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Duel to the Death

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I've been waiting for you.
I know what's on your mind.
You want to see how good you are.
Go find out the answer.
Win and loss are only relative.
These Japanese wasted their lives away.
What a great pity.
The Japanese are always like that.
Charge forward despite of all obstacles.
Many of us Chinese lack this attitude.
You will go ahead with the fight then?
I've been training for over ten years.
It's time to test myself.
Buddha be praised.
All things are relative.
A duel is not the only alternative.
There are other solutions.
You're a scholar|and you think differently.
For us, a duel is the only way.
The Japanese are keen on winning.
You've been at Shaolin for so long.
Are you still so keen on winning?
I can't agree with you more.
Since the Japanese|are so keen on this fight.
If we don't participate.
They'll be very disturbed.
And so will our fellow students.
After you.
The Chinese culture|has spread beyond China.
It's an achievement to be envied.
That's an overstatement.
Shaolin martial arts are well known.
But they are too conservative.
Our temple, however, is flourishing.
That's not true.
Our knowledge come from our ancestors.
Shaolin has been|the authority for centuries.
Your temple can't even come close.
You have 72 techniques.
They must come from your ancestors.
How good are your students today?
Martial arts are for self-defense.
Not for fame seeking.
Are you insisting Shaolin is better?
The first residents of Japan.
Were immigrants from China.
Why do we have to decide who is stronger?
I'm sorry
I don't think like you do.
I just want to confirm something.
I'm neither good nor the representative.
I assume you came for the Fight.
Can't anybody in Shaolin fight me?
I didn't know Shaolin was that bad.
I'm disappointed.
Please teach me.
Pardon me.
Your techniques are so impressive.
You are flattering me.
I'm not even ranked in Japan.
I'm just lucky this time.
One should treat one's guest nicely.
Our representative Hashimoto is the best.
We'll wait for your representative|on Sept. 2.
Buddha be praised.
Your techniques just now.
Have really impressed the Japanese.
I know you dislike his elegance.
You take him as a guest.
But we couldn't let him think|we're scared.
That's why I taught him a lesson.
I appreciate that.
I've gotten to know you|through these years.
I hope when the day comes.
You can beat Hashimoto.
I have to take off at dawn.
You should visit with your teacher.
Why did you hit me so hard?
I didn't.
Stop lying.
You're just not my match.
I'll make you change your mind.
He'll have to look for heIp.
Are you kidding?
Get down quickly.
Are you kidding? Get down quickly.
Hit him, hit...
What is useIess...
I beat him.
Thanks. Goodbye!
Good day, my General.
The reputation of Japanese martial arts.
You have on your shoulders.
I won't disappoint you, my General.
Make good use of this sword.
Thank you, my General.
- Are you going dancing?|- Go!
Let go.
I hope you'll bring glory to our school.
Eagle, come here.
- Let's toast again.
Don't let EagIe slip away.
EagIe, don't go. Cheers.
I want to go home.
Don't go home, come in...
Who are you?
To die in combat is a warrior's honor.
You've to bring glory to our school.
- Recite Chapter One of our Manual.|- Yes.
Win every time you fight.
That's our first motto.
Be ruthless when you fight.
Kill God if God's in your way.
Kill Buddha if Buddha is in your way.
Have this attitude and sky's the limit.
Don't be scared by any obstacIe.
Be it God or the devil.
Get rid of all obstacles fearlessly.
- Where's teacher?|- Here he is.
Catch me, toes...
Serve you right.
Damn dragon!
Don't be tease him.
You just wait and see.
Why didn't you catch me?
Why shouId I listen to you?
You never mean what you say.
What do you need me for?
I'm coming to see Dragon.
You just happen to be with him.
Very funny.
Don't climb that high?
Are those monks young?
Dragon, come here.
- Am I very oId?|- You're dying.
No dinner for you this month.
Don't you worry.
You take care of yourseIf.
Don't you make me lose face.
Don't come back if you lose.
I wouldn't even be alive then.
I would wait for you in hell.
I just don't know|how good your tutors are.
You're the one who brought me to them.
You still hate me for that?
I know it's for my own good.
I knew you would be that best of China.
- I won't let you down.|- He's a Iiar.
He wants you dumb.
That's why you brought me up?
Don't you like the glamour?
I owe you, so I go to this fight.
I didn't bring you up so that you owe me.
Why are you so keen on winning?
Let's go, Dragon.
Do whatever you like.
I regret having brought you up.
The old man can't be irritated.
- Who says so?|- Teacher.
Are you all right?
- Don't call me teacher.|- Teacher.
I'll win the fight for you.
You take care of teacher.
You like him.
Shut up!
Hashimoto's trip to China
is to prove|the Japanese sword is invincibIe.
Have respect to the Lord of the Sword.
This is what the Chinese use?
Put it down or you'll pay for it.
Go away,|I don't do business with Japanese.
There's no room|for your elegance in China.
- There are tables upstairs.|- OK.
Paint. Hurry.
Is it ready yet?
Let me finish these two words.
Don't drag your feet.
May I take a look?
It's done.
Here is...
Does it look like the Lord of the Sword?
Is the Lord like this?
This looks like the Lord of the Lance.
That's true.
How do you know?
The Lord of the Sword has to be bearded.
You're all ignorant.
The King once ordered me|to paint the Lord.
What are his chances against Hashimoto?
I don't know,
that's why I want to be there.
That's why this duel is so fascinating.
Can I come aIong?
They wouldn't reject your guest,|wouId they?
They only sent out 30 invitations.
The famous martial artists|of the various schooIs.
You'd better not go.
You still have time to surrender.
A samurai doesn't lose that easily.
I'll cut you up like I cut fish.
I'll peel you like I peel carrots.
- Cut...|- Peel...
Should I strip his undershirt?
Why not his undershort too?
Watch closely.
Ok, it is ugly.
Thank you my friends.
Old man...
Old man.
Hold it.
An eye for an eye.
Don't you regret later.
Take this.
Why did he kill that innocent old man?
Please help him with the funeral.
Swords usually bring trouble.
Are you Hashimoto?
Will you fight me?
I have only one opponent.
Who is me.
I don't fight with women.
Are you Kenji?
The General sent me to accompany you.
Thank you.
Are you confident about the fight?
I'll do my best.
How bad is your wound?
I'll Iive.
You're so good with the sword.
I've made a fool of myseIf.
I don't think you have.
Can you get some more firewood?
I want you to tell me something.
Why do you disguise as a man?
Why do Chinese pick|the Plum Blossom as symbol?
Chinese have a complex|for their own tiny.
You're wrong.
The Plum Blossom is elegant|and has great endurance.
A perfect symbol|of the Chinese character.
What symbolizes your country best?
The Cherry Blossom.
It's most glamorous moments.
Are hard to be forgotten.
Well said.
Let me introduce,
this is the Lord's son.
We've met.
My father's waiting in the garden.
Father, they're here.
Welcome to my house.
How are you sir?
I'm in the middle of the lake.
Why don't you join me?
You're a brilliant martial artist.
You're flattering me.
It's been very quiet around here.
I'm so glad you two came today.
Let's go to the WieIding Rock.
All the Sino-Japanese duelists|in the past and left their names here.
Why were all the duels held here?
Our grand grandfather|attended the first duel.
And this has become the arena ever since.
Few have been able to enter the cave.
They're seldom as young as you're.
AII swordsman dream of coming here.
And leave their names on this stone.
That would top any other honor in life.
But duels do not have to fatal.
They should just be friendly meets.
To conquer one's opponent is a glory.
I know you're the best in Japan.
You may not know our history though.
We're not allowed to attend the duels.
But I can assure you two
We're stil the best.
My teacher always|taIks about your school.
You're contributed tremendously,
towards the perfection of the art.
I'm glad he remembers.
Reputation survives generations.
We'll attend the duel again some day.
Buddha be praised.
Actually all duelists know.
That death is the real winner.
I wonder who would be|standing here next time.
Having the same conversation|we're having.
Let's go.
I'm sorry about the explosion.
I wonder how he knew where we were.
My father's looking into this.
You're well informed.
We've tightened security.
There won't be anymore incidents.
He didn't have any respect|for your school.
He'll regret it.
When I first met you.
I was curious about you.
Such a nice gentleman.
You didn't know I was a woman.
Don't you know you fight like a woman?
So you noticed?
I like brave peopIe.
Why do you still dress like that?
I've always been like that.
You'd look better with some makeup.
- Father.|- Where have you been?
I just took a walk.
Our school was number one.
Until the time I lost.
The duelists had always|been our ancestors.
Defending China against Japan.
You have to do your best.
Can you?
You listen to other peopIe so easily.
I'm really disappointed.
I'm sorry, father!
I'm not blaming you.
I've put all my hopes in you.
We can't let our ancestors down.
I'm so glad you two are not injured.
Otherwise everyone|would hold me responsible.
PIease accept my gratitude.
PIease don't mention it.
You two are visiting.
I hope you have a pleasant stay here.
Thank you.
China deserves its reputation.
We seldom find such good food in Japan.
No wonder you're so jealous of us.
Sheng Nan.
There are always some bad exceptions.
We despise them just as you do.
You're such a man of dignity.
Let's drink to our friendship.
Why aren't the guests here yet?
Don't worry.
They won't miss this wonderful duel.
You should learn techniques|from our visitors.
Not at all.
PIease enlighten me.
Such a waste of good wine.
He's gone.
Nice pursuit.
Such disgusting conduct from a priest.
One should never forget one's race.
You insulted our school.
I came on the General's order.
The General?
I've been waiting for you to say this.
I've been ordered.
To handle the duel.
Whoever's in my way.
Will not be spared.
Let's have a fair duel.
We're on the same side.
Working for the same General.
Why did the General give me a sword?
He's got it all planned.
He wants to kidnap the spectators.
The Lord would take care of|the young man.
So his daughter will fight you.
But you must lose.
The General wants a grasp of|Chinese martial arts.
Why me though?
The General has always|befriended your school.
How are you reacting to the tombstones?
Why did they do it?
It's all for glory's sake.
Must a martial artist always win?
Even at the risk of his life?
Most people think so.
I hope you're not one of them.
But this duel's important to me.
It's a big test.
WouId you give it up for a man?
I don't want to see casualties.
You're afraid of me losing?
- Can you...?|- Impossible.
Tomorrow we'll be opponents.
I'll do my best no matter what.
If I can't bring|your sword to my teacher.
I'll die in China.
Being a martial artist is sad.
You'll be killed if you're no good.
And if you're good.
You'll be challenged constantly.
You're regretting?
I'm not. Are you?
Do you smell something fishy around here?
This duel will not be a fair one.
I trust you though.
We'll have a fair duel.
The Lord.
Go rescue my daughter.
A real swordsman won't be disillusioned.
You thought my legs were cut off?
I was born a cripple.
That's how you became representative.
A cripple can beat you.
Where's the kid?
This is such a shameful act.
I'll fight and kill you.
My sword kills those|who betray their countries.
And the disappearance of the celebrities.
Put every martial artist in shock.
We may be the prime suspects.
An evacuation of the hostages in 2 days.
Yet Hashimoto is so stubborn.
Don't worry.
He'll obey the General.
Your wish will soon be fulfilled.
How could you do it?
My dear.
You're a bastard.
What are you doing here?
I'll do anything for you.
But I can't let China down.
We'll be despised.
Listen to me.
I've made my decision already.
Then I can't obey you.
Have you forgotten|about your responsibility?
We can't be immoral.
I'll get the antidote.
You still don't see it.
You helped someone to oppose your father.
You thought it would be easy.
The General won't really support you.
The Japanese have always|been jealous of us.
You want to be a puppet of theirs?
Think again!
I'll do anything for you.
Except betraying China|and ruining our reputation.
To the point of no return.
But we've been despised|by our own people.
Our ancestors did a lot for China.
But nobody said thank you.
We weren't selected to be duelists.
Even though our techniques|are better than the Shaolin monks.
My father has always been dreaming.
To regain the No.1 school reputation.
We'll have to fight today.
Can only ruin your reputation.
Be careful.
Sheng Nan.
PIease don't kill my father.
Sheng Nan...
Get up, we'll start again.
We'll regain our reputation.
Get up. I'll teach you some techniques.
We'll start all over.
Hold it!
I won't let you do that.
Have you forgotten the General's order?
I've to fulfill|the wish of my late teacher.
Are you disobeying the General?
I order you to commit suicide.
I'll die after the duel.
You can't kill us all.
We've still got some unfinished business.
Don't you think the whole thing|has turned meaningless?
You made me a promise though.
I won't fight you.
You must.
Winning is that important to you?
If someone dear to you will die.
WiII you still go ahead?
Too many have died because of this.
This one is for you.
Do we need to fight like this?
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