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Subtitles for Down Time.

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Down Time

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(instrumental theme music plays)
(inmates yelling, jeering)
(jeering continues)
Inmate's voice: Looking back on it now, I should've seen it coming.
I thought we had it all figured out...
we had the money...
we had the connections.
This deal, we were going to be players.
What are you tripping on, Paulie?
I ain't tripping.
What the fuck you mean, "tripping"?
You're looking tense. Don't worry about it.
Everything's going to be cool.
I know, man. I'm fucking cool.
Tell me about these guys.
Don't worry about that.
These guys are major league.
Just make sure your people are cool,
because these dudes do not fuck around.
(metal rattles)
Fucking rat.
Are you sure you're okay?
I'm fucking cool. Why?
You got the money, right?
Yeah. Yeah.
Rooster's got it...
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Who? What?
- Rooster? That psycho fuck? - Calm down, Slim.
You know I don't like dealing with that psycho fuck.
- Don't worry. - Bullshit, "Don't worry."
He's going to be here any second.
- All right? - Where the fuck is he?!
Any second.
Well, he better be, because it's down time.
- Hey, Tay. - What's up, Slim?
What up with your boy? I don't like meeting new niggas.
Maybe I don't want to fucking meet this toad.
I'm the fucking money in this, man.
What the fuck do you think you're pointing at?
I'm the fucking man that makes it happen.
Tay: We don't get down like that, man.
You'll have to excuse my partner.
He has a nasty habit of talking out of his asshole.
What the fuck, Slim?
You ever get my product?
- Tay: Mm-hmm. - Slim: Mm-hmm.
- You know how we do it. - Slim: This is the shit.
Nothing but A-1.
So, check it out. Where's the money at?
What's up, playboy? Where's the money at?
It's gonna be here in a second, man.
- The guy's gonna... - Aw, shit.
Listen, I thought the money was going to be here too,
but there's been a little bit of a glitch.
But don't worry. It's gonna be here any second.
The fucking guy...
I've known the guy all my life.
- He's gonna be here. - Just be cool.
I'll stake my life on it, man.
- The guy's... - You just did.
Slim: Come on, why don't we just settle down, guys?
- (knocking) - Get the door, Paulie.
Get the fucking door!
It's Rooster. All right? You got it, right?
What did I say? My boy Rooster comes through.
Freeze! Hey! Freeze, don't move!
Slim's voice: This was big.
Bigger than all of us.
And I was going down.
(inmates yelling)
What do we got here, Jack?
Jack: We got a regular cowboy here.
This one's a serious operator.
A real fucking Einstein, huh?
Yeah, I've wanted to take this punk down for a while.
I'll get with the D.A. And see how he wants to handle this.
All right. I'll catch up with you later.
One more like him, Jack, and you'll be bucking for captain.
I'm just doing my job. You know how it is.
It looks like "Einstein" is in for a real ride.
All right, cowboy, get the fuck up.
Then they stick me in this room with this DEA creepy fuck,
trying to grill me.
Like I was going to break weak with this fool.
He was clueless.
They had no idea what really went down.
Agent: Come on, Williams, make it easy for yourself.
Slim: They kept trying to get me to confess to something.
I got nothing to say to you guys.
You aren't looking so good, Williams.
What's wrong? Feeling sick, huh?
I bet you're starting to feel
like you want a little dope right about now, huh?
We can take care of that.
Fuck you.
You think you're real tough, don't you?
You ain't gonna be so tough when some nigger is going up your ass.
Get out of here. You make me sick.
(screams, sobbing)
(inmates yelling)
Guards! Guards!
You better get this sick motherfucker out of my cell!
Aw, motherfucker!
Get the fuck up!
You better get this asshole out of here before I kill him!
Slim: I was so sick I could barely walk.
It seemed like forever before I reached my cell.
It was only when I stood in front of that cell door
that I realized my situation.
In that moment, the sickness left me...
and the void was filled with fear.
It is truly amazing how sobering fear can be.
I was sick for weeks. But I kept it to myself.
I didn't want anybody thinking I was weak.
The whole time I was jonesing,
just thinking about how this nightmare came down.
Me, Gina and Paulie were going to be players.
But Paulie had fucked up the biggest deal of our lives.
The more I thought about it,
the more I realized Paulie was always a rat.
It was just the first time I got bit.
I've been playing this game so long,
I was playing it when you were in diapers,
sucking on your mama's titties.
Come on. Show me what you got, bro'.
Show me what you got.
Yeah. Come with it.
I've been playing this game so damn long,
I got the instructions from Moses.
Fuckers were playing with wood.
Let me show you how to work it.
Show me what you got.
(vocalizing rhythm)
Uh-huh. Yeah.
Get to that.
What are you doing back there in that corner?
- Go on, say it loud. - (banging continues)
Been in there far too long. Far too long.
You know what they say...
"More than three shakes, you're playing with yourself."
What's up?
Billy: You done broke the law again.
Sounds like one of you boys would like to be shaking it for me.
Excuse me, sir, you dropped your dick.
On account of your mama ain't here, I thought you might help out.
You got a mama?
Big man: He got a mama. I just got up off her.
Hey, that's how motherfuckers get their ass stuffed.
I watch violence day in and day out.
People don't realize that everyday civility
we all take for granted... it's a joke.
I mean, you put men in a cage...
all that civility goes out the window.
What you got left is a bunch of fucking animals.
Break the bread, brother.
Hey, man!
Jump his ass! Stomp him!
White bread.
I mean, it gets to you.
It's bad enough when some little punk gets fucked off,
but when a big corn-fed motherfucker starts squealing like a pig,
it does something to you, man.
It fucks with your head.
'Cause you know if they can do him like that,
what are they going to do to your little dope-sick ass?
It's just a matter of time, right?
(gates banging)
One night, the gates racked.
A new guy was brought down the tier.
I knew this big fuck was gonna be trouble.
He was a predator.
I could tell he was sizing up the situation.
He was just trying to decide who he was gonna take down.
This is how it always works.
They just yell, "Man down."
The guards come in and cart them away.
No questions asked.
Man: Look who they let out.
They bring in a crazy motherfucker like that,
it brings up the pressure in the tank.
This guy was straight "5150."
He was freaking everybody out.
I could tell he was just trying to size me up
to see if I was weak.
By that time I'd been there quite a while.
I had what they called the "Cadillac bunk."
I think he was trying to figure out
if anybody was gonna back my play.
After dinner, he made his move.
Guard: Doors!
What up, 'wood?
- I ain't your 'wood. - You're gonna be my bitch
is what you're gonna be. And I'm gonna take your shit.
What the fuck are you gonna do, huh?
Do whatever you're going to do, I guess.
(inmates cheering)
Inmate: Fuck him up, Slim!
When it happens,
when you take him down...
oh man.
Something inside you...
it's like you get this... it's fucking amazing,
you get this feeling of exhilaration.
You feel dominant.
You feel powerful.
It's almost erotic.
After that, things went pretty smooth.
I got some respect.
Oh, that sweet, sweet scent.
I can smell... the doctor.
You got something there for me?
I know you got something in there for me.
A little something for my... throbbing.
Something in there for me...
Guard: Get back. Get your meds, get the hell away from the bar.
Sorry, ma'am, they're freaking animals.
It's okay. I don't pay them any attention.
I'll give you my big bone.
I knew he was going to have a hard time the first time I saw him.
He's what they call "chicken"...
fresh meat.
And I could tell they were particularly excited about him.
Pough: Hey, baby. Hey, baby!
Come on with that shit. Hey, baby.
Hey, baby!
Mary had a little lamb...
Find out what he did.
So, whitey, what are you in for?
Stealing somebody's lunch money, or what?
I don't really... (mumbling)
Huh? What did you say?
Murder... I'm in for murder.
All: Oh, no!
We have us a regular serial killer.
You can see he's scared shitless.
Billy, what's up? You want him for your bitch or what?
- You've been down too long. - I've been down?
I'm gonna have him down here in a little while.
That's what I'm gonna have down for a long time.
- Long time! - Yeah! Come on!
Come on out, baby. We ain't gonna hurt you.
We'll be nice to you. Come on.
Pough: Tear that ass up!
Billy ain't gonna babysit your ass too long.
You can run, but you can't hide.
- Word, Billy. - That's right!
Uh-huh. I know.
So what's up?
Want to play?
You talking to me?
Who do you think I'm talking to?
Yeah, I'll play. What are you guys playing?
I know how to play that.
I don't think you do.
Sit down and we'll show you how the game is played.
- So what's your name? - Johnny.
So, "Johnny Boy"...
who the fuck did you kill, your babysitter?
Man, that's cold.
Johnny, murder's a pretty heavy rap. What happened?
I was at the drive-in with a buddy of mine,
we were in his truck,
and he had the stereo cranked up real loud.
We were all fucked up, you know?
And this big guy just came out,
told my friend to turn it down, and he wouldn't.
Then suddenly it was like this guy snapped, you know?
And he just started beating my friend right in the face.
Just whaling on him over and over and over.
And I had my blade, you know,
and I just wanted to scare him.
I didn't mean to...
(stammering) L-I didn't mean to do it.
Shut up!
Motherfucker's dead.
That's it, and that's all.
Save that crying shit for the judge,
- or I'll kick your... - Knock it off, man.
Pough: Don't be hurting my baby down there.
Johnny, listen up.
You're in here now.
You're gonna have to start dealing with this shit.
Now, pay attention.
You don't have to do nothing with Daddy.
Dude, you need to put the "ugly" on.
- What's that? - The motherfucking ugly.
You need to get an attitude or your ass is going to get tore up.
That's right.
Guns, motherfucker!
Big guns!
I'm not into working out.
- (laughter) - Well, that may be,
but it's better than some sick bastard
rooting around up in your guts,
if you know what I'm talking about?
All right. Let's play.
When they did the evening count...
he begged the guard to move him to another cell block.
I smell my little white tender.
(inmates yelling)
- How you doing? - Johnny Boy!
I told you, you're gonna get it up in your ass!
Let's do it! Right here!
The inevitable happened.
Inside, all things take their course.
(Johnny howling)
I can't describe the feelings that went through me at that moment...
but I do remember thinking, "Better him than me."
When Johnny-boy took himself out like that,
I started thinking about the precious things in life.
I started thinking about Gina.
(rock music plays)
- Bitch. - Williams, you have a visitor.
Yeah, you idiot, I'm talking to you.
What the fuck is his problem?
It can't be a girlfriend. It must be your mom.
This sucks
This sucks
This sucks!
This sucks
This sucks, this sucks this sucks
This sucks
This sucks, this sucks
This sucks.
This sucks
This sucks
This sucks
This sucks.
They first came at me with this deal for 20 years.
I'm thinking to myself, "What kind of deal is that?"
I mean, they were trying to break me.
I knew it.
They knew that I knew that they knew it.
You know.
So the only option was to wait them out.
I told them that they were gonna have to come at me
with something better than that,
or I'm gonna go to trial.
It's all part of the game.
Pough: What are you tripping on?
Man, I'm thinking about my family.
- Mose: Oh, damn. - I'm thinking about my wife...
Don't go there, Billy. Don't go there, bro'.
I'm thinking about my boy.
- You got a boy, Billy? - Oh, yeah, I got a boy.
And I was thinking about the smile that he gets on his face...
Come on, man. Let's go to sleep. Shit.
- Billy: Beautiful smile. - How you gonna go there?
- You got to think... - You can't do that, Billy.
I'm thinking about these motherfuckers...
- Watching my back. Every damn day. - Every day.
While you're in here... you got to think about them.
You can't forget them.
Mose: No, you can't do that. I can't do that, man.
Tell me about your family.
Billy, you tripping.
I got three kids, beautiful fucking wife.
Blessed, man! Woman will follow me to the fire.
But I got to live in this motherfucker.
I can't go there.
I can't go there and survive in this motherfucker.
I'll tell you where I'm gonna go, though.
I'm gonna take my motherfucking ass to sleep.
Mose: Fuck that shit, dude.
I'm telling you, man, I'll never forget this as long as I live.
Me and my buddy, right, we're in Washington D.C.
We are tripping our brains out,
and we're being walked in the central cell block... two white boys.
They walk us into this cell... it's me, my buddy
and about 30 black guys on the other side of the cell, right?
When we walk in there, the biggest,
ugliest motherfucker of them all looks across at us and says,
"Oh, fresh, white meat."
I about shit my pants right then.
But my buddy, he don't miss a beat.
He looks right at him and says,
"Fuck y'all niggers!
I don't pack shit... ain't none of y'all niggers packing mine!"
Man, I thought we were dead meat right there.
Is today Tuesday? It's Wednesday, huh?
What the fuck does it matter what day it is?
If it's Wednesday, it's "shit on a shingle" day.
I can't believe you guys eat that shit.
Oh, man, "shit on a shingle" is the fucking best.
All right! It is Wednesday!
"Shit on a shingle." Check it out.
Slim: Shit.
What's the matter, you don't want yours?
Slide it right on down.
I still can't believe you eat that shit.
What are you talking about, man?
"Shit on a shingle" is damn good.
You don't want it? Kick it on over here.
Knock yourself out.
Don't you know "shit on a shingle" is brain food?
Yeah, it gives you shit for brains.
Man, you're fucking crazy. "Shit on a shingle..."
that's the shit.
They finally came at me with a deal.
Eight years.
I knew it wasn't going to get any better than that,
so I took it.
I was just happy to get out of the madness of county jail.
Go to prison, get on with doing my time.
Man: Whores.
Those fucking whores.
They all laughed at me.
Those wicked little sinners.
Thought they were too good for me.
I showed them...
didn't I?
I took it...
and I made them like it.
You're not laughing now, are you?
I killed you dead.
I cut that nasty little cunt up into pieces...
Into little bite-sized pieces.
They think they can stop me.
But they're fools.
These walls...
these walls can't...
stop me.
You want to know why?
God loves me.
God came and spoke to me.
I do God's work.
He made me who I am.
Son, do you know God?
Fuck you! Get the fuck out of my face!
Take God into your heart and He will set you free.
Get the fuck out of my face. He set you free, didn't he?
So you can go out and kill those women.
Now get the fuck away from me.
It was bad enough having to deal
with the heat and smell of my own stink,
but those motherfuckers put me in a holding cell with a maniac.
This freak was a straight serial killer.
Hey, you know those women?
The ones we've been talking about?
Those whores?
God sent me down here to deliver them from their sins.
To rain righteousness upon them.
I'm sick of hearing you muttering that shit.
You're a real big man, aren't you?
Think you're a big man 'cause you killed them women?
I ought to stomp your ass right now.
The Lord calleth me to do His work.
The Lord calleth me to do His work.
You shut the fuck up. You close your mouth.
Hey, buddy, you play cards?
The big day had finally arrived.
I was being transferred to prison.
I'd been in that cell so long...
I figured anything had to be better than staying there.
What are you in for?
What happened?
I don't know.
One moment I was flying high as a kite,
next moment, I was in here.
I don't know what I'm going to do now.
I guess a lot of time.
So, what's your name?
My name is John.
Let's go.
Corner pocket.
Okay, you two gentlemen over in the corner.
Okay, let's go.
Go ahead down to the van.
Guard: Let's go, you guys.
Hey, homes, what's up with you talking to that "toad," man?
I don't know. He's cool.
- You ever been to the pen before? - No.
- How much time you bring? - Eight years.
Man, if you want to be a "reg" or a "lop," it's on you.
Those stand-up peckerwoods are going to smoke,
eat, drink, talk after the "toad."
- I see. - That nigger's...
Man, fuck you, motherfucker!
I got your "nigger" over here, motherfucker!
I'll see you on the mainline.
We'll see.
(inmates jeering)
Come on!
"Sammytown" basically gave me his blessing.
He knew I was a stand-up white dude.
That made things a hell of a lot easier right off the bat.
Once I got to prison, it was all about doing time...
how to work the clock.
I always wonder why they got a plant in a smut magazine.
It don't even match the upholstery, you know what I'm saying?
Slim: That is a nice plant, though. I got to give her that.
She's looking at him, she don't even seem like she's enjoying him.
- Where do you get those magazines? - Same place your mother does.
Don't talk about my mother.
This guy looks a little bit like John Wayne
if you look at him a certain way.
That kind of reminds me... the Duke is on Tv tonight.
How many times have you watched that show?
I don't know. 20, at least.
It seems to come on Tv about five times a year.
I'm down about a nickel now.
Man, I thought I'd been down a long time. Shit.
You know, the Duke is the best, man.
He's got style. He's all-American, is what he is.
- Slim: Oh, yeah. - Don't you think so?
"All-American" what?
So you was into smack on the street?
Oh, yeah.
Big time.
What kind of dope they be doing in California?
Are they into that "Mexican Tar" stuff?
No, I bet they're into that Chinese shit, huh?
You know, the kind that light a match
and knock you on your ass. Is that it?
Yeah, I'd like to try that stuff sometime.
I was into it all... mostly Persian, though.
- "Persian"? What the fuck is that? - Dope from l-ran.
If it comes from Iran, why do they call it "Persian"?
'Cause Iran used to be "Persia."
So? It ain't now, is it?
I don't know. I guess it just sounds cooler.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah, I heard of that shit.
Yeah, the "A-rabs" be having that shit.
And I think I knew a couple of cats
down in New Orleans who was into that shit.
They don't have that shit over there.
Yeah, they had that shit. You don't think I'm connected?
What the fuck...?
I was the man. Everybody had to come to me.
- You don't believe me, do you? - I believe you.
You don't believe me now, do you?
- I believe you. - I'm gonna show you.
I believe you.
- Yeah? - Yeah, I believe you.
I'm gonna come up with that shit. What do you think about that?
- Yeah. - Yeah?
You don't think I can do it, do you?
I can pull a few strings and arrange a few things
and have a few things coming in here.
- We'll see. - You'll find out.
Like a Mississippi gambler... I got my hand in everything.
- You'll find out. - We'll see about that.
I got the mud under my fingernails
I've been so close to the Mississippi...
Okay, all right. Fuck it.
We'll see. Proof is in the pudding. Show me.
What the fuck you talking about "pudding" for?
(muttering) Shit... tapioca motherfucker.
Slim: I was starting to get used to the joint.
I tell you, though, it took a while
to get over the shock of being locked up.
I remember walking the tier one day
thinking to myself, "How the fuck did I get here?"
But you get used to it,
once you learn how to play the game.
And the game... is cards.
All right, y'all in or not?
I'm in this. Don't get your drawers in a bunch.
He don't wear no drawers. You know how hillbillies are.
Fuck you, who you calling hillbilly, coon-ass motherfucker?
- You, stupid. - I may be stupid,
but at least I'm happy.
Yeah? Maybe you should write a book...
"How to be happy but stupid."
(all laugh)
Is it true what they say about you guys,
like y'all are inbred and fucking your sisters?
Of course it is. Have you ever seen a more inbred Mongoloid...
Fuck you, Eddie!
I thought you were from Kentucky. Isn't "Mongoloid" in China?
It means he's retarded, Mario.
That explains that stupid-ass grin on his face.
He's fucking retarded.
I don't know who the fuck you talking about, Eddie.
Your coon-ass is as inbred as mine is.
You probably be mixing it up with them 'gators down in them swamps.
I've seen you in the visiting room with that girl.
I heard she's your sister.
Come on, you can tell "Uncle Mario" the truth.
Damn, she's your sister? Man, that's fucked up.
- You were all up on her, too. - She ain't my sister.
That kid she has is yours.
How could you go up in your sister like that?
- That bitch ain't my sister. - That's not what I heard.
I heard she's on the family visiting list and your ass ain't married.
Everybody be knowing the only people
that get on that visiting list
have to be a relative or kinfolk.
Come on, man... she ain't my sister, okay?
If she ain't your sister, who is she? Your homie here just said...
Coon-ass son of a bitch ain't no homie of mine.
Can we play the fucking game?
Hell, no... you ain't getting off the hook that easy. Who is she?
We ain't gonna play the fucking game till you tell us who she is.
All right, y'all really want to know? She's my cousin. Okay?
She's your cousin?
She's my fucking cousin! Can we play the fucking game?
Oh, yeah, we can play the fucking game, now.
- (all laughing) - Fuck you guys.
- Yo, Mario. - Slim, what's up?
- I can take care of that. - Slim: Cool.
- Make it a deuce. - No problem.
Catch you guys later.
Are you going to play cards with us?
You don't want to play cards with me.
I'll just take all your money.
Listen to him. Just sit down here.
We'll show you who's going to take who.
I'd love to help you, but I'm on a mission.
- All right. - See you guys later.
Get your money and come back, all right?
Mario: So, Hillbilly, what's up with you and them banks?
How many did you say you robbed?
What do you mean, "What's up with me and them banks?"
You ain't exactly no John Dillinger.
How did you convince anybody to give up the money?
Anybody will give up the money if you stick a gun in their face.
No, man, you don't need a fucking gun. It's in the attitude.
With your skinny ass, you're lucky
the bitch didn't laugh you out of the bank.
No man, I just give her the old "skunk eye."
The what?
The skunk eye. Ain't you never heard of the skunk eye?
No, why don't you hip us to the "skunk eye"?
What I'd do,
I'd stroll into the bank real cool-like,
slide up to the teller, hand the bitch a note.
What did the note say?
I'd write the same thing on it every time.
And what's that?
"This is a bank robbery. Don't make it a murder."
That'll work.
Then I'd go up and give her the old skunk eye.
(all laughing)
Mario: That's pretty good. Let me try that.
"Hey, this is a bank robbery. Don't make it a murder."
That's pretty good, man.
And the beauty of it is, it works every fucking time.
Mario: You a crazy-ass peckerwood, Hillbilly.
"The old skunk eye"!
So what are you doing here?
Can't a guy visit his old partner?
- Ex-partner. - Come on, man.
I saw Gina and she says, "Hey."
That's real nice, you're taking care of my girlfriend.
you know I'll hook you up when you get out, bro'.
You know I'm good for it.
Well, I don't need any help. I can find my own women.
Not for a while, though.
I'm just kidding.
Don't go get all bitter, Slim.
What the fuck is this visit all about?
I don't want any visitors.
You know what it's about.
You had the money.
And all I want is my share,
and I'll set up the deals.
I'll give you your share when you get out.
You like to hold on to my stuff, don't you, Paulie?
You know you have it, Slim.
I don't know what the fuck you're talking about.
The cops got it when I got busted.
They didn't mention anything
about no 300 Gs in the trial.
Maybe they didn't want to report it to the IRS.
You know these cops are all corrupt.
Yeah, I know about that.
I know how you are, bro'.
You're like me.
I'm a con, you know?
You wouldn't do that to your old partner, would you?
Like you wouldn't testify against me, would you?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Listen, man, I gotta go.
Yeah, good fucking idea. Get the fuck out of here!
It was good to see Paulie
'cause I was worried about the money.
But he made it clear he didn't know jack.
Thank you, shorty.
Chingas tu madre, cabrón.
(train rumbles)
(train rumbles)
(whistle whines)
It's insidious how that shit creeps back into your life.
All the old excuses come back.
How quick you forget all the misery it puts you through.
You know what's fucked up, Mario?
No, Slim, what's fucked up?
I'm tripping on this shit.
These days, a fucking drug dealer
gets more time than a murderer.
I mean, what kind of shit is that?
Tell me about it.
My uncle killed his wife... he served two years.
You're kidding. For murder?
Two years... 'cause after that
they fried his ass in the electric chair.
(all laugh)
Yo, man, you got any smokes?
Fuck, Mario, you've got a whole pack there.
What the hell are you begging me for?
That's my money. I don't fuck with my money.
I see how it is. I'm sitting on these generic-ass smokes
while you be sitting fat on them humps.
You can just suck my dick.
Your ass don't be smoking, no way.
You just be chewing on that nasty-ass shit.
What's it matter to you what I smoke or don't smoke?
- I ain't the one begging. - I ain't begging, fool,
I just thought we were cool. Here... I'll see you.
I must be out of my fucking mind to ask your tightwad ass for shit.
Fuck you, Mario.
Would you two shut the fuck up?
Here, man, let's play.
Thank you.
Hey, Eddie?
I hear you got some more of them books you've been getting in.
No, I have the same old tired books.
- You've been holding out on me? - You sly devil.
He's holding out on us, Mario!
The son of a bitch is holding out.
You act like you've never seen no fuck book before,
let alone some real pussy.
Oh, yeah? What about his sister?
Fuck it, man. I told you guys she's not my sister.
If it wasn't for your sister giving you some,
you'd be getting no pussy at all.
Didn't they teach you how to come up with the ladies?
No. See, Hillbilly's from the boondocks.
In them hollers they ain't got no real women.
All they got is their relatives.
These dudes come up fucking farm animals and shit.
The first pussy ol' Kenny ever got was a goddamn Holstein.
Me? What about you?
Why don't you tell these guys what you told me
about them chickens up at your uncle's place?
You two are serious about this shit?
You're a couple of sick motherfuckers, you know that?
Y'all never been on a "heifer hunt."
Nah, man. What's that?
I believe that is where the whole crew goes out
and they get real drunk and then they go out
and bag the ugliest bitch in the bar, isn't that it?
No. A real heifer hunt.
Y'all never been on one?
No, man, what the fuck is a "heifer hunt"?
Well, it's when you and your buddies...
Hold up. This ain't about me. This is about you.
We don't be doing this shit in Chicago like you backward-ass fucks.
- Eddie: Let him finish. - That's all right.
We may be all backward and all down there,
but at least I ain't in here for murdering some old lady.
Shut the fuck up before I go up in your skinny ass.
That was an accident, you motherfucker.
Just finish the story, Hillbilly.
What we do, is we all gather up in my pop's Dodge
and head down to the old McNilly place.
You got to make sure to bring along one of them baby sledgehammers...
- What's the hammer for? - Eddie: Shh.
Now you got to do this shit around midnight.
'Cause that ol' bastard McNilly, he be having a gauge.
Y'all ever been hit with a buckshot? Check this out, man.
Come on. Just tell the story.
All right, man, it ain't no big thing.
You guys all act like you never done this before.
So what you got to do, is you got to go up to them pens
where they be keeping them little calves penned up.
You know them calves...
they don't be having no teeth.
All you got to do is whip it out...
and goddamn, if them things don't give the best head
in the state of Kentucky!
- What's the hammer for? - God damn it, is you stupid?
That little thing thinks you're the tit on its mama's udder.
Shit man, It be trying to suck your thing right off.
You got to hit him pretty good if you want to get him off.
Sometimes he just be sucking and sucking.
You keep on hitting and hitting it...
I can't believe this shit. doesn't want to let go.
I heard of some sick shit in my life,
but that takes the fucking cake.
Don't knock it till you try it.
I haven't tried suicide either, but...
I'll help you out with that.
(Spanish music playing)
- What's up, man? - What's up?
We got some shit coming in.
You guys in?
- Is it pure? - Yeah, just like last time.
- When is it coming? - It'll be here soon.
As soon as it gets here, I'll send it down.
- All right. - All right.
Hey... you going to ask me about my visit?
- Fuck your visit. Got the shit? - Yeah, man.
You know how it is. My old lady come through like gangbusters.
- The shit, bro.' - Okay, man. Hold your horses.
I have to get it out first.
Ooh, that feels good.
You're a sick fuck, man.
K.C. Pulled a major dope fiend move...
put the hit on the Brotherhood shit.
I never seen a fool make a bigger mistake.
Eddie: Dang, man, did you eat some of that
nasty "chuck and cluck" for dinner?
Frank: You are one lying motherfucker.
Kenny: That is one of them "stealth" motherfuckers...
silent but deadly. It just creeps up on you.
Eddie: Goddamn it, Frankie. Damn.
Fuck the both of you. What the fuck is this?
Are you guys playing or what?
I ain't calling you a liar, Frank,
but that was a garlic-smelling one.
You're the only garlic-eating motherfucker around here.
Kiss my garlic ass, Hillbilly.
You are one stanky motherfucker.
What the fuck is this? Are you guys in or out?
OI' wop-ass Frank must have a good hand.
Who the fuck is this guy?
Who the fuck you calling a goddamn wop, you little shit?
Come on, "dago-boy," you're the only
Mussolini-looking motherfucker around here.
Mussolini was bald, man.
No, no, I think Mussolini was a breakfast cereal.
No, man, Mussolini was a wop.
Wasn't he a big fat, greasy...
Motherfucker, give a little respect...!
- You understand? - Frank!
He's just a stupid, goddamn hillbilly. It ain't worth it.
Goddamn it, Hillbilly, you're one dumbass motherfucker.
What are you trying to do, kill me?
If I was trying to kill your ass, you'd be dead.
Are you guys finished?
- Yeah, we're finished. - All right. Let's play.
(rapid clicking)
- Fuck, Hillbilly! - Damn it, man, stop crying.
- You sound like my bitch. - Who you calling "bitch"?
Just hold still. Hold still.
So, K.C.,
you're coming in on a violation, huh?
I'm always back in on a violation.
I'm starting to look at my release dates like furloughs.
Ever since I was 14 years old,
the longest I've ever been out is 18... 18 months.
So what did you do on your last "furlough"?
I broke the record, man. 16 hours.
Damn, what happened?
I went over to my old lady's house to see my kid...
she's been hanging out with this fucking "new age" wuss motherfucker.
I pull up and he comes out on the porch
and he says I can't come into my house...
like he's gonna stand in the way of my kid.
Yeah? What did you do, homes?
What the fuck you think I did, man?
I broke his jaw in three places.
So did you get a chance to see your kid?
No, man. The bitch called "the man" on me.
They were down on me like white on rice.
I was back in the joint since that night.
Goddamn it, man.
You mean to tell me you didn't get any pussy while you were out there?
it wasn't in the cards, man.
Besides, who needs pussy when I got punks like you in here?
I got your "punk" right here.
You didn't even get any dope while you were out there.
That's the sad part about it.
Me, I'd be out the gate at 8:00,
and in the spoon by noon.
Yeah, "Shakespeare," you'd also be in the pen by 10:00.
- (needle stops) - Fuck, man!
Sorry, man. It's getting jammed up on me.
Slim: Well, it looks like you're "in the car" now.
What are you talking about, dude?
Word has it that you're holding.
Who tells you this shit?
Anybody that would tell you shit like that is a liar, man.
Ain't got shit.
- (needle stops) - Ow! Damn it, Hillbilly!
Damn, I'm sorry, man. We're gonna have to stop.
This thing is getting jammed up on me.
All right, let's put it away.
- How's your lady doing? - She's doing cool.
Get your pictures of your daughter?
- Yep. Sent them. - Oh, yeah?
Them at the new pad and shit.
That's cool, man. I'm expecting some pictures, too.
Oh, yeah?
Got something for you.
- Thanks, man. - All right.
(speaking Spanish)
- Shoot this out to everybody, man. - V ato: Hell, yeah.
- Gonna handle some business. - That's right, make some money.
It better be good.
I'll check it out right now.
Okay, Jamerson, get up.
What's up, Dudley? Why you want to shake me down?
We got the word on you.
Just get up and shut up.
(muttering) I can't believe this.
Well... look what we have here.
You know the routine.
That's my partner. How many points we got?
Let's just put it this way... we are kicking ass.
Frank: That's a temporary setback. Just play your cards.
Goddamn it, Frankie, what's up?
You're supposed to be the big fucking master and all.
I'm already in the hole for two cartons.
Jesus Christ on a motherfucking ladder.
All you can do is play the hand you're dealt.
That's right.
Where is he? Where is Eddie?
Is he scared to come by since we beat him last time?
No, he's on the phone sweating that dope, trying to get a visit.
No one's gonna visit that punk.
Shit, you know when he left the street
them bitches were having a party.
He's says he's the man.
"The King of New Orleans." "The Great Cajun Pimp."
Frank: Word's out that somebody did snitch on Todd
in that "unfortunate incident."
Everybody knew the motherfucker was holding.
All these petty-ass punks up in here,
I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner.
I understand the dope belonged to the Brotherhood.
That means somebody's gonna get fucked up.
Yo te mato, yo te mato
Yo te mato traficando
Yo te mato, yo te mato
Yo te mato traficando
Yo te mato, yo te mato
Yo te mato traficando
Yo te mato, yo te mato
Yo te mato traficando...
- What's up, man? - What's up?
You think I'm some kind of clown?
What are you talking about?
That dope was bad, homes.
If it was bad, I'll take care of it. Don't come off crazy.
I come as crazy as I want, homeboy.
You want me to take care of it or you wanna have a problem?
- Take care of it. - All right.
You know my word is good. I'm not going to fuck you over.
If it's bunk, we'll handle it.
If the dude who bought it is bunk, I'll handle him too.
- Don't worry about it. - You better handle him.
(inmates' voices yelling)
It's like you guys thought... it ain't no good.
- It's bunk. - Let's go handle it.
Hey, man, we got to do something if these fools don't put in that work.
I know he said he was going to do it,
but he better do something, 'cause this shit ain't right.
- That shit was bunk. - I know.
Can't let them disrespect us.
But like he said, he said he was going to check that fool.
If he don't, we're going to find out who it was.
- V ato #1: Check that fool. - Handle business, bro'.
Carnales are disappointed about what's happening.
I know, man, but check it out.
Got a little bit longer. I'm short-timing anyway.
Sammytown ain't going to be about nada.
Tú sabes, I get out in a few months,
my tio's out of Federal, be back in Michoacan.
That's all I got to say... Michoacan.
- You know it's pure. - Open up the whole clientele.
Hell, yeah.
Let's do this clown.
(rock music playing)
Check it out, Slim. Word's out on K.C.
He's going down. Stay away from that guy.
That guy's no fucking good. Don't even go sit next to him.
It'll be nice and short. You watch your back.
- All right? - I appreciate it.
What's up with that piece of shit, K.C.?
Fuck if I know.
Ain't you and him road dogs?
He ain't my road dog.
That punk is going down.
If we find out you're "in the car," you're going down with him.
What did that dude want?
I don't know, but he was tripping on some shit.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
I heard some weird shit went down with that dope that Todd had.
- Like what? - I don't know.
But something ain't right.
You in the car yet?
I'm in for my visit, yeah.
I thought you were supposed to get a visit last week.
Or was it the week before that?
You're laughing at me now,
but when I get mine, you're all gonna be coming to me.
I'm going to be sitting fat just like K.C.
You think he's got the shit?
I know it. He thinks nobody knows, but he ain't fooling me.
I know he's got that shit.
Yeah, but that dope belongs to the Brotherhood.
You don't think he'd be crazy enough
to fuck with their shit, do you?
I don't know.
But he's got somebody's dope.
And he ain't kicking down to nobody.
That's all right,
'cause I'm going to be hooked up in a minute.
Yeah, I ain't holding my breath.
Well, you keep on breathing, then.
What are we going to do about K.C.?
I don't know. If we let K.C. Get away with it,
every "lop" will want to get over.
We got those youngsters that rolled in from State.
Let them earn their bones.
Sounds good to me, dawg.
(voices talking loudly)
(inmates cheering)
Slim: Everybody could feel the tension in the place.
It was going down and nobody was gonna stop it.
Hating breeds your disease
Gave me a number
And took away my name
Dying, dying
In the city of pain
The emptiness... tortured nights
Sands of stone... got no rights
Sharpened knives
Pools of blood
No way out, forgotten son
Gave me a number
And took away my name
Dying, dying...
Slim: Sammytown went off.
Once the killing started,
he wasn't stopping at K.C.
He was going for old scores.
We were all locked down for about a week after that.
It gave me time to think about what had happened.
It all came crashing down on me like a ton of bricks...
the realization that I'd been chasing the bag my entire life.
And all it ever brought me and everyone around me was pain.
That's when I started thinking I was done.
Frank: The cards are beautiful tonight.
Yeah, yeah. You're having your streak, I'll give you that.
But the cards are bound to come my way.
Looky here.
Man, that's fucked up, what happened to K.C.
That motherfucker shouldn't have gotten greedy.
What do you mean?
I don't know what went down between him and Todd,
but word is that Todd is coming out of the hole
on the account of that dope came up negative.
The brothers around here are saying K.C. Was living large.
He might have put the hit before Todd got out of the hole.
Slim: Shit, for all we know
K.C. Was probably the one who snitched him off in the first place.
Might have been.
I knew that guy was stupid. I didn't believe he was that stupid.
I don't give a fuck about that Nazi-ass bastard. He's dead now.
All I give a shit about is that he owed me two cartons for a tattoo.
Frank: Get paid up front next time.
You got that right.
Well, if it ain't the big Cajun pimp.
How's your "quest to slumberland" going?
I'm gonna get a visit tomorrow.
(loud laughter)
Eddie, when are you going to give it up?
Nobody gives a shit about your coon-ass.
You'll see.
(mocking laughter)
I have to go now, huh?
I'm telling you, when I make my big score,
you'll all be trying to get in the car.
- You'll see. - All right, Eddie.
- Good luck, Eddie. - Eddie, we believe.
Fucking Eddie.
- Eddie: What's up? - Not much, man.
Just working the clock.
Check it out, Slim.
It's the Rolls Royce.
It's the Cadillac.
It's the fucking motherlode.
Damn, Eddie.
You finally came through, didn't you?
That's right. You thought I wouldn't?
I'm going to be living large now.
Fuck. That is the shit.
Come on, man, let's do some. Let's do some.
That's all right.
What are you fucking talking about?
I mean, I don't want to do any.
I've been trying to come up with that for three months.
Now you're telling me you don't want none?
Are you fucking crazy?
I'm done with that shit, man.
Are you getting a little soft in the head?
I see how it is.
I see how it is, yeah.
Fuck it, then.
Hey, Hillbilly, wait up. I got something for you.
That poor ol' Eddie. He must have had buzzard's luck.
'Cause after he and Hillbilly fired up the smack...
the next morning, they call him down
to the lieutenant's office for a random piss test.
He stayed in the hole for the rest of my time.
You getting short, huh, Slim?
Oh, yeah.
Listen, Slim... you hit the street and keep on running,
and don't look back because this place ain't no good for you.
Yeah, Pops, I know.
I'm done with this tired fucking place.
There's got to be more happening in life
than coming back to this shithole.
Okay, Williams, roll it up.
- Huh? - You're going home.
Once I hit the outside world,
all I wanted to do is get as far from my old haunts as possible.
But old ghosts are hard to shake.
- Hey. - What do you want?
I just came by to see you.
So what?
I missed you, Slim.
I've been thinking about you.
Can I come in?
So, what have you been up to?
Just denting the couch.
Can I have a cigarette?
For a minute there, I thought you were sincere.
- Slim, it's... - You just came to see me, right?
Come on in, Paulie.
Long time no see.
Yeah, it has been a while.
Mm-hmm. Yeah, it has.
I guess this is where you take me out.
It doesn't have to be like that, man.
Just give me the money.
Fuck you!
- Just give him... - And fuck you, too!
Slim, just give me the money, all right?
Paulie, you got no balls.
Put your toy away before you hurt yourself, all right?
You think I'm fucking stupid?
Me, stupid, you smart, huh?
- Just give him the money. - You're gonna let this go on?
- Just give him the money. - Give me the money.
Fuck both of you!
You think I'm not going to shoot you?
- All right? - Just give him the money.
I'm not going to shoot you, right?
What the fuck are you doing, Paulie?
(laughing) Who's fucking smart now?
Huh? Look at that!
Look at that!
- Who's fucking smart now? - Paulie!
Who's fucking smart now?
Paulie, stop it! You stop this right now!
Bit by fucking bit, I'll take you out...
Just like that...!
(gun clicks)
Here's your fucking end.
Everything wasn't exactly going to plan.
I had two bodies in my living room,
a bullet in my shoulder, and I was on the run.
(train horn blasts)
It was looking like my luck was running out.
It was nine hours to the border.
All I knew was, I'm not going down again.
I'd rather bleed to death.
(crossing bells ringing)
(loud horn blasts)
I was driving all night...
bleeding bad.
I finally crossed the border, looking for the nearest hotel.
I probably wouldn't have noticed this place
if you hadn't caught my eye.
All that I've been through...
it's nice just to talk to someone...
(bills rustling)
Even though I have to pay you just to sit here,
and you probably don't understand a word I'm saying.
(door closes)
Someday I'll be on the radio
A Latin music star
Maybe I'll be like
Jose Feliciano
Everyone will sing my song
Everyone won't stop dancing
Maybe I'll change my name...
Quizá cambiaré mi nombre
El pasado es el pasado
Eso no es importante...
But the future looks very good
Llama a mi jefe
I won't be in today
Got too much to do
I've got too much to do
Someday I'll be on Tv
En Telemundo
I'll have a show like
Don Francisco
Everyone will like me
Niños will look up to me
Maybe I'll change my name
Quizá cambiaré mi nombre
El pasado es el pasado
Eso no es importante...
But the future looks very good
Llama a mi jefe
I won't be in today
I've got too much to do
I've got too much to do.
(music break)
(music continues)
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