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Dream Master The

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Do you live here?
Nobody lives here.
Where's Freddy?
He's not home.
One, two
Freddy's coming for you
Three, four
Better lock your door
Five, six
Grab your crucifix
Be calm, Kristen.
Help me!
Aw, shit, Kristen, not again.
l'm sorry, Kincaid.
You are one spooked chick.
Thank God.
-l thought for a minute--|-What?
Dragging us in here?
Yeah. Cut it out.
You're putting one serious dent|in my beauty sleep.
lt's Freddy. He's here.|l heard him.
Freddy is dead--|buried and consecrated.
We won, remember?
He's coming back for us.
Kincaid's right.
Fred Krueger's history.
Come here.
The pipes are cold.
The boiler is cold.
See for yourself.
l don't know.
How are you, Mr. Johnson?
That's nice.
Hi, Kristen.|Rick will be out any second.
You going out dressed like that?
What's wrong with me this time?
l'll just wait by the car.
Me, too.
Something wrong with the stairs?
lt's avoid all contact day.
When Dad's popping aspirin|like popcorn...
it's avoid all contact day.
Waiting for a limo?
l'm off to the club, honey!
Let's go.
All right,|anybody have trig this semester?
What happened?
l had a conflict--|homework or "Dynasty"...
and "Dynasty" won.
Sad story.|Soaps will kill you.
Mmm. There's Dan Jordan.
We are talking|one major-league hunk.
You know,|you are one major-league hunk.
Thanks, Alice.
Earth to Alice.
Hey, you spacing again?
Rick, please.
Well, tell you what,|he's a friend of mine.
l'll introduce you.
Just kidding.|But l would introduce her.
All right.|l think l see salvation.
How can you ride|this health hazard?
lt's no wonder|that you have asthma.
No, you see, asthma is|an inherited condition.
Read a book now and then,|you might know something.
Speaking of books,|isn't trig your favorite?
'"Dynasty" again?
Deb, do us a favor|and get a VCR.
Hey, baby...
you're sucking|on the wrong nozzle.
Hey, yo, needle dick!
l bet you're the only male|in this school...
suffering from penis envy.
l owe you one.
-So disgusting.|-Hey, Supergirl, it's dead.
Give a bug a break.
-Hi, guys.|-Hi, guys?
That's all you have to say|after last night?
You better be careful.|He's coming back.
Listen, little sister...
you got this freako talent to|bring folks into your dream...
but we don't need it anymore.
Time to start living|like regular people.
Yeah. Let it rest.
Did it ever occur to you|if you keep going in...
you might stir him up again?
Look, we'll help you.
We all have better things|to dream about.
You got that right--|signed and sealed.
Then what about this?
That don't mean dick.|My dog is like me--
drag him into your crazy dream,|and he gets wild.
Here comes your boyfriend.
Can he give you|a good night's sleep?
We don't kiss and tell.|How about you guys?
Look, we'll talk later,|all right?
Those guys are kinda spooky.
Oh...then you must think|l'm a total freak.
l go back and forth.
Hey, lighten up. No one died.
Hi, Dad.
Looking for something?
l'm late. l know.
Damn contracts.
Let's eat.
We waited a long time.
And we gave up, as usual.
You call this vegetation a meal|after a ten-hour workday?
What the hell am l, a rabbit?
Christ, Alice,|try to think a little more.
Yeah, l can think.
l can think of how sick l am...
of watching you|drink your life away...
and taking it out on me.
l'm talking to you.|Are you awake or what?
Dad, don't start.
Start what?
Telling the little daydreamer|to wake up?
lt's long overdue.
l don't need this aggravation.
Jason.|Come on, boy, come on.
Come on. That's a boy.
You almost scared me, boy.
You ugly sucker!
This ain't my dreamland.
lf you're here,|l'm gonna pound your ass!
Fuckin' "A."
You shouldn't have buried me.
l'm not dead.
Take that, motherfucker!
Kristen, Freddy's back!
l'll see you in hell.
Tell 'em Freddy sent ya.
One down...
two to go.
How's this for a wet dream?
Kristen! Help!
Show it!
Hi, guys.
Sorta defeats the purpose,|don't it?
-What?|-The mirror.
You can't see yourself in it.
l don't want to.
You know,|if Mom was still alive...
Dad wouldn't treat us like this.
Alice, you gotta learn|to stand up for yourself.
You know, fight back.
Like that.|lt's all in the mind.
You see yourself|doing something...
and your body reacts|and does it.
Like so.
Like that. Now you do it.
Me? No, l can't.
-Yeah, you can.|-No, l can't.
Yes, you can.|Just get up there and just...
Like that.|Big and strong. Do it.
Good, but, Alice-san...
you must have balance.
So go to it.
Swish. Killed a fish.
Joey, l'm getting tired|of picking up your clothes.
And this crap--
l wish you'd turn it off.
Here you are.
Where were you this morning?|Rick's looking all over.
Have you seen Joey and Kincaid?|l can't find them.
l'm sure they're around.
Well, l'm not so sure.
We have matching luggage again.
The bags under your eyes.
God, l hate dreaming.
l love to dream.
l just hate the ones|about my dad.
How do you handle|your nightmares?
My mom taught me|when l was little.
Did you ever hear|of the dream master?
Sounds like|a game show host to me.
No, it's a rhyme.
Just have to dream|about someplace fun.
Remember, you're in control.
How do you know so much|about dreams?
When it's all you have,|you kinda become an expert.
We better get going...
before your brother|starts a search party.
Anyway, Kafka and Goethe|have never been irreconcilable.
Kris, where were you?
-Hey, what--|-He killed them !
What? Wait! Calm down!
Hey, somebody help her.
Feeling better now?
Yeah, l guess so.
What happened?
You had quite a nasty bump.
l gotta get out of here!
Now, now, now.
You stay put.
You need to rest.
You don't get it.
He's after me.
lt's OK, honey.
l wanna draw some blood.
Feeling better now?
What happened?
You had quite a nasty bump.
You seen Rick around?
You are his sister, right?
Rick stayed late after school.
Kristen wasn't feeling|very well.
Could you tell him|l'm looking for him?
Oh, by the way, l'm Dan.
Sorry, Alice.
Your shift's over. My table now.
Hi, guys. Hi, Dan.|How are you doing?
Hi. Can l get just a Coke|and some fries?
Do you wanna hear our specials,|or do you want any dessert?
Oh, hi, handsome.|Care for some buns?
-Here.|-You in a hurry?
Gotta get to the library|before it closes.
Killer physics test.
l know. l hardly have|any time to study.
Maybe you shouldn't be|working here so much.
You don't want to wait tables|the rest of your life.
l know.|lt's my greatest fear.
You know, he is so cute.
-l wonder where he works out?|-Save it, Deb.
l mean, there is life|after exercise.
One of these days...
l'm gonna set you up|with a real guy...
teach you to get|your priorities straight.
l think Sheila's|more interested...
in dissecting bodies|than their outsides.
Give her time. Her hormones|will kick in some day.
Deb, later in life,|you'll appreciate my motto.
-What's that?|-Mind over matter.
l'll see you later, OK?
Alice, can you leave here?
What's wrong?
Kincaid and Joey|died last night.
Hey, Rick, come here!
Stay with her.
Kristen, what happened?
Look, you're gonna hear|all kinds of stories.
And after all|we've been through together...
how could l let him get to them?
We were a team.
l'm gonna get|that son of a bitch.
Rick, we gotta go.
-Now.|-l'm coming.
Before it's too late.
l gotta go.|l guess l'll talk to you later.
So, why the haunted house?
lt's not just a house.
lt's his home.
He's waiting in there|for me to dream.
Hey, it's OK. We're with you.
l told you, you can't help me.
This isn't a normal nightmare.
l'm history.
l don't get it.
-Come on.|-Jeez. What'd l miss?
She told us a story|about Freddy.
Fred Krueger.|He's a town legend.
He was a child killer|freed on a technicality.
So, a lot of parents|got pissed off...
and, according to Kris...
they hunted him down|and roasted him...
like a Thanksgiving turkey.
Nice neighborhood.
Anyway,|that's where it gets weird.
She says that he comes back|in dreams.
And if he kills you|in your dream...
you're dead for real.
Now l lay me down to sleep.
The master of dreams,|my soul l'll keep.
Dream master.|l think l remember the rhyme.
Kristen, get the hell|away from that house!
You don't have to go|if you don't want to.
l'll take care of you.
l better go.
but l'll call you tonight,|and we'll get through this.
Something the matter|with the cuisine?
Well, Mom, l'll tell you...
when two of your friends|die in the same day...
let me know what it does|to your appetite.
You're just tired.
Don't think l haven't noticed|you aren't sleeping.
That has got to stop, honey.
What's wrong with me?
Adolescent anxiety.
That'll make it better.
Oh, God.
Mom, what did you do?
Jesus! Sleeping pills?
Look, Kristen, l'm sorry.
Sorry that you|and your tennis pals...
torched this guy,|and now he's after me?
ln case you haven't been|keeping score...
it's his fucking banquet,|and l'm the last course!
We went over this in therapy!
No, Mother.
You just murdered me.
Take that|to your goddamn therapy.
Dream someplace fun.
Thanks, Alice.
Hi, little girl.
-What's your name?|-Alice.
l have a friend named Alice.
Elm Street's last brat.
We beat you before!
And now you're all alone!
Kristen, why don't you...
call on one of|your little friends?
Maybe they could help.
l'm the last!
Why don't you reach out...
and cut someone?
How sweet.
Fresh meat.
Alice, wake up and get out!
Alice, l'm so sorry.|lt was a mistake.
l pulled you in.
Alice, come to Daddy.
Leave her alone,|you son of a bitch!
Now no one sleeps.
The souls of my children.
You'll need my power.
Are you OK?
Kristen--|we've gotta get to her house!
Oh, God! Kristen!
Let me go.
Hi, Alice.|Wish you were here.
Your horrible brother's|up to his old tricks.
Rick, as long as l've known you,|l've always wanted to ask...
what the hell this shit is|you put in your hair.
l want his body.
That's bullshit.|What else do you want?
She wants my body.
Alice, what are you doing?
l don't know.
lt makes me feel better.
What are you doing?
Hello, baby.
You made her so happy then.
Until all this Freddy shit.
Why didn't l just stay with her?
lt wouldn't have made|any difference.
Sure it would have.
No. l saw it happen in my dream.
There was this horrible man.
l don't wanna hear|about Freddy, OK?
l heard it all from Kristen,|so stop it.
l could smell the smoke.
l could feel the heat|from the fire.
-lt wasn't a dream !|-Just stop it!
She wasn't crazy|and neither are you...
so just cut it out. Please.
Jeez.|Why are you acting this way?
l don't know, Rick.
l just feel so different.
Something happened in the dream.
And now it's like|part of her is with me.
l love you, too!
Hello, everyone!
Girl, l am so dead on my feet.
-We have matching luggage.|-What do you mean?
You didn't sleep last night?
lt's that obvious, huh?
-Then you saw him, too.|-Saw who?
l was up all night cramming|for that physics test.
Oh, and l put this|little baby together.
You know Deb's afraid of bugs.|l made it for her.
Ultrahigh sound waves.
lt'll make 'em run,|screaming their antennas off.
Look, l'll see you in class, OK?
l don't smoke.
All right,|you've got forty minutes.
So good luck. Go for it.
Help me!
Wake up!
Wake up, damn it!
Wanna suck face?
Sheila, wake up!
You flunked.
Give her her thing.
Didn't you see it? He was here.
What are you talking about?
He was here!
Step back, please.
Stand back.
Asthma attack?
What 17-year-old|has fatal asthma?
God, she was gonna be a doctor.
-lt was Freddy.|-Enough with that crap!
l saw it. lt was my dream.
l brought Sheila in.
Oh, God.
l brought Sheila in|like Kristen did with me.
No, don't!
l gave Sheila to him !
And now she's dead!
l really think Kristen's story|is getting to her.
Dan, l really don't know|if it's a story.
Look at us.
We're dropping off|like flies here.
-Good seeing you.|-Bye.
Come on.
Excuse me, miss.|Can l get a pack of gum?
Hey. Where you been?|l haven't seen you around.
l've been working|double shifts.
Guess you need|the extra money, huh?
Look, you know why.|You don't want to believe me.
Don't you understand?
l can't sleep.
Someone might die.
Let's say that|this is real, right?
Why, all of a sudden,|is this Freddy guy after you?
Kristen was the last child left|of the people who killed Freddy.
Maybe Freddy|can't get to the new kids...
unless there's someone|to bring them to him.
We're gonna be late|for the drive-in.
l have to get back.
l guess l'll see you later.
Ninety-three days|till summer vacation, man.
-You tired?|-No. Worried.
Let's see if we can make it|until summer.
lt's like open season|around here.
Pretty weird stuff.
Speaking of weird,|you gotta feel for that guy.
Dead girlfriend,|basket case for a sister--
Shut up, asshole!
What a dick.
You know...
You look wasted, man.
l've been up with Alice.
Hey, how's she doing?
l saw her last night|at the diner.
She's blaming herself|for Sheila.
l know how she feels.
l think about Kristen|all the time.
Maybe l could have stopped it|if l'd have listened.
You mean Freddy?
What else?
You ever take a look|at our town's history?
lt's not exactly a safe place|to be a teenager.
Hey, bozos, let's hustle--now.
Well, if l'm next,|watch your back, man.
Where were we?
Every society,|dating back to the ancients...
has had theories|regarding dreams.
What they mean,|how to control them.
Aristotle believed during sleep|your soul roams free.
What it sees are dreams.
The skilled dreamers are able|to control what they see.
There is a myth that there's|two gates your soul can enter.
One is a positive gate...
the other a negative gate.
The key element is that|there's a dream master...
someone who guards|the positive gate...
and, in fact,|protects the sleeping host.
Taken altogether, they offer|a fascinating perspective...
on ancient history.
Those of you who don't|find it fascinating...
you better listen up,|because it's on the final.
Rick, make me laugh.
Going down.
A true warrior needs no eyes.
Come on out and fight me,|you chickenshit!
Ninja warriors have calm.
Find your balance, Rick!
Too wimpy to show yourself,|Krueger?
Well, how's this for balance?
How you gonna fight me|without your weapon, Freddy?
Sayonara, Rick-san!
Though l walk through the valley|of the shadow of death...
l shall fear no evil...|for Thou art with me|with Thy rod and Thy staff.
Dearly bereaved, we gather here|in remorse for Rick Johnson...
a young man whose death|confounds and mystifies us...
for Rick was in his prime,|beloved by all...
exemplary|of young men's ideals...
and of strong moral fiber.
We grieve our loss but take|comfort in knowing such a man...
rests in the kingdom of God.
Let our faith supersede|our knowledge...
for truly the Lord|works in mysterious ways.
Hello, baby!
l love this.
They think l'm dead, don't they?
This is great.
Hey. What's with the tears?
l wouldn't leave ya.|Come on, don't cry.
l'm here. lt was a big joke|to fool Freddy.
Come on, smile for me.
No more daydreams.
Well, gotta go.
Good night.
You OK?
Not really.
ls there anything we can do?
l don't think so.
l guess this is my own war.
No, it's not.
We all have to survive.
l mean, l don't spend hours|working out...
to let some night stalker|beat me.
You don't really get it.
He's not a night stalker.
And it'll take more|than bench presses to beat him.
So what do we do?
Let's go over|to Debbie's tonight.
We have to make a plan.
l got to go.
How about l pick you up|at the diner at 8:00?
Here. lt's a good luck charm.
Brings bad luck to the creep|you flatten with it.
This is it.
Mind over matter.
Mind over matter?
Sheila used to say that.
God, every day, she changes.
No. lt's after every death.
What's happening to me?
Alice, where are you going?
Just to see Debbie.
No, you're not.
l want you to stay in.
Dad, l gotta go, and there's|nothing you can do about it.
You have no right to stop me.
lf you just knew|what was going on.
l know very much what's going on|with you and your friends.
Everybody thinks they know,|but they don't.
Look at me, Alice.
l lost Rick|because l didn't watch him.
l don't want to lose you.
We're all we have.
All the towns in America...
and l gotta move|to the Bermuda Triangle.
That's great.
What'll it be?
Come on, honey.|l don't want to be here forever.
lf the food don't kill ya,|the service will.
Help us, Alice!
The usual.
No, Alice, don't let him do it!
My favorite.
No! Come on, no!
Eeney, meeney, miney...
Come on, no!
No, Alice, don't let him do it!
Rick, you little meatball.
l love soul food.
No! No! Stop!
Bring me more.
Your shift is over.
Come on. We have to hurry!
-What's going on?|-l'm driving.
He's going after Debbie.|l've got to stop him.
We got to stop him.|l'm with you on this thing.
l want to help you.|l'm on your side, OK?
Here we are.
Come on. We have to hurry!
-What's going on?|-l'm driving.
l don't believe in you.
l believe in you.
No gain.
He's going after Debbie.|l've got to stop him.
Help me!
Here we are.
Come on. We have to hurry!
-What's going on?|-l'm driving.
He's going after Debbie.|l've got to stop him.
l get the weirdest feeling|we've done this before.
Come on. We have to hurry.|l'm driving.
Oh, my God.
We're both asleep.
He's got us going in circles.
We got to go!
You can check in,|but you can't check out.
What the hell was that?
She's gone.
l've collected her|like the others.
All right,|l'm gonna punch his ticket in.
l'm sorry.
All right, get him in there.
Base, this is med seven.
We have a male Caucasian,|16-18 years of age.
Multiple lacerations|about the head and neck area.
Possible internal injuries.
-What's that do?|-Relaxes your boyfriend.
-Put the needle down.|-Rules is rules.
He stays awake!
Those are my rules, understand?
Are you nuts?
He's allergic, OK?
You should have said something|in the first place.
Damn kids.
Don't let them put you to sleep.
We have to get ready for him.
-When does he have surgery?|-Fifteen minutes.
Let him be, Alice!
They're gonna kill him !
What are you talking about?
Let me go!
Alice! Damn it! Get back here!
Come on!
No. No gas.
No gas. No. Don't put--
Fuckin' "A."
Well, it ain't Dr. Seuss.
Get away from him,|you son of a bitch!
-l saw him. He was here.|-l know.
We have to get out|of this place.
Out for a spin, lovebirds?
Dan, hold on!
Alice, it's too late.
He's hemorrhaging.
Bring him out of it! Hurry!
You got to put me|back under now!
Relax, son. lt was rough,|but we pulled you out.
You're gonna be OK.
One, two,|Freddy's coming for you
Three, four,|better lock your door
Five, six, grab your crucifix
Seven, eight,|better stay up late
Nine, ten, never sleep again
Welcome to Wonderland, Alice.
You've got their power.|l've got their souls.
Come on.
You think|you've got what it takes?
l've been guarding my gate|for a long time, bitch.
l am eternal.
Now l lay me down to sleep.
The master of dreams,|my soul l'll keep.
ln the reflection|of my mind's eye...
Evil will see itself,|and it shall die!
Let them out!
You're dead, Krueger.
Thank you, Alice.
You saved us.
Rest in hell.
You know, l slept through|all of last night...
and l haven't done that in days.
l'm still having trouble.
l can sleep two,|maybe three hours, if l'm lucky.
l don't mind, though.
l have more reasons|to stay awake now.
Come on.
Make a wish.
Come on,|you don't believe in that stuff.
Yeah, l do,|and l think you do, too.
Here it goes.
What'd you wish for?
lf l tell you,|it won't come true.
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Desperate Living
Destination Tokyo CD1
Destination Tokyo CD2
Destry Rides Again
Detroit 9000
Devdas (2002) CD1
Devdas (2002) CD2
Devil Probable The
Devil Rides Out The 1968
Devil is a Woman The
Devils Advocate The CD1
Devils Advocate The CD2
Devils Backbone The
Devils Brigade The
Devils Own The
Dial M for Murder 1954
Diamonds Are Forever
Diana Krall Live in Paris
Diarios De Motocicleta
Diary of a Chambermaid
Diary of a Country Priest (1951 Bresson Robert)
Dias de Nietzsche em Turim
Dickie Roberts Former Child Star
Die Another Day (2002) CD1
Die Another Day (2002) CD2
Die Hard 1988 Extended Version CD1
Die Hard 1988 Extended Version CD2
Die Hard With a Vengeance
Die Nibelungen - Die Kriemhilds Rache CD1
Die Nibelungen - Die Kriemhilds Rache CD2
Diez de hollywood Los 1951
Dil Ka Kya Kasoor
Dil Ka Rishta
Dirty Dancing
Dirty Dancing - Havana Nights
Dirty Harry
Dirty Tiger Crazy Frog 1978
Discovery Air Jaws Sharks of South Africa
Discovery Channel - Raising The Mammoth
Dish The
Disorderly Orderly The
Distant Lights
Distant Thunder
Django spara per primo
Do Raaste
Do The Right Thing CD1
Do The Right Thing CD2
Dobry vojak Svejk
Dodeskaden (Akira Kurosawa)
Dodgeball - A True Underdog Story
Dog Nail Clipper
Dog Soldiers (2002)
Dogs Of War The 1981
Dogville CD1
Dogville CD2
Doing Hard Time CD1
Doing Hard Time CD2
Dois Perdidos Numa Noite Suja 2002
Dokument Fanny och Alexander CD1
Dokument Fanny och Alexander CD2
Dolce Vita La 1960 CD1
Dolce Vita La 1960 CD2
Dolores Claiborne (1995)
Domicile conjugal
Don Giovanni CD1
Don Giovanni CD2
Dong (The Hole) 1998
Donggam (2000) - Ditto
Donnie Brasco
Donnie Darko
Dont Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood
Dont Bother to Knock
Dont look now
Dont say a word
Donzoko 1957
Door in the Floor The 2004
Doors The CD1
Doors The CD2
Dora-Heita 2000
Double Jeopardy
Double Team
Double Vision (Shuang Tong)
Doulos Le
Down By Law 1986
Down Periscope
Down Time
Down With Love
Down and Out in Beverly Hills
Dr Dolittle
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Dr No
Dr Strangelove
Dracula - Dead and Loving It
Dracula 1931
Dracula 1979
Dracula Has Risen From The Grave 1968
Dragon Head CD1
Dragon Head CD2
Dragonball Z
Dragonheart (1996)
Dragonheart - Collectors Edition
Dragons Forever (Jackie Chan)
Dragstrip Girl
DreamKeeper 2003 CD1
DreamKeeper 2003 CD2
Dream Master The
Dream Of A Warrior (Cheonsamong)
Dreamers The
Dreamlife of Angels The
Dressed to Kill 1980
Drifting Clouds
Driving Miss Daisy
Driving miss Wealthy (2004)
Drop Dead Gorgeous 1999
Drowning Mona CD1
Drowning Mona CD2
Drums Along the Mohawk
Drunken Master (Yuen Woo-Ping 1978)
Du rififi chez les hommes (Jules Dassin 1955) CD1
Du rififi chez les hommes (Jules Dassin 1955) CD2
Duck Soup (1933 Marx Brothers)
Dude Wheres My Car
Duel The
Duel in the Sun CD1
Duel in the Sun CD2
Duel to the Death
Duellists The
Dumb And Dumberer When Harry Met Lloyd 2003
Dumb and Dumber
Dune 2000 - 1 of 3
Dune 2000 - 2 of 3
Dune 2000 - 3 of 3
Dungeons And Dragons
Dunken Monkey 2002
Dust in the Wind (Hsiao-hsien Hou 1986)
Dying td CD1
Dying td CD2
The Dawns Here Are Quiet The CD2