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Subtitles for Dune 2000 - 2 of 3.

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Dune 2000 - 2 of 3

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How long have I been asleep?
Not long.
The storm passed a little while ago.
It was Yueh.
He's the one who betrayed us.
They had his wife.
You should put it on, Paul.
You're the duke now.
We have to get out of here.
I found some supplies|stowed in the compartment by the hatch:
Paracompass, vision goggles, stillsuits.
-But where will we go?|-To find the Fremen.
We're going to need them... take back Arrakis.
How do we know which way to go?
That's into the deep desert.
There were rumours|of sietch communities there.
That's where we'll find the Fremen...
...or die trying.
I'm all right.
It's just the stress. I'm fine.
Please, Your Majesty, please.|You must control your anger.
Did you think I wouldn't find out?
Or did you think I would just be|too simple-minded to see the truth?
Leave us alone.
What happened on Arrakis|was beyond my control, Daughter.
An ancient feud between royal houses.
Don't patronise me, Father.|Isn't it enough that you used me?
Used you?
Sending me to the duke|as a token of your support...
...making me a courier|of your esteemed respect...
-...while you were plotting behind his back.|-Quiet, child.
Or was that your idea, Fenring?
That would be something|your perverse mind would suggest.
-Watch your tongue, girl.|-And what will you do if I don't?
Send me into the desert to die|like that poor boy and his mother?
No one sent them anywhere. They fled.
Despite the Baron's efforts...
...he assures me he did everything he could|to secure them from harm.
You were involved, Father.|I know you were.
Or at least you did nothing to prevent it.
There will come a time, Daughter...
...when you will have to shed|this naiveté of yours...
...and learn what it means|to rule an empire.
And when that time comes, Father... may learn to regret it.
It's only another few kilometres, that's all.
Hurry, we don't have much time.
The sun will soon be up full.
We'll have some shade in here.
If there are Harkonnen patrols this far out,|they'll have a tough time spotting us.
Such a pity.
A pity that you had to get mixed up|in this business, Doctor.
I'm not mixed up in it, Baron.
I'm the Emperor's servant,|nothing more and nothing less.
So you did not lead them|to that warren of Fremen scum?
That was ldaho's idea.
-He had forged a friendship with them.|-Yes.
We know all about ldaho|and his efforts on the duke's behalf.
A foolish, desperate gambit.
And where was that Fremen trash|when he needed them?
What will you say when the Emperor|questions you about what happened here?
What's your impression?
The desert is|an indiscriminate executioner, Baron.
I suppose that Bene Gesserit whore...
...and her spawn have found that out,|haven't they?
Be sure he recalls his flimsy denials|when he's face to face...
...with death's sweet smile.
Tell me about the waters|ofyour homeland, Muad'dib.
On Caladan we ruled by air and sea, Paul.
But here, on Arrakis,|you need desertpower.
-It's calling to you.|-Tell me about the waters.
Tell me about the waters|ofyour homeland, Muad'dib.
It'll be night soon. We'll move on.
Did you get any rest?
-How are you feeling?|-Better.
Try not to slow us down as much tonight.
How is my sister?
I'm having dreams again.
Even when I'm awake.
I've seen her, Mother, inside of you.
Even your father didn't know.
Why not?
There wasn't time.
What have you done to me?
-I gave birth to you.|-A freak.
-No, not a freak.|-Then what?
This place is changing me.
It's the spice.
It's in the air we breathe,|in the food we eat.
I can't escape it.
Drink it all.
The best place to conserve water|is in your body.
The stillsuit will do the rest.
If we stay on this dune|we'll reach those mountains a lot sooner.
Is that a good idea?
It's the most direct path.
You all right?
Hold on.
That shouldn't have happened.
I was careless about these dunes.
We lost our paracompass.
Can you hear that?
It's a worm!
It must have heard the sand fall.|Run! Just run!
-I can't see it!|-Don't stop!
A thumper?
Someone called it away.
Did you smell it? The cinnamon smell.
The spice.
When the worm came.
There had to have been people|for this many plants to survive.
We have to find them.
Most intruders here|regret finding the Fremen.
Don't run, intruders. There is no escape.
I know you.
You're Stilgar...
...the Fremen who came to see my father|with Duncan ldaho.
That was a sloppy crossing you made|from the crash.
You called a worm.
You were watching us?
-All of that time?|-We didn't see you.
-You weren't meant to.|-We're wasting time here, Stil.
-This is the boy Liet told us to seek.|-How can you be sure?
-I say we take their water and move on.|-Be quiet, Jamis.
As you can hear, I have a problem to solve.
My people are cautious and pragmatic.
Good qualities in the desert.
Better sometimes to miss an opportunity|than invite disaster.
Your only value at the moment|is the water in your flesh.
You know the law, Stil.
The law.
Tell them to stop hunting my son.
Tell them.
Leave off! Leave the boy alone!
Do you hear me?
Is this the way|you welcome friends of Liet?
Is it?
As leader of this tribe...
...l'm offering the Weirding woman|and her son sanctuary.
No Fremen will lay a hand on you|while you have my protection.
For how long?
Don't be a fool, woman.
You're fugitives from the Harkonnen.
Don't be fugitives from us as well.
Merciful God!
I've heard of the Weirding ways.
Imagine what a man could do with it.
No doubt we have much|to teach each other.
You can come down, boy!|Your mother has shown her worth.
He won't move unless I say so.
Discipline. Good.
He's here!
He is unharmed.
We are coming down.
Leave me alone.
Made a lot of noise climbing.
He has much to learn.
-Stilgar.|-Can you travel, Jamis?
He surprised me, that's all.
-Of course I can travel.|-Good.
We have now two with us|who are not trained.
In squad lines with flankers.
We have to make Cave of Ridges|before full sun.
Chani, you will be responsible for him.
My name is Paul.
Only until we give you a new one.
Follow me. Do exactly as I do.
Across there is home...
...Sietch Tabr.
We'll be there tomorrow.
That must be hundreds of kilometres|from here.
It will be a hard ride.
Sun will be up soon.
Patrols sometimes come this far.|We can't let them see us.
When you give us your stillsuits,|we will recover your water for you.
Here is some food.
We don't have delicacies from the cities|like you are used to.
It's fine.
She's the one, isn't she?|The one you've seen in your dreams?
I can tell by the way you stare at her.
I don't know what it means.
Be careful, Paul.
We are new to these people|as they are to us.
Everything we say and do must be careful.
Predicting the future,|then plotting to make it so.
These are superstitious people.
If we are to survive, it will be best|to accommodate their legends.
I'm the steward of the sand.|I am a desert creature.
A desert creature.
Not finished yet!
Still have work to do!
The pre-spice mass.
I am a desert crea--
Spice blow.
Somewhere to the east.
A large field from the looks of it.
We have to send gatherers|before Harkonnen pirates come for it.
You harvest the spice?
For bribes to the Spacing Guild.
It's Liet's wish.
We pay them to keep our skies free|of their satellites... that no one can know|what we are doing here.
You will learn.
I invoke amtal.
What is this?
His way of dealing with what happened|the other night.
That was an accident.
He bested me because there was|witch-force at Tuono basin.
Amtal! It's my right!
We must not interfere.|Jamis has called him out.
You're starting something|you're going to regret.
-Stilgar.|-You must step back.
Ifyou know what's good foryou,|you'll find an honourable way... leave this thing alone.
I invoke silence.|She's trying to put a spell on me.
If you try that again,|we know it's your witchcraft.
I won't be able to protect you|or the boy anymore.
Come. You can't stop this.
A crysknife, our ritual weapon.
Use it well.
May your blade chip and shatter.
I'm going to bathe this knife|with your blood.
First, you'll have to find my blood.
-Do you yield?|-Yield?
There is no yielding. It's to the death, boy!
-He's never had to kill.|-What?
Then he'd better learn.
Finish. Don't toy with him.
He's bested Jamis.
This didn't have to happen.
It is our way.
Your way. Killing each other.
No man recognises leadership|without the challenge of combat.
There is a legend among us...
...that a voice from the out-world|will come.
The Mahdi.
He will hold the key to our future.
It is said that a Bene Gesserit|will be his mother.
A Sayyadina.
Friend of God.
There are rumours about you and your son.
From the city. Liet.
You hope I am that one? That Paul is?
I hope...
...and I fear.
If it's true,|your boy will have to call me out one day... challenge me|for the leadership of the tribe.
The huanui is prepared. It's time.
It's our way.
From water does all life begin.
The flesh belongs to the person...
...but his water belongs to the tribe.
I was a friend of Jamis.
When the hawk plane fell upon us... Hole-in-the-Rock... was Jamis who pulled me to safety.
I was a friend of Jamis.
I was a friend of Jamis.
I was a friend of Jamis.
He taught me...
...that when you kill... pay for it.
He sheds tears.
He gives water to the dead.
Jamis carried 33 litres of the tribe's water.
Counted and measured.
Combat water is entrusted to the winner.
Because you fight without stillsuit... may regain the water|you lost fighting.
May you guard it for the tribe,|preserve it against loss... generous with it in time of need.
May you pass it on in your time|for the good of the tribe.
Needs a naming now, Stil.
It's time.
What would you have us call you,|young Atreides?
By what name do you wish Fremen|to know you?
What is the name of that little mouse?
The one in the desert. The one that jumps.
Is that the name you wish?
Wise in the ways of the desert.
Hiding from the sun. Travelling at night.
A fine choice.
So, from now on|you will be addressed as Muad'dib.
Wait for my signal.|Then you must do exactly as I do.
Your lives will depend on it.
Get ready.
What is that?
The one who will come. Mahdi.
It's the gatherer Stilgar sent|to the spice blow.
Give her some time, Muad'dib.
Liet is dead.
-We found his remains at the spice blow.|-Doctor Kynes is dead?
Harkonnen treachery.
She loved her father very much.
It needs a new dew collector.
Tell me about the waters|of your homeland, Muad'dib.
We had rivers of it.
Great flowing veins of water.
From the snows of mountains...
...into lakes so wide|you couldn't see the other side.
Oceans of water.
Our home was on the coast.
Great waves would hurl themselves|against the cliffs.
They used to put me to sleep.
My father had a dream, Muad'dib.
A dream that one day...
...we could change this place...
...make it more like your homeland.
Plenty of moisture this morning.
My father is at peace.
We have thousands of these caches.
Only a few of us know them all.
I know this place.
-No off-worlder has ever seen it.|-I have.
In my dreams.
This is the water we will use|to change the face of Arrakis.
As my father taught us...
...the voice from the out-world will come.
The Mahdi.
We will make a paradise of Arrakis.
And no man shall ever want|for water again.
Just as you said, Stil.
Harkonnen greed for spice|is the most reliable beacon in the universe.
-Reconnaissance team on the ground.|-Ground recon proceed to spice patch.
Anyone else hear that?
We didn't even have to damage|the thopter.
The men will fly it to our caves at Bight.
That was our last communication.
No mayday or wreckage|when we went to investigate.
That's the third thopter this month!
The patch turned out to be mock spice.
-It was probably a plant to lure them there.|-Fremen scum!
We caught these last night,|a village near the rimwall...
...known to be desert sympathisers.
Mercy, Governor.
We are refugees.
-We need food.|-Liar!
Spies! That's what you are!
Spies for the Fremen scum!
Fremen scum|who raid my spice warehouses!
-Who destroy royal equipment!|-No. We are poor. We have no weapons.
He was trying to dispose of this|when we caught him.
Send words to the filth of the desert!
Tell them what you witness here!
Tell them this is what awaits them!
Put that away, Feyd, and come here.|I want you to see this.
The latest love letter from your brother.
Appears to be enjoying himself.
The moron's appetite for killing|never ceases to amaze me.
By the time he's finished,|there won't be a population left to rule.
Cheer up, lovely boy.
I merely allow him to brutalise them,|to savage them, until you arrive...
...the handsome Feyd,|to rescue them from the beast, Rabban.
They will be ripe for you, lovely boy.
Feyd, the saviour.
There will be cheering in the streets.
You can even give them|your brother's head as a gift, if you like.
And then you will squeeze,|like the grips of a vice... our treasuries become fat|with the profit of spice.
No man recognises leadership...
...without the challenge of combat.
It is the way.
Call him out!
What do you see...
...when you go away like that?
Where is it you go?
Many places, Stil.
Many roads.
Many choices.
These choices...
...are good or bad?
It's hard to know sometimes.
Either they are good choices|or bad choices.
Aren't you ever afraid, Stil?
Of storms?
Of the future.
The future, Muad'dib, just is.
They're like ghosts! Everywhere!
Need immediate evacuation!|They just keep coming!
Need immediate evacuation!
We are ready, Muad'dib.
Muad'dib, it's time. We must hurry.
He's waiting, Reverend Mother.
-Who else knows he's here?|-No one.
He made it clear on his arrival|that we should summon you and no other.
The other witches must leave.
As you wish.
This visit is as indiscreet|as it is unexpected.
Let's hope the Emperor's curiosity|isn't aroused.
The Emperor's suspicions|are easily moderated... his dependence on our services.
As you are so fond of reminding us.
The navigators are concerned.
-Concerned?|-They are disturbed about the future.
There is a problem on the horizon.
What kind of problem?
They are troubled by a nexus|they can't fully explore... intersection of events...
...a meeting of countless delicate decisions|beyond which lies a path...
...they cannot see.
And where is this nexus?
Planet Arrakis.
House Harkonnen controls Arrakis now.
The Atreides are dead.
It is not a matter of feuding royal houses.
We sense a higher order interfering.
A misstep could be catastrophic.
Then we understand one another.
We'll do what we can.
I thought...
...l felt something.
The spice must flow.
The balance of power must be maintained.
The smugglers transport our spice tribute|to the cursed Spacing Guild.
The Emperor never knows.
But bribes are dangerous, Stil.|They have a way of getting larger.
The safe way is the slow way, Muad'dib.
Bribes keep the skies of our sietches clear.|Bribes buy us time.
Something wrong, Muad'dib?
I thought I saw someone I knew.
I'll call them in.|Tell them to hold the smugglers' departure.
No, Stil.
Let them go.
I must have been mistaken.
My father's patience is wearing thin.
These troubles on Arrakis|are proving difficult to manage...
...and our time is running short.
I want you to make arrangements|for a trip to Giedi Prime.
The Baron's nephew|is having a birthday celebration.
The Emperor ought to be represented,|don't you think?
I'm in the mood for a party.
Besides, it's time to shed|some of this naiveté.
You've heard the voices|from your sietches.
They say the Mahdi has come.
But you...
...the naibs of your tribes are still cautious.|You resist.
But I am offering you the future.
The future as Liet saw it.
-How do you know what Liet saw?|-Because I've seen it.
And here.
And once we rid Arrakis|of the vile Harkonnen...
...we can complete his dream.
I promise this.
Arrakis will become the paradise|Liet imagined.
You'll never rid Arrakis|with guerrilla raids, boy.
It will take all-out war.
That's why I'm asking you|for hundreds of your best young men.
I want to give them the Weirding way... they can come back to you|and train hundreds more.
So those hundreds|can train hundreds more.
And then hundreds will become thousands!
The Fedaykin.
A force to rival the dreaded Sardaukar.
A force to terrify the Emperor himself!
My father once told me...
...that here on Arrakis... needed desert power to rule.
You are desert power...
...and nothing can stop you...
...if you believe.
So you are the one.
Jessica of the Weirding,|our Reverend Mother Ramallo.
Mapes said you were beautiful.
She also said she pitied you.
I need no one's pity.
That remains to be seen.
There is much talk of you in the sietches.
I hear the people speaking of the Mahdi.
I hear them shout the name Muad'dib.
He is a natural leader like his father.
The men admire his courage.
It will take more than courage|to survive what's coming.
The boy...
...he knows what it is|that's happening here?
He is aware.
You've exploited our legends well.
We had to survive.
And you may...
...for a while.
But remember this:|the very legend which protects you...
...can also destroy you.
-How are you feeling?|-Well.
Tired sometimes.
And growing fast.
I saw the one|they call the Reverend Mother.
Yes. She came from the southern sietch.
-Why?|-To see me.
To see you.
She's Bene Gesserit.
One of our missionaries.
Stilgar says you've learned much.
He's tougher than Hawat ever was.
Chani is happy to see you, I noticed.
Why didn't you marry him, Mother?
Because I loved him.
As long as your father|remained unmarried...
...some of the great houses could still hope|for an alliance through marriage.
We both knew what that meant.
-There were no illusions.|-You would have allowed it?
I would have encouraged it.
While I was on the hajra...
...l had dreams about this garden.
Except it wasn't here,|it was somewhere else.
Was I there?
And there were children...
...playing, very happy.
A wonderful dream.
Do you think it's possible|to love someone enough...'d be willing to give that person up?
I think...
...there are times when it's necessary|to share the one you love...
...with things greater than both of you.
Everything is connected,|one thing to another.
The living and the dead,|the animate and the inanimate.
A system.
All parts functioning to serve the whole.
Smell the air, Muad'dib.
The pre-spice mass is below us.
Maybe 100 feet or more, but ripe.
The Maker has left her nest long ago.
Her children have joined together|for survival.
They have grown.|They are losing water now.
It will mix with their waste.
If enough has accumulated...
...a giant bubble of foam|will heave up with tremendous force.
A spice blow.
Trading places with the sands above.
The sun and heat will dry it out and...
-Spice.|-Treasure of the universe.
The worm... the spice.
So now you know.
Many of the little makers|will die in the blow.
The rest will swim off|to become Shai-hulud, the Great Worm.
We may capture a few.
Keep them stunted for Water of Life.
That's enough for now.
When religion and politics|ride in the same cart...
...the whirlwind follows.
You are the Kwisatz Haderach, boy.
The one who can be many places at once.
You are the whirlwind.
It's almost night, Muad'dib.
Time to return to the sietch.
You've been dreaming.
Too impatient, Farok.
You moved too soon.
Try again.
Watch his posture.
Even the slightest change in his breathing|gives you advantage.
Better, Farok. You'll have it soon.
I am Otheym.
These are my brothers|from Sietch Gara Kulan.
We've come to find the one|who calls himself Muad'dib.
You're a long way from your tribe, Otheym.
We've come to join your crusade.
We want to learn the Weirding way.
We want to become Fedaykin.
-You have the blessing of your naib?|-We do.
-We could fight as Muad'dib.|-I believe you.
Let their waters join with ours.
I must congratulate you|on the perfection of your heir, Baron.
He faces his 100th slave gladiator|in the arena this afternoon.
He appears ready.
Well then,|perhaps we might take this opportunity... conduct our conversations.
There is much to discuss.
If that meets with your approval, Milady.
I am quite entertained here.
By your leave, then.
Harkonnen patrols have taken more risks...
...coming deeper into the southern regions|than ever before.
Sooner or later our bribes to the Guild|won't be enough to protect us.
Then it's agreed.
We move with the next moons.
When the Harkonnen find this place...
...there must be nothing left|but the wind howling through the rocks.
There is no turning back now.
Subdue the Maker.
The Maker is dead.
The Water of Life.
May Shai-hulud have mercy on both of us.
When night falls again,|we have to leave this sietch...
...that has sheltered us for so long.
We must go south into the deep desert...
...where the demon Harkonnen|will not pursue us.
But our Reverend Mother|will not survive another hajra.
So that we don't have to make the journey|without her strength and guidance...
...Sayyadina Jessica has consented|to undergo the rites at this time.
This is dangerous and Jessica may fail.
So that we don't lose all, Chani...
...daughter of Liet,|will be consecrated as Sayyadina...
...Friend of God.
I consecrate the daughter of Liet... the Sayyadina.
Here is the Water of Life,|the water that will free your soul.
If you are our Reverend Mother,|the universe will open to you.
Let Shai-hulud judge now.
You must drink it now.
What's happening to her?
The water is poisoned until she changes it.
This must take its course.
Mother? Mother?
Do not go there.
Thatis the place we cannotlook.
The place only|the Kwisatz Haderach may go.
You must turn away, Jessica,|orit will drive you mad.
Don't be afraid. I have much to show you.
Here is my life, Jessica of the Weirding.
And the lives that have come before,|they are yours now.
You are pregnant.|You should have told us.
Holy Mothers, what have we done?
This changes you both.
Your daughteris in danger.|Take herinto your arms.
She mustsee all that we see.
Thatis the only way you can save her.
Change the waters, Jessica.|You must change them now.
The plan was perfect in its simplicity|and viciousness.
Of course it was.
You helped your uncle design it,|didn't you?
Duke Leto thought|he was gaining control of Arrakis...
...but he was only being fattened up|for sacrifice.
The kill, Feyd. Tell me about the kill.
Swift and merciless.
The Atreides never had a chance.
The Sardaukar had the palace sealed|within hours.
The Sardaukar.
I sent the final communiqué|to your father myself.
Mother Ramallo is gone.
But she remains.
You have changed the waters.
Now we know you cannot be false.
The Reverend Mother|has changed the Water of Life.
It's now safe for us to drink!
You're trembling.
I'm afraid.
Of what?
Of you.
You make me see things.
What do you see?
I see us together.
There is a great storm.
I have a child in my arms.
Our child, Muad'dib.
It's not a dream.
I know you, Chani.
I've always known you.
We've sat upon a rock above the sands|and I've eased your fears.
We've caressed|in the darkness of the sietch.
We've grown old together.
The son and his mother,|the duke's concubine and her son...
...what did you do with them?
Lost in the storm, devoured by the desert.
You found their bodies|and disposed of them?
Never found them.
You never found the bodies?
History will say that the Fremen|were about to find their messiah.
That Paul Atreides would find his revenge...
...and the world, as we knew it,|would change forever.
The saga of Dune war far|from over.
End of Part two of tree
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Deep Space 9 1x15 Progress
Deep Space 9 1x16 If Wishes Were Horses
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