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Dracula 1979

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[Wolf Howling]
[Squeaking] [Indistinct Yelling]
[Growling] [Man Yelling In Rumanian]
[Speaking Rumanian]
Here! Here!
[Yelling In Rumanian]
[Yelling In Rumanian]
[Speaking Rumanian]
[Captain] Overboard! Throw overboard!
[Captain] Hurry up! [Yelling In Rumanian]
[Man] It is stuck!
[Yelling In Rumanian]
- [Yelling In Rumanian] - [Growling]
[Captain Screaming]
- [Screaming] - [Laughter]
[Screaming In Distance]
[Man] Onward Christian soldiers Get back! Get back!
Marching on to war They're crazy!
[Man] Get off!
Swales, for God's sake, give these poor wretches
some laudanum to calm their shattered nerves.
They won't take nothin; Dr. Seward.
- [Seward] Give them something! - I can't do anything Come on
Dr. Seward! Where's Miss Lucy?
Where's Miss Lucy to help with my baby?
Mrs Galloway, where is my daughter?
Miss Lucy's in the house looking after that friend of hers
Fine time to abandon us Swales, I'm coming down
- Swales, I'm... I'm coming down. - All quiet, sir!
"But anyway, you needn't worry As soon as you finish law school, I'm sure our firm
will hire you in a second. '" Hey!
"You will make a beautiful addition to the firm of...
Snodgrass, Shilling and Wallop" [Door Flies Open]
Oh! Oh, Lord! Quick!
Oh! Is it all right?
[Thunderclap] Yes, yes
You're so much braver than I am, taking on all those men.
But don't you think we ought to have some say on things?
After all... [Together] We are not chattels
I know we're not. Miss Lucy.
Your father says he needs you in the wards right away Yes, I'm coming.
Do you have to go now, Lucy? Yes Into bed with you
Here we go Thank you
Now, remember, Mina, if you don't rest, you'll be stuck in this bedroom all winter
You're right You go down I'll be fine Good night
Good night
[Wind Howling, Thunderclap]
Lucy, we've got our work cut out.
I'm sorry, Papa, Mina isn't feeling at all well tonight
I know she's our friend, but, really, Mina's never feeling very well
That's not fair We invited her here for her health, and we have to look after her
Oh, Annie, don't worry I'll take him
Let me take him, darling There we are
Oh, it can't be as bad as that [Crying]
Bells! What? Bells?
Hollow bells! Listen! Sunken bells
Sunken bells Are you mad, Swales?
It's just the church bells to warn the ships, that's all
[Bells Tolling] [Thunder Rumbling]
[Man] Right again. Little bit more.
Come on, you two. Get your hands out of your pockets.
No, no, no!
Keep them bits of timber separate.
Tell them women to get out of the way if they're not helpin;
[Woman] It's freezin; isn't it? It's freezin!
Come on, my son Grab hold It'll give our mum some tidy frocks, won't it, Dad?
[Man] Hey, watch that boom! It'll knock your bloody head off.
Not likely The thing about these wrecks...
[Woman #1] Hey! What is that?
[Woman #2] Look at that contraption.
[Man] There's beds and stuff.
[Man Continues Talking, Indistinct]
[Woman #1] Good morning, sir.
- Fancy - That he is! Fancy
No one allowed on board I've got business
What sort of business? I'm a solicitor, Jonathan Harker,
and I've been on the road all night from London Jonathan!
- It's all right Let him pass - Right. Carry on.
What the devil are you doing here?
Our firm was telegraphed yesterday that this ship had been sighted a week early
Oh, God
The man we represented in the purchase of Carfax Abbey, Count Dracula...
Count Dracula, of course! I almost forgot Is he safe?
Who? Dracula
Oh, yes He's the only one who is
Young Mina found him on the beach last night, and we took him to Carfax
As for the rest of the crew...
[Flies Buzzing] [Jonathan] What happened?
We don't know. Maybe the ship's log will tell us.
[Man] All right, swing 'em across, Harry.
Excuse me Is all this cargo the count's?
There's more down below, but the rest broke up on them rocks
Filled up with some kind of dirt Dirt? What for?
Whichever it is, I'll take it
You can't do that, Renfield The count's not here to sign for them
They stay here 'til he comes around himself!
I'm sorry, but the rights of the ship owner are already sacrificed
since the tiller of this vessel is held in a dead hand
Where's the rest of Dracula's baggage? I'd like to inspect that as well
- Come this way - Harker, you sold me house right out from under me,
and you sold that poor count a right bill of goods with your fancy silver tongue
I've half a mind to tell Dracula he been took good
I wonder if I could impose upon you to ask the count when he rises
if he would join us for dinner at Billerbeck Hall
- What, at the looney bin? - At my home, Mr Renfield Come
I'll give him the message, but I don't think he'll be in the mood for any fancy socializin'
[Man] Go back. Go back a little bit more.
[Snorts] [Man] Good morning, ma'am.
Thank God you're here! We've had the most...
There, there! That's enough of that Save that 'til after you're married
I can't tell you how dreadful it's been Slow down, Lucy
Slow down I had to come to meet your new neighbor
It was terrifying Mina found him washed up on the beach It's a miracle he's not dead
You look lovely I look dreadful I haven't been to bed all night
[Crows Cawing]
[Grunting, Laughing]
Now for the stairs
[Hinges Creaking]
This is the last one
And lucky for you 'cause I'm not a bloody machine
- [Animal Screeching] - [Gasps]
[Screeching Continues]
[Seward] Pushed along by the storm, no doubt.
No storm could have caused that captain's throat wound
I've never seen anything so ghastly! Oh, please Not before dinner
Sorry And, Dr. Seward, that wolf or dog or whatever it was...
Oh, a dog, I'm sure
Probably the ship's mascot
Early this morning that big dog belonging to the dustman were found dead as a doornail.
Had its throat torn away
- Tore away? - Aye. By some savage claw they say.
Count Dracula
Good evening
Miss Seward Good evening, Count.
Dr Seward Miss Van Helsing!
My savior
I trust you're feeling improved
Oh, yes Thank you
I don't think she looks well at all
Well, perhaps a trifle pale
Count Dracula, we haven't actually met.
- Uh, this is... - Yes, Jonathan Harker, my new English solicitor
I have enjoyed our correspondence And I, too, I must say
I must thank you for finding me an extraordinary house here in Whitby
[Laughing] [Jonathan] It's a pleasure.
I'm sorry, but I don't see how anyone,
except possibly Milo Renfield, could spend even a day at Carfax Abbey.
A house, Miss Seward, cannot be made habitable in a day.
And after all, how few days go to make up a century
Sorry, I don't understand
I'm of an old family. To live in a new house would be impossible for me.
I got dinner hot,
if anybody cares.
I care, Mr Swales Come on, Lucy
Come along, Count Food
[Clock Chiming]
Miss Van Helsing
It is difficult for me to express precisely,
but there seemed to be a doom over the ship from the moment we left Varna
Count, uh, some wine... No, thank you, Doctor
I never drink wine
Before you arrived, we were looking at the ship's log
It wasn't lost at sea? No
The very last entry was a strange word:
A word that Mina thought meant "undead"
Undead? Yes, uh, nosferatu.
Ah! It means not dead. You were right
No, with your permission and all due respect to Miss Van Helsing...
Yes, I'm quite finished, thank you... there is a distinction:
The words not dead...
[Swales] Damn! Carry the simple meaning...
Dead, undead. I don't care. They all frighten me.
Oh, I love to be frightened
Do you?
["La Cumparsita'"]
This is written in an obscure regional dialect
The captain was a Magyar; I am Szekler Unfortunately I can't translate it for you
Magyar [Chuckles] Szekler
I had no idea, Count, that your country was so complex.
Oh, yes, Doctor. It's very, very complex.
[Mina] More coffee? [Seward] Mmm.
So, you've come to England, Count, to settle down?
To settle down? No, hardly that
I've come to wander through the crowded streets of London
or to be here in the midst of the whirl and rush of humanity
To share its life, its change, its death
You, uh... You have a great lust for life, Count
How well you phrase it
[Swales] Miss Van Helsing!
[Gasping] I'm all right. I'm just dizzy.
Swales, get the laudanum No! No drugs.
You must not pollute her blood Put her here on the couch
Mmm Oh
Forgive me, Doctor You see, in my country we are a simpler people
The strain of the last day has been too much for you, Miss Van Helsing.
And I am the cause, I fear
No, no It's just... It's just this pain in my head
It runs down here into my neck I can remove this pain
- So can I Swales, get my... - No. Such pains yield readily to suggestion.
If you mean hypnotism, she'd be better offhaving the pain.
- Why? - I suspect Mr. Harker...
thinks of some ugly waving of arms
That is not my method
Look at me
When I will you to do a thing, it shall be done
Hear and obey
From now on, you have no pain
- And no will ofher own either. - Lucy!
I admire your candor, Miss Seward.
Precisely the sort of stimulating encounter I'd hoped to find here in England
[Jonathan] Indeed. Yes, indeed
I despise women with no life in them.
No blood
When you awake, you will remember nothing
Good Lord! Was it something that I said?
[Dracula] Now, Mr. Harker, come. We must talk seriously.
I want to sign the deed to my new home here in England Of course
Tonight? I won't hear of it.
This was meant to be a party to welcome our new neighbor
Come, Count
Come and dance with me
- But I hardly know... - It doesn't matter. I'll teach you.
I meant
I hardly know you
[Lucy Laughs]
[Horses Neigh]
[Horse Neighs]
[Bell Dings]
[Whispers] Jonathan?
[Owl Hoots]
- Oh, my God, Jonathan! Don't ever do that! - Shh, shh, shh!
I thought you loved to be frightened
I think I should go back to bed, Mr Harker
Mr Harker, is it? Looks like I'm not gonna be good enough for the likes of you anymore
Hobnobbing with royalty now, are we?
Really, Jonathan You pretend to be so utterly maudlin
We were just dancing Just dancing!
That's a right amazing way of putting it
Do you know, Jonathan, that if you go on being cross,
you're going to sprout the most enormous wart
right on the end of your nose
[Both Laughing]
[Rattling Continues]
[Wolf Howling]
It's nothing [Laughs]
It's just a dog
[Howling Continues]
[Door Closes In Distance] [Mutters]
[Door Closes Nearer] [Gasps]
Bloody hell, that hurts
[Bell Tolls]
Me bloody head
[Pump Squeaks]
Here we go
Here we go
Nice and fat and juicy
[Slurping, Crunching]
[Yells] Good evening
It will not open. You have nothing to fear.
I'm accustomed to barring my home There are wolves in Transylvania
Not here there ain't! You must have patience with me.
You must try to understand me
I can reward you with a long and fruitful life,
but I must have your loyalty
Can you give that?
Then come
I been bit by a bat
Yes, I see
[Man Chattering]
Good morning, Dad We got back Good morning, Burt
Morning, Billy lad Tally ho
[Woman] Come now! Mind yourself! Mind what you're doing!
[Bell Dings]
What is it? Mina, what's wrong? What is it?
The moonlight... The flapping...
[Bell Ringing] Papa! Papa, come quickly!
Darling, try and tell me what's wrong
l... l... What is it?
Papa, come quickly!
Papa, help her! What's wrong with her?
She can't breathe My... My... My...
My throat pains me so
I can't get any air! There's plenty Take a deep breath
- [Jonathan] What happened? - I don't know Asphyxiation
Just breathe in, darling Just breathe Mina, breathe
[Lucy] Try! Breathe Breathe
Mina, breathe! Breathe! Breathe! Try, darling
- Breathe, breathe, breathe! - I can't breathe! - Oh, Papa, stop it!
Breathe! Oh, Father, be careful!
Mina, Mina [Gasping] Oh, Papa
Breathe, breathe [Gasping]
Try, darling Breathe
Breathe. [Gasping]
Oh, my God, Papa She's dead
Look at her throat!
Two punctures [Gasping]
Not very large, but not wholesome
Not wholesome, Papa! What are you talking about?
Jonathan, get her out of here Jonathan, please
Twelve Van Briggle Strasse Amsterdam
Yes Professor Abraham Van Helsing
Now, read the whole thing back to me like a good girl
[Lucy] Nothing for me, thank you.
Come on You need your strength
I should never have left her alone
That's preposterous! You had no way ofknowing.
Mina has died. No, not lied! Died.
Telegraph or come at once.
Your dear friend in this saddest of occasions, Jack Seward. Yes.
Well, I do hope the professor gets it The poor, poor man
Poor Mina Do you think it was her heart, Doctor?
Or that pain in her head?
I don't know It's so long since I've practiced real medicine
- What do you think killed her? - Killed her? That's an odd word
Yet there was no sign of disease
What about those marks on her neck? Marks on her neck.
Hmm Perhaps she injured herself fastening her shawl
Oh, Father! Don't be absurd
You saw those wounds!
[Door Knocker Banging]
[Wings Flapping]
[Insect Buzzing]
Hello? [Buzzing Continues]
[Wings Flapping]
Is anyone at home?
Count Dracula!
You needn't shout, Mr. Harker.
You frightened me
I'm sorry
I had a key I had to let myself in
I wonder where Renfield can be?
I don't know
I knocked, but... Yes, well, the man is worthless.
It doesn't matter At any rate, you are here Come up
Thank you.
[Bell Tolls]
[Tolling Continues]
- Hello - Good evening
I'm sorry to hear of Miss Van Helsing's death You know already?
Yes News of death travels fast
She was very ill.
I could tell last night when I looked into her eyes She'd been frail all her life.
Oh, your key I only had it to inspect the property
Yes, of course Have you brought the original deed?
If you'd like to sign at the bottom
And some customs documents for your crates
Now, I didn't know what to say of their contents
Soil Soil?
Just plain dirt Transylvanian earth
I have a keen interest in botany
Can you drive to London at once to record the deed? No
Tomorrow I must stay with Lucy for the funeral
Oh, yes Of course
She's taking it... Not well She blames herself
She was with me when Mina was taken ill
I see Then you and Miss Seward will marry?
Yeah, I suppose so.
If I can ever persuade her to settle down long enough. Yes
She is stronger than most women, isn't she?
Yes, she is I must be getting back
Mr Harker, would you deliver this letter to Dr Seward? Of course
I should like to offer his daughter and he the hospitality of my home after the funeral
You're welcome, of course, but you are leaving, are you not?
- Good evening - Good evening
[Yells] I want you to help me!
Take me away from the cursed place [Muffled Protesting]
You've got to help me! You've got to help me!
You've got to save me! You've got to save me!
Oh, please! You've got to help me! Help me get away!
[Bat Crying]
[Inmates Shouting, Indistinct]
[Renfield Moaning]
We need to get him to Mr Swales
Come on! Come on!
[Swales] Hold the door [Renfield] Let me go! Please
Get in! Go on!
The stench in here! Don't you ever clean it out, Swales?
[Swales] Hold him! Hold him there.
The master's angry He promised me lives! Not little ones Agh!
Flies and spiders But big ones: Human lives
"I am the resurrection and the life. He that believeth in me, yea, though he were dead...
"yet shall he live, and whosoever believeth in me shall never die
"I know that my redeemer liveth,
"and that I shall rise out of the earth on the last day
"and shall be covered again with my skin
"and shall see the Lord in my flesh
"Behold I show you a mystery.
"When the trumpet shall sound, the dead shall be raised incorruptible,
"and we shall be changed. [Baby Whimpering]
"Then shall be brought to pass that which says, 'Death, where is thy sting?
Oh, grave, where is thy victory?"
[Sobbing] [Jonathan] I don't see why not.
It will do you no good to stay around here feeling sorry for yourself...
feeling guilty for no reason You don't understand, Jonathan
I don't want to feel happy, to feel silly Not now
Then I'll come back tomorrow night
You needn't I can manage
Can you?
Jonathan, let's not part enemies
[Scoffs] We're not enemies
Oh, Lucy
Mina's father, uh, Professor Van Helsing,
is arriving from Paris this evening, and we shall have to meet him
I'm afraid we shall be unable to take advantage of Count Dracula's invitation to dinner
Invitation to dinner? You didn't tell me... Didn't I?
It doesn't matter now I'll send word around excusing us
No, I'll go! Go? I should thought...
As a courtesy
He's sending a carriage around at 8:00
So, if you, uh...
[Bell Tolling]
[Wolf Howling]
[Howling Continues]
[Man] Whitby. Whitby.
This is Whitby station.
This train will call at Scarborough, Bridlington and Kingston upon Hull.
Ah, porter
Whitby. Whitby.
There are two portmanteaux in there
... will call at Scarborough, Bridlington and Kingston upon Hull.
Abraham. Ab...
In my own house
How can I ever...
What happened?
What in God's name could have happened? I don't know I don't know
Jack, you must explain to me
I insist From the beginning
As patiently as you can I am baffled
[Horse Snorts]
[Horse Neighs]
[Door Opens]
[Hinges Creaking]
Hello [Slams]
Is anyone here?
Count Dracula?
Good evening.
Welcome to Carfax Abbey, Miss Seward
Thank you
I regret Mr. Harker and your father were unable tojoin us.
Let me see to your comfort
Of course you examined her with great care.
There were no functional causes None
She'd been nervous, certainly... sleepwalking... Sleepwalking?
Nightmares I prescribed laudanum
What? Laudanum?
For nervous prostration
But a great loss of blood
Mina was so young
So are you
Tonight I feel positively ancient
There are worse things than death You must believe me
If there are, I can't imagine them
I have buried many friends, and I, too, am weary.
I am the last of my kind...
descended from a conquering race
My family was its heart's blood, its brains, its swords
But the warlike days are over
It is not healthy to live in the past
No, it isn't.
Jonathan Harker tells me you speak some Rumanian.
Well, hardly... [Speaking Rumanian]
There, you do understand. No, I have no idea what you said
I said it would be nice to see you smile
Then you should be pleased Oh, I am.
But I must warn you to take care
Whatever for?
If at any time my company does not please you,
you will have only yourself to blame,
for an acquaintance who seldom forces himself
but is difficult to be rid of
[Woman Screaming]
Murder! She's murdered my baby.
What's going on here? Stop her!
Help me! She's murdered my baby
- My God! No, Annie! - [Annie Wailing]
Annie! No!
- No, Annie! Annie! - Stop her! She killed him!
No, Annie! Please! Please don't! [Screaming]
[Annie Crying]
What's happening?
Two punctures directly into the aorta?
[Annie] Shejust opened the door like she had a key!
She said, could she have my little Alex No, no, please Please
She was as hot as a burning coal, and her eyes were red like rubies
And her lips all drawed back and her breath so foul
And she had these long dreadful teeth
like fangs of a wolf... like nothing from this earth.
Then she grabbed him and I grabbed her.
- And the next thing I remembered, she's kneeling... - You did not know her?
Yes, I did I did so
It was Miss Lucy's friend, Mina,
that we put in the earth yesterday.
[Wolves Howling]
Listen to them
The children of the night
What sad music they make
Do you think it's sad? So lonely Like weeping
I think it's a wonderful sound
I really love the night It's so simple
So deceptive
So exciting!
You take the dawn for granted
The warm hot sunlight
But the night... Was made to enjoy
Yes Yes, it was
It was made to enjoy life
and love
Look at me Look
You must forgive me What for?
For intruding on your life
I came of my own accord
You should perhaps go No, I'd rather stay
It will be light soon Not for hours yet
I will see you again
Oh, please
Ah, Jack
Will you take some breakfast?
Oh, thank you, Jackie
A little later, perhaps, if you please
Thank you.
you should come inside now; it's getting very cold
I was just sitting a while with Mina
What are these?
Ah! Those tiny flowers are from the garlic plant
Whatever for?
Do you believe in corporeal transference?
No In materialization?
No And not in astral bodies?
What is this to do with Mina?
You know the legends of central Europe
of the werewolves and the vampires Vampires?
Creatures who suck the blood of the living
You aren't saying that Mina was attacked... A creature that is dead
and yet not dead... a thing that lives after its death
by drinking... Oh, no!
It must have blood, or it dies an agonizing death Please stop!
Miss Lucy!
wonder if I may?
This was to be Mina's
for her birthday
She would want you to have it
and to wear it always
[Hoofbeats Approaching]
[Hoofbeats Continue]
Good evening, Miss Seward
Good evening
I am Count Dracula
Abraham Van Helsing
Then it is your daughter, sir, who brings me here
I have come to pay my respects.
What is that around your neck?
This? It's a gift from Professor Van Helsing
How kind
We werejust going inside. Perhaps you'd like tojoin us.
No, thank you
With your permission, sir
With my blessing
Do sit down, Professor I'll bring you some tea
Thank you, Miss Lucy
[Horse Neighs In Distance]
[Wolf Howling]
Abraham, this is nonsense!
This is witchcraft!
This beast can tell us nothing
There are no such things as vampires
[Chimes Jingling]
[Wolf Howling]
[Bell Tolling] [Neighing]
There's nothing but the Lord's own dead out here
- I can't hold him! - [Neighing]
[Van Helsing] Let him go then.
[Neighing Continues]
What if he should break a leg? He won't.
Look how alert! Hmm?
You see, he knows
He will find out where lies the vampire
just as surely as you, Jack Seward, could palpate a human cancer.
- [Neighing Continues] - Stop him! Dear God in heaven, stop him.
Now it is you, my best beloved one.
You will be flesh of my flesh,
blood of my blood
You shall cross land or sea...
to do my bidding.
I need your blood
I need
Give me a wrenching iron, Jack
Hold up the cross
[Wood Cracking]
That's not possible I saw her put...
Body snatchers!
The mines! They run underneath the entire town everywhere.
No! Abraham, please! L-l-I beg of you
[Owl Hooting]
- [Screeching] - [Yells]
Oh! The cross.
[Moans] The cross!
Kom met me. We moeten samen rusten, Papa
Kom, Papa
Laat mid. Laat mid. Mid met rust!
Kom met me mee, Papa
[Yelling] [Breathing Heavily]
Mina, no!
[Mina Snarling]
Mr Harker! Mrs Galloway,
I'm sorry, but is Miss Lucy...
Sound asleep Which is where we should all be if we had more common sense
[Chuckles] You're right I'll wait 'til morning to say hello
Good night
[Chuckles, Knocks]
It's Jonathan
Lucy, what's the matter?
Lucy, what is it? Lucy! Come, Abraham, we need to get some...
Lucy! Dr. Seward. Jonathan
- Thank God you're back. - Doctor, quickly Lucy, she's so cold!
She has lost a great deal of blood
There's scarcely any pulse
She'll have to be given a blood transfusion
Pray to God that one of us has her type.
Swales! Swales!
Take these and rub them against the inside of all doors and windows
Crush them against the glass so that the fragrance permeates the whole room
and keeps away all evil and don't forget the little room in there
Oh, good God, Professor. Not garlic. I'm sick to my stomach as it is.
Are you feeling weak? No, it doesn't matter
She needs more than your blood, Jonathan
She doesn't need to breathe the odor from those plants
Do not trifle with me. There is a grim purpose in all I do.
Just a little bit longer All right
Ah, the devil
Come Not as bad as that
I did not hear you come in, Count
I am often told I have a light footstep
I was looking in the mirror
It reflects the whole room, and yet I cannot see...
Forgive me, Doctor. I dislike mirrors.
They are the playthings of man's vanity
You are a most unusual creature, Count Dracula
How is the fair patient?
Her diagnosis presents difficulties
I feared it might, my friend.
Would you care to see what I have prescribed for her?
Anything that you prescribe for Miss Lucy has the greatest interest for me.
My prescription is a most unusual one
You are a wise man, Professor,
for one who has not lived even a single lifetime!
You flatter me. But not wise enough to return to Holland at once,
now that you have learned what you have learned.
I prefer to remain
In the past 500 years, Professor,
those who have crossed my path have all died
and some not pleasantly.
Come here!
Your will is strong
Then I must come to you
[Dracula Snarling]
Abraham, the color's returning to Lucy's cheeks
Abraham, what has happened to you?
Dracula has been here
What for? He came to kill me.
It is he who is the vampire
Abraham, this night has been a monstrous...
He came to kill me, and now he will prey upon you
What's happening?
Please, for God's sake! Will someone tell me what is happening?
[Jonathan] She looks...
[Van Helsing] She's the devil's undead.
You can't seriously expect me to believe that Count Dracula is some hideous monster?
I don't expect you to believe anything
but what is
What are you gonna do?
To save her soul,
I must take out her heart
Heavens and earth! No!
It's not your choice.
She was my daughter If we fail here, it is not merely a matter of life and death;
it is that we shall become such as she.
- That we and your Lucy... - No, it's not possible!
May become foul things of the night
There is work... wild work to be done
And now
are the powers of all the devils
against us
[Lucy] Mrs. Galloway. Yes?
Would you be kind enough to make me a cup of tea? I feel rather cold
No wonder! The doctor's orders were that you should stay in bed
But how he thinks I could keep you there, I don't know
[Door Opens, Closes]
Mrs Galloway Good morning, Mr Harker
Where's Lucy? Oh, she's in her room, looking much better and asking for tea
I'll get the car
[Jonathan] Lucy, stop!
For God's sake, Lucy! Stop!
What are you doing? Where are you going?
Get out of my way, Jonathan
There! Now you must believe me
Lucy, you can't possibly go to him.
He's no danger to me He's a monster! A vampire!
- You're fools! All of you! - No!
She means to warn him
Jonathan, if you try to stop me,
I shall kill myself
I charge you on your living soul, Lucy Seward,
that you do not die or think of death
until this great evil which has fouled your life is true dead himself!
You dare try to confuse me!
Tormenting him who is the saddest, the kindest of all Kind?
If I could send his soul to everlasting, burning hell, I would!
I despise you! All of you! Get out of my way!
Lucy, no! Let me go!
Let me go!
You must not go
No! Be calm
[Whispers] Be calm
Take her home, Jack Watch over her
Abraham, what are you going to do?
Miss Lucy's life is at stake and so is her soul
Jonathan and I must go and find this monster and utterly destroy it.
[Hinges Creak]
[Jonathan] Oh, God, what a stench!
[Jonathan Groans]
Take the cross, Jonathan Take the cross
[Hinges Creak]
Gentlemen, how kind of you to call
I have underestimated your powers, Count Dracula,
to move about in daylight hours
It is always daylight somewhere on earth, Professor
After my rest, my need is only to stay in darkness
[Door Slams]
You fools!
Do you think with your crosses and your wafers you can destroy me?
You do not know how many men have come against me
I am the king of my kind!
You have accomplished nothing, Van Helsing.
Time is on my side.
In a century, when you are dust,
I shall wake and call Lucy, my queen, from her grave
No! Yes.
I have in my time had many brides, Mr Harker,
- but I shall set Lucy above them all - You won't get Lucy
She's mine already
- No! - [Screeching]
[Grunts] God!
[Screeching Continues]
[Jonathan] Damn you!
- [Screeching] - [Screaming]
Help me, Professor!
Oh, no
[Speaking Dutch]
[Speaking Latin]
But I helped him. I saw that two of those crates were safely delivered from the ship.
Yes, but you must not blame yourself
He probably had other coffins brought to him other ways You know this man's cunning
Pity my poor Lucy He's probably got them scattered all over Whitby
Then we'll find them and tear them open one by one...
In there? She can't be so ill.
I couldn't help it! When she came round, she was like a wild thing
You have given her medication? Laudanum?
My own daughter? Certainly not!
No, please Can I have a moment alone with her?
Please, I must I must
But, uh, remember, Jonathan
She's not what she will seem
[Hinges Creak]
Jonathan! What happened to your face?
You're frightened of me, too, aren't you?
Oh, I can't bear it
I don't understand I don't understand what's happening to me
[Sobbing] You seem yourself again
I've never felt so weak
Weak? You have the strength of ten men
Jonathan, can you still love me?
I worship you
- [Whispers] I worship you - [Mina Laughs]
Will you tell me something? Of course
What were you doing, you and my father and the professor,
in the cemetery to Mina?
I can't... I can't...
You say you love me, but you don't trust me
I would trust you with my life, my soul
Then tell me what were you doing,
you and the professor, at Carfax
I only want to know if you can still love me
Oh, Lucy, please Please
There's no need to hide your schemes and your plots from me, is there?
Jonathan, it's no use
Whatever he wants to know, he finds out
He knows everything you think, everything you do
Lucy, stop, please!
All right All right Stop it!
No Don't worry.
No Lucy, please
There's nothing to be frightened of I love you
I love you [Sobbing] Please, no.
[Whispers] I love you
I love you I love you
No, please I love you
Aaah! Professor!
Oh, no
Oh, no Oh, no
[Mina] Oh, no.
[Seward] She'll sleep now. [Jonathan] But shouldn't we stay with her?
My people will look after her You need rest
[Renfield] Give me them back! Give me them back!
What? Mr. Seward, make him give me them back.
- He's collecting bugs, and he's eating them alive - Bugs?
- He's disgusting! - What do you think?
You'll see disgusting when he comes Give us a hand!
- Excuse me When who comes, please? - You know Give me them back,
you crab-faced old buzzard.
You've got no blood in you anyway
And besides, I got one here that you didn't find In the straitjacket with him
Come on! [Renfield Protesting]
[Seward] Do you think Dracula will come back tonight?
Of course he will Well, we must obviously be ready
[Wolf Howling]
[Bell Tolling]
[Clears Throat]
They shouldn't have tied me up like this.
I would have gone quiet like a kitten.
I'd like a kitten
A nice little sleek playful kitten
that I could feed you to [Laughs]
I'd play with him, and I'd stroke him, and I'd feed him...
and feed him and feed him... [Crunching Sound]
Swales! Mr Swales! Mr Swales!
He's coming to get me He's climbing straight up the wall to get me
I'm dying and he's laughing with his red mouth and those sharp white teeth of his
like rats... hundreds and thousands and millions of them
[Whimpering] Oh, God Help my poor soul
I'm your slave. I'm your dog, master.
But please don't kill me For the love of God, let me live
Did I not promise you
that you should come to me at your death and enjoy centuries
oflife and power over the bodies and souls of others?
But I don't want human life
You betrayed me. You sought to warn them all against me.
Then punish me Torture me I deserve it But please let me live
Oh, Renfield
You disappoint me so
[Neck Cracks]
[Patient Shrieks]
[Loud Crash]
[Screaming, Yelling]
[Whistle Blowing] [Yelling Continues]
[Rumbling Sound] Oh, Miss Lucy! Miss Lucy!
Miss Seward! I've gotta have the key! The key!
[Jonathan] Hurry, Doctor. Come on!
[Jonathan] Quickly! [Van Helsing] Lucy!
[Van Helsing] Lucy!
No! Come on!
Where is he taking her, Abraham? Where is he taking her?
[Seward] Go left down the lane here Down the lane
[Seward] Won't this contraption go faster?
[Jonathan] It won't go any bloody faster
[Seward, Indistinct]
Lucy, come
Come to me!
No, you must go on a bit longer as a creature of the sun
only until we have left behind those who would destroy us
And then?
And then you will join me on a higher plane
feeding on them
We will create more of our kind, Lucy
Which way? I know that way lies Scarborough, but I don't know
Listen Listen! Hey!
Hey! Hey there, driver
Tom Hindley, is that you? Yes, sir. It's me. Morning.
- What are you doin' out here? - I had to pick up another crate
and take to the docks at Scarborough before l...
- [Neighing] - Whoa!
Look! That crate!
Scarborough The port!
[Jonathan] Then he's leaving England. [Van Helsing] After him!
[Indistinct Shouting]
[Jonathan] Hindley! [Van Helsing] Pull in front ofhim.
[Jonathan] For God's sake! Stop, man!
- Hindley! - I can't stop 'em!
- What are you doing, man? - I'm doing me best!
Pull over, man! Pull over
[Tires Screeching]
[Tires Squealing]
- [Man On Cart] Watch out, you stupid ha'porth - [Seward] Maniac!
[Indistinct Shouting]
Come! Come on!
Whoa, Billy! Hey! Ho! Whoa, Billy!
Come on! Whoa! Hey, Billy
[Jonathan] Hindley!
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
- [Screeching] - [Seward] Look out!
This thing mocks us, Abraham
If we are beaten, then there is no God
[Jonathan] The axle's cracked
Scarborough, how far is it yet?
It's ten miles! It's no use!
Come on! We must try!
[Fishmonger] Whelks. Jellied eels. All fresh today.
[Fishmonger] Get your fresh mackerel. Two bob a box.
Where is it?
You, sir This wagon You did see it arrive?
The one with the big crates?
[Jonathan] Yes, where is it? It's out there
on board the Czarina Catherine bound for Rumania.
- Take us to her We'll pay you - What?
You stay here in case they are not on board Take care
[Ship Bell Dings]
Hey! Stop!
[Speaking Rumanian]
[Sailor Speaking Rumanian]
[Speaking Rumanian]
- Dracula! Where is he? - [Speaking Rumanian]
Count Dracula is on this ship!
[Speaking Rumanian]
The cargo hold!
Where is it?
Come on!
[Engine Churning]
Jonathan, here I see it
[Mina Screaming]
[Screaming Continues]
[Mina] No!
[Snarling Continues]
[Loud Flap]
[Wolf Howling]
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