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Subtitles for DreamKeeper 2003 CD2.

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DreamKeeper 2003 CD2

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and I am afraid.
Now, now, Fat Woman. Do not worry.
Coyote will make you feel better.
I will sing you a Love song taught to me by Hehaka, The EIk.
Yes... I am feeling better now.
Closer, please.
You will see what 's for dinner...
two of them, cooking in the pan.
You will not feel a thing! I have much practice!
Where are you going, Shunka?
Never invite him again! He is greedy.
He took the Livers?
Yes! He is a scoundrel.
Friend! Come back. I only want one.
If you can catch me, Ikto... you can have them both!
Oh, man...
Water pump, man.
The 1966 pony has died.
We came far.
Yeah, but not far enough, Grandpa.
-Sorry. -We came far.
Heading to All Nations?
-We were... -Hop in!
No, my horse. Three Moons... we can't Leave him.
Are you alright, Grandfather?
We are Lakota. We will find our way.
I'll see you there, Brothers.
-Have a good time with Grandpa. -Later, Bro!
See you Later!
There they go. With a van full of Cheyenne hot ties.
And we're stuck here with a horse that rode in with Lewis and Clark.
Coyote has a strange sense of humor.
Grandpa, it 's over.
I know.
Behind the seventh spot is her heart.
Unceglla laid dead...
slain by a young vision seeker who could hardly believe...
the warrior deed he had performed.
The heart of the Ancient One was like fire and ice at the same time.
Eagle Boy had killed the beast.
But it was her heart that held power.
Eagle Boy. You have done what many before you have tried.
I beg of you now...
do not remove the horn from my dead body.
Have you no mercy? Please.
Take the horn and stick it into the wound at the 7th spot from my head.
The spot where your arrow struck.
Do it.
You have nearly completed your vision quest, Two-Legged.
You have gone days without eating. You have slain Uncegila. Now feast!
Cut from the body and roast some meat.
I'm not hungry. I now have a power stronger than hunger.
But you are still an Indian. Does not an Indian always honor his kill?
Toss some tobacco into the water. You must!
To give life to the children of Uncegila? I will not!
l have made my four requests, and you have defied all of them.
Now what I ask of you, you must do.
Or lose the power you have won.
Return to the camp of your people, but always keep me hidden in your lodge.
No one but you must look upon me.
Go, Two-Legged. Take your power down to your people.
Eagle Boy had the power he dreamed of.
Women came to his lodge by the dozen.
You must never look inside my lodge!
It was a fine day for that boy.
And it is a fine day for an old man.
Because I will ride into the Powwow on my horse.
Yeah, awesome.
Would you have left this horse to die?
No. I would've put the red-headed Kiowa on him and wished good luck.
This horse is good medicine.
-How do you figure? -He's a dun horse.
He is sacred. But back long ago, in the camp of the Pawnee...
no one knew this...
The Pawnee were great farmers, but during the season of the hunt
they move their cast to follow the buffalo.
Do not look at the camp grandmother, it will only make your heart feel sad.
I look at that camp, because i can see, they're moving...
and soon go in and look what is left behind.
Someday grandmother i will be a great hunter...
and no more we'll be without.
Hej... ???
But if not... We will surviwe.
Even if we must follow that camp.
Dirty Belly and his grandmother
followd like revers peaking up beans left behind.
This is how it is told.
They left you behind, Dun Pony.
It is worthless. They left it for the coyotes.
lf we were Apache, we could eat it and be well.
But we are Pawnee, and cannot. Leave it.
Grandmother, we will take this horse with us!
It will slow us down. We must follow the camp! Come now!
It will carry our packs. We will travel well.
lf it keep your tongue from wagging like leaves in the wind, bring it!
l wish we were Apache. But then, there is hardly any meat on his ribs.
He is our very own horse. How poor are we now?
Even more so.
On this day, in the camp of the Wolf Clan...
buffalo scouts returned...
bringing news of a holy slighting...
Chief Iron Spoon had craved for.
Iron Spoon!
-You have found the North herd! -It is so. They are in the valley.
-And he's there, with them. -The spotted bull.
He is magnificent. His coat can be seen from the mountains.
Men of this band, gather. An old man speaks.
in the valley, the buffalo have come.
Among them is the spotted bull.
He who brings me the spotted robe shall receive 12 of my best ponies...
all of my best horses, and the hand of my daughter, Little New Rider.
This charge shall be an honorable one. Mount your ponies and gather below.
The hunter on the fastes horse shall kill us ???.
What these ??? see today?
Grandmother this part bullets been seen in the valley.
The low valley. The rider who ... chief ... horses...
and the chief's daughter.
They always thoes.
What are you doing?
I must take this chanse. For us grandmother.
Do not be foolish child, we are laught out enough.
Dirty Belly...
have you come to sell us a pony we left behind?
l wish to run in this race.
Pick your place in the grass, and prepare.
When I give the signal, the charge begins.
Pawnee, listen to me.
Lead me to the creek. Hurry.
Gather mud from this creek.
Dig for the clay. Paint me with it.
-Prepare your ponies! -Hurry!
The Spotted Bull was taken...
but the hunters could not believe whose spear had made the kill.
Dirty Belly was victorious beyond his dreams.
It is the wandering boy, Dirty Belly. How can it be?
The runners have returned. One with the spotted robe.
The tall one with the Appaloosa?
No! Your grandson, with the Dun Pony.
Why do you torment an old woman? Go away and cease laughing at us!
A strange thing has come about here today.
But what is so, is so.
You have brought me the spotted robe, Dirty Belly.
in return, I give you 12 ponies...
and my daughter, Little New Rider.
Great Chief. Your daughter is a fine woman.
And twelve ponies would make my grandmother wealthy.
But I choose to keep the spotted robe.
It did not matter how many ponies or blankets were offered to him.
Dirty Belly refused to part the spotted robe.
You are kind, but the robe is for my grandmother...
and the horse, he is mine.
From the place where the sun sets tomorrow...
a War Party will come.
The Oglalas. Hear me.
When the warriors are drawn up in line of battle, ready to take blood...
climb upon my back.
Ride fast, into the middle of the enemy...
and up to the war chief.
Count coup on this chief. Then ride back.
You must count coup on their bravest warriors four times.
But no more than this.
l understand.
Say this with your fist on your heart.
l hear your voice, Great Dun Pony.
They are many!
Dirty Belly?
To strike an enemy with a coup stick and leave him humiliated...
but unharmed was a war honor of the highest rank.
This boy has some kind of great medicine.
Or is it the pony?
Only a warrior of exceptional skill and bravery...
could hope to count coup in such a manner.
Most men died trying.
l counted coup four times. And I was not killed.
l was not even wounded.
My medicine is strong! l will go again!
Dun Pony.
You were my medicine...
my protector.
You were a gift from the Creator.
And I disobeyed.
And now I've lost you, my friend.
My friend!
Tirawa, the Great Mystery, has been good.
Tirawa has let me come back to a boy.
After this, do as I say...
no more, no less.
Leave me there tonight, and when the sun appears, come for me.
She is beautiful.
Now, leave me here and come back for me again tomorrow.
When the boy returned the next morning...
he found yet another magnificent horse...
more beautiful than the last.
For twenty nights he did this...
and found his self wealthy with twenty horses...
finer than any the Pawnee Nation had ever seen.
He married Little New Rider, the chief's daughter...
and had many children.
When the Old Woman died, he wrapped her in the spotted robe...
and let her make her journey with honor.
The horse lived for many years.
And so does the Pawnee legend of the Dun Horse.
Well, I don't think this Dun Horse is going to fly.
So why don't we get some sleep?
I'm tired from all this walking.
That Cheyenne girl was known far and wide for her quillwork.
It was said that her work came from dreams she had.
What she dreamed, she would make.
My daughter...
this one is finer than the last you made.
It is the seventh war shirt. Perhaps the best one.
l see. But now a mother must ask.
Because the people are whispering. You have no brothers.
It is true.
Is there a young man courting you?
Why is it you spend your days making man's clothes?
You can tell me, my girl.
A dream.
Can a daughter not share this with her mother?
l am afraid to.
Nah, do not be!
Somewhere, a long way from here...
live seven brothers.
One day all of the world will look up to them.
l am your only child.
l want to find them and take them as my brothers.
That is why you made these seven war shirts?
For these...
Dreams are sacred, Quillwork Girl. They are teachers.
Do you know the path to these brothers?
l believe so. in the dream.
I've seen where the river turns and the hill falls back into the pines.
They live in a big lodge and it is painted with seven bear paws.
It is well you go, my daughter. l will go with you.
in the dream I go alone, mother.
l must.
For days she had journeyed, until she came upon a lodge...
planted with seven bear paws, as in her dream.
Who keeps this camp? l am the girl looking for brothers!
Is anyone in there?
Who comes here?
l am Quillwork Girl. Looking for brothers.
Do you have brothers?
They are hunting.
l bring gifts.
Perhaps her mother was right.
Dreams are teachers that tell us of paths to follow.
l wish you to be my brother.
The girl gave those Cheyenne boys war shirts...
of the kind that made young men proud.
They never seen such work come from the hands of even the oldest women.
And so Quillwork Girl became the sister to the seven brothers...
and they lived well.
She cures meat well. She cooks fine kidney fat.
These clothes she makes...
-Where did she come from? -l sent for her.
You, with the gift of No Touch?
Did not an old woman once tell you...
...not to use your strange gift? -l wanted a sister!
Yeah, but did she have to be so fine looking?
A sister should be fat and ugly...
but cook well land do quill work.
The Buffalo Nation sends me this way. Where is the beautiful one?
-She is my sister. -We want her!
Leave here now!
We will return.
We want this quillwork girl for our own.
We wish to marry her into our Nation!
Perhaps I have brought you trouble.
Perhaps I should go.
You are our sister. We will protect you.
Hollow Horn.
We were hunting you. Now you hunt us.
l am in love. Can you not see it?
We respect the Buffalo Nation. You are our brothers.
We will offer you all that we can. But we will not let you take our sister.
Very well. lf we cannot have her...
we will crush you all.
Give me the knife! To the trees!
Hurry! Hurry, go!
Brothers! Sister!
Up there! in that tree!
-Don't stop! -Run!
You're too close to the ground!
Hang on!
Hang on, sister!
Jump now!
Where is he?
Little Brother!
What becomes of us, brothers?
What was meant to become of us, Sister.
What was always meant to become of us, Star Woman.
Yes, I dreamed this!
The white men call it the Big Dipper.
The Cheyenne call it the Quillwork Girl and Her Seven Star Brothers.
You see Star Woman? She is the brightest one...
filling the night sky with her quillwork.
And that one over there, that 's the Little Brother.
She's so beautiful, that Quillwork Girl.
Things may change down here...
but Star Woman is there forever.
The Sky, Shane. Mountains. Rivers.
That 's power.
l see her.
Tell your children some day.
Tell them to look up and see.
Soon my generation will be gone, Shane...
you'll get by without us. But remember this...
a people without stories is like the wind in the buffalo grass.
Who will keep our dreams?
Eagle Boy walked with power...
as long as he shielded that crystal heart from the eyes of the people.
His arrows never missed.
His eyes saw far, like an eagle.
Sometimes farther than he wished to see.
in times when he wished to be alone...
his power drew people to him. People ready to do his will.
Eagle Boy!
He was no longer certain lf he was free...
or held fast by this power.
Is it not good to never want for meat? To have any woman you desire?
To make the buffalo come to you?
Wait! Today you must do everything backward, as a heyoka does.
You keep making new ceremonies for me.
Every day a new ceremony.
lf you refuse, Two-Legged, I will take away the power.
Eagle Boy.
-It is a good morning. -Good night.
Today is a new day.
What shall I ask you to do?
Why not ask me to go hunting with the men as I once did?
Because you have the great power now. You do not need...
to hunt for your meat, no more than you need to woo the little win clinical.
Ah, yes... Today is a good day for a ceremony.
Today you will take a woman for your wife.
Eagle Boy tried to get away. He didn't want a wife.
He wanted a choice.
He wanted to see the Black Hills as he once knew them.
Not as they would be in a world far away.
Are you here?
l need you now! Can you not hear me?
l am tired.
l am tired of having any woman I want.
l miss trying to earn a young girl's heart.
l am tired...
of not hunting for my own food, my arrows never missing.
l can even see into the future now...
and I do not want to.
l want to be able to accept the bad with the good, as I once did.
Where are you?
l just...
l just want to be like other men.
Where are you?
Shane! Wake up!
Let 's ride. They're waiting for me.
-l was dreaming. -l know.
Where're you headed?
-To Albuquerque. -Long way to go.
We've got room in the air-ride for the horse. We can give you a lift.
Thanks, but we'll get there alright.
This pony's magic.
Are you sure, sir? Long way to go.
l can't believe you just did that. What 's wrong with you?
-What 's wrong with you? -We're gonna die out here.
-Then we'll die like warriors. -It 's not a good day to die, Grandpa.
It 's a terrible day to die. 1OO degrees, we're walking down the highway.
There's nothing brave about it.
-You ask me, I would've... -Me! That 's all I hear from you!
There is no word in our language for ''me'', ''I''.
Just ''we''... ''us''.
Where did things go wrong?
It must be when men stopped listening to the four-leggeds.
And the winged ones. The animals.
He removed himself from the circle, see?
He can't hear the raven no more.
-Can you? -Sometimes.
Ask him how much further it is until we get to Albuquerque.
Raven. Keeps one eye in the future...
yet one eye in the past.
So his journey is always straight.
Gather Chinook!
Gather here Clatsop and Clackama and Salish.
Gather Skillets and all hunters of the salmon.
The raven told the chief of the village that bad things were coming.
The fish were leaving the waters.
The land was growing dry.
indeed, children had begun getting sick.
But the sickness was now spreading ...
to even the strong men, the hunters.
The Great Spirit is crossed with the Two-Leggeds.
Still are those among you who took more from the waters...
than they needed.
What can be done, Raven?
What can be done to appeal to the Creator?
The Great Mystery is just that, a mystery.
-Father... -Be calm.
Go and care for your sick.
l am the chief of this village.
l will find the medicine that we need.
Not even the Great Chief's daughter was spared the sadness.
Her husband was dying, and she knew he would not survive another night.
l have asked the Creator for help.
l have asked the Elders.
our people are dying, and we...
She could only hope and pray that her father had found a medicine...
and answer of any kind.
This old man had never come to the wedding feasts...
or the Salmon Dance.
He had lived always apart from the people.
Some even believed he had long ago taken the journey to the other side.
l have lived one hundred summers...
and one hundred snows.
l don't even know how old l am anymore.
But I know this.
l have been kept alive for a reason.
And from where the sun has risen today...
l understand why.
My father was a shaman among the Chinook.
When I was a boy, fishing here, in this river...
he told me that a great sickness would befall the people...
Every man and child would die...
unless an offering was made, to the Great Spirit.
What must we offer?
A daughter of the headman...
and daughter of the man who is or was chief...
must go to the high cliffs above the sacred river...
and give herself back to the earth, back to Creator.
And when this is done, the sickness will leave this land.
l have spoken, and it is so.
l have told my father's secret.
Now I will take the journey to the other side.
And so...
honoring the vision of The Old One...
the daughters of all headmen, all chiefs, came forth bravely...
to the central fire.
l have made my decision.
We will meet death with courage.
No woman from this tribe shall be asked to take the journey.
Council has ended! Go to your camps.
All will be well, my wife.
Do not worry.
The sickness will pass like the wind on the water...
lf I die...
l go bravely.
She loved her husband as she loved her father...
as she loved her people.
l stand up here before you, your daughter.
l don't want to leave.
But if I do...
will you make the sickness pass quickly from the people?
lf you accept me...
show me that you hear me.
Show me in the sky.
Otter Woman? Where are you?
When the sun rose over the water, so did the sick of the village.
Strength slowly returned to the people.
The waters ran clear.
It was truly a sacred happening.
What has brought this blessing to the village?
Creator... my daughter has taken the journey for us.
Show me that you have received her into the Other World...
l beg of you.
The waters from those falls continued to drop from those cliffs...
for many summer moons...
and the people remember why.
That girl didn't think of herself...
she thought of her people.
-I'm hungry. -Me too.
Maybe the raven will lead us to some buffalo.
l don't want buffalo. l want a cheeseburger.
-Hey, it 's a stray. -It must belong to someone.
We haven't eaten since Santa Fe.
We've got a bit of cheese spread left, somewhere.
l can't wait to see this.
I've gotta do this, cow...
Over them bluffs there, that 's the road to the Powwow.
They're waiting for me. We're getting very close.
lf this is the right road...
It might be the wrong road.
It might be the wrong road?
Might be going down The wrong road
Gotta get to the Powwow of course Hauling gramps on his mobile horse
l don't know that song. is it Arapahoe?
l know this place.
Are you sure?
Follow that trail. We're getting close.
l see tracks of a pony that I once knew!
There is only one Black feet hunter who cut his arrow stone in this way.
Your father... he took the journey long ago.
l know his tracks. l know his stone work.
He is hunting this way, and we will follow him.
It has been two winters since his father has gone...
and still he does not let him go.
It is not easy to let fathers go.
Perhaps not, but we must find game, or we perish.
l turn back now.
Look, Whirlwind Dreamer! You see how the tracks run now!
He is after buffalo!
It is time to let me go, Ekuskini.
All he found there was a stone.
Or was it just a stone?
For that stone held the memory of his father and had great medicine.
With that stone close to his heart...
he hunted well and found many buffalo for many years to come.
That is how it was told to me by a Black feet at the great Powwow.
That Black feet has moved on.
l don't know if the story has survived.
Why don't you tell the one about how us Lakota used to eat dogs?
Maybe that'll inspire us, huh?
You couldn't catch a cow, how are you going to catch a dog?
I'll bait him in with some cheese spread.
That could work.
Got any coffee?
-How could you do this to me? -We followed the road, that 's all.
You set me up!
All this time, we were headed here. No Powwow.
You ripped me off! You skunked me!
Nice trailer house.
Ain't bad.
Breakin' wild horses. For a rancher.
-Janine gets the money, don't she? -Yeah.
But it 's only money. They need you back there.
l had to find some work.
-A young man needs his father. -I'm riding it out, Dad.
-I'm ridin' that horse out. -You can't do it alone, Sam.
-We just drag each other down. -We can pick each other up, too.
Your Grandpa once told me:
''One twig might bend...
but the bundle will always remain strong.''
This horse you are riding out... we have no power over it.
lf you can face your defeat...
and trust in Wakan Tanka...
you will find you way back to the center.
You are not alone on this road, son.
You gonna offer your son something to eat?
Casino on the Rez now, yeah?
I'm going to go over there one night.
I'd like to win a million dollars.
-What 'd you do with a million dollars? -Buy a sports car.
Buy me a young white woman who wants an Indian name...
and drive to the All Nations Powwow in style.
They got a pizza joint on the Rez now, too.
-He got you all the way here? -Yep.
-He knew where he was coming? -No.
l get it.
He told me I was taking him to the Powwow.
You are.
It starts when the sun comes up, and we're going.
Well, maybe we should leave right now.
No. Old Man's tired.
Rest here. Go in the morning.
l can't believe this!
Your mother still over at Lone Man School?
What do you care?
Maybe you should go. lf you've come here to tell me what I already know.
You don't know nothing.
-l didn't know you were coming. -l didn't know you were leaving!
-One surprise after another, huh? -No. No surprises, Shane.
I'll give it to you the way it is. Your old man ain't no good.
So why don't you let him be no good by himself and not hurt nobody else?
That 's cool with me. That 's what I want too, man.
l don't need no one telling me what road to walk either.
That 's enough!
l didn't come all this way to listen to this baloney!
I've made this journey for one reason.
The people want to hear the stories. That 's all.
Like I said...
stay the night and rest.
Then get to the Powwow and tell your stories.
Our stories, Sam.
The ones that are leaving me. Some I can no longer recall.
Before I leave this world, l want to...
You've been saying that for the last thirty years, Dad.
You're like the Ever ready Rabbit... drum and all.
l will finish the story of the Black Hills Dreamer...
The Legend of the Vision Quest...
Take the bed, Dad.
Me and Shane will sleep outside.
Like Indians.
The old man, he tell you stories all the way?
One or two.
He pulled you on the Powwow trail, didn't he?
Him and his Powwows.
The Powwows ain't real, you know.
Just Indians dancing for the white man.
Fry bread and baloney.
-Maybe.. -Then why are you doing it?
Because he's my grandfather. And it means something to him.
Hey, Sam. Got company?
We got that torch water, Sam.
-Canada brand. -Take your whiskey somewhere else.
You think you're too good for us, brother?
-Too good to ride with us? -You can move on down the road.
I'm on the wagon.
-Who's that? -My son.
His son... Family problem.
We'll catch you later, Sam. You know where to find us.
Don't mind him.
That 's just Coyote. Lives over in Hobbs.
He's going to go all night.
He's a pisser, isn't he?
Go with him, Shane.
Stay with him.
Stay on the Red Road.
And leave you down this one?
You were talking in your sleep last night.
l was?
Yeah. in Indian.
l don't talk in Indian.
You did last night.
Take that to Grandpa.
The Powwow's starting. Get on the road.
Grandpa! Let 's ride!
Got your coffee, Grandpa.
We're almost there, Grandpa.
You gotta get up.
You got to get to the All Nations.
They're waiting for you.
You got to get to the Powwow.
He's gone, Shane?
Long ride back to Pine Ridge.
You okay?
He didn't finish it. The Vision Quest.
-He never finished that story. -Like he said himself:
''Who will tell the stories?
Who will tell us about Eagle Boy?''
He came down off the mountain with a lot of power, Eagle Boy.
Power he wasn't sure he wanted.
He was alone... all alone.
It is Eagle Boy! He has returned!
Today you face me East once again. It is a sacred direction.
Yes, it is.
My grandfather once told me it is the direction of the Eagle.
It is the place from where light and understanding come.
Then understand this. Today l have a new ceremony for you.
No. Today I have a new ceremony for you.
That is not how it is, Two-Legged.
l say what is so, or you lose your great powers.
-No more will I do as you say. -You defy me?
l who have given you the greatness you have long desired? Look at me!
You have the power to see ...
into tomorrow.
You have everything you want.
You are more than a human being now.
l am just a human being.
Do as I say, or lose your powers!
It is a good day...
to let my people see the truth!
Look! The heart! The heart of Uncegila!
It has been four days...
and four nights...
and nothing!
-l am angry, Grandfather. -Why?
l have returned with nothing.
l have no more knowledge than when I went up four nights ago.
You were looking so hard for wisdom and power...
would you even know if it was offered to you?
You went looking for a vision the way a hunter chases a buffalo.
The way warriors go after scalps.
You fought the spirits.
You believed that they owed you something, a vision.
Suffering by itself brings no vision. Nor does bravery...
nor sheer will power. A vision comes as a gift.
lf from your vision you have learned only this, Grandson...
then already you have learned much.
For true power and wisdom comes from within.
When a man realizes his oneness with all creation.
When he realizes that at the center of the universe dwells a power...
greater than his self.
This center is everywhere. It is within each of us.
Go now, and walk the Good Red Road...
Mitakue Oyasln.
Mitakue Oyasin. All My Relations.
That 's the way it was told to me, anyway.
A long time ago.
You sure about this?
Yeah. Gotta get there.
I'm proud of you, Shane.
I'm really proud of you, man.
When you get home, I'll be there.
-We'll be there. -Really?
Ain't no word for ''me'' or ''l'' in our language. Just ''us''.
Our stories.
You get there, man.
l know you're old, Three Moons. This ain't fair.
Let 's fly, Dun Pony.
Yeah, Moon! Yeah, yeah!
That's it. Here you go!
Hey, that 's a nice horse.
-Where'd you come from on this pony? -South Dakota.
-You're a Pawnee! -Yes.
Wolf Clan.
To us, the Dun Horse has medicine.
Hey, at the give-away, I'll call your name. This horse will be yours.
l know this pony.
Belongs to Pete Chasing Horse, the Storyteller.
He sent me.
Shall I tell you stories?
Shall I tell you how it was told by the old ones...
to my grandfather's grandfather long ago?
This is how it was told to me.
Let me tell you, and you will remember to pass it down.
For this is how it happened, long ago...
Ripped by SirCharles
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