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Double Team

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Quinn, Jack. Your final assignment|is classification red.
At 3:05 a truck with 32 kg . of|non-active plutonium was stolen -
- from an American installation|outside Croatia.
Stavros and his organization will|sell it to lraq within 24 hours.
Your objective is the safe return|of the plutonium to our base.
Out of the way!
Quinn's in ! The XRT is mobile.
Quinn has 1 4 hours|to reach the border.
lf he does make it,|his resignation is final.
Jack, would you get that?
Kathryn !|Your damn cow is in my way!
- lt's not a cow, it's a swan.|- Whatever it is, it's in my way.
ln your way?
- The swan is beautiful. So are you.|- Not for long.
You'll still be sexy.|A bit rounder, and a bit softer . . .
- The baby, isn't it what we want?|- Of course.
Bonjour, Jack.
- You don't believe in front doors.|- You know all about back doors.
- How did you find me?|- We never lost you.
- Then you know l'm retired.|- How long can you watch the sunset?
You're a hunter. You miss the game.
You don't get it. For me, it's|personal. For you, it's politics.
Politics makes money, opportunity.|Everything's politics.
You want personal? Okay . . .
Stavros is back.|We want him alive.
We want all his nasty information.|Names, escape routes. We need you.
You're the only guy who knows|how he works.
Come on. lt's your last shot.|A Delta team is waiting in Antwerp.
Face it, Jack.|You can't retire until he does.
- ls Quinn coming back or not?|- lf he's not, we go to plan B.
Move the seat up.|lt's a little tight in the rear.
That's generally true of the ClA.
You bust drug cartels in Third World|countries and testify for Congress.
They make you a deputy director,|but you're just a minor leaguer.
You were only good for getting|Quinn back. lt'll be challenging.
l left you a present.
Get me out! Help!
Don't tell me it's not dangerous.
That you're going to be back|in 36 hours.
l'm looking for Yaz.
l'm looking for Yaz.
l bet that hurt.
That hurt. These hurt.|But l like this one right here.
- Who are you?|- l'm the man.
Do you judge a person|by the way he looks? l hate that.
Who does your hair,|Siegfried or Roy?
The last who mocked my hair is still|pulling his head out of his ass.
l don't want to know|about your sex life.
- This has been fun. Who are you?|- Jack Quinn.
lf you want to dance,|ask me nicely.
l just want to make sure it's you.
The legend walks. l heard|you dropped out of the game.
Santa's workshop!|Who's that, Rudolph?
- l have the best elves around.|- Christmas shopping for bad boys?
l don't play with the bad boys|any more, only the good guys.
What do you need? l got shit here|so new, l don't know l have it.
- Offence gets the glory.|- But defence wins the game.
l take cash, gold . . .|Did you open that?
Fire in the hole!
But no cheques. And my rule is:|You break it, you bought it.
Gentlemen, this is Delta 1 .|Forget you ever saw him.
Mr. Yamir here says Stavros will|surface tomorrow . . . close to here.
An amusement park . . .
- Who's my dead-eye?|- Me, sir.
Do you know how to use it?
lt's rigged for tranquilizer darts.|Can you hit a man at 200 yards?
l can shoot|the dick off a hummingbird.
He's like a snake. Look in his eyes,|he'll get you in the back.
When we l D Stavros, move into|position. We only have one shot.
Two darts will kill a man.|Three, a rhino. We want him alive.
Delta 5, check the two women|by the carousel.
- Something's happening.|- We have Stavros. Grey Mercedes.
- We've got three men moving.|- Let them in.
2 and 5, move to Baker.|Others, hold.
This is way too easy.
He's in my sight.|Ready to fire.
That's not Stavros!
Stavros is a lefty!|lt's not him !
- Find the driver!|- En route to ground positions.
- We're securing the exits.|- l got him.
The woman's hiding something.|lt could be a bomb.
My God . . .
- l'm locked on.|- 2 and 5 in position.
Ready to take him.|Why are we waiting, Delta 1 ?
Ready to move in.
- l'm waiting for your command.|- What are you waiting for?
- l'm waiting for your command.|- What are you waiting for?
- Clear out!|- Too late, clown boy.
Move to position 3.
His mother told me that his|favourite thing in the world -
- was riding his little pony|on the weekends.
He loved riding that pony.
That little horse|is going to miss my boy.
l'm a professional, Quinn.|l've killed. l've killed a lot.
But most of the bastards l killed|deserved to die.
My little boy was six years old.
Now that makes it personal, mister.
Candidate for Colony residency:
Quinn, Jack Paul. Born 1959.
Entered Foreign Service at 22.
Trained in demolition, tracking,|psychological countermeasures.
Specialty: Anti-terrorism.
Last assignment:|Stavros acquisition.
Video segment A- 19.|Antwerp interdiction.
Quinn achieved clear opportunity|to acquire Alpha, but Alpha escaped.
You went soft. But your skills|got you assigned to the Colony.
- No!|- You do have an alternative.
Nerve gas is painless and effective.|But you are already dead.
That's what your wife thinks. lf you|wish to live, scan your thumbprint.
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, -
- 5, 4, 3, 2 ...
ldentity confirmed.|Thank you, Mr. Quinn.
Now, was that so bad?
Jack, glad you decided to join us.
- Alex Goldsmythe.|- The Tax Man.
- You were killed six years ago.|- lt's been six years already?
Climb on.|Some friends want to meet you.
Gentlemen,|come and meet the famed Jack Quinn.
- Moishe Levant, died in Lebanon.|- Beirut.
- Everybody . . . all ex-agents.|- Or ex-enemies.
We're too valuable to kill|and too dangerous to set free.
Welcome to the Colony.
- Quinn.|- Staal.
l understand.
This violence is not approved.
- l killed him in Tuzla.|- Apparently not well enough.
l really dislike that man.
You must wear this at all times.|lt's part pager, part timer.
lt tells you where to be.|When it signals, you must respond.
We're a think-tank. We're linked|to every law enforcement database.
We analyse terrorist incidents|and advise our client governments.
We're the last line of defence|against global terrorism, -
- and no one knows we exist.|What's on the menu for today?
A Global Air 747 en route|from San Francisco to Seoul.
We are interpreting signals|from the crash site.
Headset on.|Hand on the scanner at all times.
We have a feed coming in|from Washington.
l have a statement from the|Secretary on the Global Air tragedy.
Of the 1 76 passengers on board,|there are no survivors.
The ClA reports that the plane was|deliberately downed by North Korea.
The Secretary will brief you later|regarding the U. S. response.
The Koreans deny responsibility, and|the President consults his allies.
Jack, your worth is in your ability|to analyse data in times of crisis.
This is the Colony's|reason to exist.
The plane exploded from|internal malfunction. lt's gone.
We've intercepted the transmission|of Global 277's voice recorder.
We've got unscheduled traffic|at heading 329 ...
lt's not a pleasant prospect,|the Koreans having that technology.
Anyone with an alternative?|Anyone?
Analysis confirms the report.|Moishe, do you buy it?
l'm not sure.
He's lying.|He's covering something up.
- They know something about it.|- Let's examine the images.
- Hold it.|- lt's a shadow.
- Bingo. An AWACS.|- No, an F-4 Weasel.
- lnclude it in the simulation.|- lt could've been hidden.
The Koreans pick up the F-4 on radar|but shoot down the passenger jet.
The U .S. used the jumbo as cover|for data recon on a weapons test.
They were set up so the Americans|could eavesdrop on a military base.
Nice call, Jack.
Underwater lasers.
One metre below the surface.|They destroy anything they contact.
lf they don't get you,|the undertow will.
- No one ever escaped?|- No one.
A certain Bryce was the last to try.|Before the lasers were installed.
Poor fellow didn't survive 48 hours.|His ''guardian'' took care of him.
Each resident has a guardian,|without knowing who it is.
The guardian observes the resident's|attitude, behaviour and production.
lf the resident escapes,|the guardian terminates him.
- How have you hidden this place?|- A masking device. We're invisible.
- Hello, Kathryn?|- Hello?
- l hope l'm not disturbing you.|- No . . .
This is Maria Trifioli|from the Galleria Luna in Rome.
We'd like to arrange an exhibition|of your sculptures. Surprised?
l'll send you a plane ticket|in the morning.
You have five minutes|to check in at your cottages.
7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 ...
Thank you, Mr. Quinn.|Please remain in contact.
The lasers are disengaged.
Hi, l'm Maria Trifioli.|l'm glad you accepted our offer.
l'm very flattered.|But it would be so difficult . . .
- You don't want to show your work?|- lt's only four months since . . .
Perhaps this will open a new chapter|in your life.
The problem is moving to Rome.|lt's so expensive . . .
Stay with us at the Regina. l'll see|that you and the baby are cared for.
Later you'll meet the gallery owner.|He's been waiting to meet you.
lt's a typical Stavros operation,|and confirms our intelligence.
But who is paying for his talents?|We anxiously await your analysis.
What's unusual, is that|no one's claimed responsibility.
Location: Barcelona. The Algerians|have flexed their muscles there.
They can't afford Stavros.|Maybe it's personal vengeance.
- Maybe Stavros is working alone.|- Why would he?
- Suppose it was a random act?|- Many groups are active in Spain.
- What do you think, Jack?|- No.
We await your comment.
lt's not Stavros.|lt's a copycat.
l also failed to get Stavros.|He's my last unpaid debt.
He's free, and l'm stuck here.
You were our last hope,|the last one good enough to get him.
- Does he know about this place?|- Maybe. That's why he's dangerous.
Agencies around the world|used him for difficult work.
When he was our ally, he was heroic.
Now he works for someone else, he's|a scalawag. He's out of fashion.
We've had to part with your swan.|l doubled the price.
My husband loved that swan.|He thought it was a cow.
You have five minutes|to check in at your cottages.
5, 4, 3, 2 ...
Thank you, Mr. Quinn.
- Let's go!|- The lasers are down !
l need help with the cable.|Give me some slack. Pull !
- Got a parachute?|- Yes!
Fasten your seat belts.|We'll be landing soon.
Who is his guardian?
- Boo!|- l heard they made you disappear.
- l need merchandise.|- Sorry, l'm closed for the night.
You're open now.
Let's talk.
- l need some mean toys.|- You'll be the bad boy in the hood.
Check this out. Laser sight.|Automatic. You'll need a holster.
- These are nice . . .|- Can you fly a plane?
Like a bird. But l stay on the|ground . . . Gas grenades are on sale.
You paying cash . .? l just declared|a seven-day cooling-off period.
- You know l'm good for it.|- Dead men don't get credit.
You get three ClA account numbers.|l get the stuff, you get the codes.
When l look at you,|l see nothing but trouble . . .
What the hell . . .|l like trouble.
- A parachute?|- This is better than a parachute.
- Are you sure this works?|- Of course.
l'm positive it works.
lf you die, you get a full refund.
- Good luck.|- Thanks.
What are you doing?
- Give me a hand.|- How about a foot?
- Let's try something else.|- That's love, baby.
Watch your hands.
That's what l call hang time.
What's wrong with you?|You're crazier than my hairstylist!
- Did you test it?|- l didn't need to, l built it!
- Maybe l'll give you the codes.|- What do you mean ''maybe''?
- Trust me.|- Bite me!
Yes, Kathryn. l'm coming.
Your baby's due tomorrow.
Your baby's due tomorrow.
That's his heartbeat. Don't be late.|l wouldn't take this car.
l'm glad to see you can still play.|Check in to Hotel Navona in Rome.
Your baby's due tomorrow.
That's his heartbeat. Don't be late.|l wouldn't take this car.
l'm glad to see you can still play.|Check in to Hotel Navona in Rome.
Your baby's due tomorrow.
That's his heartbeat ...
Don't spoil the paint job.
l'm protecting my investment. But|this is too much. l want the codes.
- l need transportation to Rome.|- Transportation, you say?
l have some connections around here.
lf they can make it, l can steal it.|We'll blend in, in this.
So that's why you're dressed|like a carrot with earrings.
Damn bicycles.|Get out of the way!
l have them. They're on|the autostrada to Rome.
That checks with our information.|Quin's wife is at the Regina.
Splendid !|We've got a game going.
- Anything for Jack Quinn?|- Si, signore. Right here.
This was waiting for you, Quinn.
lt's not a bomb.|Maybe it's the access codes.
- l'd love to get paid.|- Those accounts are fronts. Empty.
That figures. Why are you lying?|l bet the Colony doesn't even exist!
- lt's not about the Colony.|- What the hell is this?
A sonogram of my son.|Stavros has my boy.
You go back to Antwerp.|l'll get your money. l pay my debts.
Quinn. Keep your money.
- Why didn't you tell me before?|- What for? You always play defence.
lt's time to get off the bench.|The best defence is offence, right?
lf we play by Stavros' rules,|my wife and son are dead.
lf you send that e-mail, it'll be|intercepted by all the agencies.
- What's the plan?|- None. But Stavros doesn't know.
So he'll do what he thinks l would|do, and lead us right to Kathryn.
Quinn's clever.|A very sensitive man.
Another time, another place . . .|lt's just too late.
You're going to hospital.|You'll be safer there.
Here, sir. Look.
lt's a circus.|Everybody's here.
There's the Mossad.|Some local boys, on the corner.
Even the carabinieri .|Holy cow, it's a full house!
- Pardon me!|- Keep moving, buddy!
- lt seems your plan isn't working.|- Patience. He'll be here.
- lf we need help, l have a brother.|- You have a brother?
Yes. ln the Sancumini Chapel.
Quinn, no!|That's what he wants.
Kathryn !
You know something, Jack?|l never break a promise.
l promise l'll send you|an invitation to the christening.
- Think about wearing black.|- Let my wife go. Take me.
Actually,|l'm gonna take all three of you.
l got Stavros and Quinn !
Sniper on the roof!
- You're out of the game.|- You sure?
He's up . . .|He's in !
That was a five-pointer.
- Where is my wife?|- What are you talking about?
- Where's Jack?|- Don't worry, it'll be fine.
Who are you people?
Jack's coming. Take care of it.|He mustn't know what day it is.
Buonasera, Friar.|l'm looking for a guy named . . .
- What are these walls?|- The bones of my brothers.
You are a friend of Brother Yaz.|He has done us many favours.
lncluding a mainframe|you wouldn't believe.
- What's up?|- What's up?
This is Brother Regulo and Brother|Ramulo. This is Brother Quinn.
The monks have gathered information|on Rome for 500 years. Cybermonks!
That prescription label you found?|He's tracing it.
lnternet . . .
27 doctors prescribed that|medication in the last few days.
- lt's an outside signal.|- ls it going to crash?
Where in heaven did that come from?
May l?
lncoming message.
''Thanks for the blessing. Jack.''
He's down here somewhere.
Man, these antiques|are worth a fortune!
ln a spiritual sense.
We are now under the Tiber River,|going towards the lsland of Tiberi.
- Under the bridge to the hospital.|- That's where Stavros' men will be?
- Good luck!|- Thank you, brothers.
- Catch you on the lnternet!|- l'll wait for your e-mail.
Okay, push !|Like that! Push !
- lt's stuck! But l have something.|- What do you have?
- What's that?|- My lucky coin, my lucky detonator.
- Semtex.|- That's it. Handier than duck tape.
Preparation, my friend !|You've got to have the right tools.
- Damn, not enough wire!|- Preparation, huh?
Hold on.
Let's find a rock.
You don't mind, do you?|lt's for a good cause.
- Oops, airball !|- You need practice, man.
l hate practice.|But l never miss twice, brother.
My baby!
- He's on the island.|- Of course he is.
l need time. Give me 60 seconds.|Then kill both the women.
Up there.
Go, go, go!
Be careful.|You'll wind up in the hospital.
Did you hear something?|Up there!
- lt's me! lt's me.|- lt's you, it's you.
This hospital is awfully quiet.
You take care of it.
They're over here . . .|Go!
What are you doing just standing . .?
lt's a hospital.|No running, please.
Let me help you down.
What's going on?
No, Jack. She saved me.
- They said you were dead.|- lt's okay. l'm here.
Stavros . . . Where is he?
Where's our son?
- Where's my son?|- l know where they are.
You go get your boy.|l'll take care of her.
- Thank you.|- You owe me.
Get rid of it, or the party's over.
You know, Jack . . .|l can call you Jack, can't l?
l bet there's not a night you can|close your eyes tight enough, -
- without seeing|my little boy's face.
l'll give you a chance|to save your son.
lf you live,|you'll get to know your son.
And if you don't,|l'll raise him as my own.
Men are strong, Jack.|But the tiger is stronger.
Watch your step, Jack.
lt's okay to step on a mine,|it's stepping off that counts.
Quinn !
Where did he come from?
Yaz!|The crosses, they're mines.
Don't go off and party without me.|l'll be back.
Got you !
The baby's safe.|Let's get the hell out.
You take care of my son.|l'll take care of Stavros.
Lift your foot, my tall friend, and|that mine'll turn you to red paint.
You've got big feet, Mr. Quinn.|Be careful where you put them.
Looks like you're the bitch now,|Stavros. l forgot to tell you . . .
You went to a lot of trouble|digging holes, putting up markers.
But l moved a couple of crosses.|Sorry!
Yaz, behind you !
- Where's my son?|- l'm looking ! He was right here.
ls everybody okay?
lt's me . . . Daddy.
l want to remember|my Roman holiday.
Give me a souvenir.
Cut a piece of your hair.|And your shirt.
Quinn, you may like this.|A souvenir from me.
Maybe my coin will|be lucky for you, too.
l'm not giving you any of|my hair, Mr. Goldsmythe.
You are a magician, Mr. Yaz.
Now it's my turn to disappear.
They'll blame me for this.|l wonder what the fine will be?
English subtitles: l FT
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Duel in the Sun CD1
Duel in the Sun CD2
Duel to the Death
Duellists The
Dumb And Dumberer When Harry Met Lloyd 2003
Dumb and Dumber
Dune 2000 - 1 of 3
Dune 2000 - 2 of 3
Dune 2000 - 3 of 3
Dungeons And Dragons
Dunken Monkey 2002
Dust in the Wind (Hsiao-hsien Hou 1986)
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