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Dragonball Z

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On the last episode of Dragon Ball Z,
Majin Buu was on a manhunt for Goku and Vegeta!
And when his search led him to the great Kai Planet,
life in Other World took a turn for the worse!
Vegeta wanted to lure Buu away from the planet
before he destroyed it,
but Goku wasn't sure how!
Oh use your brain, Kakarot!
All we have to do is raise our power levels
and he'll come running!
Of course!
Buu squash you like bugs! Huh?
Hearing their call, Buu didn't waste a moment,
but went directly to the sacred land of the Supreme Kai,
where the battle is about to begin!
How perfect! We can fight as we like here!
Please leave now, you guys!
If you try to stay, you'll only be helping Majin Buu!
Sorry, but we can't fight to our full potential
if we're worried about your safety!
Oh yeah, I understand now!
I know what's going on here!
Sure! You're thinking that our sacred planet
is going to be demolished during the fight!
Oh, well! Kick some butt, you two!
Thanks, Old Kai!
Do your best Vegeta! And you too Goku!
Grab a hold of me, you two!
I believe it's time for us to go!
I don't know about this!
You'll be just fine!
Where are we?
I've transported us to a planet in the physical plane!
Quite far from the action is taking place!
We'll be safe here!
You could have picked a place with shorter grass!
Oh, well. Too late!
Those Saiyans are a stubborn lot!
Why did they have to destroy those earrings we gave them?
I guess they plan on using the Fusion Technique to fight Buu!
But can they get the job done in half an hour?
Well! I doubt it! But at least they'll have a chance!
Hey! We should probably decide now!
While we still have a spare minute!
Right! How are we going to do it?
I guess we'll try the old fashioned way!
All right, Kakarot! You're asking for it!
We'll see about that!
Rock! Paper!
Reeeady! Rock! Paper! Scissors! Haa!
Yeah! I did it!
That's not the Fusion Technique!
Those idiots! What in the world are they doing?
Have they finally gone mad?
Yeah you beat me, Kakarot!
But there's a good chance that I'll get my turn anyway!
Gee thanks!
But if you wanted a turn, you should have chose paper!
The fact of the matter is,
I probably could have destroyed the fat Majin Buu
when I was at Super Saiyan 3!
But I wanted Gohan and the boys to try their hand
at saving the world!
I won't be around forever!
And, neither will he, hopefully!
All right, Buu! Let's do it!
What's the deal? Did he drop something?
That bum! He's sound asleep! How dare he!
No! This can't go on anymore!
He's killed too many innocent people! It's not right!
What in the world!
Ahh! Oh, no! What have we done?
We forgot to bring that other man and his dog
with us when we left!
That poor dog!
He's back! Phooey!
Hey! It's you, boy!
Oh, Bee this Buu has a screw loose!
Where are they?
Sssshh! He's searching!
Yeah! Now I can see them!
Good, where are they, King Kai?
The planet you're seeing is the sacred land of the Kais'--
the abode of Supreme Kai!
Even us lower Kai's
have a difficult time reaching that place!
I doubt Buu would have ever found that planet on his own.
They must have lured him there!
Probably to prevent him from destroying us!
With Goku there, it wouldn't surprise me!
Hey! What is all this nonsense
that you're babbling about, Northy?
Huh? What nonsense? Take a look!
You've got eye's to see! You lazy old kook!
Move your antenna a little to the right!
There! That's it!
Fool! Who does he think he is?
Forget this! I've had enough!
Yeah! He did it, boy! Majin Buu is history!
Fantastic! I knew Goku would do it! He's the man!
Is Buu really gone for good?
I'm afraid not!
Buu isn't one to be defeated by that level of attack!
Aaah! Rat!
Great balls of fire, Bee! When is this dream gonna end?
That beast! I don't care if this is a dream!
I want that Buu to lose!
Tear him up, blonde dude!!
Wow! This is good!
This is great! The best I've seen!
Northy, isn't that the guy named Goku
who trained here not long ago!
Yep! That's him!
The same fighter who beat Pikkon in the big tournament!
He's gotten a lot stronger since then though! As you see!
Who's in pink?
Silly! That's Buu!
You fought him yourself a long time ago! Remember?
Hello! He was wreaking havoc all over the Universe!
Total destruction, a mess!
You've got to be kidding me! That's him?
That's Bibidi's mad man?
He's been revived again?! This is terrible!
We're lucky to be alive right now!
No offense, Pikkon! But he's a lot stronger!
It's true!
Okay! On to Plan B! Whatever that is!
I hope they're having fun! Because I'm not!
Ancestor! You're shaking like a leaf, what's wrong?
Great! Now what's he up to? Better not wait to find out!
Where are you, Kakarot?
It's all over!
Majin Buu is too strong!
I don't want to see Goku get hurt!
Now, now! I wouldn't count Goku out yet!
You can still see fire in his face! Look!
That's not the look of a desperate man!
That's the face of a true champion!
Is it over? The dream! Tell me it's over boy!
Someone wake me up! I can't take it anymore!
Darn you! Where's your weak point?
You're twice as strong as you were before!
Your speed, your power.
There you see I told you, he's pulling out the stops.
So Kakarot's finally in the mood, is he?
Majin Buu! Your time has come!
The battle that will decide the fate of the Universe
is about to begin in earnest!
Can Super Saiyan 3 Goku topple the infamous Majin Buu?
Next time on Dragon Ball Z!
Previously on Dragon Ball Z,
Majin Buu touched down on the sacred world of the Kais
and the battle began!
Goku was the first to enter the fray!
Rather than attack Buu as a single fused warrior,
he and Vegeta had decided to fight one at a time!
lt would be a one on one fight to the finish-
the ultimate test for the ultimate Saiyan Warrior!
Darn, you! Where's your weak point?
You're twice as strong as you were before!
Your speed, your power, your recovery!
As Goku soon realized, if he was to win this fight,
he could hold nothing back!
Majin Buu seemed pleased by this new development,
but does he really know what it means
to do battle with a Super Saiyan 3?!
Okay! Let's see what you've got!
He changed! Again! Look at his hair!
I know we're both under a lot of pressure.
But let's try to keep our heads on our shoulders.
Wow! The heavens themselves are shaking! What a battle!
Come on, Goku! Yeah!
So far so good! Seems like Goku's holding his own!
Goku! Hang on!
Man! I've never seen a fight like this!
Neither have I. Yes, this is most unusual, indeed!
Mez! Take a look!
Isn't that the same guy that fell off Snake Way
and beat you in a foot race?
Hey! You're right, Goz!
Well no wonder he was able to beat me! What a guy!
He's not that great!
I know I could have beat him if I didn't lose both of my legs!
Lousy, no good Saiyan monkey!
Who's Goku fighting with?
That imp's giving him a tougher fight than I did,
and he quit against me.
I don't know, but I do like that pink!
He sure packs a wallup!
That's my boy! I'm responsible for that demon of disaster!
That's right! I'm the great wizard Babidi!
Majin Buu's mentor!
Oh yes, I taught him everything that he knows about fighting!
He's not much on brains though! It's all brawn!
Amazing! You must be the greatest fight trainer there is!
Yes! So true!
You're real smart for an ogre!
Come by for a lesson sometime, why don't ya?!
I will, sir! I will!
You disobedient, disrespectful creature!
Buu, I hope you get blown to smithereens!
How dare you make a mockery out of me!
Do it, Goku! Beat the Buu!
Whoa! I really don't think our planet's going to make it!
Naa! The World of the Kais can take it! So can Goku!
Give it to him, Goku! Yeah! That's it!
Have no fear, boy! I'm here!
I won't let anything bad happen to you, I promise!
After all, I am the Martial Arts Champion of the-
All right! Where are you, Buu?
He's tunneling under the ground.
He's got to come up sometime!
How does he keep it up?
I can't even keep up with him as Super Saiyan 3!
All those hits
and he's not even showing the slightest sign of fatigue!
His strength is preposterous!
I know I'm gonna regret this!
But this isn't the time to conserve energy!
Ka- Me-
Ha- Me-
He's down! He's exhausted!
Wh-what the heck?
Even my nightmares don't get this freaky!
No! Kakarot!
Kakarot! I'm right here!
Look I know it's your turn Kakarot,
but I think I'd better cut in at this point!
Unless you're finished eating dirt.
Yeah! Sure! Be my guest! Please! Be careful, Vegeta!
Count on it!
This is terrible! Vegeta hasn't been able to land a single blow!
He's outclassed!
What? How dare he! Ahh!!
No one does that to the Prince of all Saiyans!
Great! No effect at all!
I can't do it! I'm no match for him!
Sorry to butt in like that! But I'm not done yet!
Majin Buu's so much stronger
than anyone I've ever faced before!
But I know there's still a way to win!
Amazing! How do you do it, Kakarot?
You've always been like this!
Ever since the day l first met you!
Always ready to meet the next challenge!
Even if it's bigger than you are!
So we meet at last! We've been expecting you, Kakarot!
We were beginning to think you wouldn't show!
Hopefully now things will get more interesting around here.
How can this be happening? l am a Super Elite!
The prince of all Saiyans!
He is just a low level! A common soldier!
l am one of the greatest fighters in the Universe!
lt was the same on Namek!
You had improved so much
that you made Recoome look like he was standing still!
Your power had increased so dramatically
since our battle on Earth that l thought you had done it!
l thought that you had become a Super Saiyan!
lt tore me apart!
How could a low-class soldier accomplish so easily what l,
l had struggled my whole life to achieve?
After three millennia it has finally happened,
a new super saiyan has emerged!
And some how, l have become this pompous witness!
Then at last, it happened! l too, transformed!
After living every moment of every day
for the singular purpose of surpassing you,
l finally became a Super Saiyan myself!
The Prince had reclaimed his throne
and fulfilled his destiny!
But no matter how strong l became,
your power still exceeded mine!
At first l thought it was your loved ones!
That it was your instinct to protect them
that spurred you on and pushed you beyond your limits!
But then l found myself with a family of my own.
And my power didn't increase at all!
l used to fight for the sheer pleasure of it!
For the thrill of the hunt!
l had the strength immesurable! l spared no one!
And yet you showed mercy to everyone-
even your fiercest enemies.
Even me!
Yet you never fought to kill, or for revenge.
Only to test your limits,
and to push yourself beyond them-
to become the strongest you could possibly be!
How can a Saiyan fight like that and, at the same time,
be so gentle that he wouldn't hurt a fly?
Oh it makes me angry just thinking about it!
But perhaps it is my anger that has made me blind
to the truth for so long.
l see it now. This day has made it all too clear.
You're better than me, Kakarot. You are the best.
My goodness! That one had to hurt! Ow!
All right! No one fights like this! This is incredible!
Vegeta has given Goku his vote of confidence,
but can the mighty Saiyan sustain his monumental effort?
The fight that will decide the fate of the Universe continues
on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z!
On the last episode of Dragon Ball Z,
the battle to decide the fate of the Universe continued,
as Super Saiyan 3 Goku went head to head
with the elastic Majin Buu!
Ka- Me-
Goku fought valiantly,
but the more brilliant the attack,
the more demoralizing the result
against the seemingly invincible Buu!
lt was an impossible situation of nightmarish proportions-
one made to order for the unshakeable Saiyan!
And after Vegeta had tried and failed
to measure up to the same test,
the proud Saiyan prince finally realized
that Goku was truly in a league of his own!
The battle rages on- today!
It's getting worse!
This is the mother of all nightmares, Bee!
Hold on, boy!
Ka- Me-
Ha- Me-
Heh! You can't deflect that one! No way!
This is crazy! I'm going nowhere fast!
No! Our beautiful planet! He blasted straight through!
Enough! Get a grip!
The entire Universe is at stake here!
Let him trash our planet if he wants to!
We might be homeless, but we'll still be Kais!
Yes, Sir!
Come on, Goku! You're the one!
You're really strong! Stronger than I imagined!
Me Buu! Kill you!
Is that so?
Well, you wouldn't be the first!
And there's always that chance!
But what I represent can never be destroyed, Majin Buu!
Shoot! My attacks aren't having any effect on him anymore!
What's going on?
Aw, man! That hurts!
What happened? Did he attack Goku?
No, worse! He's making fun of him!
Goku's attacks aren't working!
Man! I feel like a hamster on a wheel!
It doesn't matter how much energy I put out!
I still don't get anywhere!
Hmm? Hey, we'll switch in a little while okay?
I still have some fight left in me.
I know you don't intend to switch! You can't fool me!
Come on, you know better than anyone
that I don't stand a chance against Buu at this level!
He'd tear me apart!
What? No! You'd do fine!
Don't give me that!
I know what you're trying to do, Kakarot!
So forget it! I fought him!
I had my chance! I know the truth!
He's stronger than me! You know that!
Go get him! Don't you worry about me!
You're a Super Saiyan 3!
You should be able to generate more than enough power
to destroy that monster!
Well, maybe I could have done it when I was fresh,
but I let the fight drag on so you could have a shot!
I should have done it! Darn it! Now I'm weak! I'll need time!
How much time?
If I even had one minute!
Just one minute with no interruptions!
In this fight one minute is eternity!
Oh, man! I don't believe this!
He's having the time of his life over there!
He's just playing games.
Kakarot, I've got it covered!
Your minute! I've got it covered!
Get the rest that you need!
But, Vegeta! You could die!
If I can't last one lousy minute then perhaps I deserve to die!
Hey! That's not true!
Sixty seconds, Kakarot!
All right! I'm going. You have one minute!
Forget it! No way!
You've already tried fighting him once! You could be killed!
Tell me, is there any other way, Kakarot?
Do you want to beat him, or not?
Yes, I do!
Then what do you say we drop this idiotic sentiment
and win this thing!
And don't worry about me! I'll keep my end of the deal!
Hm! Why not? I'll do it! Alright, but on one condition.
I don't want you to do anything reckless.
Just hold him off and that's it, okay!
You don't have to win this.
So don't get angry and blow yourself up again.
You died once!
If anything happens to you now, you won't exist anymore!
There'll be nothing I can do to bring you back.
Stay alive! Okay?
Thanks! But I'm already dead!
Well, here goes!
Not again! Can't they fight the old fashioned way!
Please! Somebody wake me up!
Not bad! Now if he can keep that up for a minute,
we should do just fine!
He's down! Vegeta's down! This is awful!
Just a little longer!
You're going to wish you hadn't done that. Come on!
What are you laughing at?
Oh, no!
Uh, oh! I'm not ready yet!
Hey! Where do you think you're going?
What's wrong? Leaving? So soon?
You're no warrior! You're just a mindless freak of nature!
A big wad of spit out chewing gum!
Is this what you want? Well, is it?
I don't think so! You're scared! Aren't you?
Go ahead and run away!
That's it! Yes!
Take this! Fool!
Come on, please! Almost there! Just a little bit longer!
What's so funny, freak?
What are you gawking at?
What did you think?
That I was going to roll over and die
from an attack like that?
You're nothing! Just a trickster! I am a warrior!
The Saiyan Prince!
Vegeta has no reserves left! He's in serious trouble!
Darn! Why's Goku taking so long? It's been more than a minute!
I don't get it! I should have been done by now!
Why isn't this working?
I need more time! It's not enough!
Aaah! Vegeta! No!
I can't take this! It's too much to bear!
As Goku struggles to amass the power he needs,
Vegeta is being throttled by the long arm of Majin Buu!
And the villain is finding a sadistic pleasure
in squeezing the life from the Saiyan prince.
How long can Vegeta withstand the deadly assault-
and how long can Goku stand to watch?
Stay tuned to find out!
On the next Dragon Ball Z,
it looks like Vegeta's plan to buy time for Goku has failed!
But wait!
The World Champion himself is springing into action!
ls the fate of the Universe
really resting in Mister Satan's hands?
Or is there a chance that more help is on the way?
Next time on Dragon Ball Z!
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