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Subtitles for Doors The CD2.

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Doors The CD2

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They don't want me.|They want my death.
Ripped to pieces.
Patricia, just hold me.
What you doin' there?
- Nothin'.|- Okay, out.
No one's allowed backstage.
- Don't you know who this is?|- lt's cool. l'm with the band.
Let's go. Come on.
- Cool it, pig.|- Fuckin' hippie!
They got Jim!
What's happening?
What the fuck is going on here?
l'm blind!
- He's under arrest.|- Don't shut your eyes, Jim!
We gotta get you out.
Leave him alone.
- He doesn't need more shit in his life.|- What do you know what he needs?
All right
All right
l am
Your back door man
"Light My Fire!"
Men don't know
Little girls understand
Fire! "Light My Fire!"
Well, all your people
Tryin' to sleep
l'm out there makin'
Midnight creep
Back door man
Men don't know
Little girls
All right, yeah
Come on
Persian night, babe
See that light, babe
Save us
Save us
l want to tell you about something|that happened a few minutes ago...
right here in New Haven.
This is New Haven, isn't it?|New Haven, Connecticut?
United States of America?
ls the West really the best...
or are you just stoned on weed?
Come on!|Sing "Light My Fire."
l was with this girl backstage.
We wanted some privacy...
so we went into|this shower stall.
We weren't doing anything.|We were just talking.
All of the sudden this--
this little man came in...
with a little blue hat|and a little blue suit.
He said,|"What you doin' in there?"
l said, "Nothing."
And he said...
"Well, you'd better|get out of there or--"
"Or what?" l said.
And he started pushin' me.
So l started pushin' back!
He didn't like that.
Then he reached behind|and pulled out a can of Mace...
and sprayed it right in my eyes.
Fuckin' blinded me!
All because l was alone|in a room with a girl...
doing what he'd like to be doing if|he could only get it up without a gun.
All right!
ln the United States|of America, man!
Land of the free,|home of the brave!
ln God we trust!
Say your thing, man.
Mr. Morrison,|you've gone too far.
The show's over.
You've violated|state obscenity laws.
- You're under arrest!|- There you go!
Out of the way!
Get out of the way!
Back! Keep 'em back!
Get your hands off me,|you slaves.
This isn't happening to me, man.|lt's happening to you.
Let's just say l was testing|the bounds of reality.
That's all.|l was curious.
l always preferred|to be hated...
like Erich von Stroheim|in the movies.
The man you love to hate.
lt's meant to be ironic...
like courage wants to laugh.
Essentially, a stupid situation.
l go out on the stage|and howl for people.
ln me they see exactly|what they wanna see.
Some say "lizard king,"|whatever that means.
Or some black-clad leather demon...
whatever that means.
But really,|l think of myself...
as a sensitive,|intelligent human being...
but with the soul of a clown|that always forces me to blow it...
at the most crucial moments.
l'm a fake hero.
A joke that God's played on me.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Pour me my breakfast,|Dolores.
What's the matter with Jimbo?|Can't handle it, eh?
He's pussy-whipped.
Hey, Jim, eat this, man.|We got one last place to go.
Ray's getting married this morning.|Remember?
"Alive, she cried."
Can't eat that.|lt'll make me sick.
Give me a Dos Equis,|will you, Dolores.
- And a Ramos fizz.|- What happened to you last night?
You bet me $1,000 you were gonna|walk on the ledge of the 9000 building.
Let's go right now.
Complaining about going home|to your sanctuary.
We were gonna make a movie.
You bet me 1,000 bucks, man.
- Give him a double.|- A triple.
lmagine me and Morrison|in a movie together.
Two powerful, two lrish...
two-fisted fuckin' drinkin' guys|in the same movie together.
l'll direct it.
lf Dennis Hopper can do it,|l can.
We'll all three direct it.|A real road movie in black and white.
We'll call it Zero.
- What the fuck?|- Fuck you, Morrison!
Get outta here!
Fuckin' jack-off!
Keep the drink.
lt's only another 95,000...
lt's only another 95,000...
but l could get the best clothes|from lndia, from Morocco, Jim.
Clothes you couldn't get|anywhere else.
Then we could get the richest|people to come-- Miles Davis...
Sonny and Cher, the Stones.
lt could be the best boutique|on La Cienega, Jim.
Why don't we have a car?
- We lost it.|- Yeah, but...
where's the gravy train?
What's the matter with you?|What are you on?
You said you wouldn't|drink today.
No, Ma, l ain't drinkin'.
You promised you wouldn't drink anymore.|You're not gonna drink, are you?
No, Ma, l ain't.
And you're gonna change those stinky|leathers you've worn for three weeks.
l don't know about that.
What are you on?
lt's just some low-grade acid.|lt's not heavy.
Oh, Jim!
Oh, God! l cooked!
- l cooked the duck!|- lt's okay.
People are coming, you know.
Ray and Dorothy think|that we're flaky enough.
You said we'd wait until after,|and now you're gonna peak before me.
No, it's cool. We'll trip,|and then we'll eat our feast.
Yeah, sure. No!
You know, l think it's a good thing|about Ray and Dorothy.
l do.
Women are such noble creatures.
They carry on your name|with dignity after you die.
Are you saying you want to|marry me, Jim Morrison?
l think women have a comic|approach to life. How can they not?
They spend their lives|with that big dick seeking entry.
Come on, Mom.
l want to look inside,|like a spy.
l'm a spy
ln the house of love
l know the dream
That you're dreamin' of
l know the word
That you long to hear
l know your deepest
Secret fear
l know
l love it|when you sing to me.
That's 'cause...
l'm the poet|and you're my muse.
"Lions in the street, roaming.
"Lions in the street, roaming.
Dogs in heat, rabid, foaming.
A beast, caged in the heart|of the city, rotting...
in the summer ground.
He fled the town...
left the chaos and disorder|back there--u
Hey, everybody.|Here's the nuptial couple.
What am l gonna do|about all these papers?
- Get a drink.|- Jim.
You really need somebody|to organize all this stuff.
Your handwriting|is just like a little kid.
Look at this. l wonder if William Blake|was ever this disorganized.
- You're trying too hard.|- l'm gonna be your editor now.
l'm gonna organize all this stuff|and take out all the "fuck" words.
- Honey, you're trying too hard.|- No, l'm not.
There's some great poetry here,|some wonderful ideas.
Come on in!
- Hey, Jimbo!|- Hey, man.
Hi, baby.|How's it goin'?
- Yo, Ray.|- Hey, Dog, how you doin'?
- Get some drinks over there.|- What am l supposed to do?
Who am l supposed to be|around all these people?
Darling Pamela.
l brought you something.
You're my girl, that's who.
l'm not your girl.
l know you fuck everything|that touches you.
- Don't give me that shit.|- Come on.
l love my girl!|Listen, everybody!
Pam and l--
She's lookin' good.
And to celebrate--
- Hey, Patricia.|- Hi, Jim.
Pam, have you met--
Do you know--
She wrote this great review|of my poetry book.
- Let's go eat that turkey.|- Pam, let's set those plates.
Are you Patricia Kennealy?
You must be Pamela.
You actually put your dick|in this woman?
sometimes, yeah.
Well, l understand.|l really do.
But don't ever expect that Jim's|gonna love you or take care of you...
because you're one|of a hundred.
- You don't know when to stop.|- Look who's talking.
Jim can make up his own mind|about who he loves and who he doesn't.
Don't kid yourself, sweetheart.
He's crazy, but not that crazy.|He loves me.
Let's go check|those sweet potatoes.
- There they go again.|- Chuck!
Gonna be another one of those dinners?|You're gonna have to stop this.
l'm glad you made it.|Jim, Robbie, meet Chuck Vincent.
l just have one more thing|to say to you, Jim Morrison.
You have ruined|another Thanksgiving.
Bastard!|You killed my duck!
You ruined my duck!
What did you do to her?
lt's all right.|We're working it out.
We'll work it out.
lt's okay.
Fuck you!
You want to know|what murder is?
You want a little death?
Well, come on.
You want a little death?
Then kill me.|Go on, kill me. Come on.
Kill me. Go on!
Come on, give me some death!
You killed my duck.
And l'm still killing|your fucking duck.
There! Murder! Death!
Duck! Dead!
Dead! Fucking dead!
There! The duck is dead!
- That's the incredible truth!|- Stop this shit! Get sane!
Don't ever tell me what to do!
- Yeah, fuck off, Ray.|- Fuck off, Ray.
This party's gettin' low-rent.
Let's split.
Looks like|we're not gonna eat.
Fuck it.|Let's eat this thing.
What happened to us,|Daddy, huh?
There was some|beautiful poetry, you know.
Hold on, honey.
There was some|beautiful poetry, Daddy.
Your mother's here|with your brother.
l don't want to see 'em, okay?
- What do you want me to do with 'em?|- You hear me?
They're waiting!
Ladies and gentlemen...
from Los Angeles, California...
the Doors!
Pretty good.|Pretty neat.
Not to touch the earth
Not to see the sun
Nothing left to do|but run, run, run
Let's run
Let's run
House upon the hill
Moon is lying still
Shadows of the trees
Witnessing the wild breeze
Come on, baby, run with me
Come on, honey.
l been so lonely.|l miss my girl.
l didn't realize|you were entertaining.
l hope you are cool about this.
Don't forget your smack|on the way out.
The mansion is warm
At the top of the hill
Rich are the rooms|and the comforts there
Red are the arms
Of luxuriant chairs
And you won't know a thing|'til you get inside here
Yeah? Looking for a place|to hide, or to die?
Just doing my thing,|like you said.
- What?|- You're hurting me.
Are you in pain?
Let me introduce you|to my friend pain.
Fuck you.
Oh, sanctuary.|Looking for a place to hide?
- l'll give you a place to hide.|- From you, you pig.
Hey, honey, this is|the best part of the trip.
Come on, baby.|Come on, honey.
Almost home.
We're almost home, baby.
- lt's blinding me.|- Help! l'm blind!
That's better.
Ride 'em, cowboy!
- Look out.|- What?
- There's a cop. Slow down.|- Where?
Right there in front!|Look!
Dead president's corpse|in the driver's car
The engine|runs on glue and tar
Come on along|Not goin' very far
To the East|to meet the czar, yeah
By a right line, the running line,|the crooked and the straight...
l summon you up.
By wood and stone, wind and fire,|land and water, l bring you in.
We worship the ancient forces|of nature.
The Great Mother,|the Triple Goddess...
and the Horned One,|god of the hunt.
Death does not part...
only lack of love.
The goddess holds the vow forever.
Run with me
Run with me
Let's run
The outlaws live|by the side of the lake
The minister's daughter's|in love with a snake
Who lives in a well|by the side of the road
Wake up, girl|We're almost home, yeah
We could see the gates|by morning
We should be inside|by evening
Sun, sun, sun
Moon, moon, moon
l will gain you
l am the lizard king.
l can do anything.
Come on, come on, come on|Come on now, touch me, babe
Can't you see|that l am not afraid
What was that promise|that you made
Why won't you tell me|what she said
Fuckin' Neanderthal prima donna.|Too drunk to fuckin' sing.
l'm gonna love you
'Til the heavens|stop the rain
l'm gonna love you
'Til the stars|fall from the sky
You and l
Cut. Cut.
Terrific take, Jim. We just had|a technical problem in here.
What's his fuckin' problem, man?
- Paul, babe.|- Yeah, right here, babe.
Suck a fart|out of my asshole...
you slave-driving fascist--
- l hear the booze, the smoke.|- Sixty-seven takes?
- l don't hear your voice or the song.|- Because it's stale!
- "Stale"?|- l wanna do my thing!
We'll do 167 takes|until it sounds like music.
Let's do something else.|You're all a bunch of fuckin' slaves.
Let's do--
Come on, come on, come on.
Rock is dead.
Everybody come out here.|We'll do a sing-along.
O come, all ye faithful
- Get this circus outta here.|- lt's too self-conscious.
Billy, get 'em out!|You, you, you! Let's go!
You deaf? Beat it!|Let's go!
See you later.
What are you doing, Jim?
l'm sitting in|that fuckin' booth for months.
l look out of the glass,|l see Jim, l hear Jim...
but l miss him.
And he's standing right in front of me.|How do you explain that?
Don't make me go through|this whole shit again...
watching Janis dive to the bottom|of a bottle of Southern Comfort.
l won't go through it again.
Why are you fucking this up?
l love you, man.|You're my own flesh and blood.
Catchy tune.
You sold it to a commercial?
- How much?|- Seventy-five thousand.
We couldn't reach you.|We figured--
- What is this shit, Ray?|- lt's not a big deal, man.
The song has already|been commercialized.
Feliciano's already sold|two million copies.
Robbie thought it was a good idea.|So did John.
So did l.
Where were you?|You should've been here.
Do you know what you're saying|to millions of people?
The Doors-- all for one,|one for all-- not real.
lt's not about money...
or records or success...
or these...
desires that you have.
lt's about...
using the music to break through.
Wasn't it, Ray?
l don't know.
We lost something here, man.
l don't think so, Jim.
There's just a bigger picture,|that's all.
ln your fucking face!
Jesus Fuckin' Christ!
What the fuck is goin' on, man?
Just kidding.
Oh, hi, honey.
We were just watching|a little TV.
l wanted you to find us, Jim.|lt meant nothing.
You don't have to torture me.
Just let me make it up to you.
l love you.
lt's gonna be all right.
You're the one.
- Really?|- You're my girl.
So vulnerable about everything,|it makes me sad.
All right, let's keep|that money machine rolling.
Can you find me
Soft asylum
l can't make it
The man is
At the door
This is the trip, the best part...
l really like.
Yeah, l'm proud to be|a part of this number!
Successful hills|are here to stay
Everything must be this way
All our lives|we sweat and save
Buildin' for a shallow grave
The soft parade has now begun
Cobra on my left
Leopard on my right, yeah
Come on
And it's getting harder
Callin' on the dogs
When all else fails
We can whip the horses' eyes
And make them sleep
And cry
l love you.
Hate your next-door neighbor
But don't forget to say grace and
Tell me over and over
And over and over again, my friend
You don't believe
We're on the eve of destruction
A hot night in Miami, March '69.
Every space in the auditorium|is consumed.
Unfortunately, The Doors have long|since sold out. They've become an act.
Morrison falls off the stage|at least every other performance.
"The Soft Parade" album only confirms|the plasticity of their approach.
Songs like "Touch Me"|and "Tell All the People"...
are not the Doors we once knew.
So the question is:|why am l here?
Are funerals entertainment?
- He's not going to show.|- Show time is show time.
This guy's done it to us too many times.|We should go on without him.
Bill is with him. They're an hour away.|He'll get him here, all right?
He fucking better|get him here, man.
- Hey, he'll be here.|- l'll tell you one goddamn thing.
There's gonna be a show here tonight|if l gotta throw a wig on, man...
and sing them songs myself.
Yeah, fuck off.
How's it going?
- Hey, dude.|- Yo, Jimbo.
- Clean up your act.|- You asshole.
l love you!|Hey, listen, Paul.
- Can you get us some heroin?|- No.
Why not? Some heroin.
l am not gonna participate|in anything...
that's gonna help you|accomplish your goal, Jim.
What's my goal, Paul?
Your only friend, the end
Wrong. l just want to|sing the blues, man.
Get fat, do nothin', go nowhere.|Just be.
With that waistline,|you ain't got much choice.
What is wrong with being|a large mammal?
- A big beast, like a tank.|- You're king crawling flab.
Rock is cock, baby,|and your rock is dying.
Rock is death, man.|There's no longer belief.
l'll write poetry...
and direct movies.
That's bullshit.
You tested all the limits--|fame, fucking...
What you gonna do|when the music's over, man...
when you're too fat and old|to go out onstage?
What you gonna do for act three?|Puke on heaven's door?
Listen, you two-bit fucking actor.
You underestimate the audience.
Face it, Jim.|You're not gonna be remembered.
You think all they want is...
two cars and a house.
But you're wrong.
- You know what they want?|- No. Tell me.
- You really want to know?|- Yeah, tell me. What?
Something sacred.
That's what they want.
Something sacred.
- He's two hours late!|- Where the fuck are the seats?
- l took them out.|- How are you doin'?
l'd like you to meet|my new friend.
- You're not playing, huh?|- We're gonna sue your fucking ass.
So sue me. lf you ain't playing,|see where your equipment is tomorrow.
l'm not going out there until|l get some sort of guarantee.
Come on, John. How will you know|what could have been?
How will you know|unless you break on through?
Fucking asshole!
You're pushing death, Morrison.
People think we're drug addicts|because of you.
- Are we the Beatles now, John?|- We took drugs to expand our mind.
- Not to escape.|- Get him on the fucking stage!
Have you ever eaten human flesh?
'Cause l know this chick|in New York, man.
Hey, it's cool.
Listen, listen.
Just one more time,|for old times' sake.
- l don't want any.|- You'll play like an orgasm.
Trust me.
You said you loved pain.
You run from it|every chance you get.
Doors! Doors! Doors!
Are you ready?
Back off!
l don't want to see|any more of that shit!
l'll haul your ass in, pal.
Hey, Jim!
Five to one, baby
One in five
No one here gets out alive now
You get yours, baby
l'll get mine
Gonna make it, baby|if we try
The old get older
The young get stronger
May take a week|and it may take longer
They got the guns|but we got the numbers
Gonna win, yeah|We're takin' over
Come on!
Let me hear ya!
Look at this beautiful|living thing, man.
You wouldn't eat|my little friend, would you?
Come on, man.
Love animals.|Don't eat them!
l'd fuck her, but she's too young.
Your ballroom days
Are over, baby
Night is drawing near
Shadows of the evening
Crawl across the year
You walk across the floor
With a flower in your hand
Trying to tell me|no one understands
Trade in your house
For a handful of dimes
Gonna make it, baby
ln our prime
Get together
One more time
Get together
One more time
You're all a bunch|of fucking slaves!
How long you think|it's going to last?
How long are you gonna let 'em|push you around?
l'll tell you this.
l'm gonna get my kicks before|the whole shithouse goes up in flames.
All right.
"Light My Fire!" Come on, Jim!
Fuck you, man!
That's the word.|That's the very little word.
Come on, let me hear it.|All your little hatred.
You'd all eat shit, wouldn't ya?
Adolf Hitler is alive and well|and living in Miami.
l fucked her last night.
What are you gonna do about it?
Come on, come on, come on|Come on and suck me, babe
Can't you see|that l need some head
What was that--|Wait a minute. Ah, bullshit!
lt's fucked up, man.|lt's all bullshit!
lt's all fucked up.|l'm coming out!
Miami Beach, Florida, huh?
Hey, l went to Florida State.
Then l got smart|and moved to California.
They're trying to change the world|out there in California.
No, l ain't talkin' about|no revolution.
l'm talkin' about having|a good time this summer.
l'm talking about love your neighbor|until it hurts.
Come on.|How 'bout a little nakedness?
Come on. Let's see|some action out there.
l'm talkin' about love, love, love.
l'm talkin' about|you and me lovin'--
Anybody gonna come up here|and love my ass?
Come on. l'm lonely up here.
l love you!
Come on, sweetheart.|You want to see it?
Why don't l pull it out for you,|shake it around a little bit?
Will that do it for ya?
All right, now.|l'm gonna show it to you.
You see it?
Yeah, l saw it!
l wanna see some action out there!
No limits! No laws!
You want to fuck?|Come on up here!
- This is your show! Yeah!|- Get off my stage, motherfucker!
No laws! No limits!
Yeah! Fuckin' rock god!
Where's the guy with the penis?|Where's that son of a bitch? Get back!
Fat cat in a top hat
Dead cat in a top hat
Suckin' on a young man's
Wishin' he could come, yeah
Suckin' on a soldier's brain
Wishin' it would be the same
Dead rats|See, you're an aristocrat
Well, that's crap
You know, the day|destroy the night
Night divide the day
Try to run, try to hide
Break on through|to the other side
Come on!
Chased our pleasures here
Dug our treasures there
Can you still recall|the time we cried
Break on through to--
Mr. Morrison.
You are charged with lewd behavior|on four counts.
Simulated masturbation...
public drunkenness...
and public exposure.
How do you plead?
The defendant pleads not guilty,|Your Honor.
Then trial is set for the week--
l want to bring to the jury's attention|that there's playing now on Broadway...
a musical called "Hair"|where the actors disrobe...
and appear naked on the stage.
- Objection. That's irrelevant.|- Sustained.
Your Honor,|how can you sustain that?
Stick to the facts.
This is a major|First Amendment violation...
by the politicians|and the police of Miami.
Every single witness|they've brought here...
has testified to not actually seeing|my client's genitals...
except one, who is related|to the arresting officer.
l tell you, if you convict|on such lack of evidence...
l assure you that someday, somewhere|in the still of the night...
you will wake up screaming.
Are you gonna get rid of it?
Wouldn't it be better to have a kid with|someone who wanted to be its father?
lt'd be a fucking genius.|That's what it'd be.
You and me?
The child would be a goddess...
or a god.
lt'd be a monster.
No. Look.
l got this trial|that's hanging on me.
l can't afford this.|l don't want the responsibility.
You're a coward,|just a little boy!
The only way you can't afford it|is emotionally!
Those vows were forever|in the goddess' sight!
"Death does not part,|only lack of love."
Come on, Patricia.
l was stoned.
lt seemed like a fun thing|to do at the time.
Fuck you.|l'm gonna have the kid.
Well, then it will be your kid.
But if you want the abortion,|l'll be there with you.
- Oh, no, you won't.|- Yes, l will.
Bullshit, Morrison!|You know who you are!
What difference|does it make, you know?
You never pretended.
l did.
Yeah, l don't even like kids,|particularly.
l don't want the other|fuckin' thing either.
Have you looked in the mirror lately?
- Look at that stomach.|- Come on, now.
Don't say these things.
James Douglas Morrison...
l hereby sentence you...
to six months of hard labor|in the Dade County jail.
And for public exposure...
l'm sentencing you|to 60 days of the same...
after which you are to serve|two years and four months...
of probationary time.
Your Honor, l have an appellate bond|in the sum of $50,000 here.
l ask that Mr. Morrison remain free,|pending his appeal.
Everywhere, Jim-- Jacksonville, Dallas,|even Kent State University canceled.
The press for the first time|turned against us. We're fucked.
Pamela's called six times.|Katherine, Patricia. Gayle's pregnant.
You gotta go to the dentist.|Look, Jim.
Go home, get some sleep.
- Wash your hair.|- Take a bath too, man.
- Jesus, this guy really despises you.|- We weren't even invited to Woodstock.
Twenty other bands. Not us.
First Hendrix, now Janis.
Radio stations won't play us.|Some big cities.
Philly, Cinci, Chicago, Detroit.
We can drag this appeal out for years,|keep you out of jail.
The F.B.l.'s behind it.|They had memos on you in Phoenix.
They extradited you to Miami.
A new image.
Slow, quiet. The beard.|The elder of the tribe.
Mine eyes have seen the glory|of the coming of the Lord!
The band you love to hate.
Let's win there.
lt was fun.
l think l'm having|a nervous breakdown.
- Do you hear me?|- Climb on the edge, baby.
We're rolling, Jim.
- Jump!|- Let him dance a little bit.
l want you to come back in here|this minute, Jim Morrison.
l am not gonna kill myself for you.
- Goddamn it, Jim!|- Your whole life is bullshit!
- Shut up!|- You want me, come out and get me!
Oh, no!
Jim, where are you--|Pam, get back inside!
- l love you.|- Come out here, honey.
- Come on, baby.|- Jim, give her your hand.
- She's gonna fall.|- Once more with feeling.
Take two.
- l don't want to die.|- Man, we gotta finish it.
- We don't have an ending, Ray.|- All the poetry has wolves in it.
- The most beautiful--|- Come on, girl.
l see your hair is burning
The most beautiful one of all...
dances in a ring of fire...
then throws off a challenge|with a shrug.
That's my girl.
Let's go. Let's leave this place.
Just you and me, baby.
We can, you know.
Just one more step.
l want to live!
l want to live with you!
All the poetry|has wolves in it, Pam.
All but one.
The most beautiful one of all.
l hope you go out smiling...
like a child|into the cool remnant of a dream.
The angel man...
has finally claimed|this benevolent soul.
leaves sudden in silk.
Glory in dream.
Mad, stifled witness.
All right!
Hi, Dorothy.|Oh, you cut your hair.
- We're trying to have another baby.|- Was your hair getting in the way?
Where's Ray?|l got to catch a plane.
He's upstairs.
- Where's Princess?|- Out back.
We added a rain effect|to "Riders," man.
lt's great.
lt's the best album|since "Days," man.
l must admit it's pretty good...
for four guys who weren't even|talking to each other that day.
So you're really gonna live|in Paris, huh, man?
Yeah. You know, be anonymous,|write a book.
"Observations of an American|While On Trial in Miami."
Still got a lot|of good songs in you.
Still think we got a couple|of blues albums in us.
l'm pinned, man.
They got a category|for everything we do.
l'm a wanted man.
l'm gonna miss you, man.
l'm gonna miss that feeling|of playing music with you, man.
You, John, miss me?
More than you think, asshole.
You can always whip|the horses' eyes.
As far as l'm concerned...
l made music with Dionysus.
We had moments onstage|that no one will ever fucking know.
You lay off those drugs, Robby.
Hey, Merry Christmas.
We'll get together again,|you know...
in some strange way.
Maybe we'll make a movie together.|Black and white.
Sabrina, this is for you.
- Morrison, see you around.|- What, no bon voyage?
l'll see you back.
And little Princess Smiling Face...
this one's for you...
from Chief Mojo Rising.
Happy birthday, Princess.
- Let me see.|- lt's you.
Forever young.
The strangest life|l've ever known.
Jim. You got a plane to catch, man?
We're reaching for death|on the end of a candle.
We're trying for something|that's already found us.
Last words.
Did you get all that?
l got it, Jim.
Come on. Let's get some tacos.
lt's not so bad.
- Jim?|- l love my girl.
Jim, is that you?
l knew it was you, Jim Morrison.|l always know when it's you.
Come on, baby.|Get out of the tub.
Come on. Mama will dry you off.
Just stop joking around, you hear me?|Just cut it out.
Was it all right, Jim?
Did you enjoy it when it came...
just like you said you would?
They are waiting to take us...
into the severed garden.
You know how pale and wanton|thrillful comes death...
in the strange hour...
unannounced, unplanned for...
like a scary, over-friendly guest|you've brought to bed.
Death makes angels of us all|and give us wings...
where we had shoulders|smooth as ravens' claws.
No more money, no more fancy dress.
This other kingdom seems|by far the best...
until its other jaw|reveals incest...
and loose obedience|to a vegetable law.
l will not go.
l prefer a feast of friends|to the giant family.
Subtitles And Translation By|Captions, lnc. Los Angeles
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