just like a stray kite.
Where did the old man go? There's nobody around.
Listen, Okayo, I'm leaving.
I'll go next spring.
Where to?
To a temple where they cure alcohol poisoning.
Somewhere up on a hill... a very sunny hill, and a gorgeous temple.
They will cleanse me of the poison in my system...
Then I'll start anew... start all over again.
She's dead!
She is! Look!
The tinker's wife is dead.
We won't have to hear that coughing anymore.
We must tell Tomekichi, even though he's a rotten husband.
Someday I'll be driven to my grave just like this.
What are you mumbling about?
You'd better stay with Sutekichi, Somebody he will...
Kill me? I don't think I'd mind.
Suit yourself.
Take this woman for example. She is far better off dead.
I don't care either way.
Someday I'll be dead... and you will be dead. That's all.
I know.
I hope she is happy in Buddha's paradise.
Let's carry her out.
Do you think she will smell?
She was dried up long before she died.
You brute! Have you no pity for the dead?
We have no time even to pity ourselves.
Inform the authorities quickly, or they'll think you killed her.
What about the funeral expenses? I have only forty pence.
If that isn't enough, we'll contribute...
Maybe in tens and fives...
Whatever we have.
I'm sure she will haunt my dreams... bad dreams.
I'm too frightened to go alone. It's so dark outside.
The dead don't do any harm. You need only to fear the living.
Escort me home, please.
What am I to do?
Go to sleep.
So I told him...
I told him how grateful I was about the way he felt about me.
But I didn't deserve his love...
I'm not clean...
Then... what did you think he said?
He said he didn't care, because he knew I was as pure as a virgin.
A virgin, she says!
You don't like it? Then, go away.
Don't spoil the fun.
He suggested we die together if his parents didn't approve of me.
He said he couldn't live a moment without me.
Then, I said to him... "Ginjiro, my beloved..."
Wait! Last time it was Inosuke.
Shut up! You idle good for nothing.
You don't know the meaning of true love.
Look! I'm in love... really in love!
You shouldn't laugh at her like that.
Whatever she has to say, listen kindly.
Be nice to her. Think why she has to tell such stories.
Give me five pence and I'll listen.
Another five for me. Now, go ahead.
Never mind those ruffians. Go on. Tell your story.
I won't.
They don't believe me. They just laugh at me.
And then...
I said to him...
Don't do that... don't throw away your life...
"Don't ruin yourself by marrying me."
"Just be kind to me...
"Now that I have your love, I'm not afraid to die...
Poor girl!
Go on! Cry as much as you like.
What a fraud!
Don't take her seriously.
You're mean!
You've been telling the truth, I know!
I know! It's all true.
They are jealous of you, that's why they tease you.
Let's go somewhere else where you can talk quietly.
I swear to you!
What I said was true.
I know. I know.
Then, what happened to the man you love?
She's hopeless.
Why must she tell lies like that?
I think I know. I have dreams too.
And I hope they'll come true.
What dreams?
For example...
"Tomorrow, I'll meet someone... from somewhere...
Or... "Something nice will happen tomorrow..."
And I keep on waiting... always.
I have nothing to wait for...
Everything good and sweet has passed me by.
I've often had the feeling lately that I shall die suddenly.
Then I feel so lonely...
I'm sorry for you...
With your own sister as she is.
Is no one happy in this world? We are a sorry lot.
Sorry lot? Nonsense!
The world is full of easy-living people.
Why must you poke fun at a poor girl like her?
She's happy only when she is crying and telling stories.
I'm sick of her stories.
Where did you leave her?
In a tavern.
All right, I'll go and make it up to her.
Please don't say anything to upset her.
Be kind to her.
You're very nice.
He keeps on telling lies. I'm not his kind.
I take things as I find them and face facts.
Well, here are our "facts."
No money, no work... the only thing I can do is starve to death.
Does facing such facts help you at all?
He's off his head.
I don't give a damn for your lies either.
I want revenge!
He has a lot to learn before he calms down.
What's the matter with him?
He takes everything too seriously. That's his trouble.
"I am a craftsman!"
He thinks he's better than us.
Okayo, where did those two devils go?
To the temple.
They think they can buy tickets to paradise for a few coins.
You're too harsh. I feel rather sorry for them.
It shows they, too, are conscience stricken.
By the way...
I'm leaving soon.
I don't know where to go.
It's the same with everyone. We're all looking for a better place.
Do you think you can find a better place?
Certainly not.
I will if I go on looking.
I hope you do.
Okayo! I beg you again, in front of this old man.
Let's get out of this place.
To go to jail?
Don't you believe me? I'm no longer a thief.
I swear it.
I'll work hard.
I just can't go on like this.
Lots of thieves manage to evade the law.
The thought used to make me feel better, but not anymore.
Something has always been troubling me.
I don't regret what I did. I'd have died if I hadn't stolen.
Yet, I've had a feeling deep inside me...
That I can't go on living like this. There must be a better life.
You're absolutely right.
Let's look for a better life together.
Help him.
It is easier to look together than alone.
But I can't trust him. I can't trust anyone.
Why not? I mean every word of it.
Besides, I don't see why I must go with you.
I don't know if I love you or hate you.
You will love me, I assure you. I will make you love me.
Please! Say "Yes."
Everything will be all right.
Because I'm madly in love with you. Believe me.
What about my sister?
Who cares about her?
She didn't mean anything to him.
She just happened to be there when he needed someone.
I just stepped on a rotten board.
Say "Yes." He needs someone to keep him from crumbling away.
You're made for it. You have a strong mind.
Consider carefully. Do you think you can live like this?
You're strong, but your sister and her husband will get the better of you.
I know that well enough...
I shall soon fall prey to them.
No! I won't let you.
I'd sooner kill them first.
Did you hear that? How easily he talks of killing people.
Don't ever hurt me. I'll kill myself.
Did you fix the wedding day?
Steady, my girl. I won't let anyone touch you.
Don't worry, Okayo. He won't hurt you.
But he won't make you happy either. I should know.
Dear, dear! She is a viper.
All he does is talk, talk, talk.
What are you doing there?
I see! Always talking behind my back.
You didn't even boil the water.
You told me you'd be late.
I can come home any time I like.
Don't go, Okayo. Forget it.
You've made a slave of her long enough.
But now she is mine!
Yours? When did you buy her? How much did you pay?
How frightening!
Don't you see what she's doing? She's trying to anger you...
She wants to set you against that man.
You'll be disappointed.
Speak for yourself.
I give you my word.
Your wedding will be a surprise.
A surprise wedding? I can hardly wait.
By the way, how is everything?
I mean, how do you like it here?
Well, frankly... I think it is about time...
It's about time I thought of leaving.
You're not on the run, are you?
What do you mean?
I have eyes to see.
You look like an innocent pilgrim.
But you're not a pilgrim, and you're not innocent.
Perhaps far more innocent than you.
Don't be flippant.
Don't you know my wife's uncle is a man of the law?
You'd better go away now while you're still safe.
And are things still all right with you?
No matter how bad a man is, he must have someone to love.
If no one loves you, that means your days are numbered.
Are you leaving?
It's about time.
Yes, there is the right moment for everything.
I ought to know.
I stayed out of prison because I knew when to move.
I had a wife. But she fell in love with a man who was working for me.
He was good at fighting and at chess, too.
I wanted to trash him, but I was no match for him.
When I was about to kill my wife...
I suddenly realized the danger and left home instead.
You were very lucky.
But my business... well, I'd have drunk it away.
I never liked to work.
I'd have ended up here anyway.
Don't be stupid. That's the stupidest lie I've heard in months.
What have you been telling this fool?
It's not a lie.
Tell him, old man. Tell him about that temple of yours.
I'm leaving here.
I worked today. I made money.
I helped push carts up a hill.
And I stayed away from sake.
Look! Sixty-five copper coins!
I'll spend them on sake in your place.
No, you won't! This will may for my journey.
He tried hard to make up his mind. Must you ridicule him?
Blessed are those who can believe in something even if it is nothing.
I had no luck today.
They cleaned me out.
This is a wonderful world, old man.
Today I met a man who could outsmart me. Wonderful!
You're always gay and carefree.
I used to be a big fellow.
Yes! A big gambler.
How did you end up in here?
You're very nosey. Why do you want to know?
Because you don't belong here.
You're brave and clever. How did it happen?
I spent 4 years and 7 months in jail.
After that, I had no place to go.
What had you done?
I'd killed a man.
A big kitchen knife happened to be on my side.
Was it a woman?
I wasn't such a fool.
Anyway, it was almost ten years ago.
You laugh at everything.
But he does not.
He'll soon be different.
Widower! What are you so glum about?
I'm thinking. I don't know what to do.
I pawned my tools for the funeral expenses.
I'll tell you what.
Let others take care of you.
That will be all right if you can stand it.
But I couldn't stand the disgrace.
Complaining won't make you look better.
You're a bad loser.
That's Okayo.
This is serious.
You ungrateful idiot!
If anything happens, we'll be witnesses.
Witnesses? Oh, no!
I've been waiting for this. What a chance!
I knocked him on the head.
Arrest him. He struck me.
Arrest him. He started all this.
He's a thief. He's trying to steal my sister in law.
Are you all right? What did they do to you?
They threw a boiling kettle at her.
Sutekichi! Take me with you.
He's dead. He was murdered.
The old devil is dead.
Get something for that scald.
Listen! The landlord is dead.
Sutekichi! Look! You killed him.
I saw it with my own eyes. He killed my man!
Are you happy?
You wanted him dead. Now you'll die too.
This is the end. Jail is waiting for you.
Shimazo! Don't let him get away.
Others beat him up, too.
I hit him pretty hard myself.
I did, too.
He hadn't long to live anyway. You'll get off light.
I won't run away. And I won't let her get away with it either.
I'll bring her in, too.
She wanted it this way. She told me to kill him.
That's true. She said we'd be happy together without him.
Now I know!
You didn't really care for me.
You wanted to get rid of her husband and me.
So you could live with her.
Now I know everything!
Listen! They worked together... my sister and him.
They planned it together.
They killed him. Now they're going to kill me!
It's a lie! How dare you!
I saw it. Sutekichi killed my man.
They're both guilty.
Careful, Sutekichi. You might lose everything.
This is going to be serious.
You're out of your mind, Okayo.
Don't talk to me.
He killed my man. He is a thief.
I saw it. All of us here saw it.
They worked together. They're both guilty.
My sister... she asked him to kill her husband.
Arrest them!
Arrest me, too.
The old pilgrim disappeared the same day.
He didn't want to get mixed up.
So he showed a clean pair of heels.
He had reasons to shy away from the law.
But he was a good man.
What's left behind is just trash.
He was very witty.
It was love at first sight for Osen.
Yes, I loved him.
He was so kind and knew everything.
He knew people.
Yes, he certainly knew how to handle people.
At least he was decent.
But you... you just want to poke fun at me.
Maybe that's our idea of decency.
I doubt it.
He left here because he was disgusted with us.
What am I doing here?
Why should I stay with you?
I'll go away.
No matter where I go, I couldn't do worse.
Take the Actor with you.
He's going your way.
I know where I'm going.
It's a temple... high up on a hill.
There I'll get myself cured of alcohol poisoning.
It's absolutely free of charge. You wait and see.
The old man taught him that.
What he said was a pack of lies.
How did he lie to you? Tell me!
Quiet! Do you have to shout?
I can shout if I wish.
That's right. Go ahead. Let him suffer.
It's impossible.
Your heads were turned by that old man.
He told us to go.
But he didn't tell us where.
He's a fraud.
No! You are a fraud.
True, he told lies.
But his lies were to encourage those who cannot be cured.
The world is full of such people.
The old man only supplied what was needed.
That's all.
He said many things, didn't he? Things like this...
Remember, young man...
"You must not lose respect for anyone...
"Because there's no telling who he really is...
"Or under what star he was born...
"Who knows he wasn't born...
"...destined to work great good for us... for the world?"
You can't predict the future.
I was born in a respectable samurai family, I should have been...
...A great lord.
Respectable? Rubbish!
My family crest was crane feathers. I had a palanquin with crests on it.
Don't tell lies.
Crested curtains hung in my stable where five horses...
Wooden horses?
I'll beat you to death.
Samurai don't beat people to death. They simply kill.
She has a point.
You think I'm a liar, too?
What I said was true... I was really a...
Now you know what it is like when no one believes you.
You're talking about your dreams. I'm not.
I have proof here... in writing.
Throw it away.
Forget about your crested palanquin.
What good would it do now?
Have you heard anything of Okayo lately?
No. No one knows where she went after she was released.
Sutekichi and Osugi are cutting each others throats.
But Sutekichi is no match for Osugi. He'll be banished.
But it was an accident. He'll get a light sentence.
I wish every man was banished from the town.
I'll kill myself!
She is not the kind to kill herself.
Someone should punish her.
That's right. She has no manners.
The drum is mended. Where's the owner?
Have some sake.
You're yourself again.
Leave him alone.
I'm being awfully nice...
I'm talking like the old man.
You're nice whenever you're drunk.
I sometimes get frightened when I'm drinking.
A chill runs down my spine.
What will become of me? Of us all?
Stop worrying. What will be, will be.
I'm worried about Osen.
I have no one else to feed me.
Pray for me. Please!
Please! I beg of you.
Pray for yourself.
I'm leaving.
Where to? You crazy idiot!
You're wearing your wife's coat.
I've been looking for you... searched every tavern.
Take out the dried squid.
My hands are full.
Leave a bottle on the floor and take out the squid.
How clever! Look! We have a very clever man here.
All crooks are clever. They can't afford to be stupid.
Where are the others? Come out. Here's some sake for you.
You're throwing away your earnings again.
I'll waste my money on sake.
We're doing the same thing every day.
We wake up in the morning, go to sleep at night.
I want to entertain.
If I were rich, I'd open a big tavern.
Where you could drink and be merry... absolutely free of charge.
The penniless would be welcome.
If I were that rich, you could share half my fortune.
Why not all?
Empty my purse? All right.
I have a piece of silver here.
I'll lose it all for you.
It's freezing. I'm all wet.
You might as well wet your throat.
But don't drink too much. Sake can be poison.
Strange. You look like an ordinary man when you're drunk.
Is my drum mended?
Handle it more gently.
You're a wild one. I'll arrest you.
You're no longer a police runner.
You were thrown out of office.
You're no police runner. You're nobody's uncle.
Just a confectioner's husband.
One of your nieces is in jail, the other dead.
Dead? Okayo is missing, that's all.
What's the difference?
You have no niece. You're nobody's uncle.
Why did you leave me behind?
Have some sake.
Let's drink and be merry!
Go to sleep.
Calm down. Why don't you join us?
Did you cut your arm off?
Certainly not. I'm sprinkling the miracle water.
It will cure the wound.
I'm sorry for you.
What would you do if you lost your arm?
Your arms and legs are your rice winners.
Drink it. What else can you do?
You're all here. A storm is raging outside.
It's started hailing, too.
Is my man here?
You're wearing my coat again.
And you're drunk.
It's Tatsu's treat.
I needed it. It's very cold.
Then why don't you come home and go to sleep?
A good idea.
Why must you always bully him?
It serves him right.
I married him, because I thought I could profit by it.
And you were right.
Now the landlord's house is yours including the furniture.
When I married him, he worked for the law.
Now he's lost his job and started drinking.
You've been talking behind my back.
I said you were a real woman.
Plenty of meat...
But no brains.
You told people that I beat my man.
I saw you catch him by the hair and drag him about.
So I thought you'd beat him, too.
You rascal!
Must you tell all you see?
I don't think my man would be glad to hear it either.
No wonder he's taken to drinking.
Have a good time!
Come on! Drink.
You can't sleep like this. Let's make merry all through the night.
Perhaps I need some sake, too.
Money can buy anything.
You can even buy the blessing of Buddha.
Alas! I have no money.
I wish it would rain gold.
The Actor hanged himself beside the cliff.
He died... to spoil the fun.
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