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Subtitles for Dumb and Dumber.

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Dumb and Dumber

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[INFORMATION] [AUTHOR] [SOURCE] [PRG] [FILEPATH] [DELAY] [CD TRACK] [COMMENT] [END INFORMATION] [SUBTITLE] [COLF]&HFFFFFF,[STYLE]no,[SIZE]18,[FONT]Arial 00:00:42.95,00:00:46.71 Excuse me, could you tell me how[br]to get to the medical school? 00:00:46.67,00:00:50.46 I'm giving a lecture in 20 minutes[br]and my driver is a bit lost. 00:00:51.71,00:00:55.13 You go straight ahead and[br]make a left over the bridge. 00:00:58.35,00:01:01.35 That's a lovely accent you have.[br]New Jersey? 00:01:03.02,00:01:04.98 Austria.[br]- Austria? 00:01:06.10,00:01:07.94 Well, g'day mate! 00:01:10.65,00:01:13.32 Let's put another shrimp on my Bar-B! 00:01:14.69,00:01:16.24 Let's not. 00:02:39.53,00:02:41.95 Who's got the wiener schnitzel? 00:02:43.95,00:02:46.45 There you go, doll. There you go. 00:02:48.83,00:02:51.71 Let's see, next we've got rosbif a la jus. 00:02:53.84,00:02:57.13 Who's got the rosbif a la jus?[br]They were beautiful. 00:02:58.67,00:03:00.22 Walk away. 00:03:02.59,00:03:06.06 Last but not least, foot long![br]Who's got the foot long? 00:03:09.56,00:03:12.15 Very funny, Rascal. In your dreams. 00:03:12.65,00:03:15.94 Harry, why haven't you dropped[br]those dogs off at the show you? 00:03:15.94,00:03:19.49 Sorry, couldn't send them to perform[br]on an empty stomach. 00:03:20.11,00:03:23.11 Get a move on.[br]- Yes. Mutt Cutts understood. 00:03:45.93,00:03:47.76 Sock me sideways. 00:04:00.78,00:04:02.70 Hello, how are you? 00:04:09.54,00:04:11.75 I'll be out in one minute. 00:04:41.19,00:04:44.49 Why are you going to the airport?[br]Flying somewhere? 00:04:45.24,00:04:48.07 How did you guess?[br]- I saw your luggage. 00:04:48.87,00:04:52.62 And when I saw the airline ticket,[br]I put two and two together. 00:04:52.79,00:04:55.46 So where right you heading?[br]- Aspen. 00:04:56.75,00:04:58.88 California... beautiful. 00:05:02.46,00:05:05.13 My name's Christmas. Lloyd Christmas. 00:05:05.84,00:05:07.68 I'm Mary Swanson. 00:05:08.60,00:05:10.97 This isn't my real job.[br]- No? 00:05:12.10,00:05:15.48 My friend Harry and I want to open[br]our own pet store. 00:05:15.89,00:05:17.52 That's nice. 00:05:18.48,00:05:21.02 I Got Worms.[br]- I beg your pardon? 00:05:22.03,00:05:26.36 That's what we want to call it: "I Got[br]Worms". Specializing in worm farms. 00:05:27.57,00:05:29.87 You know, like ant farms... 00:05:30.70,00:05:34.04 What's the matter?[br]A little tense about the flight? 00:05:36.41,00:05:40.09 Something like that.[br]- There's nothing to worry about, Mary. 00:05:40.92,00:05:44.42 Statistically your more likely to get killed[br]on the way to the airport... 00:05:44.42,00:05:47.72 like in a head-on crash or[br]flying off a cliff... 00:05:47.72,00:05:50.39 or trapped under a gas truck.[br]That's worst. 00:05:50.39,00:05:53.10 I have this cousin, had this cousin... 00:05:53.72,00:05:56.60 Lloyd, keep your eyes[br]on the road please? 00:05:59.15,00:06:03.15 Good thinking. Can't be too careful.[br]A lot of bad drivers out there. 00:06:22.17,00:06:25.92 And okay gang, you know the rules.[br]No humping, no pushing, no sniffing. 00:06:25.92,00:06:29.76 Where've you been? My dogs should[br]have been here 40 minutes ago. 00:06:30.39,00:06:34.51 Now I hardly have time to primp them.[br]- Don't worry, Mrs. Noogieburger. 00:06:34.85,00:06:36.73 Newborn![br]- New... 00:06:36.89,00:06:39.81 Born![br]- These pooches don't need primping. 00:06:40.10,00:06:44.19 Why, I bathed them and clipped them[br]myself. I stand by my performance. 00:06:57.87,00:07:01.04 On second thoughts,[br]you might want to comb them. 00:07:09.55,00:07:12.18 Thanks. Here you go.[br]- Oh no, Mary. 00:07:14.89,00:07:18.81 I couldn't possibly accept that.[br]Not after all we've been through. 00:07:22.40,00:07:25.40 Thank you, Lloyd.[br]Good luck with your worms. 00:07:31.07,00:07:32.86 How about a hug? 00:07:49.42,00:07:51.22 I hate goodbyes. 00:07:59.60,00:08:00.98 Lloyd! 00:08:02.60,00:08:04.06 Just go. 00:08:26.00,00:08:27.54 Be strong. 00:08:51.03,00:08:54.95 She'll leave the briefcase by[br]the escalator. You make the pick up. 00:08:55.91,00:08:57.62 Piece of cake. 00:09:06.42,00:09:08.13 Goodbye, my... 00:09:32.23,00:09:33.57 Mary! 00:09:35.32,00:09:37.32 There is our pay day. 00:09:39.24,00:09:41.33 She left it. Let's go... 00:09:41.33,00:09:43.62 Excuse me! Coming through... 00:09:46.41,00:09:48.63 Move it or lose it, sister! 00:09:59.14,00:10:00.89 Weny.. meeny... 00:10:01.81,00:10:03.52 miny... mo! 00:10:10.61,00:10:13.48 Hold that plane![br]- You can't go in there. 00:10:15.15,00:10:17.49 It's okay! I'm a limo driver. 00:10:47.68,00:10:49.81 Hi, Lloyd.[br]- Hi, Harry. 00:10:51.15,00:10:54.61 How was your day?[br]- Not bad. Fell off the jetway again. 00:11:02.28,00:11:05.29 Who's he working for anyway?[br]- I don't know. 00:11:08.87,00:11:10.96 But we better find out. 00:11:16.05,00:11:18.17 The ulcer?[br]- I'll live. 00:11:27.52,00:11:29.98 You got fired again?[br]- Oh yeah! 00:11:31.23,00:11:34.98 They always freak out when[br]you leave the scene of an accident. 00:11:36.65,00:11:38.78 Well, I lost my job too. 00:11:39.65,00:11:42.11 Man, you are one pathetic loser. 00:11:45.58,00:11:47.79 No offence.[br]- None taken. 00:11:53.25,00:11:55.79 You know what really chaps my ass? 00:11:55.96,00:11:59.21 I spent my life savings[br]turning my van into a dog. 00:12:00.17,00:12:03.01 Hi, Pete.[br]- The alarm alone cost me 200. 00:12:04.26,00:12:07.14 The chicks love it. It's a shagging wagon. 00:12:08.81,00:12:11.02 What's with the briefcase? 00:12:14.31,00:12:18.02 It's a love memento to the most beautiful[br]woman in the world. 00:12:19.03,00:12:22.74 I drove her to the airport,[br]sparks flew, emotions ran high... 00:12:24.78,00:12:27.83 She actually talked to me.[br]- Get out of here! 00:12:30.33,00:12:32.83 Tractor beam, sucked me right in. 00:12:35.04,00:12:36.54 Anyway... 00:12:38.09,00:12:41.38 she left this, flew to Aspen[br]and out of my life. 00:12:43.38,00:12:45.05 What's in it? 00:12:46.72,00:12:50.68 Man, I'm not a low life who roots round[br]in other people's property. 00:12:52.60,00:12:55.31 And is it locked?[br]- Yes, really well. 00:13:03.82,00:13:06.49 There's two of them. One's got a gun. 00:13:08.16,00:13:10.33 Did you pay the gas bill? 00:13:13.79,00:13:16.88 You realize what you've done?[br]- I say we bail. 00:13:28.14,00:13:31.60 The briefcase ain't here.[br]He must've taken it with him. 00:13:32.77,00:13:34.81 Well he's got to come home some time. 00:13:34.81,00:13:38.44 Maybe we should trash the place.[br]Send him a little message. 00:13:39.40,00:13:43.44 I don't think he'll get the message.[br]He has worms in his living room. 00:13:46.49,00:13:48.57 I've got a better idea. 00:13:52.12,00:13:55.04 I tought I taw a puddy tat. I did, I did... 00:14:07.72,00:14:11.64 We drove around all day and[br]there's not a single job in this town. 00:14:12.14,00:14:14.39 There's nothing, nada, zip! 00:14:14.77,00:14:17.60 Unless you want to work[br]40 hours a week! 00:14:18.27,00:14:20.61 Here. I'm going to the store. 00:14:20.98,00:14:24.86 Just get the essentials. That's our dough.[br]- What do I look like? 00:15:03.15,00:15:04.57 Cripes! 00:15:13.78,00:15:16.12 Excuse me... little old lady. 00:15:22.21,00:15:25.55 You have change of a dollar?[br]- Change? No I'm sorry. 00:15:27.76,00:15:31.80 Well, could you do me a favor?[br]Watch my stuff while I break a dollar? 00:15:33.18,00:15:35.18 Of course.[br]- Thanks. 00:15:36.97,00:15:41.06 I guess that senior citizens may be[br]slow and dangerous at the wheel... 00:15:43.02,00:15:45.73 but they can still serve a purpose. 00:15:45.98,00:15:49.03 I'll be right back.[br]Don't you go dying on me. 00:15:56.03,00:15:57.91 Where's the booze? 00:15:58.37,00:16:01.75 I got rolled by a sweet old lady[br]on a motorized cart. 00:16:02.33,00:16:04.63 I didn't even see it coming. 00:16:10.51,00:16:12.68 Come on, Harry. Cheer up. 00:16:13.43,00:16:16.26 It gets worse, Lloyd. My parakeet Pete... 00:16:18.97,00:16:20.56 is dead. 00:16:24.90,00:16:27.40 Oh man, I'm sorry. What happened? 00:16:29.44,00:16:32.24 His head fell off.[br]- His head fell off? 00:16:34.11,00:16:36.20 Yes, he was pretty old. 00:16:40.87,00:16:43.58 That's it. I've had it with this dump. 00:16:44.92,00:16:47.09 We got no food, no job... 00:16:48.04,00:16:51.59 our pet heads are falling off.[br]- Okay, just calm down. 00:16:52.17,00:16:56.18 And what the hell are we doing here,[br]Harry? We've got to leave town. 00:16:56.89,00:17:00.06 And go where? Where to?[br]- I'll tell you where... 00:17:02.06,00:17:05.23 Some place warm.[br]Where the beer flows like wine. 00:17:06.86,00:17:10.44 Where beautiful women flock[br]like the salmon of Capastrano. 00:17:12.69,00:17:15.66 I'm talking about a little place like Aspen. 00:17:18.20,00:17:21.66 I don't know, the French are assholes.[br]Wait a minute... 00:17:24.91,00:17:27.42 I know what you're up to, mister! 00:17:28.21,00:17:32.21 You just wanna go to Aspen and[br]find the girl who lost her briefcase. 00:17:33.05,00:17:36.18 And you need me to drive you there.[br]Am I right? 00:17:36.18,00:17:38.26 Am I right?[br]- Yes, so? 00:17:40.76,00:17:44.77 So I want to go where somebody[br]can plug us into the social pipeline. 00:17:45.23,00:17:47.10 No, no, no, Lloyd! 00:17:47.98,00:17:51.90 And I say we stay here, hunt for jobs[br]and save for the worm store. 00:17:54.15,00:17:58.37 I don't know about you, but I'm sick and[br]tired of running from creditors. 00:17:59.99,00:18:02.20 You know what I'm sick of? 00:18:04.16,00:18:07.21 I'm sick of having to eek[br]my way through life. 00:18:12.09,00:18:15.26 And I'm sick of being nobody.[br]But most of all... 00:18:22.35,00:18:24.68 I'm sick of having nobody. 00:18:28.27,00:18:29.90 Okay, Lloyd. 00:18:33.69,00:18:35.32 Aspen it is. 00:18:38.82,00:18:41.12 You'd better not be fooling. 00:18:47.21,00:18:49.96 Okay, just let it out. Have a good cry. 00:18:56.42,00:18:58.30 Okay that's enough. 00:19:38.55,00:19:40.47 Lloyd, what are you doing? 00:19:40.47,00:19:43.47 It feels like[br]you're running incredibly fast, Harry. 00:19:43.47,00:19:47.22 We're not even through Connecticut[br]yet and you're annoying me. 00:19:48.73,00:19:51.48 We're really doing it, aren't we buddy? 00:19:52.90,00:19:56.65 Hey, where d'you get those?[br]- I bought them when we filled up. 00:19:57.57,00:20:01.49 We're supposed to talk about[br]expenditures. We're on a tight budget. 00:20:03.41,00:20:07.87 This didn't come out of the travel fund.[br]I raised 25 bucks extra before we left. 00:20:11.16,00:20:13.46 Were you get 25 extra bucks? 00:20:13.88,00:20:16.42 I sold some stuff to Billy in 4-C. 00:20:17.55,00:20:19.21 The blind kid? 00:20:23.51,00:20:25.85 What did you sell him, Lloyd? 00:20:27.14,00:20:29.47 Stuff.[br]- What kind of stuff? 00:20:31.02,00:20:34.40 I don't know... baseball cards...[br]a bag of marbles... 00:20:35.90,00:20:37.36 Pete... 00:20:37.73,00:20:40.69 Pete? You sold my dead bird[br]to a blind kid? 00:20:46.70,00:20:50.25 Pete didn't even have a head.[br]- Harry, I took care of it. 00:20:54.87,00:20:57.67 Pretty bird. Can you say "pretty bird". 00:20:59.21,00:21:01.72 Pretty bird. You're a pretty bird. 00:21:03.26,00:21:04.84 Pretty bird. 00:21:08.60,00:21:10.60 Polly want a cracker? 00:21:14.31,00:21:17.56 The red bastards.[br]They're rubbing it in our faces. 00:21:18.15,00:21:21.99 Andr, wilI have a hemorrhage[br]if we don't get the briefcase back. 00:21:22.19,00:21:25.49 They've been following us for weeks.[br]- Why you say? 00:21:26.32,00:21:28.95 Gas man. How did they know I got gas? 00:21:30.12,00:21:32.08 They got to be pros. 00:21:33.54,00:21:36.25 Don't worry, we'll get that money back. 00:21:37.83,00:21:40.00 I'll tell you something else... 00:21:40.00,00:21:43.42 they ain't never getting to Aspen.[br]I'lI see to that. 00:21:50.64,00:21:54.10 They got The Monkeys.[br]A major influence on the Beatles. 00:21:57.69,00:21:59.52 Excuse me, Flo... 00:22:08.11,00:22:10.24 Flo... like the TV show. 00:22:13.62,00:22:17.00 What is the soup du jour?[br]- It's the soup of the day. 00:22:18.67,00:22:21.17 That sounds good. I'lI have that. 00:22:26.13,00:22:30.01 Feels good to mingle with[br]these laid-back country folk, don't it? 00:22:30.97,00:22:32.76 I like it a lot. 00:22:36.18,00:22:38.02 What's the matter? 00:22:40.48,00:22:43.19 You spilt the salt. That's the matter. 00:22:44.11,00:22:46.70 Spilling the saIt is very bad luck. 00:22:47.45,00:22:51.07 Driving across country,[br]the last thing we need is bad luck. 00:22:51.83,00:22:54.62 Toss some salt over your right shoulder. 00:22:58.25,00:23:00.00 What the hell?! 00:23:02.79,00:23:06.38 Okay, who's the dead man[br]that hit me with the salt shaker? 00:23:18.18,00:23:22.19 It was a terrible mistake, sir.[br]I'd never offend a man of your size. 00:23:25.32,00:23:27.40 Take his ass, Sea Bass. 00:23:30.36,00:23:33.12 You gonna eat that?[br]- What that? No... 00:23:34.87,00:23:36.79 It crossed my mind. 00:23:48.34,00:23:50.47 You really went out man. 00:23:51.80,00:23:54.30 What are you talking about, went out? 00:23:54.30,00:23:56.60 The guy hawked on my burger. 00:23:58.93,00:24:00.77 I think I just... 00:24:01.52,00:24:03.65 Yes, I just had an idea. 00:24:08.61,00:24:10.15 Follow me. 00:24:17.83,00:24:20.87 Excuse me, guys?[br]- What the hell do you want? 00:24:22.37,00:24:24.63 I just want to apologize... 00:24:25.34,00:24:28.42 for that unpleasant scene[br]a little earlier. 00:24:28.51,00:24:30.55 My friend Harry and I... 00:24:30.55,00:24:33.76 would like to buy you guys[br]a round of beers... 00:24:36.05,00:24:39.60 just to bury the hatchet.[br]- Make it for Blothermakers. 00:24:40.18,00:24:43.90 Whatever you want, sir.[br]I'lI have the waitress bring it over. 00:24:47.40,00:24:50.82 What're you doing?[br]We can't afford to buy them drinks. 00:24:54.57,00:24:56.12 Excuse me. 00:24:57.28,00:25:00.66 Sea Bass and the fellas[br]offered to pick up our check. 00:25:00.66,00:25:03.87 They said put it on their tab.[br]They're very nice. 00:25:07.09,00:25:09.63 Sea Bass said that?[br]- Well, if... 00:25:11.01,00:25:13.93 that the guy at the table is Sea Bass... 00:25:21.43,00:25:24.10 All right, if that's what he wants... 00:25:25.31,00:25:27.65 Put these on there too, okay? 00:25:34.40,00:25:36.87 I'll kill those sons of bitches. 00:25:42.58,00:25:46.58 That was genius, Lloyd. Where did you[br]come up with a scam like that? 00:25:47.96,00:25:51.00 I saw in a movie once.[br]- That was incredible. 00:25:52.30,00:25:56.34 What happened? Some sucker picked[br]up his tab and he got away with it? 00:25:56.93,00:26:01.35 No, in the movie they caught up half[br]a mile down the road and slit his throat. 00:26:02.39,00:26:04.27 It was a good one. 00:26:11.36,00:26:15.40 I know this isn't the best time,[br]but can you pull over? I got to pee. 00:26:16.49,00:26:19.45 Are you crazy? Not now.[br]- But I gotta go... 00:26:21.03,00:26:25.21 Wizz in one of the empty beer bottles[br]in the back. They're on the floor. 00:26:36.09,00:26:37.84 Watch the seat! 00:26:50.69,00:26:52.61 What? What's wrong? 00:26:53.32,00:26:55.61 The bottle's almost full,[br]and I'm still going. 00:26:55.61,00:26:58.53 So stop.[br]- I can't stop once I've started. 00:27:00.53,00:27:03.58 Quick give me another bottle.[br]Come on, hurry! 00:27:12.42,00:27:13.96 Hold that. 00:27:20.80,00:27:22.51 Hold that one. 00:27:23.68,00:27:26.85 Hurry, I'm pitching it.[br]- What are you, a camel? 00:27:32.40,00:27:33.94 Pull over. 00:27:38.61,00:27:40.16 Pull over. 00:27:41.57,00:27:44.58 No it's a cardigan,[br]but thanks for noticing. 00:27:45.49,00:27:47.37 Killer boots, man. 00:27:47.91,00:27:50.83 Pull your vehicle[br]to the side of the road. 00:27:59.42,00:28:01.93 License and registration, please. 00:28:06.39,00:28:09.81 You fellas were going a little fast,[br]wouldn't you say? 00:28:11.35,00:28:14.56 You fellas been doing a bit of boozing,[br]have you? 00:28:15.23,00:28:17.78 Socking back Grandpa's[br]old cough medicine? 00:28:17.78,00:28:19.49 No, oh no sir. 00:28:20.86,00:28:22.70 Well what's that? 00:28:25.20,00:28:27.74 That's nothing, sir.[br]- Nothing... 00:28:27.87,00:28:30.25 Are you aware that it's against the law... 00:28:30.25,00:28:34.08 to have an open alcohol container in[br]the car in Pennsylvania? 00:28:35.50,00:28:38.92 Give me that booze,[br]you pumpkin-pie haircutted freak.. 00:28:48.14,00:28:50.81 Sir, no...[br]- No, sir. Don't drink... 00:28:50.81,00:28:54.52 You'd keep your mouth shut[br]if you knew what was good for you. 00:29:11.16,00:29:14.04 Tic-tac, sir?[br]- Get the hell out of here. 00:29:20.30,00:29:23.88 How could they not have the ransom?[br]It doesn't make sense. 00:29:24.84,00:29:28.01 I left the money exactly[br]where they instructed me to. 00:29:28.01,00:29:30.02 It makes perfect sense, Mary. 00:29:30.02,00:29:33.06 We should have called the police[br]when Bobby was kidnapped. 00:29:33.06,00:29:35.48 We've been through this, Helen. 00:29:35.94,00:29:37.44 Mr Andr,. 00:29:38.11,00:29:40.11 Nicolas...[br]- Carl... 00:29:42.65,00:29:45.61 Any word yet, sir?[br]- Nothing yet, Nicholas. 00:29:47.82,00:29:50.58 I've been giving this a lot of thought. 00:29:51.45,00:29:54.50 Maybe we should cancel[br]the benefit this week. 00:29:55.25,00:29:59.17 We shouldn't do anything unusual.[br]- She's right, we must carry on. 00:30:01.25,00:30:05.09 Especially you, Mary.[br]- I have to act as if everything was fine? 00:30:06.43,00:30:09.14 Exactly.[br]- Go skiing, act normally... 00:30:10.76,00:30:13.48 We can't let on that anything's wrong. 00:30:13.98,00:30:17.52 If the press gets wind of this,[br]the kidnappers may panic. 00:30:20.32,00:30:22.86 You never know what they might do. 00:31:19.12,00:31:22.38 So he says, do you love me?[br]And she says "No"... 00:31:22.88,00:31:25.26 but that's a nice ski-mask! 00:31:31.34,00:31:32.97 What's that? 00:34:52.42,00:34:54.42 You want me to drive? 00:34:55.30,00:34:56.97 No, I'm cool. 00:35:00.93,00:35:04.64 I don't know. These places just[br]bring back a lot of memories. 00:35:06.48,00:35:09.56 What happened. Harry?[br]Did some filly break your heart? 00:35:09.56,00:35:12.11 No, it was a girl. Fraida Felcher. 00:35:13.15,00:35:16.74 We stayed in a place like this.[br]Not this classy, but nice. 00:35:18.24,00:35:21.03 Felcher, from Cranston?[br]- You know her? 00:35:22.33,00:35:25.41 Yes! I mean, I remember[br]you talking about her. 00:35:29.71,00:35:32.29 We had an incredibly romantic time. 00:35:32.88,00:35:35.59 I thought we'd be together for ever... 00:35:35.76,00:35:39.09 but a week later she sent me[br]a John Deere letter. 00:35:39.88,00:35:42.85 She give you any reason?[br]- I called her up. 00:35:43.05,00:35:46.98 She gave me some crap about me not[br]listening to her. I don't know. 00:35:48.06,00:35:51.69 But what hurt most was: I think[br]she was seeing another guy. 00:35:55.57,00:35:57.61 I never found out who. 00:36:00.53,00:36:03.12 Mr Andr,, guess who we bumped into? 00:36:07.91,00:36:10.25 It all ends in a phone booth. 00:36:10.87,00:36:13.84 Yeah, the boys are holed up[br]in a love nest. 00:36:15.25,00:36:17.30 They're a bit strange. 00:36:17.92,00:36:20.93 What the hell are they up to?[br]Are they Feds? 00:36:22.64,00:36:24.43 Highly unlikely! 00:36:26.89,00:36:30.14 You ever heard of the concept[br]of "other people"? 00:36:32.27,00:36:34.56 Me being that for the phone? 00:36:37.11,00:36:40.03 You turned your back on me.[br]He got me mad. 00:36:40.82,00:36:44.32 You were supposed to grab that bag![br]- Your drink, honey. 00:36:49.75,00:36:51.29 Hold on... 00:36:54.54,00:36:56.38 Get off the phone. 00:36:58.67,00:37:00.55 Get off the phone. 00:37:09.52,00:37:12.14 I'm sorry, Mr Andr, you were saying? 00:37:13.27,00:37:16.40 These jokers have a lot of money[br]and it's mine! 00:37:16.73,00:37:20.03 I want to know who they are[br]and what they're doing! 00:37:20.44,00:37:22.82 I told you already: I'm on it. 00:37:25.07,00:37:26.37 Good! 00:38:16.46,00:38:19.09 Come on Joe, let me do both of them. 00:38:19.38,00:38:21.84 You wouldn't have to worry about it. 00:38:21.84,00:38:24.88 Just shut up. We don't[br]even know who they are. 00:38:25.63,00:38:28.68 You don't kill people you don't know.[br]That's a rule. 00:38:28.68,00:38:31.39 Come up here and lie on the front seat. 00:38:31.47,00:38:34.73 When they pick me up, you follow us.[br]You got that? 00:38:35.81,00:38:37.81 Hey, here they come! 00:38:38.52,00:38:40.07 Stay down. 00:38:51.20,00:38:53.91 Say, are you guys going to Davenport? 00:38:54.08,00:38:56.67 My car died and I'm late for lunch. 00:38:59.17,00:39:01.84 We usually don't pick up hitchhikers. 00:39:03.00,00:39:05.80 But I'll go with my instinct on this one. 00:39:06.76,00:39:08.68 Saddle up. Partner! 00:39:11.14,00:39:12.68 You're it! 00:39:12.97,00:39:14.52 You're it! 00:39:14.56,00:39:16.89 Quitsies...[br]Anti-quitsies... 00:39:17.14,00:39:18.81 You can't do that![br]- Can too! 00:39:18.81,00:39:21.40 You can't![br]Can do; double stamp that! 00:39:21.40,00:39:24.11 Can not! Triple stamp it! No racies... 00:39:24.57,00:39:28.95 You can't triple stamp a double stamp![br]You can't triple stamp a double stamp! 00:39:29.32,00:39:30.49 Lloyd! 00:39:30.49,00:39:32.12 Guys! Wnough! 00:39:37.08,00:39:40.58 Hey, want to hear the most[br]annoying sound in the world? 00:39:44.38,00:39:46.21 Guys! Guys! Guys! 00:39:49.05,00:39:50.59 Fellas... 00:39:51.89,00:39:54.64 You think we could listen to the radio? 00:39:56.89,00:39:59.77 Radio? Who needs the radio?[br]Ready, Harry? 00:40:03.15,00:40:04.57 Mock... 00:40:05.32,00:40:06.78 ing... 00:40:07.07,00:40:08.53 bird. 00:40:11.49,00:40:14.62 Mocking bird, don't everybody...[br]have you heard? 00:40:16.33,00:40:19.04 She's going to buy me a mocking bird... 00:40:20.42,00:40:23.21 And if that's mocking bird don't sing... 00:40:24.34,00:40:27.09 She's going to buy me a diamond ring... 00:40:56.53,00:40:59.33 You want an atomic pepper,[br]Mr Mentalino? 00:41:02.46,00:41:05.75 You guys go ahead.[br]- I'll do it if you will, Lloyd. 00:41:06.63,00:41:09.17 Okay, you go first.[br]- No, you go. 00:41:10.13,00:41:11.93 No, you.[br]- You. 00:41:13.43,00:41:16.10 I always go.[br]- Why don't you guys... 00:41:16.51,00:41:20.27 stop acting like a pair of pussies[br]and go at the same time. 00:41:23.56,00:41:26.69 That sounds like a dare, Harry.[br]- It's a double dare! 00:41:26.69,00:41:28.53 Okay, you're on. 00:41:37.12,00:41:40.00 It's not so bad.[br]- More tingly than hot. 00:41:55.01,00:41:57.97 If you'll excuse me,[br]I gotta use the phone. 00:41:59.10,00:42:01.10 Wnjoy your meal, guys. 00:42:03.89,00:42:05.77 Lloyd, this helps. 00:42:07.36,00:42:09.07 That was good. 00:42:15.78,00:42:17.70 Here it is, Mental. 00:42:18.03,00:42:21.04 I'm sitting down to nice meal[br]with our boys. 00:42:21.54,00:42:24.54 Don't forget[br]the bread plate is on the left!. 00:42:24.54,00:42:27.96 I can't have them running around Aspen.[br]- Don't worry. 00:42:28.71,00:42:33.13 They won't be running around anywhere[br]with rat poison in their Shirley Temple. 00:42:41.22,00:42:42.93 Here he comes. 00:42:45.14,00:42:48.48 Feeling better?[br]- Much better, thank you for asking. 00:42:56.20,00:42:58.87 Why are you going to Aspen, vacation? 00:42:59.49,00:43:02.33 Why don't you eat up and we'll tell you. 00:43:03.16,00:43:06.75 You didn't pack much. I just saw[br]one bag and a briefcase. 00:43:09.67,00:43:13.05 The briefcase isn't ours.[br]A lady left at the airport. 00:43:13.17,00:43:16.59 We're just bringing it back to her.[br]How's your burger? 00:43:18.26,00:43:20.80 You mean you don't even know her? 00:43:27.39,00:43:30.44 Talk about the wrong place[br]at the wrong time! 00:44:04.85,00:44:07.27 You okay, man? It was just a goof. 00:44:07.27,00:44:09.02 Ouch, my ulcer. 00:44:10.90,00:44:13.98 My pills.[br]- Maybe we should call an ambulance. 00:44:14.77,00:44:17.90 You'll get your pills.[br]Don't worry, I know CPR. 00:44:18.32,00:44:20.24 I'll get the pills. 00:44:35.59,00:44:38.30 It's a lot easier if you just lay back. 00:44:39.97,00:44:41.84 He's resisting me. 00:44:42.68,00:44:44.14 Pills... 00:44:44.55,00:44:47.52 Pills are good for you.[br]- Let 'em go down. 00:44:48.22,00:44:49.93 That's better. 00:44:51.06,00:44:53.90 You want to ketchup[br]and mustard like us? 00:45:00.74,00:45:02.53 Some of a bitch! 00:45:13.88,00:45:15.54 Check please! 00:45:19.21,00:45:21.17 I can't believe it. 00:45:21.84,00:45:24.18 Life's a fragile thing here. 00:45:24.64,00:45:28.43 One minute you're chewing on a burger,[br]the next you're dead meat. 00:45:28.43,00:45:31.39 But he blamed me.[br]You heard his last words. 00:45:33.94,00:45:36.61 Not if you count the gurgling sounds. 00:45:40.36,00:45:43.07 He was poisoned?[br]- No doubt about it. 00:45:43.74,00:45:46.20 We found these next to the body. 00:45:47.03,00:45:50.66 The waitress says he came in[br]with a couple of younger guys. 00:45:51.41,00:45:54.50 They called the ambulance,[br]then they hit the road. 00:45:54.50,00:45:56.25 Any idea where there were going? 00:45:56.25,00:46:00.17 We have a report they were seen[br]going west on the I-80 to Colorado. 00:46:00.88,00:46:03.26 You got a make on the vehicle? 00:46:04.05,00:46:06.43 Yes, they're driving an 84... 00:46:08.72,00:46:10.31 sheepdog. 00:47:08.20,00:47:09.74 Skis, huh? 00:47:10.78,00:47:12.87 That's right.[br]- Great. 00:47:13.54,00:47:15.25 They're yours? 00:47:16.75,00:47:18.08 Uhuh. 00:47:21.29,00:47:22.96 Both of them? 00:47:27.93,00:47:29.26 Cool! 00:47:33.18,00:47:36.10 Excuse me, but[br]you're spraying everywhere. 00:48:31.20,00:48:34.95 That's a lot of luggage for a vacation.[br]- I'm moving to Aspen. 00:48:35.41,00:48:38.87 I've got a get away from my boyfriend.[br]He such a klutz. 00:48:39.00,00:48:42.67 My astrologer told me to stay away[br]from accident-prone guys. 00:48:48.67,00:48:50.97 Here, it's a little loose... 00:48:51.93,00:48:53.97 Hey, no... allow me... 00:48:54.60,00:48:56.81 I've got a thing, here. 00:49:06.94,00:49:09.36 I'm heading up to Aspen myself. 00:49:10.32,00:49:13.66 Maybe we could meet up[br]and drink some hot chocolate. 00:49:15.41,00:49:17.95 Sure, why not?[br]You seem harmless. 00:49:18.41,00:49:21.33 I'll give you my number.[br]Let's find a pen. 00:49:21.33,00:49:23.83 I know I have one here somewhere. 00:49:24.50,00:49:28.25 Just tell it to me, I have a good memory.[br]- The number is 555: 00:49:30.38,00:49:33.05 90... sorry, that's my old number. 00:49:33.39,00:49:37.18 You mind sometimes goes blank.[br]- Just give me that damn number! 00:49:38.81,00:49:41.23 You gonna get pushy, forget it. 00:49:48.44,00:49:51.24 Find a happy place.[br]Find a happy place. 00:50:40.70,00:50:44.08 Any sign of them yet?[br]- We're expecting them shortly. 00:50:44.12,00:50:47.67 A motorist saw them about 30 miles back[br]heading this way. 00:50:52.67,00:50:55.97 I told you what happened, okay?[br]- Okay, sure thing. 00:50:57.72,00:51:00.18 A look, were almost in Colorado. 00:51:00.81,00:51:04.31 Shall we change seats?[br]I've been driving for nine hours. 00:51:04.52,00:51:07.56 I don't have the energy[br]to start a new state. 00:51:09.15,00:51:11.32 Hey guys. Big gulps, huh? 00:51:13.69,00:51:15.40 See you later. 00:51:19.16,00:51:21.45 Hey, Harry. I've got some... 00:51:26.50,00:51:29.92 Some people just weren't cut out[br]for life on the road. 00:52:05.37,00:52:08.46 I was wondering when[br]you were going to get up. 00:52:10.38,00:52:12.54 How long have I been out? 00:52:14.05,00:52:16.26 I'd say a good five hours. 00:52:22.72,00:52:26.18 I expected the Rocky Mountains[br]to be rockier than this. 00:52:28.44,00:52:30.81 I was thinking the same thing. 00:52:31.73,00:52:34.44 That John Denver is full of shit, man. 00:52:38.40,00:52:41.61 I'm only human, Harry.[br]Anyone can make a mistake. 00:52:44.16,00:52:46.41 Come on, stop being a baby. 00:52:47.79,00:52:50.00 So we backtracked a tad... 00:52:52.25,00:52:55.80 A tad? You drove a sixth[br]of the way across the country... 00:52:58.13,00:53:00.34 in the wrong direction! 00:53:02.22,00:53:05.85 Now we don't have enough money[br]to get Aspen, to get home... 00:53:06.93,00:53:10.06 to eat. We don't have[br]enough money to sleep! 00:53:13.61,00:53:16.27 We can't sit here and whine about it. 00:53:17.40,00:53:20.74 We're in a hole and we'lI have[br]to dig ourselves out. 00:53:24.03,00:53:27.04 Okay. You'll right,[br]you're absolutely right. 00:53:27.37,00:53:30.46 Where are you going?[br]- Home, I'm walking home. 00:53:33.88,00:53:36.17 Well, pardon me, Mr Perfect! 00:53:37.84,00:53:40.80 I guess I forgot:[br]you never make a mistake! 00:54:29.10,00:54:32.27 Got room for one more,[br]if you wanna go to Aspen. 00:54:33.14,00:54:36.35 Where did you find that?[br]- Some kid back in town. 00:54:37.86,00:54:40.40 Traded the van for it straight up. 00:54:40.73,00:54:43.07 I can get 70 mpg on this hog. 00:54:48.62,00:54:51.83 Lloyd, when I think[br]you couldn't be any dumber... 00:54:55.92,00:54:58.67 you go and do something like this... 00:55:00.25,00:55:02.67 and totally redeem yourself! 00:55:05.93,00:55:07.64 Still wanna go to Aspen? 00:55:07.64,00:55:09.68 Okay, let's go, buddy. 00:55:15.44,00:55:17.48 Go west. Go west, boy. 00:56:04.90,00:56:07.53 I gotta stop and go to the bathroom. 00:56:09.70,00:56:11.36 Just go, man. 00:56:15.33,00:56:17.33 That's nice and warm. 00:57:19.60,00:57:21.23 We're there. 00:57:31.36,00:57:33.86 It got a little dippy back there. 00:57:37.62,00:57:41.29 Isn't this incredible?[br]What more could two single guys want? 00:57:42.25,00:57:44.12 How about some food? 00:57:44.12,00:57:47.21 I swallowed a June bug[br]when we were driving, I'm full. 00:57:47.21,00:57:48.88 I'm starving. 00:57:50.55,00:57:53.47 Jesus, look at the butt on that.[br]- Yeah... 00:57:55.38,00:57:57.34 he must work out. 00:57:57.72,00:58:00.68 Why don't we deliver[br]the briefcase to Mary? 00:58:01.47,00:58:05.02 If I know her, she'll invite us in[br]for tea and strumpets. 00:58:05.73,00:58:08.86 Good plan, where does she live?[br]- I don't know. 00:58:10.23,00:58:12.23 What's her last name? 00:58:15.57,00:58:18.20 I don't recall. It starts with an S. 00:58:20.20,00:58:22.45 Swin... Swamie... Slippy... 00:58:23.79,00:58:27.29 Slappy, Slimin, Solomon, Simin, Sal,[br]Swenson, Swanson... 00:58:28.67,00:58:30.38 Look on the briefcase.[br]- Yes. 00:58:30.38,00:58:34.38 It's right here. Samsonite. I was way off.[br]But it started with an S. 00:58:38.01,00:58:41.14 I'm not seeing it here.[br]- She must be unlisted. 00:58:45.18,00:58:47.23 Great. What we do now? 00:58:53.36,00:58:55.49 I can't feel my fingers. 00:58:56.82,00:58:58.49 They're numb. 00:59:02.33,00:59:06.08 Maybe you should wear these extra[br]gloves. My hands are sweaty. 00:59:08.58,00:59:10.25 Extra gloves? 00:59:11.00,00:59:13.63 You had extra gloves the whole time? 00:59:17.51,00:59:19.76 Yeah, we're in the Rockies. 00:59:22.47,00:59:24.39 I'm gonna kill you. 00:59:27.06,00:59:29.81 I'm gonna kill you. I'm gonna kill you. 00:59:30.31,00:59:32.82 Calm down.[br]- I'm gonna kill you. 00:59:33.36,00:59:36.07 You got that crazy looking you arrive. 00:59:39.99,00:59:42.16 I know what I'm gonna do. 00:59:42.45,00:59:45.75 I'm gonna do what I should've[br]done a long time ago. 00:59:46.75,00:59:50.29 Don't do anything foolish.[br]- Foolish? This isn't foolish. 00:59:50.96,00:59:54.25 I'm gonna toss this damn curse[br]into that damn pond. 00:59:58.97,01:00:00.93 I'll do it.[br]- No... 01:00:07.31,01:00:09.44 Your hands are freezing. 01:00:22.32,01:00:26.24 Okay, here's the plan. We borrow[br]a few bucks from the briefcase... 01:00:28.62,01:00:32.75 and find some reasonable lodgings.[br]- And we'll keep track with lOUs. 01:00:33.25,01:00:36.63 We'll pay back whatever we borrow,[br]to the last penny. 01:00:37.30,01:00:40.59 That's what we're good for.[br]- Our word is our bond. 01:00:42.34,01:00:45.26 This is the presidential suite,[br]gentlemen. 01:00:46.81,01:00:49.85 Normally reserved for royalty,[br]dignitaries... 01:00:51.02,01:00:54.73 stars of stage and screen.[br]The Wmperor of Japan is coming. 01:00:56.82,01:00:59.28 Prince Charles and Di,[br]when they were together... 01:00:59.28,01:01:02.41 used to frequent the hotel.[br]- We'll take it. 01:01:31.68,01:01:33.44 There you go... 01:01:35.94,01:01:38.36 There you go... there you go... 01:02:13.89,01:02:16.90 Oh boy, this is living, huh?[br]What's on next? 01:02:18.73,01:02:20.94 I don't know, let me look. 01:02:23.15,01:02:24.95 Lloyd, you okay? 01:02:25.82,01:02:27.99 Harry, it's Mary.[br]- Who? 01:02:30.08,01:02:32.20 Mary with the briefcase. 01:02:32.45,01:02:34.12 Mary Swanson. 01:02:35.83,01:02:37.38 Swanson... 01:02:38.04,01:02:41.00 wool hast a noo...[br] an annual... 01:02:44.17,01:02:46.93 annual meeting of t-h-e...[br]- The... 01:02:52.81,01:02:55.35 the inter...[br]- It's a big one... 01:02:55.35,01:02:58.73 lnternational preservation society...[br]tomorrow night. 01:03:01.27,01:03:04.40 Come on, Cinderella.[br]You got to go to the ball. 01:04:58.10,01:05:01.14 Thanks Barn... There you go.[br]- Thank you sir. 01:05:18.58,01:05:20.75 Okay, okay, okay. Cripes! 01:05:30.67,01:05:32.17 Time out. 01:05:33.59,01:05:37.64 Excuse me, gentlemen. This is[br]a 500 dollar-a-plate dinner. Goodnight. 01:05:38.31,01:05:41.27 500? No problem here.[br]Put us down for four. 01:05:43.48,01:05:45.60 In case we want seconds. 01:05:52.45,01:05:55.11 Jesus Christ, it's them.[br]- Them who? 01:05:55.82,01:05:58.12 The guys who whacked Mental. 01:06:00.91,01:06:04.08 Can't you feel it Harry,[br]this is our big chance. 01:06:05.29,01:06:08.54 We just have to show some class...[br]and sophistication... 01:06:08.54,01:06:11.71 and we're in like a dirty shirt.[br]- That's no problem, Lloyd. 01:06:11.71,01:06:14.22 Look at the fun bags on that hound. 01:06:14.22,01:06:17.76 I could eat her liver with beans[br]and a bottle of Chianti. 01:06:21.64,01:06:24.48 Come on, let's get[br]some loud-mouth soup. 01:06:27.02,01:06:29.44 Bartender, two Martinis please. 01:06:31.23,01:06:33.28 Your attention please. 01:06:33.40,01:06:36.99 The Aspen Preservation Society[br]is the foremost defender... 01:06:37.91,01:06:40.20 of 23 endangered species. 01:06:40.70,01:06:43.95 It is with tremendous honor[br]we asked Mr Swanson... 01:06:46.00,01:06:48.71 to introduces us to the 24th. Carl? 01:06:56.30,01:06:59.89 Ladies and gentlemen...[br]I give you the lcelandic Snow Owl. 01:07:08.85,01:07:11.57 These magnificent specimens are 1/7... 01:07:12.19,01:07:15.11 of the snow owl population[br]left on the planet. 01:07:15.11,01:07:18.36 And God willing,[br]with your help and the society... 01:07:19.87,01:07:23.24 these wonderful creatures[br]will flourish once more. 01:07:23.49,01:07:26.29 Thank you again[br]and enjoy your evening. 01:07:29.08,01:07:31.67 Can I have some pistachios, please? 01:07:33.25,01:07:35.26 And another one of those. 01:07:35.26,01:07:38.59 Would you calm down?[br]I've never seen you so nervous. 01:07:40.47,01:07:43.26 Keep an eye on them, Shay.[br]A close eye. 01:07:43.89,01:07:47.98 I'm ready for commitment. The first time[br]I set eyes on Mary Swanson... 01:07:49.15,01:07:52.27 I got that old-fashioned[br]romantic feeling... 01:07:52.90,01:07:56.94 that I do anything to bone her.[br]- That's a special feeling, Lloyd. 01:07:59.61,01:08:01.57 Oh my, there she is. 01:08:02.37,01:08:05.24 Wow, you weren't kidding.[br]She's an angel. 01:08:09.08,01:08:12.13 What are you waiting for?[br]Go and talk to her. 01:08:16.84,01:08:20.30 She's going to think I'm a psycho[br]that I came so far... 01:08:21.18,01:08:24.76 But you have the briefcase.[br]She'll be thrilled to see you. 01:08:27.64,01:08:29.64 Wait, I have an idea. 01:08:31.19,01:08:34.15 Why don't you go[br]and introduces yourself... 01:08:35.19,01:08:39.07 and build me up. Then I won't have[br]to brag about myseIf later. 01:08:39.74,01:08:42.87 Tell her I'm rich...[br]and good-looking... and... 01:08:44.24,01:08:47.58 and have a rapist wit.[br]- Know, I don't think I... 01:08:49.83,01:08:51.29 Come on. 01:08:52.08,01:08:54.21 Okay. What you gonna do? 01:08:55.75,01:08:58.96 I'm gonna hang by the bar[br]and put out the 'vibe'. 01:09:12.69,01:09:15.23 Nice set of hooters you got there. 01:09:16.73,01:09:19.69 I beg your pardon?[br]- The owls... beautiful. 01:09:26.08,01:09:28.62 Are you a bird lover?[br]- Me? No... 01:09:28.99,01:09:32.67 I used to have a parakeet,[br]but my main expertise is canines. 01:09:35.63,01:09:37.88 Dogs... for the lay person. 01:09:39.51,01:09:41.01 Thanks... 01:09:42.26,01:09:45.39 I love dogs do.[br]How are you involved with them? 01:09:46.80,01:09:50.56 I trained them, bathed them,[br]clipped them, and even bred them. 01:09:51.43,01:09:55.23 Oh really? Any unusual breeding?[br]- No, mostly just doggy style. 01:09:56.73,01:09:59.73 One time we mated[br]a Bulldog with a Shitzu... 01:10:02.36,01:10:04.36 Really? That's weird. 01:10:05.61,01:10:07.99 Yeah, we called it a Bullshit. 01:10:19.34,01:10:22.30 Anyway, the real reason[br]I came over here... 01:10:23.47,01:10:26.43 was to introduce you to[br]a buddy of mine. 01:10:26.84,01:10:29.31 Mary, haven't met your friend... 01:10:29.97,01:10:33.60 Well actually we haven't been[br]introduced. I'm Mary Swanson. 01:10:34.35,01:10:37.48 Hi, Harry Dunne.[br]- This is my stepmother Helen. 01:10:38.27,01:10:40.86 Harry Dunne. A pleasure to meet you. 01:10:40.86,01:10:43.90 I saw you come in and[br]was hoping to meet you. 01:10:44.99,01:10:47.66 You were?[br]- That tuxedo is fabulous. 01:10:49.66,01:10:52.87 I love a man with a sense of humor.[br]So does Mary. 01:10:54.66,01:10:56.08 Really? 01:10:57.42,01:10:59.29 About my friend... 01:11:00.46,01:11:03.88 When you doing tomorrow?[br]Mary wants to hit the slopes. 01:11:04.63,01:11:06.13 She what? 01:11:06.93,01:11:10.05 Helen, you're embarrassing me.[br]- Well, you are. 01:11:10.68,01:11:14.18 After all, the snow will be gone[br]in a couple of weeks... 01:11:14.31,01:11:17.48 this may be a last chance.[br]The poor thing never gets out. 01:11:17.48,01:11:20.52 What do you say, Mr Dunne?[br]Are you available? 01:11:20.98,01:11:24.40 I don't know, my friend...[br]- Forget about your friend. 01:11:24.40,01:11:28.07 I think you kids'lI have a great time.[br]- Well, I don't know. 01:11:31.28,01:11:33.08 Sure, what time? 01:11:38.67,01:11:41.25 How come you didn't bring her over? 01:11:42.13,01:11:45.63 Relax, you're golden. You have[br]a date with her tomorrow. 01:11:47.01,01:11:48.80 I love you, man. 01:11:51.68,01:11:53.81 Okay, you're kissing me. 01:11:58.48,01:12:01.19 This calls for a little of the bubbly. 01:12:02.19,01:12:05.28 You're going to be[br]my best man here, I promise. 01:12:05.28,01:12:08.65 You've earned yourseIf a seat[br]at the head table, pal. 01:12:08.86,01:12:11.03 We already got the tuxes. 01:12:22.42,01:12:24.75 Well, this party really died. 01:12:31.26,01:12:33.51 Maybe it was a coincidence. 01:12:34.01,01:12:36.43 "Maybe it was a coincidence". 01:12:36.68,01:12:38.77 It was a message, Shay. 01:12:40.02,01:12:43.11 We killed their bird,[br]they killed one of ours. 01:12:47.07,01:12:49.95 How can anybody whack a bird[br]with a cork? 01:12:50.20,01:12:53.24 These guys aren't just anybody.[br]They're good. 01:13:10.38,01:13:11.97 Hey, coming. 01:13:17.39,01:13:18.93 Thank you. 01:13:35.41,01:13:36.87 Ma'am... 01:13:40.45,01:13:42.50 Beautiful outfit, sir. 01:13:45.08,01:13:46.71 Here you go. 01:13:58.10,01:14:01.10 How you doing?[br]We don't open for 45 minutes. 01:14:04.06,01:14:07.23 I'm meeting somebody.[br]Mind if I wait at the bar? 01:14:08.52,01:14:10.11 Come on in. 01:14:13.32,01:14:17.16 It's a beautiful day, huh?[br]- Yes, and a wonderful time. Thank you. 01:14:20.04,01:14:22.66 God, it feels so good to get up here. 01:14:22.66,01:14:25.83 I haven't been outside much.[br]- Oh yeah? Why not? 01:14:28.75,01:14:31.21 There's been some family problems. 01:14:32.63,01:14:35.72 I don't want to bore you with those.[br]- Thanks. 01:14:37.68,01:14:39.31 Look, frost. 01:14:43.35,01:14:44.73 Harry? 01:14:48.56,01:14:51.28 Are you okay?[br]- I do it all the time. 01:15:07.46,01:15:08.96 Hi there. 01:15:10.13,01:15:11.75 Say, kids... 01:15:12.42,01:15:15.01 d'you have a cup of warm water? 01:15:22.60,01:15:24.93 Excuse me, is it 10 a. m. yet? 01:15:28.56,01:15:30.11 It's one. 01:15:32.53,01:15:35.86 That's what I have too.[br]I thought maybe it was fast. 01:15:40.53,01:15:43.58 She's running late?[br]- Just a couple of hours. 01:15:44.41,01:15:47.87 You know girls... when[br]they're excited about something... 01:15:48.29,01:15:50.75 everything has to be perfect. 01:15:58.80,01:16:00.64 This one's on me. 01:16:02.30,01:16:03.81 Yippie... 01:16:05.06,01:16:06.89 A Chablis please. 01:16:08.02,01:16:09.40 Hello. 01:16:15.99,01:16:17.74 A bad day, huh? 01:16:19.11,01:16:20.53 Me too. 01:16:21.37,01:16:24.99 Wverything is being bad since[br]I broke up with my boyfriend. 01:16:44.10,01:16:46.68 My God. You poor guy. Does it hurt? 01:16:47.18,01:16:49.77 I'm fine. I shaved a sheet for you. 01:16:50.81,01:16:53.56 Listen, this is silly. Let me help you. 01:16:54.44,01:16:56.69 It'll only hurt for moment. 01:16:58.44,01:16:59.82 Ready? 01:18:54.44,01:18:57.81 I said to myself: run before[br]this man kills you both. 01:18:58.81,01:19:02.15 You know what the klutz did?[br]- No, and I don't care. 01:19:04.07,01:19:07.78 He came home one night dead drunk[br]and wanted to fix the sink. 01:19:09.12,01:19:12.50 Anyway. Let's talk about you.[br]How come you're here? 01:19:13.91,01:19:15.37 Bartender. 01:19:18.33,01:19:21.21 You wouldn't happen[br]to know Mary Swanson? 01:19:22.46,01:19:25.51 Mary Swanson?[br]She comes in here all the time. 01:19:28.18,01:19:31.51 What's that supposed to mean?[br]- She has dinner here. 01:19:33.10,01:19:34.64 I'm sorry. 01:19:39.98,01:19:42.15 You know where she lives? 01:19:43.32,01:19:46.49 Her family has the big place[br]up on Alpine Drive. 01:19:46.65,01:19:48.86 Alpine Drive? Big place? 01:19:57.58,01:19:59.13 No way... 01:20:01.25,01:20:02.96 That's great. 01:20:03.55,01:20:05.59 We landed on the moon! 01:20:13.18,01:20:16.35 Today was just what I needed.[br]Thanks a lot, Harry. 01:20:17.56,01:20:19.73 It was my pleasure, Mary. 01:20:23.44,01:20:27.74 You'll pick me up tonight at 7.45?[br]- I've got a few things to take care of. 01:20:29.41,01:20:32.28 Why don't we make it 1/4 to 8?[br]- Stop it! 01:20:35.24,01:20:36.83 Okay, 7.45. 01:20:40.88,01:20:42.33 Bye... 01:21:26.92,01:21:30.38 It doesn't make a sense.[br]She told me ten o'clock sharp. 01:21:30.80,01:21:33.51 You went to the right bar?[br]- Oh yeah. 01:21:35.47,01:21:38.43 I'm pretty sure.[br]Lobby bar... in the lobby. 01:21:43.06,01:21:45.73 Maybe she just had a change of heart. 01:21:45.90,01:21:49.28 That really pisses me off.[br]I hate when women do that. 01:21:51.24,01:21:54.12 She wanted to see you again.[br]And now no? 01:21:54.91,01:21:56.70 Wait a minute! 01:21:58.04,01:22:00.87 She must've meant ten o'clock at night. 01:22:02.87,01:22:06.21 D'you think?[br]- Why would she meet in a bar at 10 am? 01:22:07.25,01:22:09.92 I figured she was a raging alcoholic. 01:22:16.22,01:22:19.85 And all this time I be going through[br]such pain and anguish. 01:22:21.48,01:22:23.56 Such hell, for nothing! 01:22:24.60,01:22:27.19 That's funny.[br]That's good stuff. 01:22:28.73,01:22:32.61 Listen... looks like your night's planned,[br]so I'll catch a flick. 01:22:37.41,01:22:39.33 Ten in the morning! 01:22:57.47,01:22:59.56 Hey Harry, old buddy... 01:23:01.64,01:23:04.44 Join me in a good luck toast[br]before you head out? 01:23:04.44,01:23:07.15 Fine, whatever will help your chances. 01:23:08.06,01:23:09.69 Yes siree... 01:23:11.98,01:23:15.53 You know why I like you, Harry?[br]And you're a regular guy. 01:23:17.66,01:23:20.37 That's why I want you to stay regular. 01:23:21.20,01:23:24.21 One haIf teaspoon[br]for fast effective relief. 01:23:46.98,01:23:49.61 To my friend Harry.[br]The match-maker. 01:23:51.36,01:23:53.15 Get out of here. 01:24:20.72,01:24:23.31 Hi, the door's open, come upstairs. 01:24:29.73,01:24:33.11 Make yourseIf at home.[br]I'm almost ready, one minute. 01:24:33.52,01:24:35.23 Sounds good... 01:25:58.90,01:26:00.99 Harry, are you in there? 01:26:02.70,01:26:04.37 Be right out. 01:26:04.82,01:26:08.04 I hope you weren't using the toilet,[br]it's broken. 01:26:11.25,01:26:13.42 The toilet doesn't flush. 01:26:14.79,01:26:17.13 I was just shaving.[br]- Shaving? 01:26:19.09,01:26:22.34 I was running little late[br]and wanted to save time. 01:26:26.43,01:26:29.56 Okay, I'll be in the kitchen[br]when you're ready. 01:26:50.83,01:26:55.21 Tomorrow in A Current Affair: in the home[br]of the Menendez Brothers' attorney. 01:26:55.71,01:26:59.25 Will be back in a minute with the[br]heartbreaking story... 01:27:00.09,01:27:04.05 of the blind Rhode Island boy[br]duped into buying a dead parakeet. 01:27:04.97,01:27:07.47 I just thought he was real quiet. 01:27:12.81,01:27:15.02 Who are these sick people? 01:27:19.69,01:27:21.11 Hi... 01:27:24.20,01:27:25.82 Remember me? 01:27:28.32,01:27:29.91 Not really. 01:27:30.79,01:27:32.37 Providence. 01:27:33.95,01:27:37.17 I drove you to the airport last week.[br]- My God... 01:27:39.21,01:27:41.92 Lloyd, right?[br]- You remember my name! 01:27:44.92,01:27:48.39 What are you doing in Aspen?[br]- I brought you your briefcase. 01:27:48.39,01:27:50.97 You left it at the airport, you goof. 01:27:52.35,01:27:54.39 You have my briefcase? 01:27:55.43,01:27:58.98 I have it at my hotel.[br]Jump on the bike, we'll go get it. 01:27:59.81,01:28:01.32 Unless... 01:28:02.40,01:28:04.15 you're busy. 01:28:04.78,01:28:07.11 No, you just wait right here. 01:28:13.70,01:28:16.00 Come on, flush, you bastard. 01:28:20.50,01:28:23.09 Harry, what are you doing in there? 01:28:23.84,01:28:25.88 I'm cleaning my teeth. 01:28:27.84,01:28:31.05 Something important came up,[br]I've got to run out. 01:28:32.43,01:28:35.14 It's an emergency. I'll explain later. 01:28:51.53,01:28:53.49 Race you to the top. 01:29:04.88,01:29:06.26 I won. 01:29:07.84,01:29:11.05 Look familiar?[br]- I don't believe it. You have it. 01:29:12.18,01:29:16.56 When Lloyd Christmas drives a woman[br]to the airport, she gets all her luggage. 01:29:17.81,01:29:20.69 That's my whole philosophy.[br]- lncredible. 01:29:20.85,01:29:23.31 You drove 2000 miles[br]just for me? 01:29:27.19,01:29:29.70 I didn't really have a lot to do. 01:29:33.03,01:29:36.33 And I know how frustrating[br]it can be to lose a bag. 01:29:37.91,01:29:40.12 That is so sweet, Lloyd. 01:29:55.01,01:29:58.97 Look Mary this may seem sudden,[br]but I've given it a lot of thought. 01:30:00.48,01:30:04.65 I've been waiting for you my whole life[br]and I'm not ashamed to admit it. 01:30:04.81,01:30:06.32 Please... 01:30:07.02,01:30:08.86 let me finish. 01:30:10.74,01:30:14.37 I'm crazy about you. I've never[br]felt this way about anyone. 01:30:16.37,01:30:19.45 What is it with me...[br]I feel like a schoolboy. 01:30:22.46,01:30:25.63 A schoolboy who wants[br]to make sweet love to you. 01:30:36.85,01:30:39.77 I thought I heard[br]you talking to someone. 01:30:42.27,01:30:43.60 Mary... 01:30:51.40,01:30:54.53 I desperately want[br]to make love to a schoolboy. 01:30:56.45,01:30:58.95 Maybe I should be going.[br]- No... 01:30:59.58,01:31:01.70 That's not what I meant. 01:31:08.29,01:31:10.21 What I meant was... 01:31:14.93,01:31:16.80 I like you, Mary. 01:31:21.81,01:31:23.64 I like you a lot. 01:31:26.27,01:31:29.23 I want to ask you a question.[br]Straight out. 01:31:30.23,01:31:33.15 And I want you to give me[br]an honest answer. 01:31:33.44,01:31:36.07 What do you think the chances are... 01:31:36.41,01:31:39.37 that a guy like you and a girl like me... 01:31:41.16,01:31:44.37 ending up together?[br]- That's difficult to say. 01:31:45.71,01:31:49.42 We really don't...[br]- Hit me with it. Give it to me straight. 01:31:50.88,01:31:53.51 I came a long way just see you, Mary. 01:31:53.92,01:31:56.51 Level with me. What are my chances? 01:31:59.10,01:32:00.60 Not good. 01:32:05.23,01:32:08.27 You mean not good;[br]like one out of a hundred? 01:32:08.81,01:32:11.57 I'd say more like one out of a million. 01:32:19.37,01:32:22.08 So you're telling me there's a chance? 01:32:28.58,01:32:30.17 I read you. 01:32:37.84,01:32:41.76 Hi, we have plenty of towels.[br]- Nicolas, what are you doing here? 01:32:42.97,01:32:46.81 I've been looking for you, Mary.[br]I have news about your husband. 01:32:48.19,01:32:50.31 Husband? Wait a minute... 01:32:52.73,01:32:55.53 What was all that one in a million talk? 01:32:57.53,01:33:00.03 Aren't you going to invite me in? 01:33:05.24,01:33:07.54 Hey Harry, you never called? 01:33:08.71,01:33:10.83 What are you doing here? 01:33:14.75,01:33:17.17 Excuse me, gunman. Who are you? 01:33:17.42,01:33:21.55 Don't play dumb with me, asshole.[br]The rightful owner of that briefcase. 01:33:25.85,01:33:28.77 Nicolas, my family trusted you.[br]- Shut up! 01:33:31.27,01:33:33.36 Listen, Mr Samsonite... 01:33:33.98,01:33:37.65 about the briefcase. Harry and l[br]intend to reimburse you. 01:33:41.28,01:33:42.87 Open it up. 01:33:43.53,01:33:46.08 Go ahead. Do what he says.[br]Hurry. 01:33:53.38,01:33:56.00 Was is this?[br]Where's all the money? 01:33:57.55,01:34:00.38 That's as good as money.[br]Those are lOUs. 01:34:01.55,01:34:04.89 Go ahead. Add it up.[br]It's all accounted for. Look... 01:34:06.51,01:34:09.14 See this?[br]That's a car. 275 thou... 01:34:10.23,01:34:12.77 Might want to hang on to that one. 01:34:15.56,01:34:18.28 You're a dead man.[br]You're a dead man! 01:34:23.78,01:34:25.57 Lloyd, I'm home. 01:34:27.87,01:34:31.25 We've got have a talk.[br]I've got a confession to make. 01:34:31.58,01:34:34.79 Oh good, you found her.[br]I'll leave you two alone. 01:34:35.54,01:34:37.04 No, stay. 01:34:44.64,01:34:48.47 Yes, I'd like a one-way ticket to[br]Amsterdam as soon as possible. 01:34:49.35,01:34:51.81 How do you guys know each other? 01:34:52.35,01:34:56.11 We used to be best friends.[br]- Until he turned into a backstabber. 01:34:56.11,01:34:58.98 Me a backstabber?[br]You got a lot of nerve. 01:34:59.03,01:35:01.07 You knew I was crazy about her. 01:35:01.07,01:35:03.99 You knew I was crazy[br]about Fraida Felcher. 01:35:07.20,01:35:10.08 What do you mean?[br]- Don't deny it, Lloyd. 01:35:10.58,01:35:13.58 She told me the whole story,[br]French tickler. 01:35:17.13,01:35:19.34 What time does that leave? 01:35:24.43,01:35:27.09 I guess we both learned[br]something about each other. 01:35:27.09,01:35:30.43 You said it, pal![br]Maybe we're not such good friends. 01:35:31.27,01:35:34.14 If one beautiful girI can[br]rip us apart like this... 01:35:34.14,01:35:37.86 Maybe our friendship isn't worth a damn.[br]Maybe we should call it quits right now. 01:35:37.86,01:35:41.28 You tell me where to sign.[br]- Right on my ass. Kiss it! 01:35:41.94,01:35:44.70 You kiss mine! Both cheeks! Right here! 01:35:47.62,01:35:49.08 Shut up! 01:35:51.37,01:35:54.46 Which one of you losers wants[br]to get it first. 01:35:55.16,01:35:56.71 Over here. 01:35:58.58,01:36:01.88 I was the one who got you[br]into this mess. Shoot me. 01:36:03.42,01:36:04.92 No, wait. 01:36:05.38,01:36:08.26 Me first. I stole your girl. I deserve it. 01:36:08.34,01:36:10.55 No you don't.[br]- Yes I do. 01:36:10.89,01:36:13.81 No you don't.[br]- Yesterday was a great day. 01:36:14.48,01:36:18.19 Mary and I went skiing,[br]made a snowman, she touched my leg... 01:36:18.85,01:36:20.61 Okay, kill him. 01:36:31.74,01:36:34.50 You killed my best friend, you bastard. 01:36:34.83,01:36:38.21 If it's any consolation,[br]you're about to be reunited. 01:36:44.38,01:36:46.34 Harry, you're alive. 01:36:49.14,01:36:51.39 And you're a horrible shot. 01:36:52.72,01:36:54.68 Lucky me.[br]- Police. 01:36:55.35,01:36:58.89 Don't anybody move. Wverybody freeze.[br]Get those hands up. 01:36:58.98,01:37:00.73 Not you, dummy. 01:37:02.52,01:37:05.03 Special officer Beth Jordan, FBl. 01:37:07.53,01:37:11.53 Mr Dunne, thank you very much.[br]We couldn't have done it without you. 01:37:11.82,01:37:14.70 We've been following you guys[br]all the way from Providence. 01:37:14.70,01:37:17.66 What's going on, Harry?[br]Your name is Harry? 01:37:19.92,01:37:23.17 She grabbed me in lobby[br]and explained what was up. 01:37:23.63,01:37:27.47 Then they slapped this bulletproof vest[br]on me and gave me a gun. 01:37:29.59,01:37:32.05 What if he shot you in the face? 01:37:33.05,01:37:37.22 What if he shot me in the face?[br]- That's a risk we were willing to take. 01:37:37.93,01:37:41.06 How come I didn't get a gun?[br]Did you get a gun? 01:38:10.09,01:38:13.14 You were right Lloyd.[br]She was worth the trip. 01:38:15.18,01:38:18.85 Yet, she is great isn't she?[br]I'm glad we could help her out. 01:38:30.65,01:38:32.41 Bobby.[br]- Wasy. 01:38:33.03,01:38:35.62 I'm just a little sore.[br]- Sorry... 01:38:38.20,01:38:39.87 I missed you. 01:38:40.12,01:38:43.83 Honey, I want to introduce you[br]to the kindest man I ever met. 01:38:44.96,01:38:47.00 Will you meet him?[br]- Sure. 01:38:47.00,01:38:48.75 He's got a gun. 01:38:56.30,01:38:58.81 I said: this is my husband Bobby. 01:39:00.81,01:39:02.27 Hi, Bobby. 01:39:02.27,01:39:04.27 I'm so happy for you. 01:39:06.36,01:39:09.03 Thank you.[br]Thank you both very much. 01:39:10.15,01:39:12.74 I owe you both a debt of gratitude. 01:39:34.22,01:39:36.51 I can't believe this, Lloyd. 01:39:36.97,01:39:40.43 First Mary dumps us,[br]then the cops take our nest egg... 01:39:41.27,01:39:44.85 then the car breaks down.[br]- When will we catch a break? 01:40:02.41,01:40:05.62 Hi guys, we're going on[br]a national bikini tour... 01:40:05.66,01:40:09.92 and we're looking for two boys to[br]grease us up before each competition. 01:40:14.59,01:40:16.38 You are in luck. 01:40:17.09,01:40:21.10 There's a town three miles that way.[br]I'm sure you'll find some guys. 01:40:25.68,01:40:27.35 Okay, thanks. 01:40:37.03,01:40:39.20 You realize what you done? 01:40:40.07,01:40:41.41 Wait! 01:40:53.17,01:40:56.26 You must excuse my friend.[br]He's a little slow. 01:40:59.18,01:41:01.39 The town is back that way. 01:41:11.81,01:41:13.19 Wow... 01:41:13.90,01:41:18.15 The two lucky guys will be with[br]those girls for the next couple of months. 01:41:21.20,01:41:23.91 Don't worry, we'll catch our break to. 01:41:24.04,01:41:26.70 We've just got to keep our eyes open.
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