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Drums Along the Mohawk

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Wilt thou, Magdelana Borst, take this man to thy wedded husband
to love, honour and obey him and forsaking all others,
keep only unto him, so long as ye both shall live?
I will.
Will thou, Gilbert Martin, take this woman to thy wedded wife
to love and honour her, and forsaking all others,
keep thee only unto her, so long as ye both shall live?
I will.
Let us pray.
Almighty God, look down upon and bless these two
as they go forth this day into the wilderness
to make for themselves a new home.
Guide them, Gracious Father, protect and keep them
through all the trials and vicissitudes of life,
that they never cease to remember this hour and this pledge of love
which they have given, one to the other
in Thy sacred sight. Amen.
And now, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost,
I pronounce you man and wife.
What God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.
Kiss her, my son.
God bless you, Gilbert.
Goodbye, sir.
Goodbye, son.
Goodbye, Mrs... Mother.
- Take good care of her. - Oh, Mamchen.
Sure was a nice wedding.
Wasn't it?
The cow hitched easy?
Mother, goodbye.
My friends, is always been like this since Bible days.
Every generation must make its own way in one place or another.
Is the most beautiful country I've ever seen.
I told you so.
Mohawk Valley's the prettiest place in the country, for a fact.
Have one, just a special seeing is tonight.
You folks come far?
Yes. Albany.
Been married long?
Oh, not so long.
How long?
Not so long!
I thought thas what you said.
I knew it the minute I laid eyes on you.
You got it written all over both of you.
To your health, madam, sir.
You planning on settling here in the valley?
Yes. I have a place at Deerfield.
Deerfield? Thas pretty far out of the way, isn't it?
Yes, but it suits me.
What political party do you folks belong to?
The American.
Any Tories?
Not that I know of, why?
Nothing. I was just wondering.
They say the Indians will join the British, but I guess is just talk.
Well, goodnight.
A queer one, ain't he? Too many questions to suit me.
And that patch over his eye.
I bet he lost it trying to see something that wasn't his business.
Goodnight. Goodnight, ma'am.
You didn't get scared at what he said about the Tories and the Indians?
I wasn't even thinking about Indians.
What were you thinking about?
I was just wondering
if you love me as much as I love you.
Are there always flies like this?
In real woods there are.
It must be about to rain the way these take hold.
You'll get used to them up here.
Lana, we're home now. Look!
I'll get a fire going.
Is just a cabin, but...
I've always thought id be nice living in a cabin.
Is so handy to look after things when is small.
It seems so fine to me because I built it.
It must look small to a girl who's been raised in a big house.
No, is all right, Gil.
We'll like our things even better when we get there.
I'll put up the mare, we'll eat something and feel warmer...
Things will look different then.
You better take those wet things off. You'll be sick.
Gil! Gil!
Gil! Gil!
Thas only Blue Back.
He'll murder us! He'll murder us, Gil!
I'm sorry, Lana. I had to do it.
You've got to get a hold of yourself.
This is my wife, Blue Back. She's kind of nervous and tired out.
We had a long, hard trip and then the rain and everything.
Sure. Much rain.
She didn't expect anybody to drop in at a time like this.
Me go hunting bring you half deer. Hang outside.
Half deer, huh?
Thas mighty fine of you.
Sit down, I've got some rum. We'll have a drink.
No, me go now. Come back again, maybe.
Sure, anytime.
You're a good friend, Blue Back.
Sure fine friends. Good Christian.
I'm going home.
I can't stand it.
Mother was right. I'm no frontier woman.
I had no idea it was like this. I hate it!
What are you saying?
You had no right to bring me here. Is awful!
And that horrible man, that Indian, slipping in here.
Now you're acting crazy again. Blue Back wouldn't hurt you.
He's as good a Christian as you or me.
I don't care. I'm going home!
No, you're not.
You'll stay right here and do as I say from now on.
You'll get over this foolishness and stop being scared, understand?
I didn't want to hit you. I had to do it.
Lana, look at me. I love you, I need you.
I can't live without you now. You know that.
Look, here's Blue Back again, see?
You got a fine woman,
but you young man.
You use this on her. Lick her good!
Make fine woman.
What are you thinking about now?
What are you thinking about?
What this place is going to look like a couple of years from now.
Next summer we can start building a barn.
Right on that slope, a hillside barn like I've always wanted.
After that, we can think about building a decent house.
I like our house just as it is now.
Sure. I always remember how you ladies hanker after frame houses.
The place will look so beautiful you won't care what I look like.
I can get blisters on my hands and my nose peeled
and thas the thanks I get for it.
Les see those blisters you're talking about.
No, now never mind.
Gil, let go.
Why, your hand is sore.
Maybe you oughtn't come out here.
I want to.
But haying's hard work. Is the hardest job there is.
Is no job for a woman.
Now, there you go.
Just because a woman is raised in a town, she has to be frail.
I'm strong. You said you couldn't have done it without me.
I sure married myself some good hired help.
Stop it yourself.
Do you like me as much as you do your old farm?
Hello, Gil. Good morning, Lana.
Mighty pretty.
General Herkimer.
Hello, Martin.
This is my wife, Lana.
Ja, ja. Hubsch.
She's as pretty as the near side of a peach.
Maybe prettier.
And Lana, this is Mrs. Weaver and her husband.
I'm your nearest neighbour.
I've been meaning to call, me and George and John here.
How do?
I'm so glad to meet you.
This is Christian's wife, Mrs. Reall, and her daughter, Martha Ellen.
This is my oldest girl, Mary.
Hello, Mary.
And Mrs. Demooth.
My husband is the Captain.
How do you do?
How do you do?
And Dr. Petry.
How do, Mrs. Martin.
Oh, I'll pass the lot of them.
- Fall in. Outside. - All right, men.
Hep, hep, hep, hep,
hep, hep, hep, hep.
Don't be afraid of these women. They're good neighbours,
once they get over being mad at you for being pretty.
Don't be so silly.
That bonnet you've got on is giving them a lot of worry.
And they're dying to shoo us off so they can find out
- if you've a family on the way. - Nicholas!
We weren't going to tell anybody.
Thas just fine.
- Congratulations, Martin. - Thas just fine, a baby.
I don't believe in young folks waiting, I always say
a man needs help on his place and the only way to get it
is to have children, especially boys.
Why, Maggie Weaver, how awful.
- Attention. Fall in. - Fall in what?
Attention! Dress to the right!
Thas my husband.
Call the roll.
- Amos Brock. - Here.
- John Weaver. - Here.
- George Weaver. - Here.
Gilbert Martin.
Christian Reall. Christian Reall.
Thas me. Here.
Adam Hartman.
James McNod. James McNod.
He couldn't come today. He had to go and buy flour.
Then I've got to fine him. Thas the law.
You don't have any right to fine a man for not coming, if he can't.
I thought thas what this war was about.
People paying taxes when they didn't have no say-so about it.
Thas right. Thas what I'm carrying Long Tom for.
Ain't up to me. Talk to the General.
We can let that go this time. Thas enough of the roll call, too.
You can check up later.
Stand at ease, men.
Neighbours, ever since New York
and the 12 colonies signed the Declaration of Independence,
this Revolution has turned into a real war.
So far, we've been lucky here in the Mohawk,
but it looks like we are going to be dragged into it too,
sure as shooting. Thas why I got you here,
to get ready, no matter what happens.
I guess we all feel the same way about it.
This is our home and land and I say is worth fighting for.
Only we got to do it by ourselves. Congress can't help us.
They say Washington needs all the troops he can get
and that the frontier will have to look out for itself.
Maybe them soldiers don't like the liquor we drink up here, huh?
Maybe not, but thas what they say.
Now about the Indians. From all I hear,
the Tories are making them a lot of big promises.
We got our agents working, too. We can't tell which way they'll go.
We'll have no trouble with them. We've always treated them fair.
Maybe, but just the same if you hear the bell ringing at the fort
or the cannon go off, you drop everything and come running.
Do you understand? All of you, come running.
Else I'll have you flogged so fast you won't know what.
Now, come on, show the women how good you can drill.
Take them around the field, Captain.
- Attention. - Nice talk, Nicholas.
Carry arms! Squads left, march!
I bet we can lick the whole world, the way we march.
Ezra! Help us over here.
Put them right on top.
Come on, come on. Now she's going good.
Is the core rotten, Adam?
Let it fall right down in there.
This'll make a nice patch for wheat. There's good soil here.
I figure the loam's close to four feet.
I bet there isn't better soil in the whole valley.
You're just a natural born farmer, ain't you?
So would you be, if you'd marry and settle down.
There she goes! There she goes!
Thas going to be good fire wood.
Here goes!
Start her even, Cleave!
Push her in, Gil!
Push her in there.
Pull them straight.
You brought a lot of pretty things with you, Mrs. Martin.
I told Mother there was no sense bringing a lot of clothes.
I'd rather spend the money on furniture.
I see you've got one of these feathers.
Yes. Mother had five of them at home.
She said there are times when that could be more important than bread.
What is it?
A pheasans feather.
It looks like an angel's wing.
We had a lot of them. They collected so much dust we threw them out.
This is a nice teapot. Is it a Wedgewood?
I don't know. Is just white china, I guess.
It belonged to my grandmother.
We always ate off Wedgewood at home.
Come out, they've started burning already.
Great burning, started it myself.
Les go see the burning, come on.
Gil, is going to be beautiful.
Is Blue Back.
Indians on warpath. Coming.
Eight white men. 100 Indians.
Painted. Better hurry.
Johnny Weaver, get your horse and tell General Herkimer.
- Stop it! - Get the horse.
Take this.
Thanks, Joe. Adam, watch out for Lana.
Come on.
Indians! One, two, three, four, two, three, four, one...
Come on, Christian. They're all here.
Get in your wagon.
Gil, the cow. Aren't we going to take her?
We can't. She'll just slow us up.
I can't stand it. Is like leaving part of ourselves.
Don't look back.
Hurry up, Gil.
Hey! Come on, Gil.
Mr. Martin! Mr. Martin!
Come on, Mary.
Wait a minute.
Where's the rest of your family?
I don't know. I lost them.
Come on. Hurry up.
All right.
We got Mary and Martha with us. Get them in, Christian.
Come on, Trudy. You help, Mary.
- Where's Nancy? - Here she is.
- Where's Martha? - Here's Martha.
We've got to throw some of this furniture out.
Oh, no, Gil.
We've got to.
We're ready, Gil.
I told you not to look back.
Keep up there! Keep up there!
Mr. Martin!
You got her?
Gil, whas happened? Oh, Mary Johnson.
Shut up. Come on!
She was driving and all of a sudden she fainted.
Never mind. There, put her down.
- Get out of here. - I won't. My husbans the captain.
- Get out before I use a strap on you. - No, they'll kill me.
Get some water and blankets and tell the doctor to hurry.
I don't understand this.
Never mind, she'll be all right.
- Whas the matter here? - Oh, Doctor.
Is my wife, she fainted.
I can't say I blame her, all this racket.
Gil. Gil Martin. They're waiting for you.
The company's ready to go.
What is it?
There's nothing you can do. Go on, get out of here.
How is she, Gil?
I don't know.
- Everything ready? - Yes, sir.
Drummer boy, play the drum.
Men, follow me!
Adam, did you see them? Did you catch them?
No. We chased them seven, eight miles, but they got away.
What happened?
The excitement and all the jolting was too much,
but don't fret too much, you're both young. You'll have another baby.
She's all right now. Just tired.
But don't let her talk too much.
Lana, darling.
Gil, our house?
They burned it.
The crops?
Everything. I saw it coming back.
Oh, and now...
Please don't, Lana.
I failed you.
No, Lana. It wasn't your fault.
It just happens that way sometimes.
My poor Gil.
Oh, Lana.
You're all right, thas all I care about.
It seems impossible that people can work as hard as we did for nothing.
We can build it back again. We still have the land.
You think I'd let you come back and go through all that again?
You were right that first night.
You shoulve gone home then. I was a fool not to see it.
I shouldn't have brought you here in the first place.
This is no place for you, is no place for any woman.
I'm not the only woman who's gone through this.
What will we do? How will we live?
Adam says that Mrs. McKlennar's hired man ran off
and she's looking for a couple to work her place.
But, Lana, you can't hire out, a girl like you. Do you think...?
It wouldn't have to be for long.
Just until we made enough to come back here.
Lana, you can't do it.
It won't do any harm just to talk it over with her.
No! Hired help. No!
Mrs. McKlennar!
Good morning.
Your name Martin?
Yes, ma'am.
Well, go on and stare. I know how I look.
That hired man got drunk and ran off, he left me with everything to do.
I don't mind a man drinking, if he knows how to hold it.
When it fixes him so he can't do his work, he'd better go elsewhere.
Don't stand there with your mouths open. Sit down.
Les get down to business. You know how to farm?
I had my own place.
Yes, I heard it was burned. Thas too bad,
but thas neither here nor there. Daisy! Get my dinner ready.
I could eat a horse. I don't do much farming here,
just take care of the meadow and feed my stock,
but you can do what you like.
I'm a widow. My husband was Captain Barnabas McKlennar.
Barney, Barney.
What was I saying? I was brought up on army life,
so when I give an order, I expect to get it obeyed.
If I take your pay, I'll do my best.
I just don't want you coming afterwards complaining.
How much do you want?
I never worked for anybody else. What do you pay?
45 pounds a year. Your house, wood and food.
If your wife can sew, I'll pay her, too.
Can you sew? Whas your name?
Can you sew?
Speak up! You want to sew for me?
Yes, I'd like to.
Let me see your hands.
Thas settled. I hate sewing myself.
Hate any housework, so I do the barn and let Daisy do the cooking.
I took good care of my husband. Now he's gone, I do as I like.
I've got a long face, and I poke it where I please.
You may think I'm a nuisance.
Yes, ma'am.
What? Whad he say?
I didn't mean it, but I guess if you do poke, I'll think so.
Your thoughts are your own property, but keep them to yourself.
Come on, you'll want to see your new home.
Use the back door if you want to ask me anything.
I don't want mud tracked in my house. I track enough myself.
Is a mess now, after that man,
but is a good house.
It sure is, ma'am.
Nice chimney. Nice bedroom upstairs.
I used to live here,
until Barnabas decided to build that stone place.
Is a beautiful house.
Glad you can see it. There's one more thing I want to ask you.
Any furniture?
We have a bed and a few things.
I'll help you out with the rest.
You can consider the job yours, Martin.
Now, any questions you want to ask?
Yes, ma'am. I just...
Well, what?
Do you belong to the right party?
Right party! A woman hasn't got any political opinions.
I run this farm to suit myself. I'll shoot anybody,
British, Indian or American, who interferes in my business.
That satisfy you? When can you move in?
Will tomorrow be too soon?
Tomorrow? Whas the matter with today?
We'll move in today.
Good! Good!
Oh, Lana.
Oh, Gil.
Is a beautiful fireplace.
Oh, Almighty God, hear us, we beseech Thee,
and bring succour and guidance
to those we're about to bring to Thy divine notice.
First, we're thinking of Mary Wollaber.
She's just 16 years old,
but she's keeping company with a soldier from Fort Dayton.
He's a Massachusetts man, O Lord
and Thou knowest no good can come of that.
Now, we're thinking of the sick and infirm.
Peter Paris has the flux real bad.
His Uncle Isaac, who keeps a store in Dayton
asks for our prayers
and he says that he has got in a new supply of calicos,
French broadcloths, fancy handkerchiefs,
new hats and heavy boots all at bargain prices.
But most of all, we call upon Thee, Lord Jehovah,
O, God of Battles,
to aid Thy people against the Tories,
for I have disturbing news for you that will sorrow this Sabbath.
General Washington has advised us that an enemy army
of many Tories and savage Indians
is even now on its way to our beloved valley.
Every man capable of bearing arms between the ages of 16 and 60
will report tomorrow morning to General Herkimer,
at which time a regiment of Washington's Continental Army
will arrive from Albany, under Colonel Fischer, to help us.
Any man failing to report for duty will be promptly hanged.
You stick close to Mrs. McKlennar and do what she says.
Yes, Gil.
I'd better go now.
Watch out for those new apple trees.
Thank you, ma'am.
It used to be Barney's, but is no use to me now.
It might come in handy to you.
Gil Martin, I'm going to kiss you, so I'd better do it now,
so you won't go off with the taste of a widow.
Many is the time I've seen Barney go off just that same way.
Goodbye. He's off.
Sometimes he'd wave, but ten to one he wasn't even seeing me.
He was thinking about all those men, you see,
all those men going out to fight, to kill or be killed.
Blast his eyes, loving it.
They sent you over here to tell us to come inside the fort?
"Is orders."Women and children shall be gathered together"."
Me and other men over 60 are to collect and protect them.
You old rooster! Don't you think I can look after myself?
Yes, ma'am, but is orders.
I've been saving a corner shed for you.
Do you think I'd start living in a shed at my time of life,
like a cow?
Yes, ma'am. No, ma'am.
Go on and spit, man. Spit and get it over with.
Hey! Not there, outside. Go on, get out of here.
Old fool, he can't even spit by himself.
Waiting, waiting. Thas all we women do.
Well, no news is good news.
Why don't you sit down, Lana?
Mrs. McKlennar! Lana! Wake up!
Come on out! Here they come!
Where's John?
Have you seen Gil Martin?
Take them inside. Go in. Anyone else there. Go in.
Have you seen Gil Martin?
I'm Robert Johnson, surgeon pro tem of the First Regiment.
Then don't stand there yapping. Go on in and see the General.
Yes, ma'am.
Mark, where's Gil? Gil Martin?
I'm Captain Morgan, ma'am. There's nobody back of me alive.
General Herkimer, a fine mess you've got yourself into this time.
I tell this fellow to go away. Look after the young ones.
Shut up! You're not giving orders in this house.
What about it?
Is already mortified, ma'am.
Ill have to come off.
Ja, bitte?
Ja, Nicholas.
Wait till I light my pipe.
Tell me something first, Doctor.
Did you ever cut off a leg before?
- Why, no, sir. I... - Well, don't be ashamed.
A man has got to start somewhere.
I'll never forget the first deer I shot.
Gil! Gil!
Gil. Oh, thank God.
Is so cold here, colder here than in the woods.
Raining, lying there.
I remember thinking how hot it was, wondering...
I'm cold.
Wondering how long we'd be away, when it happened.
I heard a crack...
Daisy, some water. a stick breaking
and all of a sudden the fellow next to me stopped talking
and fell over on his side.
Then I heard a whistle, shots from everywhere.
Somebody shouted we'd been ambushed.
I saw General Herkimer slide off his horse and grab his knee.
Peter Tenyck with his head blown half off.
Oh, darling, this is going to hurt.
Somebody told me to lay down and then I saw them
all smeared with paint, yellow and red,
every colour.
Oh, darling. I'm sorry.
And back of them, Tories with green coats.
I got down behind a log and aimed at a fellow.
He leaped straight up in the air.
Don't talk about it.
Fell forward on his face.
After that, we just kept shooting as fast as we could load
for I don't know how long.
Amos, Adam Hartman came over beside me.
His musket was broke,
but he had a spear. He kept grinning.
I remember thinking,
he's having a good time, he likes this.
Soon he pointed off. I saw an Indian coming towards us, naked.
I tried to load, but it was too late.
Adam stood up and braced his spear, and the Indian came down.
I never saw a fellow look so funny, so surprised.
He just hung there, with his mouth open.
Looking at us and not saying a word.
I had to shoot him, there wasn't anything else to do.
I had to.
Brandy, Nicholas?
Ja, ja.
Swallow, swallow.
Now, Nicholas.
Go ahead.
Then it started to rain and I was sick.
All the time, General Herkimer sat there smoking and holding his knee.
Then he said we'd all better go home.
Darling, don't talk about it.
Out of 600 of us, about 240 were still alive.
But we'd won. We licked them.
Yes, darling.
We showed them they couldn't take this valley.
Yes, darling.
Lana, do you hear? We won.
Yes, darling. You won.
Now, you've got to sleep. You...
Adam, help me get him down.
Get that pack there.
Yes. Here.
Sleep, darling.
You sleep.
Oh, Gil.
I feel as if I've been asleep forever.
You needed it.
I've been lying here looking at you, thinking how pretty you are.
It made me think of the first days we had together at Deerfield.
I've been thinking about that, too. The things we'd planned.
While I was out there,
I kept thinking about you all the time.
About how good ill be when is all over and we can go home.
Gil, the Indians,
they won't be coming back this way again, will they?
I don't reckon so, after the licking we gave them. Why?
We're going to have another baby.
Are you glad, Lana?
I feel as...
I feel as though I've begun to live all over again.
Are you hungry?
Doctor, how's General Herkimer?
The General is dead. We couldn't stop the bleeding.
I am the resurrection and the life, saith the Lord.
He that believeth in me, though he were dead,
yet shall he live.
And whosoever liveth and believeth...
I know my Redeemer liveth,
and He shall stand at the latter day upon the earth.
And though after my skin, worms destroy this body
yet in my flesh I shall see God.
Come on, don't stop.
You know what Doc Petry said about having plenty of hot water.
I know, but the water's boiled away twice and nothing's happened.
I don't know why we need so much hot water when babies are born.
Mr. Martin! Mrs. McKlennar wants you at once.
Gil, one of Barney's soldiers made this cradle,
gave it me the night we were married.
You and Lana might as well have it.
Is mighty kind of you.
Nonsense. What good is it to me?
Can't ever tell, a good looking widow like you.
Shut up, you make me sick.
Great big good-for-nothing, loud mouthed fool.
Even if you are good looking.
Get out of my way!
Poor Gil.
Not yet boys, not yet.
Is the waiting around that...
Not knowing whas going on.
Why can't Dr. Petry do something? Why can't he?
I don't know, Gil.
Blue Back, you've had experience. What do you think?
Having babies, thas woman's business.
She better go far, far, by herself.
Leave husband alone.
Hurry with those things.
This is terrible.
Gil Martin, get some hot water quick!
Thas all right. Thas all right.
George Weaver, you keep away from that spring house.
I'll get some more wood.
Is a boy. Praise be to the Lord!
A boy! Gil! Gil!
Is a...
- Is a boy. - Is a boy.
Is a boy. Joe, we've got a boy!
Christian, is a boy.
We've got a baby boy.
A baby boy.
A boy?
A baby boy?
To think at my age, another son.
Get some brandy.
Brandy! For a little...
No. For you.
Go on in.
Is she all right?
Fit as a fiddle.
Who does he look like?
He's going to faint.
Oh, Lana, never again.
I prayed so hard it would be boy.
Take him in your arms, just for a moment.
Go ahead.
We'II, I'll be doggoned.
Come on, everybody, the dance is starting.
I bet Barney never kissed you like that.
Barney McKlenner was a real man. When he kissed, you stayed kissed.
Les see if he taught you how to hold your liquor.
He didn't need to. I was born knowing that.
Hooray! To the greatest crop in the Mohawk Valley,
and the man who's responsible for it, Gil Martin.
To the bride and groom, Mary and John Weaver.
May they always be as happy as they are tonight.
Please God, please let it go on like this forever.
Come on, Gilly.
You're going to help Mama find some nice wild honey.
Ups-a-daisy. Come on.
Here we go.
That you, Daisy? Go away.
What do you want? What are you doing here?
What do you mean coming in my house?
Burn house, fire quick.
Don't you dare. You filthy drunken rascals!
Get out of here quick before I skin you alive.
Get out of here. What are you doing?
My bed! You crazy horse thieves.
If I could get my hands on a butcher knife.
Daisy! Lana! Gil!
My bed! Take your hands off that bed.
You go quick! You catch fire!
I won't move a step without my bed.
My husband bought this the day after I was married.
Stop that! Shame on you. Get this bed out of here.
Get this bed out of here.
Hurry up, quick!
Hurry up, you fools. I'll have your ears lopped off for this.
Put it up!
Turn it upside down. Now, turn it up.
You fools!
Mrs. McKlennar! Mrs. Mc...
Mrs. McKlennar, what are you doing?
Go away!
My husband built this house. I've lived in it all my life
and I'm not going to leave it.
Go away!
Listen, you can't...
Go away and leave me alone.
Mrs. McKlennar! Lana! Gil!
Gil! Lana! Andrusville has been wiped out.
There's over a thousand headed this way under Caldwell.
You've got to get to the fort.
I'm not leaving this house. I've lived...
Come on, Sarah.
Leave me alone!
Oh, Almighty God,
by whose divine assistance Samson did smite the Philistines
hip and thigh with great slaughter,
help Thy people now gird up their loins for the coming battle.
Put courage in our hearts, Lord,
that we may drive our enemies back into the wilderness.
For we all know only too well what will happen to us
if these Sons of Belial ever get over these walls,
or come in through that gate
which, with Thy permission, Lord, I now order closed.
Close the gate.
Tether all the animals or drive them out!
You women and children, go into the church.
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
If you can't get your hair into those hats, cut it off!
It won't do you any good if those greasy devils get in here.
Daisy! Daisy!
Now, sing, children, sing, in praise of the Lord!
Brother Reall, put down that Devil's brew.
I was trying to get rid of it, so them heathens wouldn't get it.
Beware of the heathen within thine own breast. Cast it away!
- Hallelujah! - Hallelujah.
Do you think they'll attack tonight?
With Caldwell leading them, they will.
Whas that?
Thas them.
There goes our barn, off to the right of those trees.
There goes my place.
No, thas Ritter's.
Then mine's next to it.
Hold your fire. Save your ammunition. They're trying to draw us out.
Back to your place. Martin is right.
Trust in the Lord and wait until you can make every shot count.
You filthy, painted heathens.
Consume them, Lord, as Thou didst thine enemies
in the days of Jeremiah.
Gil! Adam, come on! Here they come!
Ready with those rifles, women.
God have mercy on his soul.
I must be shooting a little to the left.
Here you are, George. Loaded!
Now shoot the breeches off them, if they're wearing any.
Daisy, come on.
Clean shot.
Get to the gate.
Call the filthy beggars back. We'll wait till the moon sets.
Oh, Barney, if you were only here, we'd show them.
We'd show...
Hold me up. I can't breathe lying down.
Lana, come beside me.
Give me your hand.
Now, now, don't start tuning up.
I want you and Gil to have my place, everything.
You've been like my own flesh and blood.
Look under the front porch.
I buried some gold pieces there, just in case.
Divide it up among the lot of you.
Goodbye, good looking.
For Thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory forever.
How's the ammunition, Parson?
Mighty low.
Ammunition's mighty low, O Lord.
I go Fort Dayton for help.
Thas a job for me, Joe.
I know every foot of the way, if anybody can, I can.
Parson, do you mind? He'll need it.
Oneida trail, huh, Joe?
Good luck, Joe.
He got away.
Thas shooting, Adam.
You filthy murdering, thieving...
God, our merciful Father, forgive me for what I'm about to do.
Get away, I'm all right.
Gil, what about... Somebody's...
I'm going, Parson.
Good luck, Gil.
Joe, did he...?
He did not.
I'm going to try it myself, Lana.
If I make the woods, I can outrun them.
They'll kill you.
You're not going to be afraid. You're not going to be afraid.
They'll kill you.
No, they won't. If I can get in the clear,
there isn't an Indian living that can catch me.
Say you're not afraid and you want me to go.
I'm not afraid, I want you to go.
Lana, he got away.
Les start.
Any sign of them yet?
Blue Back says is quiet, too quiet out there.
Quiet, Chief.
He left before sunrise. Is almost 12 now.
If he reached Fort Dayton, help would be here by now.
Parson! They're over the wall!
Every man to his post.
Have you seen Lana?
No, I ain't Gil.
Parson, have you seen Lana?
I killed a man.
Is me. Is Gil.
Where's Caldwell?
Where's Caldwell? Where's Caldwell?
Squad left, mark!
Company halt! Order arms!
At ease!
- Where are you men going? - Home.
- Home? - The war's over.
Cornwallis surrendered to Washington last week.
So thas our new flag, the thing we've been fighting for.
13 stripes for the colonies,
and 13 stars in a circle for the Union.
Is a pretty flag, isn't it?
Soldier, let me take that flag.
We did a little fighting around here ourselves.
I reckon we better be getting back to work.
There's going to be a heap to do from now on.
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