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Driving miss Wealthy (2004)

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It's him! Number three!
He harassed me! Number three...
You look carefully first.
I've looked carefully. Black skin and a nasty face.
This Filipino. I can surely recognize him.
Can you come to recognize the suspect again tomorrow?
No, I have a cataract eye surgery tomorrow.
Good. Let's do the surgery first.
And then recognize the suspect after your recovery.
This way.
Come here and sign your name.
Two hundred each. Show your ID card.
Don't go. Follow me.
Can I take the money first?
I'll pay you.
Can't reach you via your number.
No time to foot the bill. So the service's suspended.
No time or no money?
No job, no income and no money.
I've warned you.
Why did you resigned, run biz and speculate property?
Now, you're willing to imitate Filipino suspect for $200?
Don't tell people that you used to be my assistant.
Have you finished? I'm in a hurry to kill myself.
Wait! I got a good job for you.
Mr. Feng Kwok Lap wants to hire a bodyguard.
That low-keyed tycoon?
Yes. That tycoon who didn't take any pix.
He's very mysterious and low-profiled.
He has billions of assets.
Nobody knows his face. Why does he hire a bodyguard?
Who cares?
The head-hunter company called me to have an interview.
Here's the address. Arrive at the rendezvous by 5 pm.
The monthly is around a hundred thousand.
Remember to foot the mobile phone bill.
Sex addict!
Excuse me, I come here for interview.
Fill in this form first.
Amateurs also come for a profession.
Life is so difficult.
Hi man,
you come here for camping or barbecue?
I'm working in the America's 1st Brigade of 501st Airborne.
I'm just back from Iraq.
I've worked in G4 for six years.
I've protected more than 30 important political figures.
What qualification do you have?
I worked as a construction worker and rubbish collector.
If I fail in this interview,
Tonight, I'll be a security of mortuary.
Gentlemen, please come here for the mass interview.
Together? Gang fight or single fight?
Give me 3 seconds, I'll eliminate them!
Put the knife away now or you'll be eliminated.
You're too handsome. You are disqualified.
You are an obvious target yourself.
How can you guard your master in public?
Handsome is a flaw?!
You three, please come here.
It's lucky that we're ugly.
You are ugly. I'm a handsome bloke.
As a professional bodyguard,
high degree of concentration is vital.
The one threading the largest no. Of the beads in 3 minutes
will be hired. A hundred thousand a month.
$100,000 a month, 1.2 million a year.
Ten years, 12 million.
One hundred years... 120 million.
One million years...
One million years...
Come and help!
Please come! One trillion and...
Call ambulance...
What's wrong with you?
I can't breathe...
Don't panic. I'll do mouth-to-mouth ventilation for you.
It's painful. Alright... just wait.
Feel better?
It's more painful.
More painful? OK. Don't panic.
What're you doing?
I do acupuncture for you.
You can speak aloud. I think you're alright now.
Time's up! Stop!
I threaded much more beads than you two? I win!
You're good at threading beads.
It's better for you to set up a plant of threading beads.
And work day and night.
It's my turn.
You? It's better for you to run a nightclub,
so, you don't need to eye up the ladies.
I've been in Iraq for a long time, I can't control myself.
Calm, flexible
We hire you.
You've said the one threading the largest no. Of the beads win.
Why do you break your word?
I hire him!
I'm the boss. I can hire whoever I like.
I want a bodyguard who has a good heart.
Mr. Jack Chen, you aren't referred by the head-hunters.
My friend recommended me.
Fine. We can screen your background,
Even your family history.
You used to be a police officer?
I used to be a bodyguard of Governor Chris Patten before 1997.
But a week later,
cos of your poor English,
Patten assigned you to be the doorman of his villa.
You felt bored and resigned.
Then you lost a lot of money on the speculation.
Now you're still in debt... The total bank loan is...
Can I keep my privacy?
Then you worked as bodyguard for a short period,
but you didn't work stably.
Freeze! Hands up!
Why're you here so late?
Look at you. You look like a sneak thief.
Any weapons?
Somebody behind you!
It took me one hour to leave this building.
Don't follow me! You're fired!
Then you apply to get back into the Hong Kong Police Force
After being rejected, you take whatever job that's available.
You worked as a Thai boxer?
Just made a guest appearance for Interpol.
But it was terribly dangerous.
That's enough.
Make special effects for these photos.
Mount it and then put it in his suitcase.
Yes, sir.
Why do you put the drug into the suitcase?
It's oral use.
Oral use?
I think my duty is to take it pass the Thailand lmmigration.
No, the file's mentioned "body smuggling".
If it's an easy job, we won't give you this freelance job.
Ingest them all?
No, those thicker and longer ones are inserted into the anus.
It's painful...
Your kidneys don't function well.
If you insert the needles like this,
I'll have rental failure.
My way of acupuncture is much better than you.
Well. Let's practice together later.
Mr. Feng, I still doubt if he can handle the jobs...
Mr. Feng, perhaps I'm not the fittest bodyguard.
But I have a good heart.
Please give me a chance to starting over my life,
I'll do whatever duties you assign
without regrets.
His acting is pretty good.
He can cheat Jennifer.
Jennifer? Who's Jennifer?
Actually, I want to hire a bodyguard for my daughter.
But... she's strange.
She doesn't like followed by unfamiliar men.
She only let the Filipino driver to drive and help her.
But he's been hurt in a traffic accident last week.
It takes a long time for him to rehabilitate.
Don't worry, Mr. Feng.
I drive safely.
Years ago, I participated the Macau Grand Prix.
Every car intended to crash my car.
I dodged and none of the cars crashed my car.
From east coast to west coast...
Well... No need to talk so much.
Just pretend to be a Filipino driver from now onward
and drive my daughter to wherever she like, OK?
No problem, sir!
Knock off
Knock off
You're really dreaming!
I warn you...
You think you have nothing to do but sleep,
then you have $100,000 a month for this job?
But Ms. Feng hasn't risen.
She sleeps like a pig.
I mean she doesn't show up before 3:00 p.m.
Madam's coming.
Let me introduce.
This is the newly hired...
Filipino driver.
Mum, how are you?
My name is Mario.
Why does Filipino speak Chinese?
I can speak and listen very good.
He's cute. Give him the money.
Thank you, mum.
The money isn't for you.
It's for those who serve Madam.
You give them a tip.
This is Madam's personal belongings.
Whenever and wherever...
Don't let Madam bear any hardship.
How about the "softship"?
Is it funny?
Mum, where do you want to go?
Cross the harbor first. I have hairdo everyday.
Yes, Mum.
Don't call me Mum. Call me Madam.
Yes, Madam.
Why Mr. Feng hire this guy?
Never mind. It's a hard time to him.
Yes, Madam.
You're a bad bloke or a good bloke?
Of course, good bloke.
But I don't think so...
It seems that you're like... a cop.
Just like those crime films'... like an...
No, I don't watch those crime films.
Don't go this way. Here's always traffic jam.
I show you a short-cut. It's much quicker.
You turn onto another road...
Turn left.
Yes, Madam.
I've told you to turn left. Why you turn right?
Yes, this is left.
This is right.
No, this is left.
This is right.
This is right and this left... This...
Whatever, you're wrong. I'm right.
Where are we now?
Turn right onto another road.
Yes, Madam.
What're you doing? I've told you to turn right.
I thought you meant left if you said right
and vice versa...
You don't know how to drive. When can I cross the harbor?
I'm in a hurry!
Madam, you cross the harbor by helicopter?
Of course.
Why do you follow me?
You drive the car cross the harbor.
Wait for me outside the salon.
Do you understand?
Un... un.
Which salon?
Madam, which salon?
Who do you call, sir?
How's it?
How's my new look?
Very nice!
Really? Yeah.
Go on.
Woohlidando. (Messy)
No, no, I mean...
Woohlidando is Tagalog.
It means good taste.
Good taste...
You look like...
a Filipino movie star.
Movie star? Movie star.
Am I prettier than the movie stars?
You're prettier!
You're back! I've been waiting for you.
You didn't bring cell phone.
Samson. Yap.
Karen's been waiting for you.
Karen? Who's she?
Leave her alone.
Look at my hair. I think I should have my hair trimmed.
I can't go with you today, OK?
You're too bad. I've been waiting for you...
None of your business.
Ms. Feng, the style's done.
You may go.
He also wants to have hair done. No...
You just do a hair for him causally.
I need a perm.
The sideboards are too straight.
Hey, smile.
You look so cute.
You don't like the hairstyle?
Madam, when can I take it off?
No. It costs $8,000. Keep it.
$8,000? It's better to pay me $8,000.
A hundred. Turn round once.
Faster... keep turning...
Faster... I buy a new suit for you.
Ms. Feng, $109,700, thank you.
My clothes cost $109,700?
Are you cheating us?
Your suit costs $9,700.
But, this tie costs $100,000.
Thanks, Madam!
It's not for you?
It is for my daddy.
This tie... costs $100,000? Why?
Beckham put on this tie when getting married.
Beckham! Oh...
I love you!
Why did Madam buy fewer items today?
Fewer? All other items are in the boot!
Fling all the items here.
Show my friends how you turn round.
Spin your head... Spin!
Handstand! Handstand!
Turn cartwheel! Cartwheel!
Sorry, I don't understand.
Mario, come and sit.
Play for me a while.
You wanna use him to change your luck?
No, I get changed.
OK. You needn't rush.
Remember: Touching face for Characters.
Rubbing nose for Dots.
Scratching heads for Bamboos.
Wait. Touching face for Characters...
Rubbing nose for Dots...
What is it for Bamboos?
Scratching heads.
How about the Dragons?
How's it?
Are you a real Filipino?
Of course.
I can listen and speak Cantonese...
And I can grass on.
Hush money.
Such a big biz's worth...
so little?
Take it.
Thank you!
Mix the tiles. You may mix in the way you like.
It doesn't matter...
Quick. We've built the wall.
Two Dots.
Three same hands?
Yes. What a coincidence?
Great! Excellent! I've never seen this...
Mario, take the view-cam and record it.
How many points?
172 points.
172 points!
Go out on a discard, extra twenty points.
Right. I nearly forget it.
Sorry, Jennifer. We win your money again.
Never mind.
Madam, your friends... no good.
Last night...
They mixed the tiles
and cheated you.
They ganged up against you for your money.
No way. Shouldn't be the case!
It's true. They...
It's just a game.
They played with me till daybreak, right?
Just for fun.
$100,000 for a game and $4,000 left.
How worthy it is.
Take the money.
I'm not greedy.
Take it.
I'm so sleepy...
I'll sleep until I wake up.
Are you full?
Kool... mayin... kalaba
Kool... mayin... kalaba
Pretty easy.
How much is a catty of cabbage?
Makalon... itong... kula
Mario. I've got my hair done.
Should you go now?
Not yet.
Samson hasn't come back.
Go buy some bird-nest tarts for me,
I wait here.
$200,000. Same as last time.
Is it enough?
Enough. Enough!
Thank you.
Jennifer you're very nice.
This is my name card,
and here's the debit note. I owe you $400,000 totally.
What note? Forget it.
Keep it.
I'll repay you if convenient.
Bye bye.
Madam, please lend me $2,000,000.
I'll repay you if convenient.
No kidding.
She used to be my college schoolmate.
She runs a beauty products co. But lacks cash flow.
So she borrowed money from the loan shark.
They lean on her day and night.
She lied to you!
No. She cried a lot before you come...
Poor her.
How can she cheat you if she didn't cry poorly?
Can you stop suspecting people?
The way you think, no good.
A good turn deserves another.
Madam, please listen to me...
Take the bird-nest tarts to others.
Keep the debit note for me.
It's for you.
Samson's back.
It's still warm.
It isn't my fault. When you were having the hairdo,
Samson told me not to tell you he was back.
You're finished.
No more egg tart. You are fired.
Come on.
I have many girlfriends. I've told you.
Let's get married.
How about engagement?
What's wrong with you? What's wrong with me?
Tell me. I'll do whatever you like.
Is it about my small boobs?
I'll do a boob job in America.
Japan's also OK.
No, no, no... America's better.
The car's over there, Madam.
Leave me alone.
Don't follow me!
Madam, anything wrong...
just call my name!
Yes, Mum.
Make me cry.
Every time I depress, I come here...
to have a heavy sob and a piece of cheese cake.
Samson, bad.
He isn't worth a tear.
Yeah, why don't I cry this time?
Cos you aren't hurt.
I don't love him very much, right?
You got it. Good.
But the cheese cake...
Don't waste it.
As you said, all the people fool me!
It's just a coincidence.
Have you lied to me?
Yes, Madam.
I'm not only a cop...
but also an undercover.
You're a cop?
It seems that you're an African.
Yes, my grandpa's an African.
My grandma's a Filipino.
Filipino? Yeah.
Don't eat my cheese cake!
No, Madam.
You'll be fat then!
This is my heart.
You can't eat neither. You'll be fat too.
We Filipino don't concern about this...
Under my intensive observation,
I've found...
Madam's life is fruitful and meaningful.
She's healthy, pleasant, and vivacious.
Her friends are good... Enough.
Don't tell me about the bright side.
Tell me the dark side.
Crazy daughter, crazy dad.
Madam's spending is nearly astronomical figures.
She spends nearly a million a day.
It's necessary, Mr. Feng.
Cos... just for your tie...
It costs $100,000.
It's dirty.
Take it for dry clean, quick.
Tell me the truth.
Madam's happy but lonely,
rich but debauched.
Go on.
She has "wealthy single-parented depression",
"pathological shopping fever".
"Severe ignorant sympathy" and...
"All-round common sense total failure".
I understand Jennifer's problem.
I can't let her go on like this.
Is it over the top, Mr. Feng?
When I came to Hong Kong years ago,
I only got $5 in my pocket.
I started from the scratch.
If Jennifer can't stand this,
she isn't worthy to be my daughter.
but we change the plan suddenly, and It is over the top...
and I have to 24 hours on duty...
I think adjustment of my salary, allowance and bonus
is necessarily needed...
Money isn't a thing.
Pamela will discuss with you.
Good. That means an astronomical number.
Thanks, Mr. Feng.
I appreciate those who start from the scratch.
Madam, I take these things to the car first.
Jennifer! Why are you so late?
There's a piece of clothing matching you.
Do the fitting. Quick.
Hello? Pamela.
Plan "Mirage" starts.
I forgot to bring the credit card.
I forgot to bring the money.
I forgot to bring my purse.
Can you...
foot the bill first?
OK. It isn't the first time.
It's easy to cheat me, right?
I don't let you cheat from now onward,
are we friends?
Madam, Mr. Feng suffered from the heart attack...
He fainted!
Come to hospital now. Quick.
Hey, where do you go?
Foot the bill for us first!
Mr. Feng, it's time to take the pills
and go to bed.
Yeah. Good boy.
In my opinion, to avoid bacteria infection,
I think he should be placed in an isolation ward.
It's safer.
Doctor, when will my daddy wake up?
Doctor, should you tell us...
before you think carefully?
Let me take a look...
Not take a look, think.
Think... Think.
Well, it takes 1 years at least.
Or... it may take 1,000 years.
I have my dad cured, no matter how much it takes.
Don't worry. I'm Dr. Andy Lau.
I've been a medical expert...
for 40 years.
You've been a doctor for 40 years?
No, I mean I've visited the doctor for 40 years.
Madam, it's better for you to go home first.
No. I stay here,
until daddy wakes up.
What's love?
Who'll be so stupid to love her father like this?
Doctor, don't bullshit. Get in.
No, I got to comfort her.
Please get in.
I got to comfort her... Get in.
Pamela just called me.
She said Madame Tussuad
finishes Mr. Feng's wax figure tomorrow.
She asked us to buy some time.
No problem. "Delay" is my area of strength.
I'll bring Ms. Feng to have a candle-light dinner.
We can have a drink on the beach romantically.
I'll comfort her with my tender.
Are you really a doctor?
You naive. Very impolite!
I don't want to talk... talking to you anymore.
I'm angry... and hungry!
Madam, it's finished...
It's finished... Madam...
Something wrong with daddy?
Something wrong with you!
All the assets of Mr. Feng are mine now.
From now on, you have no house!
No money! No credit card!
How come you do this?
She has to pay the mortgage of two negative assets,
And she owes the company a lot of money.
She can't help herself. How can she help you?
I sue you!
My lawyers already finished all the legal procedures.
There's only one way for you now.
Get out of my way!
It doesn't matter, Madam.
I go with you!
How about my daddy?
Well... your dad...
made a wise decision to hire me.
Once he's alive,
I'll foot all his medical bills till he dies.
Ms. Feng you may leave first.
Once your daddy dies, I'll inform you.
Sorry, I mean...
Once your daddy wakes up, I'll inform you.
Thank you very much, Doctor.
You may do the ward round. Thanks.
Bye bye.
Where can we go now?
I go where you go.
Madam, Mr. Feng has a property.
You may stay there temporarily.
Mr. Feng used to live there when he arrived in Hong Kong.
After he got rich, he bought it.
I remember. Daddy has a villa in Deep Water Bay.
No, it isn't.
It's in Shamshuipo.
Sham... shui... po?
Where do you go, Madam?
You scared me.
Mario, what kind of place is it?
Why are people eyeing and smiling at me?
You're pretty.
Deal or not?
Deal or not?
Deal what?
Local! New comer?
Don't worry. Look...
He's my uncle, a member of District Board.
It's OK to deal with me.
$500. I won't take a long time.
Stop. What're you doing?
Expatriate pimp?
You're from... Pakistan?
El Salvado?
Shut up... Let's go.
Hey... $600!
He... he think I'm those hookers.
I look like a hooker?
Don't run!
Bastard! Repay me...
Repay me first before you bet on football match?
Don't owe me Little Peter's money!
Dare you?
Little Peter, he's your cousin.
Give him a chance.
Mind your business, Uncle Big.
Even he's my cousin, he got no excuse...
Don't kick his willy.
What're you looking at?
Hello? Speaking...
OK... no problem.
Arsenal. 20% off.
OK. No problem...
Mario, why's he so fierce?
Let's go.
Is it painful? Go to Uncle Sam's herbal clinic.
Make way!
Bastard! What're you doing?
You make the cartons dirty.
Go to hell!
Watch out!
Aunt Mary, can you ride me to Uncle Sam's clinic?
You go on your own.
OK. It's blood...
Nothing's special!
Aunt Susan, no water today. Go home wash your head.
Where is it? I'm fagged out.
Look! It's so dirty!
You clean, I clean, no problem.
The toilet is...
so small!
No bathtub, how can I take a bath?
Madam, we don't have money now.
You got to stand this.
The bedroom is smaller than my wardrobe.
It'll be larger after opening the door.
I got to sleep in this dirty bed tonight?
Madam, it's alright...
Don't panic.
What? He...
He what? You're scared?
He spit on me.
Here's the spit!
Rub it. My shoe! Quick...
Hold on. I'm rubbing it. Don't move...
You littered, sir.
Sorry, sir. I pick it up.
If I let you go, will I still be hired?
Sir, it's him who spitted first. Charge him!
Hey, don't blame me.
Sir, I'm the witness. Charge him with littering.
First, I got to tell you two,"
my father-in-law never lies.
the people of Shamshuipo are the most honest men in Hong Kong.
ID Card. $1,500 for the offence.
I have no money.
I'm a Filippino servant.
Filipino servant? Show me your passport?
Show him and go. Hurry up.
Sir, I got something to ask you...
Spit again!
I spit on you is a kind of appreciation.
Save it.
Hurry up, sir.
You've said you don't have ID Card. Is it yours?
Madam, let me introduce an amazing item to you.
This is a French luxurious brand.
It hasn't launched in France but it's sold out in Shenzhen.
I give you a better offer. $200.
You sell fake products!
Not fake. It's grade A products.
Besides, you can't afford the original luxury goods.
You think I'm poor? I have a lot of luxurious bags at home.
You are rich?
Where's your home? Rich girl!
Come pick one!
Let's go home, Mario.
Back to the house? No.
I have to get back my own things!
What? Don't go inside.
It's dangerous. If we're caught, we'll be sent to jail.
Those jewelries are mine.
I just get my jewelries back. Anything wrong?
Follow me.
Just say it.
My diamonds... jade watches...
My jewelries...
All have gone.
Oh, my god!
They cleared out the room so fast.
All have gone... I have nothing...
You have me...
Here're two left!
We can sell them and get money.
Luckily they're worth $2,000.
Madam... Yes.
You look doomed!
You have elderly got sick, right?
Yes, my daddy's been sent to the hospital.
Master Causality, you're so effective.
Can you bless my son again?
Bless what?
If I do a blessing on your daddy,
your daddy will get well soon.
Anything valuable? Give him.
Any money?
I only got $2,000.
Take off the watch. It's valuable.
Any valuable accessories?
Take it off. Come on.
See you later!
How much did you earn after selling the handbags?
What's wrong?
I think... I was cheated.
Who cheated you?
A man and a woman.
They said... they can do blessing on my daddy.
They're so kind...
Gang of blessing?
What is it?
Didn't you watch the TV? It's like a Cantonese opera show.
Yeah... they look like Cantonese opera performers.
And I gave them everything, the money, watch and necklace...
Nothing left?
Luckily I got my cell phone left. I forgot to give them.
You're a dumb pig!
Why didn't you go with them?
Your dad used to be rich. Money wasn't a thing.
Now, you're poor. Why do you still trust people easily?
You only know how to spend money.
If I counted on you, I've already died of hunger.
Why is your Cantonese so good? So fluent?
Oh, yeah.
Once I get angry,
I can speak Cantonese very well.
Don't get angry. I lost $2,000.
Where... did they go?
I try to get the money back for you.
No medicine can cure her dumbness.
I bear the loss this time.
Luckily... I got that $2,000 back.
But, I gave them four $500 banknotes.
They said... they have no change for the sum.
How about my accessories?
Madam, don't be so greedy.
They got to earn a crust.
It's late. Go back to the flat.
I don't go back to that mouse den. I'm scared.
Well... where do we sleep tonight?
Below the bridge or in the park?
It's OK to go back but I got to buy something first.
Shopping again? Yeah.
No more shopping. We are poor!
Are you ready?
Come in.
Any mice left?
Your spray drove them away, Madam.
I have to go to see the doctor.
Rise, Madam...
It's 3:00 p.m.!
No cleansing milk, no lotion, no cream...
How can I cleanse my face?
Hurry up.
After breakfast, hunt for a job.
I usually have bird-nest tarts for the breakfast.
How about egg tarts?
Please... Don't bully me any more.
Madam, you change your mind?
This is the job!
$30,000 a month. No qualification and experience required.
Easy job, easy money.
You may get salary prepaid to solve you financial difficulties.
OL and housewives are welcome.
Madam, this isn't a decent job.
You got to let people grope you.
How do you know? You've done this before?
Let me call and check myself.
You have to seek a decent job, Madam.
Any pen?
What is it?
Debbie's debit note!
Great! She owes me $400,000.
Let's go to her office, I may ask her to repay me.
14th Floor? The highest is just 13th Floor?
Go upstairs. 14th.
This Filipino is handsome!
Yeah. Tall and handsome!
Hi, handsome. You look familiar.
Are you available? I buy you a drink.
They speak to you. Why don't you answer them?
How much is a catty of cabbage?
What is he talking about?
Are you full?
Are you a Filipino?
The cabbage... is expensive!
He's not a Filipino!
The man inside is pretending a Filipino!
You're... quite popular.
What have they talked to you?
Oh! They just said I'm handsome.
Like him.
Louis Koo?
Louis Koo's Filipino version.
Debbie is really in debt.
She didn't cheat you.
I've told you that she didn't cheat me.
Be careful, Madam. Perhaps here's ambush.
Follow my lead.
Anybody here?
It's great to see you.
Please do me a favor.
Can you lend me extra $200,000?
If I have money, I'll repay you.
If I had money, I wouldn't come here for you.
She's much poorer than you.
Give back her $400,000!
Where can I get the money for you?
I've already repaid all I have to the loan sharks.
Here're goods left.
I also wanna close the company.
What should I do?
Well... I leave you the key.
You may sell all these beauty and slim products for my debt.
I got to rush for the train. Help yourself.
Madam, are we leaving?
You may go.
Where should I go?
Look for a good master.
Don't say these...
Please let me work for you till end of this month.
I don't wanna go back to Philippine to be a farmer.
I don't wanna be looked down upon by relatives.
We can't be looked down upon by people!
I got to be tough!
I got to vigorous.
I got to make a lot of money!
Mario. Yes?
From now on, you're responsible for cleaning, washing, cooking...
and the most important is catching mice.
I do all the jobs by myself?
Of course. You're the servant.
How about you, master?
I'm responsible for finding ways to sell all these products.
Eat them if there's no food.
Look... eat more, slim more.
I count on you, Louis Koo!
Everybody... Fit your body...
Slimming products, very cheap.
Slimming products, very cheap.
Find a way to sell them, use your charm.
Cheap cheap for you. OK?
This? Good, good, good.
Me. Look at me. Fat before.
Like a pig.
Take it a month, thin like this.
Like a monkey.
Filipino don't deceive Filipino.
Filipinos, good people!
Hundred for two. Cheap cheap for you.
Very cheap!
Very beauty.
Thank you. Thank you.
Madam, I go buy some water for you?
I go to buy it.
You're Filipino. It's your turn.
Immigration Department!
You're a expatriate and are suspected to do hawking.
You're under arrest!
Sir, you misunderstand something.
I'm a Hongkonger.
Speaking Cantonese doesn't mean you're a local residents.
I have HK ID Card. I'm a HK permanent resident!
Please leave your phone number...
Excuse me...
Please hold on for a second...
I come bail Mario.
You really look like the Filipino servant of my neighbor.
From head to toe,
even the smell is like Filipino.
When will your contract end? I hire you!
Sir, do you praise me?
I admire you.
I'm a professional.
Good at disguise. You should know that.
It isn't his fault, sir.
It's me who made him to do hawking.
Don't repatriate him back to Philippines.
Charge me. I'll bear all the responsibilities.
There's insufficient to charge you on illegal hawking.
No next time.
Thank you, sir.
Thanks you, sir...
Let's go. OK.
Your mistress is pretty...
She treats you so good.
You got to treat and serve her well.
It's difficult to find such a nice mistress.
You're lucky.
You have to devote yourself to the job.
Thank you, sir.
Goodbye, sir.
I should have gone to the interview.
I missed the chance!
Daddy! Daddy...
I know how to earn money, daddy!
Look. Here's the money...
I work terribly hard to earn it. It's my first income.
Now I know how to earn a living!
I can make it.
You have to hold on! Don't give up! Wake up!
I'll earn more money in future.
Soon we'll move from the slum back to the luxury house.
We'll have a better tomorrow.
Why are you crying?
What is love? It's a miracle!
Madam, let's go out for fun. Just to relax.
Stroll on the beach?
No, we go to take...
a helicopter.
Funny! Exciting!
Do you enjoy the game?
It's much funnier than the real helicopter.
You haven't come here before?
When I was small, daddy was very busy.
He didn't have time to play with me.
After he became rich, he simply gave money to Yvonne.
Yvonne took me to Disneyland.
Disneyland? It must be funny.
It's bored. I just played alone.
I'm exhausted.
My legs are tired.
Just as an exercise to keep fit.
It's like life...
Keep stepping and working hard,
you'll succeed and never get down.
Well, I'll work hard
to run the slimming biz.
I'll live an opulent lifestyle... with you!
With me?
Of course. You are cheap. $3,000 something a month.
It's no big deal. I can hire you forever!
Thank you, Madam.
I got to work hard.
You didn't lock the door yesterday?
Debbie? You're back from Shanghai?
Jennifer, I got it!
You got the money to repay my Madam?
I've found a Chinese herbal medicine. It's terrific!
I'm negotiating for the sole agent right of it in HK...
Come out.
This is a new product.
It serves whitening purpose. The complexion becomes fair,
clear and glittering.
So effective?
Here's four colors of pills. Red, white, orange and green.
One pill after one hour in sequence.
After taking a bottle of it,
even Africans can become Europeans!
I doubt it.
You may find somebody to do the test.
Slimming pills?
You're... getting fatter and fatter.
I take a bottle for you to try.
One pill every one hour in sequence.
The sequence is red, white, orange and green.
It's easy.
It's inconvenient.
Stop complaining!
You must take it!
Remember: Red, white, orange and green!
One pill every one hour...
It's better... to take them all once...
It's slimmer.
What's wrong with you?
Why does your face turn red?
It's hot. Cover me with one more quilt.
You took the medicine?
I took them all once!
Why don't you follow my instruction?
Your face turn... white!
I can't see anything...
All are white?
Go to the emergency room! Quick!
Why do the slimming pills make face turn into other colours?
The color changes!
Hurry! Hurry up...
Wait. Where's your passport?
You have to show your passport when admitted to the hospital.
Passport? Yes.
I'm feeling better now. Let's take a rest.
Rest? Are you sure?
Gree... green!
It doesn't matter. What matters is...
you stay with me. Don't go away.
I stay with you.
What color is my face now?
Don't worry. It's still green.
No need to put so much oil, Madam.
You've risen.
I'm making breakfast for you.
I'm fine.
Well... Good.
Last night, you scared me.
Your hand...
Why is it bruised?
Never mind. You scratched my hand so tight.
Don't look at me. Hurry up...
Go have a wash or do something else.
Once you look at me, I can't do the breakfast.
Sir, your breakfast.
It smells good. I think it's delicious.
Thank you.
Got it.
Mr. Feng, is it unbearable?
It's unbelievable.
It's my first time to eat the breakfast made by Jennifer.
Ms. Feng is different from before.
You should be pleased.
So... I think it's time to take her home.
No, she hasn't grown up.
We can't give up at the moment.
Keep the plan.
But... Mr. Feng...
Dr Cheung's called me and talked about your case...
Alright. I'll take care of it.
Mario? Yes.
I've caught Micky.
Who's Micky?
Take him away. Quick...
Don't panic. He's friendly.
We've lived together so long...
Kill him!
I want to set him free.
Micky, you wanna stay here or move to Disneyland?
Bro Peter, you know...
Though I don't work in your field,
I know it's important for Big Bro to be fit.
I know. But will you fool me?
This slimming pills can remove fat?
I have a customer who looks like Ronaldo.
After taking this pills, he looks like Beckham!
Why should I look like Beckham?
I'm much handsome than him, right?
Sure! You Bro Peter's much better than Beckham!
You're a glib gal.
How many cartons do you buy?
Aunt Mary, I have many cartons in my office.
I take some for you tomorrow.
Where can I meet you?
Surely here in Shamshuipo.
You really have many cartons?
If not, how can I sell them to you?
20 cents a catty...
Worth a buy. You can resell them and earn money.
What?! I thought you give them to me for free.
I don't need your cartons. Go to hell!
Uncle Big...
Is it $50 for hairdo?
Hair treatment offered if you pay extra $20.
No, I don't need it.
I take the shampoo and conditioner here.
Less $20, OK?
Less $20? No, less $2 only. Quick...
No, strike price...
Less $10!
OK. Less $10. Deal.
You're good at bargaining.
And, I have a request...
Can you put on a mask before have my hair cut?
It's more hygienic. You know you have much phlegm.
Here's a pack of tissue. I put it here.
Let Uncle Big do a extraordinary...
Bob cut for you.
It's dangerous.
Just for this time, please.
What if there is an accident? I'll be seriously hurt.
I'll die.
Down or not down?
If you don't listen to me, I don't want you!
I should take a larger dom...
Domestic shopping bag!
Alright! I go down.
This tunnel is steep and dangerous...
Why don't we just cross the road?
It's safer.
Please don't buy so many items once.
It's cheap.
Why did you buy so many packs of tissue?
For the lucky draw!
The grand prize is a round trip air ticket to Japan's Disneyland.
Just one ticket?
Forget it. It's hard to win.
Look, all these items cost less than $500...
I got $5 change.
I know... it's hard to earn a living.
I got to save money.
My $5!
It's lucky that...
it doesn't drop in the ditch.
I pick this $5.
Your hands hurt.
I'm fine.
It's time, Madam...
You may go HOME.
Where do we go if we don't go home?
Why are you still standing there?
Come. Help me pick up the things!
Yes, Madam.
What's up, Debbie?
You sure you can't find others?
Mario, no need to buy it,
I buy you a dinner tonight.
You buy me a dinner?
You're so stingy... Unbelievable!
There must be something.
Trust me.
I guarantee tonight you'll have food, have fun...
and have money.
Have money?
Are you OK?
Let's take a break for late-night refreshment.
Everybody! Refreshment break!
Director, we've just had dinner. Why hurry for refreshment?
I've told you'll have food, fun and earn some money, right?
I don't cheat you.
It's ridiculous! I got to dance and stick moustache on.
And put on this wig to act as a prince.
Just for $100. You fool me!
It's our company's commercial. Don't be fussed about this.
Wow. You're absolutely amazing tonight!
Actually I missed you... I did...
This is...
You look familiar...
Oh Yeah.
the prince of Brunei!
My name is Mario Cuppachino!
I'm very famous. Perhaps you saw me on the TV.
You have a party here?
What a coincidence. My friend has a birthday party there.
Director told you two practice better. No more NG later.
You're doing shooting?
What is it?
Yeah. We're engaged!
The Brunei National TV sent a crew
to do the documentary of our memorable moments.
When... did you get engaged?
It's... last month...
In Paris.
Honey, you're so happy that you forgot all these?
Yes, we were engaged in Paris last month.
I think you know each other just for a short period of time.
You're engaged so fast?
It's all of a sudden.
Even now, she still doesn't believe it's true.
In Paris, when I proposed to her...
in my private jet, the rain outside was pouring,
Jennifer was scared.
So, I held her hands and said,
"It doesn't matter.
If both of us are together, there's no problem."
Then I took out...
an 18 caret diamond ring
and proposed to her!
18 caret?
18 caret!
No, it's 18.5 caret!
Yeah, it's 18.5 caret! I forgot.
Congratulations! It's for you.
Why are you still chatting? Go have refreshment.
This PR Manager's attitude is terribly bad.
I fire her tomorrow.
Excuse me.
I don't bother you. I go now.
OK. Bye.
Come to Brunei if convenient.
I send my private jet to pick you up.
What are you laughing at?
Prince of Brunei? 18 caret?
It's blown up!
Don't you know exaggerated lies
do cheat people?
I'm... very happy tonight.
I know, you drank a whole bottle of red wine.
I gained prestige over Samson this time.
You're pretty... pretty... pretty...
Repeat it...
I like you...
I like you...
Your story...
Paris... Proposal...
So romantic!
18 caret...
Repeat the story...
What are you talking? I'm not a Filipino!
I can't understand your language!
Mum, we're hungry... hungry...
I'm not your mum!
Of course, my wife.
Go home and do the cleaning and cooking.
I used to do all these for you.
What's the matter, Madam?
It don't dry.
You... me...
Don't wash my underwear afterwards.
I wash on my own!
Jack Chen.
Mr. Feng is satisfied with Ms. Feng's performance.
So, we'll pick her up tomorrow.
So fast?
Your contract is expired tomorrow. Time's up.
Go and turn left.
Turn left
No... left... this side...
I thought the other side is left.
No way.
I can't distinguish the direction when driving. I've told you.
That's why I'm teaching you now.
My side... this side... is left.
This side... is left.
Left. Yup.
Your side, left...
Left, left...
Right turn.
Left turn.
Right turn.
Left turn.
Left... this side...
Turn left.
Turn left... left.
Smart girl.
What should I do?
What's up?
Why did you take the hands back?
I'm scared.
I've told you to stay calm when driving.
I won't drive anymore.
It's nonsense. It's late...
Why do you rent a car and make me drive? Wasting money.
It's alright if you know how to drive.
Life is no plain sailing.
You got to know how to drive after I left.
What? You resign?
I can't work as your servant
or driver forever.
You'll leave?
You'll go back to Philippines?
You'll work for another master?
Please don't go.
I've promised I'll hire you forever.
I'll buy you a house.
You break your words!
You're ungrateful!
I treat you so well. Why do you treat me in this way?
Mario, I'm sorry.
I adjust your salary.
No more laundry... Madam!
Pamela's called me.
She said your dad's sent to the hospital 'cos of heart attack.
It's TRUE this time.
Don't call me "Madam" any more.
In fact... Shut up!
Can you leave me alone?
Madam, Mr. Feng had a heart attack.
Now he's being rescued.
Ms. Feng, 3 months ago,
Mr. Feng was confirmed that he needed an operation.
But the chance of survival is only 50%.
He delayed the operation cos' he worried you.
He told us to cheat you
to make you to be independent.
I've already known that.
Mr. Feng's said that once...
he has heart attack, you're the successor of Feng's Enterprise.
Ms. Feng, please sign this letter of confirmation.
This way, please.
Jack Chen.
Mr. Feng's very satisfied with your performance.
He told me to pay you double salary.
You may go now.
Ms. Feng, sign your name here.
One more. Please sign here.
Why is there an extra numeral for your salary?
Aren't you doing operation for Mr. Feng?
Your 'acting' contract expires. Me too.
Answer me, why...
your salary is much more than mine?
What did you do?
Shameless cheating.
Oh, my god!
Never bring a ring over the rain.
Buy me a drink?
I lost my job again.
It seems that you lost your girlfriend.
How do you know?
I definitely know.
I have 50-year love experience...
Bullshit. 50 years? How does it count?
Why should we count it?
Life's pretty simple. Be happy.
Ms. Feng, Mr. Feng...
No need to use wheelchair.
Just let me walk a few paces. Like exercise.
We want a 10,000 square feet office with sea view.
We're a multi-national enterprise.
Our co. Will go public. Even multi-storey office isn't enough.
Ms Lin, it's more than 10,000 square feet for multi-storey office.
You make fun on me! I'll patronize other agents.
Debbie, I got to go.
You go?
How can I make the decision without you?
From now on, you can make all decisions.
What do you mean?
I want to go on a trip.
Success goes to those who never give up.
Feng Kwok Lap (1964).
Mr. Feng.
You scared me.
You want me to suffer heart attack again?
It seems that Jennifer feels blue.
I've got well for a long time.
When I woke up after the surgery,
she smiled once.
Then she never smiles.
Look. Daddy got this toy for you.
You like it?
Yeah. Thanks, daddy.
May's mighty clever. She got 100 marks in the test today.
Daddy... I wanna ice-cream.
OK, let's buy ice-cream.
How about 100 cups?
What flavor do you like?
Cheating me again?
Daddy help you...
No! No...
Let daddy wipe the ice-cream first...
Pamela, everything's done.
Remember transfer the money to my account.
I'll do it right off.
If you have any freelance job, just call me...
Why you treat her so cruel?
I'm a professional bodyguard. I don't fall in love with the clients.
Honey, it's time for May to have the piano lesson.
OK. Let's go... Let daddy carry you...
Say goodbye to uncle.
Mummy... some sketch on the handbook...
Never mind. The handbook isn't really yours.
Hurry up, got to have piano lesson.
Mario, your 18 caret diamond ring is too loose.
How much does my daddy pay you for this show?
I nearly forgot my ring. Give me back.
If you still have a chance, don't miss it.
A cheesecake.
Sorry, all cheesecakes are sold out.
Sold out?
Why don't you post a "SOLD OUT" notice outside
to inform the customers?
Why is the shop still open if the cheesecakes are sold out?
What do I have today if the cheesecakes are sold out?
I'm down. I wanna cry.
You know... Cry!
Sir, go home if you wanna cry.
If everyone comes here to cry, we'll have a big trouble.
I don't care! Today I must, I need, I have to...
I definitely got to eat CHEESECAKE!
What... everyone comes here to cry?
Please pack it for me.
I'll take it later.
The number you dialed is unavailable.
Please check and dial again.
Who do you want to call, sir?
You two?
It's nothing wrong with the job nature.
Security is a kind of bodyguard.
Here's dirty...
I wanna see Mr. Feng!
Wait. Have you made an appointment?
Don't hold me back?
You got to make an appointment in advance.
What's going on?
Mr. Feng.
Mr. Feng, I wanna see Jennifer.
You've told me that all the issues are settle, right?
You've received our money. Why do you come here?
I return you all you gave me. Here's it.
I just wanna see Jennifer.
Please don't misunderstand.
I don't look down upon you.
But... what'll you do if you see Jennifer?
I got to tell her something.
What do you want to tell her? Just tell me now.
Please forgive me...
Are you OK, Mr. Feng?
I got to see Jennifer.
If you don't let me see her, I'll come everyday.
Wherever you go, I follow you 24 hours
until you let me see Jennifer.
Why? Young man...
don't be so stubborn?
Since I was a child, I've had a belief.
"Success goes to those who never give up"!
Madam, do you need a ride?
Why are you here?
Grand prize.
A round trip air ticket to Japan's Disneyland.
You won?
Like father, like daughter. Both of you trust people easily.
Daddy sent you here?
But... even he didn't, I'll still come.
His final decision is...
officially hires me as your bodyguard and driver!
Then... how about your decision?
I surly... like to be with you...
Wherever you go, however dangerous...
whatever difficulties, whoever right or wrong,
I'll always stand by you and try my very very best...
to support, protect and take care of you.
Unacceptable? I've practised the speech for a whole day.
I can't adapt to your way of speaking. Too clear and fluent.
I like you speaks in...
clumsy Filipintonese.
Really, Madam?
Yes. Turn left, please.
No problem, Madam. Be seated.
Not this side.
You've told me to turn left, Madam.
I mean that side.
That side is right.
Then turn right.
Madam, why can't you distinguish the directions?
So disastrous.
Well... if I can distinguish the directions, I don't need you.
Where do you go?
Well... let's go to the Disneyland in Philippines.
Is there any Disneyland in Philippines?
Once you're determined to get it, you can!
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