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Subtitles for Du rififi chez les hommes (Jules Dassin 1955) CD1.

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Du rififi chez les hommes (Jules Dassin 1955) CD1

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Gaumont 1955
Full house.
Stake me.
Impossible, Tony. Not during a game.
OK, I'll call for cash.
Who's trying to hang me in the closet?
Hey, mister, watch the cuff!
Tonio, will you leave your father in peace!
You're spoiling him rotten, Jo.
Yes, he's here.
It's Tony.
Cut it out, Tonio!
No, not you. It's your godson crushing my toes.
Sure thing.
Be right over.
- How about me? - We don't bet promises here.
No cash, no cards.
Hi, Jo. So you're the back-up.
Someone's gotta be.
You waiting for me?
Yeah. Their faith is touching.
But you all know him, he's Tony the Stephanois!
Tony or no Tony, only one thing counts...
Hard cash.
Forget these lugs.
Hey, you!
- You're not polite. - That bug you?
Relax. He's still green.
Let's go.
Hello, Suzanne.
Poor Tony's not a pretty sight.
Five years in the pen marks a man.
Poker all night in a smoke-filled room! Just what you need!
Get out to the country. Get some air in your lungs.
You see me milking cows?
It's a bit late for that now.
We'll talk about it tonight at the house over some grub.
Louise keeps busting my chops about your damned health.
OK, doc. Drop me off at my place. I'm beat.
I wanna show you something first.
- What'll you have? - Coffee.
- Three coffees. - Three?
Mario's coming.
- Thanks. - Shut up! Thanks for what?
If you'd squawked 5 years ago, you'd be slipping me a roll now.
And I'd be thanking you.
You took the rap because I was just a kid then.
Tony... I hear Mado's back.
You sure?
I've been waiting 5 years for this. Where is she?
Dunno yet, but we'll find her.
Thanks, waiter.
You make me feel young again.
- Good, we need a young man. - Let's hear it.
Aren't you fed up with cheap poker games?
Let's hear it, I said.
"Webb"? You're nuts! Why not the Bank of France?
- Time was you'd jump at it. - Time was, Mario.
The place has more alarms than a firehouse.
We don't have to go in.
The 3 rocks in the window alone are worth a fortune.
Remember the Bond Street job.
I remember. They cut out the glass in broad daylight.
- And cleaned up in 17 seconds. - A piece of cake.
We've timed it at least 20 times.
We attack at 1:06. The street's not too busy then.
You're parked over there.
The light at the intersection goes red. Traffic stops.
You pull up, we start, we cut.
When the light's green, we drive off with the rocks.
- Yeah, you gotta be young. - You in?
Sorry, guys. I don't run so fast anymore.
- Wind it up. - Again?
Come here. It's you I'm gonna wind up.
The penguin's cry...
Time for bed.
Your penguin has to go beddy-bye.
Good night, junior.
How's it going, Mario?
Thanks for the penguin, Uncle Tony.
I'll see.
I hit the bull's-eye with that penguin.
Ever heard of the "L'Age d'Or" in Montmartre?
Mado works there. She looks after the girls.
She's shacked up with the boss, Pierre Grutter. Know him?
Vaguely. His kid brother's a junkie, I think.
Yeah, he's hooked bad.
And they say Grutter is too friendly with the cops.
Kiss Louise for me. I'm turning in.
Don't go there alone. They're tough customers.
Hear what I said?
I'm not deaf.
The show's about to begin!
Check your hat, sir?
This one's not empty yet!
So what? You got moths in your wallet?
Oh, all right.
That's a good one, "Moths in your wallet"!
Beat it, chump!
Do as he says.
- Check! - I'll get it.
Coming, Mado?
Tony, I thought you were still...
As you can see, they let me out.
For good behavior.
Go on in.
Have a seat.
Not very fancy, eh? When a man's alone...
Nothing like our old place. You fixed it up nice.
How much did you unload it for while I was inside?
You never had a head for figures.
I got busted in May.
In June you were on the Riviera with a gigolo.
You didn't lose any time.
I thought I loved him.
Stop it, you're making me cry.
It's true, Tony.
And now it's the likes of Pierre Grutter.
I had Jo on my tail. He could've gotten nasty.
I knew it, so I left. I met Grutter in Morocco.
It was him or someone else.
Nice sparkler.
- Did he...? - No. I earned it.
You always did manage.
Do what you want.
I'd like to help you.
No kidding.
Put the ring on the table.
The bracelet.
Now the coat.
Come here.
The rest of it.
All of it.
Believe me, Tony, I never forgot you!
Please, Tony!
Get dressed.
Beat it!
- Let me dress! - Out!
Hello, Jo... it's Tony.
Meet me at Mario's right away.
The job interests me after all.
A man's gotta live.
Not so hard.
Go easy.
Hi, Ida, taking a bath?
Not me. Mario.
Knock first! A little decency!
Tony's thought it over. He's in.
No kidding.
Is it true?
This is a cause for celebration!
- It's gonna be sheer genius! - Mario, my carpet!
Go to bed, pet. We have to talk.
Warm up my side.
Good night.
Don't get excited. I've got conditions.
None of these. It's too risky.
Get caught with a rod, and it's the slammer for life.
Maybe I should go back to my soap bubbles.
Maybe you should.
He in or what?
For me, the rocks in the window are chicken feed.
We gotta go for the real thing. The jackpot. The safe!
Sure, it's gonna mean careful preparation:
Knocking out their alarms,
and, most of all, getting a safecracker.
Ever heard of Cesar the Milanese?
What's the wait for Milan, please?
For a job with you, he'll come.
They say there's not a safe that can resist Cesar,
and not a woman that Cesar can resist.
How long?
Right away.
Get me 868-861.
But first we make sure we can fence the goods.
I know just the guy: Teddy the Levantine in London.
I'm sure he'll go for it.
You have a spare passport, so you go see him.
Book a flight the day before.
I've got a great job.
Right up your alley.
With a friend. He's the best.
Can you come?
Great! I'll be at the airport.
- Who lives upstairs? - Webb himself. He's always home.
Except weekends. He goes hunting every Saturday.
Jo, let's test your memory. You name each store as we pass.
Without looking up, OK?
I can do it with my eyes shut.
And Cesar?
"Ferrugia," pricey custom-made boots for the missus.
- It opens when? - Late.
"Tecla," cultured pearls, costume junk. Opens at 10.
Florist. Salesgirl has the biggest boobs in town.
Careful, it opens at 6 a.m. Even earlier.
So we gotta be out no later than 5.
That's for sure.
"Henri Maupiou," silks for evening gowns.
Branch stores in London and NY for emergency repairs.
- The other sidewalk now? - No, I trust you.
We have to case it by night. Things change then.
Sure. Tonight?
I was at the "L'Age d'Or" last night.
You saw her?
- I took her to my place. - And Grutter?
He wasn't in. He won't have to look for me. I go back tonight.
- You're nuts! - Expect me to hide?
Then I'm coming with you.
No way. I don't need my friends to settle this.
Keep away.
It's my business. I'll handle this Grutter alone.
Pierre, please!
I'm fed up with your big shot act. You'll get yours some day.
Take a look at yourself, you little punk.
You're a pretty picture. Dope's gonna land you in the nuthouse.
- Give me a little. - Put that down.
Just a bit.
When I feel like it.
Got that? We all just happened to be here.
Hello, you.
Hello, kid. Sit your moneymaker down.
What's your tag?
I got a guy who knows what's what He ain't the kind to bust a gut
He's got lotsa philosophy Only he's too sweet on "rififi"
If another guy just gives me a nod Right away he goes for his rod
He tips his hat and yessiree! It's time for some "rififi"
I step in, but he don't give a damn He points me out and says: Scram!
And when he's back after a while He's got this nasty little smile
And sure as sure can be I'm next in line for "rififi"
You look like you don't have a clue
Like no one ever spoke to you
'Bout "rififi"
It's not a word that people use
Among the swells, the Who's Who's
It's the lingo of the streetwise The battle cry of real tough guys
So don't fry your brain and grumble All it means is "rough n' tumble"
When I'm done workin' the beat He takes me to the movies as a treat
He don't care what flick we see So long as it's got "rififi"
In love, he can be kinda rough He don't go for sentimental stuff
A chick, he keeps telling me, Gets her kicks on "rififi"
And when he really lets himself go I get a cuff just for the show
And when I'm lying by his side I'm nothing, I got no pride
In paradise I wanna be I'll pay the price in "rififi"
You look like you don't have a clue Like no one ever spoke to you
'Bout "rififi"
It's not a word that people use
Among the swells, the Who's Who's
It's the lingo of the streetwise The battle cry of real tough guys
So don't fry your brain and grumble All it means is "rough n' tumble"
Champagne, sir?
- What are you doing here? - What a surprise!
That's perfect. This is Cesar... The Stephanois.
That's your Cesar? You cut him out of a catalogue?
He says you look like a tramp.
Glad to meet you.
Why'd you bring him here?
He insisted. He says we should stick together on everything.
A Saint Bernard.
So you quit the "RÍve Bleu"?
Three weeks ago.
Mr Cesar... He's sorry but he don't yack in French.
But I understand everything.
Don't recognize me?
Should I?
Tony the Stephanois.
Nothing to say to me?
I thought you were still doing time. You're out, congrats.
I know Mado was with you.
But now she's with me. That's life.
So don't try anything. You lay off me and I'll lay off you.
I don't believe it! Mado didn't tell him.
She didn't have to. It's stamped across her back.
Hey, Maximilian, I'm running on empty.
Then back to the garage. By the way...
- You know Mado? - Sure, I do.
- Where is she? - She's taking a trip.
When was this?
Last night. She took off, then phoned Viviane later.
- Is that all? - That's all.
Go play with boys your own age.
- Well? - Tell you later. What about Cesar?
Thanks a lot!
Don't cry. He just learned some women have guts.
Proposition interesting. Certain can handle in London. Teddy Levantine.
"Florist delivery. 5:50 a.m."
- Ready? - Just about.
What's it say?
It's no pushover. It's the latest model.
It's getting harder to make a living.
After you!
Turn it on.
"Severing any wire causes a power cut
"and activates the alarm system."
Now we know.
Hook it up.
The bastards thought of everything.
They're clever, but maybe not clever enough.
You ain't seen nothin' yet.
This little box...
this is our deadly enemy.
In every door, every window.
"Any vibration in a wall or a floor
"momentarily causes a power cut
"which activates the alarm by way of a relay system."
- Vibrations... And the floor? - Depends on the touch.
A little harder.
We have some leeway.
Once more.
- It's chancy. - You'll have to go easy.
The ceiling will take 2 hours, at least.
And we can figure on 3 hours in the store, easy.
But down there we can't even breathe if we don't muzzle this thing.
That's why we're here.
Now let's see...
That, too.
The alarm system is battery- and circuit-powered.
If the battery runs down...
Morning bells are ringing Ding ding dong!
But when the box is shut...
Through here?
Why don't we just pour in hot wax with a funnel?
Why not spaghetti?
With parmesan.
Out of the way!
We're all set, guys!
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