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Subtitles for Du rififi chez les hommes (Jules Dassin 1955) CD2.

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Du rififi chez les hommes (Jules Dassin 1955) CD2

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Excuse me, I heard singing. Hello there!
Who wants coffee?
Nobody. Go back to bed, pet.
You all right?
In the pink.
Run along now.
So, Tony...
Never in my whole crummy life... 200 million, at least.
Even with the Levantine's take, it was worth the risk.
Now Ida and me can try out beds in all the chic hotels.
How about you?
Four sisters.
Nice girls.
But no beauties.
Gonna buy them husbands?
My kid.
What about you?
What do I want?
Let's not start spending it yet.
There's still the fence to deal with. Could be a hitch.
And the cops will be hot on our tails.
We're not out of the woods yet.
Still have your stash?
Keep the goods here.
Jo, your flight's in an hour.
And you look grounded.
I'll have Louise take care of you while I'm away.
You sleep here at Mario's. No hotel registers.
And no runnin' around Montmartre.
Heard what I told your paisano?
No problem.
Read all about it! 240 million! Biggest take since the Sabine women!
London on the line. Booth 3.
How's it going?
He drives a hard bargain.
But we've clinched it. I'll be home tomorrow.
Great. Listen, remember that rubber clown Jimmy got in London?
Yeah, the one that bounces back.
Get me one for your kid. He'll go for that.
Sure thing.
It's beautiful.
You're sweet.
I can tell you since you don't understand: I know it's a fake.
Mado! Where you been? Pierre sent Rémi out to find you.
I'll explain later. Please don't tell him I'm here.
As you like.
I understand. Goodnight, Inspector.
What'd he want?
They're offering 10 million for a lead on the jewelry job.
- Meaning they're in the dark. - It's our play.
You've got a visitor.
Hello there.
So, your trip...
Let's hear it.
Hello, Pierre.
Did you trip?
And how'd you get this?
Answer me. Who did it?
I can't stay with you.
You can't hold me.
You can't.
I suppose you don't know the Stephanois is back.
I want you to take out the Stephanois. He's in my way.
- He don't weigh much. - Go on, Rémi.
Hold on a sec! Close the door.
Look at this!
Nice ring. Where'd you get it?
Some crazy little Italian gave it to Viviane.
All this fuss over some cheap stone!
- How'd you meet him? - Through his pal Mario.
Which Mario?
Some hood. You must know him. Remember, Ida's man...
Ex-"Rêve bleu" dancer!
Mario Ferrati. He works with the Stephanois.
I'm on in 5 minutes and my Italian's waiting backstage.
He can wait. You stay put.
- Let's go. - My ring!
Relax. It's a fake.
- A fake worth a million. - No kidding!
This changes everything. We need Tony alive now.
It adds up. The Italian's got the hots for Viviane. He's Mario's pal.
Mario's in with Tony, who's just done a stretch... for a jewel heist!
This morning, the Webb job... and now this!
It adds up, I tell you.
It's like being brought 10 million on a platter.
What did the papers say? 240 million, no?
Let's go get it.
What are you gonna do?
Practice my Italian.
No, this way, Spaghetti!
This comes from Webb's?
Not a sound. Or else...
The ice, and fast!
What ice...
No games! I know you've got it stashed here.
I don't know what you're talking about.
You don't?
Your pal Cesar thinks you do.
What's he got to do with this?
So, don't know where they are?
In that case...
The Stephanois...
Maybe he knows.
The Stephanois? Who's he?
Call him.
Get him here.
I forgot his number.
Hurry up, creep!
Is it coming back to you now?
- No. - My turn!
I'll call him.
Ida, don't!
They'll kill him! You know Tony, he'll never talk!
They'll kill him! Don't do it!
Please, Ida, don't!
It's me, Ida.
You gotta get over here now...
Don't come, Tony! The Grutters are here for the rocks!
You idiot! Let's get the hell out!
- How'd you find me? - Skip it.
- I don't want to see you. - I figured.
Just tell me where I can find Grutter.
Look, Mado, I know you left Grutter.
I also know you didn't tell him about that night.
Maybe we can wipe the slate clean.
I want Grutter. He murdered my friends.
So what! You'll all die, one by one!
The whole rotten bunch of you!
I get it.
Goodbye, Mado.
You alone?
How's Mario?
Not now.
Please, tell me.
How's Mario?
He's dead.
Forgive me.
It was you.
You ratted on him.
Forgive me.
I was afraid.
I liked you. I really liked you, Macaroni.
But you know the rules.
The rules.
You'll find two bodies at 40, rue Fontaine du But.
At Mario Ferrati's.
Hello, Inspector.
Can I ask why you're attending Mario Ferrati's funeral?
Just an idea.
With all these police, is there a hood crazy enough to show up?
I doubt it.
There's the procession.
Flowers. Without cards or names.
Not a soul behind the hearse. I came as a matter of form.
Freeze, for the kid's sake!
Hold your balloon tight. See what can happen to it?
Is that clear?
Tell Jo, the kid or the gems, and to wait for our call.
And not a word to the cops.
Mommy's not coming?
So, tough guys, is this war games?
Where's my baby, you thug?
Where's my baby?
Let me call the police. They'll do something. Please, Jo!
- You gotta keep calm! - Let me call, Jo.
You know if you call the cops I can't make a move.
Have patience, honey.
They'll call soon.
This way.
- How's it going, Tony? - In here.
It's all there.
120 million, as agreed.
Your work's done. Ours is just starting.
The rocks have to be recut. I'll take a loss.
But that's how the trade goes.
I'll be running along.
I'll turn this town inside out, but I'll find them.
Stay here. I'll call in every 20 minutes.
If they call, I'll have to give it to them.
Out of the question!
I meant my share.
Not your share, not anyone's!
It's mine!
Don't be a fool! They won't give you the kid in exchange.
The longer they wait, the better the kid's chances. They'll kill him!
- A kid's a witness. He remembers. - He's only 5!
At five, you've got eyes and ears. And a tongue.
No, take my word for it.
The only chance of getting the boy back... is this.
The only chance.
You may be right.
Look after Louise. It's rough on her. I'll send Fredo's wife over.
See you tomorrow.
The bastards!
This kind of thing doesn't happen here.
Just say the word and all the guys are behind you.
We can't risk letting the cops get wind of this.
So what'll you do?
I'll do the rounds of friends I can count on.
If they hear anything, they'll call here. I'll keep in touch.
Why look at me like that? He's my kid, too! Why blame me?
I'm not blaming you.
There's something I always wanted to tell you.
There are kids...
Millions of kids who've grown up poor. Like you.
How did it happen...
What difference was there between them and you,
that you became a hood, a tough guy,
and not them?
Know what I think, Jo? They're the tough guys, not you.
No, Tony. Still nothing.
How's Jo?
He's thrilled.
Fredo told me about the kid. It's disgusting. If I can be of help...
Thanks. Tell me where Grutter and his boys hide out.
I think I know. He's building a villa near Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse.
A guy goes out there all the time: Charlie, the dope dealer.
Know where to find him?
Let's go.
The kid's OK. Got the ice?
The fence has them. He's bringing the dough.
- When? - Any minute now.
I'll call one more time. It'll be the last.
- In the cleaner's... - I'll go.
No, let me. The guy knows me. Have any money?
I'm close.
Pierre just called.
I told him the money's coming, to wait,
but the bastard means business.
I can't take any more!
This is no time to lose your head. We'll get 'em.
But the kid, Tony!
Just hold on, Jo! I'll call you back in a few minutes.
I'll be waiting.
I want to see Charlie.
But I don't know if he...
If it isn't Mado! Come on in.
How's Pierre?
Fine, fine.
- Coffee? - No, I haven't got time.
It's for Rémi. He's crying for more dope.
You have to take him some at the villa.
Oh, him!
Just when my car breaks down.
I'd have to take the Metro. It's pretty far.
You go.
I can't. Pierre's waiting.
- Why is it always me? - Be nice.
What about my car?
He's a good customer.
I'll go.
- And quick. - Where's the fire?
Can I use your phone?
Sorry, pal. It's an inside line.
- What're you doing here? - I have Rémi's stuff.
Pierre sent you?
No, Mado.
- What's so odd about that? - Nothing.
Mado paid already.
Okay then. So long.
Uncle Tony!
Isn't it a funny-Iooking house?
- Mommy's not here? - We're going to meet her.
Go and get into the nice car.
Aren't you coming, Uncle?
Sure, I am. If you're a good boy I'll let you drive.
On your feet, punk.
Wake up, you bastard.
I don't want you to miss anything.
Come on, Uncle Tony! All aboard!
Let me drive, Uncle Tony!
No, don't hang up! The money just arrived.
You know Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse?
It's about 200 yards from the station.
Take a left until you reach a house under construction.
You can't miss it. I'll give you 40 minutes.
Make sure you're alone, and unarmed.
What is it, Jo?
- I need to call. - The phone's there.
I'm hungry, Uncle Tony.
Wait until we get home. I'm calling Mommy.
Say hello to Daddy.
I'm okay. Did Daddy go out?
Where's Jo? Sure, I have Tonio. Where's Jo, goddamit?
I don't know. Someone called. He ran out with a suitcase.
- Can you make the boy a sandwich? - Of course, sir.
- Where are you going? - I'll be right back.
I leave him in your care.
Go right ahead.
So what'll you'll have, little man?
A big, big, big sandwich.
What happened?
The Stephanois...
What's your worry? You have the kid.
- Got it all? - Come here.
Let's have it.
The kid first.
Okay. Come in.
Come on up.
Where's the kid?
The Stephanois pulled a fast one. He took him.
Your change!
I'm cold, Uncle Tony!
Put this coat on.
Look at those trees!
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