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Duel The

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This jade imperial seal was stolen|from Thief Ghost by Kung
to present to the city master
There is also a rumour amongst|the kung-fu world
that imperial agent Dragon 9|is searching for him
Then l will make a gift of this seal|and return it to its owner
We only see our three dumb brothers|in Tianshan
lt is boring us to death
The smell of snow just fallen|is really good
Oh really?
Oh, yes!
Smells quite good
That's enough. You won't be able|to smell of a man anyway
Big sister, who are you laughing at?
Among the four of us, you flirt the most
When you see young masters on the street
You just stare|without blinking your eyes
Who said it?
l just want to meet more friends
Don't be shy!
We are normal girls
lt's just normal to want|to meet our Prince Charming
What's so funny?
That's right! Ziqing is most frank!
My second sister, of all the masters,|who do you want to meet most?
Simon the Snow Blower
Simon the Snow Blower?
The one who kills and|spills no drop of blood
l heard he is very difficult to approach
No. l would say he is very dangerous
So l've heard too|There are lots of legends about him
They say he is the god of swords,|a unification of man and sword
l am very curious and want to know|if he is really that dangerous
That's better, so he doesn't practice|the Book of the Sunflower
What does that mean?
You really don't know?
Do tell me quick
The Book of the Sunflower...
OK, l'll tell you alone
That's enough, you bitch,|don't talk nonsense
lt's true!
Of the Seven Sons of Tianshan,|l've only brought the four of you down
My aim is to preserve justice|and arrest Thief Ghost
l have heard that|the biggest suspect is coming uphill
Who is this suspect?
Dragon 9
He has a dual status|He is the Thief Ghost
Go get ready
Yes, Master!
l never thought...
...there'd be such a refined tea-house|in such wilderness
Waiter! Coming!
Sir, what would you like to drink?
The ''Daughter Red'',|as red as your cheeks, you have it?
Of course!
Good! You look fecund
Pardon me, my hand slipped
Good wine!
Oh, who would have thought|you have put poison in the wine!
l am Lin Yunhe of the Tianshan Clan
Today l am going to do justice|and capture the Thief Ghost
l am not the Thief Ghost!|You wronged me...
Four Sons, go ahead! Yes!
Hold it!
You Lin Yunhe are the real Thief Ghost
You use your status as leader|of the Tianshan Clan to hide your crime
You leave your big bum pupils alone!
Cut the bullshit! Go ahead!
Wow! Big bum. l like it!
Kill him! Yes!
You can bear children but not kill...
What a big snow ball,|l need girl but not ball
Go away!
Why don't you come tomorrow?
l have long wanted|to test your sword skills
Live or die?
You use your disciples as your shield!|How despicable!
Hey! Don't just keep courting women!
l want to fly!
Where do you want to fly?
Where can you fly?
What are you shouting?
l am going with you!
lt's not that easy!
l can get everything
Even the Monkey King
l like your rudeness
Hey, here comes another adulterer, you!
You always take advantage|of me with your words
lf you are smart enough, marry me
Why should l marry you?
lt's better to go to the corner|at the wall and do a little caressing
Come along! Come!
What's wrong?|Last time you said l was great
l am not going to play with you!
The minister is afraid you might take|the blame and not finish the mission
Have l ever failed in my missions?
Where is he?
He is waiting for you|with Dragon 6 and Dragon 7
l will go in and find them,|then come back to you
l have only been away|for a while and you look awful!
How can l kiss with you|as your teeth are dirty
We are getting short of people
lt is in critical moments that|we realize the more people the better
l really miss Dragon Fat (8)
Too bad, he has now become|the god of the foods
lf you miss him so much,|l let you see him
''Fat Choy''!
We have three out of four
We almost died without you here|to fill the place. ''Red Sword''!
l win!
lt's ''Thirteen Odds''!
lmperial Agent! lt's only a beautiful|name. We can't really live on the salary
lf you don't help me a bit,|l'll be broke
You even win the ''Thirteen Odds'', aren't|you afraid of being denounced by God!
You will lose your good luck one day
l just got rid of the Thief Ghost,|do l have to be scared of losing my luck
Minister, be careful of what you play
lf you let him win, l have to pay too
You are his left player and|you don't watch him out
You are also to be blamed!
What's this?
This is a western telescope
Best used to peek on others
Let me have a look Okay
lt really works!
This invention was left here|by the ltalian Marco Polo
You can even use it to zoom|Can we have wide angle?
You try it
Can you see any woman in the bath?
Yes! l see one, it's your mom!
lt's really a woman!
Here's the mouth, big eyes...
What are you peeking? Want to die?
So it's the loose-tongued on|a close look and Princess Phoenix
with three mouths on a far look
So it's four eyebrows on a far look
and a dumb face on a close look!
Why don't the four of you engage|in some self-criticism?
Playing mahjong during office hours|You want me to inform the emperor?
Your highness Princess Phoenix|Please mind your tongue...
No, l mean please be lenient|to us in what you say
OK, give this to me then
No... Give it to me!
She is being destructive again
She has broken the telescope
Princess Phoenix, l heard that|you are practicing on Mount Holy Girl
How come today...
Me! My master said that l have|learned all her martial arts already
So l come back
So there would be chaos|in the palace from now on
Dragon 9, you making fun of me?
l wasn't talking about you
lt's...him only
Dragon 7, any new inventions lately?
Yes, Your Highness!
We have just set up a creative group
We just have a new invention,|the flying kite
Dragon 9 has tried it, it's quite good
Depends on who sits on it
We have a great creative group
Members include they are,|Dragon 1 , Dragon 2...
Dragon 3 and Dragon 4
And l am the convener
So these are|the four world-famous Dragon 1 to 4
Who use to scare the hell out|of the bad guys
That's right
But who knows what sacrifices|we have to make in this business!
Look at him|Once brilliant and handsome...
and now, all that is left|is a pair of silent eyes
nothing more!
Look at Dragon 2,|seems to be strong and reliable
but then, he is only a limp
l don't need to explain|about the third one
Poor broken arm!
And the fourth is...
He can't be Dragon 4?
He used to be 1 80cm tall and|weighed 200odd catties
l was beaten and had internal wounds|l have shrunken to this size
There's still the fifth!|He's disappeared for one year
We put in a lot of ads looking for him
From central to local,|searched everywhere
But still no sign of him
That's why all the complicated cases|are now handled by me alone
Dragon 9!|Have you forgotten this ''Great Umbrella''
that has been with you|through life and death?
Princess, this is the latest product
''Great Umbrella''!|There's two buttons here!
Don't push!
l told you not to do that
The Great Umbrella has 82 uses
The gun is only one of them
Let me try this button
Hey! No!
The second function|of the Great Umbrella is
to shoot out 49 pins|in the shortest time
This function is named|the ''Fairy Maiden's Spike Shower''
l like this one!
So what if you like it|This was made specially for me
Give it back!
l want it
Give it back!
l want it! Give it back!
Give me! l want it!
Don't fright for that
Don't do that, it's messed up
Hand off
She is princess|You'll be damned if you hurt her
No, don't
Minister, there are a lot of invaders|in the square
Who have the guts to step in here!
l'll go and have a look
Who's there?
What a nice|''Hovering Heavenly Fairy'' stance
You are really learned
You must be Dragon 9 with four eyebrows
There's no one except|White Cloud City Master Cool-Son Yeh
who can strike such a powerful stance|in the kung-fu world
Cool-Son Yeh?
Royal Uncle Pingnan, it's me, Phoenix!
So you've grown up,|you know how to address people now
Everyone grows up
One can't always be a kid
ln my heart,|you will always be a small girl
Yes, she's not even weaned
Uncle Pingnan, what are you doing here?
l'm here for two matters
The first is already written on the wall
Heavenly Cool Son,|like a fairy swordsman
Fifteenth the first month,|moon shines like the sun
We fight just this once,|atop the City Forbidden
l don't get it
ls Simon the Snow Blower your friend?
Of course not|He is my very very very good friend!
Please pass on these six phrases to him
lf anyone of you here is a friend|of Simon the Snow Blower
l welcome you to pass on my message
lf you want to fight in the palace,|it's difficult to explain to the Emperor
Simon the Snow Blower and|me are regarded...
as ''God of Sword'' and ''Sword Saint''
Such a sacred fight must be fought|in the noblest place
l think it is a bit difficult
Tell your friend not to be late
Cool-Son Yeh,|you said you are here for two matters?
What's the other one?
The Thief Ghost stole|the Jade lmperial Seal from the Emperor
lt's now with me
and l want to return it to the owner
l heard that your ''Buddha's Pointer''
Can catch any weapon in the world
You think you can catch this?
Thank you!
That's really an ace
Your Majesty
This Jade lmperial seal|has been returned by Master of Pingnan
The imperial seal passed down|by ancestors, lost and found
Uncle Pingnan is highly skilled|in martial arts
and he is also loyal to me
l am thinking|what l should give him in return
Brother, why don't you ask him to come|to the palace to teach me martial arts?
lf you call that a gift it's worse...
then asking him to kneel on glass|as a penalty
How dare you be so rude to me|in front of my brother!
l don't dare
The Powerful Four are|all gathered here today
You must have something to tell me
ls that right, Manager Liu?
You are so wise, Your Majesty!
Your Majesty,|Master of Pingnan Cool-Soon Yeh...
has send a letter inviting|Simon the Snow Blower
to have a fight with him on the 1 5th|January on top of the Forbidden City
Just up above?
This could be fun!
Your Majesty, this is outrageous
Who cares if he is Master of Pingnan|or the best swordman
This cannot be allowed!
A fight between two great masters,|it's a rare occasion
lf l stop it,|it will disappoint everyone
So Your Majesty want to print|some tickets to earn some money?
Jin Guangda, with the men you have
how many can you let into the palace?
With the number of men in the palace,|only eight
Okay then
l will issue eight gold medals|with a special sign
Whoever holds this medal|can enter the palace
But There're millions of great masters|in the kung-fu world
and only eight medals
Who is to decide|to whom these medals are to be given?
Hey! You...
Dragon 9! Tell me
Who is going to win between|Simon the Snow Blower and Cool-Son Yeh?
Tell me! Don't go!
Tell me, please...
Hey! Don't go!
l am an lmperial Agent, l am famous
lf you pull me on a big street...
and l fall down in the new year,|what face do l have?
Then why don't you just tell me|who is going to win?
Tell me!
You tell me!
l'm asking you, tell me quick!
One is my good friend
One is a senior in the kung-fu world|l admire...
lt must be Royal Uncle Pingnan
He's cool! He has personality
l believe|there is no one who can beat...
...his ''Hovering Heavenly Fairy'' stance
Don't go! You still not answer me
You're bad! You're so shameless!
Please tell me who will win!
lf you follow me
l will deal with you here!
Oh! Dare you to bully me?
How can you do that?
You are the princess,|how dare l bully you?
You have also learned all the kung-fu,|l can't fight you then
How about that? Grab two eunuchs and|use a candle to burn their ass
that could be fun!
l don't want to play that!
You tell me who is going to win first?
Cool-Son or Simon?
l have important things to do?
l'll answer you when l come back, okay?
Okay. Let's go
Don't follow me! Hey!...
You are so irritating! Please
l've been busy!
l know you are busy,|so l dare not find you
l only miss you everyday
Actually, l have written a letter
Let me see
No. l am afraid you will look down on me
l will only be touched
How about read it out to me
lf you say no, l'll never miss you
Okay, but you mustn't laugh at me
Brother 9, haven't seen you for days,|l miss you very much
You know
l'm not a scholar
So l don't know what to say
Am l a fool?
l just wish you would come|to see me soon
Lastly, l wish you|all the best luck and longevity
That's it
This is the most touching love letter|l have ever read
You take it?
Total charge 50 taels
50 taels?
You give to me?
We have played this two times already
Last time l cried severely, this time|there's only two drops of tears
Shall we play something new|and more exciting?
What shall we play then?
l heard there is a mouth trick spreading|around among the people
Seems to be great fun
lt's called...
What's that?
lt's called ''lce Fire'', you understand?
You are bad!
No, we'll play another!
Okay, we won't play ''lce Fire''
We'll play crossed pair cards,|or zigzag arrows...
You bad boy! You play with someone else!
What's this thing?
lt's so long?
You hurt my skin,|but you still haven't touched my flesh
So if you think this is not new,|we'll play some brain games
Don't you know l am the lmperial Agent?
l've solved numerous mysterious,|l'm called the god of Logic
You play these games with me?
Okay, l'll play with you|Ask me a question
Okay, l test you
A woman has two limbs for the arm|and two limbs for the legs,
that's four limbs
So how many limbs do men have?
Of course they have five limbs
So when you add a man and a woman,|how many limbs are there?
When they are making love?
They should have...
Nine limbs?
Not exactly
No, not eight|Nine is not correct either
The correct answer is...
...eight and then nine,|eight and nine...
Eight limbs and nine limbs?
Eight limbs and nine limbs...
But the one l have been used to is...
...eight-and-a-half and eight,|eight-and-a-half...
What's the matter?
There are a lot of people outside|looking for Master Dragon
Doesn't seem to have come|with good intentions!
l have to go out
Hey! You will expose your spots
What's wrong with exposing myself,
it's only if you expose that|we have to charge extra
l'm not going out!
Let's study this... limbs is good,|so is eight limbs, nine limbs...
Come out! Come out...
Don't be so nervous. Relax...
l'm not here to check your license|or to close your business
l come here as a hooker,|just like all of you
l'm a consumer
l'm here to take a bath with her
l pay full price
Moustache Gold, you bastard!|You expose my status?
Right! l am an lmperial Agent
And Moustache Gold,|he is a triad leader of the capital
We used to mind our own business, but...
We are good adopted brothers!
He's also my adulterous brother
Good brother!
Good adulterer!
lt's only because you court her that|l have not protested!
Master Gold!
Hey, it's just a brothel,|do you need to be so heavily armed?
Right, l've come here for you
Who are you? You look a stranger
l am the one who is good at drinking,|gambling, and whoring...
Cut it off!
You are lmmoral Wu,|the one with everything
but a moral character
You placing a bet with him?
Yes, we are betting on all we have
l buy that our good friend|Simon the Snow Blower will win
and he is buying for Cool-Son Yeh
This time l can't help you
Simon the Snow Blower is invincible|How can he lose?
He may be before l met Cool-Son Yeh
When l saw his|''Hovering Heavenly Fairy'' stance...
Was it powerful?
Very powerful
Really very powerful?
Very powerful indeed!
Then, l must...
You are a gentleman,|you said it before so many witnesses
You can't go back on your words now
You won't know before the duel!
We are good friends|of Simon the Snow Blower
No matter what the chances are,|we still support him!
Simon work hard! Simon work hard!...
Simon Qing work hard!|Simon Qing work hard!...
Where do you find a Simon Qing?|lt's Simon!
Simon work hard!
Simon work hard,|Simon work hard, Simon...
Dragon 9, l haven't finished
Actually, l've come to look for you...
Damn you!
You go to a brothel for prostitutes,|why do you look for me?
l want to buy a medal from you!
You know about it?
The lmperial guards asked you|to issue the eight gold medals
So they can enter the palace|to watch the duel
The whole kung-fu world knows about it
Everyone knows?
These are matters of the rivers and|lakes and the paparazzi are interested?
There'll be no secrets|in the kung-fu world from now on
l am placing such a large bet|with Moustache Gold
Of course l am qualified to watch...
Who said you are qualified?
lt's not up to you. lt's my decision!
So are you selling?
How much?
Ten thousand taels
Ten thousand taels
You go around the corner and say it|499 times more! Ten thousand taels...
Listen everyone, pay attention
Cool-Son Yeh is meeting|the three Tang Brothers to negotiate
at Chun Hua House
Let's go and watch, shall we?
Let's go!
Have they started fighting?
Little master, tell me
Why are you all so cool?
Don't you see?|One main character is still missing
Haven't seen
What a coincidence!
You are so late,|l thought you wouldn't come
Give way!
ln a while Uncle Pingnan will use|the stance ''Hovering Heavenly Fairy''
And stab Tang Fei and Tang Ao|in one blow. How impressive
No wonder, no one sits on the seats|around Tang Fei and Tang Ao
l was surprised. Let's go over
Sit down, drink some tea and|wait for Cool-Son Yeh
The Tangs in Sichuan are famous|for their poison
That's why no one dares go near
Those two guys are sweating|on such a cool day
Dragon 9, don't you sell me the medal?
Get off!
This lady must have something
l wish we can find Simon the Snow Blower|as soon as possible
We must take revenge ourselves
and not let him die|in Cool-Son Yeh's hands
Cool-Son Yeh!
Every time Cool-Son Yeh appears|he has to make a fuss
He must spend a lot of money|on the girls
So you are Tang Fei
Cool-Son Yeh, l will take revenge|for my big brother Tang Ling today
The Sichuan Tangs have|four famous brothers
l killed Tang Ling
There's you two, where's Tang Yong?
You let him look for you everywhere!
Cool-Son Yeh, either you die...
...or l die today!
You deserve?
l have brought the greatest|Hidden Weapon of the Tangs,
the ''Net above Snares Below'' Pin
What's that?
There are altogether 1 99 pins
When we throw them out, not even|a mosquito can escape within 30 feet
Friends, this matter only concerns me|and Cool-Son Yeh
Others please give way
None of my business
l'd advise you not to fight
We Sichuan Tangs' poisoned|hidden weapons are scared
by everyone in the kung-fu world
l'm not scared, l just want to tell you
Once l pull out my sword,|it will shed blood
Don't regret it
You're really not scared?
How can a bit of dust be poison?
Oh, Cool-Son Yeh, you are God,|God of Sword
Oh my god!
How can he finish off|Chun Hua House with one blow?
Our bet has been concluded
You can't back off!
l said it, don't force me to fight
Wait for me!
There's something wrong?
What is it? The problem is...
...l don't know what's wrong
Come out!
Come out
Hi, you were great!
You're hurt? Are you okay?
lf you can keep the secret
l won't kill you
lf you ask me not to tell|of course l won't
l don't know anything
Are you alright?
Hey, come over here
Are you okay?
You better leave,|this place is too dangerous
Remember, you promised|you would not tell others
that l am hurt
Otherwise, l will be chased...
l can find the Tianshan Snow Lotus
it can cure all kinds of poison,|how about l bring some back to you?
You must keep it well
Sorry, but...
You are in hiding, how can l find you?
l'll come see you when l hear this sound
This can make sound?|A leaf can make a sound?
Let me try it
Try again
You have to be gentle
Let me!
l know!
ls that right? Right!
Cool-Son Yeh, l will find|the Tianshan Snow Lotus to cure you
So you can fight Simon the Snow Blower|in good condition
Wait for me!
Did you awaken?
You have lost your consaiousness|for ten days
You want to kill me, no need to hurry
Why did you save me?
Do you know|this is worse than death for me?
Though my master killed my three sisters
Still he has brought me up
What has that got to do with me?
Why am l the only one left alive?
And l am at the house of my enemy,|what would people say?
To prove my innocence...
Today is New Year's day
This cake is famous in our Simon House
lt's called the Wife Cake
Come to buy fish, it will make a fortune
You give red packets to everyone?
lt's the new year,|they only have to say Happy New Year
l give them red packets...
How much is in each packet?
lt's 1 00 taels in each packet
1 00 taels! You don't even know them?
l will lose all my fortune to|that bastard anyway...
lt's the New Year
lt's lmmoral Wu
l'll spend whatever l can
So you are saying that our|Simon the Snow Blower is bound to lose?
Haven't you seen Cool-Son Yeh|at Chun Hua House?
You really believe|someone can be quicker than him?
Think about it! l really regret it
What's wrong?
Right, Cool-Son Yeh's|''Hovering Heavenly Fairy'' is powerful
but...l really think|there is something wrong
What's wrong?|l don't know, we'll find out in the end
But your friend Simon the Snow Blower,|you think he would come?
lf he doesn't show up,|then the duel can't continue
Then l don't have to lose my fortune,|that's good!
Have you been listening?
Two bastards are on my way!
Hey! So it's you!
Come, Happy New Year!|Here's a red packet...
Dragon 9,|your good friend Simon the Snow Blower
He's going to show up today?
Why do you ask the same question?
You conspired with him?
You don't belong to our group,|who are you?
They are two of the sons|of the ''Seven Tianshan Sons''
The one who keeps talking is Yen Zizhun
and the dumb one is Xiao Zichong
You and Simon the Snow Blower|killed my master
We brothers are going|to get even with you today
You can't say that|One has to bear his own consequences
Your master is a serious criminal|and l am an lmperial Agent
Of course l have to arrest him
What's wrong|if l hit him when he resists?
My master is definitely|not the Thief Ghost, he was wronged
Hey, your sister Ye Ziqing|is still alive, go ask her
About how he killed her three sisters
Simon the Snow Blower killed|our three sisters
Ye Ziqing is licentious,
she survived and has an affair|with Simon the Snow Blower
lf l see them, l'll kill them too!
Keep your words here, if he hears you
Then what?
Then, he only needs to touch|their heads gently
and they will explode
Simon the Snow Blower is not here today
Dragon 9, you die first!
That's the ''Telepathic Microsteps''|and ''Buddha's Pointer''. Powerful!
l'm really worried about my fingers
l deal with a lot of novices like you
lf l am not careful and break|one of my fingers, that's real trouble!
You two are creating trouble,|inviting death!
How do you want to deal with them?
They are just acting on impulse|Forget it
Killing and spilling no drop of blood,|that's marvelous!
Simon the Snow Blower!
You have evidence? Don't rattle on!
Brother, look!
What's up?
Don't move!
Look behind you! My brothers!
l know, this is the lmperial Manager,|Eunuch Liu
And he is Hawk Brother Six
My younger brother is|the best apprentice of Mr. Skilful
He can make clay dolls of anyone|he has seen
That means, it is these three clay dolls|that killed him
But Manager Liu is not that powerful
Who is it?
Hawk Brother Six is worse,|he only knows how to gamble
So the real murderer is this one
But his face is blurred and|can't be recognized
There's no way to guess
What's the matter?
Killing and spilling no drop of blood,|is he really Simon?
Must be him
Manager Liu, l asked you to fetch the|Tianshan Snow Lotus, have you got it?
Then get it now
Sister, who are you giving|this Tianshan Snow Lotus to?
This Tianshan Snow Lotus is|very precious, l want it for myself
l heard it is good for the eyes
the skin, and for general health...
lt's death penalty for cheating the king
Phoenix knows
Tianshan Snow Lotus' main function|is to cure poison
l don't care whom you give it to
Anyway, it's good that use it|to save and not to injure
Thank you, brother
l knew you are an understanding|and good emperor
You are eccentric, full of tricks
Tell me, have you found your lover?
Of course not!
Really no?
You know
You are of royal blood like me
You don't have the right|to choose the one you love
ln the eyes of the common people,|they envy us
But then l envy them more|because they have the freedom to love
You speak my mind
You must have found a lover
Who is he? Tell me!
l said no
No? Are you telling me or not?
No... Tell me, yes or no?
No! l'll mar your face!
This is Master Ball
He will take us to Hawk Brother Six
So you are the famous|lmperial Agent Dragon 9
You are so handsome! l like you!
Brother 9.9.
Why are all eunuchs like this?
Bear with him, treat him|as your girlfriend
You are so handsome,|you are bound to be courted
The palace is like a maze
Why don't you get lost and go to my room
Wouldn't that be nice?
lf l am so unlucky to go to your room
l'll hit your head in one blow
You are bad
Normally, the eunuchs in the palace|and the guards can't go around
So Hawk Brother Six has found a place|where no one know
And set up a gambling house there
The eunuchs and guards
treat it as a club
He is so popular, does he know|how to serve the eunuchs' asses?
Place your bet!
Hold it...
Three Sixes. l get all!
l am glad l was late
You are Dragon 9, right?
What's the matter?
Well, l know you are a practical person
lf l want a deal,|l have to gamble with you, right?
How do you want to gamble?
Up to you, if you win
These 5,000 taels are yours
What if l lose?
lf you lose, l don't want money
l just want to know...
...who this clay doll really is?
How come you have this clay doll?
lt's with you...
These three clay dolls are found|on the body of Shi Zilun
He must have found out something|he should not know
and had himself killed
Okay, l take your bet
We'll play dice,|whoever gets the greater number wins
Have you thought carefully
Do you know his other name?
l know What?
He is the ''Dice Devil''
That's right,|everyone calls me the Dice Devil
l have never lost
Come on
All 1 8 dice are ''6'', that makes 1 08
l'm finished. Your turn
So you take that as shaken?
Yes, and l have won too
That's one point greater
One point greater!
That's not shaking the dice!
You haven't said|l can't shake it that way!
What about me?
You have so many ''fans'' here|supporting you, be a gentleman
Okay, Dragon 9, you are smart!
Everyone knows that
So can you tell me|who this clay doll is now?
l never thought|our meeting would be overheard
He is...
Be careful!
He's dead! Stop fooling around!
He's killed to keep his mouth shut
He must be a great kung-fu master|and very wicked too
Of the three dolls, one is dead,|one is unknown
The only one left is Manager Liu
Where are you going in such a hurry?
Manager Liu is dead!|We are going to his funeral
Cool-Son Yeh, where are you?
You must take care yourself,|don't be killed
Why are you sighing?
Why are you here?
There are two persons dead in the palace
Everything is a mess, so l am here
How's your injury?
This is the Tianshan Snow Lotus, eat it
l'll recover as soon as possible for you
Then, l can get ready soon and win!
l know you will win
Thank you
Does the emperor know about the duel?
He knows, and he knows you will win too
One of us would lose
lt's not who wins that is important
This duel has become too important
lf we don't finish it,|l'm afraid it won't happen again
l'm sure you'll win!
What's the matter with you?
Cool-Son Yeh, whether you live or die
win or lose
l'll be by your side
Why do you treat me like this?
When l am blocking the sun for you?
Where's Cool-Son Yeh?
Cool-Son Yeh?
Was he around?
You weren't having a ''wild game''|with him here last night?
Stop blabbing here!
ls Cool-Son Yeh really injured?
Top secret!
lf you don't want to tell,|l dare not ask
l just want to remind you
Remind me of what?
Mastering the sword|is a very lonely business
To be an invincible swordsmen
You have bear loneliness|which no normal person can bear
As his woman, it is more difficult to|describe the pressure she has to suffer
This is all so hard to understand
lf you fall in love|with an invincible swordsman,
you've to share his loneliness
and also suffer the torment|of losing him at any time
lt's not easy
lt's funny to see you talking|to me so seriously
Okay, l am going to investigate now,|interested?
lnvestigate what?
Shi Zilun truly is my closest disciple
He has learned 70% of my skills
Mr. Skilful,|can you return this clay doll?
l am his master, what do you think?
No one has ever been|so rude to Mr. Skilful
Give me an hour
l guarantee l can return this clay doll
Soon we will find out|who killed Shi Zilun
The murderer is so eager|to shut his mouth
There must be a great plot behind this
You call this logic?
Why are you still here?
Waiting for you
How can l work with you watching?
Go out for a walk
and come back in an hour!
Let's go
We have a whole hour
What shall we do?|Anything you want to do?
Who has anything to do with you?
lt's so romantic to walk with you|in the sunset
l really will excrete and throw up
l walk with you because l think|highly of you, don't think you are
lf only you were Jade
She is so understanding, really
l know, no matter what l do,|you won't treat me as a girl
You are a girl
You are the sister of the emperor,|Princess Phoenix
Who dares make friends with you?
What difference does a princess make?
A princess can also fall in love!
A princess can also love and be loved
So you have fallen in love with that...
lf you keep rattling on, l'll kill you!
White Cloud City Master|is so prestigious
and is a relative of the Royal Family
l am only concerned about him
Have you ever thought the murderer might|be the White Cloud City Master himself?
That's impossible
l think the third clay doll|may be Simon the Snow Blower
How come?
Because be seems so uncertain
may be it's true?
Simon the Snow Blower|being the bad guy...
How funny!
See! l said Simon the Snow Blower is bad
Where's Mr. Skilful?
Right here!
Killing and spilling no drop of blood...
Who else can it be|but Simon the Snow Blower?
lt's impossible!
Nothing is impossible!
Simon the Snow Blower must|still be around
lf he fights with you
you think you can win him?
He won't fight with me
That's right, he will use worse methods|to deal with you
l had a little donkey, l never rode it
Does this bring your...
...childhood memories back?
Yes! l am searching|for the feeling of childhood
from my chest to my pelvis,|it's all broken
Give me a break, please
Okay, l spare you
What bloody place is here?
You cowards!
You use dirty tricks to hide us here
lf you have the guts you come down
and fight with Dragon 9 alone!
Sure! Have the guts to come down!
Noble persons don't do sneaky things,|l dare you to come down to fight me!
Come down!
Didn't you say that your ''Telepathic|Microsteps'' is the best on the earth?
Go! Go ahead!
Okay, come on, one, two...
Why didn't it work?
Let's try again. One, two...
Why can't we fly up?
l forgot to tell you, the ''Telepathic|Microsteps'' is not for facile leaping
lt's just used to avoid weapons|to run away
You are always bluffing!
But there is a method which works
Then use it! Quick!
Help! Help...
That's your solution?
That's not bad. You don't have|to practise and it costs nothing
Help! Help! Help...
Don't play with my things!
Wow, this is a great umbrella!
When l go back,|l will ask Dragon 7 to make me one
Give me!
Kill you...
Don't cry, that's okay
Don't cry, it's only a small scorpion
See, l am not afraid, why should you be?
Be good, stop crying
l hate little animals, they make me sick
This scorpion is very good for health
lt smells so good, want to taste it?
Don't do it, l'll beat you!
Be a good boy
lt's bad!
Push hard!
Trading places!
Help! Help...
l never imagined that l,|Dragon 9 the hero
would be beaten by these traps!
You're useless!
lt's all your fault!
lf you're not careless,|we would not trap here
Dragon 9
Simon, is that you?
Simon? Who is it?
lf you are my friend, just go
No, l have lots of questions for you
Why don't you answer me?
You shouldn't stay here for long
Why don't you help him?
He doesn't need help|on these trivial matters
You don't think he only knows|how to ''blow snow'' do you?
lt's delicious, good taste...thank you
No wonder no one knows|you are in the capital
The city is the best place to hide
Our cake shop has a hundred years|history in this capital
One hundred years!
No wonder it's so delicious,|what's it called?
This is the Wife Cake|l like it very much too
Let's order more take away,|l want more cakes!
lt's really delicious!
Come eat quickly!
Mind your manners when you eat
You are a princess!
l am hungry!
l follow you in your investigations|and almost got myself killed
And now you start lecturing me|when l eat, what's wrong?
Go eat then
You're suspicious about me?
Are you full?
So you have decided to go|for the duel with Cool-Son Yeh...
at the summit of the Forbidden City?
Do you know that|big outside bets have been placed?
May be that's...
the reason why someone wants|to cast the blame on you
He must be a great master
He has killed Hawk Brother Six,|Manager Liu...
and Mr. Skilful in my presence|to shut their mouths
There must be a big plot behind all this
But what are they doing?|l really don't know
Are the people placing|their bets on me...
or Cool-Son Yeh?
Moustache Gold has regretted|placing his bet on me?
You can think l am lying!
l would bet on you even if l have|to pledge my underwear, you better win
The cake...
...tastes good!
What're you doing?
Russain soup
Try some Yes
l heard he is very cool|and very cold-blooded
You believe that?
Not really, l think|he can is very gentle and considerate
l heard he only has feelings|for his sword
and nothing else
Not really,|l think he is very passionate
But l heard he killed your master!
l heard that|Princess Phoenix is a nosy body
l didn't believe it then,|but now l tend to agree
Okay, l was just over curious that's all
We are both girls, l just want to know
How you can make a cool man|become gentle
You are a princess,|don't you have a lot of love...
and care from others?
Everyone envies me for being born|in the royal family
But in fact, l feel lonely and pathetic
You have not been loved before?
l don't know
Then have you ever truly loved a person?
l don't know if that is love
Because it is great happiness|to love someone
and to be loved by someone
Eat your Wife Cake
l think you want to marry too much|you are getting crazy!
You are jealous
Who cares
What's that?
Flying dove mail of our Tianshan Clan
What's up?
lt's my two brothers Yen Zizhun|and Xiao zichong
Here's the foe that killed your master,|why don't you take revenge?
l have found out that|my master is truly the Thief Ghost
But then, he is still our master
and he raised us up for good sake
We disciples should take responsibility
l told you earlier
Brother Shi's death can't have anything|to do with Blow Snow
You call him by his first name
So your relationship must have surpassed|pure friendship, right?
l think the one who put poison on us|and who killed Zilun are a team
They want to shut our mouths
But Simon the Snow Blower can still cast|blame on someone else
That's impossible
Such a highly skilled swordsmen|would not need to use poison
Thank you
So you've kept your image even though|you spend your time courting women
You ask him to come and|you don't take revenge
What do you want?
We have a favour to ask from you two
Tell me, l'll see what l can do
Please take good care of my sister
One more thing, Master Dragon 9
l want two gold medals from you
Wow, you say you want it
Do you know how much it costs?
How much?
5 million taels for one!
But, if you really want it,|just give me a small red packet
Unconcerned persons prohibited|from entering palace
Am l unconcerned? l am Princess Phoenix!
l am sorry
l can't let anyone in|without instructions from above
How dare you?
l tell you l am not in a good mood,|l give you one more chance
Are you giving way or not?
Princess, they are only following orders
Please don't make it difficult for them
l only want to find someone in there
What's wrong with that?
Who do you want to find?
That's none of your business
Of course
But if you want to find Cool-Son Yeh
then may be l can help
You know where's him?
l have secretly placed a bet
So l have a duty to protect them|till the duel tonight
Take me there Yes
Cool-Son Yeh
lt's you?
You don't look too well,|have you recovered?
l'm fine
l have seen|Simon the Snow Blower's skills
Although it is not as powerful as|your ''Hovering Heavenly Fairy''
But his stances are very quick
and very forceful too
That's good
lf he is not a good master
Then it's meaningless for me|to have the duel with him tonight
But you have not recovered yet
l'm okay, it's going to be fine
But...can't you refit a date?
No. No one...
...can back out from the fight today
Neither of us can change it
We must fight
Men are that strange
Honour is more important than life
So tonight we can die,|but we cannot back out
Why can't l know you before the duel?
Whatever happens tonight,|it does not matter
lf you are by my side
l have no regrets
No one has thought highly of me|in my whole life
You know that l am|the illegitimate child of Pingnan King
l have royal blood
But l can never be emperor
That's why l spend my whole life|practicing my sword
So that l can be king|in the art of sword
Either l become king|or l become a bandit
You will win
Thank you
Are you ready?
Do you love me?
Do you know that...
every girl wishes|to hear her lover say it
You understand
You must come back, l will wait for you
No need to wait! lf you wish,|you can come along. Sister-in-law
Who is your sister-in-law?
Just now you forgot your manners|and embraced him
You must be my sister-in-law already
How about it?
Tonight's going to be|a grand event of the capital,
everyone's attention is drawn to it
The Powerful Four in the Palace|only issued eight gold medals
l have given five|to unimportant people...
...of the remaining three
lf you really want to go,|l can give one to you
l'm not going
You don't want to go|or you dare not watch?
l want to wait for him here
That's good,|no one knows what will happen tonight
And there's another master in the palace|who has not appeared
Don't worry, l'll be back
Let's go
Hey, don't be so selfish
You've got one, l've got one too!
Give me some time, l'll be back soon
All these years,|l have not given you anything good
Each time when l am tired
you always know how to make me happy
Tonight is an important occasion
Not just for Simon the Snow Blower,|even l am not sure if l can come back
So l want you to stay by my side
and take you to watch the duel
You are really willing|to take a prostitute with you
and acknowledge me as your woman?
What about being a prostitute!|l am not much better?
l used to be only an usher|at the theatre
and learned some special martial arts
Come here, put this on
Do l need to wear this?
lt's so ugly, l don't want it
You don't want it,|or you don't want to wear it?
l'm not going
Because l want you to know...
there is a woman here waiting for you
You must come back!
Okay, l promise, l'll be back!
This umbrella can do anything,|but not stop the water!
What's wrong! This is murder!
You know, l hate women who pretend to...
...have manners!
l like you that way!
l love you!
Gold medals on sale...1 00 tael for one
Gold medals on sale...
Terrific! l got the gold medal now!
How many medals did|the Powerful Four give to you?
Eight, l give it to you...
and lmmoral Wu, Two Sons of the|Tianshan Clan, Honest monk, Priest Wood
The remaining two were left for Jade
and Simon the Snow Blower's girl
But she didn't want it
Do you know, everyone is saying
They have a gold medal and that...
...they can use it as a pass... enter the palace|to watch the duel of the century
lt's as exciting as going to a concert
Don't worry, the eight gold medals|were issued by Nie Kung and the others
He can tell which ones are genuine
Don't shout!...
You suspect my medal is faked?
Do you know that l lmmoral Wu,|spent 5 million taels to buy it?
Stay calm!
Okay, here comes Dragon 9
lf you don't believe me you ask him
Whether my medal is real or faked
That's true, l have given|out gold medals, but only six
l don't understand|why so many people have a medal
Dragon 9, my medal is real, right?
More real than your mom!
Look, what shall we do?
l don't know myself
Don't push! Let me go in!
Simon the Snow Blower...
This sword of mine is named ''The Giant''
3 feet 8 inches long
Made with ice under the sea|lt can cut the thinnest of hair
And has been fed with the blood|of 1 78 famous swordsmen
Mine is 3 feet 9 inches,|Made from iron of the western district
lt is not worse than yours
So is your heart at peace?
We'll fight next year!
Tang Ao, give me the cure!
The poison in me|has been passed on to you
You're dead!
l am not Cool-Son Yeh!
Tang Fei...
No, you can't die! Tang Fei!
Then where is Cool-Son Yeh?
Who are you?
Who are you?
How dare you! l am the emperor
You dare to sneak into the palace|and put on the king's robe
Do you know|your whole clan would be executed?
How dare you!
l am the real emperor
You have stolen my throne for years
lf you kneel down and beg me,|l can spare you the death penalty
You are too much!
Your two majesties,|please allow me to say something
Shouldn't you be dead?
There's a vampire grass out there
Within 24 hours after a person is ''dead''
The body is stiff with no breath
lt's no different from being dead
Your majesty
The guards are at Taihe Palace|watching the duel
Cool-Son Yeh?
That's right
But the real Cool-Son Yeh|is here waiting to be emperor
So you two have conspired to rebel
We were linked by royal blood
l am much smarter than you
and my kung-fu is invincible
Why did my father had to be sent to|Pingnan for being an illegitimate child
and l even lost my title|because l am an illegitimate child?
and have to my mother's last name
Brother... call that justice?
These rules have been set by|the royal family, we just have to obey
lf l become emperor
l will improve the livelihood|of the people and expand our boundary
Our prosperity will surpass|the Tang and Han dynasty
And we will even be stronger|than the times of Genghis Khan
Think about that
And your death would be worthwhile
You think that if you kill me and take|my throne, the people would obey you?
Your majesty do not have|to worry about this
l have been your servant|since you were a child
l am familiar with every inch|of your face
So l have made a mask bearing your face
When you die and the new emperor|takes your throne
l am sure no one will recognize
One year later, l will meet|with my brother Cool-Son Yeh in the west
l suddenly feel a calling from heaven
and become a monk,|passing on my throne to Cool-Son Yeh
Then the country will prosper and|the civilians will adore me
Great! So you have it well planned
Pull out your sword
l don't kill anyone without a weapon
l have been appointed by heaven
lf you wish to act against the wishes|of heaven, then just come along
l am willing to do it for you
You dare!
The lnvincible Umbrella!
lt can attract all hidden weapons|on earth
Just the two of you?
Your majesty
Do you know|why l knew of your plan a long time ago?
Because the jade imperial seal|you returned
last time was too perfect
The real one has|one of its corners broken
Shi Zilun knew your conspiracy|with Hawk Brother Six and Manager Liu
so you killed him
The third clay doll was actually you
Hawk Brother Six is really dead|and his death is faked
You switched all attention to the duel|at the summit of the Forbidden City
So the Powerful Four guards could not|protect the emperor
Then you sneak in to try and|take over the throne
Cool-Son Yeh, you were acting|with Tang Fei at Chun Hua House
So you cheated me to believe
You are injured so l pity you, right?
Too bad,|heavens vengeance is slow but sure
Tang Yong did not know the truth
And killed his own brother
And the truth spilled out
Cool-Son Yeh...
You have cheated me and used me
Arrest Cool-Son Yeh and Liu Tong!
Hold it! You think you can arrest me?
Of course l can't do it alone,|but there are 50,000 soldiers out there
and 800 lmperial Guards...
You fight till tomorrow till|you are totally exhausted,
and you die all the same
You were a nobleman,|why choose to be a bandit?
The victor becomes a king and|the loser a bandit
l have only one request
What is it?
Please let me have the duel|with Simon the Snow Blower
on the summit of the Forbidden City
lf l can't fight with him,|l will regret it for the rest of my life
How dare you negotiate?
Why not?
Uncle Pingnan, you are a nobleman
Although illegitimate,|l always considered you a hero
l now allow you to have the duel|with Simon the Snow Blower
And whatever the result,|you can commit suicide
What do you think?
Thank you. Your Majesty
Night of the full moon,|summit of the Forbidden City
l hope you have a fair duel
l don't mind you
Cheating me or using me
l just want to know one thing
Have you ever really loved me?
No lying?
Everything, has been as planned
But there was a little mistake
l fell in love with you
Then do you wish me to be your wife?
l have said that... matter you win or lose,|live or die
l will be by your side
Leave me alone
Are you alright?
Cool-Son Yeh, how dare you!
Whoever gets into the way?
Go away
l am in pain...
Do you wish to be my wife?
Of course, l do!
l love you
Cool-Son Yeh...
Don't leave me alone, bring me along
Don't worry, he'll be fine
Give me a hug!
Are you alright?
Hey...don't say such things in public,|it's nauseating
What does it matter?|Can't l care for you?
Look at them,|they are saying love words too!
l don't care...
l have waited so long my legs are weak
Okay...we will go back and take a bath
You don't have to help me|l will rub your back, how's that?
l love you
Let's forget them
Let's go back and|play eight-and-a-half limbs nine limbs
Simon, come on!
Hey, jump up!
How can we don't have|a New Year sex in Lunar New Year?
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Dolores Claiborne (1995)
Domicile conjugal
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Donggam (2000) - Ditto
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Dont look now
Dont say a word
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Door in the Floor The 2004
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Dune 2000 - 3 of 3
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