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Dragstrip Girl

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[Engine revving]
LOS LOBOS S/NG/NG: Standin"on her front porch
Great ta// sister, sure was surprised
When / saw her /itt/e sister, /ights out
Lights out
/"m g/ad now the /ights went out
Sister knows much more about
What you do when the /ights go out
Mama /ooked at me, she was peepin"through the window
Way she /ooked at me, you"d a-thought / was a sinner
Lights out
Lights out
/"m g/ad now the /ights went out
Sister knows much more about
What you do when the /ights go out
Lovin"on the front porch, huggin"on the swing
A/most hear them wedding be//s ring
Lights out
Lights out
/"m g/ad now the /ights went out
Sister knows much more about
What you do when the /ights go out, yeah
[People chattering]
EVAN: Johnny? Hey, Johnny.
Cinderella wants her car. The T-bird.
[Man yelling]
[Engine revs, tires screech]
LOS LOBOS: The /ights went out
Sister knows much more about
What you do when the /ights go out
Now we"re married, we bought a /itt/e house
Wou/da married /itt/e sister but the /ights went out
Tch. A dime.
LOS LOBOS: Lights out
/"m g/ad now the /ights went out
Sister knows much more about
What you do when the /ights go out
Bye, daddy.
[People chattering]
VALET: /"// get it for you right away, sir.
BUDDY: Whoo!
Want to see me stop on a dime? 'cause I got a dime.
Ha ha.
Too bad, man. The guy in the Chevy gave me a buck.
BUDDY: That"s ten dimes.
JOHNNY: 141 Coldwater Canyon.
BUDDY: Yeah, /ook at the T-bird.
That is sweet.
EVAN: Hey, Johnny, hurry up.
The dime people are looking.
[GIove compartment closes]
- Evan? - Yeah, Johnny?
You take it to her.
- [Snap] - Ohh.
What are you lookin' at?
Beauty, man. I'm looking at beauty.
No. You're lookin' at ice, man.
And you ain't got what it takes to melt it.
[Car radio plays]
Don't know where /"m going
But so /ong
You know you done me wrong
So /ong
Because / know
/"m not the one
What's the matter, Laura?
FATS DOM/NO: Good-bye
It's OK. We're gonna get married.
FATS DOM/NO: Te// me why
What's the matter?
FATS DOM/NO: Why are you never satisfied?
[Sighs] We better get going.
Your father told us to come right home.
We have school tomorrow.
Sometimes you're worse than he is.
BUDDY: Whoo! Payday!
JOHNNY: /"// see you /ater, man.
- Gracias. - You're welcome.
Doogie. 6.25.
And a Ford Fairlane 500...
with a retractable hardtop.
EVAN: Ooh.
DOOG/E: What about the money?
JOHNNY: When / get paid, you"// get paid.
Raoul hasn't come through...
with the money from the last job yet.
That's not right.
I'm gonna talk to Raoul.
No, I deal with Raoul.
That's the way it works.
JOHNNY: Hey, nice and easy.
We don't want to wake up the neighborhood.
DOOGIE: OK, OK. What, like I never did this before?
DOOGIE: I'll race you to the chop shop.
JOHNNY: Yeah, but keep it down.
- [Exhales] - [Engine starts]
[Whispering] All right, come on.
DOOGIE: Whoo! Whoo!
Ha ha! Whoo! You drive like a white girl!
JOHNNY: That"s not what your sister said!
Ha! Go, white lightning! White lightning!
JOHNNY: Stay with me! Stay with me, man.
- Whoo! Hey, look! - Not bad, not bad!
- Johnny! Yeah! - Whoo!
JOHNNY: Hey, /et"s see what it"s got.
- See what they got! Hit it! - OK! Whoo!
[Tires squealing] Ha!
[Siren blaring]
Yeah. Bye-bye.
Hola. Doogie.
You boys played it kind of tight tonight, huh?
Where's Johnny?
Diversionary tactics.
I got some money for him from his last job.
You can give it to me.
I only deal with Johnny direct.
I'll just get it from him later.
I bet you will.
So, uh, how long is it gonna be?
Same as ever.
A week to break it down. Another week to sell the parts.
Hey, tell Johnny I want to see him.
141 Coldwater.
[Dog barking]
[Metal parts clang]
I know. J. Bob's here.
Oh, thanks, man.
How's it going?
I stayed up all night to work on it, Johnny.
Think I'm gonna get 500 horses out of her.
The Oldsmobile will fly.
JOHNNY: Let"s see what o/d Aunt B/anche is up to.
[Anthony giggles]
JOHNNY: Anthony, / don't think you shou/d be watching this.
[Anthony snorts]
JOHNNY: Don't /ook, man, come on.
Anthony, get out of the way. You"re too young for this.
ANTHONY: Come on, man.
JOHNNY: Come on, /et me take a /ook.
[Johnny sighs]
[Johnny gasps]
JOHNNY: What an aunt.
Well, business as usual.
I met a girl.
She's beautiful.
She's sexy.
And she goes to Saint Mary Francis Schoo/...
for rich little Catholic girls.
These are her private thoughts.
Ah ah ah.
ANTHONY: Oh, man!
It's her diary.
I'm going to sleep now.
- All right. - Unh.
[Traffic noises]
JOHNNY: Good morning, B/anche.
Lady from foster care was here.
She wants to send Anthony...
to training school for handicaps.
Anthony ain't goin' to no school for cripples.
He had polio. No big deal.
He needs to learn how to make a living.
He don't even speak good English.
He's gonna have a mechanic shop. I'm saving up.
He ain't got legs like you.
He needs to be in a legitimate business.
He can't run when the cops come.
You're telling me I'm not in a legitimate business?
It"s a thorough/y professiona/ operation...
and it don't hurt nobody.
Insurance companies pay. The cops don't know about it.
Well, make sure it stays that way.
I got clients. I can't have the cops snooping around here.
You don't want us, we'll leave.
You listen to me, Mr. Big For Your Britches.
Your mother was like a sister to me.
I held her hand when your father dumped her...
for that rich bitch.
And if it wasn't for me...
the two of you would've gone to county when she died.
So don't tell me I don't want you.
I just want you to fly right is all.
[Power tools buzzing]
Anthony's driving me crazy with that engine.
Can't you just buy one?
Money can't buy what he's building.
[Metal clinks]
R/CKYNELSON S/NG/NG: A be-bop baby
A be-bop baby
DOOG/E: These gir/s are training to be nuns.
They are not.
Hey, if you were rich, loved your daughter...
didn't want her mixing with just any old jerk...
where would you send her?
She's safe in there.
You know, you're gonna kill yourself...
climbing over this thing.
School gets out soon.
R/CKYNELSON: A be-bop baby in her o/d b/ue jeans
/s the be-bop baby for me
Come on, guys. Let's get out of here.
DOOGIE: What do you see, Johnny?
She's a skinny little girl in uniform.
I wouldn't waste my time with her.
JOHNNY: You just don't see it.
[Engine revs]
DOOGIE: I see. She's rich and white.
JOHNNY: Oh, what's the matter with that?
DOOGIE: Nothing, except you're not a member...
of her country club.
Admit it... that's what you want...
but don't fuck us to get that.
JOHNNY: Looks just /ike her daddy"s car.
Come on, Johnny.
Now, that's too dangerous.
Four weeks, man.
Now, we don't touch nothin' for four weeks.
Now that's the deal.
I can't go down there in this car, man.
She wouldn't pay attention.
EARL: Why not? This car"s got a V-8 heart.
It may have that, but it's got the skin of a dinosaur.
Now, the guy don't get off work till 5:00.
I'll have it back by then.
All right. You take my car...
and you meet me at the flats.
I'll be there in the Caddy with her, and we'll drag.
You're gonna ruin a good thing.
I'm gonna get a good thing.
God, man, he's way out.
Oh, yeah.
He's gonna be way out in jail if he doesn't watch it.
Not Johnny. Johnny's a charmed man.
[Starts engine]
[Starts engine]
JOHNNY: Hey, good-/ooking.
Beautiful day like this...
you girls ought to be out in the breeze.
I'm Johnny Ramirez.
What's that?
Excuse me?
What nationality?
Tell your friend to take your car home...
and you come with me.
Come on, Laura, we have other obligations.
Come with me.
You can do obligations anytime.
Meet me at my house in an hour.
An hour and a half.
Certain people aren't gonna be happy...
about this, Laura, if you get my drift.
Excuse me.
[Car engine starts]
So who are certain people?
People who always do what they're supposed to do.
Let's go.
How do you like this place?
It's OK. I go here 'cause of my dad.
Your dad?
All my dad cares about...
is keeping me in a perfect little box...
with perfect clothes where I'm perfectly safe...
and it's perfectly boring.
Kinda like you're his little Cinderella?
Yeah. It's different for a guy.
My father's rich, but he's a very smart man.
He made me get out in the world, experience things.
Ohh. So what do you do?
I run one of his businesses.
[Engine starts]
JOHNNY: /"m gonna take you out to the dam.
We go out there every afternoon to drag.
LAURA: What"s that?
JOHNNY: You know, drag race.
[Engine revving]
What a piece of shit!
Oh, yeah, this is a real piece of shit...
but at least it's paid for.
Let's go! One!
- Two! - Three!
[Car backfires]
[Shuts off engine]
- Be right back. - OK.
JOHNNY: What happened, Doogie?
DOOGIE: I don't know.
I hit something, I smelled fumes...
You check the fuel pump.
/ don't want to get my hands dirty.
JOHNNY: Jesus.
How"s it /ook up there?
Pu// that one for me, wi// ya?
Hey, Pearl.
You don't talk to me no more?
Oh, I see. You've just gotten a little too fancy for me...
all of the sudden with your new rich girlfriend, huh?
Why do you want to fuck everything up for everybody?
Talk to me, Johnny!
We'll fix it tonight.
''Fix it tonight. '' What the fuck is that supposed to mean?
[Starts engine]
[Turns radio on]
LAURA: That was the most fun I ever had.
JOHNNY: Yeah, you're a dragstrip girl now.
How do you know where I live?
I know a lot of things.
[Turns off engine]
[Music stops]
ALEX: Laura...
where the hell have you been?
Johnny gave me a ride home.
For two damn hours?
You, buddy, don't know your way around here too good...
if it took you two hours to get back here.
Just wanted to get acquainted.
Get out of the car, Laura.
I am getting out of the car.
I don't know who you are...
or where you come from...
but it ain't here.
Now, you're a stranger...
and you keep it that way with my girl.
You understand me?
I figure that's up to her.
Yeah, that is up to her...
but you will deal with me.
It'd be my pleasure.
[Opens car door]
[Starts engine]
He is trash, Laura.
I don't think so.
He dresses like a hood.
[Tires squeal]
PEARL: You ain't gettin" away with this, you know.
With what?
Dumping me like this, that's what.
I'm not dumping you.
We're just having some fun racing cars.
Yeah. You know what your problem is?
That you don't like being from where you're from.
Yeah? And where's that?
Poor people.
We're poor and Mexican. Didn't you know that?
This is a free country.
Oh, and you really believe that?
Yeah. Yeah, I do.
Well, you know what? It's OK to go around and say that...
but you start acting free...
you're gonna get your ass handed to you.
You don't need that.
What you need is to be taken care of.
Where are you going?
PEARL: Johnny...
you can't leave this here.
It's hot.
I gotta go.
You can't leave this fucking car here!
Hey, you don't have to tell Raoul nothin' about the car.
You just tell him I brought it in.
Don't let him tear it down for a few days, all right?
Nothing about this girl is gonna change who you are.
Don't you forget it.
I like being with her, all right?
People are always telling me...
I can't do this, I can't do that!
Fuck 'em!
It's not like that with her.
She makes me feel like I can be somebody who gets respect!
She doesn't even know you!
/ do!
And I love you for who you are.
Yeah, I know that, but I'm not gonna be that person...
for the rest of my life.
She's gonna love me for what I can be!
I know you got dreams, Johnny.
We can do them together.
No, it's not the same, Pearl.
I'm sorry.
[Police radio crackles]
MAN: I came outside to put the top up, and it was gone.
Did you do anything unusual last night, Mr. Jones?
No, no. Nothing special.
My wife and I went to the Diplomat supper club...
for dinner.
And to the Starlight Grill for a nightcap...
to celebrate our anniversary.
- Is that it? - Yeah.
So do you think you'll be able to find it?
We'll check it out.
[Chuckles] Hi, Johnny.
This is Detective Dryden.
How you doing, Johnny?
Mind if I ask you a few questions?
Not at all, detective. No problem.
DRYDEN: What do you use this for?
Making keys.
That's very funny.
JOHNNY: No, it"s not funny. /"m a businessman.
I'm trying to make a living.
A man who came here to dinner the other night...
had his car stolen.
A red Cadillac convertible.
Would you know anything about that?
Stolen from here?
No. Stolen later.
Nope. Wouldn't know anything about it.
Well, you let me know if you hear of anything suspicious.
Sure. No problem.
No problem whatsoever.
You're running out of luck.
You wish.
Fuck you, Doogie.
Fuck you, Johnny.
Look at that.
It's around the corner.
ALEX: That guy pretended to be a hotshot, that's all.
Turns out he's just a carhop.
Looks like he may need a lesson in respect.
Yeah, I think everything's gonna be OK.
Three against one, huh?
Nah, just me.
I see you around my girl again...
you're gonna get a lot worse than this.
[Car engine starts]
[Door closes]
Oh, no, what happened to you, Johnny?
Her boyfriend don't approve.
Don't worry. It's just a bloody nose.
You know what? She's bored with him.
JOHNNY: How the he// do you know?
I read, man.
She's bored with him.
MAN: Some men do certain things better than others.
BLANCHE: [Panting] Oh, you do.
[Both moaning]
MAN: You"d agree with that, now wou/dn't you, Lonnie?
BLANCHE: Mmm! Oh, / sure wou/d! Ohh!
MAN: Used to be one man wou/d do a who/e roof...
Now / got a sa/esman, a demo/itions team...
a framing team, a tarring team,
rockworkers and fitters...
He//, / can everybody on and off your roof in 3 days!
Specia/ization, honey! Wave of the future!
BLANCHE: Oh! How wi// that trans/ate to sex, Mr. McCarthy?
- Joe! - Oh, Joe!
[Both moaning loudly]
BLANCHE: Ohh, Joe!
Come on.
[Both moaning]
BLANCHE: Oh, you can get on my roof anytime!
- Ooh! - Ohh!
[Laughing] Joe!
Darling, I'm coming!
- Oh, come! - Yee-haw!
Ha ha ha!
- Ha ha ha! - Anthony...
do you ever think about doing it with her?
Come on, man.
She's our aunt.
So what? She's not our blood.
She's twenty-eight years old, and she's perfect!
Perfect in every way!
Ha ha ha!
Sweet and juicy!
Ohh, that's so...
[Boys laughing]
Unh. [Sighs]
Pretty good, huh?
Yeah. Tell me what she looks like.
You tell me what she looks like.
I think she looks like...
the Virgin Mary.
[Chuckles] Come on.
[Johnny sighs]
Ah, I gotta get going.
Just remember. I know how to get her.
Yeah, right.
Read it. It's right here.
Yeah, I wish you were right...
but you're green, kid.
FATS DOM/NO S/NG/NG: B/ue Monday
How / hate b/ue Monday
Got to work...
You got a guest.
FATS DOM/NO: Here come Tuesday
Oh, on Tuesday...
why don't you fix the Oldsmobile?
I don't know how to fix the Oldsmobile.
Well, look like you know how to fix it, then.
Huh. You got it.
FATS DOM/NO: "cause Thursday is a hard-workin"day
And Friday / get my pay
Where's your friend?
He's at the country club playing golf.
What's that like?
The country c/ub.
Like here, but with grass.
Where"s your car?
It's in the shop.
You want a ride?
That would be nice.
LAURA: You just carry it around /ike that?
/s it /oaded?
You never know when you're gonna need it.
It's kinda scary.
Just keep your arm straight...
[Gun clicks]
and you fire.
- [Gunshot] - Ohh!
- Try it. - [Gun clicks]
Come on.
OK, now, keep your eyes on whatever you want to hit.
There you go. Bring it up between your eyes...
and the target.
Both eyes open.
Now squeeze the trigger gently.
- Aah! - It's OK. It'll do that.
Just let it.
Arms nice and straight.
OK, now squeeze.
There you go.
[Engine rumbles]
I gotta go.
If you gotta go...
you gotta go.
If I don't run now, I'll never leave you.
That wouldn't be so bad.
What about your car?
You're right.
I gotta pick up my car and go to work.
Just one more.
LAURA: I'm afraid they're closed.
JOHNNY: Nah, the manager's around back.
I told him I might be late.
Am I gonna see you again?
Yeah, sure... if you want.
Then why don't you come over here?
How about Saturday?
I gotta work.
What about Friday?
Friday I can't... football.
I'm a cheerleader.
Saturday, then.
I'll pick you up at your place at 8:00.
LAURA: Great.
[Engine starts]
[Faint sirens]
You know about this car?
Yeah, it's red.
It's hot.
So what else is news?
Johnny didn't follow procedures.
Cut to the chase, girl.
He stole it to impress some girl.
He didn't even wait four weeks.
You tellin' me he's with another girl?
Yeah. Some white girl.
RAOUL: He"s gonna risk the who/e operation...
to go out with some two-bit broad?
Cops came by the car-hop place looking for it.
RAOUL: What"s wrong with that jerk, hmm?
Maybe you ought to take precautions.
Yeah, maybe I ought to make different arrangements.
Maybe you ought to talk to Doogie.
Doogie? [Chuckles]
Yeah, Doogie. Why not?
Doogie's not too long on brains.
Kind of good-Iooking, though. Heh heh heh.
He follows procedures.
Some white girl, huh?
Sorry about that.
I bet you are.
You tell Doogie I want to talk to him, huh?
Where's that guy from?
ANTHONY: Peop/e don't dress /ike that out here.
Yeah, well, they ought to.
That guy's got class.
Would you like to meet Frank?
Frank Sinatra?
[Gasps] Are you kidding me?
He's a close friend of my father's.
JOHNNY: / gotta get some c/othes /ike that.
he looks about your size.
- Hey. - Thanks.
[Grunts softly]
R/CKYNELSON S/NG/NG: A be-bop baby
LAURA: Te// me what it says.
Come on, what does it say?
Oh, what do you care? He's a greaseball.
He is not.
He's great.
He's sexy.
You're not wearing that.
What difference does it make?
Unless I take my clothes off.
MEGAN: You"re not gonna /et him touch you, are you?
I think he's beautiful.
What if Alex finds out, Laura?
So? He finds out.
That's one way to end it.
MEGAN: We//, / think you"re crazy.
And besides, you'll never get him past your father.
I've already taken care of that.
He's your cousin.
You didn't.
I did.
- Ohh. - Look.
Daddy loves you and your family...
everything that they stand for.
So naturally, he's gonna love your cousin.
No, Laura, I won't do it.
Yes, you will.
You're my best friend.
Laura, look.
What's wrong with this picture?
A 21-year-old hood in a red Cadillac.
Everyone sees it except you.
Sometimes I think you like him just because no one else does.
He's a man.
Alex is a boy compared to him.
[Sighs] Well, I think he's a hood.
ANTHONY: Get this.
''I only want to live in a cabin in the woods...
''with the man I love. ''
Cabin in the woods.
Does she really say that?
God, that's so corny, man.
You ought to read it.
Yeah, well, maybe I will someday.
do you think she's got a friend for me?
Maybe she does.
I'll talk to her about it.
You look like a faggot.
What are you doing anyway, huh?
I'm going out in the car.
That car's not going anywhere...
unless it's in a thousand little pieces.
I'll bring it back in a few hours.
You fuckin' out of your mind?
The cops are lookin' for this car.
Everybody's lookin' for this car.
If you don't have enough brains to take care of it...
I'll take care of it for you, you little pinche cabron.
Hey, that's enough!
Do you know who you're pointing a gun at? Huh?
I'll bring it back in a few hours.
You take that car, and it's over between us.
What do you mean?
I mean we don't do no more business.
We don't do nothing.
I mean you could be my enemy, cabron.
Yeah? Well, I'll take my chances.
You love the idea of being a bigshot, huh?
Big Richard.
You ain't that, Johnny...
and you ain't never gonna be that.
We'll see.
I'm lookin' at a corpse in a red Cadillac.
Enjoy the view.
Hasta luego, cabron.
Los vemos.
[Starts engine]
It's in there.
Hey! Hey, you can't do that!
That's private property.
And whose private property might that be?
It belongs to Johnny Ramirez, who runs the parking franchise.
Where does he reside?
- What? - Where does he live?
805 San Lorenzo, downtown.
Well, you tell Johnny...
that I'm lookin' for him.
[Engine starts]
You close up. I gotta go find Raoul.
[Doorbell rings]
Johnny, sweetie.
The doorbell.
Right this way.
Hi. Charles Bickford. How you doin'?
Johnny Ramirez. Just fine, sir.
Well, anything I can get you to drink?
A beer would be fine.
A beer it is.
There you go.
Thank you.
Say, you've got yourself a hell of a tan there, young man.
- I work outside, sir. - Oh, really?
- What kind of work do you do? - Roofing business.
I run one of my father's companies.
Roofing! I didn't know there was any money in it.
Well, neither did we until we started installing...
modern business practices.
- Really? - It's a division of labor, sir.
JOHNNY: It used to be that one guy wou/d come out...
give you an estimate, and six weeks /ater, he"d /eave.
I can have 'em on and off your roof in three days.
Here she comes.
- Hi. - Hi.
You look nice.
So do you. Like Cinderella.
B/CKFORD: /, uh... //ike your friend here.
Heh heh! He works for a living! Heh heh!
[Laura laughs]
Shall we?
Yes. It was a pleasure, sir.
- And mine. - Ma'am.
We//, don't be too /ate now.
Nice boy, hmm?
Do you think he's a Mexican?
B/CKFORD: Mexican?
Oh, no, he's not Mexican.
He's Megan's cousin, for God's sake, Joan.
Mexican. He's not Mexican.
Mexicans don't look like that.
Do they?
What are we gonna do?
We're goin' downtown...
see some people I know.
MAN S/NG/NG: It"s gonna be a party, baby
So get that red dress on
Don't take too much time, honey
LAURA: Can / change, then?
This is too fancy.
You want to go back inside?
I can do it here...
if you promise not to look.
I won't.
[Laura giggles]
[Starts engine]
[Dance music playing]
Hey, what's up, bonita?
She plays you like a yo-yo, man.
Easy. I'm just trying to have a good time.
This is not about having a good time.
This is about ruining a good time.
The cops came to visit tonight...
Iookin' for that stolen Cadillac...
and they took the key machine.
I can always get another one.
This is business.
It's our bread and butter...
and it supports us in a way that does not hurt anybody...
and you, you ruined it for some stupid white broad!
Mind your own fucking business!
[Dance music playing]
[Water running]
Detective Dryden, please.
Johnny, dance with me.
No, thanks. I'm lookin' for my date.
Hey, don't worry.
You're in a load of trouble.
Hi. I was just looking for you.
- Who were they? - Friends.
They didn't act like friends.
Let's dance.
[Police radio squawking]
I gotta split.
Can you take care of Laura?
What do you want me to do with her?
Take her to her school.
What's wrong?
I'll meet you in a half an hour.
Trust me.
[Starts engine]
- Sir! - Where is he?
We looked everywhere. He's not here.
Damn it! Where's Labarr?
Right behind you.
- You? - No.
- Get out there now! - Yes, sir.
- Sorry, sir. - Terrific.
Stupid bastards.
LAURA: Evan, why are the po/ice after Johnny?
EVAN: It"s nothing. Just a /itt/e mix-up...
Johnny had with Doogie and Raou/.
LAURA: Why doesn't he just te// them the truth?
EVAN: Nah. You don't understand.
It"s better not to get invo/ved with the po/ice.
Thanks, Evan. I'll see you later.
EVAN: Anytime, Johnny.
LAURA: Bye! Thanks!
What the hell was that?
- What? - At the bar.
I was betrayed.
You were what?
I was betrayed by my friends.
JOHNNY: Peop/e are jea/ous.
People like things the way they are...
and if you don't agree...
sometimes they'll try to hurt you.
Couldn't they just talk to you about it?
Yeah. They did.
I care more about you than I care about them.
/ care more about you than / care about anything.
Well, what are you doing behind those gates?
I wanted you to show me your school.
It's locked up.
Come on, climb up. I'll help you.
Come on.
[Lock breaks]
I never went to a place like this.
You're not missing anything.
It's kind of like being in prison.
Come on.
What do you do here?
Show me.
Come on up here.
I don't do this kind of stuff.
It doesn't matter. I'll show you.
What do you want me to do?
Nothing. Just give yourself to me.
OK. I'll support you. That's it.
Now let yourself go over.
Oh, no!
You're supposed to let go.
Yeah, well, I was lookin' at you.
Well, it's OKto look at me...
but not in the middle of a backbend.
See, you gotta feel where you want to go...
and then you let go, and your body will take you there.
I wish it was that easy.
LAURA: Come on!
[Door shuts]
TAPE: My fe//ow Americans...
you are in a civi/ defense bomb shelter.
You are here...
because the communists have attacked our country...
and you are one of the proud survivors.
[Turns tape player off]
Do you think the world's gonna end?
I like it here.
It's like there's nowhere to go...
nothin' you're supposed to do.
You'd defend me, wouldn't you?
I'm scared.
You don't act scared.
Well, I am.
Don't be.
Will you always tell me the truth?
Are you OK?
That was a lot is all.
[Droplets plinking]
We gotta go. It's late.
Oh, God.
MAN S/NG/NG: Yes, it"s me, and /"m in /ove again
Had no /ovin" since you know when
You know //ove you
Yes, / do
And /"m savin" a// my /ovin"just for you
Need your /ovin", and / need it bad
Tonight, the dogman is goin"mad
Ooh-wee, baby
[Turns engine off]
Alex is here.
Do you want me to come in with you?
Son of a bitch!
Son of a... You son of a bitch!
You, young lady, you get out of that car right now!
You get inside the house!
I'm really sorry, sir.
You're sorry? You know how worried we were about Laura?
We ca//ed the goddamn po/ice...
and they"re after you right now, boy.
You think you can ride around...
in some stolen red Cadillac convertible?
Laura, this guy is a car hop at the Diplomat...
drivin"around in a sto/en car.
JOHNNY: Well, what do you do, Mr. Bigshot...
besides wear a letter jacket and suck up to this guy?
I'm an athlete.
Well, come on, Mr. Athlete.
Let's see how good you are without your two friends, huh?
- Come on! - No! Stop!
B/CKFORD: You"re coming into the house!
LAURA: /"m not going anywhere!
Oh, yeah? The real world of racing stolen cars?
I can beat you.
- Anytime, man. - Yeah?
Now! /"// race you right now!
I gotta take care of Laura right now.
You mean you gotta hide behind her skirt.
Two hours, then.
Sepulveda flats by the dam.
Sepulveda flats by the dam!
I don't want to see you around here, Mr. Ramirez!
You're scum, boy! You hear me? Scum!
B/CKFORD: Sit down, young /ady...
and /isten good.
He's a thief!
That car he's been driving is stolen.
It is not! I've seen him in it twice.
Then he stole it twice.
Go ahead, call the cops. They'll tell you all about it.
You go out with that Mexican again...
your mother and I will put you in a convent!
[Door slams]
Fix me up a goddamn drink, will ya?
[Turns engine off]
[Car door slams]
What are you doin'?
I'm returning the car.
You don't get it, do you?
We're finished. we're movin' on.
We're movin' the shop, everything.
Everybody in town's looking for that car.
You couldn't even give it away.
I got a race!
That's stupid.
You shouldn't even go out there.
Raoul's after you, the cops are after you.
We're talking about life and death and jail here, Johnny.
That asshole thinks he's better than me!
It's a matter of honor!
Screw honor!
Take what you've got and go! Honor!
Hey, don't tell me what to do, Pearl.
If I say I want to do something, then I do it.
If I say I gotta be somewhere, then I'm there!
Where are you gonna go? What are you gonna do?
You can't steal another car!
The cops are all over the place!
Go get Anthony and have him tune up the Oldsmobile.
Tune up? It needs more than a tune-up.
You're wrong! Anthony can do it.
Anthony can make that car fly!
So what?
So you win.
So you beat some kid.
So you make some white girl's heart go pitter-patter.
So fucking what?
I hope you can take those fond memories with you to jail.
I'm gonna go get Anthony.
Leave Anthony out of this, Johnny! He's a good kid!
Johnny, it's not too late for us!
Just where the hell do you think you're goin'?
You go out...
you're not comin' back!
[Door slams]
I'm callin' the cops.
[Engine revving]
JOHNNY: Hey, that sounded pretty good!
Let's do it!
Good luck, man.
You're gonna win, Johnny.
That's her, isn't it?
[Sighs] Yeah.
She's beautiful.
I'll be right back.
Why didn't you tell me the truth?
If I'd have told you the truth...
you never would have given me the time of day.
- That's not true! - Oh, sure!
Yeah. I'm goin' out with Johnny the car hop...
who lives in a slum.
Yeah, your friend Megan would've loved that.
I don't care what she thinks!
You care more than you think about what she thinks.
Come on, Laura. We're from different sides of the tracks.
I saw you, I wanted you...
and / went after you.
You sure did!
So don't hold that against me.
I won't.
This is my brother Anthony.
[Horn honks]
Better get goin'.
LAURA: Good /uck!
[Revs engine]
[Revs engine]
FLAG MAN: Ready...
set, go!
[Tires squealing]
[Turns off ignition]
- Alex! - Alex!
[Overlapping shouting]
Please, God, no!
G/RL: /s he a// right?
JOHNNY: Anthony?
GUY: Are you OK, A/ex?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Anthony.
Is everybody OK?
You killed him.
- You killed him! - Johnny, no!
[Yelling and gunshots]
No, Johnny!
It's my fault.
It's all my fault.
LAURA: Don't b/ame yourself, Johnny.
We were gonna have a mechanic shop.
I was saving up.
We gotta go, Johnny!
I never read it.
Well, you should have.
He did.
He was kind of in love with you.
Go, Johnny!
I can't just leave him here!
You're not gonna do anyone any good in jail!
I have money in a wall safe at my place.
Tell Blanche to use it for the funeral.
I will.
I'm gonna find a cabin in the woods...
where we can be together.
I promise.
[Police radio squawking]
[Car door closes]
I hurt a kid.
I didn't mean to.
That Ramirez kid had to do with this, I'm sure of it.
We're trying to build a good community here...
and our kids are getting dragged down...
by these hoods from the city.
The slaughter of innocence.
[Los Lobos plays Lights Out]
Standin"on her front porch, great ta// sister
Sure was surprised when / saw her /itt/e sister
Lights out
Lights out
/"m g/ad now the /ights went out
Sister knows much more about
What you do when the /ights go out
Mama /ooked at me, she was peepin"through the window
Way she /ooked at me, you"d a-thought / was a sinner
Lights out
Lights out
/"m g/ad now the /ights went out
Sister knows much more about
What you do when the /ights go out
Lovin"on the front porch, huggin"on the swing
A/most hear them wedding be//s ring
Lights out
Lights out
/"m g/ad now the /ights went out
Sister knows much more about
What you do when the /ights go out
Lovin"on the front porch, huggin"on the swing
A/most hear them wedding be//s ring
Lights out
Lights out
/"m g/ad now the /ights went out
Sister knows much more about
What you do when the /ights go out
Now we"re married, we bought a /itt/e house
Wou/da married /itt/e sister, but the /ights went out
Lights out
Lights out
/"m g/ad now the /ights went out
Sister knows much more about
What you do when the /ights go out, yeah
Standin"on her front porch, great ta// sister
Sure was surprised when / saw her /itt/e sister
Lights out
Lights out
/"m g/ad now the /ights went out
Sister knows much more about
What you do when the /ights go out
Mama /ooked at me, she was peepin"through the window
Way she /ooked at me, you"d a-thought / was a sinner
Lights out
Lights out
/"m g/ad now the /ights went out
Sister knows much more about
What you do when the /ights go out
La /a /a
Mm-mmm, yeah
A// right
Yeah, yeah
Fee/s so good
Gonna fee/ a// right
Fee/s so good
Gonna fee/ a// right
Yeah, yeah
La /a /a
Mm-mmm, yeah
A// right
Yeah, yeah
Fee/s so good
Gonna fee/ a// right
Fee/s so good
Gonna fee/ a// right
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Fee/s so good
Gonna fee/ a// right
Fee/s so good
Gonna fee/ a// right
Yeah, yeah
Now we"re married, we bought a /itt/e house
Wou/da married /itt/e sister, but the /ights went out
Lights out
Lights out
/"m g/ad now the /ights went out
Sister knows much more about
Sister knows much more about
What you do when the /ights go out
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