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Subtitles for Doulos Le.

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Doulos Le

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[INFORMATION] [AUTHOR] [SOURCE] [PRG] [FILEPATH] [DELAY] [CD TRACK] [COMMENT] [END INFORMATION] [SUBTITLE] [COLF]&HFFFFF,[STYLE]no,[SIZE]18,[FONT]Arial 00:00:00.00,00:00:05.92 IN SLANG, "DOULOS"[br]SIGNIFIES A HAT. 00:00:07.28,00:00:10.24 BUT, IN THE PRIVATE LANGUAGE[br]OF THE POLICE 00:00:10.56,00:00:13.24 AND THE UNDERWORLD, 00:00:13.52,00:00:15.80 IT REFERS TO A MAN WHO 00:00:16.16,00:00:18.68 "PUTS ON" A HAT... 00:00:20.72,00:00:24.00 THE POLICE INFORMER. 00:00:58.44,00:01:03.68 THE INFORMER 00:03:12.56,00:03:13.84 ONE MUST CHOOSE... 00:03:14.24,00:03:18.48 DIE, OR LIE? 00:05:16.96,00:05:18.20 Have you eaten? 00:05:19.04,00:05:19.52 No. 00:05:28.20,00:05:29.92 There's some stew in the kitchen. 00:05:30.36,00:05:31.38 I'm not hungry. 00:05:33.60,00:05:35.32 Better eat something. 00:05:36.40,00:05:38.50 Sometimes one doesn't feel like it. 00:05:40.28,00:05:42.62 More often than not these days. 00:05:43.84,00:05:45.12 What are you doing? 00:05:45.44,00:05:48.76 The stones to one fence,[br]the settings to another. 00:05:49.32,00:05:51.32 No one wants it as it comes. 00:05:53.32,00:05:54.90 How much do you reckon...? 00:05:56.04,00:05:57.24 15 or 20... 00:05:57.76,00:06:01.00 Hardly the 110 million francs[br]the paper talked about. 00:06:04.08,00:06:05.68 You saw Rémy as I suggested? 00:06:08.36,00:06:09.58 - About Neuilly?[br]- Yes. 00:06:11.84,00:06:13.28 Well, what's stopping you? 00:06:14.24,00:06:15.28 Shit, man... 00:06:15.42,00:06:17.56're broke and the job's waiting. 00:06:18.68,00:06:19.92 Sure, there's a safe, 00:06:20.20,00:06:23.38 but you've all night,[br]an isolated house. 00:06:23.88,00:06:25.56 Exactly, it seems too easy. 00:06:27.36,00:06:32.10 I don't like easy set-ups.[br]Six years ago was easy, too. 00:06:35.92,00:06:36.88 When? 00:06:39.24,00:06:40.95 Rémy wants it done tomorrow. 00:06:41.40,00:06:43.54 He's right.[br]The sooner the better. 00:06:44.76,00:06:46.48 Have you told anyone? 00:06:47.36,00:06:48.88 What do you take me for? 00:06:49.52,00:06:50.72 Not even Silien? 00:06:54.12,00:06:57.48 - You can trust him.[br]- That's not what Paris say. 00:06:57.96,00:07:00.92 - Screw them, he's my friend.[br]- I hope you're right. 00:07:01.36,00:07:04.42 - Someone's looking the place over?[br]- Thérèse. 00:07:05.12,00:07:06.90 She'll make sure everything's ok. 00:07:07.04,00:07:09.24 Does Rémy work with oxyacetylene? 00:07:09.72,00:07:10.84 No, drilling. 00:07:11.32,00:07:13.80 That's best if it's reinforced. 00:07:14.36,00:07:17.76 Eat and go to bed.[br]I'll see Nutteccio downstairs. 00:07:21.68,00:07:23.00 Nutteccio's coming here? 00:07:23.52,00:07:25.98 Yes.[br]Got something against him? 00:07:26.28,00:07:29.46 Nothing personal.[br]But he's a scumbag. 00:07:31.16,00:07:33.40 I don't know how you[br]can work with him. 00:07:33.60,00:07:35.36 We are like you and Silien. 00:07:35.60,00:07:39.20 But Nutteccio's dealings with[br]the cops aren't just rumours. 00:07:39.48,00:07:40.32 That's the difference. 00:07:42.32,00:07:46.72 - Do you want details?[br]- No. Eat and get some sleep. 00:07:47.34,00:07:49.35 Is his friend Armand coming too? 00:07:49.52,00:07:50.32 Yes. 00:07:53.12,00:07:54.66 There's a pretty pair for you! 00:07:55.68,00:07:58.32 - When?[br]- Any time now. 00:08:02.76,00:08:06.12 I'm off to Thérèse's place; 00:08:06.88,00:08:08.06 she'll be glad to see me. 00:08:08.24,00:08:09.96 Because Nutteccio's coming? 00:08:12.88,00:08:14.52 I know how you feel. 00:08:15.00,00:08:18.76 Everything has changed for you. 00:08:19.24,00:08:23.40 You need to restart your life[br]again with Thérèse. 00:08:23.92,00:08:25.38 Am I right? 00:08:26.04,00:08:28.84 Turn the job down[br]if you're not up to it. 00:08:29.56,00:08:32.62 It's understandable, after[br]four years in jail. 00:08:33.40,00:08:39.68 When my fences pay me, I can[br]set you up for a bit. 00:08:42.08,00:08:43.40 - By the way...[br]- What? 00:08:45.64,00:08:48.65 I need your revolver...[br]for tomorrow. 00:08:49.08,00:08:49.98 Are you crazy? 00:08:50.48,00:08:52.52 You know how it is... 00:08:53.60,00:08:56.12 I'm not up to any rough stuff; 00:08:56.60,00:08:57.94 there's nothing left. 00:08:59.16,00:09:02.74 If there's trouble when[br]I'm covering Rémy... 00:09:04.32,00:09:08.18 I'll fire a warning shot...[br]In the air. 00:09:10.60,00:09:15.58 I don't like to see you carrying.[br]I've never cared for guns. 00:09:17.04,00:09:18.70 Still, you're not a kid, eh? 00:09:18.88,00:09:21.98 - Where is it?[br]- Chest-of-drawers, top right drawer. 00:09:22.16,00:09:24.48 Switch on the light so you can see. 00:09:41.00,00:09:42.44 Discouraging for burglars! 00:09:49.88,00:09:52.76 - Any bullets?[br]- Two clips at the back on the right. 00:10:10.44,00:10:13.48 Thanks.[br]This'll make me feel better. 00:10:15.44,00:10:16.98 And don't worry yourself... 00:10:17.36,00:10:19.08 Help yourself to some money. 00:10:20.08,00:10:20.72 OK. 00:10:21.40,00:10:24.34 Remember your cigarettes are here[br]on the table. 00:11:32.44,00:11:34.04 Wait here. 00:12:13.56,00:12:15.40 What's up? See the light? 00:15:50.28,00:15:51.00 Hello. 00:16:07.44,00:16:10.04 - When's your guy coming?[br]- At seven. 00:16:13.12,00:16:14.92 Sure you're not being stupid again? 00:16:15.40,00:16:17.40 If I had to be sure, I'd never move. 00:16:17.88,00:16:20.60 I'm tired of being kept by Thérèse. 00:16:21.20,00:16:22.80 I said I could tide you over. 00:16:23.40,00:16:24.72 That's my second offer today. 00:16:26.12,00:16:27.32 You think I'm finished, eh? 00:16:27.92,00:16:31.72 I never said that.[br]Anyway, you get nothing for nothing. 00:16:32.92,00:16:35.40 I've bought a house, and soon... 00:16:35.88,00:16:37.32 You'll need a caretaker; 00:16:38.60,00:16:41.12 that smells less like charity. 00:16:41.76,00:16:44.56 You'll have work to do, don't worry. 00:16:45.16,00:16:47.60 We'll discuss it twenty years from now. 00:16:50.92,00:16:51.80 Don't bother. 00:17:01.80,00:17:02.56 Who's there? 00:17:03.04,00:17:03.76 It's Jean. 00:17:07.92,00:17:08.60 What do you want? 00:17:09.36,00:17:11.72 Nothing much.[br]To see how you are. 00:17:12.24,00:17:14.96 I could be better.[br]The snails I had last night... 00:17:15.52,00:17:18.20 have upset my stomach,[br]Know a remedy?? 00:17:24.72,00:17:27.64 - You seen the paper?[br]- I saw it. 00:17:33.52,00:17:37.00 An old score settled, eh?[br]What do you think? 00:17:37.48,00:17:38.56 I think nothing. 00:17:39.00,00:17:40.64 - Who gave you this address?[br]- You. 00:17:41.80,00:17:42.84 Fifteen days ago. 00:17:43.32,00:17:43.72 I don't remember. 00:17:44.80,00:17:46.16 You were drunk at the time. 00:17:48.64,00:17:50.04 You should be more careful; 00:17:50.96,00:17:53.48 drunks attract attention...[br]and the police. 00:17:53.92,00:17:54.52 What did I talk about? 00:17:54.96,00:17:58.40 Telling Jean about the death[br]of Arlette wasn't too clever. 00:17:58.68,00:17:59.12 And me? 00:17:59.60,00:18:02.28 Not much. Just that[br]Gilbert killed your girl 00:18:02.76,00:18:05.24 while you were in jail, Maurice. 00:18:07.08,00:18:08.40 A rather extreme precaution. 00:18:09.64,00:18:10.84 Arlette wouldn't have talked. 00:18:12.52,00:18:12.92 Nor would he... 00:18:14.12,00:18:15.88 "Never rat on your friends." 00:18:17.16,00:18:18.16 It's not my style. 00:18:19.20,00:18:20.88 Gilbert came to me. 00:18:21.56,00:18:23.08 He asked for help with Arlette! 00:18:23.52,00:18:25.56 I never spoke to that rat again! 00:18:25.96,00:18:29.72 I know; I was next door the other day. 00:18:30.36,00:18:32.04 I could hear every word. 00:18:39.24,00:18:39.76 I'm off. 00:18:40.56,00:18:43.40 - Stay for a drink.[br]- No thanks, 00:18:44.08,00:18:45.76 I only wanted to see how you were. 00:18:51.08,00:18:53.60 Miss, forgive me for coming[br]here uninvited. 00:18:59.24,00:19:00.88 - Good day.[br]- Hi. 00:19:02.32,00:19:03.72 Let me introduce my friend, Silien. 00:19:04.28,00:19:04.84 Hello. 00:19:05.52,00:19:06.52 Hello Mr. Silien. 00:19:09.08,00:19:10.32 Make me a sandwich. 00:19:11.04,00:19:11.80 Of course. 00:19:22.52,00:19:23.16 Another thing..! 00:19:26.84,00:19:28.96 Those snails didn't go down well. 00:19:31.24,00:19:32.28 I feel queasy. 00:19:34.84,00:19:36.84 - Well?[br]- I sat in the car all afternoon. 00:19:37.32,00:19:38.88 Didn't take my eyes off the house. 00:19:39.32,00:19:42.20 Apart from an old man,[br]the place seems empty. 00:19:42.64,00:19:45.84 There's a poodle though,[br]barks all the time. 00:19:46.80,00:19:47.28 The phone? 00:19:47.76,00:19:50.52 I guess it was the old man[br]who answered my call. 00:19:51.00,00:19:54.72 He told me the owners are in Biarritz. 00:19:55.72,00:19:58.80 I think he's living there until they get back. 00:20:00.40,00:20:02.72 - Is that the famous Silien?[br]- Yes. 00:20:03.20,00:20:04.12 He brought the equipment. 00:20:04.60,00:20:06.36 - What equipment?[br]- For the safe. 00:20:06.80,00:20:10.28 Why let someone like him in on the plan? 00:20:10.84,00:20:13.68 He could tell anyone...[br]Why didn't you ask Jean? 00:20:14.12,00:20:17.40 Jean couldn't get the gear I needed. 00:20:19.40,00:20:20.16 We'll see... 00:20:22.76,00:20:24.48 Besides, Silien is my friend... 00:20:26.44,00:20:28.72 ...until proven otherwise. 00:20:30.48,00:20:32.48 I'll see that he doesn't meet Rémy. 00:20:33.56,00:20:36.56 And if there are complications,[br]I'll take the fall alone. 00:20:37.44,00:20:38.32 Strange friends... 00:20:50.28,00:20:52.48 I've got to be going.[br]You want to check the stuff? 00:20:53.16,00:20:55.28 If you have what I asked for, it's fine. 00:20:56.48,00:20:58.24 - How many clamps?[br]- Eight. 00:20:59.04,00:21:00.12 Only two sets? 00:21:00.60,00:21:02.28 Drilling will take about two hours. 00:21:02.84,00:21:06.68 If you break one set,[br]it will be four hours. 00:21:07.80,00:21:09.92 If you break the second,[br]it's time to get out. 00:21:10.40,00:21:11.36 Rémy knows his job. 00:21:11.80,00:21:15.48 Bye then.[br]Try to bring that back if possible. 00:21:15.96,00:21:17.84 They're difficult to find these days. 00:21:18.88,00:21:20.76 Not many know how to make them. 00:21:21.44,00:21:24.28 If all goes well, you won't regret it. 00:21:29.92,00:21:31.64 Good night. 00:21:42.20,00:21:43.88 So that's Silien gone, then? 00:21:44.36,00:21:46.80 - You could have been nicer to him.[br]- I don't see why. 00:22:26.20,00:22:27.20 Police... 00:22:29.60,00:22:31.00 Inspector Salignari, please. 00:23:28.44,00:23:30.68 Is Maurice at home? 00:23:31.16,00:23:32.36 He just went out. 00:23:34.04,00:23:36.04 - Am I disturbing you?[br]- No, come in. 00:23:43.20,00:23:46.08 - Some whisky?[br]- Please. 00:23:57.52,00:23:59.04 You like brown, I see. 00:23:59.48,00:24:00.60 Yes, it's my colour. 00:24:05.88,00:24:08.04 - Maurice is a sucker too?[br]- What? 00:24:10.20,00:24:11.08 Brown eyes. 00:24:13.76,00:24:17.08 Understandably so.[br]I'm not disturbing you? 00:24:17.52,00:24:20.20 No. I'm just sorry.[br]If you'd come earlier, 00:24:20.68,00:24:21.40 you'd have caught him. 00:24:22.40,00:24:23.92 They're bewitching. 00:24:24.60,00:24:25.28 What do you mean? 00:24:26.08,00:24:28.76 Your eyes.[br]Maurice is a lucky man. 00:26:43.20,00:26:46.44 Now, little lady, be good 00:26:47.12,00:26:49.44 and tell me where Maurice's job is. 00:26:50.56,00:26:52.72 Not if you agree. 00:27:10.68,00:27:14.08 Be sensible, little lady. 00:27:14.64,00:27:16.64 And no screaming. 00:27:18.32,00:27:20.80 Give me the address, 00:27:22.04,00:27:23.64 you went to this afternoon. 00:27:25.76,00:27:26.16 Well? 00:27:26.68,00:27:29.84 86 Boulevard General Grenier,[br]in Neuilly. 00:27:30.84,00:27:34.48 I hope you are not lying,[br]because we shall meet again. 00:28:09.88,00:28:11.64 Flip, stop that! 00:28:12.44,00:28:14.16 There you are! 00:28:22.20,00:28:23.24 Hands up! 00:28:25.56,00:28:26.52 Don't move! 00:28:33.08,00:28:33.92 Don't do anything stupid! 00:28:34.40,00:28:36.96 This is an assault! 00:28:37.44,00:28:37.84 What's happening? 00:28:38.56,00:28:41.36 We're just having fun[br]setting up a party. 00:28:53.00,00:28:53.56 Switch on the light. 00:28:54.68,00:28:55.88 Eyes to the ground. 00:28:57.72,00:29:00.08 Face the wall.[br]Don't turn round! 00:29:07.32,00:29:08.08 A good start. 00:29:08.84,00:29:09.80 Where's the bank? 00:29:10.52,00:29:12.00 - What?[br]- The safe. 00:29:12.48,00:29:14.32 There's no money;[br]it's in the bank. 00:29:14.72,00:29:17.00 Just the kid's toys, I know. 00:29:40.76,00:29:41.48 Off to bed... 00:29:42.88,00:29:43.64 Careful... 00:29:47.96,00:29:48.72 Face down. 00:30:03.52,00:30:07.24 Don't shout unless you[br]want to get hurt. 00:30:08.48,00:30:09.80 Check him now and again. 00:30:11.24,00:30:14.24 Couldn't you do better than thieving? 00:30:14.68,00:30:17.12 We would like to be cops. 00:30:18.00,00:30:19.88 But want to make our fortune first. 00:30:21.48,00:30:23.08 Now shut up. You're disturbing[br]my friend. 00:32:06.60,00:32:07.32 Crap! 00:32:14.00,00:32:14.52 Rémy! 00:32:16.04,00:32:17.20 - Let's go![br]- The gear? 00:32:17.68,00:32:18.60 Leave it. Let's go! 00:32:23.16,00:32:23.88 That bastard Silien! 00:32:24.88,00:32:26.32 Turn left, quick! 00:32:36.04,00:32:36.76 - Here![br]- What? 00:32:37.20,00:32:38.84 The revolver![br]I want no shooting! 00:32:40.76,00:32:41.24 Shit! 00:32:56.24,00:32:58.20 - What's wrong?[br]- You go on. I'm hit! 00:33:02.76,00:33:03.56 Give me the revolver. 00:33:04.04,00:33:07.68 I'll cover you.[br]Don't forget that pig. 00:34:19.56,00:34:19.96 Thérèse! 00:34:27.52,00:34:29.80 - Hello, doctor.[br]- Good day, Maurice. 00:34:32.68,00:34:33.48 Is it bad? 00:34:34.36,00:34:35.96 Just a flesh wound. 00:34:39.40,00:34:40.84 Yet I still fainted? 00:34:41.84,00:34:43.72 I told you that your years in jail, 00:34:44.28,00:34:46.72 had taken a lot out of you. 00:34:47.92,00:34:49.28 Left you weak. 00:34:50.08,00:34:51.68 I said you needed iron... 00:34:56.88,00:34:57.64 but you didn't listen. 00:34:58.20,00:34:59.24 I meant spinach. 00:35:00.36,00:35:01.28 How did I get here? 00:35:02.24,00:35:05.28 Jean's charming lady might know. 00:35:06.28,00:35:08.40 All I know is that Jean phoned 00:35:09.36,00:35:12.20 to say you were here.[br]In need of 00:35:12.68,00:35:15.24 my usual services. 00:35:32.68,00:35:35.00 Remove the drip in an hour. 00:35:36.84,00:35:38.48 And don't move for twenty-four. 00:35:40.76,00:35:43.96 You know where to reach me... 00:35:45.48,00:35:46.76 After all this time, 00:35:47.88,00:35:50.08 I should know the vet's clinic 00:35:51.64,00:35:52.68 of Dr. Lequay... 00:35:54.72,00:35:55.56 Until next time. 00:36:03.48,00:36:05.64 - What happened, Anita?[br]- I don't know, Maurice. 00:36:06.12,00:36:08.32 Jean called to say you were here. 00:36:08.80,00:36:12.80 He said to look after you,[br]and bring clothes. 00:36:13.44,00:36:15.36 I found the doctor waiting when I arrived. 00:36:23.64,00:36:25.68 Who brought me here? 00:36:26.16,00:36:27.00 Thérèse and Jean? 00:36:29.40,00:36:30.64 I don't know. 00:36:39.52,00:36:42.28 I've got to find that rat Silien! 00:36:42.96,00:36:44.64 You're in no state... 00:36:45.60,00:36:49.28 Get me paper, an envelope... 00:36:52.60,00:36:53.76 ...and a pen. 00:37:18.12,00:37:20.12 GILBERT'S HOUSE 00:37:22.24,00:37:23.40 Guard this like dynamite. 00:37:23.88,00:37:26.92 OPEN GROUND[br]GAS LAMP 00:37:31.48,00:37:33.24 TWO MILLION IN NOTES 00:37:38.64,00:37:41.96 AND AVENUE MOZART JEWELS 00:37:50.76,00:37:53.04 LEAVE THE REVOLVER 00:37:55.52,00:37:57.16 Don't show it around. 00:38:01.52,00:38:04.52 Give it to Jean if anything[br]happens to me. 00:38:05.20,00:38:06.64 Only for Jean, understand? 00:38:07.40,00:38:10.16 - Be careful, Maurice.[br]- Give me some cash. 00:38:10.64,00:38:12.48 Think you can walk like that? 00:39:33.76,00:39:34.56 There he is! 00:39:35.44,00:39:36.72 Stop here, Jo. 00:39:37.36,00:39:39.12 Get behind him, Paulo. 00:39:40.20,00:39:42.68 - He's spotted us?[br]- He's not blind. 00:39:49.32,00:39:50.64 Hey, Silien.[br]What's up? 00:40:04.96,00:40:07.28 Get in.[br]We need to chat. 00:40:08.40,00:40:09.48 Won't take long. 00:40:24.16,00:40:28.00 We need some information.[br]So we thought... 00:40:29.76,00:40:30.88 You and Sali... 00:40:31.80,00:40:32.64 Salignari. 00:40:33.80,00:40:36.00 Salignari, yes.[br]You were good friends. 00:40:36.88,00:40:37.96 He's dead. 00:40:46.04,00:40:48.72 An hour before he died,[br]Sali took a call. 00:40:49.16,00:40:51.92 Then rushed to the Chief for four men. 00:40:52.60,00:40:55.24 Being busy, the Chief asked no questions. 00:40:55.64,00:40:59.32 So no one knew what was up in Neuilly. 00:41:00.04,00:41:02.84 Sali shot Rémy and then got killed. 00:41:03.88,00:41:05.56 Rémy's accomplice escaped. 00:41:08.60,00:41:10.76 If you were Salignari's snitch, 00:41:11.80,00:41:15.60 give us the accomplice and you're clear. 00:41:16.20,00:41:17.28 I'm no snitch. 00:41:17.76,00:41:19.92 Rémy was found holding the gun[br]that killed Sali. 00:41:21.20,00:41:23.80 But his jacket was rucked up[br]under the arms 00:41:24.28,00:41:26.48 as if he'd been carried. 00:41:27.08,00:41:29.00 You support a man who's falling: 00:41:29.48,00:41:31.36 he's falling because he's dying. 00:41:32.36,00:41:35.24 I can't imagine this dying man[br]taking just one shot, 00:41:35.96,00:41:39.00 to kill someone charging at him. 00:41:40.08,00:41:43.16 Salignari died instantly,[br]so he must have fired first. 00:41:44.24,00:41:47.24 It was the accomplice killed Sali[br]while helping Rémy. 00:41:48.56,00:41:51.60 You help a dying man,[br]shoot for him. 00:41:52.20,00:41:53.76 Put the gun in his hand. 00:41:56.72,00:41:59.76 If only for Salignari, 00:42:01.08,00:42:02.36 do it... 00:42:03.48,00:42:06.04 You owe him.[br]He was your friend. 00:42:06.88,00:42:10.00 I hate to repeat myself:[br]I wasn't the snitch. 00:42:11.84,00:42:13.64 Now YOU listen. 00:42:14.60,00:42:17.60 Salignari is dead[br]and I'm finished. 00:42:19.24,00:42:21.88 I'll move somewhere else.[br]Don't know whwere. 00:42:22.88,00:42:25.76 Somewhere without cops and robbers. 00:42:27.12,00:42:31.28 Meantime, I'll take care of[br]whoever killed Salignari. 00:42:31.88,00:42:34.00 And I won't spend a minute in jail for it. 00:42:35.00,00:42:37.96 If I can't find him,[br]no cop ever could. 00:42:40.56,00:42:41.36 Have it your way. 00:42:44.00,00:42:45.40 Personally, I know how you feel. 00:42:47.20,00:42:48.28 When I think... 00:42:49.28,00:42:53.36 We got the number of the getaway car,[br]apparently stolen. 00:42:54.12,00:42:57.48 Then today we found it in a quarry, 00:42:58.20,00:43:01.08 totally wrecked, with a body inside. 00:43:01.56,00:43:03.48 A woman.[br]I saw the papers. 00:43:05.40,00:43:08.36 Do you know this Thérèse Dalmain? 00:43:09.40,00:43:10.76 I don't know anyone. 00:43:12.72,00:43:14.76 No prints but hers in the car. 00:43:16.96,00:43:20.24 Rémy's girl maybe, or his accomplice's? 00:43:21.60,00:43:24.16 Killed to keep her quiet. 00:43:25.60,00:43:28.88 Maybe she was not even at Neuilly. 00:43:29.36,00:43:32.16 Maybe a third man drove it... 00:43:33.24,00:43:36.24 ...perhaps she went along for the ride. 00:43:36.72,00:43:37.96 All those "maybes". 00:43:38.84,00:43:41.76 Didn't the other cops see anything? 00:43:42.64,00:43:43.16 No. 00:43:44.20,00:43:45.80 No one saw anything? 00:43:46.28,00:43:49.48 People saw stuff from their windows. 00:43:50.60,00:43:52.00 But it's not much use. 00:43:52.60,00:43:55.44 Some saw one man in the car. 00:43:55.92,00:43:59.20 Others saw two.[br]One mentioned a woman. 00:44:00.32,00:44:04.76 After the papers came out,[br]someone claimed a woman was driving 00:44:05.24,00:44:08.48 when, originally,[br]he had seen two men. 00:44:08.96,00:44:11.36 We asked:[br]"A man AND a woman?" 00:44:11.84,00:44:13.76 "No, just a woman", he said. 00:44:15.64,00:44:19.00 Witnesses are influenced by the papers. 00:44:19.72,00:44:21.72 No one saw the guy who escaped? 00:44:22.20,00:44:24.40 Sure, everyone did. 00:44:25.72,00:44:28.00 They all saw a man running away. 00:44:28.92,00:44:31.28 But only a silhouette. 00:44:32.00,00:44:34.44 Not much use showing them mug-shots. 00:44:35.52,00:44:38.76 We can't haul in every known crook... 00:44:39.28,00:44:42.60 ...and parade them before the witnesses. 00:44:44.00,00:44:47.84 Even if we had a suspect, it'd be hopeless. 00:44:48.76,00:44:50.36 Witnesses, forget them... 00:44:51.80,00:44:55.44 I hope you find him before I do. 00:44:55.96,00:44:57.36 It would be better for him. 00:44:59.24,00:45:00.36 I must be going.... 00:45:00.84,00:45:05.44 Hold on, there's something else[br]you can help us with. 00:45:07.04,00:45:09.56 It has nothing to do with Neuilly, 00:45:10.44,00:45:11.88 but we're interested. 00:45:13.48,00:45:15.52 A few hours earlier, 00:45:16.20,00:45:20.00 Salignari received one of his[br]famous mystery tip-offs. 00:45:21.76,00:45:24.68 Oh, I know... It wasn't you. 00:45:26.56,00:45:29.20 But you can't get out of this one so easily! 00:45:29.76,00:45:32.88 Salignari told us about it. 00:45:34.84,00:45:37.12 It concerned one Gilbert Varnove. 00:45:38.32,00:45:40.28 Killed at home with a .44. 00:45:41.40,00:45:45.04 A ring from the Ave Mozart robbery[br]was found under the body. 00:45:46.88,00:45:47.68 Follow me? 00:45:51.84,00:45:57.00 The informer said the killer was[br]Maurice Faugel. 00:45:59.40,00:46:03.60 The informer asked Sali[br]to delay the arrest. 00:46:04.04,00:46:05.44 Salignari agreed. 00:46:07.40,00:46:10.04 While searching for you tonight, 00:46:11.24,00:46:15.12 we looked out for him too,[br]but didn't find him. 00:46:17.44,00:46:19.76 - But certain things...[br]- Excuse me... 00:46:21.00,00:46:23.40 This isn't about Salignari any more. 00:46:25.16,00:46:28.12 You simply want my co-operation. 00:46:29.24,00:46:30.60 Don't waste your time. 00:46:33.52,00:46:34.24 Pity. 00:46:36.12,00:46:39.64 Tell me, Silien, you built a very[br]pretty house in Ponthierry... 00:46:40.12,00:46:41.28 Where did you get the money? 00:46:41.72,00:46:46.00 If you want explanations,[br]get yourself a warrant. 00:46:46.48,00:46:48.60 Expect one tomorrow. 00:46:49.24,00:46:49.60 Go for it! 00:46:50.08,00:46:54.08 - We've spoken to Vice.[br]- They just busted a drug ring. 00:46:54.56,00:46:57.92 That's your thing...[br]heroin, coke... 00:46:58.40,00:47:00.12 It would be a shame if you were implicated... 00:47:00.60,00:47:02.96 - And no Salignari to look out for you.[br]- Don't you get tired? 00:47:03.44,00:47:04.76 You talk too fast for me. 00:47:05.24,00:47:07.20 We told Vice you were involved. 00:47:07.64,00:47:09.44 They're getting a warrant tomorrow. 00:47:10.48,00:47:11.88 Meanwhile, we keep you in a cell. 00:47:12.36,00:47:15.16 And your lovely new house gets trashed. 00:47:15.64,00:47:17.00 The house is clean. 00:47:17.96,00:47:21.96 Don't make me laugh.[br]I don't touch drugs. 00:47:22.96,00:47:24.52 - I'm a poor devil.[br]- Of course? 00:47:25.16,00:47:28.36 You get those clothes selling papers?[br]Tell it to the judge. 00:47:29.04,00:47:30.92 - I do the dustbins...[br]- Enough! 00:47:31.40,00:47:34.36 - We'll find something at the house.[br]- Be sure of that. 00:47:34.88,00:47:37.24 We know there's nothing, 00:47:37.80,00:47:39.72 but seek, and ye shall find. 00:47:40.28,00:47:42.52 - We'll go shares.[br]- Time to choose... 00:47:43.80,00:47:45.32 So, what do you say? 00:47:46.68,00:47:48.28 I say that you're garbage. 00:47:49.76,00:47:50.84 That's not nice. 00:47:51.92,00:47:55.32 Wouldn't you like us to[br]forget about the warrant? 00:47:57.24,00:47:58.36 What do you want? 00:47:58.84,00:48:01.08 You're known everywhere... 00:48:01.80,00:48:06.52 phone around, find your friend Faugel. 00:48:07.16,00:48:10.00 - Faugel isn't my friend.[br]- So much the better. 00:48:11.32,00:48:12.92 Why don't you do a raid? 00:48:13.92,00:48:18.40 If there was shooting, the quarry would flee. 00:48:19.76,00:48:22.44 If we hit a few places[br]and don't find Faugel, 00:48:22.92,00:48:24.52 he'd be forewarned. 00:48:25.56,00:48:28.64 So, without help, you're screwed? 00:48:30.96,00:48:31.76 Is it a deal? 00:48:33.96,00:48:37.80 7:15 - cocktail hour.[br]Good time for a glass. 00:48:41.60,00:48:42.24 Let's go. 00:48:52.88,00:48:54.48 I'm not known there. 00:48:58.96,00:49:00.76 - Telephone?[br]- Downstairs. 00:49:05.64,00:49:06.80 A dozen tokens. 00:49:44.56,00:49:46.20 Try the "New York". 00:50:05.36,00:50:08.00 Who? Maurice?[br]He just left. 00:50:08.56,00:50:12.04 He asked for you and Jean.[br]He can't be far. 00:50:12.48,00:50:14.36 - Across the road.[br]- What did you say? 00:50:14.80,00:50:16.24 A minute Mr. Silien.[br]Where? 00:50:16.80,00:50:18.80 He bought a paper and went across. 00:50:19.28,00:50:21.44 In the bar opposite.[br]Shall I call him? 00:50:22.20,00:50:23.20 No, thank you. 00:50:26.28,00:50:27.52 We can nab him now. 00:50:28.00,00:50:29.60 Make your call first.... 00:50:30.04,00:50:30.04 - Who to?[br]- Your friends in Vice. 00:50:32.56,00:50:34.04 We were just kidding. 00:50:34.52,00:50:36.36 You're smart, but we're smarter. 00:50:37.16,00:50:38.20 - I'm off.[br]- No. 00:50:38.64,00:50:41.72 The phone is faster than the car, eh?. 00:50:42.40,00:50:44.72 You think I'm gonna pay for a phone call? 00:50:45.92,00:50:47.48 I'm not the one on expenses! 00:51:06.68,00:51:08.40 "Thérèse Dalmain's body found, 00:51:08.84,00:51:10.88 in a wrecked car." 00:51:11.48,00:51:13.12 "The police are not sure if it was 00:51:13.36,00:51:14.84 1) an accident due to fatigue... 00:51:15.08,00:51:17.60 2) ...or an underworld killing." 00:51:22.00,00:51:24.60 "The car crashed after[br]an impressive leap." 00:51:36.28,00:51:38.88 Let's go Faugel.[br]Don't do anything stupid. 00:51:40.48,00:51:43.28 What did I do? 00:51:43.96,00:51:44.92 On your feet! 00:51:47.96,00:51:50.12 - You have a gun?[br]- Does anyone say "yes"? 00:51:50.60,00:51:52.16 Save your spit for later. 00:51:52.64,00:51:55.08 There's money in my pocket for the bill. 00:52:05.92,00:52:07.60 You ran like a rabbit? 00:52:10.08,00:52:11.44 Not like you... 00:52:11.88,00:52:14.08 Guys came busting into Gilbert's. 00:52:14.52,00:52:17.60 I heard guns firing upstairs... 00:52:18.04,00:52:19.36 I stayed in the kitchen. 00:52:20.72,00:52:24.32 I escaped through a window[br]as they came down. 00:52:25.56,00:52:28.00 The footprint behind the house is mine. 00:52:28.72,00:52:30.96 But the tyre tracks are theirs. 00:52:31.76,00:52:35.08 I went by train. The others[br]went by car. 00:52:36.32,00:52:38.72 You had a motive to kill Gilbert, eh? 00:52:40.20,00:52:44.08 Recently you heard[br]he killed your girl Arlette 00:52:44.56,00:52:46.16 in Deauville five years ago. 00:52:49.56,00:52:52.64 I understand you.[br]I would have done the same. 00:52:53.12,00:52:54.48 I didn't do it! 00:52:55.28,00:52:57.84 I won't confess just to please you! 00:52:59.20,00:53:00.72 Here's what I suggest... 00:53:01.84,00:53:06.48 You give me a lead on the Neuilly job, 00:53:07.08,00:53:08.36 and I'll let you go. 00:53:10.00,00:53:11.88 - The Neuilly job?[br]- Yes. 00:53:12.68,00:53:16.52 Inspector Salignari was shot by scum like you. 00:53:17.68,00:53:20.84 I'm a thief but I use my fists,[br]not guns. 00:53:21.32,00:53:25.96 Name an associate of Rémy's,[br]and you can go. 00:53:28.40,00:53:31.64 If you killed Gilbert Varnove,[br]that's one pig less. 00:53:33.28,00:53:37.36 And if you'd relieved him of the[br]20 million in jewels, 00:53:37.80,00:53:41.44 I doubt you'd have risked such[br]a small-time job. 00:53:43.16,00:53:46.00 I hardly knew this Rémy. 00:53:47.48,00:53:50.40 That's a shame, because... 00:53:51.40,00:53:53.88'll go down for killing Varnove. 00:53:54.36,00:53:56.00 I didn't kill him. 00:53:56.56,00:53:58.04 You wouldn't admit it, would you? 00:53:58.52,00:54:00.88 Even if we'd caught you in the act! 00:54:04.08,00:54:05.68 Gilbert Varnove was my friend. 00:54:06.80,00:54:08.44 He looked after me[br]after jail. 00:54:11.76,00:54:12.84 I did not do it. 00:54:14.12,00:54:18.00 Yes you did![br]And you stashed the jewels and gun. 00:54:18.80,00:54:20.28 He died working on them. 00:54:20.68,00:54:23.24 I've never carried a gun in my life. 00:54:23.96,00:54:26.44 His accomplices in the Ave Mozart[br]job killed him, 00:54:27.04,00:54:29.24 to get his share. 00:54:29.84,00:54:31.52 That's not common; 00:54:32.00,00:54:34.52 there is usually honour among thieves. 00:54:35.00,00:54:36.44 Honourable thieves..? 00:54:37.12,00:54:39.04 They were probably the scumbag type. 00:54:39.48,00:54:42.16 Check with your informers. 00:54:44.96,00:54:48.60 Something doesn't fit.[br]Gilbert was your friend... 00:54:49.04,00:54:50.76 ...he knew he could trust you. 00:54:51.40,00:54:52.72 Why not tell you? 00:54:53.20,00:54:54.48 He didn't tell you who his friends were? 00:54:54.96,00:54:58.52 I'm not a big shot. I don't know everything. 00:54:59.60,00:55:03.12 Besides, I was in jail at the time. 00:55:04.52,00:55:06.96 Even if I knew,[br]I wouldn't tell you. 00:55:07.84,00:55:10.20 I'm not one of your snitches. 00:55:11.32,00:55:12.56 I don't grass. 00:55:14.28,00:55:17.12 What I'm saying is in your interest. 00:55:17.76,00:55:20.68 The judge will not be so kind to you. 00:55:22.24,00:55:26.04 Two clear motives:[br]robbery and vengeance. 00:55:27.48,00:55:30.48 You'll get 10 to 15 years. 00:55:32.24,00:55:33.44 A long time. 00:55:34.92,00:55:37.20 You already know that, huh? 00:55:40.36,00:55:43.08 All right, we'll take your statement. 00:55:45.64,00:55:48.84 If you change your mind,[br]the offer remains... 00:55:49.32,00:55:51.00 ...what I said about Rémy. 00:55:54.28,00:55:55.36 Bank on it. 00:58:16.24,00:58:18.80 Hi, men![br]I hope you are.... 00:58:29.28,00:58:30.20 What did you do? 00:58:31.64,00:58:35.92 Machine-gunned 25 cops. 00:58:40.84,00:58:42.48 My name is Kern. 00:58:57.48,00:58:59.04 - Hello.[br]- Good evening, Mr Silien. 00:58:59.48,00:59:01.60 - Looking for someone?[br]- No. I'm thirsty. 00:59:02.96,00:59:05.56 Silien at Nutteccio's place. 00:59:06.08,00:59:07.12 Doesn't bode well... 01:00:04.12,01:00:05.60 What'll it be, Mr. Silien? 01:00:21.08,01:00:22.44 What's on offer? 01:00:23.36,01:00:23.88 Here? 01:00:24.64,01:00:26.80 No, upstairs.[br]The tables busy? 01:00:27.96,01:00:28.56 Don't know... 01:00:29.16,01:00:32.36 What is it?[br]Baccarat? Chemin-de-fer? 01:00:33.28,01:00:34.92 I'm just the barman Mr Silien... 01:00:35.92,01:00:36.68 Poker? 01:00:37.64,01:00:38.40 I think so. 01:01:13.72,01:01:16.48 Surprise![br]To what do we owe the pleasure? 01:01:16.92,01:01:17.64 I was thirsty. 01:01:18.36,01:01:21.24 Drinks on the house for the gentleman. 01:01:21.72,01:01:22.76 Yes, Mr. Armand. 01:01:30.44,01:01:32.84 - Your Scotch, Mr. Silien.[br]- You have it. 01:01:38.04,01:01:39.32 Two whiskies for that table. 01:01:40.56,01:01:41.80 I'd like a drink with the lady. 01:01:42.28,01:01:46.16 But that's impossible, sir. 01:01:46.64,01:01:49.72 Why?[br]Because she's the boss's woman? 01:01:50.24,01:01:52.04 I said "two whiskies".[br]Clear? 01:02:04.12,01:02:06.20 Long time no see. 01:02:06.68,01:02:09.64 - I wanted to leave you in peace.[br]- You care for my peace of mind? 01:02:11.36,01:02:12.60 He neglects you for the game? 01:02:13.40,01:02:14.38 Just this once, 01:02:14.82,01:02:16.50 let's not dwell on trivialities. 01:02:16.64,01:02:18.00 Why the sudden interest? 01:02:18.88,01:02:19.72 I felt like it. 01:02:21.20,01:02:23.20 And the real reason..? 01:03:13.04,01:03:14.36 I want information. 01:03:17.72,01:03:18.48 Not much. 01:03:18.92,01:03:23.20 - About what?[br]- About... Nutteccio. 01:03:24.20,01:03:26.32 What do you want to know? 01:03:28.64,01:03:29.72 - Not here.[br]- Where? 01:03:30.92,01:03:33.70 - Your place.[br]- Think you can still order me about? 01:03:34.16,01:03:35.78 Don't tell me you love him... 01:03:36.12,01:03:37.96 Your confidence is galling. 01:03:38.72,01:03:40.04 I know he sickens you. 01:03:41.12,01:03:43.68 I'm offering you the chance[br]to be rid of him. 01:03:44.68,01:03:46.12 You are too kind. 01:03:46.88,01:03:49.36 Admit it. You dream of escaping. 01:03:50.40,01:03:53.88 You with Nutteccio...[br]That offends me. 01:03:55.86,01:03:57.00 Can we be together? 01:03:57.36,01:03:59.20 That's not going to happen. 01:04:00.04,01:04:02.80 Don't you believe I can get you out? 01:04:03.64,01:04:05.00 I'm quite content. 01:04:06.24,01:04:06.96 Pity. 01:04:08.32,01:04:09.08 You're going? 01:04:09.88,01:04:10.68 Naturally. 01:04:11.16,01:04:13.80 I almost believed you came for me. 01:04:15.48,01:04:18.76 You expected frankness. You got it. 01:04:19.96,01:04:24.24 I've made mistakes,[br]and I know you're unhappy. 01:04:25.64,01:04:29.00 You can't risk trusting me.[br]It's a vicious circle. 01:04:29.72,01:04:32.80 What do you want to know?[br]I'll consider it. 01:04:35.16,01:04:35.76 Why not? 01:04:36.68,01:04:41.40 Because it was true that I wanted to see you. 01:04:42.52,01:04:45.76 To spend time alone with you. 01:04:48.24,01:04:49.56 I wanted to sleep with you. 01:04:52.52,01:04:53.84 - Silien...[br]- What? 01:04:54.56,01:04:55.92 11, Rue de Franqueville. 01:04:56.36,01:04:58.82 Give me an hour.[br]It will look less suspicious. 01:04:59.52,01:05:00.32 I'll be there. 01:05:45.52,01:05:47.72 have to. 01:05:49.20,01:05:50.84 An innocent man is in jail. 01:05:51.92,01:05:52.92 You must remember. 01:05:53.64,01:05:55.84 I stayed in the car and[br]didn't see anything. 01:05:56.28,01:06:01.00 I'd have heard the shot if[br]Nutteccio or Armand had shot Gilbert. 01:06:01.16,01:06:05.20 It was cold, the car windows were closed. 01:06:05.60,01:06:09.28 The house was some distance,[br]the sound would be faint. 01:06:11.24,01:06:15.84 They made you wait, Fabienne,[br]because it was planned... 01:06:16.48,01:06:17.44 No, Silien. 01:06:17.92,01:06:21.76 The Ave Mozart jewels and the gun that killed Varnove 01:06:22.48,01:06:24.16 are in Nutteccio's safe. 01:06:24.72,01:06:25.48 It's not true. 01:06:25.92,01:06:28.92 Tell the cops you were coerced, 01:06:29.36,01:06:31.16 They won't be able to charge you. 01:06:31.88,01:06:32.76 What do you take me for? 01:06:34.04,01:06:37.80 It's your chance for a life.[br]A unique shot at freedom. 01:06:39.04,01:06:40.64 Free for what? 01:06:41.20,01:06:43.64 When the cops arrive,[br]no one will contradict you. 01:06:44.40,01:06:46.20 Nutteccio and Armand will be dead. 01:06:47.24,01:06:51.16 Believe me, Faugel didn't kill Gilbert.[br]I swear it. 01:06:52.24,01:06:54.44 Faugel is innocent and in jail. 01:06:54.92,01:06:56.40 Think about that. 01:06:57.36,01:06:59.52 Nutteccio is quite capable of killing. 01:07:00.84,01:07:03.24 He killed Gilbert to get all of the jewels. 01:07:04.64,01:07:07.32 Do you think I would do all this for a man 01:07:07.72,01:07:10.60 who is not even my friend, if I did not believe it? 01:07:12.04,01:07:12.88 Help me. 01:07:14.00,01:07:14.88 Tell me what happened. 01:07:15.36,01:07:16.60 I feel for Faugel! 01:07:17.76,01:07:22.04 I couldn't stand it if Nutteccio got away with this! 01:07:23.12,01:07:23.80 Try to remember. 01:07:24.48,01:07:26.52 Afterwards, we'll go away together, forever. 01:07:28.52,01:07:31.88 A door slamming, a tyre bursting far away? 01:07:33.16,01:07:33.80 The train. 01:07:35.76,01:07:36.12 What? 01:07:37.48,01:07:39.84 A train passed by, after they went in. 01:07:40.32,01:07:41.56 Now I remember. 01:07:42.04,01:07:43.60 So I wasn't wrong. 01:07:44.08,01:07:46.64 You remember only silence that night. 01:07:47.08,01:07:51.36 You heard no noise.[br]Because there was none. 01:07:51.80,01:07:54.24 No one notices the background noise of a train. 01:07:54.80,01:07:59.72 We didn't think of that.[br]It masked the shot. 01:08:00.20,01:08:03.40 It makes sense.[br]He was shot as the train passed. 01:08:05.00,01:08:05.88 Aren't you staying? 01:08:07.40,01:08:08.60 We'll have time. 01:08:09.68,01:08:11.60 I must finish what I've begun. 01:08:12.96,01:08:14.24 Soon you'll be free. 01:08:15.36,01:08:16.40 I'm afraid. 01:08:17.40,01:08:21.36 If you knew me better,[br]you wouldn't be. 01:08:22.68,01:08:24.08 Nutteccio's clever too. 01:08:24.88,01:08:26.88 Nutteccio's a dead man walking. 01:08:28.76,01:08:31.60 - You don't love me.[br]- Are you sure... 01:08:32.44,01:08:35.60 didn't hear a crack[br]as the train passed? 01:08:36.20,01:08:37.28 You don't love me. 01:08:38.32,01:08:39.24 A lot you know! 01:08:42.40,01:08:44.80 I'll be back tomorrow, maybe. 01:08:46.36,01:08:48.16 I think I heard a bang. 01:08:48.64,01:08:51.32 Don't say it just to please me.[br]No matter... 01:08:52.00,01:08:55.28 I can manage without it.[br]Your conscience is clear. 01:08:55.92,01:08:58.88 I did hear it, Silien.[br]I remember. I'm sure. 01:08:59.40,01:09:00.56 No, Fabienne. 01:09:01.04,01:09:02.00 I'm telling you, I'm sure. 01:09:03.24,01:09:05.04 - Absolutely?[br]- Yes, absolutely. 01:09:05.92,01:09:08.16 - You heard it?[br]- Yes, I heard it. 01:09:09.40,01:09:10.68 Let's get this straight. 01:09:11.52,01:09:14.76 You heard a shot as the train[br]crossed the iron bridge. 01:10:58.08,01:11:00.28 Fabienne...[br]I'm here. 01:11:00.76,01:11:02.00 Stay put. 01:14:43.40,01:14:44.12 You there? 01:14:47.32,01:14:48.28 What's this? 01:14:57.88,01:14:58.80 Sit. 01:15:08.12,01:15:12.48 Armand? Nutteccio has the jewels.[br]He wants you. 01:15:17.36,01:15:18.44 Recognize this? 01:15:21.16,01:15:22.44 They're jewels... 01:15:23.72,01:15:26.16 From the Ave Mozart job, 01:15:26.72,01:15:27.72 that you arranged. 01:15:31.52,01:15:33.60 You are badly informed; it wasn't me. 01:15:34.52,01:15:36.84 - I earn enough money.[br]- I don't. 01:15:37.80,01:15:40.84 I have them now, and I need money. 01:15:42.92,01:15:44.68 I'll gladly help you out. 01:15:46.40,01:15:47.44 You don't have to... 01:15:51.88,01:15:53.28 Who did you call? 01:15:54.88,01:15:58.12 The cemetery, to book you a[br]place if you don't behave. 01:16:01.44,01:16:04.32 It wouldn't be the first time I've[br]helped a friend in trouble... 01:16:05.12,01:16:06.32 This is not necessary... 01:16:06.88,01:16:07.76 I need 200,000 francs. 01:16:10.20,01:16:11.12 200,000. 01:16:15.76,01:16:17.08 300, if you want. 01:16:18.20,01:16:22.00 Fine, 300.[br]Check them out - they're real. 01:16:23.76,01:16:24.68 I trust you. 01:16:25.84,01:16:26.48 Touch... 01:16:28.00,01:16:30.52 There's no need...[br]I know I can trust you. 01:16:32.04,01:16:33.08 I said: "touch!" 01:16:45.24,01:16:46.44 Look at this brooch. 01:16:48.80,01:16:49.76 And this... 01:16:52.32,01:16:53.44 bracelet. 01:16:54.28,01:16:56.48 Platinum and diamonds.[br]See? 01:17:02.44,01:17:05.08 Not bad.[br]Beautiful merchandise. 01:17:07.80,01:17:09.16 I'll give you 500,000. 01:17:10.84,01:17:12.36 Deal.[br]In cash, eh? 01:17:15.08,01:17:16.84 There's enough in the drawer. 01:17:20.36,01:17:22.88 I prefer the safe,[br]it's better. 01:17:24.12,01:17:25.04 It's the same... 01:17:30.76,01:17:31.76 As you wish. 01:17:32.80,01:17:35.68 The keys are in my jacket.[br]Left side pocket. 01:18:04.20,01:18:05.08 Stop! 01:18:10.44,01:18:13.88 - How much is there?[br]- Three or four. 01:18:14.56,01:18:16.72 Against the wall,[br]and don't move. 01:18:20.52,01:18:21.40 You robbing me? 01:18:22.04,01:18:24.56 I'll rob you of your looks[br]if you don't shut up. 01:19:15.08,01:19:15.80 Put these on. 01:19:35.12,01:19:36.12 Two million... 01:19:38.28,01:19:39.52 and you keep the jewels. 01:19:39.96,01:19:40.60 On! 01:19:44.08,01:19:44.84 Five million? 01:20:26.92,01:20:29.24 What happened, Silien? 01:20:29.92,01:20:32.76 What happened...[br]to this bastard... 01:20:38.12,01:20:41.36 The fucking bastard...[br]I brought the jewels... 01:20:42.68,01:20:44.12 He said he would pay me... 01:20:44.60,01:20:45.88 I trusted him... 01:20:46.84,01:20:48.40 Then he took... 01:21:27.44,01:21:29.56 Fabienne?[br]Do it. 01:21:38.04,01:21:39.00 Police? 01:22:52.20,01:22:54.28 I still think that Silien fingered me. 01:22:54.80,01:22:57.48 Yeah? So who got you out then? 01:22:57.92,01:23:00.96 Firstly, it wasn't mere chance that I was arrested. 01:23:01.92,01:23:04.36 I alone knew about Gilbert's plans. 01:23:05.04,01:23:06.76 How did the police find out? 01:23:13.84,01:23:18.52 Gilbert wanted to atone for Arlette;[br]he got me out of jail. 01:23:22.00,01:23:23.12 He became my friend. 01:23:27.08,01:23:28.52 Killing him was difficult. 01:23:31.32,01:23:33.04 There would have been no need to do it... 01:23:34.88,01:23:37.88 but for one casual, irreparable gesture. 01:23:42.20,01:23:43.16 He turned round. 01:23:45.20,01:23:49.44 He saw that the gun was aimed at him. 01:23:50.64,01:23:52.32 You don't aim a gun at a friend. 01:23:55.56,01:23:57.16 There was only one thing I could do. 01:24:00.72,01:24:02.16 - Jean...[br]- What? 01:24:04.28,01:24:04.92 Who's the grass? 01:24:05.48,01:24:06.72 You really don't know? 01:24:25.16,01:24:26.44 Salignari was my friend. 01:24:27.20,01:24:28.68 I met him with a girl. 01:24:29.12,01:24:32.88 She seemed fond of him.[br]He said she was an informer. 01:24:33.56,01:24:37.12 I didn't think it important.[br]I forgot about her... 01:24:38.32,01:24:39.68 Until I saw her at your place... 01:24:40.48,01:24:41.84 hen I brought you the gear. 01:24:44.24,01:24:47.56 And I had her case the job at Neuilly! 01:24:48.44,01:24:52.80 I had to do something.[br]But you wouldn't have believed me. 01:24:53.28,01:24:56.16 I let you go with Rémy and invited Sali... 01:24:56.68,01:24:58.04 to dinner that evening. 01:25:01.32,01:25:02.24 He said he couldn't. 01:25:03.48,01:25:04.08 I insisted... 01:25:05.08,01:25:08.00 He said he was going to bust[br]some guys at a house in Neuilly. 01:25:09.12,01:25:12.04 I got the picture and[br]went round to Thérèse's place. 01:25:12.52,01:25:16.28 I made her give me the address, 01:25:16.72,01:25:19.08 took her car and headed for Neuilly 01:25:19.52,01:25:21.60 to find you and prevent a disaster. 01:25:33.16,01:25:34.40 - Unlucky.[br]- Yes. 01:25:35.16,01:25:36.92 I saw you running, wounded. 01:25:37.40,01:25:38.24 By some miracle 01:25:39.00,01:25:41.72 I got you to Jean's house. 01:25:43.24,01:25:46.84 I phoned Sali to try and smooth things over, 01:25:48.28,01:25:49.88 but was told he was dead. 01:25:54.64,01:25:57.60 I was upset, but I couldn't abandon you. 01:26:00.76,01:26:02.48 Sali was a loner 01:26:03.08,01:26:06.88 and no one else knew the names[br]of the men at Neuilly. 01:26:07.48,01:26:09.16 So the cops were stuck. 01:26:10.28,01:26:13.44 For my own security, I decided to dispose of Thérèse. 01:26:14.12,01:26:17.88 She could have fingered me as the driver. 01:26:18.92,01:26:22.24 Jean called Anita to tend you.[br]You were unconscious. 01:26:22.84,01:26:24.04 We went to Thérèse's place. 01:26:28.00,01:26:29.44 She was almost free of her ties. 01:26:46.40,01:26:50.00 Will you resent me if I tell you[br]I knocked her out? 01:26:54.04,01:26:56.88 It cost me a raincoat...almost new. 01:27:19.36,01:27:21.76 While Jean took care of Thérèse... 01:27:26.32,01:27:29.08 I went to a place I'd been told of... 01:27:29.60,01:27:32.84 to get a fake passport for you. 01:27:42.40,01:27:43.88 No one was home. 01:27:47.32,01:27:48.28 So I went looking... 01:28:10.92,01:28:14.64 At 7 I met Jean and we called to see how you were. 01:28:15.64,01:28:17.92 Anita said Lequay had arrived, 01:28:18.60,01:28:21.56 so I went back to hunting a passport. 01:28:23.52,01:28:27.12 How did they find me?[br]No one knew where I was. 01:28:28.16,01:28:30.72 Inspector Clain and two of his goons grabbed me. 01:28:31.72,01:28:34.56 They didn't know you were[br]the second man at Neuilly, 01:28:35.44,01:28:39.00 but Salignari suspected you[br]of killing Gilbert, 01:28:39.48,01:28:41.72 and told them of his suspicions. 01:28:42.60,01:28:44.24 Thérèse ratted on you. 01:28:45.54,01:28:47.80 Maybe you told her after a few drinks. 01:28:49.04,01:28:51.84 Maybe I made threats about him that night. 01:28:52.56,01:28:54.52 Clain put the screws to me, 01:28:55.32,01:28:59.44 and promised me hell,[br]so I threw him a bone. 01:29:00.28,01:29:02.64 I agreed to phone around the bars 01:29:03.32,01:29:06.80 to find you, thinking[br]that you were safe at Jean's. 01:29:08.00,01:29:10.40 One of my calls was to here. 01:29:11.08,01:29:14.48 Not knowing the score, the[br]barman said you were opposite. 01:29:15.48,01:29:16.72 I had just left Jean's. 01:29:17.56,01:29:21.32 Jean gave me your map[br]and I went to dig up the jewels and gun. 01:29:22.76,01:29:24.32 You already know what I did with them. 01:29:25.08,01:29:26.08 Which reminds me... 01:29:32.48,01:29:33.12 Thank you 01:29:35.68,01:29:38.52 And I got evidence from Fabienne. 01:29:42.60,01:29:45.42 Nutteccio's woman,[br]an old girlfriend of mine. 01:29:46.04,01:29:48.04 His prints are on your Colt. 01:29:48.76,01:29:52.44 By some miracle, he and Armand[br]shot each other at the Cotton Club. 01:29:53.08,01:29:54.92 The jewels are in his safe. 01:29:55.60,01:29:57.96 That's it.[br]Now you know it all. 01:29:58.96,01:30:01.60 Tonight you're invited to dinner here with Fabienne. 01:30:06.56,01:30:08.08 I'm going to retire with her. 01:30:09.20,01:30:11.84 I've built a beautiful house in Ponthierry. 01:30:12.88,01:30:14.12 I'm finished. 01:30:15.20,01:30:18.60 In this business[br]you end up as a bum, or a corpse. 01:30:21.44,01:30:25.32 I'm off to Ponthierry to see[br]a guy who needs a place to hide... 01:30:25.80,01:30:28.04 Isn't even a friend.[br]My last good deed. 01:30:29.52,01:30:30.08 See you later. 01:30:46.32,01:30:47.92 I'm a prick sometimes. 01:30:48.56,01:30:49.32 Why? 01:30:50.00,01:30:52.56 I thought Silien was a rat.[br]I wanted him dead. 01:30:54.40,01:30:56.24 Given the chance, I'd have killed him. 01:30:58.00,01:30:59.28 But he... 01:31:00.84,01:31:02.40 At first glance, nobody would believe it of him. 01:31:05.00,01:31:07.16 Silien doesn't express his feelings, 01:31:08.28,01:31:12.44 but he'd do anything for a friend,[br]whether cop or crook. 01:31:13.08,01:31:14.48 I can say, without doubt 01:31:14.92,01:31:18.00 that you and Salignari were his only friends. 01:31:26.80,01:31:28.52 Telephone for you, Mr. Maurice. 01:31:30.44,01:31:31.08 He's coming... 01:31:39.96,01:31:42.84 Kern will deliver the wreath this[br]afternoon for 2 million. 01:31:43.28,01:31:44.24 Have the money ready. 01:31:53.52,01:31:54.80 Where does Silien live? 01:31:55.40,01:31:57.76 First right past Ponthierry, 01:31:58.80,01:32:00.16 - Lend me your car.[br]- Why? 01:32:00.64,01:32:01.88 Nothing. Be quick. 01:32:02.64,01:32:03.20 O.K. 01:32:03.92,01:32:04.76 Take the car. 01:32:18.12,01:32:19.32 Give a whisky. 01:32:47.32,01:32:48.04 Hi, Jean. 01:32:54.68,01:32:55.68 How's Anita? 01:32:57.20,01:33:00.00 Nice girl, but talks too much. 01:33:13.36,01:33:14.88 Pity for you, my friend! 01:33:16.96,01:33:20.88 Why was Faugel at your place[br]the day after Salignari was killed? 01:33:22.00,01:33:24.28 - I don't understand.[br]- Don't waste my time. 01:33:24.92,01:33:28.08 We found a raincoat in your cupboard.[br]Don't deny it's yours... 01:33:28.76,01:33:32.36 And we found a piece from it[br]in the car at the quarry. 01:33:32.84,01:33:36.36 - I don't understand.[br]- Come, we'll explain. 01:35:05.96,01:35:07.56 I expect to get off. 01:35:08.04,01:35:11.40 Outside, I'll need a million 01:35:11.80,01:35:14.56 to set up a nice quiet, legal business. 01:35:17.20,01:35:18.36 - A million?[br]- Yes. 01:35:21.84,01:35:22.72 Listen, Kern... 01:35:25.36,01:35:26.92 I have a very dear friend... 01:35:28.48,01:35:30.24 I would hate to see him have an accident. 01:35:30.76,01:35:31.92 Naturally. 01:35:32.40,01:35:34.68 I'd need someone to take him a wreath. 01:35:36.92,01:35:38.48 A very expensive wreath. 01:35:40.24,01:35:41.12 Very beautiful. 01:35:42.72,01:35:44.28 Costing a million? 01:35:44.72,01:35:47.24 Maybe two. 01:35:48.56,01:35:50.12 I could give my lawyer a message, 01:35:51.68,01:35:53.48 to pass to my good friend Jean... 01:35:54.76,01:35:58.36 who would give you two million[br]to buy the wreath. 01:36:08.00,01:36:11.16 You chose the right man to[br]tell about this accident. 01:38:41.52,01:38:42.20 Maurice! 01:40:58.12,01:41:00.00 The...screen. 01:43:10.80,01:43:11.48 Fabienne... 01:43:13.92,01:43:15.28 ...I can't make it tonight.
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