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Dragon Head CD1

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Sub Ripped by Freelancer
its people... its colors...
its contours...
are now just a hazy memory.
How could I remember...
what I took for granted?
I could always see it with my own eyes.
Teru, catch!
Discipline, young man!
Open up!
Am I the only one?
They're all dead.
You're alive.
Thank God.
I'm Teru Aoki. From class five.
You are?
What happened?
I'm totally confused.
The "end".
Excuse me?
I said it's the end.
End of what?
Morikawa, Kato and Hirata...
Serves them right.
All of them killed... by the red light.
Everything's changed.
I'll have you know that I've changed, too.
What are you talking about?
Did anyone else survive?
What do you think?
Take a good look around.
Seconds ago, you were whining.
So don't give me any crap.
The dining car!
You think they'll come soon?
Help... the rescue squad.
They won't come.
Of course they will!
Or we won't make it.
The food will spoil in this heat.
Stop being so damn negative!
Well, it's true.
Get out!
I said get the hell out!
Now, take it easy.
Don't think you can push me around.
OK, just take it easy.
Get out!
Beat it!
The guy's nuts.
Who's there?
You're hurt.
He's... he's crazy.
Nobuo. You saw him, didn't you?
I had to get away from him.
Hey, listen...
Did any others survive?
Do you know what happened?
As soon as we entered the tunnel, there was a huge boom.
Right before that, some guys had locked Nobuo up in the toilet.
It saved him.
Teacher, help me!
Help me, please!
Nobuo... help.
I'm in pain.
I need help.
You're the adult here.
You're in charge, aren't you?
You're supposed to help me.
Please... help.
Help you?
Why should I?
You sat there doing nothing...
while they beat me.
So shut your trap!
You're supposed to help me! Help me!
You don't know this but...
I can dish it out, too.
It's time for a little payback!
Take that!
Who's pathetic now?!
You're normal, right?
You are? Really?
I think so.
That guy's nuts...
going on about red lights.
Red light?
What in God's name happened?
An earthquake?
Outside, they should be searching for us by now.
Right? Don't you think?
We need to treat that wound.
Where're you going?
To find some disinfectant.
We have to hang on until help comes.
This is madness.
Ako Seto.
You're alive.
I'm sorry, Nobuo. I am!
This way.
Come see my new home.
Stop! You're hurting me.
We've got to get along.
We're all friends here.
What're you doing?
We've got to embrace the darkness.
Stop babbling nonsense!
You saw them, too... the red light.
What's with you and red light?
You didn't see them, then?
The red flash in the windows?
Bright red.
It's not just the tunnel.
We're the only survivors...
We're all that's left.
Our only choice is to live here.
We can't survive in here.
It's too hot.
The food will rot. What about water?
No problem.
What do you mean?
It's a problem!
It's a very big problem!
You've totally flipped!
Go ahead and live here then!
When help arrives, go hide!
I told you. Nobody's coming.
You don't know shit, do you?
Shut up!
Hey... the radio!
I heard a voice!
It's all over!
Stop it! Please!
I'm a lot stronger now.
Shut up!
I'm not listening to you!
You're a fool! A weak fool!
He's all right.
Hey, get up! Hurry!
In here! Quick!
We're leaving!
We can't wait for help to arrive.
I warned you.
I'm not a pushover anymore.
What'll we do?
The roof.
We' climb up to it.
You OK?
Let's go.
Are you serious?
We have no choice.
My knee hurts.
I'll pull you up.
I can't.
Stay behind with him then! See if I care.
I'm going home.
Wait! Stop!
We found an exit!
Stop it!
Stop it!
Teru, don't!
Wow, you almost had me there!
Let go! I made this myself!
Who cares?
Stop it!
Shut up and get moving!
Don't go! This is the only safe haven left!
What's safe about it? Open your damn eyes!
Please stop!
Let's go.
Hurry up!
I'm scared.
I can't. I can't.
Hurry up.
I'm scared.
I said hurry!
Come on! Come on!
Hurry up!
Ako! Ako!
Move it!
Where's my souvenir?
How was the trip?
Did you like Kyoto?
An exit.
What is this? What's all this white stuff?
That isn't the sky, is it?
Is that the sky?
Teru! Wait up!
Where are we?
What is this place?
Be quiet! Don't ask so many damn questions.
If you don't know, how in the hell should I?
You don't have to be such a jerk about it.
I'm just confused, alright?
My knee and throat are killing me.
Damn it! What's happened?
Somebody tell me... what the hell do we do now?
I need a doctor for this pain.
And some water... and food.
And a bath...
Why do we have to go through this?
Maybe Nobuo was right after all.
Then maybe you should've listened to him.
What're you doing?
Going to look for food and water...
And survivors.
You heard the radio, right?
Could've been just static.
We can't stay here.
Just leave me alone. Forget about me.
We walked for days through the white ash.
He lo!
He lo!
No water, is there?
We've got to embrace the darkness.
Ako! Tea!
Thank you.
A town.
I wonder what's become of Tokyo?
If we return...
and there's nobody...
I'm sorry.
Teru, what's wrong?
Are you a right?
Oh, hello. Excuse us but...
We were um...
on a train in a tunnel when...
we had an accident.
Or when all this... happened.
But we don't know anything.
What happened here?
How unlucky.
You should've come a few days later.
Just think of it...
as bad luck.
What are you doing?
Let go!
We decided to end it all.
We had no choice.
The young ones resisted.
What else could we do?
Except pretend that none of it ever happened.
It'll hurt more... if you move.
Well, are you going to attack or what?
You two, get out of here!
Kill them!
What... what is all this?
How did things come to this?
People killing each other...
saying it had to be.
Everyone went mad.
Pretend it never happened, they said.
Pretend it never happened.
Pretend it never happened.
Pretend it never...
What happened here?
Hell if I know.
Just as I thought. The dragon's pulse is irregular.
Dragon's pulse?
What does that mean?
I'll tell you.
It's an underground artery for magma...
disrupted by tectonic activity.
What the hell else could it be?
It screwed up the magnetic field.
Okay, look...
The Earth is like one big, monster magnet.
A shift in the earth's crust...
upsets the Earth's magnetic balance.
Oddly enough, one result is it wreaks neurological havoc...
on all living things.
Screw that.
You mean...
It drives people mad?
He's borderline, too.
Your problem is you don't listen.
Look what they did to our comrades.
Massacred for no reason whatsoever!
It pisses the hell out of me!
Average citizens attacking the peacekeepers there to protect them.
We're all that's left!
You enjoyed using this, though.
Screw you!
Insanity everywhere.
It's like this everywhere?
Tokyo, too?
The more people, the faster panic spreads.
Blame magnetism if you like.
Up yours!
It's all Nature's fault.
Can't blame people for that.
I've heard many rumors.
An earthquake set off a few nukes...
a huge meteor fell...
a fiery dragon...
Judgment Day...
You don't buy that?
Too preposterous?
Damn right!
So mankind was mad even before the magnetic field went haywire.
For millennia.
This much is certain...
The world was a much different place than you thought.
That's it.
Nature's mystery runs deeper than you could ever imagine.
Very odd.
All this work for nothing.
Where are we?
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