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Subtitles for Dying td CD1.

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Dying td CD1

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It's time.
Hey there...
...good morning. How are you today?
Hey. What are you doing up?
Is that Daddy?
Hey there, cowgirl.
She's a little feisty today.
Babies should be sleeping.
"I'm too hungry for my own good." Yes.
I gotta get ready.
Wrong day to be forgetting stuff.
You know how lucky you are. Don't screw this up.
All right! Jesus.
- She go back to sleep? - Yes. Ate like a pig.
I know I'm lucky. I ace this job, the department's wide open.
Get my own division someday. You should see their houses.
Well, yes.
Don't worry, I will.
He's right here. It's Alonzo.
- Hello. - Hoyt?
Yes, sir.
- Going to roll call? - I'm leaving now.
- Hoyt? - Yes, sir?
- Fairies go to roll call. We don't. - Good to know.
There's a coffee shop on 7th. Be there at 10.
Be in comfortable shoes. Got a backup gun?
- Only the standard issue Beretta. - Bring it. Cuffs too.
Maybe we'll do some business. We're aggressive.
I know. That's why I signed up. I want to thank you for this...
What's wrong?
Feels like football tryouts.
I wish it was tomorrow so I'd know if I made the squad.
Listen, it's not tomorrow, it's today.
- I know it's gonna work out. - You do?
Good morning, sir.
No, thank you, ma'am.
Get some chow in you. My dollar.
Thank you, sir, but I ate.
Fine. Don't.
It's nice here.
May I read?
- I'm sorry, sir. I... - Thank you.
- I'll get something to eat. - Hell, no you won't. You fucked up.
I'm trying to read. Please shut up.
I'll like not being in a hot black and white all summer.
Tell me a story, Hoyt.
- Like my story? - Not your story, a story.
Since you can't shut up so I can read, tell me a story.
- I don't know any. - You don't?
- No. - I'll tell you one.
This is a newspaper, right? It's 90 percent bullshit.
But it's entertaining. So I read it.
It entertains me. You won't let me read it, so you entertain me.
Tell me a story now. Go.
- There was a DUI stop. - A DUI stop?
Let me load up!
- A DUI? Oh, shit! - Well, I...
- Listen, we were on midwatch... - We who?
- Oh, me and Debbie. - Who's Debbie?
Debbie Maxwell, my training officer.
- A female training officer? - Yes, sir.
Okay. All right.
Was she black, white?
She was white.
- Lick-her license? - A what?
A lick-her license. Was she a dyke, a lesbian?
- Is she any good? - She's pretty good.
- Okay, Debbie, midwatch. Go. - Right.
- It was a quiet night... - Boom!
- What the fuck? - You never know, that's the point. Go.
It was quiet and we're rolling...
...I'm driving. This Acura, just a beautiful car...
...comes out a side street, all over the median. I hit the wailer.
He drives for 10 blocks before he pulls over.
Plates run clean, so I test and arrest.
I'm belting in our unit, and she's tossing his car.
She shows me a.38 and two loaded shotguns.
- No shit? - No shit! So...
...she calls and I'm searching. I find 500 grams of meth.
Turns out he's on bail for distribution...
...on his way to smoke his ex-partner before trial.
- Prevented a murder. - You got him. It's amazing.
It is. That you're out there...
...with a fine bitch for a year and the best story you can tell me... a drunk stop.
But I don't believe you. You tapped that ass, didn't you?
Tell the truth. You know you tapped that ass.
In the back, bam! Code X.
- I got a wife. - You got a dick.
- You do have one, don't you? - Yes.
Your dick lines up straight. Right and left of it are pockets.
In those pockets are money. Look in either one. Pay the bill.
Grab that menu off that window for me.
Get in, it's unlocked.
Throw that in the glove box.
- This is not from the motor pool. - No. Sexy, though, huh?
- Where's the office, at division? - You're in the office.
Going up.
Today is a training day.
Give you a taste of the business.
I got 38 cases pending trial...
...63 active investigations, 250 I can't clear.
I supervise five officers. Five personalities.
Five sets of problems. You could be six.
I ain't holding no hands.
You got today to show me what you're made of.
You don't like Narcotics, get the fuck out of my car...
...get a job chasing bad checks. You hear me?
- I hear you. - Okay.
Why do you want to be a narc?
To serve my community by ridding it of dangerous drugs.
Right, but why a narc?
I want to make detective.
Stick with me, you can do it.
Unlearn that academy shit.
Don't bring that here. It'll get you killed.
I'll do anything you want me to do.
My nigga.
Roll your window down. Start there.
- Got to hear it, smell it, taste it. - Right.
How's your Español?
Learn that shit.
That will get you killed.
They plot all kinds of shit behind your back.
You gonna teach me that old-school Rodney King shit?
We don't roll like that no more.
Now we use this.
These niggas are too strong.
- Think I'm crazy? - I don't know what to think.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Been married long?
- About a year. - Yeah?
- You got a kid? - A girl, 9 months.
I got four. Boys.
You need a son, I'll hook your lady up. Can't miss.
Can we not talk about my family, all right?
I respect that.
I'm married, I got my queen too.
I remember having a young bride.
You probably fuck her face-to-face, don't you?
Let's not talk about her.
That's my point. You're so in love, it's coming right out.
The day you bring that here is the day... don't make it back. Hide it deep inside of you.
The maggots out here will find it...
...use it against you and chew you up.
Never wear the ring to work.
- I'm serious about that. - Thanks.
What's here?
You see that guy trying to act like he's not slanging dope?
- Yeah. - That's my boy.
That's my boy, Neto.
Only 17, but he can kill.
- Works for me. - He's an informer?
Teammate. I got eyes everywhere.
He gets to make some cash. Lets me know when big things happen.
Big transactions.
- You trust him? - Damn right I do.
Sprung his mom from INS detention. Here we go. Watch this.
That's right. Come on down.
Come on. Look at it. Sexy, ain't it?
That's right.
- See the hand-to-hand? - I saw it.
- When was your last felony stop? - Two weeks ago.
You need practice.
- College kids. - They'll get an education today.
I want them grabbing glass. You take the back.
Stay off of the Rover.
Let's go.
- You little fuckers. - Run, baby, run.
Police! Let's see your hands!
Put them up! Put them up!
Put your hands on the windshield!
- Put your hands on the glass. - Driver, put it in park!
- It's a stick shift! - Throw the keys out the window!
Put your hands on your chest!
All right, fork it over.
- What? - You know.
The marijuana. Give it to me!
- Give it! - Sorry, sir.
- Shut up! Give me that pipe. - My mom gave me that pipe.
She can pick it up in jail. Give me the cigarettes too.
- Control your suspect! - Palms on the glass!
Move the hands, I'll slap you! Face against the glass! Right there!
You know this is a gang neighborhood?
- Yeah! - Then don't come down here.
I see you down here again, I'll make you walk home.
I'll let the homeboys run a train on her. Know what that is?
Yes, sir.
All right, gentlemen. Thanks for your cooperation.
Let's go. Safe your iron, son.
I like that shit.
I like how you move. You were trained well.
Check that out. It's a bad dime. See the hairs, undeveloped seeds.
You see how immature it is.
That's classic Mexican garbage.
Let me see. It's old. Probably last year's.
To be truly effective...
...a good narcotics agent must know and love narcotics.
A good narcotics agent should have...
...narcotics in his blood.
- What, you gonna smoke that? - No, you are.
- Hell if I am! - Yes.
- You're not? - No.
- Why? You a Mormon? - I'm not losing my job.
This is your job.
- Smoke it. - No.
This ain't a test. Take a hit.
Listen, I became a cop to stop people from using...
- That ain't cocaine. Take a hit. - No, man.
- Jesus Christ! - Yeah, right.
If I was a dealer, you'd be dead!
Turn shit down out here, and your wife gets a flag.
What's wrong with you?
You know what?
I don't want you in my unit. Get the fuck out of my car, rookie.
Poo butt-ass.
- What's the holdup? - Move it!
Give me that thing.
I'll smoke it. Give it to me.
You want me to, I'll smoke it.
Virgin lungs. Man up now. Man up, nigga. Man up.
Go ahead. Get it.
- Come on! - Shut the fuck up and just wait!
- Man the fuck up! Finish that shit! - Geronimo.
Let's go, nigga. Let's go.
Oh, shit!
You okay, kid?
That's a man size hit you took. When's the last time you smoked weed?
The last... Twelfth grade.
We were...
- Well, we were... - Smoking weed.
- Yeah. - Yeah.
Left that out of your service jacket.
I know you got secrets. Everybody got secrets.
- Didn't know you liked it wet, though. - What's wet?
Butt-naked. Ill. Sherm. Dust.
PCP. Primos. P-dog.
That's what you had.
You couldn't taste it?
- I never done it. - I haven't, but you have now.
Shit. I'll get piss-tested, and I'll get fired.
The boss has our back. We know before we piss.
- Shit! - Boom!
Why did you do this?
You're an adult. Nobody made you smoke.
You made a decision. Live with it.
Not like I put a gun to your head.
- Oh, man, shit. - Come on, get your shit together now.
This is my dog's house.
We'll see what he thinks of you.
- Get your ass in here! - Roger, what's up?
- How are they treating you? - All right.
- I didn't wake you up? - I never sleep.
Right. This my new guy, Jake.
Come on. Get in here.
Yeah. Time to get my swerve on here!
- What you drinking? - The best.
The best, I know. Best for the best.
I heard about Vegas. Got a green light on your ass.
No problem.
Russians want you. I got your back.
I know that. Thank you.
Here. Get that medicine up in you.
- Back to the world. - Back to the world.
Went and got yourself a daisy-fresh rookie.
He's high as a motherfucker. What did you give him?
- A little of Mexico's finest. - Yeah.
- Where'd you grow up? - North Hollywood.
- What's your last name? - Hoyt.
Hoyt. Hoyt...
- Strong safety, North Hollywood High. - Right.
- How'd you know that? - How did you?
- I follow all the good players. - No doubt.
Excuse me. Shit.
- Strong safety, huh? - It's me. What's up?
I can't do anything. Clean up your own mess. Don't call me.
Hey! Here's a joke, boy.
Man walks out of his house, sees this snail lying on his porch.
So he picks it up, chucks it into the backyard.
Snail bounces off a rock, busts its shell up all to shit...
...lands in the grass.
Snail lies there dying.
...snail doesn't die. Soon it can crawl again.
And one day...
...snail heads back to the front of the house.
Finally, after about a year...
...the little guy crawls back on the porch.
Right then the man walks out of his house...
...sees this snail again.
So he looks at it...
...and he says:
"The fuck's your problem?"
That's not funny.
What you laughing for then?
- I don't know, man. I... - Hey!
Figure that joke out, you'll figure the streets out.
Nothing to figure out. It's senseless bullshit.
- You know... I already figured it out. - Really?
- Yeah. - You already figured the streets out?
Well, it's all about smiles and cries.
- Put the drink down. What is that? - Hold on!
Hold on. Smiles and cries.
Smiles and cries. Smiles and cries. I hear you.
Yeah, you gotta control your smiles and cries...
...because that's all you have, and nobody can take that away.
Oh, shit.
What you think, dog? Think this greenhorn can handle undercover?
You were just like him. Same silly-ass look and everything.
Saving the goddamn world.
Now that's some smiles and cries for your ass!
- That was you. - Shit lasted a week.
Gotta get back to it.
Thanks for the snort.
- Good to see you. - Yeah.
Yes, sir. What you doing later?
Stay home. Save some cheddar.
My dream's less than a year away. Philippine Islands, here I come.
- Let me go too. - You're invited.
Hey. Open your eyes, man. You'll feel a lot better.
Boom! Come on, man. Sit your ass up.
Who are you?
I'm the Zig-Zag man. Who are you?
- I'm a cop. Watch out! - Don't shoot nobody.
Get that beer in you for ballast.
- No, man. - Get it in you. You'll feel better.
Stop the car!
Stop the car! I saw something!
- Just relax. - Stop!
All right! Hold the fuck on... Hey!
Fuck me, man! Shit.
Police officer! Get away from the girl!
- I'm gonna fuck you too, cop! - Get the...
We didn't do shit! Bitch is crazy!
Roll over, man. Roll the fuck over!
Fucking ass prick!
My nigga!
Go ahead, cowboy, you got mad squabbles.
- Thanks for the help. - You should've shot them.
What's happening?
- You're dead! - Okay! Wait! Hold it!
- You too, white boy! - Okay...
- My cousins will blast you fools! - Calm down.
- Calm down. You okay? - No, I'm not!
- Look at my nose! - I see it.
Put ice on it. You'll be fine. What're you doing here?
- I was just... - They probably got AIDS.
Why you not at school?
I was going to a ditch party and...
You almost became the ditch party.
- Where your cousins from? - Hillside Trece!
- Remember that! - Tell your cousins to get your back.
Grab your bag and go home now.
- No! I need a statement... - Don't need no statement.
- They'll fuck you up. - We gonna let them go?
You wanna beat them up, go ahead.
I got a punching bag at home. They should be off the streets.
You hear that?
- Wanna go home or to jail? - What you think?
Got room at the booty house. You been there?
- You'll grab your ankles. - Suck my dick!
- I know people. - That's how it starts.
What about you? What you got?
- Got nothing? - No.
- You sure? - Yeah.
- Where's your horn? - Got none.
You got money, though.
You lied to me!
Lucky I don't make you eat that.
Stand up, you. Stand the fuck up!
Yeah. Oh, shit, huh?
Turn around, sucker. Turn around.
So you like raping girls?
- Like to rape girls? - No, man.
- That's what you like? - No...
That what you like? Don't lie.
Told me to suck your dick. Is that what you said?
Look at me.
You wanted me to suck your dick, right?
Isn't that what you said?
Didn't you say suck it? Don't lie. Am I a liar?
You didn't say that?
That's not what you said? So I'm lying?
- No, please! - Where is it? I can't find it.
Pull your pants down.
Which nut you want? I'll leave you one.
Your choice. Just make a decision.
All right. Put your hands on your head.
Close your eyes. Close your eyes.
Lucky I got other business.
I'd cut your fucking dick off and stick it up your funky ass. Bitch.
Damn! I'm thirsty. I want a beer. What about you?
You want a beer?
I'm gonna leave you three to it.
Pussy-ass bitch!
I see you again, I'll fuck you up!
You won't see shit coming!
I'll dent your mouth, I'll crack your head open.
You fucking pig! Come on!
- That girl's 14. - She all woman, though.
You tax that ass for days, man! Keep walking, bitch!
You want a beer?
- No, I don't want a beer, man. - No? You mad?
Want to book that $60, huh?
Here, go ahead, book it into evidence.
Where the suspects? Go get them.
You let them go.
- I let them go? - You did.
You want to run and gun, stay in Patrol.
This is Investigations.
Garbage men handle garbage.
Professional anglers go after the big fish.
Chasing them crackhead motherfuckers...
- They'd have killed you. - They belong in jail.
Why? They got beaten, lost their money.
Hillside's éses will smoke them. What more you want?
- I want justice. - That's not justice?
- That's street justice. - So?
- Let them kill each other? - God willing.
Fuck them! Everybody looking like them.
Reality is, the good guys...
...they die first. The school kids and moms... men, don't want to catch any bullets.
To protect the sheep, you got to catch the wolf.
It takes a wolf to catch a wolf, understand?
- Protect the sheep by killing wolves. - I heard you.
- You didn't hear me. - All right. Whatever.
Whatever the fuck-ever!
Do you ever lock anybody up? You seem busy keeping people out.
You don't know shit!
Shit, they build jails because of me!
Judges gave over 15,000 man-years of incarceration time...
...based on my cases. My record speaks for itself.
How many felons have you got?
I rest my case.
- I'm not smoking crack, all right? - I'm glad. Put it in the glove box.
Put the $60 in there too.
That'll come in handy. We'll use it like a credit card.
No matter what I say, you did the right thing.
Reminds me when I was chasing down bad guys.
Pretty amazing shit you did back there.
I noticed you applied that chokehold though, huh?
That's a no-no procedure.
- I was getting my ass kicked. - You did what you had to do.
You did what you had to do.
That's right.
What a wolf does. You a wolf?
Come on, wolf! Come on, dog!
No, I said a wolf, not a rooster, a wolf.
- That's a rooster, give me a wolf! - Give me a beer!
There you go! That's my nigga.
You got the magic eye, Hoyt.
You have the magic eye.
You up your street IQ...'ll do some damage, I guarantee.
Crime fighter.
- What you need? - Crack.
- Uh, 20 bucks... - Crack?
Smell like bacon! Do I look like a sucker to you, nigga?
Fuck you, rookie!
Go fetch, dog.
You want me to...
Oh, come on, man, it's...
Give me a break! Hey, you! Slow up!
Come on, stop!
Police officer! Police officer! Stop! Come on, man!
Give me a break! Shit!
Get out! Get out of here or I call police.
Police officer, ma'am, calm down. I said stop! Stop!
Get the fuck off me. Fuck off.
You're making this so much harder! Just calm down!
You love this shit, huh?
Hey, man, hey!
Pick him up!
Civil rights violating motherfuckers!
- Watch the fucking legs, man! - Pick his legs up.
Ain't got nothing better to do than fuck with me, man? Shit!
Who you working for?
I ain't work for nobody! I'm on disability!
Shit! You know you cracking.
I don't sell no more.
- No rocks? - No rocks.
- But I found this. - No, you don't.
That motherfucker planted that shit on me.
Put me in the front seat, I'll whup his ass!
Who you working for?
Told you I don't work for nobody, man!
Where the rocks?
I got nothing on me. I gave it up.
Where the rocks?
Open your mouth.
You a doctor now?
A dentist. Open it.
Lift up your tongue.
Your partner already searched me. I'm straight.
Yeah, okay.
You got a pen, got a writing pen?
Didn't see the motherfucker coming!
Nothing in there?
Nothing, man!
Ain't got nothing, huh?
- Damn! - Now what is that?
- Crack, man! - Right. Jimmy crack corn.
One, two, three, four, five, six.
Oh, you federally fucked now.
You got crack and a gun.
With your record you'll get 10 years per bullet, you know?
Give me a name, now.
- You know I ain't no snitch! - I know you ain't.
Give me a name.
- Twenty. A name! - Fuck!
That's 30 years!
You want to go to jail or go home?
- He in County. - Who?
This nigga named Sandman. That's all I know! Shit!
See how easy it was?
- Unhook him. - Sick of this shit, man!
Want the evidence?
- Fuck that, man. - My nigga.
- It's Bob. - Hello.
- How's it going? - It's Alonzo.
- Got your gang book? - Why?
I need a res on a Sandman. He may be in custody.
- Hold on. I'll check. - No problem.
That doesn't fly anymore. Shoving a pen down.
- What if he complains? - To who?
23130, 113th Street. Kevin Miller, a.k.a. Sandman. Got it?
I know where it is.
- Out there by Imperial Courts? - Exactly, uh-huh.
- Thanks a lot. - No problem.
- We go after Sandman? - We go after him.
Opening a Circuit City?
No, unclaimed shit from Property.
Hand it out to my CI's, witnesses, victims.
Try to help out their families. Put this on.
Come on, let's go.
Intel says she lives here alone. She got two female juveniles...
...possibly a male juvenile.
- lf he's not here, why are we? - To serve this warrant.
- We can't do that. - Yes, we can. We the police.
- Why not get a real warrant? - We trying to get shit done.
Stand over there and don't get me killed.
- Police, we got a search warrant! - L.A.P.D., open up!
Kevin ain't here!
Just open the door!
Kevin ain't here!
- Open the door, ma'am! - He ain't even here!
I said Kevin ain't even over here!
We got a search warrant. Open up.
Ain't nobody here!
Get your big ass down! Right down! Down!
Don't move, spread them out! Don't move!
Anybody in the house? Is anybody in the house?!
My nephew, Dimitri! In the bedroom!
Okay. I'm gonna clear the house, check it for weapons.
Kitchen's clear!
- Dimitri? - Yeah?
Put your hands up, son.
- Anybody else? - No.
- You sure? - Yeah.
Okay, just stay right there. Don't move! Don't you move.
Stand up. Keep your hands where I can see them.
Sit down and place them on your knees.
Sit down. We're the good guys.
Just sit down right over there next to your auntie.
Right over there.
House is Code-4. I'm starting the search.
- I wanna see that warrant. - The what?
The warrant. I need a copy.
My partner has it. He'll be out soon.
Where's your backup?
Just be quiet until we're through with our investigation.
- You got the gun, don't you? - That's right.
Punk-ass, bitch-ass, crooked-ass cop!
You a rookie.
Give me a break, okay?
How you doing over there?
You cool? Come on. Don't worry about it, you're cool.
Just stay cool.
All right.
- Ma'am, please sit down. - You act like you pay the rent!
- Sit down! - You all stink!
You gotta get drunk to come up here!
- Sit down now! - Y'all stink!
You're gonna shoot me, boss?
Close your eyes. This punk cop is gonna shoot me!
- Sit down, right now! - Okay.
Okay! Everything is fine.
We made a mistake.
Didn't find a damn thing. I'm very sorry.
Thanks for your cooperation. Let's go.
- Show me that warrant. - What?
I want to see that goddamn warrant!
Here you go. Let's go!
Hey, jackers! Give me my money back.
You ain't no police! Give me my money back!
Jackers, why you all standing over there?! Blast them fools!
You ain't no police!
I want my money back!
Start, you motherfucker!
Fuck! Gun!
- Just get out of here! - Stay in the car!
Yeah, motherfuckers!
That was not cool, all right? That was not cool at all!
Opening fire in a neighborhood.
Where was the Sandman? What were you doing back there?
Checking for narcotics activity. Drugs, guns, baggies, you know?
- Yeah, cash! - Speak on it, son.
- She's screaming about money... - Bullshit.
She's screaming about having us killed!
I'll be on the 6:00 news in handcuffs because of you.
With the scandals, it is open season on misconduct.
- They'll nail us to the wall. - Pull over.
- Pull over. - Here?
- Yeah, pull over. - Shit!
You're in a privileged position to learn.
Keep your mouth shut, eyes open.
Want to do some good, this is the place to learn.
You can't take it, maybe you should go back to your division.
Get a nice job lighting flares or measuring car wrecks.
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