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Dragons Forever (Jackie Chan)

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Please have tea. Don't be formal.
Brother Hua, what we got today
Is through violence.
But now the situation's different.
We can't go on with killing and arson, can we?
It makes sense.
Brother Hua, let's come to the point.
Two days ago your men seized our cargo in Hsi Sha.
Brother Hua, you don't accept liability?
Yes, why not?
How much are you going to pay?
The cargo can't be sold
without refining, Feng.
Learn a lesson from it. Hua Hsien-wu, you...
So you took two lives on a moment's impulse.
Only a misunderstanding. Don't kill me!
Don't kill me, Brother Hua!
OK, I won't kill you.
Thank you, Brother Hua.
Brother Hua, you promised not to kill me.
I didn't.
Boss, what now?
You're jobless. Come and work for me tomorrow.
Thank you, Boss.
Money? What do you mean?
I want to give you some money.
Under what conditions?
Cheng wants you to forget this.
I won't, I must finish him off.
Rape me.
Listen, I'm doing it for your own good.
You'll lose for sure in this case.
So, instead of offending a ruffian
Why not keep this and win a friend?
You're not judge.
Let's see who the winner is.
Mr. Lung, it seems you're also good for nothing.
Who are you?
They're all Cheng's men.
Bitch, you're cocky.
Don't try anything foolish.
Mr. Lung, mind your own business, OK?
It's none of your business.
Come out!
Go and tell Cheng.
Are you all right?
Stop acting in conspiracy with them.
Objection. Counsel imputed the plaintiff's morals.
A dancing hostess
makes an honest living.
In real life, bad morals are free.
Objection overruled.
To save time and taxpayers' money.
The Defendant pleads nolo contendere.
Please acquit
by awarding him
benefit of the doubt.
the Defendant didn't rape the Plaintiff
but ethically, he was wrong.
Objection. Defense is misleading.
The Court observes law, not ethics.
Objection sustained.
Clerk needn't take Defense Counsel's last words.
Your Honor, I've finished my presentation.
Arise, Defendant Mao Shih Cheng.
Before pronouncing
I must thank both counsels.
Prosecution's presentation is terse and to the point.
Defense's nolo contendere saved time.
This I appreciate very much.
This Court now finds Defendant not guilty.
The case does not have to be referred to Supreme Court.
Defendant is released forthwith. Dismissed.
Thank you, Counsel Lung.
You used violence in Court.
Even if the victim doesn't sue, the Court will.
I know.
Why did you commit it then?
Are you my boss or my assistant?
I'm your assistant appointed by your Boss.
Where are you going?
Court two to handle a wife-beating case.
What then? To have lunch.
Me, too. How about joining me?
What do you mean by that?
It means 'yes'. Let's have lunch together.
See you at the entrance at 12 noon.
Let's go. Where are we?
I said, I'm your assistant appointed by your Boss.
Such a simple question shouldn't be asked here.
Where are you going? Go to the toilet.
What then? Get out of the toilet.
What then? Say it yourself.
How about having coffee? OK.
I haven't seen you around these days.
Only because you seldom came to see me.
See you later. OK.
Let's go.
Hello, Miss Yeh.
Have you made up your mind over that?
I want no compensation. I want your factory to stop production
till the drainage system has been improved.
If the dirty water
keeps pouring into my pond
all my fish will die.
How much is your pond? I'll buy it.
My fish pond is not for sale.
You don't sound like a businessman.
Even in business one must've ethics.
Don't disrupt ecology or pollute...
I can't quite follow you.
Miss Yeh, I know business only
and nothing else.
Well, show me your bill and I'll pay.
Our factory can't stop production.
How much is your factory? I'll buy it.
Let's close the subject now.
I'll apply to the Court for an injunction.
See you in Court, Miss Yeh.
Boss, let me bump her off. Shut up!
Get a new lawyer to play along with her.
The hearing will go on indefinitely.
Don't let production slow down.
Have tea. Thank you.
Lawyer Wen, it's been a long time.
Why didn't I see you at the races lately?
I've been out at sea most of the time.
Let me make the introductions.
This is Miss Wen
a lecturer of geography and ecology at HKU.
She's the chief witness in our case.
How do you do?
This is Lawyer Lung in charge of this case.
How do you do?
Lawyer Wen, let's come to the point. Good.
All data on it.
Can this case be settled outside the Court, sir?
Yes, if your client's factory stops production
till the drainage system is improved.
My client will pay any price, but stoppage.
My client will pay any price for stoppage.
Good, both our stand-points are clear.
win or loss, we lawyers get paid anyway.
Miss Wen
What standard you used to determine water quality?
The 1986 Standard ofthe Commonwealth Health Organization.
Commonwealth? How complicated?
I spend years abroad on this subject.
Let's have lunch when you're free.
I want to get an idea ofthis Standard.
I've put all data on it.
Good, that's all for now.
I must rush to Court.
Have tea with me when you have time.
Good. Excuse me, I'm in a hurry.
Let me see her out. Thank you.
You get one more case ifyou attend Court later.
Miss Wen, where are you going?
The library. What then?
Have lunch.
Me, too. Let's have lunch together.
Sorry. Why not?
I'm used to eating alone?
Me, too.
I hate company.
Let's go and have Japanese food.
Sorry. Korean food then.
I won't have lunch with you.
Only lunch and nothing else.
Haven't you had enough from her?
Hasn't she turned your stomach?
All guns here are powerful.
This .38 is commonly used by CID.
$700, less 10%.
This .45 Colt must be known to your comrade.
$1,200 each. And...
This M177 is an automatic rifle.
One cartridge of 15 bullets and some more.
Even police may get scared.
Can they be cheated as real?
Sounds, fire, shells, like real.
We'll take them all.
Thank you.
Less 20%, it's $77,000.
What do you say, fatty?
Sorry, cash only, no credit.
We were introduced by Brother Cheng.
I gave him no discount
for that grenade deal.
Would we rob if we had so much money?
You can't rob without money.
$15 for one slicer. Buy one, take one free.
don't you know us revolutionary warriors?
You bastards try to bully me.
You know what I did before I sell guns?
I was a fight instructor.
Wang Fei-hsiung? What are you doing?
I've just finished fighting.
Fighting? See you at same old place in half an hour.
Anything good?
It's the real thing.
Is it all here?
That fish pond's worth $10 million.
15% commission, that's a good deal.
Not bad, but it's no easy money.
If it was, I wouldn't have come to you.
Let's go.
Go now.
Miss Yeh, don't!
Don't let me see you again
or I'll douse you with fuel.
This fish pond is not for sale.
Can it be fixed up?
No problem. Let's go back.
I'm... You're a thief.
I'm Jackie.
See who I'm. Who are you?
You can't recognize me at this distance? I'm Jackie.
I can't.
I'm what I'm. Jackie?
I already said I'm Jackie.
What are you doing?
What's it?
Just now I saw a man.
It was me.
What are you doing here?
I'm looking for your switch.
You can't find it?
Care for coffee?
Why do you want to see me?
I want your skill to bug a house.
Do you keep fish like that?
Don't add sugar or milk.
It may pollute coffee. Understand?
What did you say?
I want you to help me... The last sentence.
I asked, "Why do you keep fish like that?"
Fish is the symbol of my life.
To forge ahead without turning back.
Why do you want to see me?
I want you to fix a bug for me.
Take a rest.
Birds are the disciples of capitalism.
Fish are the disciples of communism.
The two doctrines are different. Understand?
No, I only know you're killing them.
Why do you want to see me?
I want you to fix a bug for me.
That's not an ethical thing to do.
Better let me stab a knife in his neck
and make him tell you everything.
Good idea, but don't do anything.
Forget that I've come here.
I can't.
We're friends. Your business is my business.
I'll help you for sure. Why do you want to see me?
I wanted you to help me fix a bug.
Are you serious?
I was.
The pressure of life has made you a bit cranky.
Hell with you! Who are you looking for?
Who are you? Why are you in my house?
Your house? Which one is yours.
Block A, No. 9, Lo Yang Road.
This is Block B, next is Block A.
Sorry, I made a mistake.
You're careless.
Sorry, I'm new here.
I won't be so careless again.
Are you all right? Sorry.
Let me help you, you have so much luggage.
Thank you.
Sorry for troubling you.
Don't mention it. We're neighbors.
Stay a little longer.
No, thanks.
Have a cup oftea. No, thanks.
No. Bye-bye.
Don't worry, we're now friends.
We may end up close friends.
Can't we settle our dispute
outside Court?
Ifwe could.
I wouldn't have applied for an injunction.
A lawsuit is a tedious process.
Did you achieve anything?
Their lawyer asked me to dinner.
It doesn't count for much.
It would mean much if he invited me to.
Cousin, don't have inferiority complex.
I don't, but I'm an idiot.
I was supercilious when I was young.
I'm serious, for I'm your cousin.
A middle-aged girl without a boyfriend.
You mustn't expect too much.
I have no more choice.
Any man, healthy, with good features
of any size will suit me.
Employed or not is immaterial.
Ideals of no ideals are immaterial.
Responsibility or no responsibility is immaterial.
Any man will suit you then?
Any man will suit you then?
Yes. The only condition is 'no big potbelly'.
March forward. Watch out for the enemy.Be alert.
Brave all difficulties.
March forward.
Did you say 'yes' to that lawyer?
Why don't you say 'yes' to him?
Why should l?
At least you'll get an idea
of his trick.
Ling, come and help me.
Oh, no, this shouldn't get wet.
A burglar? Don't move.
Trying to run?
I'll kill you.
Come down.
You can't escape from me.
Nor slip through my fingers.
What's it?
What are you doing?
I caught this burglar.
Call the police now.
It's all right, I've fixed him at last.
Which ofyou is the burglar?
This is Mr. Wang, a new neighbor.
Thank you, Mr. Wang.
Don't mention it.
We're neighbors.
How careless. How's everything?
Bail out. Go now.
Do I have to go to jail? I can't stand it.
I can't even breathe in jail.
Fix it for me now.
Only because I didn't help you
you won't care to fix this for me?
OK, go now.
You may leave now.
Thank you.
Take the lift now.
Lift? I can't.
I can't breathe. I'll take the stairs.
OK, take the stairs.
Go now. I'll come to see you later.
What a coincidence. Oh, yes.
Lawyer Lung, representing Hua Chemical Works.
Hua Chemical Works.
My cousin is the Boss of Yeh Fish Pond.
Nice to see you.
Yes, but not at the Police Station.
And we're going to meet in Court too.
Miss Wen, wonder if...
Want to ask someone to lunch again?
Yes, is it OK?
Are you dating her or me?
Stare at her ifyou're dating her.
Sorry, not lunch.
What about supper?
OK, give me your phone number.
I'll call you and pick you up later.
Phone number?
Bite it, your hands are busy.
Thank you.
It's more comfortable.
Sit here, it's more comfortable.
No, it's not bad here either.
Impossible, let me try.
Oh, I didn't discover that before.
Let's have a drink. OK.
Did you drug my wine?
I feel a bit drunk.
The wine has just entered the stomach.
And part of it has entered the head.
Feel it. Any fever?
Perhaps it's a case of self-indulgence.
More like a case of infatuation.
I'm Tung Te-piao. What do you want?
I'm now in your room.
In your room.
Don't move around ifyou're unwell.
I'm chatting with a friend. That's all.
Where are we?
I'll go out ifyou don't come in.
I'll come in right away. OK?
I forgot to go in to get something for you.
Excuse me.
How did you get in?
Over there. I just climbed in.
Not so loud.
I want to ask you a question. Come on.
How could a nice man like me
so loyal to friends and a social elite
dedicated to the community
meet with frustrations and mental ravages?
I'll repeat that question.
Jackie, it's for you.
I'll answer you later.
Now stand a little back.
So it is her.
Thank you.
Where are you, Jackie? At home.
You promised to bring me something.
I'll go and get it now.
So you're with the woman who sued me.
You need no bugs to seduce a girl.
Frankly, what's the name ofthe game?
What about my future?
And you haven't answered my first question.
Give me one more night's time.
After I'm yours
ask any questions, OK?
Follow the original track. Get going.
Get going.
Where's it?
Oh, no, it was not in the room.
Guess what I have brought you?
All I need now is the toilet.
Toilet? Over there.
You still put the key
under the carpet.
The line was cut off
so I've come personally.
I'm now the neighbor of the fishpond boss.
And I've cultivated some friendship with her.
You're now her neighbor?
Bad, one ofthe women is now in my home.
Why are you switching offthe lights?
Isn't that more romantic?
I think it's better to have the lights on.
Just switch on the small lights then.
Let's enjoy our candle-lit dinner.
What happened? Let me see.
What happened?
A dog has run down a lamp.
Is that so?
What a beautiful dress. Where did you buy it.
When I was a student in Canada.
Let me hang it for you to avoid getting creased.
Thank you. No need.
What sound is that?
The wood bursts due to the dry weather.
Thank you.
This steak is OK.
I should've replace this cupboard last week.
Now it has burst.
Don't let it spoil the atmosphere.
Damn you burglar.
You burglarized my neighbor
and now my friend.
Bastard, arrest me.
I must switch off my radio.
You bastard. You're a bastard.
He was trying to burglarize. Damn you.
How dare you?
He's my friend.
Your friend?
I caught him burglarizing last night.
I told him to fix a bugging device for me.
Is he really your friend? Yes.
He's your friend
and so is that girl outside.
You told me to fix a bug in your friend's home
then told him to take me.
I'm your friend.
Why do that to me?
Only a misunderstanding. Please don't fight.
I'll explain
afterl drive her away.
Stare at me. Don't fight. I'll be back right away.
Don't fight!
Don't fight!
Must fight. Violence?
How nice. You've had enough.
You don't like steak?
Next time we'll take something else.
Go back now.
I haven't eaten anything. All right.
Bye-bye. Let's eat again some other day.
Stop fighting.
Stop that, will you?
Sorry. How did you get a black eye?
What? ls it black?
No. What happened?
I've left a coat here. Wait.
Don't fight.
Why is your nose bleeding?
Is it?
You're drunk. Bye-bye.
Stop fighting.
Stop fighting.
What now?
I should have asked you.
I don't know.
Anyway, seduce that old maid as planned.
Have her sell her fish pond and we get 20%.
There are other things
more valuable.
Right, gold, silver, diamond, antiques...
I mean righteousness and freedom.
What do you mean?
Don't worry. At worst I'll beg them
to withdraw the complaint.
Is it worthwhile?
Is it worthwhile ifyou get a hole
in your head for this?
You may getjailed for misbehaviour in public.
Don't scare me with that. Look, litter everywhere.
Snakes, rats and nonsense.
It's so bad to live in the last days.
And it's worse still to getjailed.
Why have you hired such a man?
Don't point at me like that.
What do you mean?
I don't mean anything.
Don't say anything meaningless to me.
Care for you.
He was not like that before.
You've changed much.
Life's meaningless without changes.
To ask meaningless questions
Iike he does?
Cool down. Have a cup. Have some tea.
Boss Hua, this way please. Please.
Now everybody will be OK.
Jackie, so you're here. What a coincidence.
I'm buttonholed by Boss Hua.
It's won't be boring you're here
I'll make the introduction.
You go first, I'll come right away.
Please wait.
Well, let's go together. Let's go together.
Boss Hua.
Let me introduce Jackie, my lawyer's partner.
He's handling your case.
Boss Hua. Nice to see you, lawyer Lung.
I count on you for the future of my factory.
I'll do my best.
They help me on your case.
Boss Hua, thanks for the patronage.
You've no worries
with Jackie handling your case.
Good. Please.
We're scooping up evidence
on your opponent.
Boss, something wrong.
What's his background?
Child Worshipping Goddess! Are you convinced?
Don't fight.
Don't block my sight.
Stop that!
Let's go.
Don't go! Don't fight any more? Forget it.
Sorry to get you involved.
My looks are damned.
You're surrounded by men and violence.
You must be up to no good.
Sorry, my friend's drunk.
Never mind. You three are OK.
Luckily you work for me.
Don't say you're my men,
or I'll lose face.
We didn't know they got two good men.
They made you bumpkins then.
Get someone to finish offthat lawyer.
There's nothing special about him.
Nothing special? He's good both ways.
Do you need "killer"
tattooed on his face?
That ship's beautiful.
That ship you're going to see is prettier.
They're coming.
Come here.
Mr. Lung, Miss Wen.
Don't you like it?
Yes, but you're going a bit too far. No.
Lunch alone is cut-and-dry.
A little variety makes all the difference.
Do you take each lunch this way?
Yes, if I'm lunching with you.
I don't like so many attendants.
Next time I'll serve you myself.
It's an expensive lunch, isn't it?
I'll pay for the lunch myself
to compensate for the lack offood at my home.
A lunch alone
will carry you very far.
I'll spend the interest on my savings then. Cheers.
Excuse me.
Take Miss Wen to the ladies' room.
Miss Wen, our Mr. Lung has chartered this.
Like to try the men's room?
No. Please.
Miss Wen, please.
Up there.
What are you doing?
Inside. He's inside.
Let's scatter and follow him.
Jackie. What happened?
So that's the end of our lunch.
Let's go.
The flowers are rotting.
Miss Yeh, come here.
What's it, hero?
There's no award.
Take this pot offlower.
One night with you is better.
We can eat and talk
as much as possible.
We're neighbors, now let's be friends.
Friends are often betrayed.
So you prefer to have fewer friends.
I'd rather be betrayed.
Your eyes have betrayed you.
They show you're not sincere.
You're only interested in girls.
I'm interested in making friends with girls.
Trust my mouth, not my eyes.
It has a scar. Can I trust it?
It belongs to my nose only.
I appreciate your invitation. Bye-bye.
No need. Anyway you must eat.
Let go.
You men care for nothing but...
asking girls to dinner or movies.
I have ideals too, but only in heart.
I'll wait for you at Glass Cafe tonight.
I'm not going.
I'll keep on waiting till you arrive.
I won't go.
Be sure to come. I'll wait forever
till I see you.
I won't go for sure.
This one coming is for real.
Miss, I must make a call.
I want to make a call too, sir.
Go on.
You won't last long.
A lousy man's unreliable.
What do you mean?
Look to the right.
You said 'no', but you're here.
You're here, but you're not coming in.
Go now, I'll follow you.
Action speaks louder than words in wooing.
Thanks for giving me the chance.
I know what's on your mind.
So you wanted to see if I meant what I said.
I mean it.
Ifyou don't trust me, trust yourself.
Can't you see you have appeal?
I'm not talking to you.
Don't be so happy.
I'm talking to the girl beside you.
Don't walk so fast.
Lady in black fur.
It doesn't pay to go fast in love.
A chance to others is a chance to yourself.
It takes two to tango, understand.
Lady in scarfwithout coat
stop and think ofwhat I've said.
Stop guessing. I was talking nonsense.
Making friends is not so complicated.
Have you finished?
Don't catch cold. Sorry, I've gone too far.
I do not want...
I had no other choice.
You're an idiot.
Acting in public? I won't be taken in.
Where are we going to have dinner?
Excuse me. We must go to eat.
Excuse me. We must go to eat.
Excuse me...
You dated me
in hopes ofwinning the case only.
How about you?
Aren't you doing the same thing too?
In fact, win or loss is immaterial.
Win or loss, I get paid all the same.
But you may never meet a good girl all your life.
When you do, she may already be married.
Men, too.
Most good men are married.
Don't stare at me. You're not a good man.
Because I'm not married.
What's wrong?
No need to use violence.
What now?
Well, what now?
Slap me, hit me.
Poke a knife at me.
Come on.
My own fish only!
It's no fun.
The pleasure offishing is not fishing.
But eating fish.
No, the peace of mind
while waiting for fish.
Why have most fishermen got wrinkles?
Cut it out or I'll get angry.
Ever thought of selling your fishpond?
Sell it and go with me to Australia.
We'll open a ranch and a dairy there.
But don't worry, we'll spend most of our time.
Riding on the verdant pasture.
On the bright horizon.
The clouds over the horse-riding mountain
reflect on the peaceful city.
The sickle moon and the peaceful city.
Do you mean to propose?
I'm an easygoing person.
Let me tell you a secret. Please.
My father's will prescribes that...
his future son-in-law shall inherit his fishpond.
Why are you reacting like that?
The secret you tell me
is putting a big burden
on me.
Impossible. It's my own secret.
I never hide anything.
I'm not sure if I can keep it.
So it has become a big burden to me.
Take it as your own secret then.
My own secret?
Don't you feel better?
Much better. One's own secret's different.
There's an old lady in that faraway corner.
Catch it.
I've made a fool ofyou now.
You're evil.
With me here you have no fear.
Go and see what caused the power failure.
Isn't the world beautiful
for us this way?
the food in the fridge rots.
The rice and soup
are spoiled.
And the food in the stove...
Go and see why.
What can I do?
I'm no generator.
The main switch's out of order.
What is it?
Jackie, what's it?
It seems someone bad has come in.
What now?
Take this to the centre and count 1,2,3.
Open it. Understand?
Go now, go quick!
Jackie, what then?
Be careful.
Tung Te-piao.
Are you out ofyour mind? I am not.
Do you know what you're doing?
Yes, I must finish off all witnesses.
Keep away!
Let go. Cousin.
All right. What happened?
It's no concern ofyours.
You're rude.
But you're a beast.
You lured her to make her sell her fishpond.
Fei, what's he talking about?
He's muttering nonsense.
I'll tell it even ifyou kill me.
Listen to my explanation. Don't listen to him.
Will you just keep quiet?
You should keep quiet yourself.
You told me to fix a bug.
When I failed and got prosecuted
you double-crossed me.
I see.
Don't listen to him. He's talking nonsense.
Listen to me, Ling.
Things are not as complicated as you thought.
It's very simple.
It really is simple.
No more nonsense.
Ling, listen to my explanation.
Explain in Court then.
You've spoiled everything. We failed
when I got caught in the house.
I told you once and again it was only an accident.
Look, you can't trust him.
You can't trust outsiders.
I know
this is a hard world.
I promised to get you offthe hook.
You two are good for nothing.
Well, have you finished?
You're taking it out on me. How about me?
Don't push me so hard, will you?
I'm always so hard.
Big Nose, are you using force?
Why not?
I can hit you any time.
I've already called the police.
I moved Heaven and earth to stop...
the Commissioner from suing you.
You're all not young. Why fight?
Excuse me.
Why did you fight? For women?
The thin man for two girls
The fatty for one.
I did it for two men.
How are you going to return...
my favor?
What's wrong?
I'm disappointed in love.
If I were her, you wouldn't.
Bad, we lost a lot offish.
The factory, it's making narcotics.
I'm sure you'll get off.
I'm sure you'll press the brakes.
What do you want? A good dog won't stand in the way.
I am not a good dog. You're not a good man either.
I'm a good man.
A good man never steals one's heart.
I'm true to you.
You said it.
Can't you feel it yourself?
No, I have no feeling for you at all.
You waste my time and fool me.
You're dirty.
You double-crossed me and yourselffor the commission.
Why didn't you keep away for me?
If I did, I wouldn't have come here.
Why take such chances?
He's as good as dead.
I mean, if he got a spanner
he'd kill you and me too.
I'm not that bad. Please listen to my explanation.
At first I did
want to use you
but as we got on, I fell in love with you.
So you want to be the fishpond boss.
At first I had such an ambition.
To show my true love
you may sell it for charity
before marrying me.
On what are we
going to live then?
Just take things as they come.
Sell it or not, we fare the same.
Dirty water keeps pouring down from the factory.
Let me go in to see what they're up to.
Let's get in.
Get in, as she told you.
Get in.
A visitor for you.
Don't say anything now, say it in Court.
Take care.
I wanted to help you, but can't.
I've come to beg you
to withdraw the suit.
No need. I've decided not to sue you.
I only hope you won't see me again.
No problem. I'll go now.
Why is it against me but not you?
It's the spell of love.
Would you do something for me? Sure.
Free of charge.
I never charge for any service.
Follow me.
You don't have to be like that.
It pays to be cautious.
All right, we meet here in twenty minutes.
This is to prove you worked.
Come with me.
What kind offactory is this?
How are you? Sorry for the inconvenience.
How are you?
What's this?
Just some telescope.
Robbing me!
Get him. Don't move.
Don't you dare to beat me up!
How did you get in?
How are you?
Don't move.
Detain him.
OK, so I must risk my life.
Here we go.
OK boys. He can't move now.
Tie him up.
District Court Civil Case No. 2346.
The Yeh Fishpond's applying for an injunction
against Hua Chemical Works from continuing production.
Hearing now begins Mr. Lo presiding.
Don't tie me up.
If he wakes up, give him another injection.
Dirty Fatso.
As I'm a relative ofthe plaintiff.
I entrusted all specimen tests to...
the Hong Kong University
Oceanography research personnel.
Their result shows
the lead content is 2% higher
and oxygen 3% lower than mine.
Thank you, Miss Wen.
Your Honor, no more questions.
This is a civil case, the statements given...
by the witnesses are professional ones.
So don't use the usual criminal tactics.
Yes, Your Honor.
Miss Wen Mei-ling
remember your vow about speaking nothing but the truth...
before giving your statements.
I do.
Please answer the following question
in sincerity.
Do you love me or not?
Why is he asking such a question?
Objected to as impertinent.
Objection overruled.
Let me decide whether it's sustained or not.
Please explain
why you ask such a question.
Sorry, Your Honor.
I have ample reason to ask such a question.
After she answers it, I'll explain.
Miss Wen, do you love him or not?
Your Honor
Iet's switch back to the water problem.
I testify in my capacity as an Oceanography expert.
I know you're an expert
You're an expert
but you're a female too.
The Court may object
to a man asking another man if he loves him or not
for that's abnormal.
Now it's perfectly normal for a man to...
ask a woman if she loves him or not.
I find no reason to object
to his asking you this question.
So you must answer it.
Your Honor, I don't want to talk about love in Court.
You must, the Court insists.
Do you love me or not?
You must answer it.
A false statement is perjury in contempt of Court.
You know?
He takes a threatening tone, but it's a fact.
Sorry, Your Honor
I may be a bit too strong in tone
but this question is most important for me.
Young men should take a serious view of love.
Wen Mei-ling, answer it seriously.
Do you love me or not?
Why force me to answer this question?
An oath outside the Court means nothing.
Inside the Court it is legally binding.
You're criminally liable.
I must have your answer, for...
it will affect my future performance
and way of life.
A sentimental man is harder to find than a gem.
I'm the judge, I can declare anyone guilty or not guilty
but I've no right to declare him a lover or not.
You're the judge.
We're waiting for yourjudgment.
I love him.
Your Honor, as we love each other and...
she and I represent the plaintiff and defendant respectively
for the sake ofjustice and interests of both parties
one of us must withdraw from the case.
Your Honor, please grant my withdrawal.
Permission granted, case remanded for further hearing.
How did you do your job?
Lousy men.
You didn't give me
a chance to speak.
Keep the change.
I didn't mean to be seen.
What's that?
Thank you.
What's that?
Nothing. Go now. I'll join you.
Let's go first.
Get a taxi. I've something to do.
Start on this side.
He goes that way. I this way.
You wait here. No.
It could be dangerous inside. I'm not afraid.
I can't take care ofyou.
But I can myself.
Is it clear?
Go now.
Put it on. For what?
You'll soon find out.
Be careful. You too.
Be careful. I'll do exactly that.
Throw him into the sea.
Don't move. We come to find someone.
We are here to find someone.
That someone's not here.
Nonsense. I come with him.
And he has not left.
Fortunate we have come.
Shut up.
This is my place.
Get away. What?
We must not be rash. Go.
They refine narcotics.
Get them.
I said I couldn't take care ofyou.
I told you I didn't need it.
I'll get you.
Wang Fei-hsiung, are you all right?
Rotten men.
Kill them and half ofthe action is yours.
You bastard.
Are you all right?
Make a phone call.
Call police.
Bitch, you ruined my plant.
My hand hurts.
I stop on it to hurt.
You pricked me with poison needle.
Does it hurt?
I told you not to come. But I care for you.
Don't do that anymore.
And you thought. I'm gabby bag.
Wake up, kids.
Why don't you tell me you're here
Tell me what happened.
What happened then was... Darling.
Love at the expense of friends.
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