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Doors The CD1

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"The movie will begin|in five moments"...
the mindless voice announced.
"All those unseated|will await the next show."
We filed slowly, languidly|into the hall.
The auditorium was vast and silent.
As we seated and were darkened,|the voice continued.
"The program for this evening|is not new.
You've seen this entertainment|through and through.
You've seen your birth,|your life and death.
You might recall all of the rest.
Did you have a good world|when you died?
Enough to base a movie on?"
Hey, Jim, it's your birthday, man.
What do you say|we finish this another night?
Turn the lights down a little bit more,|will you, Jay?
Hey, man.|How come the Doors aren't in on this?
No music. No Doors.|Come on, let's roll.
ls everybody in?
The ceremony is about to begin.
Let me tell you about heartache...
and the loss of God.
Wandering, wandering in hopeless night.
Out here, in the perimeter,|there are no stars.
Out here, we is stoned, immaculate.
lt's beautiful.|Look at those big, puffy clouds.
Hey, Jimmy.|Wake up. Look at the clouds.
Come on.|Wake up.
What's going on?
l don't know.
Officer, what happened?|Can we help?
No, sir.|We've got everything under control.
Just a dream, Jimmy.
That's all it is.|lt's just a dream
Waiting for the medicine.
On your finger.
Wait here.|Don't go.
l'll be right here.
You got a problem with doors?
Waste of time.
l followed you from the beach.
You followed me?
- Why?|- 'Cause...
you're the one.
Maybe you should meet my old man.
What's your name?
- Mine's Jim.|- Pam.
Who the hell was that?
l have no idea.
Nietzsche said...
"All great things must first wear|terrifying and monstrous masks..
in order to inscribe themselves...
on the hearts of humanity."
Listen, children...
to the sound of the Nuremberg night.
ln a seance...
the shaman leads a sensuous panic.
He acts like a madman.|A professional hysteria.
Have you ever seen God?
A symmetrical angel.
We got our final vision by clap.
Columbus' groin got filled|with green death.
- l touched her thigh...|- This film is weak.
and death smiled.
Hey, Morrison.|Fuck them, man.
lt's great.|lt's nonlinear, it's poetry.
lt's everything good art stands for.
This world, a monster of energy.
Without beginning,|Without end.
Likewise, without increase or income.
Disclosing nothing.
This world.
This world is a will to power...
and nothing besides.
Pretty pretentious there.
Not easy to follow.|A little incoherent.
Dancing bears, Nazism, masturbation.
What's next?
- What do you guys think?|- A bore, man. l hated it.
lt was better than a Warhol picture!
lt was worse!
A guy sleeping for seven hours?
There was no political conscience.
- You need your art spoon-fed to you.|- Right on!
Hold it down.|Let's ask the filmmaker what he thinks.
l quit.
Shake dreams from your hair,|my pretty child, my sweet one.
Choose the day|and choose the sign of your day.
The day's divinity.|First thing l see.
Come on out for a walk.
lt's a beautiful night.
A vast, radiant beach...
and a cool, jeweled moon.
Couples, naked,|race down by its quiet side.
And we laugh like soft, mad children...
smug in the woolly,|cotton brains of infancy.
Every time|l try to make love to you
you run around|with your mouth stuck out
Choose, they croon, the ancient ones.|The time has come again.
Choose now, they croon,|beneath the moon...
beside an ancient lake.
Enter again the sweet forest.
Enter the hot dream.|Come with us.
Everything is broken up...
and dances.
l can't believe it's so beautiful.
"Now l have come again to the land|of the fair, strong and the wise.
Brothers and sisters|o'er the pale forest.
O, children of night...
who among you will run with the hunt?
Now, night arrives with|her purple legion.
Retire now to your tents and dreams.
Tomorrow we enter|the town of my birth.
l want to be ready."
lt's beautiful.
- Do you like that?|- lt's beautiful.
l've never read much poetry before.
What's a shaman?
He's a medicine man...
of the lndians.
He gets into a peyote trance...
and he gets deeper and deeper,|and then he has a vision...
and the whole tribe is healed.
All cultures have a version of it.
Greeks had theater and gods.
The lndians say the first shaman|invented sex.
They called him|"The One Who Makes You Crazy."
What turns you on?
l don't know.
Love. Now.
You know, the first time l did acid,|l saw God.
And l saw a friend of mine|who was Christ and Judas too.
Then l realized that...
that was the secret of everything.
We're all one,|the universe is one...
and that everything is beautiful.
l feel most alive...
confronting death...
experiencing pain.
l think you're most alive|by recognizing beauty.
Seeing truth.
Does death turn you on?
You love death?
Life hurts a lot more.
When you die, the pain's over.
All the poems have wolves in it.
All but one.
The most beautiful one of all.
"She dances in a ring of fire...
and throws off the challenge|with a shrug."
That's beautiful.
Who did you write that for?
l wrote it for you.
Try acid, Ray.
lt's guaranteed.
Shit, Morrison.
My last trip was a real bummer, man.
l never had a bummer on acid.
l'm trying naturally high now.
Whatever works.
Making movies at MGM yet?
l got in to see the head of production.
He said, "Where's your script?"|l said, "l don't need a script.
Godard doesn't use a script.|He improvises."
The guy says, "Great. Who's Godard?"
l'm off movies, man.
l went out to the desert.|Got lost.
l've been living up on Trick's rooftop.
- Got stuck on a chick.|- So what else you doing?
Writing songs, poems.|Stuff like that.
You're writing songs?
So let me hear one.
l'm shy.
- Sing it to me.|- l can't sing.
You sing better than Dylan?
Johnny's in the basement
Mixing up the medicine|l'm on the pavement
Thinking about the government
Let me hear your words.
All right.
Let's swim to the moon
Let's climb through the tide
Penetrate the evening
That the city sleeps to hide
Let's swim out tonight, love
lt's our turn to try
Park beside the ocean
On our
Moonlight drive
Those are great fucking lyrics, man.
- Yeah?|- Yeah. You write this?
You got others in here?
A bunch, man.|l got a whole concert in my head.
l can see it all.
What the hell happened to you|in the desert, man?
- Ecstasy and madness.|- Let's get a band together...
and make a million bucks!
- l got tons of songs.|- Things are about to explode.
l can feel it in the air.|People want to fight or fuck.
Love or kill.|Vietnam is right out there.
Sides are being chosen.
Everything's gonna flame.|The planet is screaming for change.
We gotta make the myths.
There ought to be great orgies, man.
When Dionysus arrived in Greece,|he made all the women mad.
Leaving their homes|and dancing off into the mountains.
There should be great, golden|copulations in the streets of L.A.
We should call ourselves Dionysus.
l got a name.|Doors.
You mean "The Doors ln Your Mind"?|The Huxley book?
- Doors of perception. Acid.|- That's great.
The quote's from William Blake.
"When the doors of perception|are cleansed...
things will appear|as they truly are."
Mescaline experiments.|Reducing the sugar flow to the brain.
Come on!
Come on!
You know the day destroys the night
Night divides the day
Try to run
Try to hide
Break on through to the other side
What's the matter?
- lt just doesn't sound right.|- l know that, John.
Jim, stay in time.
l say we try that bossa nova beat.
l think it's hot.
l think the lyrics are kind of weird.
You write one, man.
We need more songs anyway.
l thought it was pretty good.
Let's go outside.
l came up with something.
A minor, then F sharp.
You know that it would be untrue
You know that l would be a liar
lf l was to say to you
Girl, we couldn't get much higher
Come on, baby, light my fire
- G, A, D.|- Pretty good. Pretty neat.
Try to set the night on fire
Great, Robby.|You got nice changes in there.
- Got anymore lyrics?|- l got some.
l call it "Light My Fire."
lf l'm gonna compete with your stuff, it|better be about earth, snakes or fire.
l like it.|Sounds like the Byrds though.
But l like it.|lt's good.
A little Latin beat'll|do it some justice.
Maybe put a couple long solos,|like Coltrane on "My Favorite Things."
Start over, man.
A minor, B minor.|lt's jazz.
The time to hesitate is through
- Some kind of intro.|- No time to wallow in the mire
Try now, we can only lose
And our love becomes a funeral pyre
Come on baby, light my fire
Try to set the night on fire
- Can you give me--|- Try now, we can only lose
Can you give me five minutes?|l got to figure out some kind of intro.
- Let's let him work. You like that?|- Yeah, l like Laguna Beach, man.
Funeral pyre.
What do you think about when you play?
l don't know.
Fish in my fish tank.
- How about that acid tonight, man?|- Not for me.
- Not me, either.|- Right here at Ray's house.
See what kind of trouble|we can get into tonight.
No way.|You always get all the chicks.
l always get the dogs.
Hey, l got it!|Come on!
l got it!|l got the intro!
Hang on a second.|John, count off in four, man.
One, two, three.
ls that horny fucker|in the black pants here tonight?
No l.D.'s, you can't get in.
Yeah, we chased our pleasures here
Dug our treasures there
Can't you still recall|The time we tried
Break on through to the other side
Turn around, man.|Come on, let them in.
l found an island in your arms
A country in your eyes
Arms that chain us|Eyes that lie
Break on through to the other side
All right
l'm a big fan!|Give it to me!
Made the scene
Week to week
Day to day|Hour to hour
The gate is straight|Deep and wide
Break on through to the other side
All right
Hi, Jim.|Can l have your autograph?
Hi, Jim.|Can l have your autograph?
- l don't know. Where do you want it?|- Anywhere you want it.
Leave it to me.|l can take you all the fucking way.
- You blew my mind.|- Did you like the music?
l loved it.|That's why we're talking.
Some of it's on the dark side.|You ought to get some tunes.
Herman's Hermits stuff.|Mrs. Brown, you've got a lovely daughter
That shit goes right to the radio.
l need him here|to groove on my boyfriend.
What about getting us|some real equipment?
l sign you|to a five-year management contract--
You with the joint.|Put that out, please.
- We can smell that upstairs.|- l can get you there.
Trust me for a while.|What do you say?
We'll have a band meeting on it.
We do everything unanimously|or we don't do it.
The Musketeers.
l'm touched.
Let me tell you something.|Loyalty don't pay the bills.
Think about it and call me tomorrow.|Here's my card.
Pay attention.|You could get rich.
- Are you blind?|- How old are you?
- Twenty-one.|- Get lost, will you?
l'll make this quick and to the point.|lf you repeat it, l'll deny it.
Drop those guys.
Jim's got to start facing the crowd|if he's going to be our front man.
He's just getting his confidence.
- The guy never does what's rehearsed--|- Well, how does it feel?
lt feels great, but--
Your looks. Your voice.|That's what's going to sell records.
We'll make a million bucks a year.
Call me.|l'm right.
Hey, man, let's go.
Do yourself a favor.|Call Larry.
l like a guy|who wears his soul on his face.
Whisky's next, man.|l can feel it in my bones.
l still think the lyrics are weird.
The days are bright
And filled with pain
Enclose me in your gentle rain
The time you ran
Was too insane
We'll meet again
The chicks are really|digging you tonight, man.
We still got to deepen, man.
- We got to go one more step.|- Turn around and face the crowd.
lt'll help present it better.
l got to go to the desert|and take that peyote.
ls that what you're on?
Yeah, man.|lt's kicking in!
- Fucking longhair!|- He's fucking crazy.
- Come on.|- l'm not doing acid, man.
lt's peyote.
What's a rock and roll band for?
Let's plan a murder or start a religion.
More, more, more!
l'm into T.M., man.|l promised my guru.
l'll try it.|l'm ready.
Let's go to the desert.
Let's do the peyote.
Who's on next?
Arthur Lee.|He's cool.
l am the lizard king!
l can do anything!
Raise your hands if you understand.
Let's take a poll.|How many of you know you're alive?
You're plastic soldiers|in a miniature dirt war.
Come on!
How many of you people|know you're alive?
Close your eyes.
You see the snake.
See the serpent appear?
His head is ten feet long...
and five feet wide.
He has one red eye and one green eye.
That's all right.|lt gets better.
Seven miles long.
See it.|All the history of the world...
is on its scales.
All people.|All actions.
We're all just little pictures|in the scales.
God, it's big.
lt's moving.
Devouring consciousness.
Digesting power.
Monster of energy.
lt's a monster.
l'm gonna kiss the snake on the tongue.
Kiss the serpent.
But if it senses fear...
it'll eat us instantly.
But if we kiss it without fear...
it'll take us through the garden.
Through the gate.
To the other side.
Ride the snake...
'til the end of time.
l think l'm fucked up, man.
l'm not thinking right.
Look at your eyes, man.|You're death.
l'm afraid of my father.
l can't be what they want me to be.
Maybe you should kill your father.
l'm in pain, man.
l feel the universe|functioning perfectly...
but l'm still perfectly locked|inside myself.
lnstead of oneness, l feel isolation.
But you're alive.
- Feel it.|- l'm scared.
- lt's beautiful.|- l'm still scared.
Then use us.
Use our strength.|Come on in here.
That's right.
We're a tribe now.|A tribe of warriors.
l promise you, l'll be with you|to the end of time.
Nothing will destroy our circle.
Ride the snake.
Come on.
My wild love went riding
She rode all the day
She rode to the devil
Asked him to pay
My wild love went riding
She went to the sea
She went to the devil
All that's left was we
l'm lying.|l am afraid.
Don't go away!
Come dance with me!
Where you going, Jimmy?
This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end
Of our elaborate plans
The end
Of everything that stands
The end
No safety or surprise
The end
l'll never look
lnto your eyes
Can you picture what we'll be
So limitless and free
Desperately in need
Of some stranger's hand
ln a desperate land
Lost in a Roman
Wilderness of pain
And all the children
Are insane
Waiting for the summer rain
There's danger on the edge of town
Ride the king's highway, baby
Weird scenes inside the gold mine
Ride the highway west, baby
Ride the snake
To the lake
The ancient lake, baby
The snake is long
Seven miles
Ride the snake
He's old
And his skin is cold
The west is the best
Get here and we'll do the rest
The blue bus
ls calling us
Driver, where you taking us
The killer awoke before dawn.
He put his boots on.
He took a face...
from the ancient gallery...
and he walked on down the hall.
He went into the room|where his sister lived.
Then he...
paid a visit to his brother.
Then he--
He walked on down the hall.
And he came to a door.
He looked inside.
"Father."|"Yes, son?"
"l want to kill you."
l want to
fuck you all night, baby
Come on, baby
"Mother, l want to fuck you"?
Come on
Fuck, fuck
Turn him off!|Turn his fucking amp off!
Fuck me, baby
Come on, baby
- He's insane!|- He's a great artist!
- We all love it!|- Come on
All right
Get him out of here!
- Get the fuck out of here!|- Kill the father.
- Get the fuck out of here!|- Kill the father.
Nobody's gonna fuck their mother|on my stage!
- That's what l mean!|- You're out of here!
Kill your father!|Fuck the mother!
All right!
Jerry, come on, man!
- Art, man! lt's art!|- What do you know about art?
Take a look at the future, old man!
We're things to come!
Here's art.
- There's your art!|- This is fucking great!
- We'll never work in this town again.|- Quite a night.
l'm Jac Holzman.
- l own Elektra Records.|- ls that asshole gonna pay us?
l think if you can put|what you did in there on record...
we could really have something|and make a lot of money.
Rothchild here|was born to be your producer.
How you doing? Sorry about all this.|You guys are--
Bertolt Brecht. lt's cabaret.|lt's rock and roll.
l'm really blown away, guys.
l'd like to get you guys|into a studio immediately.
How would you like to come down|from there and make a record?
Sure.|Pretty good. Pretty neat.
Bruce, you feel it?
lt's bitchin'.
An album of killer music in six days.|Six days, baby.
The time to hesitate is through
No time to wallow in the mire
Try now, we can only lose
And our love become a funeral pyre
Come on, baby, light my fire
Try to set the night on fire
L.B.J.! L.B.J. !
How many kids|have you killed today?
You know that it would be untrue
You know that l would be a liar
lf l was to say to you
Girl, we couldn't get much higher
Come on, baby, light my fire
Try to set the night on fire
All right!
- Name? Occupation?|- Bill Siddons. l'm the manager.
l manage the Doors.
- Name? Occupation?|- Pamela Morrison. Ornament.
Robby Krieger.|Guitar player.
John Densmore.|Percussionist.
Twenty-two years old.|Far out, man.
- Name? Occupation?|- Raymond Daniel Manzarek.
Born 2-12-39.|Musician. Organist.
- Name? Occupation?|- Jim.
We're gonna be on TV.
Right this way, Mr. Sullivan.
They're called the Doors...
They're called the Doors...
and they've got the number one single|in the country right now.
"Light Your Fire."
Now, they're not your usual group...
but l think they're gonna fit in|just fine.
Everything's gonna be fine.
The riot continues in Detroit,|with 1,400 buildings burned.
No wonder "Light My Fire"|is number one.
So, what's your room number?
l'll talk to you later.
- You have got very serious hair.|- Were you pinching her butt?
- What about me?|- l won't open that kettle of worms.
What about you, handsome?|What can we do?
Some of the worst mistakes of my life|have been haircuts.
Don't wash it. Don't set it. Go away.|l like it just the way it is.
- Be mean.|- Boys. Boys.
Meet Mr. Sullivan.
Fellas, just great.
-l heard your record, "Light That Fire."|-"Light Your Fire."
- Just--|- "Light My Fire."
Fine.|Just really, really fine.
l have one small thing to bring up.
But it's important.|The guys at network told us...
they have a little problem...
with the lyric,|"Girl, we couldn't get much higher."
You can't say "higher"...
on network.
They asked if you could say, instead...
"Girl, we can't get much better."
- Can you dig that?|- How about...
"Girl, you couldn't bite my wire"?
l don't think|Standards and Practices would--
Why don't you have a nice, big smile|on your face when you get out there?
There's no point in being sullen.
- You know what l mean?|- We're a sullen group, Ed.
You boys should know, Mr. Sullivan|is considering you for four more shows.
- You dig?|- We dig.
l'll work it out.|Just give me five minutes.
- Groovy.|- Just give me five.
Have a great show.
- Come on.|- lt's just a word.
The Stones changed|when they played here.
Why don't you change your name to...
Sidney or lrving Manzarek?
- lt's just a word.|- Hey, man.
My words. l don't care.|Let's just jam.
And now...
direct from|Los Angeles, California...
ladies and gentlemen,|here now, the Doors!
You know that it would be untrue
We're okay sound wise?
lf l was to say to you
Girl, we couldn't get much higher
He said it!
He said it on national TV.
- l can't believe that!|- Come on baby, light my fire
What's he doing? What's that?
Jesus! Get it off!|You can see his thing!
You blew it, you little shit!
You'll never play Sullivan again!
Can you just move a step forward?
Come on.|l know you love to look at yourself.
Let's try something different.|Take your shirt off.
- You take it off.|- Do you need help?
That's good.
The camera|is whatever you want it to be.
A woman you want to seduce.
A man you want to kill.
lt can be anything you want.
That's nice.
That's great!
Do you have any idea|what these pictures can do?
One image controls millions of people.
- Where are the Doors?|- Right here.
Will you forget the Doors?
You're the one they want.
You are the Doors.|Come on.
That's it.|Be ugly.
l love that.
Anything you want.
There are no restrictions here.
Look at yourself.
Fall in love with yourself.
You're your own audience now.
They want you.
Worship, love you.
Adore you.
Jim Morrison.
The god of rock...
and cock.
Not tonight, Edie.|Thank you, not tonight.
This is the fun part of my job.|This is history in the making.
Would you like to see my imitation|of a shrimp?
Let me put it this way.
Andy is more than an artist.|Andy Warhol is art.
Sometimes l think bright people|in America must ask themselves...
"Does Andy imitate life,|or does life imitate Andy?"
Jim, this is Tom Baker.
He's in one of Andy's movies,|"l, A Man."
- And this is Count "Ruspooli."|- Ruspoli.
He's ltalian, but he lives in Paris.
He's from a very famous family,|700 years old.
Hi, Jim.|You are great.
l see you at Ondine's with Hendrix.
So cool.
- All right.|- Don't you like the way he talks?
- lt's so cool.|- What's your trip?
My trip?|l thought it was yours.
l caught your gig at The Scene.|l thought it was pretty good.
l liked it a lot.|lt was hot.
l like your movies, man.|You got a great penis.
We're gonna split.|Why don't you come with us?
- We're going to get a bite to eat.|- No, you can't leave.
Where's your will to be weird?
Look, that's Jim Morrison.
l like the Doors.
Let's get out of here.|These people are wacky.
Come with me.|Andy's waiting for you.
No, not now.|Let's do this later.
Do you remember San Francisco?
- No, not really.|- Have another joint.
Check it out.
This chick here sings with Andy's band,|The Velvet Underground.
She says she can|drink you under the table.
Hi, l'm Nico.
lt's so boring tonight.
Some of us are going downtown|to a new club.
You want to come?
Elevate your taste in trolls, man.
l'll race you.
Your death.
Come on, man.|Let's go.
All right.|We're gonna go to a club.
l think this girl|wants to hang out with you.
Don't you want to meet Andy Warhol?
l could do without the guy.|He's a freak.
Come on.|We got a big gig tomorrow.
Wait. l thought we were going|to be a rock and roll band.
All right.|The four of us.
Come on.|This isn't our scene.
These people are vampires.
Come on, let's make the myths.|Remember?
Let's go.
Don't leave.
Come on, you guys.|Not tonight.
l don't know what'll happen.
lt might be death.
lt's not death, man.
l'll see you tomorrow.
Jimmy, this way.
Andy's waiting. This way.|l'll take you to him.
Hey, daddy.
Jimmy, please.|Come on.
Andy's waiting.|Come on.
Hey, man.|How you doin'?
All right.|How you doin', man?
Pretty good.|Pretty neat.
There was this big show|in Philadelphia.
There were so many|people there--
This is Jim Morrison of|the world-famous Doors musical group.
- Andy Warhol, of course.|- Hi. Wow.
We really like your music.
- How you doin', Andy?|- Oh, great.
And there were so many people|at the show...
the paintings|were getting crushed...
and they had to|take them all down.
Really, they were kind of...
Just the walls.|You see, Andy was the art.
You should do a show|with just bare walls.
We'd really like to use you|in one of our movies, Jim.
You're really such a beauty.
Andy says someday everybody|will be famous for 15 days.
He'd really be great,|wouldn't he?
l mean...
lt's the singer,|not the song, right?
lt's the astronaut,|not the voyage.
Somebody gave me this telephone.
- l think it was Edie, wasn't it?|- Yeah, it was Edie.
And she said that...
l could talk to God with it...
but l don't have anything to say.
Here. This is for you.
Now you can talk to God.
Come here.
Darling, listen,|l pay the bills...
so l can use any language|that l want.
The guy wants to talk|to the bum.
Check it out, brother.
What are your songs about,|Mr. Morrison?
Love, death, travel, revolt.
We all write the songs.
l'm interested in...
chaos, disorder...
especially activities which seem|to have no meaning, like this.
How do you feel about being called|"the ultimate Barbie doll"?
When you say something like that,|it's a shortcut to thinking.
And do you think about|the dreadful reviews...
your new poetry book has gotten?
l guess they didn't understand.
- Did you finance its publication?|- Have you bothered to read the poetry?
You keep denying that nothing good|can come out of L.A.
That's a rather|provincial attitude.
- Do you believe in drugs?|- l believe in excess.
ls alcohol considered part|of the shaman's wisdom?
lt's the American way.
Every year we spend more money|on tobacco and alcohol...
than we do on education.
- On behalf of the British press--|- What about the future of the Doors?
- That's just an excuse for free sex.|- How do you spend your money?
l believe in a long, prolonged|derangement of the senses...
to attain the unknown.
Although l live|in the subconscious...
our pale reason|hides the infinite from us.
Are you, by any chance,|in a trance now?
Do you hurt?
What hurts you the most?
What do your parents think|about what you're doing?
Actually,|l don't remember being born.
lt must have happened|during one of my blackouts.
They must have expressed|some feeling.
Well, to tell you the truth,|they're not living anymore...
so l really don't like|to talk about that.
Could you tell us how they died?
lt was a...
horrible car crash...
in New Mexico...
in the '50s.
My father ran right into|a truckload of Navahos.
They were...
all over the highway, bleeding.
Their souls, kind of|stirring in the breeze...
just leapt into mine.
l'm sorry.
Mr. Krieger, do you really|consider Mr. Morrison a shaman?
Don't worry about it.|lt happens to other guys too.
Wanna do some coke?
lt'll loosen you up.
Sure. The new thing.
How old is this?
That's 14th century.
- Witchcraft.|- lt's a religion, you know.
Witches are|the protectors of the seasons...
the goddesses of the grain...
and when crossed...
You ever try drinking blood?
lt works, you know.
Drink it at the right time|of the moon.
They used to dance|in the forests naked.
l think that's what|offended the Puritans...
and led to the burnings.
They were a sexual threat|to their male order...
like the Bacchae.
Five days a year,|for Dionysus...
they used to wander the hills|of ancient Greece.
The first witches.
Clans of wild women...
eating animals raw...
looking for Dionysus...
to tear him...
to pieces!
Where do you get the blood?
Blood is the rose|of mysterious union.
Symbol of potency.
- Now you.|- l can't cut myself.
Don't be such a child.|lf l do it, you have to do it.
You do it.
Come on, rock god.
Fuck me.|Fuck me good.
What do you want me to do?|What can l do, baby?
- What's the matter?|- Will you die for me?
What do you want me to do?
Maybe l should see|a doctor or something.
What do you think?|Someone from the Freudian philosophy?
lt happens to other guys too.
You know, that's the irony.
Teenage death girls|want my dick, not my words.
lt's not so complicated.
lt's just sex, you know.
Never wake up|in a good mood again.
lt's the hours and the pressure.
You do everything|like it's your last performance.
We weren't built to last.|You never know.
You're setting yourself up, you know.|You're setting yourself up.
You're a poet, not a rock star.
You really know what l am?
- You know what poetry is?|- You don't belong on Ed Sullivan.
Who am l?
Where's the feast|they promised us?
Where's the new wine?
Dying on the vine.
See, l lied to you.
l loved fame.
l do love fame.
- Why are you doing this to me?|- 'Cause you're here.
And that's gonna help?
l don't have this problem|with anybody else.
Suck it, honey.|Come on.
- Fuck you.|- Where you goin'? Huh?
Where do you think you're going?
Love my girl!
How many guys have you fucked?
And how many dogs|have you fucked?
You're the only one|who couldn't make it, you asshole!
You are the only limp dick|in the lot!
Will you die for me?
- Answer me!|- Will you die for me?
l'd die for anybody.
Shut up in there!|l'm trying to sleep in here!
- Will you die for me?|- Yes!
l don't believe you!
- Say it!|- Yes. Yes.
l'm just a clown.
Am l a clown?
l need a home...
a place to hide.
l'm sorry.
We're gonna fuck death away.|Come on.
Let's fuck death away.|Come on, baby. All right.
An ancient lunatic reigns|in the trees of the night.
We've got|a serious problem here.
The fire marshal|won't let this concert go on...
unless you clear the aisles|and go back to your seats.
Unless you clear these aisles,|there is no show.
The sound of the crowd.
l don't even like rock groups.|They're sleazy.
- You like that, huh?|- Like Nuremberg.
- Like that?|- We're Germans.
- Beg.|- l'm begging.
You wanna fuck me?
Don't ever fuckin' lie|to me again.
- About what?|- Why did you say your father was dead?
He is dead.|Both of them. Totally.
lf he's so dead,|who answered the phone when l called?
You didn't really think you were|getting away with that, did you?
Your father's an admiral|in the Navy...
who was at the Gulf of Tonkin|when the Vietnam War broke out.
Your dad's deputy chief|of operations.
Just don't ever lie|to me again.
You shouldn't have done that.
Like it's so hard|to trace your school records?
You went to University of Florida,|Albuquerque, New Mexico...
Arlington, Virginia...
Washington, D.C.
You have a brother|and a sister.
"Seven Miles Long," baby.|lt's all in "The End."
l'm sorry.
What did he do?
Did he love you?
How much?
Your mama?
Hatred's|a very underestimated emotion.
Doesn't matter anymore,|does it?
Do you hear them out there?|Are you listening to them?
lt's you they want now.
lt's not the Doors.
lt's not your mother|or your father's child.
lt's you.
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