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Dressed to Kill 1980

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It's 47 degrees right now. 7. 17.
Sports news coming up at 25 after the hour.
Jack Walters will have that exclusive interview with Billy Martin,
and you know that could be fireworks.
The best bet for you folks coming in from Jersey, do whatever you gotta do...
Oh, yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes.
You're listening to Willie Craig on PRM-FM-93.
If your clock radio is set to go off at 7. 18, it should be doing that right about now.
Start every day with music on PRM.
This is a cut from the new Pandemonium album "Lady Stevie".
Peter, you're supposed to be ready in half an hour.
- Ready for what? - We're going to the museum today and...
Mom, I can't go. I need the rest of the vacation to finish this.
We made these plans a week ago.
I know, but I'm way behind my schedule. I'm sorry.
Peter, have you been up all night again?
Mom, the city science championships are next week.
Turn that thing off.
Put that down and look at me.
We made a little deal, didn't we?
I'm very proud and excited about your project,
but I don't want you working all night on it.
I know, I know. I'm sorry.
Mom, this is the most incredible thing I've ever built.
- I mean, this carries. - It carries. Carries what?
Binary numbers. It can hold up to a 20-digit figure.
Now, wait a second. You said it can carry, and it holds too?
It does both. That's the whole point.
There isn't a circuit like this in any of my books. I've invented it.
Well, that's great.
That's great, Peter. What are you gonna call it?
- I don't know. - Well, come on.
Everybody knows that when you invent or discover something, you get to name it.
Like, um... a napoleon.
- A what? - The pastry. It was named after Napoleon.
Napoleon invented pastry? I thought he was a general.
Well, you can't fight battles all the time. He baked as a kind of relaxation.
Are you OK, Mom?
Listen. No more all-nighters, OK?
What is this called, anyway?
It's a Peter, of course. That is, if I ever get it finished.
OK, I'll let you skip it this time, but only if you promise not to work all night.
OK. I promise.
I promise! All right?
Grandma's gonna be very disappointed, but it's all right.
I'll explain... that you're working on your Peter.
There's someone at the front door.
Between 11 and 12 Thursday, right?
OK, fine. Bye.
Kate! Good to see you.
Mary's on vacation, so I have to be my own receptionist. How am I doing?
I hope you won't keep me waiting. I wanna get to the museum early.
I have to be at lunch by 12.30 with Mike and his mother.
No waiting. Go right in. The doctor will be with you shortly.
So... what's happening?
My mother's driving me crazy as usual.
- Did you talk to her? - Mm-hm.
She's hinting around about surprising me for my birthday.
Ah. She's going to come up from Florida, is she?
That's her surprise.
How do you feel about seeing her?
Well, I feel...
I should want to see her. It's been six months since we've been down there,
but she'll just ruin my birthday.
And it's my day, not hers.
Well, now, think. What are our options?
I could make up an excuse and tell her not to come.
No, I can't do that.
Let's not forget it's supposed to be a surprise. Anyway, it's not her. It's just...
I don't feel up to it, or her, or anything.
- How are things going with Mike? - Fine.
No, they're not fine. What a dumb word that is.
He gave me one of his wham-bang specials this morning.
I'm mad at him. Isn't that right? Shouldn't I be mad?
Yeah. Did you tell him?
- What? - That you were mad at him.
Of course not.
I moaned with pleasure at his touch. Isn't that what every man wants?
I don't know. Is it?
Don't start that stuff with me.
Don't you think that you'd feel better if you snapped at Mike instead of me?
Think about where your anger is going.
- I'm sorry. - Stop apologising
and tell Mike he makes you mad.
- Tell him he stinks in bed? - Does he?
- Yes. - Then tell him.
Maybe there's something wrong with me.
There's nothing wrong with you.
- Do you find me attractive? - Of course.
Would you want to sleep with me?
Then why don't you?
Because I love my wife,
and sleeping with you isn't worth jeopardising my marriage.
Is it worth it to you to jeopardise yours?
I don't know.
Stop it.
- Mommy. - Now, you stop that...
I'm sorry. I shouldn't have been so rude. Thank you for picking up...
Who is this?
It's not polite to stare.
No... No.
- So you really think Auditron's going up. - Well, I got it from a very good source.
- Double, huh? - You didn't hear it from me.
You know what? I'm gonna give my broker a little call.
Well, what about...?
No! Wait...
Please... You don't understand. Call the police!
Call the police!
Call the police! Somebody call the police!
Dr Elliott, this is Lou Freeman.
I'm still in Chicago. I won't be back in time for our appointment on Friday.
I'll give you a call on Monday. OK?
Robert, call George. I'll be home over the weekend.
This is Bobbi.
You won't see me any more, so I'm gonna have a little session with your machine.
Oh, Doctor, I'm so unhappy.
I'm a girl inside this man's body and you're not helping me to get out.
So I got a new shrink. Levy's his name.
He's gonna sign the papers, so I can get my operation.
Oh... I borrowed your razor and...
Well, you'll read all about it.
Some blonde bitch saw me, but I'll get her.
Remember. If he calls you,
you'd better tell Levy I'm OK.
Don't make me be a bad girl again.
Dr Elliott, this is Mrs Peters.
I just wanted to confirm our appointment for tomorrow at two o'clock...
This is Detective Marino from the 13th Precinct.
One of your patients, Kate Miller, was killed tonight.
I wonder if you'd stop down at the precinct and ask for me.
I got some questions I think you can help me with.
- Are you sure? - Uh-huh.
Positive ID.
Hey, Eddie!
I want you to take this over to the lab and get some pictures made of it.
Keep an eye on her.
Detective Marino.
- I'm Dr Elliott. - Oh, Doctor.
Would you have a seat outside my office in the corner over there?
- I'll be right with you. - All right.
Get me three copies.
Are you Kate Miller's son?
I'm Dr Elliott, your mother's doctor.
Why do you have to be here?
I made Mike bring me. He's, uh... identifying the...
My mom wouldn't be dead if I had gone with her.
You shouldn't feel responsible for your mother's death.
If you talk about it, I might be able to help.
- Do you know who killed her? - No.
- Then you can't help, can you? - Not now, maybe.
But later... if you want someone to talk to about all this, ask your father to...
No, no, no. He's not my father. My father was killed in Vietnam.
Take this.
You can call me any time.
- I'm always there all day and usually... - OK, Doctor. Let's talk in here.
Call me.
She was picked up by Lockman at the museum.
She spent the afternoon at his place and then was chopped up in the elevator.
That girl out there saw the murderer.
That's terrible.
- Do you know who it is? - Some broad.
- A woman? - Yeah.
Miss Blake didn't get a great look at her face, cos she had on these sunglasses.
Is there anything I can do to help?
When you spoke with Mrs Miller, did she say she was gonna meet anybody?
- Did she leave your office with anybody? - No.
- What was she seeing you for? - Nothing serious.
She had problems with her marriage. I was helping her work them out.
- What kind of problems? - Are you married, Detective Marino?
- Children? - Two sons.
When was the last time you had intercourse with your wife?
What the fuck is it to you?
That's exactly how I feel about your questions concerning Mrs Miller.
Oh, hey, look, Doctor...
We got a brutally murdered woman here,
who is past being embarrassed by anything you might tell me.
I guess you're right. I'm just not used to discussing a patient's case with outsiders.
I'm not an outsider, I'm a cop.
Let's make it easy for you.
- Was she lookin' to get killed? - You mean, was she suicidal?
So why did she pick up this Lockman? He could've been a killer.
- But he wasn't. - The next guy might've been.
If at first you don't succeed...
- Do you think she wanted to get killed? - Don't you?
We got some hot-pants broad cruisin' around for some action.
The guy she picked up went down on her in a cab, for Christ's sake.
I got a blow-by-blow description from the cabbie.
After she finishes with him, she comes on to some weirdo in the elevator?
Hey, there's all kinds of ways to get killed in this city...
if you're lookin' for it.
Well... yes, she did have a problem about her sexual worth.
And this morning she asked me if I was attracted to her.
But you're not a psycho.
You do know some though, don't you, Doc?
Yes, of course. I do some work at Bellevue.
Hey, could she have met one of these nuts at your office?
Some kinda weirdo she could've turned on that might have followed her?
The term we use, Detective Marino, is not "weirdo",
but a person suffering from emotional dysfunction
and a problem of maladaption.
And they never come to my office.
Are you sure?
How about a new patient?
I mean, how do you know how nuts they are until you see 'em?
- Well, that's possible, but it's hardly... - Doctor...
You're not protecting one of your patients, are you?
Absolutely not.
Well, Doc, you gotta look at it my way.
We got no leads, except a witness out there
who maybe should take a look at all your patients that were around that morning.
That way I can be absolutely sure that my weirdo
isn't your person suffering from emotional dysfunctions
and problems of maladaption.
Peter, come on. Let's go home.
Excuse me.
OK, Doctor. I'm sorry you're not more cooperative.
Which means that I'm just gonna have to waste some time
in getting a court order to check out your appointment book.
I'm sorry too, but I feel I must protect the confidentiality of my patients.
Oh, of course. We're just two professionals doin' our job.
It's too bad we can't work together.
Come on.
Thank you very much for your help. I'll be in touch.
This is the answering service. Would you care to leave a message?
Yes, I would. This is Dr Elliott.
- How do you spell that? - E-l-l-i-o-t-t.
What is the message?
I would very much like to see her, and could she call me at my office?
So, Miss Blake, uh...
- Are you still living at 93 Nassau Street? - That's right.
Tell me, how did you happen to be in that building that Mrs Miller was killed in?
- I was visiting a friend. - And who was that?
Well, it's sort of embarrassing. I'd really rather not say.
- He's married. - Whoa!
What kind of building is this, huh? Everybody's gettin' laid after lunch?
Well, I didn't say I was getting laid, to use your expression.
What's the matter? I'm a little crude for you, huh?
That's right.
Look, Miss Blake, let's cut this shit, huh?
I got all the dope on you right here. Does this look familiar?
Let me see. March 5th, charged:
Disorderly conduct, solicitation for the purpose of prostitution.
Arresting officer: Duram. Apprehended at the Park Avenue Hotel.
- Ooh! Classy arrest. - Thank you.
Let's face it, you're a whore.
A Park Avenue whore, but you're still a whore.
Now, who were you fuckin'?
- Fuck you. - No. Fuck you.
- Hey, you're no witness, you're a suspect! - What are you talking about?
We got a murder weapon with your prints on it.
- That's bullshit. Why would I kill her? - You had the razor. You tell me.
I told you. There was a blonde woman...
Except nobody else saw her enter or leave the building.
You didn't notice if she had wings, did you?
She was in the elevator. I saw her.
- So what were you doing there? - I had a job.
- Who? - You want me to get in trouble.
- You are in trouble. - I didn't kill her.
So who were you fucking?
Ted... I didn't get his last name. He's from outta town.
That's great, yeah. Ted from outta town.
That's almost as good as the blonde from the elevator.
It's true. He was standing right behind me. He saw the elevator doors open and that...
woman inside, all cut up and bleeding.
I know all about Mrs Miller. We got her downstairs.
But what about this blonde? Did he see her too?
I don't know.
Well, look, Miss, uh... Miss Blake.
You're gonna save me a lot of trouble by finding this Ted from outta town
and getting him in town and downtown and in here
to sign his statement as to exactly what he saw and when he saw it.
How the hell am I supposed to know where he is?
Well, if you can't find him, I sure can't.
And, anyway, you got a lot better motivation than I do.
Your ass.
Now, get the hell outta here. I'm giving you 48 hours.
And don't try to blow town. I'll be keepin' tabs on you.
Norma? Liz.
Where the hell have you been? I've been trying to get you all day.
Ted was terrific. In fact, that's why I'm calling. I'd like to see him again.
When's he coming back?
Two weeks? That's no good. Um...
Do you have a number for him? I'd like to give him a call.
Your escort service doesn't give out numbers? I wanna talk to him.
Trouble? No, I'm not in any trouble. I just wanna talk to the guy.
OK! Thanks! Thanks for nothing.
You're just never in.
I've been out myself, running down that nosy bitch.
I found out where she lives.
So I'm just gonna wait right here until she shows her face.
And then I'm gonna cut those spying eyes out.
What were you calling me about anyway?
It wouldn't be about that murder I read about in the papers?
Hell of a way to lose a patient. But you shouldn't try to fuck 'em, Doc.
Hi, Max. It's Liz.
I wanna buy 60 shares of Auditron. What does it sell for?
I'm glad I took care of that cockteaser.
- 15.60 a share? - You would have done the same thing.
That's 936 d...
Hold it a minute, Max.
I guess that's why I used your razor.
- Hello? - Don't worry about it, Doc.
- Hi, Norma. I'm sorry about yesterday. - Just call the police - lost and found.
Yes, I know. I was a bad girl.
- Remember. If Levy calls... - Tonight?
- ... tell him I'm OK. - No, I really can't. Um...
Norma, hold on just a minute. I'm talking to my mother.
- Max, when do you need the money? - It's funny.
No, I don't wanna sell anything. Hold it, Max.
Norma, do you think this guy might go for 500?
Great. Hold on just a minute. I'm gonna say goodbye to my mother.
OK, Max, I got the money. I'll have it for you tomorrow.
Hi, Norma.
Do you think you could put together a coffee break and a hot lunch?
For tomorrow?
Yeah, I need $1,000 for my mother's operation.
No, no. It's nothing serious. I'm sure she'll be fine.
- Great! What time tonight? - It's three years since your surgery.
- 8.30. Where? - I wanna show a picture of you prior to...
- OK. Anything special? - We stole it from "People" magazine.
- Thank God straight fucks are in style. - This is Nancy Hunt, the transsexual.
- Just in from Cleveland? - Isn't that something?
- OK. I'll be there. - You were a war correspondent?
Among other things. And a foreign correspondent in the Middle East.
I did a lot of police reporting and I dove on Spanish treasure wrecks...
- You did a lot of macho things, then? - This is common among transsexuals.
You find, um...
When I speak of transsexuals, I tend to speak of male to female,
because there are a lot more of them than going the other way.
An awful lot of them have real macho backgrounds.
I know a police captain, a West Pointer, a couple of fighter pilots.
They all... most of them tried real hard.
You were married twice. You are also the father of three children.
So you enjoyed a...
I don't wanna say normal. That's prejudicial.
You enjoyed the traditional role of father. You've fathered three children
and you have engaged in at least two heterosexual relationships.
Oh, more than that. I've always been a devout heterosexual.
- Cleveland? - Excuse me?
Room 331. You're the guy from Cleveland, right?
It's 331. I'm from Cleveland.
Well, hi. I'm Liz from the escort service.
You're kidding.
- It's me! - Well, hi...
Yeah. I'm glad to meet you.
Well, are you gonna pump me dry here or invite me in?
Oh, I'm sorry. Come in. Could I get you anything or...?
93 Nassau Street.
Well, come on! Let's go!
Uh... Look, forget that address I just gave you. Drop me at Columbus Circle.
Could you help me out? Someone's following me.
This is Dr Elliott again. Did Bobbi pick up my messages yet?
Yes, she has.
- She did? - Yes, she did.
- When? - Sorry, I wouldn't know.
Oh. Um...
Could you give her another message?
- Yes. Go ahead. - It is urgent that I see her.
I will be in my office all tonight and after five tomorrow.
What's the going rate on running lights?
Did I lose her?
You're doin' swell, just swell.
But she's still coming.
Look, I didn't deliver, so why don't you let me take you to dinner instead?
- All right, you got a date. - OK.
- I gotta go. - I'll give you a call.
Yeah. Call me.
Excuse me.
What's she pushing into me for? Do you know her?
Hey, lady, what you lookin' for?
The train. They still stop here, don't they?
Yeah, they stop here. They stop down there too.
- Am I bothering you? - No, you ain't botherin' me.
- Good. - But you're botherin' me.
- She's botherin' you, Sonny? - Yeah.
- This bitch is botherin' me. - What are you gonna do?
I'm gonna break her fuckin' ass.
Hey, why break it when we can fuck it first?
- Where you goin'? - I don't wanna crowd you guys.
What are you doin' down here, then?
Gimme a break!
Come on! Catch her!
Take it easy, lady. This ain't the rush hour.
Where are you guys when you're needed? I was almost attacked.
- When? - Right here, now.
By those punks.
- I don't see nothin'. - Well, they were right here.
I thought you said you were attacked...
There are, but there's this blonde that's been following...
Oh, forget it!
She must be one of Elliott's patients.
I saw her come out of his office and I followed her to you.
What was that stuff you sprayed?
It's a kind of Mace I made. It's a compound of sodium...
Save the Mr Wizard lecture. I wouldn't know sodium from Adam.
It sure worked.
It's temporary blindness. It only lasts about ten seconds.
It saved my life.
I know.
I wish it had saved Mom's.
You liked your mom a lot, didn't you?
I miss her.
Do you want some more Coke?
Yeah. Yeah, thank you.
How do you like my painting?
It's, um... very nice.
I bought it a couple of years ago for $500.
But, you know, it's really a great investment.
I mean, ten years from now it could be worth a million dollars.
More if the artist dies, of course.
Well... Good luck with it.
Thanks. Doesn't your father wonder where you are?
He's not my father. He's my stepfather.
I said I was staying at my friend Paul's. He'll cover for me.
- I'll take you home tomorrow. - No, I don't wanna go home.
- Miss Blake, I've got pictures... - Call me Liz.
OK, Liz. I've got pictures of that blonde from a camera outside Elliott's office.
We gotta get in, get Elliott's appointment book and get her name.
That's what the police are for. Come on, let's talk to Marino.
You talk to Marino. I'm gonna find out the blonde's name.
Who do you think you are? Superman? You're just a kid, for God's sake!
I'm the kid that saved your life.
All right, uh... look...
Let me talk to Marino.
If he cops out, then I'll help you.
OK. But... you can't mention my name. Mike would kill me.
I'm supposed to be... studying for a French exam.
Well, your friend's covering for you tonight, right?
Well, I'm your friend too. I'll be the best cover you ever had.
- Are you sure you're gonna be OK here? - Fine.
Well... Here you go.
- Good night. - Good night.
Hey, Marino. I gotta talk to you.
- Mr Outta-town turn up? - No.
- You better send for your overnight bags. - You know I didn't kill that woman.
You're still my best bet.
For your information, she tried to kill me last night.
Is that supposed to be concern in your voice?
I take a professional interest in our citizens knockin' each other off.
Where did this happen?
She followed me into the subway. I thought I lost her there,
but she was waiting for me when I got home...
- Any witnesses? - Yes.
- I can't tell you. - Outta-town again?
No, I just promised I wouldn't say anything.
This has a familiar ring to it.
Forget your wise-ass remarks. Someone's tryin' to kill me and I need help.
I'll help you. I got a nice cell. You'll be very safe in it. Hey, Eddie!
Wait a minute. I know the murderer's one of Elliott's patients.
- How do you know that? - She came out of his office.
Did you see her?
Well, no, not exactly, but I know she came out.
You gotta get his appointment book. Her name's gotta be in it.
I hope you make a better hooker than a detective.
I thought about his appointment book a long time ago.
So you can't just walk into some shrink's joint and start goin' through his books.
You need a search warrant. Judges take a long time
before they let you start snoopin' around some shrink's office.
Of course, uh...
that wouldn't prevent a paranoid murder suspect from breakin' in.
You know, searchin' for some evidence to defend her case.
Oh, I get it. You want me to break in for you.
Hey, I don't want you to do anything illegal. You can quote me on that.
But I'm bookin' you tomorrow. You got it? Tomorrow.
- I'm Dr Levy. - How do you do? I'm Dr Elliott.
What can I do for you, Dr Elliott?
- You're seeing a patient of mine. - That's right.
- I believe she's dangerous. - Really? In what way?
She's causing me trouble because I wouldn't approve her sex change.
What kind of trouble?
She's threatened me several times over the phone.
- She also stole my razor. - Why would she do that?
Did you read about the woman that was slashed to death in an elevator?
- It was on the front page. I could hardly... - Kate Miller, the victim, was my patient!
You don't think that Bobbi did that?
My razor's gone. Kate Miller was killed with a razor.
- Nobody else could have taken it? - Doctor, I am not paranoid.
Bobbi threatened me over the phone. She said she'd hurt me.
My patient was slashed to death and my razor's gone.
Now, you don't have to be a detective to figure it out, do you?
Come with me and, uh... we'll talk to the police.
I've already been to the police.
I didn't tell them about Bobbi. I wanted to talk to her first.
I wanted to be absolutely sure that it was her.
But she wouldn't return my calls.
I was hoping you'd be able to help.
Um, yes. I'll help. I'll talk to her.
Um... If I agree with your diagnosis, we'll go to the police.
Thank you. Please let me know what happens.
Do you know why Bobbi came to see me in the first place?
Why don't we go to my office and we'll try to get in touch with her?
I'm late for an appointment now.
Why don't you call me at my office when you've reached her?
All right, then. You're sure you'll be at your office?
Yes, I'm sure.
I'll call you there.
Uh... Peter Miller. I left some Super 8 film.
There's $4 there.
I timed Elliott's patients coming out. The fastest was eight seconds.
I set my camera to go off every four seconds, so I'd get a shot of everybody.
- That's her. - She must be his last appointment.
We gotta get a look in that book.
Yeah, I know. Marino wants it too, only I can get it for him faster.
No legal red tape, just my ass.
Look, I'll get it. I mean, nobody cares about my ass. I'm just a grief-struck kid.
Yeah, but what a kid!
OK. I got an idea.
It was very nice of you to see me.
It was nice of you to see me so soon.
I keep my nights open for returning calls or in case a patient needs extra help.
I was worried about you.
You've had a terrible experience.
I know. I didn't realise it.
But I've been having these terrible nightmares.
What were they about?
I have to get a cigarette.
I'm in this house that I've never been to before, visiting a friend.
He's not there.
I'm watching TV and the doorbell rings.
It's a man.
He's big, dark...
He says his car broke down and he needs to use the phone.
I believe it and let him in,
although I know something's wrong.
He closes the door, locks it,
and takes out a razor.
He says he's not gonna hurt me.
Then he tells me what he's gonna do to me
and how much I'm gonna like it.
He orders me to strip.
I do it, keeping one eye on the razor.
He drops his pants.
He forces me down... on my stomach.
He kneels down behind me
and rests the cold blade,
Forcing it...
I'm sorry.
- What's the matter? - It's just so dirty.
Why do you say that?
Look, I know what dirty is, and this is dirty.
Well, why don't you just talk about it?
I'm sure it's not as bad as you think.
It's very bad, and you're talking to an expert on bad.
Oh, really?
Now, what makes you such an expert?
- Cos I'm a hooker. - Ah.
And I've done most of the bad things you just read about.
- Do you like doing these things? - Sometimes.
What do you like about it?
I like to turn men on.
I must do a pretty good job, because they pay me a lot.
Do you ever have any sex that's not paid for?
Is that a proposal?
It's what we psychiatrists call a question.
- Yes. - Yes, what?
Yes, I do... from men that turn me on.
What sort of men turn you on?
The mature, doctorly type.
Like you.
Are you sexually attracted to me?
Yes. Are you?
- Attracted to you? - Mm-hm.
But this isn't a social visit, is it?
You've come here for help and my job is to offer you emotional assistance.
How about some sexual assistance?
Do you wanna fuck me?
- Oh, yes. - Well, why don't you?
- Because I'm a doctor... - Fucked a lot of doctors.
...and I'm married. - Fucked a lot of them too.
Don't you think we're getting off the point?
Do you mind if I take off my coat?
And the rest too?
Now, why would you want to do a thing like that?
Well, because of the size of that bulge in your pants.
I don't think you're so married.
Well... what do you think?
I think you're a very attractive woman.
Would you like to touch me?
- Yes and no. Yes, because I'm... - Well, why don't you?
I told you why.
Oh, that's right. You're a married doctor. I remember now.
- I think you're full of shit. - You do?
Just because I happen to have personal and professional ethics?
Look, Doc, I think you're kinda shy.
So, uh... I'm gonna go powder my nose,
and when I come back I hope to find your clothes right next to mine.
And if not, we can just get back to the mindfuck.
Dr Elliott...
Dr Elliott?
Dr Elliott?
You really are shy, aren't you?
Liz! Liz!
Behind you, Liz!
- So you had me followed. - That's right.
Uh... You've met Betty Luce, one of our best young police... persons.
So when I told you I was attacked, you thought I was nuts.
Well, Detective Luce told me she lost you at Columbus Circle.
I didn't figure there was another blonde following you. I mean, who would?
And you wrote me off as a girl with an overactive imagination.
Somethin' like that.
- And she followed me to Elliott's. - That's right.
Thank God. What's wrong with that guy, anyway?
- He was a transsexual. - What?
A transsexual.
About to make the final step, but his male side couldn't let him.
Male side?
There was Dr Elliott and there was Bobbi.
Bobbi came to me to get psychiatric approval
for a sex-reassignment operation.
I thought he was unstable, and Elliott confirmed my diagnosis.
Opposite sexes inhabiting the same body.
The sex-change operation was to resolve the conflict.
But as much as Bobbi tried to get it, Elliott blocked it.
- So Bobbi got even. - By killing Mrs Miller.
Yes. She aroused Elliott, just as you did, Miss Blake.
You mean, when Elliott got turned on, Bobbi took over?
Yes. It was like Bobbi's red alert.
Elliott's penis became erect and Bobbi took control,
trying to kill anyone that made Elliott masculinely sexual.
When Elliott came to my office, it was the first time I saw Bobbi's masculine self.
When he told me that he thought Bobbi had killed Mrs Miller,
he was confessing himself.
I immediately called Detective Marino.
So why the hell didn't you stop me from going to Elliott's?
Why? Because I was at a football game with my kids, that's why.
By the time I spoke with Dr Levy, you were already there.
So you never really thought I killed Mrs Miller?
No. But I had to get into Elliott's office to find out which weirdo did,
so I pressed you into service.
Are you kidding?
I had Miss Luce tailin' you to make sure you didn't get into too much trouble.
Well, it's always wonderful to be of some assistance to the police.
Are you kiddin'?
So, uh... what's gonna happen to Elliott?
There's some men and women who think they're born in the wrong body.
They're called transsexuals, and all they wanna do is have their sex changed.
How do you do that?
If you're a man that wants to become a woman, you take female hormones.
What do they do?
Well, your skin softens, you grow breasts, and you don't get hard any more.
Sure you wanna know about this?
Yeah. It's giving me some wonderful new ideas for a science project.
Instead of building a computer, I could build a woman... out of me.
Great idea. In that case, I'll give you all the details.
The next step is surgery. A, um...
Let me see if I can remember the exact word Levy told me.
- Oh, yeah, a penectomy. - Mm. What's that?
Oh, you know. They take your penis and slice it down the middle.
Yeah, yeah, that's what I thought it was.
Then... um, castration.
Plastic reconstruction and the formation of an artificial vagina.
A vaginoplasty to those in the know.
- And I thought Elliott just put on a dress. - Oh, he did, and a wig too.
But that's no good in bed when you gotta take everything off.
What's gonna happen to him now?
First he has to recover from the gun wound.
Then if he's ever sane enough to get out of Bellevue, they'll try him.
And guess who's the star witness.
- You. - Right.
Something I'm really looking forward to.
Well, I think I'm gonna stick with my computer.
That sounds like a very good idea.
Look, Liz, I gotta get home and get to work.
Gee, I'm gonna miss having you on my tail.
It made me feel kinda safe.
Look, you wanna come home with me? I'd love the company.
Wouldn't Mike mind?
Well, uh, Mike's out of town on a business trip.
- We got plenty of room. - Great! I could sure use the vacation.
Good, good. I'll get the check.
No, no, no!
Visiontext Subtitles: Sarah Emery
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