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Subtitles for Duel in the Sun CD2.

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Duel in the Sun CD2

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Whoa, General! Hey! Whoa, boy!
Get me out of here! Hey, get me out of here!
Get me out of this!
Unbuckle him!
Are you all right, father?
Leave me be, you Judas.
Fours left, column left.
Gallop. Ho!
Afternoon, Mr. Lewton.
Where the devil is everybody? The place is deserted.
I don't rightly know...
exceptin' that the Senator went riding.
The senator went riding?
You must be going out of your mind.
No, sir. He went riding with lots and lots of other men.
And I heard they're having a kind of a meeting.
What kind of a meeting?
I don't rightly know, but I said to Mrs. McCanles...
"Mrs. McCanles, where are all those men going?"
And she said...
Never mind.
She did say...
"Vashti, go right on about your business.
"Right on about your business."
I guess this means good-bye for a while.
Now, don't you cry.
I'll be back before long...
and he'll get over it when the railroad comes through.
I always knew you'd have to leave someday...
but now that it's come, I just can't bear it.
It's not as bad as all that.
I'll get a place in Austin. You can come visit me.
If you're a good girl, I might even take you...
on a little trip to New Orleans.
No. He'd never forgive me.
I'll never see you again. Never.
I know it.
He said he'd shoot you if you ever step foot on...
One McCanles can be just as tough as another.
Mrs. McCanles, come in here!
You better go to him now.
But you won't go yet awhile?
No. I'll just pack my things and say good-bye to Pearl.
Are you there?
Jesse, go away, please.
What you scared of, Pearl, honey?
Come on in.
Thanks for knocking.
I didn't used to think...
there was much to all those fancy manners of yours...
but I guess I was wrong.
Jesse, I...
Forgive me for intruding, Pearl.
You, too, Lewt.
Good-bye, Pearl.
Wait a minute, please!
I didn't mean to...
It's all right. I understand perfectly.
No, you don't.
- Where are you going? - I'm going to Austin.
You gonna be gone long?
Quite long, I'm afraid.
It isn't because of...
No. Bless your heart.
I'm leaving by request... the Senator's request.
Going away, Jesse?
Uh-huh. Your dream's come true. I'm going away.
It's gonna seem kind of lonely around here...
without the judge, ain't it, Pearl?
Yes, it is.
Don't see how we'll know...
when we're doing right and when we're doing wrong.
You surprise me. First time I knew...
you were interested in ethics.
I'm sure you folks will excuse me.
You must have a lot of things you want to talk over.
The nights are long, oh, so long
It is going to be lonesome without you.
I just don't know how I can stand it.
You seem to be doing all right.
I'm sorry. That was mean of me.
I couldn't help it.
You just can't go away believing...
I tried hard. Honest, I did.
I know.
Lewt's hard to resist.
No! I hate him!
I know what you're thinking.
I guess I'm just... trash, like my ma.
You mustn't believe that.
It was Lewt's fault. You needed some help.
I did. I needed you to help me.
I might as well say it.
I loved you. Somehow you touched me.
You... love me?
I thought of what you'd be like when you grew up a little.
I didn't know.
Why didn't you tell me?
I didn't think it would be fair to tell you.
I was a fool.
I came to your room to say good-bye...
to tell you that someday I'd be back for you...
that I'd think about you and that I'd write...
I'll write to you.
You will?
If you need me, I'll come back, Senator or no Senator.
And you'll forget about...
about tonight, won't you?
You'll forget it?
No, I don't think I'll forget.
I don't think I'll ever be able to.
I shouldn't have told you the way I felt.
It wasn't fair.
There I go again, trying to be fair.
I hear you turned out to be...
a prize yellow dog down at the fence line.
I should have done that to you years ago.
Nights are long, oh, so long
On the prairie
Got to get me somebody to love
The dirty skunk!
All right, Jesse.
You said you'd never forget.
This the other one you meant, Lewt?
You don't like this, but you're gonna get it...
right over the head if you don't settle down.
What's the matter? You having trouble?
Back, you killer! Back!
Here, Ed.
Don't pick up that halter! He'll charge you!
You're scared of him, and he knows it.
Never run from him. Stand your ground.
Come on, boy.
I got a nice leather bonnet for you.
Easy, boy.
Be careful.
- He's just plumb crazy! - Don't you worry none about him.
Look out! Watch his feet!
He's got his ear. Ear him down!
Dig 'em deep.
That'll stop him.
You got him.
Nobody could have done it but you.
That's all there is to it. Just don't let him bluff you.
You see, there ain't nothing to handling stallions.
It just takes a little know-how.
You sure got nerve.
Get away, Ed.
You're the boss.
You don't have to stay around here anymore, do you?
Don't never have to do nothing.
I stay around here because I like it.
Bet you I can hit that ding-dong straight off.
Who cares?
What's up?
Nothing. Just practicing.
Can you shoot?
Sure. It's easy.
That's what you said about bareback riding.
All right, I'll show you.
Better not try it. You might hit Ken...
or the mare, more likely.
Sure is doggone hot.
Sure is.
You know what I'd like to do?
I'd like to take a swim.
You mean it?
Sure, I mean it.
Let's go to the sump.
I don't mind if I do.
Am I your girl?
Of course you're my girl.
Then we can be married, can't we?
I guess so.
No. If I'm not good enough to marry...
I'm not good enough to kiss.
Come here, you bobtailed little tree cat.
We're bespoken, ain't we?
It wouldn't do no harm to tell folks, would it?
Sure, we'll tell them.
Can we tell them soon?
Can we tell them Saturday at the barbecue?
Sure, we can. Why not?
What you got here?
Something the sinkiller gave me.
He said it would keep me...
sweet and clean as the first milking.
Who cares about milking?
I don't want no milkmaid.
Don't you get awful tired eating just beef?
Wish we could get an eighty-hour week.
Yeah. Me, too.
Kind of miss Jesse around here. Don't you?
Jesse? Better not mention his name on Spanish Bit.
Can't get over Lem Smoot joining those railroad people.
I always say, if you can't whip them, join them.
Never saw so many crows...
around here before in all my life.
Wish they'd learn to grow corn without husks.
Wouldn't surprise me none if that Indian girl...
didn't up and massacre the whole dern lot of them.
When I'm married...
I'm gonna have lots and lots of parties.
But who would do all the work when I gives my party?
I likes fishing better than I does dancing.
You never go fishing.
I never goes dancing neither.
The gals to the center and ring to the left.
The boys shake hands and go to the right.
Now weave a basket. Circle left.
Now we'll weave that basket the other way.
Senator, they appreciate it very much.
I try to show my people a good time, eh, Lewt?
You bet your boots, Senator.
Now, birdie in the center and seven hands around.
Bird hop out, and the crow hop in.
She around the she, and the he around the he.
The he around the she, and the she around the he.
Four hands up, and here we go.
Hurry up, boys, and don't be slow.
'Cause you'll never get your love if you don't do so.
Pearl, dear, I've been looking all over for you.
You should be downstairs. It's very rude.
I'm sorry.
I was fixing my hair the way you told me to.
Do I look all right, ma'am?
You're the prettiest girl at the party.
Here, dear. Wear this.
You're so kind to me... this dress and everything.
Come, dear.
Oh, ma'am! What's the matter?
It's nothing. Let's go.
Balance your partners, and two ladies cross
You cross to that cowboy so true
I sure love being here, Mr. McCanles.
Fine. There he is.
Lewt, come here.
You call me, Senator?
Yeah. Wheel me in there.
Come on, boy. Come on.
Something wrong, Senator?
Close the door.
So this is where that squaw lives, huh?
Scott Chavez.
I've been meaning to speak to you, Senator.
I think we ought to kind of fix it up...
Too good for her, if you ask me.
- She's all right, Senator. - She's all right, huh?
That's what I wanted to talk to you about.
I've been watching you...
making calf's eyes at that half-breed.
Have you lost your mind?
I don't understand you, pa.
You want me to have a good time, don't you?
Sure. Is that all you got in mind?
Of course.
I ain't been working thirty years on this place...
to turn it into no Indian reservation.
You know me better than that.
- Is that right, son? - Yeah, sure.
You had me worried for a time, boy.
- Shove me out of here. - All right.
Yes, a little relaxation is mighty pleasant...
after a man's been chasing Satan all the way from here to Austin.
Yes, sirree, bob.
You've been to Austin? Did you hear anything of Jesse?
I heard plenty.
Enough to warm the cockles of your gentle heart.
You know what they're saying?
He'll be governor of the whole dern state...
before he's ready to meet his maker.
I knew it. Do you think it's true?
Judging from the fancy office he's got already, it's true.
Has a rolltop desk and a gold spittoon...
you couldn't miss if you aimed from here.
I hope he isn't working too hard.
I shouldn't fret too much about that...
not while old man Langford's daughter...
is as sweet and pretty...
as the sunrise on the mesa, I wouldn't.
Yes. He wrote me about her. He says she's a lovely girl.
If wedlock's his aim...
he couldn't shoot at a neater target.
What are you looking so sad about, Pearl?
This is a party. Come on.
Let's show these cowpokes a thing or two about dancing.
Girl, where's that medal I gave you?
She loaned it to me. I'm trying to get...
one just like it made for myself.
Good. Good!
Put your left foot, put your left foot
Put your left foot just so
Put your left foot, put your left foot
Put your left foot just so
Take a step to the side, take a step to...
Come on, honey.
Don't let them yokels laugh at you.
But I don't know how.
It's easy. Just follow me.
Now you're doing it.
Won't they be surprised when they hear about us?
When they hear what about us?
That we're bespoken, of course.
Oh, that.
But that's what you said. You said we'd tell them tonight.
Just as everything is going good...
you got to go and start all that again.
Either you tell people we're bespoken, or I will.
I want to tell you something...
you don't fool me none no more.
Will you stop poking up and vexing me?
I don't know how a man stands it, the way you go on.
You think you don't have to marry me.
Maybe you don't. And you don't have to go on...
lying to me no more neither. I made up my mind.
You made up your mind about what?
Just like I said...
if you won't marry me, I'll get out.
I'll go away as fast as I can.
You can go and keep going for all I care.
Go find yourself somebody else to pester.
But don't you care?
No woman can tie onto me like that...
least of all a bobtail little half-breed like you.
All righty. Thanks for letting me know...
how you think about me.
El Paso and Amarillo ain't no different...
than Sodom and Gomorra...
on a smaller scale, of course, but...
What in Beezelbub's name do you call that?
I wasn't having a very good time at the party neither.
I was just kind of tired. Who are you?
I'm the new straw boss around here.
Name's Pierce. Sam to my friends.
Mind if I sit down?
If you want.
Must be plenty tiring on a person, all that dancing.
- Don't you dance? - No, ma'am.
Somehow, I never got the chance to learn.
You ought to. It's fun.
Lots of folks seem to think so.
How would you like to learn tonight?
What? Do you mean you'd teach me?
I ain't so good at them fancy dances myself...
but we could learn together, if you want.
- I'd be right honored. - Then come on.
Come on!
The next dance will be ladies choice.
The ladies choose the gents.
Gents line up over on this side...
ladies over yonder.
Now, ladies, this is your big chance.
And don't be afraid to go after the true love of your choice.
I'd rather play me some poker.
Females shouldn't be allowed no choice.
It ain't decent.
I'll bet you six bits that fat one grabs me.
You leave Jake alone. You had him all evening.
Of all the nerve!
When I stomp my heels three times...
run for the gent of your choice.
Ready? One, two... scat!
I want you to get acquainted with little Lewt...
the longest-legged critter this side of the main house.
He's so cute!
A lot cuter than big Lewt.
He's just like silk.
There you are, ma.
Want to see the others?
Yes. And I'm gonna help you take care of them, too.
Sure, you are.
Ain't they wonderful, these babies?
Any kind of babies.
They sure are.
I remember reading something once when I was a kid.
You'd think I was silly...
a big galoot like me spouting poetry.
No, Sam. Please.
I'm going to sit right here until you tell me.
It goes something like this.
For everything created in the bounds of earth and sky...
has such longing to be mated.
It must couple or must die.
That's the best poem I ever heard.
I'm glad you like it.
You married?
Nope. Never run across anybody I wanted to marry.
Besides, I never got up nerve enough to ask anybody.
I guess you must be getting pretty old.
Yep. Old enough to be your father... and then some.
I guess, just the same...
there are plenty of women who would marry you anyway.
I better be getting home.
Mrs. McCanles is kind of ailing.
You wouldn't marry me, would you?
- What did you say? - I said, would you marry me?
Don't get mad, please.
First time in my life I got up some nerve.
How could a big galoot...
Don't say that. You don't know about me.
If you did, you wouldn't ask.
You mean about Lewt?
So you know about me and Lewt, too?
Yeah, I guess ain't nobody don't know.
I've knocked around plenty...
- I'm trash, I tell you. - Don't go telling me that.
I'd kill the first man who said anything like that.
But I don't love you. Don't that matter?
You've only known me a little while.
I know I'm not something girls dream about...
like the McCanleses.
- I'm not rich like them either. - It ain't that.
But I'd love you, and I'd take care of you.
I got a little money saved.
Get a little ranch of our own, maybe.
Won't you even think about it, honey? Please, honey.
Don't you call me "honey."
Lewt called me that. You're all alike!
I hope I didn't say nothing to hurt your feelings.
That's all right.
I'll marry you if you still want me to.
You mean it?
I declare. I never saw...
so many cows before in all my life.
I'm afraid they're not all cows, Helen.
Sometimes, my dear, I think...
that I didn't bring you up properly.
All right. I understand. All I need is a hint.
Those steers are from Spanish Bit.
I thought your father's ranch was hundreds of miles from here.
See? There's the brand. They're on their way to market.
If it ain't the big railroad man.
How's everything at the Bit?
Getting along just fine since you left... Mr. McCanles.
Same old Sid.
I'll be inside, darling. Come, father.
Hey, that Langford's daughter?
Heard you were kind of sweet on her.
Yes, that's Miss Langford.
Pretty, ain't she?
We could use a few like her around the ranch...
especially now that Pearl's going... maybe.
What do you mean?
Darnest thing you ever heard. She's getting married.
Can you imagine anybody marrying Pearl?
Is she marrying Lewt?
Lewt? What would Lewt...
Nah, she's marrying Sam Pierce.
Pearl ought to be very happy with Sam.
She ain't marrying him yet.
She ain't marrying nobody...
until Lewt decides to give the bride away.
So long, Judas.
Can't say I like...
your Spanish Bit people very much, if he's any criteria.
Darling, I've been thinking.
Why couldn't there be a spur track right on Spanish Bit?
Then they could just ship the cattle...
instead of driving them all that distance.
You're not even listening to me, dear.
Certainly I am. You were saying...
You were asking if... What were you saying?
I was trying to prove...
what a helpful wife I'm going to be.
Give me a kiss.
I couldn't help overhearing.
You liked that girl, didn't you?
You still like her?
I'm sure I'll always be devoted to her.
Hope you'll like her, too.
But you were in love with her, weren't you?
Yes, I was in love with her.
I said I was.
Jesse. Father.
Sometimes I think he didn't bring you up properly.
What were you worried about when I came out just now?
Worried? I was just wondering what my brother Lewt might do.
Zeke, where's my peppermint and soda?
Coming up now.
Hear you named the day.
That's right.
Ring just come in the last post.
Mighty pretty. Yep.
You sure are shot full of luck.
I'd like to stand the drinks for everybody.
I'm getting married in the morning.
That's fine.
Save your money, Pierce.
So you figure you got yourself a wife.
I don't figure. I know I have.
Think you can keep her?
Reckon as how I can.
Cattle rustlers and women rustlers.
Both of them steal...
what's got another man's brand on it.
I don't think I like the way you're talking.
Maybe I didn't rightly understand you.
Yeah, you understand me all right.
Pearl Chavez is my girl, and she'll always be my girl...
just as long as I want her to be.
From now you, you're gonna respect Pearl's name.
If that ain't the best joke yet.
He's defending the lady's name... my girl's name.
Has anybody else around here...
got any fancy ideas about Pearl Chavez?
Don't seem to be no takers.
I don't rightly know much about Sam Pierce, O Lord...
but from what I hear...
he'll be needing no introduction to you.
Seeing as how Sam was snatched from his loved ones' arms...
before they even had time to get a good grip on him...
I'm counting on you to give him a better break up yonder.
Hey, you hatchet face!
Are you so almighty hungry to hang one man...
that you can't wait till we get through planting this one?
Now I be consigning him to your keeping.
And I'm guessing you'll find him...
the gentlest, sweetest straw boss...
ever to enter the pearly gates.
Start shoveling, cowpokes.
It's our fault. We raised him wild.
If he'd only gone to school, like Jesse.
I thought I asked you never to mention Jesse's name again.
It's true.
You spoiled Lewt, and I let you.
Ever since he was a child...
he thought rules weren't made for him.
He thought you made the rules, all of them...
not just those for Spanish Bit.
It's that Indian girl.
If you hadn't brought her here...
none of this would have happened.
Perhaps if your attitude toward her had been different...
It's my fault, huh? It's my fault.
You dared to bring that Indian baggage...
right here into this house, and now you try to tell me...
You get her out of here.
And what's more, get her out of here tonight!
You've screamed at me for the last time.
You made one of your sons hate you and sent him away.
You made the other one a... murderer.
Pearl will stay here just as long as I do.
Here's the money. You better clear out of here...
until this thing blows over.
Thanks, pa.
It's gonna take plenty of fixing.
So you better stay away from here...
until I send you the word.
It'll take a year maybe.
Maybe more than that even.
I'm sorry to cause you all this trouble.
If you get me out of this one...
Never mind that.
I ain't counting on no reformation.
Go on. Get going fast.
Good-bye, pa.
So long, Sid.
So long, Lewt.
Take care of yourself, son.
I will, pa.
Yay, boy.
Now here's a chance to do something for pa.
I've been working on the railroad
All the live-long day
Come on, Sid. Come on.
You ain't got the mint on this game.
Sorry, Senator.
You certainly stuck your head in a noose that time.
Pearl, honey.
What you doing with that thing?
There ain't nobody here but me.
I'm gonna kill you.
That wouldn't be a very ladylike thing to do, would it...
after me riding thirty miles just for a kiss?
You're gonna get what you gave Sam Pierce.
That just goes to show you...
there ain't no gratitude for nothing.
If it wasn't for me, you'd be tied up...
with that brokendown cowhand right now.
You might as well marry pa.
Sam Pierce was a good man, and you're a skunk.
Of all the ornery females.
One minute you're yammering...
because I don't love you enough...
and when I go out and show you how much I do...
you're wanting to plug me.
You're my girl, honey.
I was your girl.
Anybody who was my girl is still my girl.
That's the kind of guy I am.
You know... loyal.
Stay back.
There ain't nobody gonna take my girl.
I'm saving you, tiger cat.
Just when I figure I'm doing fine and dandy...
I start thinking about you, and nothing else is any good.
What's going on around here?
Come in.
Howdy, Senator.
Sorry to be busting in on you like this.
It's all right, sheriff. How's tricks?
How's the law-breaking business?
Pretty quiet... since Lewt left.
Yeah, pretty dull without him around.
Ain't heard from him lately, have you, Senator?
Lewt? Here. Have a bite.
Don't mind if I do.
Wish I could afford this brand.
The next batch I get, I'll send you some.
No, I ain't heard a word from Lewt...
since he was attacked by that no-account Sam Pierce.
How's your other son feel about it?
I ain't got no other son.
Funny thing... one of the boys...
Lewt? I wish it was so.
Don't mind if I have a look around, do you?
No. Go ahead, sheriff. You got your duties to do.
I'm sorry you're gonna have your trouble for nothing.
I hear Mrs. McCanles has been feeling kind of poorly.
It ain't nothing.
Just getting a little old, I guess.
You reckon the missus would mind...
if I kind of looked around her room?
No. Why should she mind?
Go ahead.
Sid, ain't you moved yet?
Come in.
- Evening, ma'am. - Sheriff.
Sorry to disturb your privacy, ma'am.
Sheriff Thompson, what is it?
It's really nothing, ma'am.
One of the boys had a fool notion...
that Lewt was around here.
I'm afraid if Lewton were around...
I'd be the last person to know it.
Oh, my sons.
My sons.
Let's try this one.
Who's that?
Is that you, girl?
What do you want?
It's me... Sheriff Thompson. You ain't seen Lewt, have you?
Lewt? That murdering, sneaking no-account.
I wish I could see him.
I reckon you do.
I was forgetting about Sam Pierce.
Good night. See you at the hanging.
Poor old Mac.
He don't know how close he came to getting plugged.
Be quiet. It ain't safe yet.
It ain't safe for them, you mean.
There they go now.
I think I'll light out for Mexico.
I'm gonna grab me a ranch...
that'll make this place look like a gopher hole.
It would be like heaven, being in Mexico together.
I'll show these heel-squatters around here...
a thing or two about ranching.
You can do it, too.
- Lewt. - Huh?
- Go saddle my pinto. - What for?
- While I get ready. - Ready for what?
I'm going with you, of course. Hurry up.
You wouldn't like it down there, honey.
Sure, I will. I'll be a big help to you, too.
I can cook, and I can shoot as good as you...
and I never get tired riding.
You'll try to stop me from doing things...
yammering about me maybe getting shot...
or start all over again about marrying somebody.
No. I promise I won't never say another word about marrying.
You'll probably want to go with me...
every time I feel like going on a bust...
or playing me some poker.
I wouldn't, honest.
Just so long as I could be near you.
I'm gonna live my own way. Nobody's gonna hog-tie me.
I'll come back every once in a while...
and see you, like tonight.
I'll do anything you say.
Honey, I love you. I'll see you every time I come back.
I'll send for you someday. Honest I will.
I want to go with you. I've got to go with you.
Will you stop your yammering? I've got to mosey!
You love me! You said you loved me!
Nobody else can have me because I'm yours!
I don't want anybody else! I want you!
I'm yours! Nobody else can have me!
You said nobody ever! Now take me with you!
You've got to take me! Please! Please, honey!
- Shut up! - Lewt, honey, please!
Begging your pardon, ma'am...
I'd like to say all us boys at the Bit...
is praying mighty hard that you get...
All right, Ken. All right now. You just wait downstairs.
I'll let you know when I need you.
Will you thank the boys for me?
Tell them it isn't quite as hard to go...
as they may think.
What are you talking that way for?
Anybody would think you was dying.
I'm a nuisance to you even to the end.
It's the first time you've been in this room...
since that night.
Don't bring that up.
I never had the courage to discuss it with you before...
but it doesn't matter now.
I've paid for my mistake.
You've hated me all through the years.
You paid? What about me, with these legs?
As useless as a hog-tied steer.
And all because you couldn't stand to be...
mistress of the biggest ranch in Texas.
And why? I'll tell you why.
Nobody needed to tell me...
who you was running away to that night.
Nobody needed to tell me you was running to Chavez.
That's not true. It's not true.
I was running away, but not to Scott.
Not to Scott.
True or not, you left me.
And true or not, I went after you...
like any lovesick, half-baked boy would do.
I'd give anything... anything to undo it.
I loved you, Laura Belle. Yes, sir, I loved you.
Kept on saying to myself all through the years...
that I hated you, until finally I did hate you.
In my heart, I knew all the time...
it wasn't your fault, though.
It was my fault.
It was my jealousy that made me like I was...
hard and cruel-like...
till I guess you had to leave me.
I never should have gone out after you that night.
But when I found out you was gone...
I got to thinking you was going to him...
and I couldn't stand it.
I swore I'd stop you and bring you back.
I went crazy.
Yes, that's what it was. I just went crazy.
And I rode through the night like a drunken Comanche.
It was my own crazy jealousy that threw me off that horse.
Jackson, forgive me.
Look at me.
You're my husband... my very own.
Hiya, boys.
- It's Jesse. - Well, I'll be.
He's got a lot of gall, coming back here.
Where do you think you're going?
I thought I told you to keep out of my sight.
I just found out my mother is dying...
and I came to see her, and I intend to see her.
They tell me you're the big noise now...
with them trespassing thieves.
I hope my good fortune doesn't distress you too much.
They're even talking about putting you...
up for public office.
They must pay high for double-crossers.
Senator, let's not discuss that.
I'm afraid we see things differently.
Nothing on earth would bring me here...
You're mighty lucky my men didn't take a shot at you.
That was their orders.
I was about to say that nothing on earth...
would bring me back here except mother.
Is she in her room?
- No, she ain't in her room. - Where is she?
You'll find her right in there, in a long pine box.
Hello, Vashti.
- Mr. Jesse... - No, thank you.
But Mrs. McCanles, she said to me once...
"Vashti, you be sure and see that Mr. Jesse eats proper..."
You've been a good friend. I shan't forget it.
Poor Mrs. McCanles.
I wonder if Miss Pearl would mind if you woke her up.
I have to go away soon. I would like to see her.
What's the matter? Didn't you hear me?
Yes, I heared you.
Only I'm certain sure the devil hisself...
has been chasing Miss Pearl.
What on earth are you talking about?
Mrs. McCanles, she treated Miss Pearl awful good.
She treated everybody awful good, even me.
And after she went to heaven...
Miss Pearl looks like she's had a spell or something.
She wouldn't eat nothing.
She wouldn't talk to nobody.
She just stared and stared...
at Mrs. McCanles lying there so still-like.
She ran to the barn...
and wouldn't come out for nobody.
Poor Pearl.
She's sad. I listened at the barn door...
and I heared her weeping something awful.
I want you to do something for me.
Go and fix Miss Pearl a hot breakfast.
And I want you to pack Miss Pearl's things.
Yes, ma'am! Yes, sir!
Go away.
Vashti said you wouldn't come into the house...
and I couldn't believe her.
Leave me alone.
Have you gone out of your mind?
What are you doing out here in the stable?
I bet your pa would think it was too good for me.
Never mind what he thinks. I'm not going to allow you...
Don't you worry none about me. I'm going away from here.
- Really? Where are you going? - It ain't your business.
Me and Dice will get along all right.
Of course, there's Lewt. He'll be paying a visit here...
sooner or later, if I know Lewt.
That's right, I'm Lewt's girl. You can't forget that, can you?
What makes you think that?
That's what you said that night. You said you'd never forget it.
I did say that, didn't I?
It worried me sometimes to think I'd made so much of it.
I hope it didn't make any difference.
It didn't make no difference.
You're right. I'm Lewt's girl.
It's all I ever was. It's all I ever could be.
You love him, don't you?
Love him? I hate him.
I wish they'd hang him. I wish they'd hang him fast.
Yes. After all you've been through, I suppose...
It ain't just his fault.
If he sent for me tonight, I guess I'd go to him.
Lewt's not sending for you tonight or any other night.
Listen, I have to be in Paradise Flats...
a few days on business.
Do you want to wait here until I go to Austin...
or would you like to come with me right now?
Me? You're just being sorry for me.
You don't have to be sorry for me none!
Listen to me. I won't have you thinking that.
It's you who are feeling sorry for yourself.
I told Helen long ago I wanted to get you out of here.
You told her?
Yes. She wants to be your friend.
After your ma died...
I just didn't want to go on living no more.
I know what you mean.
You'll like Helen, and she'll like you, too.
You just wait and see.
She's a lady, ain't she? Like your ma.
She's a lady, like you're going to be.
No, I can't be no more.
Of course you can. We'll just pretend...
the whole thing was just a bad dream.
That's all it was actually, a nightmare.
If only I could be good again!
Look at me.
Remember when you wanted to learn...
when you wanted me to help you?
I know just the school for you.
What's the matter? Don't you still want to learn?
I'll do anything.
I'll cook for you. I'll wash Miss Helen's clothes.
You'll do nothing of the sort.
You'll learn to waltz and make small talk...
and have pretty dresses.
For me?
From mother to you.
Jesse, I...
I wish...
I wish I could die for you.
Let's hope you never have to do that.
Is that you, Judas?
I got a message from your brother...
the McCanles with the guts.
What's the matter with the bad man?
Can't he deliver his messages in person?
He has some business tonight... with a train.
He just plumb don't like trains.
So I've heard. Have you become his assistant?
We keep in touch with each other.
You should have seen his face...
when I told him you have Chavez with you.
I bet it was a lovely sight to behold.
What's the message?
He says I'm to bring her back with me... pronto.
Suppose she doesn't feel up to making the trip?
He says if she don't come back...
he's coming here tomorrow morning...
bright and early and get her.
You seem to be a capable messenger.
Would you mind carrying back a reply?
Not at all. Glad to oblige.
You can tell my beloved brother that I'll wait for him here.
I should have the sheriff waiting for him...
but I prefer to meet him alone.
- Is that a promise? - You're not talking to Lewt.
That's near enough.
I'm giving you one more chance. Send Pearl out here...
or I'll plug you from here to breakfast.
Just what do you think Pearl's doing here with me?
Don't give me any...
of your high and mighty noble talk, big words.
You think I wouldn't shoot you because you ain't got a gun?
I wouldn't credit you with any such compunctions.
I'm riding back to that hitching post...
and then turning and starting to shoot.
It's more than you did for Sam Pierce.
Why all the consideration?
Just don't want them fancy friends of yours...
to say you had a brother who shot you down in cold blood.
You're going to hang.
You're going to hang by the neck until you're dead!
You'll just go on killing and killing...
till they kill you.
I hope Pearl gives you a pretty funeral.
- Who's that? - Just me... Lem Smoot.
Come here to gloat over me, huh?
You can turn right around and get out of here.
I came because I thought maybe you'd be needing a friend.
There's a funny glow in the sky tonight, ain't there?
I remember once hearing one of them Indian legends...
about how their ancestors lit bonfires in the sky...
when a chief's son was a-dyin'.
He's dying?
It don't surprise me none.
Lewt always was a good shot.
It looks like them ancestors of yours...
have to put out those bonfires.
What do you mean?
I guess Jesse's a little tougher than you thought.
Thank God.
I thought I knew you better than that.
I know how fond you were of those boys...
and how proud of them you were.
It don't seem possible...
but I must have been wrong about a whole lot of things.
Laura Belle warned me I was spoiling Lewt...
but I wouldn't listen to her.
Look. You see them plains and hills?
I was so almighty proud...
of what I carved out of this country.
I figured I was building something...
for Lewt and Jesse.
And what have I got now?
Lewt a murderer, an outlaw.
Jesse would come back any time you want him to.
You think so?
He told me to tell you so.
I'm just a lonely old man who needs a friend...
like you said.
Here's your luggage, miss.
You're Miss Helen, ain't you?
And you're Pearl.
He's been asking for you.
How is he?
He's... gonna be all right.
Thank heaven.
I shouldn't cry. I know it.
He wouldn't like it.
You couldn't do nothing he wouldn't like.
You're very fond of Jesse, aren't you?
After my pa...
There wasn't never nobody good to me like my pa...
Except Mrs. McCanles...
and Jesse.
My dear.
You will come and live with us, won't you?
I want you to.
I'm glad you and Jesse are... bespoken.
Thank you.
Hi, Pearl.
How's the hero?
I just heard he was gonna pull through.
Tough luck, ain't it?
But Lewt will get him next time. You can bank on that.
- Next time? - Yeah.
Next time.
I got good news for you.
Yeah? What is it?
It's from Lewt.
He says you got to hightail it out of here...
if you want to kiss him good-bye...
before he beats it across the border.
You mean it? Where is he?
I kind of figured you'd like that.
He's hiding out at Squaw's Head Rock.
You got that? Squaw's Head Rock.
Just fire two shots when you get there.
I got it. Squaw's Head Rock.
Take the Apache trail to the mission.
Any Indian there can tell you how to get to Buffalo Ridge.
And then you... You got a good horse?
It's a couple of days' ride.
Sure. I got my pinto.
You know, the one Lewt gave me before I was his girl.
Hiya, Pearl!
Here I am! I've been waiting for you!
Hello, honey! I'll be right down!
Stay there!
I can't see you! Can you see me?
You... double-crossing... bobcat!
I guess that does it.
You got me that time.
I'm done for.
You're lying.
You're lying, like you always do!
I can't shoot no more, honey.
I'm not scared of you.
I'm coming up after you.
All right, then. Come on up!
No use in my...
lying no more.
I'm through.
You hear me?
I'm dying.
I'm going... fast.
Are you... Ain't you coming up?
I want to see you. I got to see you.
Where are you?
Where are you?
I... I got to...
hold you... just once more.
I love you.
I love you!
Hurry. Hurry!
Hurry, honey.
Hold on! Hold on!
Wait for me!
Wait for me.
Where are you?
You always said you could shoot.
I never believed you.
I love you.
I love you.
Don't cry, honey.
Don't cry.
I had to do it.
Of course you did.
Let me hold you.
Let me...
Just hold me. Hold me once more.
Little... bobcat.
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