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Dora-Heita 2000

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A Doraheita Production Group Presentation
A certain fief...
A certain small fief...
Commissioner's Office
Official Record
Beats me.
The new Town Commissioner was due from Edo on the 19th.
That's ten days ago and he still hasn't shown up.
It's strange.
There's a lot of strange things lately.
He's the fourth one we've had since last year.
Nothing's been right on this fief since His Lordship inherited.
Even functionaries like us feel it.
We're only scribes. We write down what happens.
But there's nothing to write until the Commissioner takes up his post!
What can we do? We've got to write something.
Write "the Commissioner has not yet appeared to take up his post."
His father is Mochizuki Take'emon, an advisor to His Lordship in Edo.
His name's Koheita. He's the second son.
They say the Shogun sent him here to get him out of Edo.
He doesn't have a very good reputation.
He knows his martial arts, but he's a bit of a lad.
They call him "Doraheita", I'm told.
Dora as in "playboy" or dora as in "stray cat", I'm not sure.
They say in Edo they know him better as "Doraheita"...
...than as "Mochizuki Koheita".
Great! All the fief needs is a stray Commissioner!
Executive Producer Nakamura Masaya
Producer Nishioka Nobuyoshi
Original Story Yamamoto Shugoro
Script Kurosawa Akira Kinoshita Keisuke
Script lchikawa Kon Kobayashi Masaki
Starring Yakusho Koji
Asano Yuko
Kataoka Tsurutaro Uzaki Ryudo
Sugawara Bunta
Directed by Ichikawa Kon
That's about the size of it.
You've found out a lot in ten days, Koheita.
Not me. I just wrote down what Senba found out.
Senba? Senba Gijuro?
Senba the lnspector. Have a drink, Yasukawa.
So I'm not the only one who knows you're here...
...outside the Castle?
It's dangerous getting other people mixed up in this!
Senba said the same thing.
He did?
He was born in Edo, like me. I've known him since we were kids.
You were with him in Edo two years ago, weren't you?
No. He'd been sent out here by then.
So the three of us are together here for the first time...
Is there some reason you don't trust him?
No. They say he's the best Inspector we've had in years.
There's just one thing...
About me?
Rumors started flying about you the moment you were appointed.
About how your behavior didn't suit the position.
And... looks like it was Senba who spread those rumors.
That's right.
I asked him to.
To make my job easier.
With the whole clan against you?
Surely you don't think the whole fief is going to welcome me, do you?
Like it says here, the rot is fairly widespread already.
It's no time for half-measures.
It's easier if they hate me from the start...
...than if I get their hopes up by coming in acting grand.
So you'll be "Doraheita"?
Who was that trollop I saw coming out of here?
Don't talk like that! She was the maid.
Wearing a sleeping-kimono?
What else would she sleep in?
Look, the clan is a lot more against you than you think!
The younger retainers are out to get you.
But you control them!
One of them I can't.
Masaki Go. He's a good fighter, and he's very up-standing.
That I don't need!
He's formed a group called the "Young Swords".
Anyway, we need a place.
We do?
A place we can meet. A place for me to stay.
You're not living in quarters?
I need somewhere I can come and go unseen.
There's a fishing village called Arahama two miles from town.
Old Mokubei used to work for us. He has an inn there, the Nagame.
No one from the clan goes there.
Are the maids there all fishwives?
Don't worry about that. He doesn't have any maids.
Just clearing my throat. Are we done?
Commissioner! I take my leave!
Be careful no one sees you leaving.
And you take care, too...
"The new Commissioner, Mochizuki Koheita...
"...seems to be in the castle town, but has not appeared at this office."
"Tomorrow, after he relieves his predecessor...
"...the Council and all the Commissioners...
"...are to meet at the Castle."
I am Mochizuki Koheita, appointed Town Commissioner.
That's not much of a bow!
He's a lout!
The nerve!
Imamura Kamon, Castle Warden and Senior Councillor.
Uchijima Toneri, Second Councillor.
Ochiai Mondonojo, Councillor.
Honda lkki, Councillor and Superintendent of Commissioners.
Sato Tatewaki, Elder Councillor.
Senba Gijuro, lnspector.
Oshita Inosuke, Commissioner of Shipping.
Sasaki Hyogo, Commissioner of Wardrobe.
Sawatari Zusho, Commissioner of Accounts.
Yasukawa Hanzo, Commissioner of Foot.
Kido Jinzaemon.
Chief Secretary...
That's fine, thanks.
I will explain the circumstances behind my appointment.
Lord Izuminokami inherited his title three years ago.
He wishes to enact reforms throughout his domain.
While reform is proceeding in some areas...
...the matter of the Horisoto area remains unaddressed.
"Unaddressed" is too strong a word.
As Lord Honda says.
The problem is a difficult one, involving many ancient customs.
The fief cannot act carelessly.
Castle Warden...
Is the opinion of Lord Ochiai the policy of the clan at present?
Commissioners report to the Council of Retainers.
A Town Commissioner does not interrogate the Castle Warden.
I've never heard of such insolence!
Shall we end this meeting?
I agree.
Lord Senba, what do you say?
He is a new man. He does not know his place.
Hear, hear!
I'll not stay!
Those are not my words.
I ask you to look at this.
I will speak from His Lordship's place. Please remain where you are.
Hear ye!
"As the duties with which I have entrusted Mochizuki Koheita...
"...are of grave importance to this house...
"...his wishes are to be taken as mine...
"...and should he violate regulations there is to be no objection made...
"There is to be no objection made. This is my command.
"Year 59, 10th Month, 7th Day. Izuminokami Nobuyoshi."
I ask you...
...are you appointed to some other post besides Town Commissioner?
Well, no...
I don't understand.
Then why has His Lordship sent you bearing a signed order?
I think because Horisoto is so difficult to handle.
Difficult to handle? How?
Difficult to clean up.
It's a nest of vipers. Smugglers sail in and out at will.
There are godowns full of contraband. There's theft, quarrels and murder.
There are three men who control it all, with no control from outside.
It disgraces the clan to ignore this.
But Horisoto is beyond the power of a Town Commissioner to handle.
It's people are ruthless and clever.
In the last year three Town Commissioners have tried.
They accomplished nothing.
And you think I'll throw up my hands, too?
If I might speak...
The young master..."His Lordship"... speaks the truth...
...and I well understand his sentiments.
But this is the over-fastidiousness of youth...
...and the recklessness of one who does not know the world.
His Lordship is now 32.
There are men of 50 who drool like babies...
...and would cover everything that smells with a lid.
Do you refer to us?
I simply mean he is not young, and he knows the ways of the world.
I do not use the word "young" to criticize.
In truth, undesirable things go on in Horisoto.
But it furnishes the clan great revenue in taxes...
...and besides, just as a house needs a toilet...
...society needs a place to vent its immorality.
To eliminate such a place is a violation of nature.
I trust he will understand, sir, these thoughts of an old man.
You speak the truth.
But are we not taught that a samurai's toilet...
...should be the cleanest room of his dwelling?
Does that violate nature?
What, Senba?
I hope you didn't go too far.
Well, there's lots more to come.
I spread the rumors you wanted, but I may have done it too well.
The young samurai are out to get you.
So it seems.
You knew?
Don't tell Yasukawa too much.
You know, Senba, I get the feeling the Council is split into factions.
I don't know... they're all walking in step.
They certainly seemed in step about Horisoto.
I'll leave you here. I'll send word if there's anything.
When are you going to start in on Horisoto?
I don't know. I'll just beat on them and see what happens.
"No clan retainer is to cross the moat into Horisoto.
"By order: lmamura Kamon, Castle Warden."
So this is Horisoto...
That's a funny way of sitting down.
Oh, sorry.
Landlord! Bring sake! 20 of them!
Hell, just bring the barrel!
The barrel?
Drink with me. Sake tastes bad if you drink alone.
Landlord! Bring fish, too!
I'm ready to play! This is what I've got!
Shall we begin?
You're quite a guy...not just some bum who's wandered in here.
You don't seem to fit a cheap gambling den either.
You're right.
"Here today, gone tomorrow."
Place your bets.
The dice are down.
If this isn't enough, you can take it out in trade.
Come and dance!
Is business always this good?
Sure! Here everyone throws his money around.
That's what I came to do!
But as much as they do, we don't see much of it.
It all goes to the three bosses.
There's customers waiting downstairs. Get down there, all of you!
Who the hell are you?
I run this place.
All right. I'm buying out all their contracts with you.
You're buying them out?
Take it. Keep the change.
But there's a fortune here!
Now we celebratel
Nagame lnn
I'm back!
Back at dawn again? That sun must be bright.
Yeah, it is.
You came five days ago, and you've only slept here one night.
Was Yasukawa here?
He was here two days ago and last night, too.
Thanks. There's nothing like the hair of the dog that bit you.
Oh, you're awake...
Yasukawa says you don't like samurai.
I don't.
Why not?
They're full of themselves and they don't work.
Yasukawa's a samurai.
He's different. It's a shame he is one.
I served his father. He was an upright man as well.
Those lords up in the castle now aren't worth his bath water.
Are they all that bad?
All they think about is money. They don't care about governing.
But you'd better be careful. There are people out to get you.
You mean those guys out front?
You know about them?
They're like loyal retainers... they follow me everywhere.
Taigetsuin Temple
In here.
I was thinking that a temple was a rather austere place to meet.
What's this room?
It's a tea room for temple visitors.
Then they should have sake.
Koheita, you should be careful about writing to my office.
It'll be harder if people suspect me.
This place should be safe.
Why shouldn't the Commissioner see the lnspector?
Your reputation is getting worse. Why not try going to your office?
I need money more than advice. Did you bring what I asked?
Your office has money...
How can I use money I have to account for?
I'll be getting some from Edo soon.
There's no hurry. Just don't forget that Horisoto is dangerous.
Who told you I'd been to Horisoto?
I know you. I figured you'd be there by now.
Well, you're right.
Just very careful, all the time.
Why don't I assign you a guard?
I can't work with a guardl
I'll make it so no one knows.
Senba! ls this duty or friendship?
Duty...and friendship, too.
Looking for trouble?
You must be...
...the Young Swords.
I am Masaki Go.
Inui Zenshiro.
Tori Kakunosuke.
And you are Mochizuki Koheita, the new Commissioner.
That's right. Also known as "Doraheita".
You've heard things about me, and you want to send me back to Edo.
Your behavior does not suit a Commissioner.
Do you not think you disgrace the samurai?
So what?
We will not permit this!
And how do you feel about Horisoto?
It is a den of iniquity!
How many commissioners have there been?
They have all resigned for reasons of health.
Don't be stupid. They were removed.
Have you proof of that?
Horisoto brings in revenue, so the Council turns a blind eye.
Anyone interfering is a problem.
Do you claim Horisoto's influence reaches even into the Castle?
That wouldn't be strange. It happens in every clan.
But here it's seeped in right to the marrow.
We can't ignore it any longer.
If this is true, we will denounce the Council!
That's fine. I only ask that you don't interfere with me.
Interfere with what?
Cutting out the rot at the root.
Looks like we're in for a shower.
"Through the open window on the branch of the ume tree...
"...the bush warbler fluffs its damp wings...
"Tweet, tweet, twitter, twitter, tweet tweet tweet..."
Oh...hello, sir.
You're after the Commissioner, aren't you.
Yes, sir.
I forbid it.
Do you speak as our commanding officer?
Or as a close friend of the Commissioner?
"Again today the new Commissioner...
"...did not appear."
Step right up!
I can't take any more! I'm full up to here!
If you ever have any trouble here you let me know, chief!
Not just because you treat us. Because I like you!
Are you really a gambler?
That's right! Hei-sama's the stranger with the golden arm!
Is Hei-sama his name? I'm in love!
Sake! And what fish have you got?
Something like shad in vinegar, kippers, and turbo cooked in its shell?
Yeah, something like that.
I'm not serious.
How about I make something like teriyaki out of you?
You wouldn't want to eat him, chief, boiled or fried.
He's just here because he had to sell his daughter to my boss.
It's because of the bosses that we all eat.
Open your eyes!
I work for a man who feeds off people like this old man.
Sometimes I hate myself for living on money he gives me.
Know what I mean?
They're slime, that's what they are. Take the cargo porters...
They're worked to death, paid nothing, made accomplices to smuggling...
...then their pay gets stolen back with sake and women and gambling.
They make this old man pay to run this doghouse of a stall.
Even a hooker eking out a living on a sandbar in the river...
Every day I have to collect from her for the boss.
And don't these three bosses fight over who gets what?
Not for a minute! They're thick as thieves.
Taju controls sake and women. Saibe has gambling.
Nadahachi runs the smuggling and money-lending.
Everything's sewn right up tight as a drum.
New commissioners come and go, but none of them can do anything.
This might be harder than I thought...
Mokubei! Are you here?
Squire Yasukawa!
Is Mochizuki here?
Yes, strangely enough...
What's so funny?
Go in and see for yourself.
It's Yasukawa. I'm coming in.
Hey! Am I glad to see you! Come on in!
You seem to have a guest...
She's not a guest!
Be quiet!
I'm just getting started.
Don't think you'll get out of this just because someone's here.
But he's a's about work...
Please...come in.
Close the door.
Yes, ma'am.
Come here and sit down.
If you are...
...this man's...
...friend, you're just in time.
Listen to what I have to say, and tell us who's right.
But he doesn't...
Shut up! Don't say a word.
My name is Kosei. I'm a geisha in Yanagibashi, in Edo.
I've been close to this man for seven years.
I've gone through hell because of him.
He likes to play around, and I've been patient...
...because he says while he may flirt with other women...
...he sleeps only with me. And those other women have said...
...he's telling the truth.
But three months ago, when he was assigned to a position here...
...he told me he meant to take this chance...
...and find a senior official's daughter to marry.
I said if he found a good woman and settled down...
...l would gladly step aside.
I even gave him a small wedding gift!
You did?
Did she?
That's terrible!
And that's not all!
When they found out he'd left, all the girls he "flirted" with...
...all of them, mind you, it would amaze you how many...
...all of them came with "something to tell me" about him!
Damn women for their big mouths!
You're a fine one to talk, you tin-plated good-for-nothing!
Then I started wondering...
...if he'd really come out here intending to settle down.
I came myself to find out.
And it was just as I thought.
The old innkeeper hasn't heard one word about finding a wife.
He hardly ever spends the night here.
In fact, he's doing the same things he did in Edo!
That old man blabs like a woman! How can I do my work here?
You be quiet!
I'm taking you back to Edo with me. Be sure of it.
He can't do that!
Why can't he? Don't you agree that I'm right?
Yes, I agree with you. But he's got a job to do here.
That is no concern of mine.
I won't rest till I get him in front of all those women in Edo!
Where's the washroom?
Oh, so that's why you've been so antsy!
Go left down the hall, then right. It's on the other side of the kitchen.
All right?
Excuse me.
Stay here.
Oh, that was good! I'll remember this for a long time!
Yeah, well, you're probably not used to women like that.
I'll take your word for what it's like.
Anyway, the reason I'm here is to warn you.
The Council's heard you've violated the prohibition on entering Horisoto.
There could be an inquiry!
Who's told them what I'm doing?
I don't know. But why are you being so careless?
I'm busy!
Where are you going?
To work.
What about Miss Kosei?
You take care of her.
You're running away, you know! What am I supposed to do?
Come back here, damn it! Doraheita!
Anyone home?
Is this Tomoe no Taju's house?
Cat got your tongue? I asked you if this is Taju's house.
Who are you?
Let's not waste time. Tell Taju I want to see him.
That's "Boss Taju" to you!
In Horisoto your samurai swords don't mean a damn thing.
Then what does? Blood and tears from a soft boy?
Son of a bitch!
What? No guts?
Your friend's fallen down. Help him up, why don't you?
You bastard!
I am Tomoe no Taju. What's your business with me?
Mochizuki Koheita, Town Commissioner.
You don't welcome guests very well.
Well, well, well!
If these men have been rude, please forgive me.
If it would please you to come inside...
They're just out for a while. Throw some water on them.
My humble thanks.
Hey! What's wrong with you? Show him insidel
In here, chief.
I mean, "This way, please, Your Honor."
A fine place you've got here.
You look like a man of substance.
Thank you. I owe it all to His Lordship's administration.
Very good...yes, very good.
But this isn't very good...
This is tea and cakes.
To freshen the palate.
Let's be serious! Surely you've heard what kind of guy I am...
When I come to visit, I don't want tea!
I'm very sorry.
I have heard certain rumors...
...but I didn't want to do anything that might cause trouble.
Call in some honeys!
Is that your wish? All right.
It's Hei-sama!
Where have you been?
Do you know him?
All of you!
Mind your manners. This gentleman is a Commissioner.
He is?
That's all right! Just call me "Hei-sama".
Good times are here! Let's celebrate!'re a good guy. I like you. Let's not be strangers.
Why don't we become brothers?
The food isn't much, but feel free to help yourself.
Don't be so formal! I'm asking you to be my brother!
Here. We'll use a big cup.
One this big? I don't know...
Here you are.
Well donel
Can I have that?
Taju...this cup seals the bond of brotherhood between us.
All right?
A man of your position should not say that, even in jest.
No samurai, even a low-level one, would joke about this.
Here I go.
Right! From this day on, you and I are brothers!
It's odds.
Boss Saibe, that damn Yozaemon's broke again.
He wants to borrow more money.
His daughter's pretty. Take her as security against two gold pieces.
Just two?
That's plenty.
And the girl's only 13...
In two years I'll sell her to Taju for 40 pieces.
I see...that's a good deal.
Idiot! I usually do a lot better than thatl
Call Saibe!
He kneels before you, sir.
You are Commissioner Mochizuki, I presume?
Right! You sure know your stuff!
This is a surprise.
What might I do for you?
Get me a game. You have a place, don't you? Take me there.
A thousand pieces?
Are you two...
...Horisoto bosses or not?
Nadahachi, this is no ordinary man!
He's rightl
I can't believe he took your best man so easily.
The man showed his tattoo, and Mochizuki charged him.
The last thing he remembers was turning a somersault in the air.
What about the other two?
The same thing.
...what happened at your place?
At the end he bet his whole thousand-piece box.
If he won he'd take all the girls I've got as security for debts.
I lost.
Don't you always lose at first so you can win big at the end?
He said he wanted to shake the dice.
The dice I gave him only come up odds, but still he shook evens.
I've never seen a trick like that in my lifel
That's terrible!
Then afterwards he opened up the box, and you know what?
It was full of five-penny pieces!
You have to admit he's a worthy enemy.
I played along with him as far as I dared.
We pledged brotherhood.
What?l You too?
You too?
I'm ashamed.
He's certainly hit you where you live.
I'd heard that he was no ordinary man...
...but I thought there were reasons those stories were being spread.
But at this rate he's going to take us for everything we have.
Don't worry. We've just climbed in the ring with him.
We haven't started to fight yet.
That's true, but I wonder what he's going to do next.
Who knows?
Maybe he'll come to your place, Nadahachi.
He's not like the commissioners we've had before.
All we can do is rub him out.
My wallet... a lot deeper than yours.
"The new Magistrate, Mochizuki Koheita, has yet to take up his post."
We should have a stamp made up saying that.
They say because he's so negligent the Council might keep him on.
They say anyone who's too good at his job gets posted out of here.
The Assistant Commissioner was up at the Castle yesterday.
They're having a meeting about Commissioner Mochizuki.
The complaint is that he's been violating the ban...
...on going into Horisoto.
I use an elixir called "Banpukugan".
It works very quickly...
The best medicine, esteemed Second Councillor... an egg mixed in hot sake before retiring.
Different medicines work for different people.
You should see a doctor first, then decide on the medicine.
Banpukugan is an elixir handed down by my ancestors.
It is in no way similar to some local cure-all.
I am simply saying that by relying on Banpukugan or hot egg-and- sake...
...or some other half-baked cure, you will leave things too late!
All right, both of you...we are here to discuss an important matter.
That's right, we did we get started on medicine, anyway?
The Castle Warden sneezed. That's how we started talking...
...about colds and medicines.
Was that my fault?
To return to the subject at hand...
How should we respond to the behavior of Commissioner Mochizuki?
What action should we take? I ask your reasoned opinions.
I can only describe his conduct as dissolute and unruly.
But as long as he waves His Lordship's order at us, we can do nothing.
Still, this is no longer a situation we can overlook.
Criticism of Mochizuki from within the clan... quickly leading to distrust of this Council itself!
There are many who lay the blame for this at the feet of Lord Honda.
Are you accusing me of incompetence?
As you are Superintendent of Commissioners, yes.
His Lordship appointed him!
Why did His Lordship send Mochizuki here...
...without consulting his Council?
I cannot read His Lordship's thoughts.
A fine Second Councillor you make!
Let us remain calm, gentlemen...
If Mochizuki Koheita continues on in this fashion...
...our dealings with Horisoto will...
What's wrong with them?
They are merely a political means to better the finances of our clan.
Will that stand as an explanation?
Those undesirable things we accept are all in the name of...
...the undisturbed governance of the fief.
Further, we are not the ones in direct contact with Horisoto.
Do we summon Mochizuki to an inquiry?
We cannot.
That means...
...we have no choice but to eliminate him.
...if you could bring the proceedings to a close...
I do seem to have a cold.
Hung over?
I'm glad you're letting me use this place.
Last night was my third here.
Is there some reason you're avoiding the Nagame?
I don't recall mentioning the Nagame.
An lnspector knows these things. Also what Yasukawa's planning.
You're a clever guy... I can't go back there for a while.
Because...forget it.
So you can sew, can you?
A geisha is still a woman.
Uh, where's Koheita?
That I'd like to know.
He hasn't been back. I wonder where he's gotten to...
You're his friend. Shouldn't you be looking for him?
Don't tell anyone I'm here.
How's the investigation going?
There's not much I need to know beyond what you told me.
It was a help.
Now I just wait for the other side to move.
You mean the three bosses?
The link between Horisoto and the Castle.
I've seen nothing of him yet.
By the way, the inquiry against you's been dropped.
Damnl I was looking forward to it.
With the inquiry dropped, you've got to be all the more careful.
I'm ready for trouble.
There's no point in coming out alive if I don't get the job done.
And look, could you pull the guards off me?
Are they in the way?
I really think, Miss Kosei, you should go back to Edo.
I'm not leaving till he comes with me.
Koheita can't leave that easily. He's got important work here.
A man decides what his work is. I don't concern myself with it.
Excuse me...
There. Now I'm ready.
How did you know to look for him here?
I could track him to the River of Hell. Man reasons, but woman senses.
That's somethingl
Is Horisoto very far?
No, not that far...
You're not going there, are you?
That's where he goes, isn't it?
Don't do it! That's no place for a woman alone.
It's full of murderers, thieves, kidnappers, smugglers...
You'd need nine lives there!
She went...
Don't turn around... there's a knife at your back.
You two!
All three of you pull your right hands up your sleeves.
Now, let's have some names.
I can't hear you. Speak up.
We're from the Young Swords.
Out to kill me?
I know someone from there.
Let's see your faces. Take off the hoods.
You're a bit old for a Young Sword...
They're getting nervous.
Time for me to get moving, too.
We're here.
Thank you. This is for you.
Where can he have gotten to?
How's business?
I'm looking for a man.
You're not the only one.
The Castle's cracking down.
Hardly anyone comes from there into Horisoto any more.
I don't know you...
I've just come from Edo.
Edo or not, you don't do business here without talking to me!
No, you've got it wrong. I'm looking for a man...
Everyone! Get out here!
She's not from herel Get rid of her!
You're making a mistake...
After her!
Hold it,'ve seen something you shouldn't have.
This is alcohol imported from outside the country. It's illegal.
So we put it in these sake barrels so we can take it where we want...
...and sell it for lots and lots of money.
You're smugglers, aren't you.
So we don't like people watching.
That's nothing to do with me. I'm looking for a man.
Yeah? A lover?
What's it to you?
We'd love to help you, but you're out of luck.
Too bad.
What are you doing?
Who are you?
Get him!
It's almost dawn.
At last we're alone.
How did you get here? Edo's hundreds of miles away!
Edo's getting harder to live in... but this place isn't easy, either.
They're all the same.
I'm serious, you know.
About what?
I'm taking you back to Edo with me. How else can I show my face there?
You never give up, do you!
You're right. Why do I love you so much, I wonder...
Your father was worried, too.
You saw him? How is he?
I went to say hello before I came here.
He was quite a lad in his younger days.
He knew the red-light district inside-out.
But he's a fine retainer.
That's because he's a man of spirit, and loyal to the bone.
They wanted to make him Chief Retainer.
He said no.
He insisted that the fief should be governed by younger men.
That's where you get your stubbornness...
There's nothing about me that measures up to him.
I'll help you with that. Come back to Edo with me.
I'll be finished here soon.
You stay quiet and wait.
"I have not yet had the opportunity of making your acquaintance.
"As I am holding a banquet at my home today...
"...I humbly request that you make use of the palanquin I have sent...
"...and honor me with your presence.
"Nadanamiya Hachirobe.
"To: His Honor the Commissioner Mochizuki Koheita."
All right.
Let's go.
A woman!
Who are you?
- Where's the Commissioner? - Him?
I haven't seen him since last night.
It's none of your business, really, but...Horisoto.
I knew it! He's ignored our warning!
I won't stand for it!
What are you planning to do?
I'll be blunt.
Kill him.
You three!
If you know them, take them with you.
I came straight here when I heard you'd gone out.
We have warned the Commissioner against his dissolute activities!
We can stand no more!
Killing Mochizuki will set the Council at one another's throats.
Why is that?
Warden lmamura is ill. He will soon retire.
Both Second Councillor Uchijima and Superintendent Honda want his post.
Who do you favor, sir?
Don't be stupid. I favor neither. Politics don't interest me.
But the Commissioner's actions disgrace our clan!
If Mochizuki were a threat to our clan, I'd kill him with my own hands!
Come quick!
The chief..."the Commissioner"... he's in trouble!
Nadahachi called him to his place in Horisotol
And he went?
No one Boss Nadahachi calls to his place comes out of there alive!
Who are you?
We work for the three bosses.
So you're Nadahachi...
Pleased to meet you.
I am Nadanamiya Hachirobe.
You make a grand entrance.
Not at all.
I've pledged brotherhood with Taju and Saibe, but not with you.
Shall we drink?
No, thank you.
Isn't that why you called me here?
There are many forms of pledge.
Taju, Saibe...
With cups of sake you have pledged brotherhood with this man.
Break those cups, and take back your pledge.
We will!
Then I'll take mine back, too.
I don't have a sake cup.
This tea cup will do.
So, Nadahachi...
...that leaves us even.
I see...
You see? What do you see?
You are obviously a very able man.
What would you say... my adopting you as my son?
Your son?
I am told that you are the second son of the Elder Councillor...
...Mochizuki Take'emon.
A second son, in samurai society... condemned to a life without prospect.
As able a man as you might be...
...the first son inherits a father's household.
Your courage and ability will avail you nothing.
How would you like to rule in Horisoto after me?
You're a shrewd old man, aren't you.
I'm very impressed with you, speaking man to man.
It would be a shame to kill you.
Then don't.
If I have you three executed and clean up Horisoto, I can go back to Edo.
Are you determined to execute us?
Of course I do! My job is to clean up Horisoto.
That means uprooting three poisonous plants.
Fool! That means I can't let you leave here alive.
I'll cut you into pieces and feed you to my fish!
What are you waiting for? Get himl
All of you! Get in here!
Don't let him get away!
Oh, well...
Your Honor...
...I am a man without title.
Thus defeated, I have nothing left to say.
Do with me as you will.
Nadahachi! Taju! Saibe!
You are ordered to report to the Castle tomorrow.
That is what I came here to tell you.
Prepare yourselves!
Halt! A samurai may not cross over the moat into Horisoto!
What? I don't care!
They'll chop him off at the knees!
Where does Nadahachi live?
Boss Nadahachi? Uh...
Yasukawa! Did you come to meet me?
Have you still got two legs?
Me? Surel
I am Mochizuki Koheita, Town Commissioner.
Nadanamiya Hachirobe... Sugimachi no Saibe...
...Tomoe no Taju...face me!
Hear me!
"On the instructions of His Lordship...
"...l am charged with reform in the area known as Horisoto...
"...and upon investigation find there truly scandalous conditions.
"Thus I find Nadahachi, Taju and Saibe...
"...who control Horisoto as their own private fief...
"...deserving of the death penalty.
"...through the mercy of His Lordship, they are banished from this domain.
"...this order shall include all members of their households...
"...and should anyone to whom it applies be in violation...
"...all will be considered guilty and sentenced to death."
If you object, speak nowl
And then...
I understand. I have no objection.
Taju? Saibe?
If I have agreed, they will not shake their heads.
Isn't that so, Taju and Saibe?
That's right.
Then there's no complaints.
You can relax.
I'm glad you agreed. Sorry about the rough stuff.
Let's stop talking as Commissioner and gang bosses.
...and work this out man to man.
You've made a lot of money by ignoring the laws of this fief.
I'm not asking you to give it back.
Take it and use it to set up legitimate businesses.
If you had tried to take it...
...we would have resisted to the death.
But in light of your kind offer we will make no resistance.
We will leave the fief.
One more thing...
What? You're not finished yet?
It's unfair to judge only you.
Council members are involved.
What do you mean?
I need proof.
There should be some record of your dealings with the Castle.
Do you think we'd be stupid enough to keep receipts?
We burn all that.
Then write some new ones.
Remember and write new ones.
You're even worse than we are!
Of course they refused...
No. They signed in blood.
That's hard to believe.
That's right.
It would be hard for you to believe.
What do you mean?
Where thieves have "honor", samurai have "face".
Nadahachi agreed to leave...
...when I asked them to consider that. Then he warned me.
He said there was one man between them and the Council.
A smart man, someone who knows how to keep up appearances.
He said if I don't get him, I'll never clean up Horisoto.
It leaked to the Council that I was going into Horisoto.
The Young Swords knew it.
There was only one man who should have known.
I unmasked a man who said he was a Young Sword.
He was your man.
There's more.
Nadahachi's men came to me here at the temple.
The only man who knows I'm here... you, Senba.
What's wrong, Senba Gijuro?
Do you draw?
Now's your chance.
Cut me down.
It was a gamble I thought would help the clan.
I lost.
That's all.
Before I came out here I asked you to look into things for me.
The report you gave me was completely accurate.
That cloaked you for a while...
...but anything you put on has to come off some day.
Well, Senba?
I'm sorry...I betrayed you.
The responsibility is all mine.
Don't be stupid! Hold on...
Let me a samurai!
Members of the Council...
As of yesterday, the problem of Horisoto is resolved.
Nadanamiya Hachirobe, Sugimachi no Saibe and Tomoe no Taju...
...are forever exiled from this domain.
Well done.
Must you sit above us to deliver this report?
I speak for His Lordship.
We know that. But with the Horisoto problem resolved... are simply Town Commissioner.
I'm sorry.
As His Lordship's representative, I have unpleasant things to say.
Yesterday, as I'm sure you're aware, Inspector Senba cut open his stomach.
He dealt in secret with Horisoto... its illicit profits would contribute to the troubled finances of our clan.
Wait! Those are serious charges.
Yes! It amounts to saying that our clan...
...padded its finances with dubious taxes collected from criminals!
If things like that are said in public...
...the rumors will reach Edo and cause serious trouble with the Shogunate.
Do you not realize that?
Yes, I do.
But this is important to what I am about to say.
After Senba stabbed himself, before he died...
...he took full responsibility.
He was a fine man!
He was.
He meant to conceal all the clan's shady dealings.
But my investigations have revealed that the roots of those dealings...
...go far, far deeper into this clan.
These were written by Nadahachi, Taju and Saibe.
They are a complete record of all the dealings... cash and in kind, between Horisoto and the members of this clan.
Senba's last words were that he bore all responsibility.
He did this, however, on the orders of the senior retainers of this clan!
He was merely carrying out those orders.
...what do you intend to do?
I will make a complete report to His Lordship.
I will show them to him.
His Lordship knows nothing of this place! What do you think will happen?
He will certainly take strong action against this impropriety.
Exile, at least.
But probably death.
However I am aware that, were these internal matters revealed...
...the Shogunate would wish to investigate...
...which would not benefit the clan.
The only way to prevent that is for all of you... withdraw from clan affairs.
That is not for a Town Commissioner to decide!
Then I have no choice but to give this to His Lordship!
I ask you to consider which brings less harm... the clan.
Depending on the decision you reach. I will decide...
...what to do with this.
I've reached the age...
...where I've been thinking of resigning as Warden, anyway.
And l. Just the other day I was talking with my son...
...about whether to retire or not.
If the Warden and Second Councillor resign...
...there's no point in my staying.
Do you resign?
Well, if you do...
In that case, I would have no choice, either.
So you will all resign, then?
I congratulate you on a decision made in the best interests of our clan.
So... do we replace the revenue from Horisoto?
My investigations have revealed that we have vast areas of land...
...that remain uncultivated.
Fattening our coffers on ill-gotten revenue does not benefit our souls.
It is not good to have too much. Moderation is the right course.
Our land will provide all the riches our samurai and townsfolk need.
All here will naturally come to love the land in which they live.
Secure in their homes, may people of goodwill prevail!
Doraheita! Well done!
You've been a great help, Yasukawa.
Masaki's delighted.
The rest is up to you. Do your best.
What about her?
"Her"? You mean Miss Kosei?
She's furious. She says she never wants to see you again.
So she went back to Edo?
Yes, she did.
That's a relief.
You probably think I'm a real playboy, but that's not true.
So you're really in love with Miss Kosei?
Not quite, maybe, but not far wrong.
Then what's wrong?
I've promised myself I won't touch a woman till I report to...
...His Lordship in Edo.
Could you take this to my office?
What? Are you resigning?
Of course. My job here's done.
I wonder why His Lordship picked you in the first place...
No one's so bad he's of no use. He figured I suited Horisoto.
He's a real devil.
I won't need this any more.
That's an order from His Lordship! You've got to return that!
No I don't. I wrote it myself.
You what?
His Lordship doesn't write this well. she didn't go back to Edo...
Have you thought things over?
Yasukawa planned this!
I need a little more time!
I can't wait any morel I won't!
Hey! Is anyone here? Hey!
Sell me that horse out front! With the miso barrels on it!
That's not my horse.
It belongs to that driver sleeping it off in the corner.
Sell me the horse with the miso on it, will you?
The horse with miso on it?
Gee, I've never eaten horsemeat with miso paste on it before...
Listen to me!
I'm telling you I want to buy your horsel
I've got to get to Edo right away!
How's ten gold pieces?
Ten gold pieces...
Ten gold pieces?
Hurry up!
Ten gold piecesl
Come on, run!
You won't get away from me, Doraheita!
She's coming! Run! Please!
"Again today, Commissioner Mochizuki did not appear."
A message from Squire Yasukawa.
Commissioner Mochizuki's resignation.
He claims he's resigning, but I'll bet he was fired.
Of course! Has any Commissioner given more reason for complaint?
Still, a Town Commissioner who never came to his office...
...from the day he was appointed till the day he resigned... a new one on me!
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