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Dreamlife of Angels The

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There's no one.
Sorry to bother you. Iíll looking for Alain Bagnon.
He doesnít live here anymore. He's gone.
But his truckís outside.
It doesn't work anymore. Heís abandoned it.
He's left for Belgium.
Belgium? Do you know where?
He's working on the building sites. They change ail the time.
He left no address or keys to the house?
No, he left a month ago.
Why, who are you?
Iím a friend.
l can't tell you any more.
All right, never mind.
What language is that?
I help foreigners.
We make little cards like this...
and make a little money...
to help foreigners coming to France.
Pretty, arenít they? A present for your kids. You have kids?
Yes, I have a daughter.
Like you, the same hair.
She's gone to the States. She's working in Boston.
l haven't seen her for ten years.
She works for the United States.
That's nice. What does she do?
Makes clothes for the Americans. Lots of clothes.
Clothes for the American army, uniforms.
For the police?
For the police, too. All uniforms.
That's not much fun.
- How old are you? - Me? 21. Why?
- Where are you from? - A place in the sticks.
Not Boston, that's for sure. But I get around.
Want to buy a card?
You don't have work?
I'll find you a real job. You like to work?
You like to work, Iíll get you a real job.
Iíll give you the address. Come tomorrow at 8:00.
What kind of work?
Sewing on a machine. You know how to sew?
- Sewing with a machine? - Yes, sewing.
Good job for you.
Here's the address. Come tomorrow at 8:00.
All right. But it's to sew with sewing machines?
With a machine. You know how to sew?
Good. Come at 8:00 tomorrow. Weíll try.
Won't you buy a card? No money?
No, l have nothing.
Never mind. Hello. Would you like to buy a card?
itís for the elderly.
itís to help children.
That one's nice.
Sit up straight!
Gently, watch what you're doing.
- That's no good. - Of course it's no good.
Thatís the wrong way round.
Sit up straight.
- Can you sew? - The machines go a bit fast.
Go on, show me. Straight.
Gently, right up against the plate.
- Iíll get the hang of it. - Don't pull on it.
Break the thread. Just pull it.
Be careful.
Where's my saucepan?
- You have to bring lunch? - No one told you?
What'll you do then?
Can we give her something?
Take a plate.
Take a big one.
- Can I sit here? - Of course you can.
I've got ham and rice. I eat cold.
Otherwise I get hot flashes when I work.
- Enjoy your meal. - You, too.
- Stretching your legs? - Yes.
Go ahead, l don't mind.
- Are those the toilets? - No, they donít work.
The ones on the other side work.
At what time does work start again?
At 1:00 youíll hear the machines start up again.
They're great machines.
I pretended I knew how to work them, but--
How many do you make a day?
A thousand.
How long have you been sewing?
Two weeks.
You'd never sewed before?
No, I'm not a dressmaker. I'm doing it for the time being.
You learn fast. I don't know if Iíll be able to.
They're sewing machines, not computers.
Can l have a drag?
What did you do before?
I was working.
What, sewing?
That's right, for Chanel.
No, waitress at The Dukes.
What's The Dukes?
The big hotel in the center.
You didnít like being a waitress?
The boss soon got on my nerves.
He treated us like shit, simply because he's the boss.
l slapped him one. He didnít see it coming.
He was bleeding. He won't forget me in a hurry.
What had he done to you?
The next day I scratched his car on both sides.
He was mad.
He got stitches and a scratched car as well.
Iím only staying here until I get a little money together.
I donít think I'm going to stay here...
very long either.
We have to go.
- Bye! - See you tomorrow!
Can I have an advance?
No money now. Next week!
- But tomorrow-- - Not enough work. Next week.
- But I'LL do plenty. - Next week.
Do you know a cheap place near here? I need a room.
I don't know. I don't live here.
l froze my butt off last night.
Can't l stay at your place tonight?
l was counting on a friend. Heís away, and l don't know anyone in Lille.
I don't know. If you've got nowhere--
Thanks. Thatís kind of you.
It's great!
It looks big. Can l look around?
You can sleep on the couch.
That's cool.
Iíll go to sleep watching the TV. That's a funny TV.
This flat's huge!
itís great.
- You live here alone? - Yes.
What are you preparing? Can l help?
No. Are you hungry?
Help yourself in the fridge.
Iím going out. l can't spend the evening indoors.
I said Iíd never touched a machine. It's not true.
I was an apprentice for a year when l was 16, but l didnít stay.
I thought so.
The flat isn't mine.
it belongs to a woman and her daughter who are in the hospital.
Iím looking after the flat.
- What have they got? - They were in a car crash.
You've always lived in Lille?
I was born in the suburbs.
And you never moved?
I'm going to make some money and split!
l don't like the grey and the cold. It's awful here.
- Concert tickets? Half price. - Where?
The Plaza. Eighty for one, 160 for two.
Half price, my ass! Weíre broke.
- What you got? - Nothing.
One hundred for two.
Stop waving them in our faces! Weíre broke.
We don't want them!
What's the Plaza? Is it far?
- Let's try to get in. - How do you expect to get in?
Let's try. We can always come back.
We haven't got any money. Can you let us in?
If you need money, get a job, darling.
l know.
But it's halfway through. Be cool, Let us in, will you?
Iíll push the barrier.
Put that barrier back!
Put that barrier back. That's clear enough!
Wait, Iím asking for permission.
You think I want to fight?
Fredo, it's for you.
- You want to get in? - Yes.
Iíll tell you why it isn't possible.
The people playing music...
they've worked hard, they've come a long way, they have to be paid.
We want to see them.
The rental of the hall, none of itís free.
- Are you paying them? - No, I'm not paying them.
And there are technicians, too.
Two people, two girls! Who'll notice in the crowd?
I will! And you're interrupting me.
interrupting? We're talking!
What's your problem?
Say yes or no. Anyway, whatís it to you? Youíre not the boss.
The little brunette can go in.
Not the other one.
What will I do alone? I'm not going in without her.
- What did you say? - Let's blow!
Push off!
You want to fight, fatty?
Wake up, Marie. We're late.
What's that?
- How many have you made? - I don't know. A lot.
What? Have you seen what you've done?
How many have you made?
Look at this!
- Shoddy work! - She's mad!
- We canít use this. - What's the matter?
We don't need girls like you ! You don't know how to work. Go!
- Tell me whatís wrong. - We can't use this. It's a waste!
Stop it! Whatís the problem?
Take your jacket and go! Take your jacket!
Look, she's sewn them inside out.
What is this? Everything's inside out!
You're occupying a machine when lots of women are waiting.
What is this? Stop using the machine.
All right, I'm going.
Go. You're losing us money.
To hell with this job.
Iím not going back.
No, it's work. You have to go.
Have you seen how he treats us?
Shut up and sew!
You can stay at the flat.
- At least we've got that. - l can?
- Do you have money saved up? - No, nothing.
When I have no money, l sell cards. Look.
I make them.
l sell them for 10 or 20 francs.
- To people in the street? - Yes, you make up any old story.
I'll give you some.
- I don't beg. It's humiliating. - Why, it isn't humiliating.
- When people refuse? - You move on.
Look, Fredo, our two little dodgers.
No one told you to sit here!
We sit where there's room.
By the way, which one of you called me fat last night?
- I don't know. Not us. - Really? Not you.
- Hi, Fredo. - Hi, Luis.
What about Manu?
Drop Manu, will you?
Get the message?
What are you doing tonight?
Couldnít we work at your concerts?
Hear that, Fredo? What would you do?
l don't know. Look after the singers.
- What do the girls do? - There aren't any girls.
At concerts, you drink the wine, Load the trucks...
and anything that moves gets jumped on.
You don't know what you're in for.
- You've never been in the shit? - Who, me?
You Let him jump you to get this job?
You're lucky you're a chick!
Donít talk like that to Fredo or heíll do you !
He mustn't talk to Marie like that.
She's just getting the wrong message.
l never said l wanted to do you.
Who are you anyway?
Just a bouncer. You can't get us a job.
All on your own ! Iíd like to see in 15 years how you end up!
You think we need you?
Don't bother coming to any concerts.
You're banned.
- The master of the world! - Calm down.
This is our table. Get lost!
Keep calm, Fredo.
He'll land you one if you keep insulting him.
I'm not insulting you.
What is this? Enough !
We haven't even introduced ourselves.
- Charlie. - Marie.
- Charlie. - Isa.
- Fredo. - Fredo, he said.
Can I come in?
- Iíve made breakfast. - Cool.
Shall l put it here?
- What time is it? - itís 12:00.
- Shit. Have you eaten? - No.
Join me, then.
Shall I open the curtains?
I'd been working for a week.
He didn't seem to be interested in me.
One day when he wasn't expecting it, I jumped on him.
He was having a nap, and bam!
it was a house I was redoing down South.
He was living with his mother.
She was great. She was a painter.
She was doing great stuff.
l ended up almost Living with them.
Then we finished the job.
During the last days, I didn't know whether to talk to him or not.
Whether he wanted me to stay or for it to end Like that.
We never talked about our feelings. It wasn't easy.
And then, on the last day, l packed our gear with the mason.
And l didnít know what to do, and the fool still said nothing.
So, I said good-bye to him like to the others.
l walked to the truck...
and at each step I hoped he'd tell me to stay.
He Let me get into the truck...
and that was that.
Later l regretted not saying anything.
It wasn't up to you.
- You wouldnít have? - No.
- It was a stupid ending. - it wasn't your fault.
If he'd wanted, he'd have asked you to stay.
Maybe he was afraid Iíd invade his life.
Maybe if Iíd had my own place it would have been different.
He slept with you because you were available.
A girl on the road. it was practical.
Maybe he was waiting with each step for me to turn around.
Weíll never know.
Youíre torturing yourself, and you dream a Lot.
Have you got a guy?
- Don't you Like the bouncer? - Are you crazy?
You were in his bed!
I didn't think you'd screw him.
l didnít screw him.
We drank, you went to sleep.
What about Fredo? He fancies you.
No, thank you!
l don't like him. He freaks me out. He's weird.
Charlie said they don't only do the concerts.
Theyíre also bouncers for this club, The Blue.
He gave me his number, but I won't call.
I donít get stuck on guys. They get on my nerves.
You're not answering?
No. It's for them anyway.
Been to see them in the hospital?
l don't know them.
I got the flat through my aunt. Besides, they're in a coma.
Both of them?
Yes, l think so.
Have you settled in?
Do what I did. Just move her stuff.
But what if they come back and Iím here?
Weíll see.
Weíll say Iím your cousin from Brittany. You're putting me up.
All right.
I am starving this diary on a sunny day.
Like a mirror for me to know who I am.
I feel things inside, overwhelming things.
I feel my pulse beating. I'm confused, nervous.
Like something missing, a desire...
I canít yet control.
On the edge of an abyss, I feel this crazy urge to jump.
What are you doing, for Christ's sake?
It isn't a pancake, it's a--
It's not a sword fight!
You need practice.
Do you Like them?
The woman painter gave them to me.
I didn't expect her to.
Take one.
But they were a gift!
Go ahead. I swear. I want you to have one.
Choose the one you prefer. itís yours.
This one.
itís yours.
Weíll find you another. One with a car.
We'll go for a long ride.
Anyway, weíll have a drink.
Let's see.
A guy for you.
He's too old.
Wait, Marie.
He's super sexy.
- Thereís one! - He's too good-looking!
Hello. I need to talk to you.
Sorry to bother you, but I have a message from my friend, Marie.
She's been following you for several months.
She's shy, but she knows everything about you.
You're a great guy and you've got a lot of money...
but she's shy and comes from a more modest background.
These things happen.
She wants to know if the little detail of class matters...
or if it's love that counts.
Iím sorry, Iím in a hurry.
- Marie, she's pretty. - Pretty name.
Like in a fairy story.
Look at the way he walks!
He's uptight. Let's follow him.
Come on, run!
Wait, I've got something to tell you.
Open the window!
We're looking for a chauffeur for the afternoon.
- Sorry, it's my day off. - Just a Little ride.
Iíve just cleaned my car.
How old are you? Got your license?
Hi, Charlie! Hi, Fredo!
- Stuck outside? - Did they throw you out?
- Not too cold, is it? - No, weíre used to it. Found work yet?
Still Looking. Got a couple of things lined up.
lf you're Looking for work...
The Hollywood is Looking for girls.
- The what? - The Hollywood.
Do you know The Hollywood?
A club and a restaurant.
In the shopping center. Do you know it?
Theyíll hire us as waitresses?
- Not good enough for you? - Careful.
Out of the way. Let us do our job.
- How many? - Six.
I see!
l get it. You sort out the good from the bad.
That's right.
- And youíll Let us in? - How much is the admission?
If we Let you in, weíll be left out here on our own.
That's not nice.
If you didn't know me, would you Let me in?
Not Like that. She could grow her hair, you could have yours done...
a little makeup, you wear a dress--
Try and look Like girls.
What a job! You just judge people by their appearance.
Not again! lf you want to go in, go in !
In that stuffy joint? l wouldn't be caught dead!
Here's the boss.
Shit! The guy whose light I busted!
You're right.
Hi, Fredo. Hi, Charlie. Everything okay?
Yes, everything's fine. See you later.
- He's the boss? - Yes, he's the boss.
Some get an early start!
- He's young. - That's true.
- What did he do to own this place? - Easy. He was born into it.
See The Grande Brasserie over there? His dad owns that.
We're free on Thursday. Let's hook up.
- We don't know what weíre doing. - You don't know.
- Weíll call you. - Yeah, Like Last time.
Good-bye, boys. Good night.
Yeah, right, good night. Walk in the light!
- Is Marie there? - Yes, she's in.
- Iím her mother. - Hello.
Come in.
Shall I get her?
Your mum's here.
Why are you here?
l was in Lille. I tried to call earlier.
You could say hello.
I wanted to see the flat.
As you can see, it's a flat. itís okay.
Let's go down to the cafe across the street.
Isa, we're just going for a drink.
I came on my own. He can't get about easily.
Sure. Let's go.
- Let's have lunch. - All right.
Remi, I love you.
Does Remi know how to say "I love you"?
Remi has blue eyes, white legs, a scrawny neck...
cauliflower ears and a willie the shape of--
Woke up expecting something to happen. Nothing.
She'll bring him here and they'll screw.
She'll say, "Hush! Sandrine's sleeping. "
What a bummer, my mother with a guy like that.
If I put a caroing knife...
under her mattress, he won't be able to get an erection.
- I've come to see Sandrine Val. - Which ward?
l don't know. She's in a coma.
Neurology then. Professor DeLacour's ward.
Take the lift, second floor, corridor B. Ask for the nurses' office.
She's unconscious, she can't communicate.
She can't talk or move. She won't answer you.
We're watching for any sign of her waking or of an improvement.
Spend some time with her.
If the sound of your voice triggers off a sign...
let me or one of the nurses know.
It's very important.
Her mother died a few days after the accident.
Doctor, please?
Excuse me. Iíll be right back.
Hello, Sandrine.
You've eaten well again.
Visits seem to give you an appetite.
Iíll make you comfortable.
There you are.
Youíll catch cold like that.
The tips of her fingers are always cold.
She still has a slight temperature.
Are you a relative?
One of her friends?
Guess what Iíve just done. Lent my mother 1,000 francs.
Christ! Iím broke and I have to give her money!
Because she's married to a jerk!
- Your father? - Yes.
She says he wants to see me again.
Has it been a Long time?
Four years, since I left.
She seems fine.
She isn't nice, she's a victim. It's different.
Did you notice? She never looks you in the eye.
Do you still see your parents?
My mother.
When I can, or l write. l get on well with her.
What does she do?
She works in a shoe factory in Valence.
And your father?
They only stayed together a year.
My father married again and had other children.
I went to Live with them for a while, but I went back to my mum.
it was cooler with her.
You're lucky your parents separated.
Mine stayed together.
Maybe in four years your father's changed.
My father's mad, that doesn't change.
Now he's really sick so he's calmed down.
What did you do today?
I visited Sandrine at the hospital.
Her mother's dead. She's still in a coma.
They don't know how Long the coma can Last.
She could stay like that and grow old on her bed.
Iíll go back and see her.
What for?
She doesn't seem to get any visits. It might do her good.
What a drag!
lf her mother's dead, weíll get thrown out.
Those of you who've just arrived, fill in the forms...
and attach your photos.
Think of your favorite star, Lauren Bacall, Dietrich, Garbo--
lf you've already been a waitress, say where and for how long.
Two on the photo. How can we tell who's who?
Who's Isabelle Tostin? There are two on the photo.
I'm Isabelle Tostin.
You worked at The Dukes, Like Marie Thomas. Youíre Ms. Thomas?
You're inseparable, Like lovebirds.
Does the idea of working at The Hollywood make you feel Like stars?
Yes, absolutely!
Who's your favorite star, Isabelle?
Madonna, okay.
Could you do something Like Madonna?
Like in concert?
Like on TV?
All right.
Or ""Like a Virgin.'''
Okay, very good.
Marie, who's your favorite star?
No one. l just came with my friend.
You must have a favorite star.
Yes, Marie, Lauren Bacall.
- She doesn't know me well enough. - You said Lauren Becall.
Lauren Becall, go on, Marie.
There you are, Lauren Becall.
All right.
You aren't very affectionate, are you?
l am.
Well, you've had me.
You should be glad.
Why do you say that? You've had me, too.
- Well, no. - What do you mean, no?
I don't want you.
So you make love to a guy you don't fancy, is that it?
- You just screw around. - That must be it.
With all of them?
l didnít expect to end up in your bed.
l didnít expect to end up with a fat guy.
A fat guy. I don't think of myself as fat.
It's just a question of vocabulary.
You okay?
What about you, not fattened?
Did you sleep with Fredo?
He fancies you a Lot.
Are we going?
On the bikes?
Shit, my scarf.
- What are you doing? - I've forgotten my scarf.
Hurry up, weíll be late.
Shall l see you tomorrow?
l don't want to go too fast.
Can you say that to my face?
Have you got any money?
Iím fine.
- He gave me 200 francs. - Cool!
Could you wait outside? l have to finish this.
l won't be Long. Just outside.
Follow my finger to the left.
Good, you did it well today.
Follow my finger again. Go on.
Go on, continue.
Good. Well done.
To the Left. Follow my finger.
No, don't move.
You can talk to her. She'd like that.
She's sleeping, but she can hear you.
January 10
You've been in the hospital...
in a room...
for a month.
Your mother's...
My nameís Isabelle. I'm 21, I live in your flat.
I have a friend: Marie.
Do you have a receipt for this?
l wouldnít do that!
Look at that. Youíll have to pay.
Do you have any money?
Take if off and follow us.
I know her. Iíll pay.
- You're going to pay? - That's what I said.
- 1,000 francs. - That much!
I donít want it. I won't wear it.
- Quiet! You steal clothes! - Where do I pay, please?
Follow me, sir.
You aren't the grateful type.
I have no money. I can't pay you back.
What do you do when you aren't shoplifting?
l work.
Really? What do you do?
it depends.
- Do you Live alone? - What do you mean?
- Do you have a fiancťe? - That's none of your business.
I've got a club on Cannot Square.
The Blue. Do you know where it is?
Cannot Square.
Iíd Like to see you again.
Iím not interested.
You can find me at The Blue or at the Grande Brasserie.
Drop by tomorrow afternoon. Iíll buy you a drink.
I said no.
This is the Last time youíll see me.
Who do you think you are?
You donít get it. Iíll explain.
Are you crazy?
it was just to see.
Now you know.
- l could do the same thing. - Just you try it!
Iíll take you home. Where do you Live?
That's worth 1,000 francs.
- You're forgetting something. - I don't want it.
Never mind.
Itíll be fine for someone on my staff.
Have a look around, then we're quits.
l don't know his name.
Go ahead, look around.
Thatís the bedroom. itís private.
He's got a cheek!
What's he doing here?
I met him in a bar. He wanted to see the flat.
- He didn't mention the Light? - No.
- He didn't recognize you? - l don't know.
How do you Like it? You expected a dump?
There's a bathroom and a kitchen, too.
I've made a chicken curry. Does he want to eat with us?
I prefer a restaurant. Iíll treat you.
You've got money to spend!
Iím not leaving my friend alone.
Never mind.
lf you change your mind, drop by The Blue or The Brasserie.
Didn't they teach you to close doors?
Spoiled rich kid!
We're going on tour for two weeks.
- When? - This coming Thursday.
- Can't we come with you? - No, we can't bring anyone.
But when I get back, I might have work for you.
- On the concerts? - Yes.
In the meantime.
Half of it's for Isa from Fredo.
- He doesn't dare tell her. - She doesn't fancy him.
That's their problem. Let them sort it out.
January 4. First visit to Sandrine.
What are you doing?
Nothing. Just drawing.
Iím fed up. Let's go out.
No, we're fine here.
Iíll be with you in a moment.
Come to see what my place is Like? itís your turn now.
Yes, I'm Looking around.
Like it?
It's all right. itís just a bar.
I have to go. Iíve got something to do.
What are you doing?
I don't know.
Come with me.
In town.
For a walk.
Iíd Like a room, please.
Just for one night? Room 302.
Weíll take you to your room. Jean-Luc!
Hello, sir.
Come on, this is becoming embarrassing.
Come on.
because it often rained.
Very old, tall trees.
The sound of the river hidden beneath the brambles.
The black crows...
their yellow beaks.
The fresh air stinging our cheeks.
February 18.
Sunshine at Last.
School excursion to Honfleur.
We Left all together.
I felt completely with the others.
At one with them.
I was Lau, l was Marc, l was Remi.
Maybe it was the strong wind on the beach which mixed us.
In the coach, l sat next to Remi.
l fell asleep...
and when l woke up, my head was Leaning on his shoulder.
He was asleep, too.''
Christ, you scared me!
What are you doing in the dark?
Nothing. I just got home.
What time is it?
11 :00.
Charlie called. Heíll call back.
Their tour seems to be going well.
What did you do?
Nothing. I just hung around.
Iím dead beat. I'm going to bed.
l wonder if she can hear.
You know, when you speak, if she understands.
Yesterday I tried something.
She has a diary. I found it in her desk.
I read it to her. Maybe she can hear?
What came over you?
She gave you permission to go through her things?
She's completely unconscious.
She hears a strange voice tell her story!
Sheíll think she's hearing voices. I don't believe it!
She must have been petrified! What did you do?
Sit down next to her, open her diary and read it?
You thought she'd answer, give a sign?
No, but--
I don't know.
What? The Hollywood?
Really? Why?
We aren't hired? Why?
Marie Thomas, yes, sheís here. Hold on.
It's to hand out fliers on roller skates.
Roller skates?
Yes, we're interested.
Iíll take down the address.
On roller skates is fine!
Okay, no problem. Good-bye.
It's not bad.
Why didnít they take us on as waitresses?
- Iím Isabelle Tostin. - Isabelle Tostin, okay.
l have two outfits. You're the other one?
No, Iím just accompanying my friend.
Isabelle, put this jacket on.
The skirt, this under it.
The skates.
Some warm tights...
and a cap.
Go and change behind the car, please.
Iíve got two skates for the same foot.
- in the car? - No, outside, behind it will do.
- Is that okay? - You look Like a turkey.
Very funny.
Ready, Isabelle? I'd Like to explain to everyone.
- l have to lace up the skates. - Do it here.
Donít forget, it's free for girls on Fridays and Saturdays.
Isabelle and Solene, you do the station and the shopping center.
Back here at 12:00. Iíll give you some more fliers.
Don't put any in letter boxes!
Iíd like to talk to Chris, please.
This is Marie.
Do you know when heíll be back?
All right, Iíll call back.
We were at the bottom of this huge slope.
This guy on a scooter goes by...
and says, ""Hang on to me.'''
So l hang on and put out my hand for Solene to hang on--
But you were already far.
No, l wasn't. You were too slow.
- But l don't know how to skate. - Good-Looking pizza boy.
I didn't get a chance to see him.
You should have been there, Marie.
Want to sleep here?
I don't know. If it's no trouble.
- itís a long way home at this hour. - Can I use the phone?
it must be in the Living room.
Are you angry?
It's just that someone like that--
Why did you bring her here?
But sheís nice.
Nice! She's wet!
It's to help her out.
- What about the sandwich boards? - Shit, the boards!
Iíll be able to go out in the evenings.
l want to make the most of it.
That's great. How did you get the job?
Caroline's father, the agency.
I think he likes me, that's why he took me on.
We won't see each other.
Iíll be back for two or three days between trips.
Where are you going?
then Senegal, l think.
Youíll send me a postcard?
Where to, here or your place?
What is it? Wait.
You okay?
Who are your friends?
Want to meet them?
Coming to Marc's?
I don't know.
They can do without you for an afternoon. Come on.
Stay if you want to chat her up. Sometimes youíre not too choosy.
What did you say?
Not too choosy. Now, if you take it personally--
- Are you talking to me? - Not to you, I donít know you.
She's crazy! Who's this bitch?
Calm down. Go to Marc's.
Right, go to Marc's!
You're completely crazy!
What's your problem?
What's the matter?
Iím screwing you.
You want me to screw you?
Are we going to see Charlie's guy? itís been two days.
Shall we go this afternoon?
I donít know, Iím not free. You go if you want.
- it looks Like a good job. - Great.
Plenty of sunshine and great pay.
- How are you going to eat? - Iíll go hungry!
Whatís the matter?
Nothing. Mind your own business. Get off my back!
Don't talk to me Like that! Calm down. What's the matter?
l can see something's wrong.
Talk. You've been moping indoors all week.
Do you want to be alone? Say it.
At least that's clear.
I'm going to see about the job.
I screwed that guy. Chris.
He came to see you?
No, I did. I don't know why. Iím stupid.
You just fancy him.
He's an asshole!
I donít want to see him anymore. Anyway, he hasn't called.
You know, guys Like him--
He owns a club. You're probably not the only one.
Did he say he wanted to see you again?
Letís go out.
Weíll go and see about the job.
You donít care, you've had him!
You've been with the guy from The Blue!
There they are!
How are you?
- Cool. - Great!
Great weather, a great ride!
We're kissing now, are we?
What are you doing?
We're going back to the barge. Coming?
Yes. Marie, shall we go to the barge?
Come on.
Don't Look so pleased! Come on.
I have to work. I'm not into screwing in a hotel.
All right?
Better than yesterday. I had to clear up on my own.
You could have said you were leaving!
Charlie called. I said you were tired.
You have to call him today.
What are you doing? l thought he was an asshole!
Not now!
- He doesn't care about us. - What do you know?
And Charlie?
So what? I do what I Like.
He suspects something.
Why, have you told him?
l don't want him to know who it is.
What about Fredo?
Have you told him where you stand? That you wonít go to bed with him?
- Yes. - Really?
So, why do you take his money?
He's a poor sap, is he? A fool?
What's your problem?
Is it his contempt rubbing off?
Hasn't taken Long, has it?
- Is there any coffee? - It's there.
- Can l have some-- - Sugar?
Yes, and a spoon.
Does my presence bother her?
Well, yes, but it doesn't matter.
What are you doing at the weekend?
Weíve got a house by the sea. Iíll take you there.
Have you got any cigarettes? Weíve run out.
Yes, Iíve got some.
Keep them.
Iím going to see the T-shirt guy. Are you working on Saturday?
I won't be here on Saturday, nor on Sunday.
Where are you going?
Don't forget to call Charlie.
She's opened her eyes.
She has? Are you sure?
Thatís good, itís a first sign. But itís a little sign.
It doesn't necessarily mean anything.
We have to Look out for other signs. The doctor will be here this afternoon.
Will you be here?
Iíll tell him to stop by so you can talk about it.
There's someone else?
itís the real thing?
I don't know him well enough.
What does that mean, ""the real thing'''?
He makes your heart beat faster.
When that happens, you mustn't miss your chance.
Marie, what are you doing?
Stop it.
Leave me alone!
Think! What will you say to him?
Open the door!
- in the street you were crazy. - I don't care!
Mind your own business! Open the door.
Don't humiliate yourself. You're not his dog!
I don't mind. Iíve been humiliated before.
A shitty Life, treated Like shit!
You go around with boards with shit written on them.
Get him out of your head.
Stop it!
Out of my head, that's what you want? Hurts, doesn't it?
I donít believe it! Are you crazy?
This guy's everything? Can't you think of anything else?
Go ahead, just try!
This girlís almost dead, you're Lucky to be alive and you run after a jerk.
So, what can we do?
Letís call Charlie and Fredo. Let's go and see them.
You poor sap!
Go ahead and suffer!
- Get lost! - Go and get hurt!
You're a pain !
Can l go in?
- Are you Looking for Charlie? - No.
You want to go in? Go in.
l don't know.
He's coming.
Can you leave us alone?
You don't Look too happy.
No, I'm fine.
It's Marie, she's with this guy. He's taking her for a fool.
He's driving her mad.
She doesn't realize. For him, she's just another girl.
She doesn't realize it.
- Who is this guy? - A guy, you don't know him.
l don't care about him, heís a jerk.
What is it then?
Well, it's--
It's her.
The way she is, the way she talks to me.
How does she talk to you?
itís as though she was ashamed of me.
Talk to her about it.
l have. That's all I ever do, but she won't Listen to me!
Iíve tried taking to her.
- Won't you talk to her? - To Marie?
No, it's over.
itís already over. Youíve forgotten her.
No, not ""already.''' She's going to be on my mind...
for a long time, you see.
But I'LL forget Marie.
What l have to do is get her out of my thoughts.
Youíre thinking of yourself. Can't you help her?
No, I don't want to do that.
She wouldn't Listen to me more than you.
in fact, you don't love her.
You didnít love her. She was right to leave you.
That's not it.
I don't get it, is that it?
Right, you donít get it.
I donít understand, I'm a fool.
Iím Mrs. Val's brother. You're Looking after the flat?
- itís not bad, is it? - Yes, it Looks fine.
Come in, come in.
Without the furniture, a Little paint--
No, it looks fine.
- How many rooms are there? - One Living room, two bedrooms.
Have a Look around.
The flat has to be empty by the end of the month, we're selling.
And Sandrine?
Sandrine, you know...
in her state...
sheíll never come back to Live here.
Will you be in on Tuesday afternoon?
Yes, certainly.
Can you Let a workman in, to evaluate the work needed?
10,000 francs per square meter. Say 650,000.
Like it?
They're selling the flat, we have to Leave by the end of the month.
You can go and stay with Charlie and Fredo.
I might be working at The Blue as a waitress first, then a barmaid.
They're selling the flat, weíre out at the end of the month.
Are you coming?
- She isnít in. - I know.
Iím going to Leave her.
I want you to tell her.
It's not for me to tell her.
You're her friend.
What should I tell her?
it isn't her fault.
She's a nice girl, but...
it's over, I'm stopping.
Why did you go out with her?
You're an asshole!
Donít count on me.
Is Chris in, please?
Please tell him Marie called. Can he call me back? He has my number.
Thank you, good-bye.
l only went out for cigarettes! Are you paranoid?
How can l know where you're going?
Shut the door!
- Any calls? - No calls.
- Iíve cooked something. - I'm not hungry.
Weíre becoming awful to each other.
I never wanted that.
I have to tell you--
- Put that cigarette back! - You're crazy.
Put it back in the packet.
I don't go to the tobacconistís just for you!
Keep them, you poor fool!
I'd like to see you when you realize you need other people.
Iíll send you a photo.
You're Living in her flat and you donít even know her.
What do you mean?
You disgust me.
I think we should each go our own way.
Iím leaving.
Right, go ahead.
You think you're perfect?
You're just a hanger-on.
What can you do by yourself? Sell cards!
Thatíll get you far!
Youíre screwed up and you don't realize it.
I've found someone and I'm happy.
That's what you can't take.
You think Chris is going to help you?
He doesn't want to see you.
- You know what he's thinking? - l saw him, he told me.
- What did he say? - He said it was all over.
When did you see him?
- Three days ago. - He came to see you?
He came to see me because he doesn't dare talk to you.
Call him if you don't believe me!
Why didn't you tell me before?
l didnít because l couldnít!
You'd better be telling the truth!
l am, you just won't Listen.
You went to see him. Stuck your nose in my business.
- What did you tell him? - You're crazy. You've got to calm down.
itís impossible. He didn't say that!
You don't know what's going on between us!
Go to that dead girl ! That's all you care about, dead bodies!
- Don't you dare say that! - I'LL kill you !
It's over between us!
Excuse me, where's Sandrine Val?
She's going to intensive care. She has a respiration infection.
Is it serious?
Yes, either she recovers quickly...
or weíll lose her.
She's next door. You can go and see her.
Visits won't be allowed Later. Youíll have to call for news.
In that room.
Iím staying.
20fh February.
itís good you've come. Sandrine's much better.
She's out of danger, she's showing signs of communicating.
You can talk to her, sheíll hear you.
A familiar face will help her get her bearings.
You can go to her, she's in room 225.
I don't want to wake you up.
Sandrine is getting better, she's going to live.
I hope you find the kind of life you're looking for...
the one you dream of.
Each day, each second.
Your friend, Isa.
There are different colors for each contact...
and a connector with holes numbered 1 to 78.
You have to plug the contacts into the connector...
matching the colors...
with the numbers on this list.
Go ahead, Iíll watch.
You must have done this all your Life! Continue.
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