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Subtitles for Dunken Monkey 2002.

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Dunken Monkey 2002

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Brother,your favorite Longjing tea.
Drink when it is hot
Wen Bao,you are still coughing..
Much better now..
You should wear more clothes and take care
Don't always make me anxious
I understand
Brother,i'll go look after the horses.
Isn't Bull down there taking care of them?
Brother,these goods are very important It's good to be a bit more careful
Let me go down to have a look
Okay, go
Brother Bao
You have worked hard
Go take a break, I'll take over
Thank you ,brother Bao
I'll go back to my room
Master Wen Bao?
Mr.Robinson told me to give this to you
Don't mess up
No problem
Pal,may I...
My name's Hong Yihu. Please stop.
You are the four-move-in- one-hard-monkey wen biao?
An agent?
Yes.I was sent here from Nanjing -
- investigating opium smuggles in Guangdong Province.
But my identity was exposed, and I was chased
So i planned to borrow a horse from you to ride back to Nanjing
Borrow a horse?
I am an agent
Take it
Thank you.
Brother, - that horse is mine
Let it go
Master Wen.see you around
Stay away! We are ZhenYuan Escort!
ZhenYuan Escort?
Boss, ignore that name.
Let's kill them...
Shut up!
ZhenYuan Escort is tough. We leave.
Wen Bao, we should stay here any more.
Got it,brother.
Welcome back,Vice
Fubo,bring me our client.
This way.
Please check it.
ZhenYuan Escort, you deserve this name.
Boss Yu.
Boss,put it inside.
The amount is correct.
Send the client out.
Thank you Boss Yu.
See you next time.
Wen Biao, thank you for your hard work.
Boss, that's my job.
Wen Bao?
Everything all right?
Good job!
You know the goods are important and you lost them?
Boss, it's out of expecting.
Out of expecting?
If there are more out-of-expecting-thing...
You,and I,will lose everything in ZhenYuan Escort!
The agent took my horse
he's only got the material evidence but no witness.
And the rather that he's in Nanjing while we are in Guangdong.
He can't do anything to us
Then how can you explain to Robinson?
We can make amends
Maybe a bit more than what he lost, never mind.
You thought amend is enough?
Don't worry,boss. I'll handle it.
I'll handle it.
Never let your brother know this.
Master Wen,
Wen Bao, you smoke opium?
Brother, don't misunderstand.
These are for the guests.
Wen Bao,
We go through fire and water together.
I know you.
From you were a kid,till now.
I always protect you,and spoil you.
But that doesn't mean you can do bad things
Do you understand?
I heard you've been in brothel and gambling house
You are just an escort
How can you afford that?
Brother, you got to believe me.
What you heard was nonsenses
You smuggle.
I didn't!
No?Then what's this?
I found on your horse.
You smuggle opium under the name of ZhenYuan Escort?!
Follow me to the police, and give yourself up.
No! Brother! Don't take me there!
Please, let me go.
- No way! - Brother!
Please let him go this time
For us,for the family...
No! Wen is a family of indomitable spirit.
I shall never let him ruin the family's reputation. Go!
- Brother.. - Mei...
OK,I'll follow you to the police
- Boa... - Daddy!
Let me embrace her, for the last time.
Please take care of there two children for me.
Brother, children can't live without their father.
Come on,tell brother that you won't do this any more.
Brother,I won't do this, no more.
Wen Biao,go see what happens.
Let me go
Wen Bao,be careful
I know
Wen Bao!
Wen Bao!
Wen Bao!
Wen Bao!
Wen Bao, why are you doing this?
Brother,I don't want to spend my whole lifetime being just an escort
I don't want to be look down upon
All this times, however good I did...
I am always the little brother of Wen Biao
I am nothing but your brother! I want to be outstanding! I want to be rich!
Why are you all staying here?
Wen Bao has rebelled.
I knew it.
You are with him!
Don't move
Why!?Why!? Why you gang up to set me up!?
Yu Haiyang! You ruined ZhenYuan Escort!
Find him!
Yu Haiyang!
Throw him down to the river
Be in peace...
Your little brother,Wen Bao, will definitely make a great tomb for you
Wen Bao,you are so brutal
Smart your brother is, he fell in your trap.
Boss,you overpraised me.
Well done.
Nobody's gonna stop us now.
We can do whatever we wanted to.
You are the Vice now.
I don't want to be an escort all my life.
Can you handle Mr.Robinson?
Not a problem.
Damn you!
Â費Ďń Mom, unlike!
Son? Unlike what? What unlike?
I told you unlike!
What unlike?
Whatever unlike!
But he act much like monkey just now.
He open his legs too much to be like a monkey
Give it to me.
Here you are!
Stay back
Mom, don't act like a play.
Close them
Close them
Monkey Steps On Cloud! (Name of a move in Monkey Boxing)
Monkey Peepee!
Monley's 18 somersault!
No.1 somersault... No.2 somersault... No.3 somersault!
Mom,stop turning if can't hold
Alright. Monkey's free exercise!
Got it!
Monkey on the ground!
Monkey's flat peach!
Monkey eyes right!
Monkey eyes left
That's not like a monkey!
Monkey looks to the moon!
Monkey rolls up the cloud!
Monkey throws pins!
That's it! Go on!
Could you get me some new stuff?
Monkey explores ocean!
A bit higher
I can't hold!
Draw your hand back!
- Headstanding monkey boxing! - Keep on drawing,son.
Act more like a monkey!
Monkey gives a stretch!
Last move
Monkey climbs hill!
Come on draw,son!
Master's so good!
No more move left!
Here,and there
Ma'am,old master's back.
Go away.
Old master is back!
What? Dad is back?
Hurry tidy up!
Don't let go!
Suchl a mess
Take the ladder away!
Close the door! Drag in the curtain! Hurry!
- Master,you are back. - Yes
Master why so early this time?
I finished my business, and I was concerned about you.
So I decided to be back a bit early.
I bought this for you in Shanghai.
Where's Jiaye?
Isn't it lovely?
Yes,it is.
What are Jiaye doing there?
He's reading
Okay...stop playing
Where the hell is Jiaye?
In there.
- Nephew.. - Uncle...
I have been hoping you study hard then carry on the family's property
But look at you! You never study but only paint your damn painting!
Dad, this is my work of Monkey Boxing!
Work? Can you make a living with your work?
You did nothing!
Alway loafed and never did what you should do.
What you know is staying home drawing monkeys!
Master,don't get angry.
Dad,listen to me.Don't be angry.
I'll soon finish my Monkey Boxing Book There are only 8 moves left.
Kneel down!
At that time, everyone will know: I ,Chan Jiaye,wrote a Monkey Boxing book all by myself!
Everyone will know: I,Chan Jiaye, is the grand master of the time!
Don't...don't...don't you keep dreaming!
Today, I, as your father, will teach you before all our forebears.
House-law staff!
Enough now?
Enough what?
This is my own family business
Mine too.
Yours,how could it be?
May I ask you a question...
how do you call me?
Then how do I call you?
I am your nephew...
Bring me the....
Clan Bible of Chan Family!
Listen,my nephew
On the first page of the bible...
there are words
Wan Zai Qian Qiu
Wan Zai Qian Qiu Cheng Jia Xun, Liu Fang Bai Shi Jiu Gong Ming.
The "Qiu" in my name Chan Qiu De... right before the "Cheng" in your name -
- Chan Cheng Jin
Wow,It's all on the bible.
Kneel down
- My daughter-in-law? - Yes?
How do you call me?
Master Uncle
Listen to me
Even if I suddenly pass away...
the position of my memorial tablet will be a bit higher than yours.
Speaking of this...
in this room...
who is the family master?
I can't hear you.Say it again.
Who is the family master?
Of course...You,my uncle.
I understand that you were hoping Jiaye to carry on your business
But what's Jiaye's fault!?
You are always mad at him
His fault is painting all the time
Jiaye's only purpose of publishing the Monkey Boxing Book...
is to finish his own wish
If you wouldn't let him continue his painting..
it'll contradict with your style
My what style?
Your "Carry things to the end" style
You might think I am wrong
in your head
I knew
You always look down on us kungfu people
My family was poor when I was a kid
My father and I counted on you.
I would never forget..
the help you've given us at that time.
But listen to this
Mr.Sun Yat-sen said that Chinese Kungfu is the quintessence of our country
- Right! - That's a good line!
I'll take care of Jiaye
I want him to finish the Monkey Boxing Book
And I want him to study hard
I want him to be versed in both civil and military affairs!
Draw Monkeys? Can you draw monkeys any more?
I know how to Monkey Box!
Come,fight me!
Get out of my way.
Good shot!
The ball is used for slamdunk
but not for hitting people
He boasted again...
Take it.
Are you interested in play against him?
You afraid?
All I know is to fight!
Grand-ncle,you are most good at it
Why can't I see your mustache?
No mustache no grand-uncle?
Could I be your dad if I got mustache?
If your sister marries my grandpa and has a child...
What does my son call your sister's son?
I'll tell him
How dare you play me around?
Teach them!
I am hungry, I am going home now.
Go on!
Let go!
Such a burden...
I wanna fight you, 1 vs 1. Afraid?
I told you I am hungry
Wanna fight? Come on.all of you!
I gotta catch supper, so all of you,come on.
Come on,hit here.
- Hit or not? - Of course hit him!
It pains me to death!
Smells bad..
So bad...
Father,our students really study hard
and like extracurricular activities very much.
They are good at football, basketball,and more.
Especially the sword.
And they play baseball very well
We often form a team and participate in matches.
Why you learn Western sword instead of Chinese sword?
Such a foolish worship.
We plan to build one more church for students to confess when they have time.
There's no problem in outlay.
What are you doing!?
A 3-6-0-degree T O S H!
Nice strike!
Did you hurt somewhere?Are you alright?
- Are you ok? - I'm fine
Don't be anxious,mom.I am fine.
Uncle,you alright?
President,then who...?
Who got hurt?
It was me... God bless you...Amen
Be gentle!
Who hurt you?
It was I.
Let me confess
Have you?
Just let me confess once.
With what?
A ball
A ball?
Nephew,I'll explain
I was not striking him, but was striking that ball.
It's the ball that struck him.
That's all.
i understand
You injured Father Ma indirectly.
That's called a fourbagger.
- It's a nice strike - Nice strike?
You say that was a nice strike??
Could you just stop baating my son?
He won't learn nothing if I don't teach him!
I must teach him a good lesson today
"If you beat him any more, I'll punish you myself."
Stop singing that...
"You are not allowed to enter bedroom tonight"
- Stop singing... - "Stay in the lobby all alone"
What's this?
It's bad news
Bad news?
Should we be prepare for it?
Letter of Transfer
Tansfer to which famous school?
Goat City High School
So far away....
Thank you.
- Grand-uncle... - Stop
You still call me Grand-uncle?
Didn't we make the deal that we call each other brother?
You ate too many bananas?
OK...Brother De...
Why we must get off train and come to Shaoxing?
Could we find him?
Since we haven't yet started to find..
how could we find him?
Brother De,I don't think we can find him by searching just like this
Well,I think if we keep on searching...
we'll find him,sooner or later
Don't you want to finish your great work?
Of course I do.
That's right.
That's your style,grandson.
Better call me Jiaye, if you still remember our deal
Brother Jiaye, we are here...
to find the missed-very-long-time...
well-known hard-monkey-boxing man -
- Wen Biao - Right!
Then what should we do now?
Welcome...I'll take your baggages
Watch out man,be gentle to my paintings!
Have you seen a people named Wen Biao who knows hard monkey boxing?
Try to remember
I don't know.You can ask him.
- Doctor... - Stretch your tongue
Have you healed a monkey?
I am not a vet!
- Go away - Don't misunderstand
I was asking you:Was there a man called Wen Biao who knows hard monkey boxing came to see you?
No more!
We got everything in Hengshuiya!
We have Hong,Liu,Cai,Li,Mo from the south
And Ditang,Yingzhao,Bagua, Xingyi,Taiji from the north
Grandmasters of each serving you guys
Cheap and sastifying
Wanna take a look? Follow me
I see it's the place of Kungfu!
Over there!
I'll take this way,you take that way.
The Rou,Gao,Huang,You, Chongpi crabs of our Sheng's...
are really really tasty
Want something cheap and beautiful? Only in Chao's Flowers!
We got Dragon Flies Phoenix Dances... we got Zap-wing and Golden-chicken... (All names of dishes)
And free sweatmeets after dinner... Guarantee that you are satisfied!
Don't leave.
I am sure we got what you're looking for
I am here to find Wen Biao
Wen Biao crabs,yeah....we have...very tasty
No...Wen Biao is the grandmaster of hard monkey boxing!
You mean chicken claw? Yes we have this dish!
NONONO He's the very famous monkey-boxing master!
Look! Somebody's playing Monkey Boxing!
Monkey Jump!--Monkey Jum-jump!
Monkey boxing!
Let sister show you some real stuff!
Sis,he's drawing you
Don't go!
Sis you are so amazing!
Don't go away!-- I don't have enough time to finish your picture!
Don't run so fast
Stop following me,or I'll jump
Then I'll draw
Thank you,hero
You still wanna draw?
See you,fool
Don't you go!
Where are you going?
What are you doing there? I'll get you up
Leave me alone,go find that girl!
Girl? Which one?
The girl in moon-white! She plays Monkey Boxing very well!
OK,I'll go.Get the bananas!
Hurry! I want her to be my model!
- Hi,Fu - Want some fruits?
Nice bananas!
Ehis girl?
Want some apples?
What am I hiding from?
How could she know monkey boxing?
Hey you!
How does it smell?
Smells good!
Wanna give a try?
Good!Give me 2 jars!
Ger out of my way
Follow the girl,hurry!
No,I got things to do
Still got things to do?
No more!
Don't get so close
Take this!
What about drinking this way?
Never waste my good wine!
What? You said it was bad!
I was kidding
You old monkey!
You broke it!
Told you do not waste my wine...
It was you that broke it!
You can ward my kick off!
Like this
Like this
- And this - This?
If you don't want to ward off, you can parry like this
Look! Sway-- sway
Monkey stretches claw!
Monkey's stretch!
Monkey runs!
Monkey ignores him!
Get in the house
Don't approach!
- So cold... - I know monkey boxing!
I am so cold
I'll perish together with you!
How dare you beat your grand-uncle?
I am sorry
What happened to you?
"ZhenYuan Business"
You get out.
Is this place ZhenYuan Escort?
Get out!
I am here to return this horse.
Get out!
He's our friend. Don't be rude
Please come inside
- Take the horse to stable. - Yes sir
Please drink
Mr.Hong, my brother... after he lent the horse to you that time
he walked into thoes caterans' trap ....and died.
Wen Biao's death was such a misery
Master Wen lost his life because I took the horse...
Mr.Hong,don't be so sad
Escorts like us...
are always preparing for risks
Why ZhenYuan Escort turns to this?
We don't want to lose more brothers
And I don't want Wen Bao to be sad
So I am doing business with foreigners
Turned Escort into Business office
One of my reasons here was returning the horse,
the other is that I wanted to see his four-move-in-one hard monkey boxing
But...I never have this chance...
Come on show me.
No way
Was his kungfu as good as that girl?
- You play me around all day - I didn't
Speaking of kungfu, they are both good.
How good?Come on tell
Don't hasten
What are you doing?
He was acting like this..
I don't know what the hell you are doing
Hold this
Kid,were you playing four-move-in-one?
Please tell me!
- You? - None of your business.
Who's your teacher?
Why should I tell you?
Please tell me.
OK.My teacher is Master Wen Biao, so what?
- Don't you lie.. - Let go
Hard-monkey Wen Biao?
Where's he now?
I won't tell you
Wanna fight me?
Kid,you haven't learned it long
You really are a hero
He's a newbie.
Please lead me to your master.
Master Wen Biao is hard to find
I'll tell you when I see him
Let's go
Put away the opium! Put down the curtain
Sorry everyone,this will only take a few minutes
What happens?
That agent
What's he doing here?
I don't know
But don't worry,I can handle this
- Be careful - Yes
Boss Yu, I had fought Master Wen Biao before.
I know his four-move-in-one.
Obviously the kid hasn't learned it for a long time.
Very strange
There's no one else can play his four-move-in-one
But I saw it with my own eyes!
You mean my brother's still alive?
When I asked the two kids
They just wouldn't tell me where Master Wen was.
So I came to you.
Should we do more investigation?
Then please do so
And please inform us as soon as you see him
Ok,I'll leave now
I have a little suspect
was he the real Wen Biao?
I believe that he must be the real Wen Biao.
Or must be his relative.
This time,we must get him to be our teacher.
Of course
Or I won't be able to finish my book
And ... we got so many presents
He's absolutely gonna be touched
Thank you guys!Good job!
What are you doing?
We want to have a teacher
What are these?
Presents for the teacher!
For me?
You?No way,
Then what do you come for?
Min, come in
Open the doorˇ­
You know them?
I met them downtown
You showed off again?
- No no no... - No?
Tea, please, daddy
What can we do now?
Haven't you heard the story of Three Kingdoms?
Right! We need to visit him repeatedly to make him trust us
Keep knocking
Should we kneel down?
We don't need to kneel down until he opens the door
- Let them be - Ok..
Please openˇ­
One more thing!
A bad guy wants to find Wen Biao
Who wants to find Wen Biao?
We don't know
That hero has saved my life
And he's good ar kungfu
What the hell are you talking about?
Please be our teacher!
Teacher? Get up.
Master Wen Biao,long time no see.
Hong Yihu?
You really are master Wen Biao?
Dear teacher!
My father stands aloof from the world out there Leave him alone.
Master Wen,you stands aloof?
Then why did Wen Bao say you have died?
- Min - Yes?
- Get these two kids out - OK
Master Wen!
Get up,... this way
- Take them,leave! - Miss,listen to us!
- We are very sincere - Go!
So... ZhenYuan Escort has turned to today's Business Office
Whatever, none of my business
I tell you two
Never ever come here again! Go!
What a pity.
I won't have chance to see your four-move-in-one hard monkey boxing no more.
How could you just stand aloof?
They got to pay for what they've done to you
I don't want to think about thoes dark things before any more
Violence can't solve any problem...
So I stopped to keep us out of harm
Master Wen, you have great mind and skills
I am so happy to know you
It's worth my whole life.
My arm...
They took Min away!
What happened?
Wen Bao has taken Min away
How are you doing,kid?
I am fine, go save her!
Min! Are you ok?
What happened to you? Wake up!
Min,answer me!
- Min! - It's opium liquor!
How much has she drunk?
Not too many,only two bottles.
How could you do that to her..
Never mind.
Two bottles of opium liqour will kill her!
I know
People say Woman Snail can sew and mend the sky by smelting stones
This little Woman Snail can ser and mend your kyte.
So you treat her like your own daughter
Wen Bao,you've done lots of evildoings
Colluding with the foreigners to smuggle opium, you have offended the national law!
Right,I do smuggle opium
And what?
I am afraid of nothing, because I have those foreigners be my backup
But...I still fear ...
Would you please do me a favor?
Kill him!
I am a law-executor,can't do so
Then I'll teach you how to do
You can see him as the escaped criminal of opium smuggle.
Are you still human?
Even if I kill him,you won't let me go
Wen Bao
What do you want?
- Kill ,or not? - Stop!
- Kill him! - Don't!
- Don't! - Min!
Wen Bao,no!
Wen Bao,what do you want?
Wen Bao,what are you doing?
Kill him!
Do it!
What are you waiting for!
Wanna see me kill her after raping her first?
Wen Bao!
Wen Bao,let her go!
You heard me, now do it!
Kill him!
Why did you stopped? Kill him!
Tippling can stop the pain.
Drink this, and never quit!
Kill him!
Min,stay with me!
Take her away from here!
Hong Yihu!
I enjoy my death! Which will honor the loyalty of our friendship!
Don't chase him, help me out first!
He refuses to eat again?
He hasn't had food for three days
How's that girl?
He doesn't allow me to see her
But at least you can see a little right?
I can't
You can't? Can't you try other means?
Uncle,you haven't recovered yet
Never get excited
Mom, I am so much worried about Min
Me too
How's Master Wen?
I see
Take this away
But I have promised Master Wen
He said he would heal Min himself
and wanted us to leave him alone
But Master Wen himself needs to be looked after too!
I know
He's got old wounds!
Why not allow us to take care of him?
But you two wounded badly...
We...are young men!
Be quiet
Master Wen,
You should eat and rest
If you get ill,who will take care of Min?
Master Wen,wake up
Please eat something
Let us look after Min
You haven't recovered yet
- You need to take care - Master Wen?
Master Wen
Mrs.Chan, you promised not bothering us
Leave us alone
Uncle,Jiaye,let's leave
Ma'am,master's back home.
Master,everything done?
All done
I buried Hong Yihu's body in the bamboo forest.
Don't worry about it.
Master Wen, Mr.Hong Yihu was buried well
Don't worry any more
Master Wen,don't worry
I heard it
Mr.Chan,thank you for finishing my wish
I have a wish too
Master Wen,would you teach my Jiaye kungfu?
Please finish my son's wish to draw the monkey boxing book
Min, I want you to play monkey boxing for me
Wake up
Min,I want you to be my model
You know,your business is our business
Let's avenge Hong Yihu together
Hurry wake up!
You mean real?
Or how can we call her spirit back? must keep your words
Grand-uncle,I just talk the talk
Min's back!
Master Wen,Min's back!
Min,you are up
Min,you are up.I didn't need to worry any more
Old Monkey
So nice you wake up
"I enjoy my death! Which will honor the loyalty of our friendship!"
Great! Master Wen!
You have had two more good prentices!
Please accept our worship!
Master Wen, they will inherit your hard monkey boxing!
First move!
Why not keep sleeping, Min?
Are you alright?
I want to keep exercising
Master Wen..
Could you let him take a break?
Take a break
Not you! Keep on! Monkey presents a peach!
Every finger of Monkey must be powerful
Aren't them powerful?
Yeah...I'll go change my clothes
No way!
Keep on!
Monkey pulls!
Your eyesight must be concentrated when playing monkey boxing
You must lock your target with your eyesight
Suppose that is your enemy
He's our relative
I said suppose!
Every separated part of monkey has the potential of intelligence
Master,I suppose you are my enemy
Right,but your fingers are not powerful!
Go on!
It's not enough using only arm and shoulder strength
You should use waist strength
Three kinds of strength into one!
Nice drawing.
You are so good!
Go on!
Tipple -- can inprove your body strength and power
And your guts!
Hard monkey boxing plus tipple...
We can fight better
Drink this...
And never quit!
Wishing to be drunk all my lifetime and never wake up
Forget our sufferings and pains in the world!
Fight me...
I....never reget!
No good!
Master Wen, too bad this time!
Jiaye and Grand-uncle...they are gone
- Ahui? - Yes?
Take them downstairs
Misters, please smoke
You two,go away
Yes sir.
Misters,may I know what do you want to consign?
A package of things
What things?
Right here
"To: Yu Haiyang, ZhenYuan Escort"?
What's in this package?
All lethal things inside
are for Yu Haiyang and Wen Bao
Oh,you mean manager Yu.
He's in his office, I'll take it to him.
Quite near,we'll take it to him ourselves.
Needn't trouble you
Ok,I'll lead the way for you.
Please,this way
Come in,please
You led us to this tunnel?
Yu Haiyang and Wen Bao live in such a secret place?
They must feel guilty all the time
There will be traps
We are tough, and never afraid
Don't leak out
Master said we should hide our spirits and powers inside
Did he say this?
What are you looking at? Lead the way!
- Once you move left,I'll hit you on the right - Once you move right,I'll hit you on the left
- Once you move your head,I'll kick your ass - Once you turn around,I'll cut your dick
You must be thinking how to kill us.
I really don't know what you are talking about
We don't,either
Follow me.
You are here to consign something?
Get out of my way,please
A good dog never gets in men's way
No..No.. A silent dog bites men.
See?There are traps, as I expected
Come on!
2 taels will be enough
Your trousers!
Here comes the silent dog
Then we should add a little more
4 more taels!
- How are you feeling? - A little palsy
Pinch the main artery!
Hold on
My undead brother is stupid enough
His prentices are even more stupid
Do you know what is "Catch the turtle in a small jar"?
Wen Bao
I'll kill you today
as the new hard monkey!
Come on, show me how good your hard monkey boxing is
Can you hold your own?
For I am also the new hard monkey
Insignificant skills
Kid,yours is nor hard monkey boxing
Mine is!
Not in the book!
This is hard monkey boxing!
Kill them!
You guys ok?
Get away!
Ok,where's master?
Yu Haiyang,long no see.
Master,how's your wound?
Master, you shouldn't come
If we don't come,who can save you?
Shut up
4 taels more.
Boss, we needn't fear them
His wound hasn't recovered
Master, let me!
Wen Bao,don't you go!
Those who are not relative,you can go!
You haven't drunk enough, puls 4 taels more!
Force it into a stick!
Good! Fight hard when the tipple takes effect
Entangle him!
Monkey turns!
Eight moves in two!
Monkey Peepees!
Wen Bao
Monkeys loot fruits!
Sixteen moves in four!
Let's go
- Escort! - Yes!
Hold the flag!
Morning Master!
- Order! - Yes!
Hold this
- Escort! - Yes!
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