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Subtitles for Dust in the Wind (Hsiao-hsien Hou 1986).

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Dust in the Wind (Hsiao-hsien Hou 1986)

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[INFORMATION] [TITLE] [AUTHOR] [SOURCE]Subtitles captured by SubRip 1.14 [PRG] [FILEPATH] [DELAY]0 [CD TRACK]0 [COMMENT] [END INFORMATION] [SUBTITLE] [COLF]&HFFFFFF,[STYLE]bd,[SIZE]18,[FONT]Arial 00:00:00.00,00:00:00.10 00:02:34.75,00:02:35.81 What's wrong? 00:02:39.65,00:02:42.56 I couldn't do the math 00:02:44.49,00:02:46.69 Why don't you ask me before? 00:03:44.72,00:03:45.74 Huen 00:03:45.85,00:03:47.84 Your Mom wants you to bring[br]the rice home 00:04:23.39,00:04:24.82 They're going to show a movie 00:05:04.90,00:05:06.63 How come you're so late? 00:05:06.73,00:05:08.50 I missed the train 00:05:11.41,00:05:13.37 When will your father be out[br]of the hospital? 00:05:13.51,00:05:14.81 I don't know 00:05:29.69,00:05:30.78 Dinner time 00:05:31.79,00:05:33.92 Why don't you eat? 00:05:34.06,00:05:36.36 Grandpa says if you don't eat 00:05:36.50,00:05:39.69 You'll be hungry,[br]and then you'll die 00:05:39.83,00:05:43.93 and if you die,[br]you can't live with Mom 00:05:44.07,00:05:46.44 or Dad 00:05:46.57,00:05:48.51 Be a good boy 00:05:48.61,00:05:51.37 Let Grandpa feed you 00:05:51.48,00:05:52.95 You're not being good 00:05:53.08,00:05:55.68 You have to listen to Grandpa 00:05:55.78,00:05:59.74 When you grow up,[br]you can go to school 00:05:59.89,00:06:02.36 Be good 00:06:03.09,00:06:04.62 Let Grandpa feed you 00:06:04.76,00:06:07.89 You won't? Let's put some soup in 00:06:08.03,00:06:09.93 It's good with soup 00:06:10.06,00:06:12.86 There's oil in the soup 00:06:12.97,00:06:15.33 Let's try some soup 00:06:21.48,00:06:24.50 What a naughty boy 00:06:25.35,00:06:29.87 Taking all the oil in the soup 00:06:30.02,00:06:31.81 and adding it to your own rice 00:06:31.92,00:06:36.62 leaving nothing for your brothers[br]and sisters 00:06:38.33,00:06:43.73 You must pour soup evenly 00:06:43.83,00:06:48.36 Everyone must do it this way 00:06:48.47,00:06:50.66 I told you 00:06:50.77,00:06:55.37 Grandpa feels sorry whenever[br]your Mom beats you 00:06:55.48,00:06:57.38 When your Mom's not home 00:06:57.48,00:06:59.71 you teal MSG in the kitchen 00:06:59.81,00:07:00.78 Eating too much of that stuff 00:07:00.92,00:07:04.68 your hair will start falling 00:07:04.79,00:07:06.48 And that's not the worst 00:07:06.62,00:07:08.65 Tooth paste is for brushing teeth 00:07:08.79,00:07:10.09 You even stole toothpaste to eat 00:07:11.63,00:07:12.92 You shouldn't do things like that 00:07:13.06,00:07:14.93 You must be good 00:07:19.60,00:07:20.73 Listen to Grandpa 00:07:20.84,00:07:22.86 Listen closely to Grandpa 00:07:22.97,00:07:24.94 Look, this isn't the ordinary rice 00:07:25.07,00:07:27.97 Grandpa bought this in Taipei 00:07:28.11,00:07:31.74 in a fancy restaurant 00:07:31.88,00:07:34.58 Only foreigners were eating there 00:07:34.68,00:07:36.48 This is Western food 00:07:36.62,00:07:41.15 There's an egg in there 00:07:41.46,00:07:42.86 You have to eat it 00:07:42.96,00:07:44.82 to grow up 00:07:44.96,00:07:46.19 Look at these sticks 00:07:46.46,00:07:48.12 This is not the ordinary rice 00:07:48.43,00:07:50.73 Be a good boy 00:07:52.00,00:07:57.84 Eat it 00:08:07.92,00:08:09.91 Grandpa, is Wan home? 00:08:10.02,00:08:11.04 What do you want him for? 00:08:11.15,00:08:12.52 I need him to write a letter for me 00:08:12.65,00:08:15.68 Wan 00:08:15.82,00:08:19.12 The auntie next door needs your help 00:08:20.53,00:08:21.86 to write a letter 00:08:22.00,00:08:22.96 Please help me write a letter 00:08:23.10,00:08:26.19 OK. Let's go upstairs 00:09:04.27,00:09:06.24 He hasn't sent money home[br]for 3 months 00:09:08.61,00:09:10.47 His father is angry 00:09:11.18,00:09:11.74 Auntie, please slow down 00:09:11.85,00:09:12.61 I can't write that fast 00:09:12.71,00:09:13.81 OK 00:09:27.16,00:09:29.53 Little brother and sister 00:09:29.66,00:09:35.07 need money for food and clothes 00:09:37.17,00:09:38.64 Tell him to send money 00:09:38.74,00:09:40.97 when he gets paid 00:10:48.11,00:10:49.67 Grandpa 00:11:04.19,00:11:08.15 Is your foot better? 00:11:08.26,00:11:10.25 Much better 00:11:10.40,00:11:13.37 Slowly 00:11:54.34,00:11:55.24 Hello, Grandpa 00:11:55.34,00:11:56.33 Hello 00:11:56.44,00:11:57.38 Medicine change 00:11:57.65,00:11:58.34 Medicine change? 00:11:58.45,00:12:00.07 Wait a moment 00:12:00.21,00:12:01.68 Ching 00:12:01.78,00:12:03.34 Ching 00:12:03.45,00:12:06.42 Someone's here to change[br]the medicine 00:12:33.71,00:12:35.41 Dad, your watch 00:12:38.12,00:12:39.68 School report card 00:12:53.27,00:12:56.13 Dad, I don't feel like going[br]to senior high 00:12:58.27,00:13:00.07 Then what do you want to do? 00:13:00.21,00:13:02.04 I want to go to Taipei and work 00:13:02.14,00:13:04.41 I can go to night school if I want 00:13:14.92,00:13:16.29 It's up to you 00:13:16.39,00:13:20.02 If you want to be a cow,[br]there wil always a plow for you 00:13:28.30,00:13:29.43 How much? 00:13:29.54,00:13:31.06 27 dollars in all 00:13:31.17,00:13:33.44 How come it costs so much? 00:13:33.74,00:13:37.11 3 packs of pills cost 15 00:13:37.21,00:13:40.74 One bottle of stomach medicine is 12 00:13:40.88,00:13:42.78 That makes 27 00:13:42.92,00:13:44.28 Stomach medicine? 00:13:44.42,00:13:47.55 Those pills are the ones my husband[br]took the day his foot was injured 00:13:47.82,00:13:50.29 What's the stomach medicine for? 00:13:54.26,00:13:56.06 You devil! 00:13:56.16,00:13:58.13 Ding 00:13:59.17,00:14:01.16 Ding 00:14:01.30,00:14:03.77 Come over here 00:14:08.18,00:14:11.44 You devil! 00:14:11.55,00:14:12.20 You won't get away 00:14:13.28,00:14:14.80 You really know how to eat! 00:14:14.95,00:14:16.88 If it's not toothpaste, it's MSG 00:14:16.98,00:14:18.54 You even ate stomach medicine! 00:14:18.82,00:14:19.98 Your mouth is so itchy 00:14:20.12,00:14:22.25 You should try biting rocks 00:16:35.52,00:16:36.68 Who's he?? 00:16:36.99,00:16:38.36 He said you wouldn't be able[br]to pick me up 00:16:38.46,00:16:40.45 I told you to wait[br]at the Rear Station 00:16:40.56,00:16:42.36 My Mom said the Rear Station[br]isn't safe 00:16:42.46,00:16:44.59 She told me to wait on the platform 00:16:46.43,00:16:47.53 My rice sack! 00:16:47.67,00:16:48.60 What's in it? 00:16:48.74,00:16:50.93 Potatoes 00:16:55.08,00:16:55.63 Give it back! 00:16:55.74,00:16:56.47 What do you think you're doing? 00:16:56.58,00:16:59.34 You beat me! 00:17:00.08,00:17:01.71 Help! You beat me! 00:17:02.02,00:17:05.38 Beating up on an old man! 00:17:31.51,00:17:33.50 I told you to mix the colors 00:17:43.76,00:17:44.49 This is Huen 00:17:44.59,00:17:46.53 This is Hen-chun 00:17:48.20,00:17:49.09 How do you do? 00:17:49.23,00:17:50.59 I'm Huang Chien-ho 00:17:50.73,00:17:53.10 But they all call me Hen-chun 00:17:53.23,00:17:54.26 Wait here 00:17:54.40,00:17:57.03 I have to rush to work.[br]I'll be back after work 00:17:58.61,00:17:59.54 Have you had your meal? 00:17:59.64,00:18:01.11 Not yet 00:18:01.24,00:18:02.07 No problem 00:18:02.18,00:18:04.08 I'll take her to the back to eat 00:18:04.18,00:18:06.67 and then to the front[br]to see free movies 00:18:08.08,00:18:09.48 Potatoes 00:18:12.69,00:18:14.71 Grandpa said to bring[br]this Quemoy crop 00:18:14.82,00:18:16.45 to give to your boss 00:18:42.52,00:18:44.07 Ma'am 00:18:44.18,00:18:46.68 My Grandpa said[br]these potatoes are for you 00:18:48.12,00:18:50.56 Weren't you supposed to deliver[br]the lunchbox? 00:18:50.66,00:18:53.32 So slow? 00:18:53.46,00:18:56.26 Do you know what you're doing? 00:18:58.87,00:19:00.09 Have you had your meal? 00:19:00.23,00:19:01.06 Not yet 00:19:01.17,00:19:02.66 Go to eat 00:20:04.36,00:20:06.73 Mrs. Lin, your son fainted 00:20:06.83,00:20:07.93 What happened? 00:20:08.20,00:20:10.14 He fainted from hunger during[br]the Physical class 00:20:10.24,00:20:11.53 From hunger? 00:20:11.64,00:20:13.47 He didn't bring lunch today 00:20:13.57,00:20:16.74 What happened to your lunchbox? 00:20:16.84,00:20:19.47 Thank you teacher,[br]Would you like some water? 00:20:19.61,00:20:21.77 No, thanks.[br]I've got to go back to school 00:20:21.88,00:20:23.71 Bye 00:20:32.33,00:20:34.79 Where's the lunchbox? 00:20:34.90,00:20:36.86 The lunchbox! 00:20:41.60,00:20:43.97 How could you miss the lunch box? 00:20:44.24,00:20:46.60 Are you sure you know[br]what you're doing? 00:20:46.71,00:20:48.83 Your brain is like a rock 00:20:48.98,00:20:50.81 Drifting all day 00:20:50.91,00:20:52.97 We're already worried[br]that he's too thin 00:20:53.28,00:20:55.48 and you forgot to deliver[br]his lunchbox! 00:20:55.62,00:20:58.98 You forgot to turn off the machine 00:20:59.29,00:21:00.69 Electricity isn't free 00:21:01.89,00:21:04.52 So slow 00:21:04.99,00:21:06.19 Where's the lunchbox? 00:21:06.69,00:21:07.79 Give it to me 00:21:11.57,00:21:13.53 How did it turn to this? 00:21:13.67,00:21:15.46 What's wrong with you? 00:21:15.57,00:21:18.40 You're not afraid that[br]my son wil die? 00:22:18.87,00:22:20.26 Sir 00:22:20.37,00:22:23.39 Sir, would you like to eat with us? 00:22:27.01,00:22:28.98 Hen-chun, there's someone to see you 00:22:29.08,00:22:30.54 It might be King 00:22:31.58,00:22:33.88 Get the meat for me 00:22:47.39,00:22:48.38 King 00:22:49.06,00:22:49.46 Huen 00:22:49.56,00:22:50.50 King 00:22:50.60,00:22:51.69 Have you eaten? 00:22:51.83,00:22:52.76 Not yet 00:22:52.90,00:22:54.42 Let me get your bowl 00:22:55.47,00:23:00.50 Huen, you're getting prettier 00:23:02.04,00:23:04.84 Ying, let me introduce you 00:23:08.58,00:23:09.98 This is Huen 00:23:10.08,00:23:11.55 This is Ying 00:23:11.65,00:23:14.05 You got your job through her 00:23:17.99,00:23:19.69 You full name is? 00:23:19.79,00:23:21.56 Kang So-huen 00:23:22.83,00:23:25.59 Come on and eat some rice and eggs 00:23:28.77,00:23:30.10 I made it myself 00:23:40.11,00:23:42.98 Wan, do you know Hsiung is going[br]into the army? 00:23:44.45,00:23:47.85 His boss needs a replacement 00:23:48.66,00:23:50.45 Do you want to go? 00:23:50.99,00:23:54.59 1800 per month.[br]Eat and sleep in the boss' place 00:23:56.43,00:23:57.73 It's more money than now 00:23:57.83,00:23:59.77 But to deliver things all day, 00:23:59.90,00:24:01.66 I can't learn anything 00:24:03.14,00:24:05.97 I heard Hsiung say[br]you'll have more time there 00:24:06.11,00:24:09.10 You can study more 00:24:10.98,00:24:13.10 What's the boss like? 00:24:13.41,00:24:16.18 A bandit like Hsiung stayed there[br]so long, 00:24:16.45,00:24:17.94 can't be too bad 00:24:18.62,00:24:20.78 You believe Hsiung? 00:24:22.19,00:24:23.52 Liar! 00:24:23.62,00:24:26.06 Keep it down! 00:24:26.16,00:24:28.79 They're showing a movie out there 00:24:36.20,00:24:39.17 Can they here us out there? 00:24:39.44,00:24:41.43 It might be loud 00:24:53.95,00:24:55.82 King will take you to Ying's shop 00:24:55.96,00:24:59.62 I'll pick you up after school 00:24:59.76,00:25:03.89 I'll introduce you to your boss.[br]She's a good person 00:25:14.84,00:25:16.60 What's wrong with her? 00:25:27.92,00:25:31.91 I almost forgot- Your father[br]brought you a watch 00:25:35.50,00:25:38.95 It's brand new 00:25:39.10,00:25:40.16 It says "World famous watch" 00:25:40.47,00:25:42.13 Let me see 00:25:43.27,00:25:45.93 It's Timex 00:25:46.04,00:25:49.70 I heard it's very famous and tough 00:25:49.81,00:25:51.61 Let me see 00:25:54.21,00:25:55.94 I can hear it 00:25:57.08,00:25:58.57 It's automatic 00:25:58.69,00:26:00.24 That's right. Automatic 00:26:01.96,00:26:06.15 100%% waterproof 00:26:06.29,00:26:09.79 "100%%"...You read English? 00:26:09.90,00:26:13.59 Come on. Who can't read "A, B, C"? 00:26:13.70,00:26:15.67 100%% 00:26:16.84,00:26:19.13 It must be very expensive 00:26:19.24,00:26:20.80 Do you know how much it cost? 00:26:20.91,00:26:24.07 I don't know.[br]His father bought it on installment 00:26:25.18,00:26:27.51 Expensive. Over a thousand 00:26:27.65,00:26:29.31 Not cheap 00:26:30.78,00:26:32.98 What's wrong with him? 00:26:33.09,00:26:35.02 What's wrong with him? 00:26:37.92,00:26:39.92 You talk too much! 00:27:34.85,00:27:35.64 Dear sister, 00:27:36.65,00:27:39.21 Huen already has a job 00:27:39.35,00:27:43.05 She got it through a seamstress[br]in King's friend's taylor shop 00:27:43.19,00:27:46.99 It's stable.[br]Tell her parents not to worry 00:27:48.73,00:27:51.75 I've received the watch Dad[br]asked Huen to bring me 00:27:51.87,00:27:53.26 I wonder how expensive it was 00:27:53.37,00:27:55.86 How much does it cost per month? 00:27:55.97,00:27:58.16 Find out discreetly from Mom 00:27:58.30,00:28:00.64 Then write me 00:28:02.01,00:28:04.17 How are you doing at school? 00:28:04.31,00:28:07.04 If you have questions,[br]wait until I come home 00:28:09.22,00:28:11.12 I remember when I was[br]in junior high, 00:28:11.95,00:28:14.01 Every important exam 00:28:14.12,00:28:16.28 I would borrow Dad's watch 00:28:17.22,00:28:20.19 It was too big[br]and would fall from my wrist 00:28:21.76,00:28:24.03 So I tied it with a string 00:29:26.19,00:29:27.89 Sir, I'm leaving 00:29:27.99,00:29:29.48 Come and see us 00:29:54.75,00:29:58.28 I've deduct two days leave[br]from last month's salary 00:29:58.42,00:30:00.48 Here is 1220 dollars 00:30:00.76,00:30:03.09 Count it 00:30:04.76,00:30:07.43 I'm leaving, sir 00:30:09.10,00:30:12.07 If you can't find a job, come back 00:30:55.92,00:30:59.41 Huen 00:31:02.52,00:31:04.79 Why haven't you come for so long? 00:31:04.92,00:31:06.12 I've been busy 00:31:06.26,00:31:08.32 I just finished exams at school 00:31:12.37,00:31:14.49 Have you got used to it? 00:31:17.47,00:31:19.50 She cried all night last night 00:31:19.81,00:31:22.14 Because you didn't come to see her 00:31:22.24,00:31:27.04 And her family hasn't been writing 00:31:30.15,00:31:31.91 I quit the job 00:31:32.02,00:31:33.42 at the printing factory 00:31:33.55,00:31:35.95 Hsiung is taking me[br]to see his boss today 00:31:36.09,00:31:38.32 I don't know if I can get the job 00:31:41.19,00:31:42.46 You quit your job 00:31:42.56,00:31:45.43 What if Hiung's boss won't hire you? 00:31:45.53,00:31:47.16 That's ok 00:31:47.30,00:31:49.50 I wanted to quit long ago 00:31:49.64,00:31:51.47 So now I quit 00:31:51.57,00:31:54.04 I would determine to find a new job 00:31:59.11,00:32:00.58 The reason I didn't quit 00:32:00.85,00:32:02.28 after being at the printer's[br]for two years 00:32:04.22,00:32:06.98 is that they often print books 00:32:07.12,00:32:10.92 so I could read while setting type 00:32:17.26,00:32:20.16 I feel I owe to the boss, though 00:32:20.27,00:32:22.20 He's a good man 00:32:42.59,00:32:43.65 Excuse me 00:32:45.53,00:32:47.65 Yang Li-ying, a letter for you 00:32:50.03,00:32:52.19 And one for Kang So-huen. Who's she? 00:32:52.33,00:32:53.49 The new girl 00:32:55.07,00:32:56.59 See you later 00:32:56.70,00:32:59.40 Stop crying. You've got a letter 00:33:01.64,00:33:02.44 From whom? 00:33:02.54,00:33:04.13 My sister 00:33:52.59,00:33:54.03 Did you tell him, Hsiung? 00:33:54.16,00:33:55.15 Yes, I did 00:33:56.46,00:33:58.09 Do you know how to ride[br]a motorcycle? 00:33:58.20,00:33:59.26 I can learn 00:34:00.20,00:34:01.26 It's an easy job 00:34:01.40,00:34:04.00 The main thing is making deliveries 00:34:04.14,00:34:06.50 and taking care of the shop[br]when you have time 00:34:06.61,00:34:08.44 Ask Hsiung if you need[br]to know anything else 00:34:08.54,00:34:09.47 I will 00:34:12.25,00:34:15.31 Oh, do you want to live[br]in the shop or...? 00:34:15.42,00:34:18.48 I'll stay with my friends 00:34:32.17,00:34:34.66 That's the third glass 00:34:44.21,00:34:46.14 Do you get homesick? 00:34:48.48,00:34:51.28 Come on. That's a lie 00:34:51.42,00:34:54.58 The first month I came,[br]I would lie in bed thinking 00:34:54.72,00:34:58.02 I wonder what my Mom's doing 00:34:58.12,00:35:01.39 Me Dad must be playing cards 00:35:01.49,00:35:04.66 The tears would be flowing out[br]of my pants 00:35:04.76,00:35:08.46 How could it come out out[br]of your pants? 00:35:11.24,00:35:13.83 Huen, cheers 00:35:15.54,00:35:18.17 Have some. I'm going to the army 00:35:18.28,00:35:19.64 Have some 00:35:20.41,00:35:23.28 Drink 00:35:25.72,00:35:27.58 Let me drink for her 00:35:28.45,00:35:30.55 You've had enough.[br]Who wants to drink with you? 00:35:31.26,00:35:32.55 Forget about him 00:35:32.66,00:35:35.06 He who is drafted is the boss 00:35:53.85,00:35:56.08 Since you drank with him,[br]you must drink with me 00:35:57.42,00:35:58.21 Let's drink 00:35:58.32,00:35:59.84 Let's drink 00:36:00.12,00:36:01.85 It's a rare occasion 00:36:07.76,00:36:11.13 I'll drink to you 00:36:20.91,00:36:23.24 Hsiung, what are your thoughts[br]on being drafted? 00:36:23.34,00:36:24.27 What thoughts could I have? 00:36:24.41,00:36:26.38 Two years go by quickly, and then... 00:36:26.48,00:36:29.92 Get married. Have children 00:36:30.22,00:36:31.88 You'll have to introduce someone[br]to me then 00:36:32.15,00:36:34.12 Aren't you going for three years? 00:36:35.45,00:36:37.58 I was so unlucky that[br]I drew the three-year draw 00:36:37.72,00:36:40.39 You'll get used to it 00:36:40.49,00:36:43.89 No harm in extra training 00:36:44.93,00:36:47.73 Let's sing 00:36:50.67,00:36:55.47 As the wind breezes tonight 00:36:55.61,00:37:01.48 I dream of a full moon 00:37:04.28,00:37:06.58 I can't sing no more 00:37:06.69,00:37:10.62 Let's try another 00:37:10.76,00:37:15.32 Tonight is windy and rainy again[br]in a strange city 00:37:15.46,00:37:22.30 Street light reflects the raindrops.[br]It makes me sad 00:37:22.44,00:37:29.40 Young men don't know 00:37:29.51,00:37:36.78 Where to go 00:37:39.99,00:37:42.22 Drifting ten thousand miles 00:37:42.32,00:37:48.35 Lonely in the rainy harbor night 00:37:48.49,00:37:53.69 Drink 00:38:25.43,00:38:27.73 What good food[br]are you bringing back? 00:38:30.00,00:38:32.49 What happened to your hand? 00:38:32.61,00:38:35.27 Nothing. I got careless with an iron 00:38:35.37,00:38:36.97 An iron? 00:38:37.24,00:38:39.94 People iron clothes.[br]You iron your hand 00:38:40.05,00:38:42.24 Did your hand get flattened? 00:38:42.35,00:38:44.75 No. I was careless 00:38:44.85,00:38:46.37 Oh, you were careless 00:38:48.62,00:38:50.52 How can you go home like this? 00:38:51.46,00:38:53.89 Your Mom will worry to death[br]if she sees this 00:39:01.03,00:39:02.97 Does it still hurt? 00:39:11.78,00:39:14.91 I'm not going home.[br]Take the money back for me 00:39:15.05,00:39:16.31 How much? 00:39:16.42,00:39:18.08 750 00:39:22.66,00:39:24.89 500 will be enough 00:39:25.02,00:39:27.08 Save 250 for medicine 00:39:27.36,00:39:29.62 500 isn't enough 00:39:29.73,00:39:32.29 That's ok. I have 1200 to bring home 00:39:32.40,00:39:34.09 I can give 300 to you 00:39:37.04,00:39:38.53 To see a doctor costs a lot[br]in Taipei 00:39:38.67,00:39:41.11 I can change medicine myself 00:39:41.37,00:39:42.84 Yourself? 00:39:42.98,00:39:45.41 You want your hand to rot? 00:39:47.11,00:39:49.81 A girl, drinking with men! 00:40:06.60,00:40:08.83 What do you think of this? 00:40:08.93,00:40:10.99 I painted it myself 00:40:11.14,00:40:13.13 Not bad, eh? 00:40:13.41,00:40:16.53 I painted it myself 00:40:16.68,00:40:18.94 This shirt is really too plain 00:40:19.08,00:40:23.11 Take it off[br]and I'll make it real pretty 00:40:23.38,00:40:26.08 I'll paint... 00:40:26.39,00:40:30.52 I'll paint a peacock for you 00:40:30.62,00:40:32.96 OK. Paint it 00:40:33.06,00:40:34.92 OK 00:40:35.06,00:40:39.52 But you have to take it off 00:40:50.91,00:40:52.00 Paint it 00:40:53.71,00:40:54.84 OK 00:41:58.24,00:41:59.18 Huen 00:41:59.45,00:42:00.88 Hurry 00:42:01.01,00:42:02.57 You want to buy gifts, don't you? 00:42:02.68,00:42:04.48 Hurry. I have deliveries to make 00:42:04.62,00:42:07.02 OK. I'll be right there 00:42:21.20,00:42:23.07 This one's not bad 00:42:26.97,00:42:28.80 This one? 00:42:28.94,00:42:31.24 Too gaudy 00:42:31.51,00:42:33.50 The ring is no good 00:42:40.52,00:42:43.22 Take a look at this pair 00:42:43.49,00:42:45.75 Not bad 00:43:03.14,00:43:05.77 Father's, mother's 00:43:05.88,00:43:06.81 Is this yours? 00:43:06.95,00:43:08.31 My sister's 00:43:08.58,00:43:10.05 Why buy so many? 00:43:10.15,00:43:14.11 I don't know what to buy 00:43:27.13,00:43:29.29 My motorcycle! 00:43:41.25,00:43:43.91 Did you leave it here? 00:44:32.87,00:44:35.96 This one? 00:44:36.60,00:44:40.27 Look out over there.[br]Tell me if anyone's coming 00:44:40.37,00:44:42.20 Don't 00:44:42.34,00:44:45.28 Hurry 00:44:45.38,00:44:47.94 Hurry! ...Don't... 00:44:48.05,00:44:50.07 They don't care if we die,[br]why do we care for them? 00:44:50.18,00:44:52.24 Hurry 00:45:05.86,00:45:09.89 Wan, don't do this 00:45:10.04,00:45:13.37 Don't 00:45:14.94,00:45:18.38 Please don't 00:46:34.89,00:46:36.01 You go home first 00:46:36.12,00:46:36.85 I'm not going home 00:46:36.96,00:46:38.48 Where are you going? 00:46:40.76,00:46:42.52 How can I go home? 00:46:46.73,00:46:48.39 Don't be this way 00:46:57.18,00:47:00.15 You must be thinking that[br]I caused you the trouble, right? 00:47:06.22,00:47:09.24 Didn't I give you all my money[br]to pay it back? 00:47:09.39,00:47:12.08 I'll pay you back 00:47:14.26,00:47:16.96 I don't want you to pay me back 00:49:39.34,00:49:41.33 Let's go, little brother... 00:49:43.41,00:49:45.57 Have a seat 00:49:45.68,00:49:47.51 There are no more trains 00:49:47.65,00:49:49.27 and your clothes are wet 00:49:49.41,00:49:51.44 Why not spend the night here 00:49:51.58,00:49:53.07 Thank you 00:49:55.19,00:49:56.38 Take care of him 00:49:56.52,00:49:59.32 Let him sleep in Liu's bed 00:49:59.42,00:50:00.98 Yes, sir 00:50:02.46,00:50:04.99 Let's go 00:50:05.13,00:51:36.55 (The rescue is still going on.[br]The numbers of the victims are going up... ) 00:51:36.59,00:51:38.68 Wu-hsiung 00:51:39.83,00:51:41.73 Wu-hsiung 00:51:55.04,00:51:56.56 Dad...... 00:52:52.90,00:52:54.53 When he was born 00:52:57.54,00:53:00.13 he was plump and white 00:53:01.47,00:53:03.44 After he's 1 year old 00:53:03.58,00:53:07.20 the neighbors all said he's cute 00:53:08.31,00:53:10.51 But after he turned to 3 00:53:10.88,00:53:14.68 he started feeling sick a lot 00:53:15.42,00:53:18.15 and had to see[br]the western doctors a lot 00:53:18.26,00:53:22.72 That didn't help 00:53:22.83,00:53:24.39 so we changed 00:53:24.53,00:53:26.76 to a Chinese doctor 00:53:26.90,00:53:31.16 His stomach kept growing 00:53:31.27,00:53:36.40 while his hands[br]and legs kept shrinking 00:53:38.21,00:53:43.31 Remembered that we agreed 00:53:43.45,00:53:45.35 After I adopted you 00:53:45.45,00:53:48.75 you were so obedient 00:53:48.85,00:53:51.52 and followed our family creed 00:53:51.92,00:53:56.79 You swore in front[br]of our ancestors that 00:53:56.93,00:54:01.76 if your first child is a boy 00:54:01.90,00:54:05.43 you will let him take my name 00:54:05.54,00:54:10.94 to succeed our ancestors 00:54:11.24,00:54:13.21 and continue the tradition 00:54:13.31,00:54:17.91 You swore in front of our ancestors 00:54:18.18,00:54:22.98 Wan is already 4 years old now 00:54:25.39,00:54:27.29 You didn't keep your promise 00:54:27.43,00:54:31.79 Our ancestors in heaven will say 00:54:31.90,00:54:37.77 Why aren't you going[br]by the agreement? 00:54:39.64,00:54:43.34 So the boy has gotten this way 00:54:43.48,00:54:46.57 Maybe that's why 00:54:46.68,00:54:50.27 There's a saying goes: Depend[br]on people, and also on God 00:54:50.42,00:54:52.61 You often carry him to see[br]the doctors 00:54:52.72,00:54:54.62 and carry him back in the midnight 00:54:55.89,00:54:59.45 He's not an adult 00:54:59.59,00:55:00.92 He must have been traumatized 00:55:01.03,00:55:03.79 There's no other explanation 00:55:03.93,00:55:06.29 The best way to do 00:55:06.43,00:55:07.80 is to get a shaman 00:55:08.67,00:55:11.30 for an exorcism 00:55:12.24,00:55:13.97 to protect our boy 00:55:15.04,00:55:18.41 so he'll get well soon 00:55:18.51,00:55:22.04 We'll select a day 00:55:22.31,00:55:25.88 to change the boy's surname[br]before our ancestors 00:55:26.32,00:55:29.98 This will please our ancestors 00:55:30.29,00:55:33.78 They will bless you to make[br]more money and protect the boy 00:55:33.93,00:55:36.45 That's the right think to do 00:56:04.36,00:56:07.02 It's Huen. Come in 00:56:07.96,00:56:09.43 Where's Wan? 00:56:09.93,00:56:14.33 Bronchitis.[br]He's been in bed for 3 days 00:56:14.43,00:56:17.56 I told him to see a doctor.[br]He said it's too expensive 00:56:17.70,00:56:19.80 and just took some medicine 00:56:19.90,00:56:21.84 What calculation 00:56:21.94,00:56:25.47 The medicine money costs[br]more than seeing a doctor 00:56:25.58,00:56:28.71 I took him to take[br]a penicillin shot 00:56:28.85,00:56:31.98 He vomited all over my back 00:56:34.55,00:56:38.65 Wan, Huen is here 00:56:42.33,00:56:44.99 Don't get up 00:56:50.87,00:56:53.34 What happened? 00:59:09.74,00:59:12.11 Wan, you're up 00:59:15.15,00:59:16.91 Are you hungry? 00:59:51.02,00:59:55.68 Don't come out. Lie down 00:59:58.16,01:00:00.32 Hurry back to bed 01:01:22.41,01:01:25.74 Mom, I'm home 01:01:28.71,01:01:30.77 Wan is home 01:01:34.92,01:01:36.82 They let you out on Ghost day? 01:01:36.95,01:01:39.32 We haven't prayed yet 01:01:40.32,01:01:42.05 Chin 01:01:42.16,01:01:44.39 Wan is home.[br]We can begin to pray now 01:01:44.66,01:01:46.29 OK 01:01:52.17,01:01:53.10 Grandpa 01:01:53.94,01:01:55.03 What else is there? 01:02:04.08,01:02:07.02 Everyone is so busy,[br]and you're reading books? 01:02:07.15,01:02:09.42 As if you're really so diligent 01:02:21.20,01:02:23.33 Ghost money 01:02:33.14,01:02:35.70 9000 dollars isn't bad 01:02:35.85,01:02:38.15 But you have to work 30 days a month 01:02:38.25,01:02:41.34 to earn that much 01:02:41.49,01:02:43.42 man is not made of steel 01:02:43.69,01:02:46.82 We're not like them,[br]sitting in the air-conditioned room 01:02:46.96,01:02:49.48 reading newspapers[br]and answering phone calls 01:02:50.16,01:02:51.79 Shit 01:02:51.90,01:02:55.13 The mine owner said[br]that's what the TV said 01:02:55.23,01:02:57.70 But if they didn't say it, 01:02:57.80,01:02:59.46 how could the TV report said so? 01:03:00.10,01:03:03.16 No use in fighting with them 01:03:03.27,01:03:04.83 What do you mean? 01:03:05.91,01:03:08.11 Then let them do as they said on TV 01:03:08.21,01:03:10.01 Raise our salary 01:03:10.15,01:03:14.85 Otherwise,[br]let's agree not to enter the pits 01:03:16.82,01:03:20.48 Didn't our representative discuss[br]with them yesterday? 01:03:20.76,01:03:23.02 What use is the representative? 01:03:23.16,01:03:27.39 All the managers are his relatives 01:03:27.53,01:03:30.97 His Grandpa, uncle, brothers-in-law 01:03:31.07,01:03:35.03 And these bastards talking 01:03:36.44,01:03:38.53 The boss is tough 01:03:38.98,01:03:41.34 He said,"If you don't want to enter[br]the pits, don't enter then" 01:03:41.45,01:03:44.88 "Let everyone at home wait[br]for your payment..." 01:03:45.98,01:03:47.31 How com you're so skinny? 01:03:48.12,01:03:49.75 We just had the final exams[br]at school 01:03:54.06,01:03:56.82 If only your father is[br]as diligent as you 01:03:58.00,01:04:01.36 Don't know what was said on TV[br]a few months ago 01:04:02.90,01:04:04.93 Everybody's been restless since 01:04:05.07,01:04:06.80 They're all crazy 01:04:06.90,01:04:09.46 A whole group doesn't work 01:04:09.57,01:04:11.87 Just fooling around outside[br]the pit all day 01:04:12.31,01:04:14.37 You still have to eat everyday 01:05:55.61,01:05:56.91 Where are you going? 01:05:57.05,01:05:58.02 Nowhere. To see the movie 01:05:58.15,01:05:59.88 You act up when I scold you 01:06:00.69,01:06:02.95 You're not going to Taipei tomorrow 01:06:03.09,01:06:06.15 Stay at home and be a coal miner[br]like your father 01:06:06.29,01:06:09.49 Forgot about the night school.[br]It's a waste of money 01:06:10.90,01:06:14.30 Riding a motorcycle without[br]a license So many injuries 01:06:14.43,01:06:17.96 Other folks' kids are making money[br]in Taipei 01:06:18.10,01:06:20.04 Unlike you! 01:06:22.04,01:06:23.30 What happened?[br]You had a motorcycle accident? 01:06:23.44,01:06:24.60 What else could I say? 01:06:24.71,01:06:26.07 I couldn't say I was beaten[br]by my boss 01:06:26.18,01:06:27.94 with a steel bar 01:06:30.28,01:06:32.34 It hurts 01:06:36.59,01:06:38.08 I told you long ago 01:06:38.19,01:06:39.52 to quit 01:06:39.66,01:06:41.39 The pay is lousy 01:06:41.49,01:06:43.96 Your boss went too far 01:06:47.16,01:06:47.96 Let's help him 01:06:48.07,01:06:49.69 find a new job 01:06:50.00,01:06:51.63 I'll ask my boss 01:06:51.74,01:06:53.47 I have been beaten all the time 01:06:54.24,01:06:56.14 He treats me like an animal 01:07:08.99,01:07:10.39 What happened? 01:07:11.76,01:07:14.52 You didn't pay the electric bills 01:07:16.03,01:07:17.62 27 dollars this month 01:07:17.73,01:07:19.09 There's no power 01:07:21.33,01:07:23.16 What was that? 01:07:24.54,01:07:26.13 What happened? 01:07:31.31,01:07:34.11 Dad,[br]why are you setting firecrackers? 01:07:35.55,01:07:37.01 I didn't mean to 01:07:38.55,01:07:43.15 It was pitch black 01:07:43.29,01:07:48.28 I tried to find a half-used candle 01:07:48.43,01:07:49.59 I lit it but it exploded 01:07:49.69,01:07:50.72 Scared me to death 01:07:51.03,01:07:52.72 Fuck! I didn't know what happened 01:07:53.03,01:07:55.73 That was a firecracker 01:07:56.03,01:07:58.33 I guess so 01:07:58.44,01:08:03.34 It's short, like a half-used candle 01:08:03.47,01:08:05.81 Scared me to death 01:08:06.08,01:08:08.10 Good thing you're OK 01:08:09.05,01:08:11.48 Took a firecracker for a candle 01:08:30.50,01:08:31.40 Come on 01:08:32.20,01:08:33.83 It's too big 01:08:34.11,01:08:35.66 Let's look at it over here 01:08:43.45,01:08:45.64 It's a little big 01:08:59.73,01:09:01.70 It's too big 01:09:08.51,01:09:10.30 Take it off. I'll alter it 01:09:21.89,01:09:24.32 It's not that easy 01:09:53.42,01:09:54.21 Oh 01:09:55.39,01:09:58.36 Yesterday when they changed[br]my medicine, 01:10:00.49,01:10:02.52 I saw this part[br]of my finger was gone 01:10:03.49,01:10:06.49 The end of the finger 01:10:06.60,01:10:08.39 It was reddish 01:10:10.80,01:10:12.74 like a sausage 01:10:12.84,01:10:15.74 that had been bitten by a cat 01:10:15.84,01:10:18.17 Reddish 01:10:26.42,01:10:27.75 Yesterday I had a dream 01:10:28.79,01:10:30.45 It was terrifying 01:10:30.59,01:10:36.22 Billboards were falling from[br]the sky 01:10:36.36,01:10:38.49 I couldn't escape 01:10:38.60,01:10:42.73 Got hit all over. Terrifying 01:10:44.67,01:10:45.57 When I woke up, 01:10:46.70,01:10:50.40 I was sweating all over 01:10:50.54,01:10:52.24 My whole body was wet 01:10:57.55,01:10:58.57 Huen 01:10:59.55,01:11:01.58 How come you put so much salt 01:11:01.82,01:11:03.41 in the porridge? 01:11:06.49,01:11:07.48 What's the matter? 01:11:09.96,01:11:11.36 I received my draft notice 01:11:11.46,01:11:12.66 Your draft notice! 01:11:18.94,01:11:21.30 How can I go to the army[br]with a finger like this 01:11:26.58,01:11:28.94 In those days,[br]when the draft notice came, 01:11:29.35,01:11:31.58 the whole family would cry together 01:11:32.55,01:11:33.95 It was natural 01:11:34.42,01:11:37.85 In those day,[br]being drafted is like being executed 01:11:37.96,01:11:39.55 Take this street for instance 01:11:39.66,01:11:42.79 More than 30 people went to[br]the army, only 4 came back 01:11:42.93,01:11:45.86 One of the 4 came crazy 01:11:46.30,01:11:48.53 He lives in the end of the street 01:11:51.57,01:11:55.03 Maybe my ancestors protected me 01:11:55.31,01:11:56.90 Boat capsized, didn't die 01:11:57.01,01:12:00.91 Surrounded for 6 months[br]in the jungle, didn't die 01:12:01.01,01:12:02.67 Didn't starve to death 01:12:02.81,01:12:03.94 There was nothing to eat 01:12:05.62,01:12:09.99 "The lucky ones ate raincoats,[br]the unlucky ones ate stones" 01:12:13.32,01:12:15.32 There was a terrible disease[br]in the jungle 01:12:15.46,01:12:17.93 An intestinal disease 01:12:18.03,01:12:20.52 You die in a few days if you get it 01:12:20.63,01:12:22.29 There wasn't any special medicine[br]in those days 01:12:22.43,01:12:24.03 There wasn't any magic pills 01:12:24.64,01:12:26.76 All you could do was watch them die 01:12:28.41,01:12:30.90 We were all from Taiwan 01:12:31.71,01:12:36.70 We couldn't bring their bodies home 01:12:38.42,01:12:40.38 So we figured out a way 01:12:40.48,01:12:41.97 We cut off their hands 01:12:42.29,01:12:44.08 and burned the meat off 01:12:44.39,01:12:46.02 and stuck the bones behind our backs 01:12:46.72,01:12:48.66 I stuck a lot of bones behind[br]my back 01:12:49.39,01:12:51.79 I wasn't scared,[br]didn't know I was supposed to 01:12:54.37,01:12:56.33 Those days... 01:12:57.33,01:12:59.73 Now you have it easy in the army 01:12:59.84,01:13:02.60 Eat well, wear good clothes,[br]like going to school 01:13:14.52,01:13:15.68 This is just something 01:13:15.82,01:13:19.02 to wish you a good voyage.[br]Strive for your country 01:13:20.56,01:13:23.46 This is this month's salary 01:13:23.79,01:13:24.82 I only worked 12 days 01:13:24.96,01:13:26.12 That's alright.[br]If we're good enough for you, 01:13:27.97,01:13:31.09 come and look me up after[br]you're discharged 01:14:28.16,01:14:30.15 Your clothes will be ready soon.[br]Wait a moment 01:14:38.20,01:14:39.64 There's a fire across the street 01:17:27.20,01:17:29.37 You didn't try the college exams? 01:17:35.31,01:17:39.27 I ran into your elementary school[br]teacher Mr. Lin the other day 01:17:41.22,01:17:43.98 Remember?[br]He used to come over a lot 01:17:44.12,01:17:48.18 He told me that you must try[br]to go to middle school 01:17:49.79,01:17:51.19 He appreciates you a lot 01:17:53.66,01:17:54.79 He told me that[br]if circumstances permitted, 01:17:55.33,01:17:58.93 we have to keep you in school 01:18:01.84,01:18:03.10 It seems that for three generations 01:18:03.74,01:18:07.64 there's been no fortune for study[br]in this family 01:18:08.68,01:18:10.67 Not to mention your Grandpa 01:18:12.28,01:18:16.38 When I graduated from public school 01:18:17.42,01:18:19.25 Taiwan was just returned[br]to the mainland China 01:18:19.99,01:18:23.86 Japanese syllables changed[br]to Chinese 01:18:24.19,01:18:26.25 Everything went to waste 01:18:32.24,01:18:33.26 Drink! 01:18:42.88,01:18:43.94 Wu-hsiung 01:18:45.45,01:18:46.44 Wu-hsiung 01:18:46.72,01:18:50.12 Hurry up! Everyone's waiting 01:18:51.86,01:18:53.45 You're the last 01:18:53.76,01:18:56.09 I'll be right there 01:19:00.93,01:19:01.92 Uncle, have you eaten yet? 01:19:02.03,01:19:03.06 Yes, have you? 01:19:03.17,01:19:03.93 Yes 01:19:04.03,01:19:05.93 Come in 01:19:13.98,01:19:14.91 Hurry 01:19:15.01,01:19:16.31 Are they all there? 01:19:44.44,01:19:48.43 So I can't outdrink you,[br]I'm still stronger than you 01:19:48.71,01:19:51.15 I'm going to move this rock.[br]What about you? 01:19:51.28,01:19:52.71 I'll move this one 01:20:05.06,01:20:06.43 Too old! 01:20:07.23,01:20:09.32 You must concede 01:20:10.37,01:20:11.93 I'm old? 01:20:12.90,01:20:17.24 I don't believe this rock has roots 01:20:17.37,01:20:20.00 I'm going to move it 01:20:22.81,01:20:26.81 Enough! Move the rocks away! 01:20:26.95,01:20:30.41 You're blocking the road 01:20:30.55,01:20:34.01 Every time they're drunk,[br]they fight with the rocks 01:20:37.49,01:20:40.76 Concede! Face it, you're too old! 01:20:42.57,01:20:44.43 Mom, Dad's moving rocks again 01:20:59.05,01:21:00.52 What can you do? 01:21:01.05,01:21:04.15 Your son's going into[br]the army tomorrow 01:21:04.25,01:21:06.45 You have no sense of responsibility 01:21:06.56,01:21:10.01 I can't figure it out 01:21:10.36,01:21:11.38 What can you do? 01:21:50.47,01:21:52.44 Kids today are such trouble 01:21:54.30,01:21:56.57 They say they want black shoes 01:21:56.84,01:21:59.57 Buy them black shoes[br]and they won't wear them 01:22:00.24,01:22:03.34 Ask them why 01:22:03.45,01:22:07.04 Say they don't fit school[br]regulations 01:22:08.55,01:22:14.32 So what, I'll wear them myself 01:22:41.89,01:22:43.15 This is for you 01:22:44.29,01:22:46.19 Your father bought it last night 01:22:48.29,01:22:50.02 Take care of yourself 01:24:08.97,01:24:11.07 Grandpa,[br]why are you setting firecrackers? 01:24:11.17,01:24:14.27 My grandson Wan is going into[br]the army 01:24:16.11,01:24:17.31 Congratulations! 01:24:25.99,01:24:27.98 Grandpa, your grandson is going[br]into the army? 01:24:28.12,01:24:29.79 Yes, Wan is going into the army 01:25:52.74,01:25:53.77 Lei Kuo-wei 01:25:55.45,01:25:56.57 Wang Ti-wen 01:25:58.28,01:25:59.44 Wu Tsai-wei 01:26:02.19,01:26:02.78 Kao Ming-shan 01:26:02.89,01:26:04.35 Not present. I'll collect for him 01:26:06.19,01:26:07.32 Sun Kuo-liang 01:26:08.79,01:26:09.82 Tseng Hsien 01:26:15.70,01:26:17.39 Hsieh Wen-yuan 01:26:17.53,01:26:20.09 Form Huen? 01:26:20.84,01:26:22.13 Ming Chin-chen 01:26:22.27,01:26:23.40 Yes 01:26:25.18,01:26:26.20 Tseng Hsien[br](sounds like "Needle s and thread") 01:26:27.21,01:26:29.24 "Needle s and thread" 01:26:30.88,01:26:32.28 Ling Hung-ping 01:26:33.72,01:26:35.12 Yang Wen-hua 01:26:37.62,01:26:38.85 Hsieh Wen-yuan 01:26:39.16,01:26:40.68 Wan 01:26:42.49,01:26:43.69 Wu Tsai-wei 01:26:47.90,01:26:48.86 Hsieh Wen-yuan 01:26:49.13,01:26:51.60 You take up all the airplane space 01:26:52.54,01:26:54.50 Parents disown me,[br]brothers are heartless 01:26:54.64,01:26:56.40 Wife and concubine have all run away 01:26:56.54,01:26:57.60 Hsieh Wen-yuan 01:26:58.88,01:27:00.24 So many? 01:27:01.71,01:27:03.24 Ming Chin-chen 01:27:03.38,01:27:04.74 A package 01:27:21.20,01:27:22.29 Wan 01:27:22.73,01:27:24.60 Hen-chun went back to the south 01:27:25.40,01:27:27.77 Someone introduced him a girl 01:27:27.90,01:27:29.43 She's nice to him 01:27:29.57,01:27:32.63 Hen-chun says he must marry her 01:27:33.41,01:27:36.74 His girlfriend doesn't mind[br]he's not drafted 01:27:39.65,01:27:42.21 He's got construction vehicle[br]license 01:27:42.35,01:27:44.72 He says there're construction works[br]everywhere down south 01:27:44.82,01:27:47.31 He can earn more money by driving[br]the construction vehicle 01:27:48.93,01:27:50.26 He says he'll sell[br]his family's brush 01:27:50.39,01:27:53.89 to build houses 01:27:54.20,01:27:57.86 The biggest one's for us 01:27:58.57,01:28:00.73 The day before he left 01:28:00.87,01:28:03.90 We went to a movie with the postman 01:28:04.21,01:28:06.37 who often delivers letters to us 01:28:08.65,01:28:10.84 Enclosed are the ticket stubs 01:28:13.55,01:28:16.78 The postman had his service[br]in Quemoy, too 01:28:17.85,01:28:20.41 He told me lots of stories[br]about Quemoy 01:28:20.52,01:28:22.39 When there's no letter from you, 01:28:22.49,01:28:27.52 he tells me probably the fog keeps[br]the planes from flying 01:28:31.43,01:28:33.60 Do you see the label enclosed? 01:28:33.74,01:28:36.50 It's from[br]an underwear brand called "Apple" 01:28:36.61,01:28:38.90 I thought a long time[br]before buying it 01:28:39.94,01:28:42.84 So expensive, what a waste! 01:28:44.45,01:28:49.01 Ding came to Taipei to work[br]after middle school 01:28:49.29,01:28:52.69 He works with[br]Hsiung's little brother 01:28:52.79,01:28:55.26 I saw him once 01:28:58.29,01:29:01.82 387 more days before[br]you're discharged 01:29:02.37,01:29:04.39 387 01:29:04.50,01:29:06.26 It takes a long time 01:29:06.40,01:29:08.39 to count 01:30:35.73,01:30:36.85 Hurry up with the table 01:31:03.15,01:31:05.81 Sargeant Li, hurry with the buns 01:31:09.86,01:31:11.45 Please sit 01:31:19.04,01:31:21.66 Do you speak Mandarn? 01:31:24.04,01:31:27.91 Cantonese? Are you Cantonese? 01:31:30.98,01:31:32.91 Is this your child? 01:31:33.92,01:31:35.18 The child 01:31:35.85,01:31:37.44 He's my child 01:31:40.72,01:31:41.85 Cigarette 01:31:46.23,01:31:47.53 Thank you 01:31:51.13,01:31:52.69 Good cigarettes 01:31:58.61,01:32:02.07 How old is he? 01:32:06.92,01:32:08.11 How old is your child? 01:32:09.12,01:32:10.14 Five 01:32:14.06,01:32:16.65 Treat here as your home 01:32:17.23,01:32:18.89 No problem 01:32:19.80,01:32:21.52 Once your boat is fixed, 01:32:23.23,01:32:24.89 you can go home 01:32:25.94,01:32:27.53 Hot buns 01:32:27.67,01:32:29.50 Come on, fresh from the steamer 01:32:29.61,01:32:30.97 Hot buns 01:32:32.48,01:32:36.21 Come on, eat 01:32:39.02,01:32:40.28 Come on 01:32:40.75,01:32:42.24 here's poison in these buns 01:32:43.65,01:32:45.14 What did you say? 01:32:45.86,01:32:47.15 Is there poison? 01:32:47.26,01:32:49.59 Come on, how could there be poison? 01:32:49.73,01:32:52.89 Poison? I've made buns for 20 years 01:32:53.03,01:32:55.19 If there's poison,[br]they'd be dead long ago 01:32:56.20,01:32:58.22 You must be joking 01:32:59.24,01:33:00.60 Come on, have one 01:33:01.04,01:33:03.06 I'll eat one first 01:33:03.21,01:33:05.23 I'll eat one first 01:33:05.54,01:33:07.13 What a joke. Poison! 01:33:07.24,01:33:08.04 Don't worry 01:33:08.14,01:33:09.74 Have some 01:33:20.76,01:33:23.05 Have some 01:33:25.96,01:33:27.19 Is this your father? 01:33:38.98,01:33:39.96 Huen 01:33:41.14,01:33:42.77 A few days ago, in the early morning 01:33:43.31,01:33:46.30 We found a mainland fishing boat[br]off the coast 01:33:47.65,01:33:50.31 On board were a couple[br]and their father 01:33:51.92,01:33:54.58 Our officer treated them[br]in our company 01:33:55.22,01:33:56.95 They ate more than 10 buns 01:33:58.86,01:34:01.96 We sent them to the refugee camp[br]in Liao-luo Bay 01:34:03.27,01:34:05.56 Our officer gave them[br]a tape recorder 01:34:07.07,01:34:11.63 It was as if[br]we were celebrating a wedding 01:34:11.77,01:34:13.90 We gave them anything we could give 01:34:14.38,01:34:17.81 Soaps, toothpaste, cassette tapes 01:34:18.81,01:34:21.11 I gave them the lighter Dad gave me 01:34:22.32,01:34:23.95 He kept saying thank you 01:34:25.86,01:34:29.62 The day their boat was fixed, 01:34:30.63,01:34:32.15 we all went to send them off 01:34:33.40,01:34:35.92 Everyone was quiet 01:34:37.23,01:34:39.10 as the boat sailed away 01:34:40.90,01:34:44.86 and far away we heard the music[br]that Tseng Hsien gave them 01:34:46.94,01:34:48.84 A cassette of[br]Liu Wen-cheng's "Promise" 01:34:51.61,01:34:56.11 We stood there until the boat[br]was out of sight 01:34:58.62,01:35:00.21 Later, I felt like smoking 01:35:00.79,01:35:02.19 and I couldn't find my lighter 01:35:03.79,01:35:06.42 I thought of how Dad must have felt[br]when he gave it to me 01:35:24.25,01:35:25.94 Have you been home lately? 01:35:26.75,01:35:28.84 Please bring some money[br]to Grandpa for me 01:35:29.79,01:35:31.84 Tell him it's from me 01:35:33.79,01:35:36.95 I sent money to my brothers[br]and sisters last month 01:35:37.36,01:35:39.12 and I forgot about Grandpa 01:35:40.86,01:35:42.96 I think he must be angry 01:35:58.91,01:36:00.78 Call for everyone! 01:37:28.04,01:37:28.40 How was it? 01:37:28.54,01:37:29.87 Same as usual 01:37:30.37,01:37:33.27 When you go, you curse the place 01:37:33.98,01:37:34.87 Which number did you have? 01:37:35.01,01:37:36.88 34 01:37:37.48,01:37:39.34 I told you to try no. 7 01:37:39.55,01:37:41.81 7? No chance 01:37:41.95,01:37:44.22 The line's so long that you have[br]to wait until tomorrow 01:37:46.29,01:37:49.38 You keep talking about no.7.[br]Who is she? 01:37:49.53,01:37:52.05 Actually, I know her 01:37:52.19,01:37:54.82 She used to be a friend's girlfriend 01:37:54.96,01:37:56.86 Don't know what happened, they split 01:37:56.97,01:37:58.56 So she came to Quemoy to do[br]this kind of work 01:38:04.01,01:38:04.94 Did Wan go, too? 01:38:05.04,01:38:07.87 No, he doesn't dare to 01:38:08.14,01:38:11.34 He's saving it all for his Huen 01:38:12.82,01:38:14.48 She hasn't written for two months 01:38:14.58,01:38:16.28 Ran away with someone else long ago 01:38:16.39,01:38:17.91 What a fool 01:38:18.05,01:38:19.25 Ran away with someone else long ago 01:38:19.39,01:38:20.29 I know. It's called 01:38:20.39,01:38:24.35 "The gentleman with faith holds[br]on to his youth" 01:39:16.45,01:39:22.01 "No such person at this address" 01:39:28.96,01:39:29.55 Dear brother, 01:39:29.69,01:39:33.39 Dad and Mom told me not to write[br]this letter 01:39:33.50,01:39:37.26 But Huen's mother told me[br]to write it 01:39:37.40,01:39:38.96 So I'm writing it 01:39:39.54,01:39:41.50 Huen got married to someone else 01:39:41.60,01:39:43.63 Her husband is a postman 01:39:43.94,01:39:46.46 I heard it was done at the[br]public notary 01:39:46.61,01:39:49.58 She wrote home long after[br]it happened 01:39:49.71,01:39:51.58 She wanted to come home to visit 01:39:52.45,01:39:56.28 Her mother wouldn't let them in 01:39:56.42,01:39:58.11 Her father said 01:39:58.25,01:40:02.45 The boy's got more "stature"[br]than Wan 01:40:02.59,01:40:04.12 Her father kept crying 01:40:04.26,01:40:08.22 She kept saying that she had[br]to talk to you 01:40:08.96,01:40:10.09 Afterwards 01:40:10.23,01:40:12.43 Mom gave Huen a ring 01:40:12.57,01:40:15.23 Said she had prepared it long ago 01:40:16.57,01:40:18.30 When Mom gave it to her, 01:40:18.44,01:40:20.93 Huen kept crying 01:40:22.54,01:40:27.21 Brother, Grandpa said it's fate.[br]You can't force it 01:44:14.78,01:44:15.74 Mom 01:44:19.31,01:44:20.34 Mom 01:44:54.92,01:44:55.91 Grandpa 01:44:57.45,01:44:59.51 Wan, when did you get home? 01:44:59.62,01:45:00.35 Today 01:45:00.46,01:45:01.89 Just got back today 01:45:02.69,01:45:06.65 Grandpa's eyelid's been[br]jumping since morning 01:45:07.26,01:45:11.22 I thought,[br]maybe Wan's coming home today 01:45:11.37,01:45:11.86 Take a rest 01:45:12.00,01:45:13.47 OK 01:45:25.01,01:45:26.34 How much did we plant this year? 01:45:27.32,01:45:28.58 Grandpa's getting old 01:45:28.68,01:45:31.59 Before it was no[br]problem planting 5000 01:45:31.69,01:45:36.02 This year I'm having trouble[br]with only 1000 01:45:36.93,01:45:38.02 They look fine 01:45:38.29,01:45:39.56 What do you mean fine? 01:45:40.36,01:45:43.76 It didn't rain before we planted 01:45:43.90,01:45:46.06 After we transplanted 01:45:46.34,01:45:50.77 The typhoon came.[br]These vines have all been damaged 01:45:51.64,01:45:57.41 The potatoes are more difficult[br]to look after than ginseng 01:45:59.72,01:46:05.35 Now we have to cut the vines again 01:46:05.45,01:46:09.32 Otherwise the potatoes will be[br]this small 01:46:09.46,01:46:14.95 Potatoes can only absorb the[br]nutriment after the vines' been cut 01:46:15.10,01:46:16.69 Then they'll grow well 01:46:21.57,01:46:22.83 Fuck 01:46:22.94,01:46:27.43 The potatoes are more difficult[br]to look after than ginseng 01:46:54.80,01:46:59.83 Typhoons came early this year 01:46:59.98,01:47:02.71 Came quite a few times 01:47:02.81,01:47:09.11 I doubt if they'll yield well 01:47:09.38,01:47:11.38 Bumped into quite a few typhoons 01:47:11.82,01:47:13.08 Fuck 01:47:13.36,01:47:18.88 The potatoes are more difficult[br]to look after than ginseng
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Dentist 2 The 1998
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Desert Fox - The Story of Rommel
Desert Rats The
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Diary of a Chambermaid
Diary of a Country Priest (1951 Bresson Robert)
Dias de Nietzsche em Turim
Dickie Roberts Former Child Star
Die Another Day (2002) CD1
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Die Hard 1988 Extended Version CD1
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Die Hard With a Vengeance
Die Nibelungen - Die Kriemhilds Rache CD1
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Dil Ka Rishta
Dirty Dancing
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Dirty Harry
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Discovery Air Jaws Sharks of South Africa
Discovery Channel - Raising The Mammoth
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Distant Thunder
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Dodgeball - A True Underdog Story
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Dog Soldiers (2002)
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Dolce Vita La 1960 CD1
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Dolores Claiborne (1995)
Domicile conjugal
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Dong (The Hole) 1998
Donggam (2000) - Ditto
Donnie Brasco
Donnie Darko
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Dont Bother to Knock
Dont look now
Dont say a word
Donzoko 1957
Door in the Floor The 2004
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Double Jeopardy
Double Team
Double Vision (Shuang Tong)
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Down Periscope
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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Dr No
Dr Strangelove
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Dracula 1979
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Duel to the Death
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Dumb and Dumber
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Dune 2000 - 3 of 3
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