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Through the snow and sleet and hail...
through the blizzard, through the gale...
through the wind and through the rain...
over mountain, over plain...
through the blinding lightning flash...
and the mighty thunder crash...
ever faithful, ever true...
nothing stops him.
He'll get through.
Look out for Mr. Stork that persevering chap
He'll come along and drop a bundle in your lap
You may be poor or rich It doesn't matter which
Millionaires, they get theirs like the butcher and the baker
So look out for Mr. Stork and let me tell you, friend
Don't try to get away He'll find you in the end
He'll spot you out in China or he'll fly to County Cork
So you'd better look out for Mr. Stork
Look out for Mr. Stork He's got you on his list
And when he comes around it's useless to resist
Remember those quintuplets and the woman in the shoe
Maybe he's got his eye on you
All aboard! All aboard!
All aboard! Let's go!
Casey Junior's comin'down the track
Comin'down the track with a smoky stack
Hear him puffiin' comin' round the hill
Casey's here to thrill every Jack and Jill
Every time his funny little whistle sounds
Everybody hurries to the circus grounds
Time for lemonade and Cracker Jack
Casey Junior's back Casey Junior's back
Oh. My, my.
Now let me see.
Must be right around here somewhere.
I hope. Ah, watch it there.
On the treetop
Where are we here? Oh, here.
Highway 61, four miles to the gas station
Turn left Da-da da-da-da de
Ah. That must be it.
Well, little fella, let's get goin'.
Mrs. Jumbo. Oh, Mrs. Jumbo.
Calling Mrs. Jumbo.
Mrs. Jumbo?
Oh. My.
Mrs. Jumbo!
- Oh, where's that Mrs. Jum... - Yoo-hoo! Yoo-hoo!
- Over here. - This way, boy.
- In here! In here! - Yoo-hoo!
- This is the place. - Whew! At last.
Which one of you ladies is expecting?
- Hmph! Not me. - The very idea.
Certainly not. Over there, of course.
Yes, of course. Right over there.
Oh. Of course.
Here is a baby with eyes of blue...
straight from heaven right to you.
Or: Straight from heaven up above...
here is a baby for you to love.
Sign here, please.
Uh, yeah. Well... Oh. Mrs. Jumbo.
Uh, one moment, please. This is still part of the service.
Happy Birthday to you
Ah, Happy Birthday to you
Ah, Happy Birthday, dear
Ah, dear Dear me. What's his name?
Jumbo. Junior.
Oh! Jumbo Junior, huh? Ahem! Jumbo Junior.
Happy Birthday, dear Jumbo Junior
Happy Birthday
- Oh, do hurry, dear. - I'm on pins and needles.
- Isn't it thrilling? - I'm all a-flutter.
Ah, this is a proud, proud day.
- Well, hurry and open it, dearie. - I'm just dying to see.
- Oh! - Look at him!
Look at him!
Oh, what a... Oh, look!
- Oh, you sweet little thing. - He is cute, isn't he?
Oh, he is a darling little baby.
Adorable. Simply adorable.
Did you ever see anything so cunning?
Isn't he a darling!
Kootchy, kootchy, kootchy, kootchy, kootchy, kootchy.
- Oh! - Oh!
- Is it possible? - Isn't there some mistake?
Just look at those, those...
Those what? Oh, ears!
These! Aren't they funny? Oh!
- Oh, my goodness. - What a temper.
Oh, what did I do? Well, tell me.
- Did I say anything? - Perfectly harmless remark.
I just said that they're funny, and they are funny.
- They certainly are. - After all, who cares...
about her precious little Jumbo?
Jumbo? You mean Dumbo.
- Dumbo, I say. - That's good.
- Dumbo! That's good. - Dumbo.
I think I can. I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.
I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.
I thought I could. I thought I could. I thought I could. I thought I could.
Hike, ugh, hike, ugh hike, ugh, hike
We work all day We work all night
We never learned to read or write
We're happy-hearted roustabouts
Hike, ugh, hike, ugh hike, ugh, hike
When other folks have gone to bed
We slave until we're almost dead
We're happy-hearted roustabouts
Hike, ugh, hike, ugh hike, ugh, hike
We don't know when we get our pay
And when we do we throw our pay away
When we get our pay we throw our money all away
We get our pay when children say
With happy hearts It's circus day today
Then we get our pay just watching kids on circus day
Muscles aching Back near breaking
Eggs and bacon's what we need
- Yes, sir! - Boss man houndin'
Keep on poundin'
For your bread and keep
There ain't no letup
Got to set up
Pull that canvas
Drive that stake
Want to doze off Get them clothes off
But must keep awake
Hep! Heave! Hep! Heave! Hep! Heave! Hep! Heave!
Hep! Heave! Hep! Heave! Hep! Heave! Hep!
Swing that sledge Sing that song
Work and laugh the whole night long
You happy-hearted roustabouts
Pullin: poundin' tyin: groundin'
Big top roundin'into shape
Keep on workin' Stop that shirkin'
Grab that rope, you hairy ape
Poundin: poundin'
Poundin: poundin'
Jostling and juggling. Fifteen minutes!
Step right up and get your tickets. Hurry, hurry now.
Hurry to the big sideshow. That's why you go under the big top.
Fifteen big attractions that you can't see anywhere else in the world!
The greatest collection in the entire world.
And the greatest comedies are featured and assembled for your entertainment.
Ain't that the funniest thing you ever saw? Look at his ears.
Hey, guys, look it! Smitty's an elephant!
- Aw, let me see! - Boo!
- You can't hide him from us. - Yeah, his ears are still stickin' out.
- Come on! - We wanna see him!
- We wanna laugh. - Sure, that's what we came for.
Hey, the biggest slingshot in the world.
- Hey! Cut that out! - Hey, let's get out of here.
- You're hurting me! Help! - Here, you! What's going on?
Down. Mrs. Jumbo, down!
Surround her. Tie her down.
Get down!
Calm down! Tie her down!
Darling, it was so funny.
Oh, my dear, can you bear it?
When she doused the ringmaster, I just thought I'd die.
Well, personally, I think she went a bit too far.
After all, one mustn't forget one is a lady.
- Oh, you're right, dear. Yes. - Oh, that's very true.
Oh, well, I suppose that's mother love.
But it's certainly no excuse for what she did.
Mother love might cover a multitude of sins.
It's true, my dear, and she has such a streak in...
A guy can't eat in peace.
Yes, but mother love does...
Gab, gab, gab. Always gossipin'.
Girls, girls! Listen!
Have I got a trunk full of dirt.
- Well, darling, tell us all. - Go on, go on.
Well, I heard today that they have put her in solitary confinement.
- No! - You don't mean it!
Oh, how awful for her!
Well, l-I must say, l-I don't blame her for anything.
You're absolutely right. It's all the fault of that little...
Yes, him with those ears that only a mother could love.
What's the matter with his ears?
I don't see nothin' wrong with 'em. I think they're cute.
Ladies, ladies! It's no laughing matter at all.
Oh. Oh, she's right, girls.
Don't forget that we elephants have always walked with dignity.
His disgrace is our own shame.
- Yes, that's true. That's very true. - Oh, indeed it is.
Well, frankly, I wouldn't eat at the same bale of hay with him.
- No. Right. - Me either, dearie.
-I should say. -Nor I. That's just how I feel about it.
Here he comes now.
Hmm. Pretend you don't see him.
How do ya like that? Givin' him the cold shoulder.
Poor little guy.
There he goes, without a friend in the world.
Nobody to turn to.
Oh, I'll do somethin' about this.
A mouse!
So ya like to pick on little guys, huh?
Well, why don't you pick on me?
A proud race.
Overstuffed hay bags!
Still afraid of a mouse.
Ho-ho, boy. Wait'll I tell the little guy.
Where is he? Oh. Hey, Dumbo.
You can come out now.
Golly. Maybe I scared him too.
Look, Dumbo. I'm your friend.
Come on out, won't ya?
You're not really afraid of little me, are ya?
Ya are? Must've overdid it in there.
Don't know my own strength sometimes.
Dumbo. Look what I got for ya.
Uh-uh-uh-uh. Ya gotta come out first.
Too bad ya don't trust me, 'cause I thought...
uh, well, and me, uh, we might get your mother out of the clink.
Oh, but I guess you wouldn't be interested. So long, Dumbo.
Well, that's more like it.
Ya know, your ma ain't crazy.
She's just brokenhearted.
It ain't nobody's fault you got them big ears.
Uh-oh. Boy, I stepped in it that time.
Aw, gee, Dumbo. I think your ears are beautiful.
Sure. As a matter of fact, I think they're very decorative.
You know, lots of people with big ears are famous.
Ho-ho, boy. All we gotta do is build an act.
Make ya a star. A headliner!
Dumbo the Great!
Uh-oh. The great what?
Ya know, Dumbo, we gotta get an idea.
Not just any idea. Something colossal, like, uh...
Have I got an idea! What an idea!
Huh. He never had an idea in his life.
Just visualize: One elephant climbs up...
on top of another elephant until finally...
all 17 elephants...
have constructed an enormous pyramid...
of pachyderms.
I step out.
I blow the whistle.
- Yeah. - The trumpets are trumpeting.
- Yeah. - And now...
comes the climax!
Yeah? What is the climax?
Hmm. I don't know.
I knew he never had nothin'.
Well, maybe it comes to me...
in a vision while I dream.
- Good night, Joe. - Good night, Boss.
Climax! Dumbo, you're a climax.
I'll be back in a minute. I'm gonna take care of your future.
I am the voice of your subconscious mind.
Your inspiration.
Now, concentrate.
Remember? Your pyramid of elephants...
are standing in the ring waitin' for a climax.
- Climax. - You are now getting that climax.
- Climax. - How's the reception?
Comin' through okay? Good.
Suddenly, from the sidelines, comes your climax.
- Climax. - Gallopin' across the arena.
- Arena. - He jumps from a springboard...
to a platform.
At the very pinnacle of your pyramid, he waves a flag...
for a glorious finish!
- Finish? - And who is your climax?
The little elephant with the big ears!
The world's mightiest midget mastodon! Dumbo!
- Dumbo. - Dumbo.
- Dumbo. - Dumbo.
- Dumbo. - Dumbo.
I got it! I got it!
Ladies and gentlemen...
we will now present for your entertainment...
the most stupendous, magnificent...
super-colossal spectacle.
On this tiny...
little, insignificant ball...
we will construct for you...
a pyramid, not of wood, not of stone...
To hear him talk, you'd think he was going to do it.
- but a living, breathing... - The stuffed shirt.
pyramid of ponderous, pulsating...
pulchritudinous pachyderms!
I give you the elephants.
Aren't we a bit clumsy?
Gaining a little weight, aren't you, honey?
You're no cream puff yourself, dearie.
Quiet up there. Tend to your work, girls.
Take your foot out of my eye, clumsy ox.
Steady, girls.
Boy, that was a close one.
They're almost ready now, Dumbo. Don't forget to wave that flag.
Okay, okay. Don't wave it no more. I saw ya.
Now, look. All ya gotta do is run out, see?
Jump on the springboard.
All right, now show me just how you're gonna do it.
That's it. Attaboy. That's the stuff. Come on.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Dumbo!
Oh, those ears. We gotta do somethin', quick.
Ladies and gentlemen...
you have now seen the impossible...
accomplished in front of your faces.
Seven jungle giants...
each one weighing not...
That windbag!
- Why doesn't he come to the point? - 7,500 pounds!
And now, I present...
the world's smallest little elephant...
who will spring from this springboard...
in one spring...
to the top of this pyramid, waving his little flag...
for a grand climax!
Ladies and gentlemen...
I give you Dumbo!
Go on! Get goin'!
What's the matter with you? Dumbo! That's your cue!
You're on, Dumbo.
Out of my way, assassin!
- Dear! - Ohh.
I never thought I'd live to see the big top fall.
Because of that Dumbo, I never can show my face there again.
Oh, look at my beautiful tail!
I'd just like to spank the daylights out of him...
Ah! Oh! Oh! Ohh.
Oh, that won't be necessary, dearie.
They fixed him good.
- What do you mean? - Wh-What did they do?
- Did they beat him? - What is it, darling?
- Tell us. - Come, come. I demand to know.
Oh. Well, they've gone and made him...
- Oh, dear, I just can't say it. - Out with it!
Made him a clown.
A clown?
- No! - Yes.
Oh, the shame of it.
Let us take the solemn vow.
From now on, he is no longer...
an elephant.
Please! Help me save my poor baby!
Whoo! Save my child!
Hey, hey, hey, hey! Where are you? Yoo-hoo!
Yoo-hoo! Yoo-hoo!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Save my ba...
- Come on! Jump! - We'll save you. Hurry up!
- Hurry up! - We'll save you. Go on.
-Jump! - We'll save ya.
Whew! Boy, oh, boy, did we wow 'em out there!
- What a performance! - Are we good?
Thirteen curtain calls. Thirteen!
Yeah, sure brought down the house, all right.
Oh, Mama, did we panic 'em. Ask me, Joey. Go ahead. Ask me.
You said it. We rolled 'em in the aisles.
- Boy, oh, boy, what an act. - Oh, "what an act" is right.
Stupendous, I call it.
They'll have more respect for us clowns now.
- Yeah, yeah, you bet. - Here, boys.
This calls for a real celebration. Come and get it.
- Poison! Am I thirsty. - I could use one of them myself.
- This one's on Dumbo. - Yeah, Dumbo.
- Dumbo! - Here's plaster in his eyes.
See? They're drinkin' a toast to ya.
Yeah. You're a big hit.
Why, uh, you're terrific.
Oh, you're colossal. Stupendous.
Come on. Alley-oop. I gotta wash behind your ears.
You ought a be proud.
You're a success.
Look. A peanut!
Come on. Eat it. Got lots of vitamins.
Give ya a lot of, uh, pep.
Oh-ho-ho. I forgot to tell ya.
Why, we're goin' over to see your mother.
I made an appointment for ya. Didn't I tell ya? Huh!
Just like me. I must have forgot. Come on. Get your hat.
Oh. Right over there.
Cozy little place, ain't it?
Mrs. Jumbo. I hope she's in.
Someone to see ya.
Baby mine
Don't you cry
Baby mine
Dry your eyes
Rest your head
Close to my heart
Never to part
Baby of mine
Little one
When you play
Don't you mind
What they say
Let those eyes
Sparkle and shine
Never a tear
Baby of mine
From your head
To your toes
Baby mine
You're so sweet goodness knows
Baby mine
- You are so - Baby, baby, baby
- Precious to me - Mine
Cute as can be baby of mine
Baby mine
Baby mine
Here ya are. Pour it in me slipper, Joey.
Boy, I can't get over the way we rolled 'em in the aisles.
-Just wait'll we hit the big town. - This gives me an idea.
Let's raise the platform the elephant jumps off of.
Yeah! If they laugh when he jumps 20 feet...
they'll laugh twice as hard if he jumps 40 feet.
- Yeah, that's right. That's right. - Simple mathematics.
- Let's make it 80 feet. - Don't be a piker. 180.
- Make it 300. - A thousand.
- Yeah, that's good. - Hey, be careful.
- You'll hurt the little guy. - Aw, go on.
- Elephants ain't got no feelings. - No, they're made of rubber.
This idea is sensational. Let's go tell the boss.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah. - Come on. Let's go.
Hey, hey! Let's hit him for a raise.
Yeah, sure. This is worth real dough.
Oh, we're gonna hit the big boss for a raise
Yes, we're gonna hit the big boss for a raise
Oh, we're gonna get more money 'cause we know that we're funny
We're gonna hit the big boss for a raise
I know how ya feel, Dumbo, but you gotta pull yourself together.
What would your mother think of ya, if she saw you crying like this?
Remember, you come of a proud race.
Why you're a-a-a... a pachyderm...
and pachyderms don't cry.
What's cryin' get ya anyhow? Nothin' but the hiccups.
There. Ya see?
Well, ain't nothin' a little water won't cure.
Oops-a-daisy. We'll have ya fixed up in a jiffy.
Come on.
Here. Take a trunk full.
Listen, little fella.
We may have had a lot of hard luck up till now...
but you and me is gonna do big things together.
Hold your breath. Why, your mother's gonna be so proud of ya.
I'm gonna be proud of ya too.
The whole circus is gonna be proud of ya. Now, what do ya think of that?
Swallow it.
Ho-ho. They can't keep us down.
Oh, I guess you had one little one left over.
Dumbo, we'll bounce back so ha...
Hey, what's the matter with you?
What kind of water is this, anyhow?
Hiya, George.
That's a pretty schstrick schlick.
All right. Let's see ya blow a square one, pal.
Say, that's very, very clever.
Now blow a great big one.
That's a pretty sh... Hey!
You see what I see?
Look out, look out Pink elephants on parade
Here they come Hippity-hoppity
They're here and there Pink elephants everywhere
Look out, look out
They're walking around the bed on their head
Clippity-cloppity Arrayed in braid
Pink elephants on parade
- What'll I do - What'll I do
What an unusual view
I can stand the sight of worms and look at microscopic germs
But Technicolor pachyderms is really too much for me
I am not the type to faint
When things are odd or things are quaint
But seein'things you know there ain't
Can certainly give you an awful fright
What a sight Chase 'em away, chase 'em away
I'm afraid, need your aid Pink elephants on parade
- Hey, hey, hey - Pink elephants
Pink elephants
Pink elephants
- Well, looky here, looky here. - My, my.
Why, this is most irregular.
Well, I just can't believe my eyes.
- They ain't dead, is they? - No. Dead people don't snore.
Or do they?
Uh, wh-what's all the ruckus? Come on.
Step aside, brother. Uh, what's cookin' 'round here?
What's the good news? What's fryin', boy?
-Just look down there, brother. - And prepare yourself for a shock.
- Well, hush my beak! - Go ahead. Wake 'em up, brother.
Yeah. Find out what they're doin' up here.
- Yeah. - And "ax" them what they want.
Okay, boys. Leave it to me.
Ohh! Those pink elephants.
Ho! Pink elephants? Mm-mmm!
What's so funny? What are you boys doin' down here, anyway?
What are we doin' down here?
Well, hear him talk.
Go on. Fly up a tree where you belong.
- Say, look here, Brother Rat. - Brother Rat?
Now listen. I ain't your brother and I ain't no rat, see?
Uh-huh. And I suppose you...
and no elephant ain't up in no tree, either.
No! No, me and no tree ain't up no... Huh?
Dumbo. Wake up.
Wake up, Dumbo!
Don't look now, but I think we're up in a tree.
Aw, don't pay no attention to them scarecrows.
Come on, Dumbo. Let's get back to the circus.
So long, boy!
But I wonder how we ever got up in that tree, anyway.
Now, let's see.
Elephants can't climb trees, can they?
Nah, nah, that's ridiculous.
Couldn't jump up. Mm-mm. It's too high.
Hey there, son. Maybe you all flew up.
Maybe we flew up. Yeah, maybe we...
That's it! Dumbo! You flew!
Boy, am I stupid. Why didn't I think of this before?
Your ears. Just look at 'em, Dumbo. Why, they're perfect wings.
The very things that held ya down are gonna carry ya up and up and up!
I can see it all now.
Dumbo, the Ninth Wonder of the Universe!
The world's only flyin' elephant!
Did you ever see an elephant fly?
- Well, I've seen a horsefly. - Ah, I've seen a dragonfly.
- Hee-hee. I've seen a housefly. - Yeah!
See, I've seen all that too.
I've seen a peanut stand and heard a rubber band.
I seen a needle that winked its eye.
But I be done seen about ever'thing
When I see a elephant fly
- What'd you say, boy? - I said when I see a elephant fly
I seen a front porch swing heard a diamond ring
I seen a polka-dot railroad tie
But I be done seen 'bout ever'thing
When I see a elephant fly
- Da da-da-da - Da-da-da do-do-dow wow
- Da da-da-da - Hey, wow
I saw a clotheshorse He rear up and buck
And they tell me that a man made a vegetable truck
I didn't see that I only heard
Just to be sociable I'll take your word
- I heard a fireside chat - I saw a baseball bat
And I just laughed till I thought I'd die
But I be done seen 'bout ever'thing
When I see a elephant fly
Bo Sho Ba-da-do-do
But I be done seen 'bout ever'thing
When I see a elephant fly
With the wind.
When I see a elephant
All right, you wise birds. This has gone far enough.
Quiet, gentlemen.
The Reverend Rodent is gonna address you.
You ought a be ashamed of yourselves.
A bunch of big guys like you...
pickin' on a poor little orphan like him.
Suppose you was torn away from your mother when you was just a baby...
nobody to tuck you in at nights...
no warm, soft, caressin' trunk to snuzzle into.
How would you like to be left out alone...
in a cold, cruel, heartless world?
And why? I ask ya, why?
Just because he's got those big ears, they call him a freak.
The laughingstock of the circus.
Then when his mother tried to protect him...
they threw her into the clink.
And on top of that, they made him a clown!
Socially, he's washed up.
Ah, but what's the use of talkin' to you coldhearted birds?
Go ahead. Have your fun.
Laugh at him. Kick him, now that he's down.
Go on!
We don't care.
Come on, Dumbo.
Hey, brother, w-w-wait a minute.
Uh, don't go away feelin' like that.
We done seen the light.
You boys is okay.
Please, you've done enough.
Well, but we're all fixin' to help you. Uh, ain't that the truth, boys?
- Well, it sure is. - Uh, yeah, that... You're right.
You wanna make the elephant fly, don't ya?
Well, you gotta use a lot of' choplogic. You know, psychology.
Now, here's what you do. First, you, uh...
Uh, bu...
And then, right after that, you, uh...
Use the magic feather. Catch on?
The magic feather?
Yeah, I gotcha.
Dumbo! Look! Have I got it!
The magic feather! Now you can fly!
Let's go. Let's go.
- Heave ho. Heave ho. - Let's go, Dumbo.
- Let's go. Let's go. - Come on now.
- Up, down. Up, down. - Heave ho.
- One, two, One, two. One, two. - Heave ho.
Faster, faster. Get up flyin' speed.
Retract your landing gear. Raise your fuselage.
Take off.
Aw, it's no use, Dumbo.
I guess it's just another one of their... Look!
Hot diggity! You're flyin'.
You're flyin'!
Uh, why, he flies just like a eagle.
That's better than a airplane.
Brother, now I've seen everything.
But I be done seen about everything
When I see a elephant fly
With the wind.
When I see a elephant
Dumbo, I knew you could do it!
Wait'll we get to the big town.
Boy, them city folks is sure in for a surprise.
Poor baby! Whoo!
- Come on! Jump! Come on! - We'll save ya.
- Hurry up! - We'll save ya!
- Come on! Jump! - Come on!
Look at that house. Dumbo,
you're standing on the threshold of success.
Don't look down. It'll make you dizzy.
Boy, are they in for a surprise. Ho-ho.
Got the magic feather? Good.
Okay. Contact!
Take off!
Uh-oh. The magic feather!
Dumbo, come on. Fly. Open them ears.
The magic feather was just a gag. You can fly.
Honest, you can. Hurry! Open 'em up!
Whee! We did it! We did it!
Let's show 'em, Dumbo. Power dive.
Now, loop the loop.
You're makin' history!
You're makin' history!
I've seen a peanut stand heard a rubber band
I've seen a needle that winked its eye
But I be done seen
About everything
When I see an elephant fly
- Oh, my - When I see
When I see
When I see an elephant fly
- Mmm, look at him go! - When I see an elephant fly
- Happy landin', son. - Yippee!
When I see a elephant fly
I wish I'd have got his autograph.
Oh, man, I got his autograph.
Well, so long, glamour boy!
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Dead again (1991) Commentary
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Debut The
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Dont look now
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