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Boss, you are drinking faster than you are driving.
Shut up! You talk a lot.
Something's surely going to happen today. Nothing'll happen.
Boss! Look out!
- How are you? - l'm fine, tell me what's the condition ahead.
The situation is very bad over there.
There is strict police checking going on. Be careful.
Boss, let's go back.
Boss, where are you going? Boss, look out!
l have been shot!
Stupid man! lt was not a shot, the tyre has burst.
Jaggu, is this Dheerajpur?
Yes boss, it looks like Dheerajpur.
You change the tyre, . . .
- l'll go to Chamelibai and arrange for this. - No boss!
lf you go to Chamelibai, you will spend the night there.
- And it's a jungle here, what if there is. . . - Shut up!
Didn't l say l am coming back? Come on, you start.
Don't you know Chamelibai is very smart?
Who is intruding here?
Come my darling!
You already have so many of them, where will you keep me?
You belong in my heart, darling.
That was so sweet of you!
lf that is so, then get rid of everyone.
- So you all will. . . - We understand Chamelibai.
- You are great! Come on. - Let's go.
' May God bless the one to create the motor. . .'
'. . .out of the house they threw the one to drive a motor.'
The house is nothing. Just say it once.
l promise, l'll give you everything l own.
'False principles cannot hide the truth'
'Flowers made of paper cannot be fragrant'
' l wait for you, l give my heart to you'
' l love you, but how do l trust you'
'You make false promises'
'Your promises. . .'
'Your promises deceived me'
' l an innocent man'
'Your have beautiful tresses'
'Your eyes are enchanting'
'You don't remember what you promised someone'
'Once we go, you forget everything'
'You are not to be trusted'
'Loving someone is not your job'
'You are beautiful, you are my Darling'
'You entice everyone'
'Ask a poet, if you are his poem'
'The poem states your unfaithfulness'
'You give less of happiness'
'And more of unhappiness'
'You know everything'
'You know how to break someone's heart'
'You change with time'
'You are a secret no one understood'
'Sometimes you are upset, sometimes you smile'
'You love someone, you betray someone'
'Your dreamy eyes, bewitch everyone'
'Everything wrong has been done by her'
'People call you by different names'
'You have different faces'
' lt doesn't make any difference. . .'
'. . .what you are called'
l'm dead! Chameli wake up! What did l tell you?
l asked you to wake me up early, why didn't you wake me?
My dear, it's my duty to put you to sleep and not to wake you.
Why are you taking a diversion?
l'm not able to see either. Wait for a while.
Shut up!
- What's the matter? - Get down and see.
Boss! There's a mishap. One man has got crushed.
Let's escape, Boss.
- Let's escape, no one has seen us. - Shut up!
Get down and fetch water.
What is wrong with my Ramu?
What happened to my dear son?
He has killed my son.
l consumed alcohol but l wasn't intoxicated.
There road was misty, so l didn't realise. .
. . . when this farmer got under my truck.
lt's true. And it's also true that l didn't try to escape. . .
. . . although l had the opportunity to escape.
Don't scream, talk with respect. This is a court.
l could have escaped but l didn't.
ls the police so incompetent as to let you escape?
Do you think the law is disabled.
The culprit is a careless man.
He is a rogue and a drunkard too.
l request the court to have a look at that helpless woman.
l request you to view the injustice done to her.
The court is adjourned till the 25th of this month.
What can be proved is the truth. . .
. . . and what can't be proved is false.
You should raise your voice in court to prove the truth. . .
. . . and you should also dramatise the judgement.
l don't consider the court a stage.
l don't want to be a toy in the hands of law.
The court is a sanctimonious place where. . .
. . . justice is done.
lt's not a stage, Mr.Saxena.
The whole world is a stage and the court is no exception.
You'll get used to the system as you proceed.
You and here!?
- You are our saviour. - You shouldn't have come here.
lf you have to say something, you may say it in court.
What am l going to gain from your court, Sir?
Justice! Justice will be done to you.
What will l gain from that justice?
You may impose a severe punishment on that convict. . .
Can your justice return to me my husband. . .
. . . whom l adored, who wanted to educate my children. . .
. . . and whose duty was to get his sister married?
Look at my handicapped father-in-law.
And my mother-in-law is blind.
My husband was their only support.
Can your law return their support to them?
Sir! When you inflict punishment on the convict. . .
. . . you may also impose a death sentence on our orphaned family.
Let's go, father.
Law is blind and has no room for any emotions.
lt demands proof.
Once the crime is proved, . . .
. . . it turns a blind eye to the rest of the things.
lt's the duty of law to weigh the crime committed by the culprit. . .
. . . on a weighing scale and punish him.
l know, My Lord, and l have been assigned this task as well.
But l want to know what penalty aims at?
lt aims at making the criminal feel guilty, isn't it?
lt makes him realise that he has committed a sin. . .
. . . and repent for his sins. This feeling of repentance. . .
. . . makes his heart and soul pure.
No doubt, punishment aims at that.
Can this aim be achieved by imprisoning the accused. . .
. . . and by chaining him and treating him as a slave?
No my lord!
l challenge that, these punishments. . .
. . . will only provoke the criminal to indulge in crimes.
You are not only a genius but you're also very clever.
But this Penal Code which is drafted id based on. . .
. . . our knowledge and experience.
Books on law have also been written based on that.
Do you want to say that they are wrong?
No My Lord! Knowledge and experience can never go wrong.
But it is definitely wrong. . .
. . . to restrict that knowledge and experience.
After all, these books are written by man.
Man's knowledge explores many paths and. . .
. . . finds different avenues to progress.
Will the last page of the book be the last page forever?
As per the lndian Penal Code, . . .
. . . l can impose a rigorous imprisonment. . .
. . . for two years to the truck driver.
But l want to know what the deceased's family. . .
. . . will gain out of this.
lt is the duty of law not only to punish but also safeguard.
You are not only clever but you're a genius too.
l appreciate you for that.
But, the question is, whether the deceased's family. . .
. . . will gain if the accused is acquitted.
l never said that, l only want to acquit that culprit.
l too want to punish him, but. . .
. . . l want to impose a punishment. . .
. . . that will retain the humility of man and. . .
. . . and put an end to the sacrifices that man has made.
l want to experiment something.
This experiment will give an opportunity to the culprit. . .
. . . to seek recourse to his sins and simultaneously. . .
. . . it will also benefit the deceased's family.
And today l have come to seek permission. . .
. . . to try this experiment.
l hope you will grant me permission.
l grant you permission to try out the experiment.
Considering the witnesses and their statements. . .
. . . the fact that an innocent farmer was killed due to. . .
. . . the carelessness of Surjit Singh, cannot be denied.
Hence, the court penalises Surjit Singh. . .
. . . with 2 years rigorous imprisonment.
But the criminal won't spend these two years behind bars, . . .
. . . he will have to spend these 2 years in the deceased's house.
During this period, he will have to. . .
. . . sow and reap crops in Ramdin's farm. . .
. . . provide for the education of his kids. . .
. . . and also support his ailing parents.
No my lord! What sort of punishment is this?
l'd prefer to stay in jail. Please don't send me there.
Please don't be so harsh.
l know that it is not, yet. . .
. . . my judgement is final.
Get down!
Come with me.
This is the border of your jail.
Beyond that mountain.
And beyond the river which you can see.
And look at that bridge.
You cannot go across it.
lf you go, l'll run and catch you.
What are you looking?
Do you think l can't run?
When there's trouble, l'm the first one to run.
- Understood? - Yes.
These are the walls of my jail, is it?
- Now hear my name too. - Tell me.
The villagers call me Headsahab.
- Even l will call you the same. - Very good.
- Come on. - Let's go.
Not here, walking.
The jeep does not go inside the jail.
- Come. - Let's go.
You scoundrel!
You sinner!
- Beat him! - You murderer!
What is all this?
Headsahab, the Law did not punish him.
Hand him over to us.
We will teach him a lesson.
Come. lf you have the courage, come one by one.
- l deal with each one of you. - No! You can't do that.
lt is my job.
Dare if anyone steps forward. l'll put each of you in jail.
He is a prisoner. lt is illegal to raise hand on him.
Drop the weapons.
You too listen. lf you fight with the villagers, . . .
You will be given the same punishment . . .
. . . which is given to a prisoner for fighting in the jail.
Drop the stick.
Come. Move aside.
Ganga Uncle!
Headsahab is coming to your house with the prisoner.
Gangadin, he's the prisoner.
Today onwards he will stay here.
He has to serve his sentence staying in your house.
You scoundrel!
He is a prisoner. lt is illegal to raise a hand on him.
Your law is great!
You brought my son's murderer to my house.
And l can't do anything?
Don't feel offended. Understood?
After all he is a father. A son's father.
Yes, l understood that he is a father of a son.
- Or else he would dare to. . . - May you be cursed!
May you die a miserable death!
May your family be destroyed!
Why are you cursing me?
Anyway, there's no one in my family, mother.
Keep quiet! You call me mother?!
May you go to hell!
Why do you argue with a murderer, Ramu's mother?
Get out of my sight.
Yes, you go and sit there.
Go and sit there.
ls there a drama being shown?! Go and do your work!
Take, eat it.
Who are you?
How you bring news about father?
Mother says father has gone to town to being a bullock.
One of our bullock is dead.
You are bleeding. Wait, l'll bring medicine from mother.
Billu, come here.
Mother, he is wounded. Give some medicine.
Get inside.
Come and sit here quietly.
Mother, who is he?
- He is our enemy. - ls it?
Mother, give me food. l'm hungry.
- Take. - Puffed rice? Give me 'roti', mother.
l'm very hungry.
Eat this now. Eat 'roti' in the evening.
No. l will eat 'roti' right now.
Give me one 'roti'.
Don't be stubborn.
- Jaggu, you? - l was sitting on the tree since so long.
l'll bring Mehmoodbhai's truck at night near the river.
- You be ready. - Very good, Jaggu!
Surely come. l'm feeling suffocated in this hell.
Sure. Don't worry, boss. l will definitely come.
Father, l've brought food.
Eat it.
Take away the lamp. l don't like light.
Eat the food, Ramu's mother.
You eat, l don't feel like eating.
Tell that murder to kill us too.
- Yes, mother? - Close the door.
They'll make me starve to death.
- Let's go, boss. - Put off the torch.
Let's go.
First tell me how did you dare to run away like this?
Do you think there's no guard around this jail?
So it is easy to escape?
No, inspector. But l used to get two square meals in that jail.
ln this jail, l'm hungry since morning.
No one asked me for water.
Who will ask you? From whom do you expect food?
From those whom you have deprived of a livelihood?
l'm coming.
Go to my quarters and bring something for him to eat.
Okay, sir.
Sit down.
You know, from where does a poor farmer get bread for his family?
- From the land. - Yes. And to get bread from the land . . .
. . . one has to work hard.
You have to plow Ramu's field.
This too is included in your sentence.
Yes. But the crop doesn't grow within a day.
Then work hard.
However possible, it is your duty . . .
. . . to provide Ramu's family with two square meals.
l've brought food, sir.
Take, eat it.
Did you realize, what hungry is?
Only one day's starvation has made your condition like this.
Think about that family who will have to face starvation . . .
. . . all their lives because of you.
Mother, please give me one 'roti'.
What happened?
No, lnspector. My hunger is satisfied.
And if l have to serve the sentence, l will do as you said.
- Can l go? - Yes, go.
Work fast.
- What is it? - Can l get some work?
- What? - l mean can l get some job?
- Who are you? - Manager, he is the same truck driver . . .
. . . who had run down Ramu.
Go away.
Go from here. There's no job.
- Who was this man? - Who else can it be?
The new prisoner of the new law.
Great! Ramu's murderer has come as his family's protector.
The thief has been given the charge.
Your examples are unique.
Tell me one thing. How is Ramu's family managing their livelihood?
Nothing is well.
The children are crying out of hungry.
He had fixed his sister's marriage.
But now even that won't take place.
Then what are you for?
What do you mean?
l mean, take advantage of this chance.
They would need money for the girl's marriage.
Ramu's stubbornness is gone with him.
Now in this situation, if we get his land . . .
. . . we can begin the work of our farm.
Gangadin came early morning.
He asked for 2 kg. wheat on credit . . .
. . . as the children were starving.
Now tell me, there's no hope of getting back the credit given. . .
. . . given when Ramu was alive.
Shall l make my children starve by giving more credit?
That day the entire village had attacked me . . .
. . . to take revenge for Ramu's death.
And today when it came to giving credit . . .
. . . for his starving children, you thought your children?
Get lost! Don't try to preach!
lt is your responsibility. You take care of them.
Why? Did the truth hurt you?
l remember everything. You don't need to remind me.
Hey, if you want to drink water for free, go to the river.
Keep the container down.
Okay, l won't drink. Why are you screaming?
Here is your container!
You broke my glass! l'll teach you a lesson.
Get lost! What can you do?
Damn this Thagdu! lt had to break down.
lt will work only if it is handled properly.
He treats my tractor like a bullock cart.
Since l bought it, l am facing trouble.
They should've given a mechanic along with the tractor.
What are you doing? You will ruin it.
lt is not my fault, it just stopped midway?
lt is not your fault it is my fault.
Now there won't be any work for 6 days.
The work is at a stand still.
God knows when the mechanic will come from the city?
When he will repair it? And will the field be ploughed?
- Has the tractor broken down? - Can't you see that?
- Was l singing till now? - l mean, can l repair it?
- You will repair it? - Yes, l know a little about machines.
Then why wait? Hurry up.
But how much do l have to pay you?
When it's working, give me how much ever you feel like.
Durga, come here.
- Do you know who he is? - How do l know who he is?
- He is the one who killed Ramu. - What? - Yes.
Who can defy destiny?
He didn't kill Ramu. Ramu was killed by the mad Brinda.
Everyone advised him not to but the haunted field.
Greed ruins you.
After all he died. He repaired it?
This is very good. You are a good mechanic.
- How much do l pay you? - Whatever you feel like.
Will Rs. 20 do? Okay, take Rs. 30. Here.
l don't want this. l want bread.
l cannot bear this anymore.
lf l sit on a road, being blind l'll atleast get some alms.
Billu, don't cry.
l have got some food. l had got some money.
Here child. Eat it.
Kamla, throw all of this.
We'll starve to death, but won't eat anything this murderer gives.
What are you looking at? Go!
- Throw that away! - No, l'll eat it. l am hungry.
- You are hungry! l said not to eat it! - What're you doing?
Go die some place, so that l get some peace.
- Where are you going child? - Enemy uncle, l'm going to die.
Mother told me to go and die.
No child. You should not say things like that.
You are hungry? Come, l'll get you something to eat.
- Serve some water. - Here, eat it.
Tell me, why did you call me your Enemy uncle?
Mother said that you are the enemy.
Okay, you eat. What happened now?
Even brother went to school hungry.
- Look at this brother. - Where did you get all this from?
- Enemy uncle gave it. - Throw all of it.
- Why? - Because we shouldn't eat anything he gives.
- Why? What happened? - He is a sinner! He is a murderer!
Listen to me child.
l don't want to hear anything.
l have done many crimes in my life, . . .
. . . but never considered myself a criminal.
Today for the first time, after seeing you. . .
. . . l felt that l am a very big criminal.
Child, let me repent for my sins.
lf you stay hungry, my sins will increase.
Won't you help me?
Go on child. Eat something.
Here are Rs. 1 0. lt will be enough for 2-3 days.
But where did you get this money from?
You won't know. The Manager of Mr. Sarju is a very good man.
He himself called me and loaned me Rs. 1 0.
And said that he will employ daughter-in-law and Kamla.
ls this good news?
Both of them will work and we will sit idle?
Aren't you ashamed?
So what? lt's better to work hard and earn rather than begging.
Since he is not there, his responsibilities are mine.
- What is the matter? - Look, Lallu and Billu are not there.
That man is also not there.
O God!
- What happened Kamla? - Lallu and Billu are missing.
The bull is also not in the shed and even that man is not seen.
- What are you saying? - O God! What is my family facing!
Don't worry. Worrying won't solve our problems.
l'll go and check. Kamla come along with me.
- Daughter-in-law! - Mother.
He will sell the bull and escape to the city.
And he'll kill my children!
No child, don't say that.
Bhola, come along with me.
Come on. Come on!
Where are you going early in the morning?
What do l say? That devil has taken both my kids some place.
Yes. He went this way. He even had a bull.
- Really? - Yes.
Push harder!
- Come on! - Damned!
- You are foolish. - Yes. - The field is not ploughed like this.
What do l do child, no one in my family ever ploughed a field.
Don't worry. We three. . . We even have him.
All of us together will plough the field in 6-7 days.
- Shall we try? - Yes, come on.
Come on!
Father, look over there.
- Billu, listen! - Rascal, what are you laughing at?
Aren't you happy killing my son? Now, you want to kill them too?
You will plough the field! Had your father ever ploughed?
You are of no use. Go, get drunk and kill people.
This is my Ramu's land. His soul is in this land.
You want to taint it? Get out from here!
- Rascal! Scoundrel! - Old man, l've been tolerating from long.
Even that day you hit me. l even bled but l tolerated it.
l am not a farmer like you to plough the field.
l felt guilty seeing these children and realized my crime. . .
. . .or else, to hell with you and this field of yours!
- What did you say! - Get lost! Listen to one more thing.
lf l drink, l drink it with my money and not yours.
Understand? Move!
Work faster. We need lots of goods.
- l am Malti Manager. - Oh yes, Malti. Come.
- You talk to father about work. - So, l didn't lie.
But you have come alone? Where is your sister-in-law?
Manager, you know that she is going to be married.
lf she starts working, people will start talking.
- lf you give me work. . . - Sure. lt's no problem
Our boss is very king. He keeps an eye on everyone.
Here he comes.
- Malti has come. - Alone? Her sister-in-law?
We want the land. Right now you forget about romance for a while.
Come Malti. This is our jungle's godown.
lt is a very huge business.
lt runs day and night. And many people work here.
- Haria. - Yes! - She's Malti. She'll manage everything here.
She will come and go as she pleases.
- Okay Manager. - Consider her to be the Manager from now on.
ls that fine Malti.
l am a murderer!
l am a scoundrel!
Hey, Lord Shiva! Where are you?
You took away my driving license.
l cannot drive, but no one can stop me from drinking.
That is why l will drink more and that too in front of you.
lf you have the strength, then stop me.
- Listen Kamla! - Who is it?
Don't be so upset Kamla. Everything will be fine.
l know Shekhar, along with brother's death, . . .
. . .all our dreams of happiness have shattered.
Brother has promised your father. . .
. . .that he will sell the crop and pay for the dowry.
But now neither will our farm have crops, . . .
. . . nor will the promise given to your father will be fulfilled.
No Kamla. This will never happen.
l will surely convince my father.
Your father will never agree Shekhar.
And Shekhar, if even you leave me. . .
- . . . l'll really drown in the river. - No Kamla.
- l will die! - No Kamla, it won't happen.
- Kamla, listen to me. - All of you die!
There won't be a marriage if there is no crop!
l am not a farmer who ploughs the fields.
Look at that l didn't lie.
Get him.
l'll just get him sir.
- Move! - Stop! l said stop. - Move aside!
Aren't you listening. Do you want to run over me?
- Hey, stop! - l said move aside. Let me work.
Oh God!
Didn't l tell you to let me finish my work?
You make fun of me. Come on, get down.
Come with me to sir. Come!
Now you will learn a lesson.
- Sir, l got him. - What are you waiting for? Arrest him.
To take someone elses things without permission is theft.
Why are you quiet? Why don't you answer him?
You had told me that l have to plough Ramu's field.
l have just one bull, where do l get another bull from?
What are you acting smart for?
Anyway, you shouldn't have got the tractor like this.
Actually, when his tractor broke down, l had repaired it.
What are you saying? lf you repaired it, even l paid you.
Then give it on hire. l am ready pay the rent.
You talk very big! Come on, give the rent.
Do you give your tractor for hire?
Sir, no one in this village can hire my tractor.
- How much's the rent? - Rs. 50. But only Rs. 20 from him will do.
- Here, take it. - Sir, you are paying?
He is a prisoner. l will deduct it from his allowance.
Sir, if you are going to deduct it, why not give it to him?
He has already ploughed the field, now he'll want seeds too.
He is a thief, he will steal someone's seeds too.
- Give to him only. - Keep his tractor from where you got it.
- Okay. - And listen. Take this.
This is your money. l will deduct it from your allowance.
Thank you lnspector.
Wait, l don't trust you, l'll get into trouble. . .
. . . if you run away with the tractor to some other village.
Yes, come along.
Yes, sir.
Grandfather, he ploughed our whole field.
- You turned out to be a useful man. - What?
l mean, the work you finished. . .
. . .will make Ramu's soul rest in peace.
- That. . . What is your name? - Durgaprasad.
l don't know that, but l know this much, that. . .
. . .the crop of this field will help Ramu's sister get married.
She will get married. . .
. . . but what will her family eat till the next year?
l don't know that but Ramu himself had taken this decision.
That is why he had bought the haunted field.
You mentioned it even that day. What is this haunted field?
What do l say? The tree in the middle of that field. . .
. . . is the one on which the crazy Brinda had hanged herself.
The field has been barren since years.
Whenever anyone bought that field, he paid with his life.
- Do you believe in all this. - Not only believe, we know it.
Even today the crazy Brinda's soul dances in that field.
- Why are you laughing? - All this is nonsense.
Mr. Durgaprasad, you give me your tractor. . .
. . .then see l will take care of that field along with that tree.
l thought you're a nice man, but you turned out to be dangerous.
Do you want to ruin me along with my tractor?
Don't give me your tractor, but l'll go to that tree tonight.
Then go and hug him like you did to your son Ramu.
At least think before you say anything.
Ramu had expected a lot from this year's crop.
lf that field had stayed barren, would his soul rest in peace?
We are handicap. Our daughter-in-law has gone to work.
And we are not taking his generosity.
We will feed that dog some food. . .
- What? - Didn't you hear? We don't take anyone's favors.
l got some money to buy seeds.
You will have to come with me in the morning.
l don't know anything about farming.
l was thinking of ploughing the other field that Ramu had bought.
No! That field took my Ramu's life.
No. l killed your son.
l heard that whoever goes there doesn't come back alive?
lf that happens, then revenge for Ramu's death will be taken. . .
. . .and your enemy will be. . .
That scoundrel won't die alone, he will kill all of us too.
- Yes! - Why do you worry?
- He will surely do something. Get some more sweets. - Yes sir.
- Right sir? - Yes.
- He has come. - Salute sir. - Yes.
- Did you call me? - Yes.
l have heard that crazy Brinda's tree. . .
l am going to fell it tonight.
- What? - Yes. - Fool! You deed will ruin the whole village.
l am not responsible for the whole village.
l've to take care of one family, l'll do everything for them.
- What do you mean? - That l'll do everything possible.
l'll hang you upside down on that tree.
Why do you bother? Crazy Brinda will do that.
- So, you will go? - Yes, and no one can stop me.
- Why? - Because, law is not to fight with people. . .
. . . but not ghosts. l am going.
- He is going! - l can see that.
- All the food we gave you is wasted? - Yes.
- Priest, you do something. - What can we do?
All of you give money, . . .
. . .we will perform the ghost destruction ceremony.
l got scared!
Let me see.
Ghost. . . . . . .
Where are you running away? You cannot escape from me.
- Help!. . . . . - You have terrorised the village.
Don't hit me. l'm not a ghost.
You aren't a ghost! Why do you act like one!
l was scared myself. l heard of a ghost round here.
Why are you here like a ghost?
Shut up. Do l look like a ghost to you?
Who are you? What are you doing here at this hour?
l'm Phulmati. Came to hide my money here.
This isn't a bank to hide money. Don't lie.
l'm not lying. Look here.
My Grandpa steals it to spend on drinks if l keep it at home.
People don't dare come here. Thought my money is safe here.
Why are you hiding it from your uncle.
- Speak up. - For my marriage.
- When is your wedding? - lt's not yet fixed.
lt isn't easy to find a good boy these days.
- Who are you anyway? - Why do you bother?
Remove your money from here fast. l've to fell the tree.
- Come on, quick. - Okay, l'll.
O god, my prisoner is dead! l'll lose my job!
- We got rid of the ghost. - The hell with your ghost.
Don't just stand. Let's extricate his dead body.
No one is coming! Cowards.
Who will touch a sinner's body?
- Dushman ( enemy ) uncle. . . . - Billu, stop there.
- Dushman uncle. . . . - Billu, dear. . . .
O god! He is alive.
- What's the matter? - Uncle is dead.
Dushman uncle's enemies die not him.
- You have felled the tree! - Yes.
Thank god you aren't dead. My job is saved.
You have done a miracle!
Durgabhaih, give me my tractor. l'll do the same to the farm.
- What do you say, father? - Let's leave, Lallu.
That won't cause me a problem, l hope.
That's all nonsense. Give me tractor to start off my work.
So, he has been cheating on us!
Took 200 rupees yesterday to chase away the ghost too.
- lsn't it Pandey? - He took from us too.
- Where is he? - There, running away.
Catch him.
Hey, what are you doing? l'll put all of you in lock up.
Don't hit him. Poor fellow is a poor Brahmin.
Poor fellow has done it for survival.
Yes, my son. You have saved a poor brahmin.
- May god bless you. - Okay, leave.
Everyone proceed with their work.
- l take your leave. Bye. - He is a smart boy.
Get down.
Go inside. l'll break your legs if you go out again.
- May l say something if you don't mind? - What?
l don't like daughter of this house go out to work.
Shut up. lt's our house and she is our daughter-in-law.
Who are you to interfere?
Fine, mother.
- Barber? - Yes. - Are you really a barber?
You have scrapped off my skin.
This is a hair cutting saloon.
Cut your hair here once. Which cut do you want?
Dilip Kumar's? Ashok Kumars'? - Enough.
- Complete my shaving. - l'll.
- May l ask you something? - Ask.
Didn't you really find nothing in the fields?
- l found something. - What?
- A ghost. - Then?
Then what happened? - l went closer. Silence was eerie.
- Eerie silence! - Darkness all around. l lifted my axe.
- l heard a. . . . - What? - Sound of anklets. Then. . .
Then what happened? - l went closer. - How was she?
- Bad. - Bad? - The noise grew louder.
l'm finished! - What happened? - lt's gone. - What is gone?
- Half of it is gone. - Half of it is gone!
O my mustache! Are you a barber or a butcher?
lt's not my mistake but that ghost's.
Where're you going? - Home. - Will your uncle complete the shaving?
My uncle has died long ago. l'll do it.
- Dushman uncle. . . - lt's Billu. Finish it fast.
- Uncle. . . - What is the matter?
Where is my uncle? - Barber. - Anything else to be done?
See what have you done! My own people don't recognise me.
Where is your mustache?
lt is all because of him.
- l won't spare you. - l'll close down my shop.
- Uncle, l want to watch the bioscope. - Sure.
She wanted money to show me the bioscope. Scolded me too.
- What did she say? - Stupid. - How dare she say so?
l'll take you to see it. Come on.
'' Watch. . . . . . . .
'' Kutubminar of Delhi'' ''glamour of Bombay city''
'' this is Taj Mahal of Agra. Watch the entire world too.''
'' pay and see the show''
- You want to see this? - Yes. - See it later.
l want to see it. You promised to show me.
Sorry. The showman is a different one now.
- l want to see it now. - Now? - Yes. - Okay.
'' here l'm with bioscope''
'' it is lovely. Clap your hands''
Children, where has ghost buster's mustache gone?
ls it cut off along with the tree?
Let's clap for it.
lt can be grown again whenever one wants.
Come on, clap.
Show my boy, the bioscope.
ls that the way to talk to me? Don't you have women at home?
My name is Phoolmati.
Nevermind what it is. Show him the show.
- Pay for it first. - l'll. Let him see it first. - Come.
'' see the Kutubminar of Delhi''
'' see the king riding on the horse''
'' watch the entire world right here''
'' spend money and see my bioscope''
'' watch the maze of Lucknow''
'' be careful. Don't get lost''
'' watch for free if you don't have money''
watch the romance of Radha and Krishna''
''Have endless fun''
'' watch the world right here''
Run. . run here goes the bell. How was the show? - Good.
Good. Go home now.
- Bye. - Hey! - l'm finished!
- Where is my money? - Take off your hand first.
Else, l'll tell the village you are the ghost.
- May l go now? - Go.
You owe me money. Tell me your name.
Didn't you hear him call me uncle? lt's for him, not for you.
Wait, Durgabhiah.
Hear what she calls me!
l told you many times that my name is Durgaprasad.
What is in a name?
l'm wondering about the law.
A criminal is left in our village, with many young girls.
What if something goes wrong?
He will do nothing. l'll speak to him.
- You watch the ghost. - Oh! he told them everything.
He told only me no one else. Don't fear.
l'm not afraid. lt's the villagers who are afraid.
There is only one fearless man.
- Here l'm. - What! - Fearless.
l think she is hooked.
Didn't you get some other place to bathe?
Why did you come here?
She has a sharp tongue.
- What! - You won't understand.
lt flows through my farm. Expect me to go to your house?
Come if you have the guts.
l heard that you think l'm fearless!
Okay. Turn that way and sit down.
- Why? - l have to change.
Oh, l understand.
- May ask something? - Turn the other way first.
- Ask now. - You care a lot about me these days.
You like me l presume.
Why don't you talk, you ghost.
My prediction can never go wrong.
You will become inspector soon.
When will that happened?
That will happen soon . . .
. . . after you clear few hurdles.
Sure. Please tell me further.
Stretch you hand.
- Greetings, constable. - Don't bother me now.
l was passing by the police station.
l heard the inspector shout about you.
O god. l'll come later.
Go. Don't turn back. Your time is bad.
- Astrologer. . . - Come. You came at a right time
Saved me from a free service. Show me your hand.
The other hand.
- Your hand is soft! Have money? - Yes.
Take it out. 1 0 paise per question or 25 for 3 questions.
Give it to me. Show me your hand.
- You sing and dance a lot. - That is for my business.
- Are you related to a drunkard? - He is my uncle.
Nevermind. Your hand shows someone else in your life too.
- What! - You will be married soon.
Your husband will be a soldier.
A soldier! But he is a criminal.
- What? - Nothing? Will he be fat?
He will be tall and slim. He will be your choice.
- He will carry a gun always. - l'm scared of guns!
Say, 'gun'.
- May l ask you a question? - lt's your 3rd and last one.
- Will it be a soldier? - l said so already.
l mean, cannot a bad man ever change?
Ofcourse. Repentance can change him.
Haven't you heard murderer Ratnakar became. . .
. . . Valmiki and wrote Ramayan?
l have heard, but. . . - You asked 3 questions already.
You may leave.
'' O my soldier lover''
'' l'm scared of your gun''
'' and my heart beat races''
'' Your romantic talk makes me blush''
'' and tells me how much l'm in love''
''There will be lot of talk about us in the village''
''Even our neighbours will be aware. . .
. . . of it when they hear the jingle of my bangles''
''He refused to let me go''
''But l'm in a dilemma as to what l should do''
''Oh God! My hand still hurts''
'' l'm in trouble''
'' My anklets jingle''
There was a time when villagers were after his blood.
Now they are willing to die for him.
As it is Durga is an obstruction for us.
He is an addition.
Don't worry. l can break them anytime l want.
But that can cause some damage.
Why? - Come and see how well he cultivated their farms.
The yield can get them lot of money.
Do something fast.
Sure, sir. There is a way if there is will.
Father, see who has come.
- Who is it? - Greetings. - Greetings.
We are from Narayangunj on behalf of Narayanbabu.
From Narayanababu! Please come in side.
Daughter-in-law, bring refreshments.
There is no need for it.
We are in a hurry. We have to talk to you.
- Sure. Say it. - Uncle, you say it.
- The matter is. . . . - Okay, l'll tell him.
You are aware that Shanker is Narayababu's lone son.
How long do we wait? Marriage has to take place anyway.
So, . . . . Uncle, you tell him.
So, Narayan was saying. . . .
Okay, l'll tell him.
Both the parties are helpless.
l wonder if we can break the engagement. . . .
lt will save embarrassment to both the parties.
What are you saying! lt will disgrace us.
We cannot pressurise you. We can see your condition.
lt is evident that you cannot fulfil your promise too.
Why do you think so? We will surely fulfil our promise.
How long can we wait?
Please give us few days time.
lt's okay if it is few days and not months.
l'll persuade Narayanbabu somehow. Let's go, uncle.
Let's go, uncle.
What have you done, Daughter-in-law!
We manage 2 meals with great difficulty.
How can we manage it?
Why, is it because Kamla's brother isn't alive?
l'll talk to Mr.Sarju.
He is a nice person. He'll surely help us.
Don't you worry.
What's the matter, father?
- They are rogues. - Ofcourse.
Help her out with what she needs.
That will be done. l spoke to Malati already.
Give them 1 000 rupees against mortgage of their fields.
You always talk of mortgage while helping others.
- lt's a bad habit. - You are angry unnecessarily.
They are farmers. Self respecting.
They don't accept favours from others.
He is right. Give us temporary loan against mortgage.
- As you please. Mansuk. . . - Don't delay in good deed.
Next Wednesday is Rakshabandhan day.
l'll prepare all documents by then.
- ls it okay, sister? - lt is fine, manager.
There is no alternative. Kamla's wedding is ahead.
They threatened to cancel the engagement too.
But you don't know what a rogue Sarju is.
You can give it up once it's mortgaged.
l toiled so much to cultivate these fields.
But they are the owners. Let them do as they want.
lt's all because of your generosity. Else, my poverty. . .
Don't call yourself poor. He is there to help you.
This document says your fields are mortgaged with him.
Pay back 1 000 rupees and take it back whenever you can.
Here is 1 000 rupees.
Why are you hesitating?
Pick up the pen.
Here is 1 000 rupees. You may count it.
- Fields won't be mortgaged. - Why not?
Because Ramu wanted to raise money for the wedding by. . .
. . . selling the yield and not by mortgaging it.
So, it wont be mortgaged.
Why don't you tell him that we don't want even a grain. . .
. . . from this sinner's hand.
Yes, l'm a sinner.
But not the land.
Father you used to say fields are your son's soul.
Do you want to mortgage your son's soul?
No need to insult us. We came to do you a favour.
l know how generous you are with the poor.
Today you are so rich because of doing favours to poor.
But this household doesn't need your favour.
The law has entrusted their responsibility with me.
This's my house. Ramu's parents are my parents. His sister is. .
Tomorrow you will say Ramu's wife is your wife.
Let go off me. Help. . . help.
Why do you want to ruin us? Get out of here.
- Sorry, Mr. Mansukhbabu. . . - That's enough.
- What's happening? - We are being punished, not him.
lt's all because of that unlucky girl. Where is she?
Her bad luck will never change nor does she die.
Kamla! Don't cry.
l wouldn't have to hear taunts had my brother been alive.
l wouldn't have to hear all this.
Today is Rakshabandhan (A festival).
Please accept me as your brother.
Brother! Do you expect me to tie this sacred thread. . .
. . . around the wrist of my brother's murderer?
- Let me go! - No! - l said, let me go.
- l don't want to live. - No, Kamla!
Listen to me. As it is l am burdened with a sin. . .
. . . which cannot be atoned.
Please don't burden me with yet another sin.
Listen Kamla, you're younger to me.
l beg of you, please go home.
Why are you sad, Dushman ( enemy )?
You too call me an enemy?
What should l do? You never told me your real name.
l too have forgotten my real name.
What l was and what l have become?
Attachments are very strange.
l was a carefree person, l had no responsibilities.
Had Ramu been alive, he'd shoulder all responsibilities.
His family has faced so many problems due to my carelessness.
l'm a sinner.
Although l'm compassionate towards them, . . .
. . . yet l'm their enemy, isn't it?
lt is believed that repentance washes away all sins.
And an enemy is also treated as a friend.
Dushman uncle!
- Come home at once. - What's the matter?
Aunty's engagement has been cancelled.
Come on!
Father! ls it true that Kamla's engagement. . .
l won't let that happen. l'll explain to them. . .
. . . it's not fair on their part.
What do they think of themselves?
Are you trying to escape?
l know that l'm not permitted to use this bridge.
But please let me go, or else. . .
. . . my sister's marriage will be cancelled.
lt's urgent and l have to go.
lt's necessary for you to go but not necessary for you to return.
l swear on Billu, l'll definitely return, Sir.
You swear on Billu as though he is your son.
Sir, if he was my own l'd perhaps make a false promise. . .
. . . but l'll face a severe punishment if l say a lie now.
l'm touched by your words.
l am weak at heart, isn't it?
- ls it very necessary for you to go? - Yes, sir.
Alright, you may go after l turn to that side.
lt's a crime if you leave in my presence. Go!
Thank you, sir!
Hey! Listen to me atleast.
Take care while you talk to them, . . .
. . . don't lose your cool, understand?
Okay, go in a wink and return in a wink too.
Stop it, Mansukh. Okay, we take your leave.
We'll meet more often.
You may proceed with the arrangements.
Okay, bye!
- Who are you? - You may treat me as Kamla's brother.
What's the matter?
Please don't heed to their words and torment us.
l'll fulfill the promises made by Ramu.
That's long forgotten.
No sir, if you cancel the marriage, we will be disgraced.
You're being unfair to both Kamla and your son.
l plead to you and beg of you, please don't be so harsh.
- Stop it! - Please. . . - Do you know. . .
. . . my son's marriage has been fixed with a rich man's daughter. . .
. . . and they are willing to pay Rs. 1 0,000 as dowry.
Can you pay such a huge amount?
Why have you come here then? You may go!
Perhaps you didn't recognise me.
l'm Shekhar, please tell Kamla that l'm helpless.
Ask her to forgive me if she can.
You scoundrel! You coward!
Have you come? What happened?
My foot! Who will seek alliance with a cruel man like him?
l'll find a better match for Kamla, . . .
. . . you too will be spell bound when you see that.
You will never change.
Do you think a girl's heart is like a wheel. . .
. . . that can be replaced with a stepny?
They love each other since their childhood.
What do you know of love?
''See. . .
''View a bioscope''
''View the Kutub Minar of Delhi''
''View the wonderful sights of Mumbai''
''This is the Taj Mahal of Agra''
''You may view the whole world, sitting at home''
''Spend money and watch the show''
''Here l'm with my bioscope''
''Clap as the show will come to an end''
Will you leave before the show get's over?
Relax, uncle, l'll talk to her.
Uncle wants to know why you've put an end to the show. . .
. . . before it could begin?
No uncle, today's show is about to begin now.
''Look at the cowardly groom''
''He failed to keep up his promise. . .
. . . out of fear''
''Here and there, below and above''
''Marriage is a trade in their hands''
''They don't unite the lovers''
''Money is a barrier to this''
''Spend money and watch the show''
''A daughter is a puppet in the hands of a poor father''
''People expect gold and silver''
''The world is cruel''
''lt demands a huge sum as dowry from a poor man''
Stop this nonsense and get out of here.
l'll definitely go.
You ldiot! Your father gained Rs. 1 0,000, but what did you gain?
Why did you cheat your childhood mate? Answer me!
Mind your tongue, Phoolmathi!
- You dancer! - Your mother may be a dancer.
What did you say? Don't you recognise me?
l'll drive you out of the village.
Say in chorus, 'Cockeyed man'
Shut up!
- Who is that? - l'm Shekhar.
What are you doing here?
- l've escaped from the marriage hall. - On a cycle?
Yes, on a cycle!
l'm willing to marry Kamla, immediately, if possible.
lf your parents refuse to accept Kamla, then?
Don't worry about that, it's my responsibility.
- Yes. - Wait here.
Kamla come with me.
- Where. - Come with me. - But listen to me.
- Look who's come. - Shekhar! - Kamla!
ls this the time to romance?
You take Kamla to the temple.
l'm coming! Oh God!
- You? What's the matter? - Come to the temple at once.
You have to perform Kamla's marriage with Shekhar.
Oh God! l won't be party to this.
l rescued from the clutches of the villagers the other day. . .
. . . but if l beat you now, no one will come to your rescue.
- Come on! Don't waste time. - l'm coming.
You have plotted against me.
You have united with a criminal. . .
. . . and plotted to disgrace me and my family.
Why do you blame that innocent man?
- Let whatever is happening happen. - Shut up, l know all.
Why are you wasting time, beat that criminal up.
And drag that useless fellow out.
You may beat me to death, but. . .
. . . l won't open the door till the rituals are over.
Move! What are you up to?
What's all this, Surjit?
A few noblemen tried to disgrace a poor family.
l was only trying to safeguard their honour.
But you have no right to use force.
l want to talk to the groom from Narayangaon.
Open the door.
lnspector! l wasn't forced into anything.
l escaped from the marriage hall willfully.
We married willfully too.
You Rascal!
lt's all over now. You distribute sweets now.
You keep quiet!
Are you going away, Mr. Narayan.
What else can l do when my own son has betrayed me?
Let's go!
Bless Kamla and Shekhar, father.
May you lead a happy and prosperous life!
l troubled you, yet l'm your mother, isn't it?
- Mother! - My child!
Reap as you sow! Don't worry son.
l know your father very well. He was coaxed to do. . .
. . . whatever he did.
lf your father isn't convinced yet, you may come to my house. . .
. . . l have a lot of land.
We will toil together and lead a respectable life.
Sister-in-law! Our enemy has done the duties of your son.
- Yes Durga! - Son! Where are you?
- Mother! - Son, did you shed your blood. . .
. . . for my daughter's sake?
Mother! This blood is not valuable at all.
Mother! lf you would see Kamla dressed as a bride. . .
. . . you too would say the same thing.
- Nayansukh! - Yes Sir!
What do the crops live on?
- On water. - On water?
Put some mud on it. He used to boast of his crops, isn't it?
Come on, put some mud.
Who has closed this tubewell?
- We have closed it. - Why?
That's because the water that flows. . .
. . . through this tubewell comes from that pump.
And the pump belongs to our master.
Water is God's gift and not anyone's property.
- Go and ask god for it then. Bihari! - Yes.
You continue with your work. And you remain here.
Okay Manager! Hey, hurry up!
Dushman! Sarju is a very nice man, you may plead to him.
l'll plead to God rather than plead to that rogue.
Reap as you sow!
Why are you talking of pleading to someone, early in the morning?
Look at this injustice, Durga.
When that rascal Sarju and his assistant. . .
. . . failed to conquer me. . .
. . . they have taken it's toll on my crops.
They have refused to supply water to my fields.
Obviously, they had to do that.
You have foiled their plans after all.
He seized everyone's land.
Only Ramu's land was left to be seized, . . .
. . . and you didn't let that happen, isn't it?
Durga! But Sarju didn't seize our land.
We have only mortgaged it to him.
You dream of retrieving your land till you die.
When l went to court yesterday. . .
. . . l learnt that he has registered. . .
. . . all the documents in his name.
What are you saying? ln that case we'll die.
Why should you die! lt's a cruel world.
Come along with me, we'll break his bones.
Brother! You reap as you sow. Violence is no solution to this.
l advice that we should go and meet the Collector. . .
. . . who is staying in the Government guest house.
- What will we tell him? - l'll talk to him.
You gather all the villagers, we will go together.
- You too accompany us. - Well said!
Reap as you sow!
'Circuit House'
Stop! Let him in.
Sir! You and here!?
l too can ask you the same question.
- What's the matter? - Sir! My villagers. . .
. . . want to make a request to you.
- Your villagers!? - Yes Sir!
You made me the scape goat for the sake of one innocent man. . .
- . . . but today. . . - Talk with respect!
Pardon me, Actually. . .
. . . the villagers are facing a difficulty.
What sort of difficulty?
Sir, that rascal Sarju. . . Pardon me, it's an old habit.
Sarju is tormenting the poor farmers.
And this injustice shouldn't be tolerated, in your presence.
lnjustice! Tell me.
- What's the matter? - l can't tell you the facts. . .
. . . Durga will tell you about it.
Durga! Tell him about your grievances.
lt's you. Whom are you searching for?
Whom should l search for? l was wondering. . .
. . . where all the men folk have disappeared.
They have been visiting the court often, isn't it?
- Can l ask you something? - Yes.
Are you interested in all of them or only one of them?
You are a crook. l'm not interested in anyone.
He is an impolite man. He never talks with respect.
He is always impolite.
But all his friends. . .
. . . are impolite.
lf you are interested in him you too speak in the same manner.
There ends the matter.
- You rascal! - How dare you call me rascal, you rascal?
You pose to be the village chieftain. . .
. . . what's the matter you're not to be seen these days?
You're not aware of anything. l'll modify the village. . .
. . . to such an extent that everyone will be spellbound.
The village will have a projector. . .
. . . and your bioscope will be discarded, understand?
How dare you ridicule me? lf you dare to do that again. . .
. . . l'll break your bones, understand?
- l've seen a projector. - Where have you seen a it?
The Collector brings it to our village, often.
What does it show? lt features a man and a woman. . .
. . . and a doctor intervenes and asks them. . .
. . . to control the population. That's all.
Oh that! That's government publicity.
You'll go mad if you see the real bioscope.
Don't act smart. Okay, tell me. . .
. . . what does your bioscope feature?
lt has many features. Sit, l'll tell you about it.
l got trapped unnecessarily. . .
. . . or else, l used to watch a movie every other day.
They show romantic movies there.
The hero would enter and people would whistle.
l watched an English movie once, and l saw that. . .
. . . the hero called the heroine darling and kissed her too.
Oh God! You shameless man!
You don't have any manners.
Don't you know how you should talk to an unmarried girl?
To hell with you and your bioscope.
The old man has gone away leaving the doors open.
He must have gone to an arrack shop.
l'll teach him a lesson when he comes.
You've come home very early, my dear Phoolmathi.
What else should l do? Nobody will watch. . .
. . . your old bioscope henceforth.
You show only songs and the Taj Mahal of Delhi. . .
. . . and the Kutub Minar of Mumbai.
My dear, you seem to be very angry today.
Don't enrage me further. You may watch the stuff yourself.
No one is interested in your songs either.
Everyone is interested in that song. . .
- Which song? - The one that's played in theatres.
Oh! l understand.
Tell me, my dear, whom do you want to sing this song to?
To that prisoner?
- You are a fool. - ls that so?
Does a girl assess a man when she falls in love?
You naughty fellow!
l'm right. l neither have a house nor a destination.
So what? l have a home, isn't it?
l too need a partner.
That old Nana is a drunkard and he may die any day.
- What did you say? - l mean he will expire.
He is so addicted to liquor that. . .
. . . he forgets everything else when he sees the bottle.
The opposite happened with me. People forget the world. . .
. . . when they drink, but l gave up wine when l gained everything.
l have got my parents, a sister and two innocent nephews.
But. . . my sister-in-law hasn't forgiven me.
Perhaps she will never forgive me.
When l leave the village l'll leave with a heavy heart.
- Will you leave the village? - This village is a jail to me.
l'll have to go after serving my term here.
- After that? - The same old life and the same old truck.
And the same old journey.
Passing by the same old lanes and villages.
The same old bottle of alcohol and spending the night. . .
. . . with the same old whore. You rascal!
What's happened to you all of a sudden?
Have l offended you in any way?
You cheat!
All my efforts have been in vain.
You called me a fool, isn't it?
lt takes time to reform oneself, isn't it?
Brother! Stop ! Brother!
Kamla! Shekhar!
- Sister! l was going to visit my sister-in-law. . .
. . . so l thought l'd meet you on my way, as well.
You look lovely! People may cast an evil eye on you.
Brother! What is that dancer doing here?
- Oh she!? - Do you call her a dancer?
But it was she who made me realise my folly.
Her show helped you realise and my brother's slap. . .
Brother! What have you done to yourself?
- l'm perfectly alright. - Look at your clothes.
Okay, wait.
See what l have brought for you.
ls it for me?
ls it for me?
What are you doing? Take off your shirt first.
My shirt is torn.
Mother and father miss you. Let's go home.
Move, my sister has come for the first time. . .
. . . after marriage, so l'll pull the cart.
- Father! - What's the matter? - See who's come.
- Who has come? - Kamla.
- Has Kamla come? - Mother, Kamla has come.
- Where is she? - See she has brought a Kurta for me too.
l'll wear it and roam around the whole village.
Okay, you wait here, l'll come in a while.
Billu, how are you?
Come, Kamla. Bless you. Come in.
You know how l miss you? Go.
Sister-in-law, this is for Lallu.
Kamla, is everything fine in your in-law's house.
Yes, Sister-in-law. Everything is fine.
Now everybody loves me a lot.
This time we had a good crop.
- l wish . . . - Forget that.
You tell me about yourself.
Sister-in-law, will you never forgive him?
You all are very kindhearted, Kamla.
But how can l forgive him?
Because of whom you got married.
How can l forget that l become a widow because of him?
Forgive me, Sister-in-law.
But tell me, why do you need so much money all of a sudden?
lnspector, didn't you see this shirt is new?
l can see that.
But what's the matter?
My sister has brought this shirt for me.
She has brought some thing for everyone.
Even l should give something.
l couldn't give anything in her marriage.
For the first time after marriage, she has come . . .
. . . to her mother's house. She will go after some time.
lf l don't give her something this time . . .
- Shall l call Headsahab? - No.
Come here.
Take this Rs. 50.
lf this is more than l'm share . . .
Repay it after selling the crop.
- Yes. - Now you leave or they may go.
lnspector, l'm very grateful to you.
Brother, where were you?
We were waiting for you since so long.
- How do l look, Kamla? - Very nice. - lsn't it?
- But where were you, brother? - Don't ask that.
Look Kamla, l'm your poor brother.
l couldn't give you anything during marriage.
Today you've come with your husband for the first time.
How could l send you empty handed?
Look, what l have brought for you?
- Brother! - Shekhar, this is for you.
And tell your father that we will sell the crop . . .
. . . and fulfill the promise we had made.
What are you doing?
Go, it's getting late.
You missed this aim too, Mr. Sirju.
Yes, Moolchand. Nowadays l'm missing my aim.
The city's greatest lawyer will defend the villagers.
l don't understand who is behind this.
Nainsukh, let me enjoy peacefully at least sometimes.
Whenever you come, you come with a bad news.
Only if you feel bad hearing the bad news.
The Magistrate has ordered that the villagers can keep . . .
. . . this year's crop.
You are unaware. And all the villagers are celebrating.
Tomorrow morning the crop will be harvested.
Who has seen tomorrow?
l wish to see.
Why this aim towards me?
We've missed all our aims.
l wonder from where that murder come.
He had come as a prisoner, he will leave as an honourable man.
' l saw, You saw'
'He saw, she saw Everyone saw'
'What did you see'
'A foe who is more dear than friends'
'A village which is unique than the cities'
'Today we will punish you'
'For all your mistakes'
'We will put this garland of flowers around your neck'
'This is the custom of this village'
'This is the music of life'
'This is the song of the day'
'A moon which the apple of everyone's eye'
' More strong than the shackles are . . .
'. . . the delicate bonds of love'
'How can the prisoner escape breaking these delicate bonds'
'You brought happiness'
'You are the gardener of these gardens'
'You are the farmer of these fields'
'A prisoner who is our guard'
'Everybody forgave me But. . . '
'. . . the one whose sinner l am'
'When will her silence break'
' l'll be glad if she also forgives me'
' l'll be glad if she clears all the hatred'
' l'll be glad if she does justice'
'Not mine, . . . not yours'
'Not his, nor hers, No one's. . . .'
'This is the fault of the fate'
Fire has opened in the fields!
My fields!
Leave me!
My fields!
Leave me! Let me go.
l regret, Surjeet, l cannot do anything.
Law can surely do justice. But it is blind too.
Why don't you understand? That without proof . . .
. . . l cannot take any action against Sirju.
Then what else can your law do?
lt can only punish me?
But that beast who turned the crop . . .
. . . of several poor people into ashes, . . .
. . . you can't do anything against him?
Alright, inspector. You are helpless.
Your law is helpless. But l can do a lot.
Don't forget that you are a prisoner.
A person always take a wrong step in anger.
l promise you that l'll strictly investigate about this matter.
Now you go.
Last night a catastrophe occurred in the village.
Several fields turned to ashes.
- Fields got burned? - Yes. Forget it. We are not concerned.
l was told that the villagers were going to take the crop home.
Anyway. What did you do about something l had told you?
l have done it. Birju has come.
Birju, come.
Greetings, sir.
l'm seeing you after many days.
ln childhood, l used to watch your tricks and hear your songs.
Now l have become old.
l'm waiting for my death.
l have only one responsibility Phoolmati.
l've got a nice groom for her.
And they get along well too.
Once l get both of them married . . .
What's the matter?
- ls it imported? - Yes.
We poor are not destined for this.
What are you saying? Let's drink now if you say.
Nainsukh, take Birju in the room.
And send a servant to take the things.
Sir, l'll take it. lt is imported.
Take, eat it.
l had cultivated this crop with great hopes.
l thought after l leave the village, . . .
. . . the children will at least get two times meals.
Everything turned to ashes.
So what? Everything will be alright again.
You still have the strength.
Yes, but l've lost courage.
How will all this happen?
From where will l get so much money?
l'll give you.
Why? Can't l share your sorrow?
l had saved the money for the wedding . . .
Whose wedding?
You witch!
You were romancing when l was not at home.
And that too with this scoundrel!
What nonsense are you talking? Come in your senses.
Forget it, Phoolmati. Your grandpa is drunk.
Grandpa, why are you using abusive words? Go and sleep.
- Yes, Grandpa. - You move aside.
lf you talk too much, l'll beat you with a shoe.
Grandpa, you walk barefoot. First buy a pair of shoes.
What did you say? You are making fun of me?
Seeing you, l feel ashamed of myself that . . .
- . . . even l was a drunkard once upon a time. - Keep quiet.
You try to teach me coming in my house?
- You bastard! - Grandpa!
Listen to me. l'll break your head.
l won't spare you alive.
Move aside!
You call me a bastard? You scoundrel!
- Where are you going? - Leave me!
Pour water on him, he will come back to his senses.
Had he not been your grandpa, l would have killed him.
- Don't touch me. - Please listen!
You shameless drunkard!
He was hungry since night. l had brought him to eat food.
You didn't even let him eat.
What are you saying, daughter-in-law?
lt's a fact.
One day, as whose bride l had come in this house, . . .
. . . his memories are being wiped off.
But today l won't keep quiet.
Even l have a right on this house.
Where ever that jinxed's shadow falls, . . .
. . . everything will turn to ashes.
Like our fields, even our house and my children turn to ashes.
No! Don't talk like that, sister-in-law.
You call me sister-in-law?
Aren't you satisfied making me a widow?
That you want to make me partaker of your sin. . .
. . . by making this relationship?
Go away from here!
lf you don't go, l will leave this house with my children.
What are you saying? You are the daughter-in-law of this house.
Your children are the heirs of this house.
You don't need to go because of me.
l will atone for my sin alone.
You are right.
l am jinxed.
Love, affection, bonds are not for me.
l will not let my ill-omened shadow fall on these children.
Please forgive me.
l made a mistake.
Since yesterday even Phoolmati is not talking to me.
l won't go back home if you don't forgive me.
Forget it, grandpa.
Every drunkard behaves like this after the hangover.
No. You don't know.
That scoundrel Sirju made me drink and quarrel with you.
- Did you forgive me now? - Yes, grandpa. Go home.
Not like this.
l made you get up from the dinner table yesterday.
l will agree only when you have dinner with me tonight.
- Will you come? Tell me. - Yes, l will come.
'- Then what happened - O' God!'
' My earring fell off in our love'
l'll get you another pair.
Go and search of your earring.
Mr.Sirju, you are great!
l always see the same old face.
Don't you have any new beauty?
Why not? Just order me.
You just talk.
You are making me spend so much money.
And the farm is not yet build.
How long will bluff the lncome Tax?
All my earning comes from the farming.
lf my secret is revealed, l'll be in jail . . .
. . . and enjoy yourself outside. Understand?
- Master! - Look, master's stooge is here.
- Master, there's a good news. - What is it?
- Malati drove that murderer out of the house. - ls it?
But that scoundrel Durgaprasad kept him in his house.
Never mind. We can deal with him later.
He won't go anywhere leaving the village.
But that scoundrel!
Nainsukh, our Mr. Moolchand . . .
. . . is very bored of this girl.
l was thinking that . . . . What do you think about Phoolmati?
- What? - Yes.
You said that the prisoner is going to marry him. . .
. . . and become the son-in-law of the village.
lt's a very good idea.
lf you say, l'll make all the arrangement.
lf we throw some money, Phoolmati will be here.
What's bad in it?
She will go in the dark and come back in the dark.
No one will come to know.
Nainsukh, l'll tolerating since very long.
Earlier too, you fooled me by making me drink liquor.
Go from here if you want your safety.
You have lost your senses.
Look, so much money.
After all she is a gypsy.
Everyone knows that she has an affair with that prisoner.
She must be having so many lovers in the nearby villages.
l won't spare you alive.
He is dead.
What have you done?
O God! lt is so dark here.
The poor fellow must've come and gone.
This drunkard has made my life miserable.
He is lying here, drunk.
This is a good chance.
Take her.
Put off the lights.
What happened, Nainsukh? Where were you?
l've locked that girl in the godown.
And l threw the bioscope in the river.
Kill that girl too. And throw her body in the river.
Have patience, sir. There's an chaos in the village.
Let the night pass.
lt is very good for us. . .
. . . . that the police has arrested him . . .
. . . under the charge of Birju's murder.
Now if Phoolmati is also not found, . . .
. . . he will be blamed for both the murders.
And there will no proof or witness for this.
Tell me where is Phoolmati?
lnspector, l'm tell the truth. l did not commit this murder.
Harishankar, take him away and put him the lock up.
Ramu's mother, daughter-in-law hasn't returned yet?
Not yet.
What a trouble! l wonder where she has gone.
There the inspector is not ready to listen to Surjeet.
They have put him in the lock up.
My conscience says he hasn't done this.
What difference will that make?
No one saw what happened in Birju's house . . .
. . . that one would tell us.
Daughter-in-law, where had you been?
We were very worried.
Billu has returned since so long.
And did you hear? Surjeet murdered Birju.
Dare if you open your mouth.
lf you want to take revenge for your husband's death, . . .
. . . then this is the chance.
This is the chance.
Won't you cook food?
No. Don't do this mistake.
lf you tell anything to anyone, . . .
. . . then he will be saved.
He who ruined your life.
Destroy him.
That murderer will be saved if Phoolmati is found.
lf Phoolmati is not found, . . .
. . . then he can never get away.
He can never get away.
O God!
Because of my revenge . . .
Because of me, . . .
. . . an innocent will be punished?
- Where are you going, Malati? - l have to save Phoolmati.
- Stop! - No!
Come on, eat food.
Are you sleeping?
Get up!
Hey, get up.
Take, eat.
Hey, where are you going? The prisoner is escaping!
Catch him! The prisoner is escaping!
- What happened? - The prisoner escaped.
Come, we're waiting for you.
Yes. Master has send me for that girl.
l see. Go.
Let's go.
- Sister-in-law, they killed grandpa. - Quiet.
l know everything.
You were my clothes and get out of here.
- But what about you? - Don't worry about me.
Hurry up.
Go that way. Hurry up.
Go quickly.
Are you going, Malati?
Come here and sit with us.
Master has send her.
Who is she?
Master, she seems to be Malati.
She ran away.
Don't just stand there. Follow her in the jeep.
- Coming, master. - Hurry up.
- Yes, master. - Why had Malati come here?
Master, you had sent her.
You fool! Run and catch her somehow.
lf she escapes from our hands, l'll whip all of you.
Hurry up.
Malati released you.
Tell me what did you tell Malati?
Yes Sirju, it's me.
You thought there's no witness of your sinful deeds.
But l know. l have witnessed everything.
You killed a poor man and wanted to dishonour a girl?
You are so base.
Do you think Phoolmati will escape from this jungle?
You bitch! Hereafter you will not be able to face anyone.
She was here. Where did she go?
Where were you?
Where were you? Why don't you speak?
- Where were you? - They killed grandpa.
Sister-in-law rescued me. She is in the godown.
Go from this path. You will find the police. Go.
Leave me!
Scream more loudly.
Leave me!
Have mercy on me.
l beg of you. Have mercy on me.
Don't come forward.
Are you scared?
Nobody will come. Today only you and l.
Till today we tolerated whatever you did.
You even burnt our crops to ashes.
Even then we tolerated it. But today . . . .
Today you attacked the honour of our house.
l've been calling her sister-in-law.
And sister-in-law is equal to a mother. You scoundrel!
What happened, sister-in-law?
Get up, you rascal.
Get up!
You scoundrel!
You rascal! Your death is near.
Even if l'm send to the gallows for your murder . . . .
. . . it will be penance for Ramu's death.
And the village will get relief for a wicked man like you.
No! Brother-in-law!
With the hands which you have done good deeds. . .
. . . don't stain them by killing this sinner.
You called me brother-in-law?
You forgave me, sister-in-law?
lf l don't forgive you even today . . .
. . . l will be severely punished.
lt is no use, Sirju.
The police has surrounded the godown from all sides.
All your men are in our custody.
l've come just to arrest you.
Yes, sir.
Let's go, sister-in-law.
Oh yes!
Don't cry, dear.
Everybody is helpless against God's will.
Today onwards you are our daughter.
This is your house.
Yes, dear. Have courage.
Okay, father. l'll leave.
- l have lots of work in the fields. - Okay, son.
Wait, brother-in-law. Have breakfast.
No, Sister-in-law. l'll get late.
Send the food to the fields.
Eat in the fields when there's someone to bring it there.
Eat it here for now.
O Sister-in-law!
- Mother! - Yes, son.
Durga told me that there's an eye specialist in town.
l'll take you to him.
You will be able to see after the treatment.
Then it will be very good.
Grandma won't call me Lallu and brother Billu.
You have become very naughty.
l'll get you admitted in school this year.
Will you do everything? Or let us also do something?
What do you want to do, sister-in-law?
l want to bring a bride in this house.
- Right, father? - Yes. Why not?
Even the girl is of our choice.
Welcome, inspector.
Surjeet, l've brought a good news for you.
With the Magistrate's order, the rest of your sentence. . .
. . . have been pardoned.
Now you are free.
You will have to leave this jail.
Here's your license.
Take it. Come with me. l'll drop you to town.
No. l have lost one son.
l can't lose another one.
Son, l haven't even seen you yet.
No, Uncle. We won't let you go.
Uncle, please don't go.
Get in.
Sir, what have you done?
The responsibility give to me is still incomplete.
l have a lot to do.
l have to grow crops in the burnt fields.
l want to get mother's eyes operated.
l want to educate the children.
l don't want to be forgiven.
Please extend my sentence.
Long live my enemy!
My enemy, you have come?
Villagers, your enemy.
- Father! - Son!
- You have come back? - Yes.
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