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Subtitles for Dream Of A Warrior (Cheonsamong).

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Dream Of A Warrior (Cheonsamong)

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What's up with you lately?
Is it that dream?
Let it go, man
It's just a dream
Who knows? She might materialize!
Last night
4 terrorists of a cult, TALO
broke into Dr. Jang's lab
They claimed they had been
given a spiritual order
from Lee Se-shin, the cult leader
who killed himself
after he destroyed the CS23
which was developed by Dr. Jang
They also claimed|they were from DilMoon
and this world would fall into
the rule of DilMoon
Developed by Dr. Jang
CSM1004 was what they thought was|the passage to DilMoon
They tried to steal the CSM chip
and destroy the lab
but got killed by STF that
was tipped off in advance
Here's the clip from 2 years ago
when Lee Se-shin killed himself
Come in
How are you doing?
Any word from Dr. Jang?
You're going to find out
Take a look at this
He sent us this clip
The test we're running today is
a product of modern physics
lt will enable us to travel
beyond time and space
We'll prove scientifically
the existence of a former life
The test started 10 minutes ago
and 2 minutes from now
my daughter will return to
her previous life
If this test run is successful
you'll be able to travel to
both your past and future
Concluding my address...
I personally thank my daughter
for agreeing to this test
Warning: JP12, JP13, JP14 out of order
JP14, JP15 out of order
It caused such a sensation 2 years ago
Check these out
Nam-hong had been followed
for years
She studied physics at KAlST
She went missing during the test run
Dr. Jang called this morning
He wants you for the final test
of CSM1004
I don't know why he wants you
But guys at NIB think
you should do it
There must be a reason|why he's chosen you
You can watch it again
Yes, sir
Thanks for coming.|Make yourself comfortable
It's Nam-hong's cyber pet, Riki
He's happy because it knows
you'll bring her back
What do you mean?
My colleagues gave her Riki
on her 18th birthday
It feels what she does
After I lost her 2 years ago...
I devoted myself|into completing the CSM1004
It's a more advanced time|traveling machine than the CS23 model
Using the machine
I could locate her
But there was a problem
We found out during the test
to get into the very space
of her previous life
the digitalized brain wave should
match the code to that space
During countless test runs
men tried to get into that space
but nobody was successful
Without having a brain wave
that matches the former life
nobody can't get to that space
I'm completely lost here
All I can say is that I'm here
because I was given an order
to participate in your test
I know, I asked NIB to request you
CSM1004 was developed 6 months ago
Since then, I've been trying
to find a man
whose brain wave was the key to space
I've went through brain waves
of 1 million cops and soldiers
I scanned every single person registered
at the NIB database
And yours was the only match
with 6.66 Giga Hertz
And you're capable of bringing
her back from her former life
Frankly, I don't get it
Let's just say, what you're saying is true
But how could you use your
daughter as a guinea pig?
You won't care her safety?
Don't you worry she is in dangerous?
I was so confident
I won't force you to do this|to save Nam-hong
You can make a decision
after experiment
your former life with Nam-hong
through CSM1004
It's completely up to you
CSM1004 complements defects
of other time traveling machines
It's the only passage|to experience your former life
2 minutes from now
you'll experience your former life
through 72 black holes
DilMoon, The space of Seong-jin's|former life
DilMoon was a highly developed state|but only to be destroyed
due to antipathy against|the high civilization
lt's an imaginary space in the universe of|neither the past nor the future
Power Football. It's a sport that|everybody can play, regardless of
their class, and show off|their martial art skills
The 3rd class of Lokan
Princess of DilMoon
She loves Dean, who gives up|his life for her, more than
she does her fiance, General Shanil
A general of DilMoon
He sells his soul out to the leader of
Paxtus to win the heart of Princess Rose
Paxtus have destroyed
all the neighboring cities
What they want is DilMoon
There's only one way
We have great warriors
We've got to dispatch them
before Paxtus attack us
Maka is a dangerous beast
but they're only 30 of them
I'm positive our warriors can
sweep them up
It's not that simple
Paxtus are of warrior race
they stronger than our warriors
And Maka can change his body
into all sorts of weapons
Our warriors are good, but...
Better forget it
I'm with senator Tanya
I expelled them 10 years ago
They will revenge to me
We can't afford to lose
the hard-earned peace in DilMoon
Tanya, mobilize warriors
I'll see to it, sir
Why don't we set the date
for Princess Rose's marriage?
According to DilMoon's dynamics
the 6th day of Maryan is good
I know. I'll let you know
I'll discuss it with Tanya
Do you know anything about|constellations?
There's a constellation named|'Dream of a Warrior.'
500 years ago
in a country named Jidan...|there lived a warrior
and a princess named Danbi|who were in love
The day before the wedding
this dragon kidnapped her
So the warrior went to the cave
of darkness to save her
But he failed to save her
and got killed by the dragon
Danbi killed herself afterwards
The dragon went up to the sky
to create a new constellation
He protected their love
with death
That constellation is a nest|for their souls
As long as Katro exists
it won't be easy
Don't worry
If we believe in ourselves
it will come true
Mom gave me this
She got it from her grandmother|when she married my father
She says, if I carry this
I'll think of only one man
Let's stay together forever
How rude!
But for a person like him comes from|a low class
How we can expect from him?
How dare you smoke
in front of the senator?
Watch your tongue
I'm marrying Rose
Who'll be the next Great General?
Let's cut a deal
You hurry up the marriage
And you'll be the leader|of the senate
You aren't the only one|with ambition, General Shanil
If you stab me in the back,|you'll be sorry
We're getting married soon
I won't let the rumors
bother me
You think they're rumors?
I'm sure you know that
I don't love you
What you want is not me
but the title of Lokan
Or is it the title Great General?
No matter what you think,|we're getting married
I'm warning you
If I hear any more rumors
you won't be able to see him|in DilMoon any more
If we believe in ourselves
it will come true
Who's that warrior?
His name is Dean of Lorin,|the 3rd class of Katro
Even though he comes from a low family
he's a great warrior
He's Martin,|Dean's best friend
He's from a warrior family
and good with explosives
We need great warriors
We'll recruit the best warriors
through this contest
Those who win tonight
will fight Paxtus
Look over there
Princess Rose?
Does she know that warrior?
I don't think so
Bring him to me
Yes, sir
I saw you fighting tonight
What's your Katro class?
The 3rd class of Lorin, sir
Do you know Rose?
What class you are isn't
important to me
I'm not a big advocate
for the Katro system
But there's an unwritten law
we have to abide by
Even if it's wrong
you just have to follow it
Do you love Rose?
As long as Katro exists...
Rose can't be your girl
Katro has cost a lot of couples
their lives in DilMoon
You see what I mean?
I don't want to leave you alone
I don't want you to die
Do you understand?
I want to stop the tragedy|before it unfolds
If it's a tragedy
it has already begun, sir
Let's discuss the marriage|between Shanil and Rose
There's no point putting it off
Why are you pushing it?
I'm not pushing it
The Great General Makuta|already made up his mind
Don ' t you agree with that?
And DilMoon is facing threats|from Paxtus
What if the war begins
and anything happens to him?
That's nonsense!
Are you saying he'll die
in battle or what?
Be reasonable!
We're senators of DilMoon
It's our job to save DilMoon
from any chaos or confusion
The Great General Makuta|won't live forever
We have to accept this point
What? How dare you say that!
Calm down, senators
He also wants the marriage|expedited as soon as possible as well
He's just concerned about Paxtus|ruining the feast
Make himself unhappy
And- - - You need to be more careful
about what you say, senator
Mother, you really want me|to marry Shanil?
His father sacrificed himself
for the Great General
And He made a promise him
that he'd marry you to his son
That's the only way
he can pay his debt to him
I'm paying his debt, then!
Watch your mouth!
You think Shanil is qualified
to be his successor?
He isn't the 1st class of Locan
Your father made the decision
You should follow it
Hisjudgement is always right
Of course
It's all that Katro thing
I don't think
I can ever love Shanil
How do you feel?
Why did you lock me up?
It was the Great General's idea
There are Rumors spreading
concerning you and Rose
The Great General will assign
you to an important mission
Forget about Princess Rose
Without her
my life is meaningless.|All right
Let me tip you off on one thing|as the senator of DilMoon
You aren't to be together
in the space of DilMoon
I've never been in love
But I do know that saving her
from misery is true love
Don't you think so?
This might get your hopes up
You'll be able to see her again
in another space
In another space?
In a world where Katro doesn't exist
There, you'll have your love
When is that?
After unimaginable time passes
Our warriors are ready
to launch a preemptive strike
Upon your order, Great General
I'll fight with warriors
That's too dangerous
You have to save DilMoon|from further threats!
That's now
I know Paxtus better|than anybody else
I can't send warriors away
and wait for the result
I can't do that for warriors
Don't worry about it
I'll lead the attack
and get them back safe
Tinu has been attacked
and nobody survived
Isn't it too cheap of a place
for the next Great General?
Leave me alone, unless it's good news
Makuta is going Paxtus-hunting
tomorrow with warriors
You should go with him
Going Paxtus-hunting with lowly
warriors is good news?
You arejoking
You're so pathetic
This is what delays the marriage
You haven't won his trust yet
Your father's death got him
the title of Great General
He never has achievement
Don't blow it this time
You're the best we've got
You have to destroy them
before they get to DilMoon
That's the only way to save DilMoon
Any shortcomings?
The problem is their leader, Maka
He grows stronger and crueler
from humans' evil spirits
His only shortcoming is the heart
that sucks up souls
Be prepared
If we fail to wipe them out
DilMoon will be destroyed
You are the best warriors|that DilMoon has
You oblige to complete for task
We've got to banish Paxtus
Evacuate the women and children|to a safe place
We have to win
Rose's marriage will be held
after we win this battle
Yes, sir
Forget about him.|He isn't meant for you
I'll marry Shanil
But there's something|I need to ask Dean
It'll hurt you
Get me out of here
I hate my title
and the Katro systemin DilMoon
I hate everything!
Let's go somewhere where|there's nothing stopping us
Don't you want to be with me?
Rose, you'll be miserable with me
I want to be with you
But I love you so much
that I just can't do that
You're a disappointment
You don't love me as much
as I love you
You'd let me marry Shanil
cause you love me so much?
You're a coward!
Fine, I will marry Shanil as you wish
I don't want to see you again
You're nothing but a lowly Lorin|who only knows how to fight
You just realized that?
I never knew this was a one-sided love
The Princess of DilMoon
dumped by a lowly warrior?
What would a Lorin like you
know about love?
Go ahead
Don't forget who you are
You're nothing but a fighter!
Don't dig a grave for yourself
It's a game that
you shouldn't have started
Let's have a ball tonight
We'd better have some fun
while we can
Easy, man
It'll burn like hell tonight
Thanks about earlier
Take it easy
Shosho has an eye for you
No thanks, man
She's way too wild for me
Watch your backs!|They're somewhere here
Receive me and
make yourself stronger
Who are you?
I'm your strongest part
The anger in your heart
will make us stronger
You can have everything
even the girl you love!
Shut up!
Shanil and Tami are missing
Dean! Protect The Great General
Be careful!
Shosho, we cannot escape
I am glad to die with you
We die with the enemy together
Get yourself out of here
Leave them to me
There's no where to hide
The Great General!
The moment I saw you
I liked you
But... let Rose go
For both you and Rose
Please take her out here
Where's my father?
Let's go
Going somewhere, lady?
It's me, Shanil
Don't kill me
You know you need me!
Not any more
We're too greedy anyway
One of us has to die
and that someone is you
Rose, I sold my soul to Paxtus|to have you
Look at me. I'm much stronger!
Don't let him scare you
I'll protect you
Dean, I'll make you beg for mercy
I never thought it|would come this soon!
It's your fate
You say you love her
but there's not a single thing|you can do for Rose
Resent your own fate!
Dean, don't leave me alone
Rose, it's over
Once I suck up his spirit
you'll see him in me
You can stay with Dean for good
I'll show you how much I love you
You can never be Dean
When he died, I died with him
What are you doing?|Don't be stupid, Rose!
You can never have my heart
I love you
I've sold my soul for you!
You want to die for that worthless scum?|No, you can't!
Are you okay?
Keep that in mind
Now your physical body will|travel through space
You won't have as much time
You have only 6 hours with CSM1004
I tried to make it longer
but that's all I could get
You have to save Nam-hong
and get back within 6 hours
Can't be late
If you miss the deadline
your body will break up
into billions of particles
What about Nam-hong?
She'll be trapped for good|in a strange space
If you fail, she will...
It's up to you
Will she recognize me?
Don't worry about it
She experienced her former life|before you
She trusts you more than|you trust yourself
Go back to DilMoon,|and don't forget
You've got to make it back|before the sand glass stops
That constellation is a nest|for their souls
Can you recognize me?
I wanted to see you
Not in my memories, but in real life
We'll go back together
What fate! ln DilMoon, you're weak
and worthless Dean
Here I come!
We're running out of time
You are back
Thank you!
Well done.|Come in!
Hey, there you are
I'll see myself out, sir
What's up? Anything wrong?
We'll talk later
How's Nam-hong?
She's a lot better
That's good
Take some time off
and have fun
Thank you, sir
Dismissed. Wait
Both you are hard to get together
Take a good care of Nam-hong
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